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2 December 2004, 01:48 PM
CONTEST - Be The Next Designer Of Starwars-rpg.net!

For the artistically aware, the graphically gifted, and the web warriors in the SWRPG community, this contest is your chance to take your involvement to a new level. You can redesign Starwars-rpg.net!

REQUIREMENTS: Must produce one site homepage and one subpage template (2 total) that is no more than 775px wide. Must ultimately be delivered in Photoshop or Fireworks format with layers - NO OTHER FORMATS ARE ACCEPTABLE. Regarding navigation elements, we know we want: About, Journal, Communications, Online Gaming and Contact. However, we expect to add/edit those navigation labels. So, your challenge is to design the interface in such a way where we can add and modify without breaking the visual design. Also, expect there to be some sub-navigation items that could occur. For instance, when entering the About page, there may be three or five sub-pages that will need their own links to them.

DEADLINE: Full-size .jpg graphics of the home and subpage design must be submitted no later than December 31, 2004, 11:59 p.m. MST. Entries to be sent to contest@starwars-rpg.net as ATTACHMENTS to an email (do not embed into the email). It is also acceptable to email a link to the image where you have posted it.

SELECTION: All entries will be voted on by the online Star Wars RPG community. The form and number of voting rounds will be dependant upon the number of entries.

WINNER GETS: One or more Star Wars RPG books (details later) and their design used as the next version of Starwars-rpg.net. Design will remain in place until the site is redesigned again, likely 1 to 2 years. Credit will be posted to the designer, including a link to their Web site (if applicable).

Be creative while being a hero to the Star Wars univerise. You can join the ranks of Luke, Leia, and Han -- or at least Sy Snootles -- by submitting your entry. Tens of thousands of SWRPG fans are waiting for YOU!

6 December 2004, 11:27 PM
While this forum has gotten a ton of views, it'd be nice to see some response here from those interested!

Post your questions, comments and ideas here. It'd be good to generate some open dialogue. If you have a question, it's likely others have the same one.


Vice Man
7 December 2004, 12:23 PM
Fireworks or Photoshop I have no problem with either but why just those? And in Regards to the Fireworks program, Are you saying Fireworks type stuff in a Flash page or just A web page done in nothing but Fireworks. And Why did you Rule out Dreamweaver as a design tool for the design of this web page?

I hope this contest works out. I guess i will see what i can do with Fireworks in designing a web page. it should be a interesting experience.

Peace Out,

Vice Man

7 December 2004, 12:39 PM
In regards to Fireworks, we're talking just a Web site design in Fireworks - nothing to do with Flash.

As far as designing in Dreamweaver goes, I'm not sure what you mean. One cannot produce a full design in DW as it has no native graphic design system; it's only for applying markup and code. Could you clarify?

I can say this. The reason we want Photoshop or Fireworks only is because that's what our development team needs to receive to proceed to develop the Web site based on the design sent. Our development staff does not possess nor is experienced with the myriad of other design programs out there. Photoshop is certainly the most popular Web design tool in the industry, with Fireworks a distant second.

Keep in mind that we are open to suggestions though! If you are someone that wants to design but can't provide the requirements, post here in detail and we'll work with you as best as we can. WE WANT EVERYONE INVOLVED WHO WANTS TO BE!


7 December 2004, 01:09 PM
mmm... didnt feel the need to reply, but since you pressured me, i guess ill let you know that i have a couple of things im working on... that is, when im not working on actual paid commisioned projects ;) A guy cant live on Star Wars fandom alone.

7 December 2004, 01:13 PM
That's great to hear, Tao!

Like you, I and many others throw in a little time here and there to help make Starwars-rpg.net what it is.

To others out there who are working on this contest but haven't mentioned it, SOUND OFF! Let's hear from ya!


8 December 2004, 05:18 AM
preliminary has been sent... Ive got a few more things planned for the final release. You can see a rough (and I do mean rough...) draft at http://www.geocities.com/fallenangel_tao/swhome.html

8 December 2004, 08:41 AM
Can't seem to see the link!

8 December 2004, 08:58 AM
bummer... umm... i posted a jpeg (scrren-capture style) on my daviantart gallery. i really like how it turned out. its pretty clean and simple... read em and weep - http://www.deviantart.com/view/12995483/

8 December 2004, 10:09 AM
Hey, I like the direction. It's different and pretty cool looking.

Anyone else?

8 December 2004, 04:49 PM
I'm no good at computer design stuff like this.....but at the moment we can choose to be Imperial, Rebel or Pirate...if this is being overhauled, I'd like to suggest a few more choices (inspired by SW Battlefront): Republic and CIS.
So when a holonetter signs up (or wants to change later) he/she can choose from 5 factions.

Just a thought.

8 December 2004, 08:27 PM
I should point out that we're overhauling www.starwars-rpg.net, not this holonet forum. we don't have control over this forum.

Regardless, it's an intriguing idea to let people choose the design they wish to use when visiting the site.

Thanks for the idea!

Matt Richard
9 December 2004, 09:56 PM
Hey Nealos, Ill try if i can find the time whip something up - i love workin in photoshop (one of the feats i have gained while away from the rpg scene).

9 December 2004, 10:48 PM
Sounds great, Matt. Great to have you included!


Vice Man
10 December 2004, 02:02 PM
Well i have started a design in Fireworks, i don't think it will hold a candle to most others but i thought i would try anyways a rough pisture of the rough version should be out in a few days, i just hope some looks at it.

peace out,

Vice Man

10 December 2004, 02:09 PM
The only thing worse than doing something poorly is not trying at all! Besides, how do you know how it will turn out until you give it a shot?

