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Young Jedi
22 November 2004, 11:35 AM
I posted this yesterday but it didn't seem to go on to the forum I'll try again, my appologies if it gets repeated.

What do other players do to keep track of which figures have moved in a turn or not?

It sometimes gets confusing keeping track of which of your 18 stormtroopers have activated in a turn or not. This is expecially the case when they are bunched up close in large groups to get bonus's etc. Whats worse is trying to keep track of your opponents err....... mistakes as well.

I use a system of little numbered stickers on the underside of the figures base and that corresponds to a numbered sticker on the relative card (in a plastic jacket to decrease damage). When the figure has been activated I turn the card 90 degrees to the others.

So back to my question, what do other players do?

22 November 2004, 12:04 PM
That's a pretty good idea. It can get confusing with 6 stormtroopers, let alone 18.

Other than that, I also turn the cards 90 degrees to mark activation for the round.

22 November 2004, 01:39 PM
i turn the actual figures (not just the cards) around. since there is no facing in the minis game, they can be turned without any problem to indicate that theyve been activated...