Glad to have you participate, Vice Man!!!

10 December 2004, 05:11 PM
OK, I'm not sure what to do here. In the first post it says that it must be submitted in Fireworks or Photoshop format. Does that mean that all we have to do is come up with graphics and you guys will do all of the coding and such. If that is the case then I will try because I have Paint Shop Pro and that can save .psd files but I suck at HTML. I might be able to come up with a good design. Let me know! Thanks!


10 December 2004, 08:04 PM
Yes, we will be doing all the coding. All we need is a graphic design that meets the criteria and requirements outlined in the first post of this thread.


13 December 2004, 08:37 AM
Excellent idea turning this into a contest Nealos! I can't wait to see which one is picked! Cheers and good luck to all of those that are making the attempt! :)

13 December 2004, 08:45 AM
I've been thinking about submitting a design myself, just for fun. Though I don't call myself a designer, I have fun doing it.

To be fair, if I submit and wind up being the winning design, I will award the SWRPG books to the second-place winner. Does that seem fair everyone? If you don't think so, I won't enter the contest. :)

13 December 2004, 09:25 AM
I would say that's perfectly fair. If you submit a design and the community likes yours the best, why shouldn't we use it? There's no sense in passing the opportunity by. Everyone wants the best design, right? So, it should be no biggie in my opinion.

13 December 2004, 01:03 PM
Hey Nealos. I sent you an email last week with a shot at the redesign. Hopefully you recieved it. Unfortunately i dont have a website so i cant direct the other posters to check it out, but if anyone would like to see it let me know and i'll try and arrange it (feedback is always crucial to better work).

13 December 2004, 02:42 PM
Hi PneumaZ,

I'll check it out later tonite when I get home and fed. Maybe I'll be able to post it to the 'net and drop a link here for interested parties to see? Would that be ok with you? Then you would get more than just my feedback.


13 December 2004, 07:56 PM
I've posted PneumaZ's design comp at the following URL:


Everyone take a look and provide him with feedback. Here's mine:

1. I like the colors, I'm a sucker for all manner of blue.
2. I don't care for the light blue/turqoise design line that travels top/bottom on left then across toward the top. It's a little distracting and doesn't flow well.
3. While using Aurebesh is cool, it should be more for iconography or as secondary design elements, not something so primary as navigation. When people scan a Web page, they need to be able to evaluate the navigation labels quickly. Making them mouseover each one just makes them work for it. So, maybe infuse Aurebesh elsewhere, like faded to teh background somewhere or whatever, but not in place of things that need to be read.
4. Let the logo breath a bit by either reducing it's size or making more space for it. I might opt for reducing it's size a tad. Also, play around with some nice visual treatments - nothing too complex, but something a little less "vanilla". Subtle, subtle. (as i write this, it occurs to me - hey, we don't have an official logo!).
5. I might mention that I really like the pictorial collages you've put together. Very nice, adds a lot of texture and depth and really helps identify the site with it's subject matter.

I also have this to say in general to anyone designing for this contest - really try to "use" Star Wars. The subject we deal in is incredible and exciting and captivating. Do some deep thinking about WHY Star Wars is that way, and then try to bring that out.

Also, don't be afraid to experiment with associated interfaces. For instance, I've seen SW sites designed as datapads. That's an interesting approach because it tries to really take the user into that universe. Whether it comes off cheesy or not is up to the designer, but you get the point.

Thanks for sharing your design. Anyone else need feedback? Also, to the community, be sure to give any designers of this contest your own feedback - even if they haven't shown anything yet. Let them know what you'd like to see. They're taking time out of their own busy work and holiday schedule to participate, and I know how valuable feedback is in the creation process - it helps out a lot!

Thanks everyone,

Nova Spice
13 December 2004, 08:18 PM
I really like the use of the Prequel images in the main page (particularly that image of the ARC--very nice), and the OT image on the bottom left-hand column.

And I'm with Nealos, I'm a sucker for blue, too! :D :P

And Nealos, according to the text at the top of the page, the Aurebesh changes to English once you scroll your mouse over it. That's a pretty nice touch, IMO. :)

13 December 2004, 09:50 PM
Ok, all this talk of design got me fiddling. Here's my quick take on things...


Hey, listening to the SW soundtrack while designing a SW page is a nice way to spend an evening. :)

I can't decide if this is too drab or overkill in terms of trying to look sharp. For those who've seen much of my personal site, you'll immediately recognize this as my style through and through. OH, and I already broke one of my own rules in terms of designing a navigation that can easily be added to... :)

Anyhoo, I guess this is my way of expressing what's in my head, what is attractive to me, and maybe for the sake of the designers everyone can comment on mine too so they can see where people's taste in style lies. After all, this is a community effort to result in a community decision. :)


13 December 2004, 09:51 PM
Oh hey, they finally posted my news item about this on theforce.net, so hopefully that will bring in even more people. :)



14 December 2004, 06:06 AM
Actual, and my apologies, if i wasn't to clear on this, i intedned for the text to be English and when you scroll over the index it would switch to Aurebesh. I showed the Aurebesh because, well frankly, i loved the text, but yes i absolutely agree that it needs to be english first and foremost for ease of navigation. but as a rollover i was thinking the aurebesh would be nice.
As far as the turquoise border effect, thats my art school training coming out. You get it beaten in your head to really create shapes that make you always center back into the work, or in this case, brings your eye back to the index. It was tough though because i didnt want to do a standard interface or show a bunch of photos, i really wanted to show the artistic styles of the two eras.
So between them i was able to do so, the flowing loops and swirls are immulations of styles from naboo and a lot of other pre empire worlds, while the text fields and the aurebesh is a very Emperial blocked out format.
AS far as the logo goes, i can always retouch it and resubmit if you like. But anyway, thanks for the feedback; i like dwhat you had to say and look forward to anyone elses thoughts on it.

Blue Skies!

Vice Man
14 December 2004, 10:56 AM
Ok I just Sent nealos my entry to the design contest. Nealos if you could post it on starwars-rpg.net and provide feed back that would be great.

A couple of things to point out. Since this is my first web page that will actually be seen by lots and lots of people i decided to keep it nice and clean. Also since I had to do web pages in some of my college classes i have noticed that rectangles dominate the web. So me and a friend want to go with different shapes for web sites, this is my entry, the anti-rectangle web site design.

I Decided to keep it nice, clean and straight forward. Compared to some of the other design entries I think this will stand in stark contrast to the others. Tell me what you all think.


Vice Man

Vice Man
14 December 2004, 11:06 AM
So everybody doesn't get confused this is all my design handiwork. What i really meant was that me and a friend noticed the Rectangle designs dominated the web so a couple of our project sites demonstrated this. So This is just me sending in the entry.


Vice Man

14 December 2004, 12:00 PM
That was pretty much it...i love vanilla....

14 December 2004, 12:38 PM
hey... so why didnt anyone give me any feedback... i need to feel loved too...

14 December 2004, 01:04 PM
alright... i just retouched the colors, to follow the "blue" favoritism that seems to be going on here. i had chosen red simply because its different... and there were some interesting effects that looked better in a strong color like red. but enough rambling... here she is in blue...


im going to do some adjustments on the navigation effects. on the original red site there is a distinctive "trail" that fills the white area beneath the nav text, connecting the selected page's nav button to the options on the sidebar, that doesnt look as good in the blue. im thinking of filling it with blue and making a "tech" style white highlite/line appear to indicate navigational status.

i also added a scrolling aurubesh line in the header. it just says the website name. the text can be changed with little problem. load time isnt significantly affected by the animation, as it is a simple gif file.

14 December 2004, 01:25 PM
Hey Tao, sorry abou the lack of love. But to be fair you didn't give me any feedback either! LOL! But seriously, i thought you had a really great design going on. The cartoon vibe was a really good way to go.

I always ask for feedback because of the enviroment i was raised in, raised by artist, went to school for artist and dissed by artist. I always find it productive to get and the most critical feedback so that I can improve my designs and so forth.

That being said, 2 things: Stick to the red, its bold, its right there, and it makes people go...wow...red...thats a really great color. Secondly, the artoo feels slapped on. Don't get me wrong, it looks great and the design is nice and slick. But it feels forced. On the flip side of that, i think the navigation and basic layout is more interesting than the standard index on left, text to the right, border on top design. So taking all things into consideration and All Auerbesh being equal:....I like it. Its a solid step.

14 December 2004, 01:30 PM
actually, the artoo is slapped on. it is intended to be used as a pop-up, accesible through the HELP button, and wasnt supposed to appear on the front page under normal circumstances. i just liked him too much to leave him off of the demo pic.

and thanks for the lovin. i liked the red too... just trying to give options. if this were a "real" (read: paid) project) i would have submitted the design in at least two styles, two palletes each. its something most artists dont do, but i like it, and it helps save me time in coming to an agreeable webpage. this thing was done over my lunch break so i couldnt really get that into it.

anyways... thanks again. further criticism is always welcome.

Vice Man
14 December 2004, 04:29 PM
Well as far as feed back well here it goes.

Tao: its a good site. And i would say stick with red, it makes the whole thing look better and its not to much red which is why it works. And i like the R-2 unit, i think it works. the downside is it may have to much white space, but it seems to work but only with the red site though with the blue it does look like to much white space. maybe thats becuase red is an overstaturated color....

PneumaZ: I like the overall design of yours, the aurebrush is a nice touch. Although that light blue/turquoise line doesn't seem to go with the rest of the site, it makes a nice divider. maybe if you toned down the color. Also it makes me think of the official wizards of the coast books. Perhaps a tad to busy.

Nealos: Yours is nice. not to busy, nice layout. nice pictures. Maybe a little to simple and clean. And i have a feeling comething is missing, although i have no idea what but There is something missing, which i think take away from the site. ( there is something to think about, something that is missing from the site that takes away from the web site... hmm). Other than that it looks great.

To Nealos and PneumaZ: You both need a counter point to that blue. Blue is a good cool tone but to much blue is well too much. Break it up with something, perhaps the use of counter point colors will help.

I hope this helps. This is just my opinion but it is my take on them. Good luck to all who enter the design contest.


Vice Man

14 December 2004, 05:00 PM
Here's Vice Man's designs posted:


Thanks for sending, Vice Man! Feedback anyone?

14 December 2004, 06:45 PM
I gotta say I really love Nealos's design as well as PneumaZ's.

Nice work guys.

I also think Nealos's design is a very excellent submission and suggestion on the design. My top pick so far.

14 December 2004, 08:39 PM
I appreciate your comments, Darth_Cassed, I wish to point out that I'm not officially submitting this design and am not sure I will or not at this time. I mostly posted this to express what's in my head and what I envision as preferences, but understand that's just one person's opinion. I only have one vote toward the choice just like the rest of my fellow community. :)


14 December 2004, 11:09 PM
Tao: I'm seriously stuck between the red and blue versions.

Vice Man: Looks unfinished. If there's a way to spruce it up, that'd be cool. I should point out that I like the approach and your theme, just needs time spent on it I think.

Thanks to those providing me with feedback. Not sure if I will pursue further design or even officially submit. We'll see...

14 December 2004, 11:11 PM
I hereby declare that any one contestant may enter multiple designs.

I think that's fair and allowable because if someone is going the extra mile and spending a time on it, they should be allowed that. Also, good designers often come up with several ideas and we should allow for that. After all, it shouldn't be the designer deciding which one entry to submit, but the community to decide which entry they like - thus, multiple submissions are allowable.


15 December 2004, 08:24 AM
Hi All,

Evan Hansen, our esteemed webmaster, sent me the following graphic layouts last evening. I'll let him make comments on them, but thought I'd post them here for feedback. :)



evan hansen
15 December 2004, 11:24 AM
Originally posted by Nealos
Evan Hansen, our esteemed webmaster

Esteemed? Goodness. Slacker, perhaps. Esteemed? Never. ;-)


Yes! Feedback is appreciated. The one note I have is that where the "Sites" navigation button is, that color change is supposed to represent a rollover effect for when someone puts their mouse over that particular link.

Other than that, I think it's pretty self explanatory.

I haven't decided yet, by the way, if I'm actually going to submit these. I have to decide if it's right for the webmaster to be submitting stuff to a contest that's sort of co-administrated by him. Of course, since it's the community that will anonymously decide in the end, it may not matter.

Anyhow, more may be coming as the creative juices flow. But any feedback would be appreciated for sure.

15 December 2004, 11:29 AM
I say go for it. I mean submit! If you win thats awesome and if nealos comes in second, thats great too. Nealos has already said that if that happens the runner up would get whatever prizes might be offered so that way it is still fair to all.

i really liked the deisgn, its good stuff, good use of grey and reds. But i have to say it looks a tad bit like the new force.net site, which i have to say i am not to pleased with. It has become so many different fields, with so many text blocks its become a bit still...i think your design balances it more but i think its a danger of the design. I see this kind of stuff floating too.


15 December 2004, 01:09 PM
To further clarify, Evan would not win books either. :)

For instance, IF evan entered the contest and IF i entered it also, and IF the community voted and the results were:

1. Evan
2. Nealos
3. Bob

... then Bob would get the books.

In other words, SOMEONE is getting the books and IT IS NOT evan or i.


Vanger Chevane
15 December 2004, 01:57 PM
Looks like your design is primarily a heavy "corporate" gray that's pretty much bland and eye-deadening despite the interesting patterns & such.

Knowing a few photographers, getting Black-and-White/grayscale images to really grab one's attention is an art unto itself. Try incorporating more color into the main layout. ;)

I personally prefer PneumaZ's design, provided the rollover from Aurebesh to English/whatever text works. Prehaps reversing it & having the button change to Aurebesh on mouseover(); is something you should experiment with. Experimenting once upon a whim, I used an animated gif to give the changeover on the button some interest, while keeping filesizes down & using a common format. Flash is also good, too much Jawascrip :P can bog down a lot of ppl's systems, be they old or filled with Company Bloatware.

The dividing line is good in concept, but the current "cyan vine" seems a bit too visually distracting. The window in the upper-left corner is a nice item as it can be used to not only indicate where in the site someone is without having to resort to text, it can be used up-front to point to features or teasers. :D

Tao, can't get to your design, deviantart is often filtered by work & skool puters as the URL sounds like a Pr0n-site. :(

15 December 2004, 10:51 PM
Actually, I don't know if either Evan or Nealos are submitting their designs, but I really love both of them. And I'm no good with PhotoShop, so here are my suggestions.

Evan and Nealos should merge their designs. There should be pictures lightly in the background of the panels, and the sides should have the pictures as well, but in black and white.

I also think Hosted Site and Featured Site really go together, and both are good ideas from the old site. But they should also be seen at all times, so those should both be on the side and don't change as you navigate.

My question is what about the Journal section? Does that mesh with the design of the site?

16 December 2004, 04:43 AM
alright... i tried a more serious concept. this is basically a (heavily) modified version of a scrapped design for my own site. the mouseovers arent coded yet, though they are illustrated. essentially, that white line that goes from "Home" and runs along the perimeter of the main content frame will shift depending on which navigational button is selected. also, the three pictures at the bottom, will resaturate on the mouse over. as soon as i get more updates, ill simply upload them to the same site.


ooh... and one last note... the animated .gif in the header will run smoother once its on a more reliable host. geocities isnt known for quality... but the price is right ;).

16 December 2004, 06:18 AM
ACK!!! Tao....Its a wild design! But its almost overwhelming. I opened it and my eyes were looking around at all the 'pretty text'. I do like that folks are starting to incorporate the alien texts into their design (does that mean i get a contest eraser?)....lol.

But i feel you have too much motion going into the top. What if you stilled the animation, have it dissolve a bit on wither side. that way you get the effect of the motion without the distracting movement constantly taking your eye away from the site?

Personally i still vote for the cartoonish site, i think this one is getting away from that really neat idea.

16 December 2004, 07:07 AM
its still very unpolished, ive only put an hour or so into it... i think youre right on the scrolling text... it is a lot of motion, but i wasnt sure how to tone it down. thats why i designed it to only play once. you may have a point though, fading out could look very nice, and make it a bit less overwhelming.

i like the cartoon design as well, but since we can submit more than one design i figured id give at least another option. im currently finished my last paid design before the christmas holiday, so ive got the largest chunk of spare time ive ever had (i only have to work 9-5... eight hours, can you believe it!?!?!), so im taking advantage and trying to push my skills a bit more, and build a portfolio so i can leave my company and start out on my own.

16 December 2004, 08:40 AM
hey... so geocities is giving me some problems, so i had to take it down. anyways... heres a non-interactive version right here.


and the animated header file is right here

sorry for those of you who cant go to "porn" sites like deviant art...

16 December 2004, 08:58 AM
Yes i think that works. Honestly i sat down and designed about 4 other sites before submitting this one as the one i liked. I can actually say im happy with it..usually doesnt happen.

I do this when i am rendering at work, so its just fun to drop in and see what else is happening. I like the amount of flow this thread seems to be maintaining. Can't wait to see who wins!

16 December 2004, 12:04 PM
Really like both Evan and Nealos's entries... but I'm also really digging Tao's second entry as well (kicka$$ job on that animated header bar man!). I love the overlay text box effect that Evan and Nealos had in their entries, but I think that I really like Tao's the best as far as layout goes. Maybe a combination of those different elements (plus that awesome header bar!)... That'd definitely get my vote!

16 December 2004, 03:04 PM
Tao, very smooth! I agree with toning down the header, but great work there too.

I can say that the font used for the text isn't going to work - it's difficult to read and anyone who wanted to see it in that face would have to have that font loaded to their operating system. Thus, for things like the text in the news section, that wouldn't be done. However, elsewhere it can be because we can cut images instead of creating it as text (since it would hardly ever change).

Just something to keep in mind for all designers!

This is fun! Come on people, anyone else got some designs going that we haven't heard from yet???

17 December 2004, 04:33 AM
i assumed as much with the font. i assume the main content box will simply be a table cell with text, which is why i had left it blank in the previous design... but i was in a weird mood yesterday.

oh... a couple of other notes... the "stock photos" at the bottom of the page can easily be substituted for ones that the webmasters feel would be more appropriate. the subpage is practically identical, except for a difference in the nav bar (the white stripe will always wrap around to the "active" page) and potentially a different set of links (on both the right and bottom).

thanks for the compliments, though. im trying to tone down the header a bit more, but its tough since i no longer have flash and making a .gif with image ready isnt the easiest process in the world.

Reverend Duck
20 December 2004, 12:54 AM
Here's my take on the new Starwars-RPG.net website design:



I have tried to go for a more "elegant" look with the Georgia serif typeface, as opposed to the sans serif that is considered standard when dealing with most science fiction stuff. Tell me what you think about it! The theme menu below the image of Kamino is supposed to change the image of the planet displayed as well as slightly altering the color scheme to show a red tint for Geonosis, for example.

Nealos, I have a few questions.

First, I'm going to need some advice on how to continue adding to this design—since I'm not a regular visitor of either SWRPG Network nor Starwars-RPG.net, I don't really know what kind of text boxes and menu items to add, so I would be grateful if you could lend some insight.

Secondly, are those books that you offer as a prize new or used?

Finally, is it ok to use images as headlines for separate items—e.g, will you create one headline in Photoshop for every supplement, article, and so on, or does it have to be done with text? (Edit: Of course, all headlines consist of text, but can it be bitmap text or simply HTML text? Ask me to clarify if you don't understand what I mean, since I find it a bit hard to explain . . . :))

Good luck with the contest, everyone, and have a nice Christmas!:

Reverend Duck
20 December 2004, 01:05 AM
Just remembered another question.

Are there a lot of designs being sent to your mailbox, or have all designs so far been posted in this thread? It would be nice to see more of them.

20 December 2004, 06:34 AM
very nice design... very KOTR, which i like... an elegant website for a more civilized age. the stock image is nice, and i like the idea of choosing your theme. may be a bit rough on storage space, but as long as theyre small image files, and/or the color changes are just CSS style changes, it shouldnt be a problem.

I believe the headings can be done either way, (image or text), as they wont be changing very often. not sure what else is out there in the way of designs, but i assume that most of them have been posted.

Reverend Duck
20 December 2004, 08:36 AM
Originally posted by Tao
an elegant website for a more civilized age.

:) Star Wars quotes in real life situations rule.

As for your comments, thanks, Tao.

Although I know HTML, I don't really enjoy coding it, and I don't know more advanced techniques—and certainly not Javascript—so I'll have to see with Nealos or someone else here on this forum how those color gradients in the background and transparent menus will look. The text labels should be reasonably small as GIF files. The trickiest part, I reckon, will be to find high-resolution images of the various Star Wars planets. Perhaps Starwars-RPG.net has a few sources they can get images from, though.

20 December 2004, 09:32 AM
let me know which ones you need... i have a decent image library, and i believe i may have a few of those planets, although perhaps not in the resolution you would need.

20 December 2004, 10:14 AM
Responses in the order they've been asked...

Regarding Reverend's design - smashing in my opinion. Off the bat, I can say the serifed font won't be implemented. I wholeheartedly agree with the elegance factor but being a content-driven site, it's going to drive visitors batty as it's hard to screen-read anything serifed. I know of many usability studies that point to this.

The theme idea is very cool! Of course, we'll have to find someone competent to program such a thing, so we might be forced to choose a single theme in the absence of that.

Things to add? You're covering it pretty well. For the front page, refer to my design in terms of "information spaces" that need to be accounted for. That URL again is http://swsrc.starwars-rpg.net/frontpage_1.jpg

As for headlines, it's like this: For items that don't ever change, like "news," we'd like to use graphics. For items that will change, for instance the specific headline of a news item, that will be test. Apply that rule of thumb for anything of the like on the site.

Reverend, thanks so much for participating. Your talents are welcome along with all others...


Ok, to answer a standing question that many have had on their minds and have asked me via email - WHICH SWRPG BOOKS?

A: Haven't decided. It's either going to be d6 or d20 books. I have FAR more d6 books than d20 books, with condition ranging from mint to very good. I can tell you it's going to be a generous amount of books - likely more than three. After that, send your input on what you'd like to win to contest@starwars-rpg.net - DO NOT POST HERE.


Reverend's follow up question was whether designs have been sent via email but not posted here, answer is no. But, I expect a flurry of entries coming up in the next week as school is rolling down and lot of student-aged participants are getting time on their hands...

As for gradients and transparents, for now we are conceptualizing as is done often in web design. when it gets down to it, there are several ways of dealing technologically with most everything so... On one hand don't be too concerned about that stuff, just be creative, and on the other hand realize that if your design wins, there may be something about it that will have to change slightly once it becomes coded and put into effect. Please understand my answer is vague because the possibilities are too numerous to express - just be creative in this stage!

As for images, i have very few. I suggest posting a request at www.swagonline.net. They are wonderful, helpful people.

Thanks everyone, i continue to be excited about this.

20 December 2004, 10:52 AM
Originally posted by Nealos

As for images, i have very few. I suggest posting a request at www.swagonline.net. They are wonderful, helpful people.

yes we are.

20 December 2004, 10:54 AM
You know Reverend's design is very good, but instead of choosing the skin, I recommend a random one like the DVDs. :)

Nice work, all of you.

20 December 2004, 10:57 AM
randomizing a picture would be fairly easy actually. i just finished a corporate site where their stock image is randomized. its a simple piece of coding and a couple of extra pictures. randomizing the whole site would essentially require creating several different stylesheets, each with their own pictures and color schemes. beautiful, but not the easiest project to pull off.

20 December 2004, 11:13 AM
Tao, perhaps you'd be willing to volunteer some of your time to aid in development of the new site? See appropriate thread here:


20 December 2004, 11:20 AM
i read that this morning, but my skills lie more in the "bells and whistles" department. i work for web based tech company where all i do are simple cosmetic adjustments, so i dont mess around with .php (or any type of programming) too much. i'll help in whatever i can, but i doubt its significantly more than anyone else could manage. but yeah.. im in for whatever i can handle.

20 December 2004, 02:48 PM
like tao, i own a professional webdesign thingy, but i'm willing to do this for nothing...well books :) i luv starwars, so i'll be posting my rough sometime soon...

20 December 2004, 06:28 PM
okay...mine is ready...hosted http://www.aeskape.com/starwars

critisicm is welcome

Reverend Duck
21 December 2004, 01:25 AM
You've managed to pin the content down quite nicely, so it should be easy to navigate.

I don't think that the menu buttons should change into a different font when hovered above, like many have suggested, because that's oftenmost just annoying. Your buttons don't change entirely, of course, but I still think it's more annoying than cool.

The boxes could use some padding, but otherwise, it's all quite clear and legible.

About the blue . . . Of course, I like blue, as most others on this board seems to do, :), but what would be even cooler is blue with some variations in the color scheme—like blue backgrounds but buttons and headlines in some other color.

The Starwars-RPG.net logo, and by that I mean the text part of it, is nice with its stroke and outer glow, though I personally would like it sharper, e.g without the blurring effect around it.

That's what I can think of at the moment. Hope some of it is useful, at least.

Reverend Duck
21 December 2004, 01:36 AM
A few questions for Nealos:

When you say "layers," roughly how many do you mean? I use 30 different layers sorted into layer sets on my design, and I'm wondering if that's way too much or just fine.

Also, is it possible to use some kind of drop-down menu? I know you said that it's currently more important for the design to be creative and not technical, but I think a drop-down menu would require Javascript. So my question is probably more general—will you be using Javascript for the site, if the design makes it necessary?

Reverend Duck
21 December 2004, 02:57 AM
Here is the latest version of my design—this time with a mandatory Coruscant theme. :)


Full version (http://www.kalejdoskop.net/diverse/coruscant-design.jpg) (229.03 KB)

Also check this out: Anatomy of the Coruscant Design (http://www.kalejdoskop.net/diverse/coruscant-design-anatomy.jpg) (256.22 KB)

Comments are welcome.

21 December 2004, 05:10 AM
i like the basic design. it is understandable and easy to follow. i personally feel that the blue is a bit strong, and could be toned down a bit. my personal feelings are that simple backgrounds are crucial, as to not take the readers eyes away from the content. the rollovers are interesting, but overall i do agree with the reverend in that it is more distracting than functional. as much as i like the aurubesh idea (should be apparent from my design), i feel it is better to the design elements rather than a functional element like the navigational bar.

again, i like the overall design, although, to me, the yellow looks a little forced. if it were me, i would try to pick up on a detail color from your photo (there are some nice blues and reds on some of those buildings). that way your photo will remain within the bounds of your palette, and the two will seem to be codependant. other than that (minor) issue, a great design.

Reverend Duck
21 December 2004, 05:26 AM
Originally posted by Tao
[...] the yellow looks a little forced. if it were me, i would try to pick up on a detail color from your photo (there are some nice blues and reds on some of those buildings). that way your photo will remain within the bounds of your palette, and the two will seem to be codependant. other than that (minor) issue, a great design.

I like the way the yellow links look on the site, but to be honest, I haven't tried all that many colors. I'll try playing around with a few more and see what looks best. As for now, I have to go to the dentist. See you all later.

21 December 2004, 05:48 AM
Reverend Duck's latest offering is nice. I could easily call that home. I also enjoyed the news story- it's so much better than lorem ipso factum stories. :)

the yellow seems fine to me though-- you still need something that's readable and a red or blue has to be just right to be readable with that background. it ain't all about pretty. I'm just glad the entry has white text. hmmmm.... white text... :)

Reverend Duck
21 December 2004, 07:19 AM
Originally posted by Ravager_of_worlds
[...] I also enjoyed the news story- it's so much better than lorem ipso factum stories. :) [...]

As I enjoyed writing it. Before uploading it here, though, I made sure to add that little disclaimer at the bottom—I really didn't want to create a flame war over a joke . . . :)

At first, I thought about using dark text on a light background, mainly because I had read (and sometimes noticed myself) that light on dark was too heavy on the eyes, but that turned out to be quite impossible to implement. With my theme of "space darkness" already going, using light backgrounds would mess up the entire concept—white on black simply looked so much better.

And in usual order, a question for Nealos, if you don't mind. :)

How long has Starwars-RPG.net's current design been up?

(Edit: Is there a way to post a message with multiple quote boxes?)

21 December 2004, 07:20 AM
for reverend duck's design, i like it, but i have a few problems i'd like to state:

-the yellow IS a bit forced...for coruscant, i'd recommend more of a gray or a grayer yellow
-the filesize will be HUGE, you need like 7 pics, 7 css files, and you'll need to script the site a lot. It's killer to dial-up connections
-and some users don't have verdana and stuff...you never know :) but you can always embed the font :)

overall nice job...i got some more work to emulate !

Reverend Duck
21 December 2004, 07:55 AM
Originally posted by xeraphine
[...] -the filesize will be HUGE, you need like 7 pics, 7 css files, and you'll need to script the site a lot. It's killer to dial-up connections
-and some users don't have verdana and stuff...you never know :) but you can always embed the font :) [...]

According to my quick calculation, the size of the final page wouldn't be very large at all—after all, the only real image on the site is the planet image. The rest of the images—the logo and the headlines—would probably have very small sizes, especially as GIFs or even PNGs.

Embedding could work, but probably only with Internet Explorer. Others, like me, use Mozilla Firefox. However, I think very few lack the Verdana font on their computers, since it's used on very many sites. It's considered standard as far as I know.

Nova Spice
21 December 2004, 08:30 AM

All of these designs look spectacular! 8o

Nealos, I don't envy the person who has to decide the winner. They're all outstanding. B)

Nice work, everyone. ;)

21 December 2004, 12:11 PM
Reverend: to quote multiple times, i believe you use the quote tag (quote in square brackets) and follow it by the text you want to quote, and close with /quote. not sure... havent had to do it in a while.

Nova: Cheers to that.

Reverend Duck
21 December 2004, 03:17 PM
Here's something for you all to read if you are feeling bored:


The Staff of Starwars-RPG.net (http://www.kalejdoskop.net/diverse/coruscant-design-staff.jpg)

21 December 2004, 05:42 PM
two things:

1) based on someone (i forgot who) who would rather have the movies as choices rather than planets, i went ahead and tried to make a site like that, and it's working as of now, though the scripting is giving me a headache (i finally got it after like 2 hours of debugging)

2) reverend duck: how do you plan on getting that theme thing to work, cuz the only thing i can do is make it (the whole site) reload which is kinda a waste of bandwidth

Reverend Duck
21 December 2004, 11:14 PM
I'm actually a member of a worldwide conspiracy bent on making webmasters all over the web have a hard time coding and scripting, but don't tell Nealos. ;)

Jokes aside, I'm not really a scripter. I'm just following the guideline that Nealos gave everyone a few days ago—that the main point right now is to be creative. Don't get me wrong—it's nice of you to provide criticism of this type, but I don't really know enough about scripting to change anything about the site in that matter.

Regardless—thanks for all the feedback you have provided.

22 December 2004, 04:59 AM
Unless you go the Flash route (not a good idea honestly... its creates headaches in the long run and makes the page ungoogleable), the only way to change the images would be to reload the whole site. Yeah... it is a waste of bandwidth... but it looks cool. So its a tradeoff really... as is everything in web design.

Reverend Duck
22 December 2004, 06:00 AM
Originally posted by Tao
Unless you go the Flash route (not a good idea honestly... its creates headaches in the long run and makes the page ungoogleable), the only way to change the images would be to reload the whole site. Yeah... it is a waste of bandwidth... but it looks cool. So its a tradeoff really... as is everything in web design.

Yeah . . . Like Nealos said, I think the important thing now is to concentrate on the graphical stuff, and not the coding. I'm just waiting for some more designs to pop in here—there's been a shortage of them for the last few days.

22 December 2004, 06:36 AM
i was working on something but i just got swamped with a bunch of post christmas redesigns. cant tear myself away now... sorry.

22 December 2004, 06:53 AM
Yeah I havent had a chance to make a new design either in the styles i have seen come back the past few days. I have been keeping track of a dear show of mine and my wife's: Dead Like Me. It got cancelled and needless to say i got preoccupied. But i like the rev ducks idea, certainly looks more polished than my own. But the idea of changing planets is a neat situation.

The only problem i could forsee is making each one different, and how the different formats might effect the space on the server. I am not a programmer by any means, im a digital artist guy but even i can see that you put forth that many options and make it accessable through one central hub and the information is not cloned, just laid out on a different page....you are going to spend a ton of time figuring out the coding of that.

But coding notwithstanding i think its a trippy design. Now its time to go rip it off and meld it with 15 other ideas!!!! Okay okay...i wont rip off...'homage'...yes i believe they call it 'homage'....

22 December 2004, 09:49 AM
well, yea, i know that nealos said design first, but if a design is unscriptable, then the design must be reworked :] ex: if someone wins with a random design that looks awesome, but it's either really bulky and really heavy-loaded scripting, it'll take too long to put up, and design will be comprimised in the long run. But if you're sure that design comes first and foremost, then i'll go make the heaviest, most beautiful design that'll take a hundred years to finish scripting and give starwars-rpg.net's script staff a migraine (sarcasm)

22 December 2004, 10:04 AM
as the newest script-monkey for starwars-rpg.net i ask you to please, please not ruin my weekends...

22 December 2004, 11:11 AM
AWWWW! He asked so nicely!!! We can't begrudge him weekends and weekends of headaches can we? can we?......

Reverend Duck
22 December 2004, 12:33 PM
Check out a page like Spoono (www.spoono.com), which uses a system of theme changing that reloads the page and thus changes the color of most objects on the page, including images. From looking at this this, the planet switching certainly seems doable.

Vanger Chevane
22 December 2004, 01:55 PM
Would it be reasonably easy to have page reference a cookie, then fetch the appropriate style sheet?

Something in the page header HTML like:

Theme=Read(cookie line 7);
Load Page Content

Simply tucking the theme name into a session-only cookie & using it to dynamicly weave the appropriate theme into the webpage allows for themes to be stored separate from the content, as well as changed & added dynamically.

If someone were to create a killer Mechis III theme, all someone would need to do is add the stylesheet to the theme directory, and add the name to the list of available themes (a dynamic pop-out menu or bar that scrolls back & forth in case there's more names than screen estate would probly be ideal here, we don't want a large choice of themes cluttering up the visual flow of the pages).

While the concept of multiple themes is a great idea, making sure the handler system is robust and easy to maintain is crucial. The easier it is for Nealos or someone to add/remove a "prepackaged" theme, the more likely it will be available. It also allows for a theme to be fully tested, or a misbehaving one pulled away from public view, with a minimum of hassles.

22 December 2004, 02:26 PM
Regarding scripting and how to design accordingly...

Like I said earlier, at this time I just want to everyone to be creative and let that flow. While changing themes and such is attractive as a feature and fun to fiddle with, I'm not going to say, "Don't do that," but at the same time will recommend against it. First reason is because it is indee time-consuming to code, but the second reason is that it will encourage superflous bandwidth usage. Normally, that's not a big deal because we have a monthly allotment of bandwidth that frankly seems HUGE. However, consider that we're re-releasing and will be marketing the Online Journal dramatically, which will consume bandwidth considerably. It's best we hedge against that. If the community really wants to change themes and do all sorts of intensive fun stuff like that, I got no problem with that until I have to either decide to cut that out of the site, pay more out of my pocket or start charging membership access (gasp). Food for thought.

Reverend asks, "When you say "layers," roughly how many do you mean?"

I mean as many as you want or need to do. You mentioned 30 and that's fine.

Reverend asks, "Is it possible to use some kind of drop-down menu?"

Yes, it's fine. It's important to keep in mind one of the requirements though - that we need the ability to easily add/edit the main navigation labels at will and without having to re-do a bunch of the design layout to accomodate that.

Regarding the yellow links in Reverend's design ...

If you ask me, it's not working. Try the blue or red someone else suggested...

Reverend asks, "How long has Starwars-RPG.net's current design been up?"

To be honest, I'm unsure. Over one year, quite some time. It was a mod on a design that I did and I find the layout to be too simple and a little uninteresting. My original design was a little more rich visually, not unlike swsrc.starwars-rpg.net, which I recently launched with that current design. I should note however that Chris Curtis did a marvelous job in coding the current Starwars-rpg.net design with PHP/CSS.

Regarding Nova Spice's comment, "I don't envy the person who has to decide the winner"

I wish to remind Nova and everyone else that the winner will be chosen by voting from the community. After all, Starwars-rpg.net is everyone's Web site.

And finally a few comments in general from me...

First, I'd like to thank the continued work and contribution in this contest. It's getting better and better.

Second, I'd like to ask that we focus our creativity on layout, graphics and other visual aspects and not so much on designing functionality. Starwars-rpg.net is going to benefit most from a visually rich yet smartly architected graphic design. Please understand that I'm being vague to keep the creativity unrestrained. Technical issues can be worked through and there may be some effect on a winning design, but that's simply the risk the designer takes when developing functionally-dependent designs.

Finally, I might work on another layout of my own. You've all got my creative juices flowing (again). :)

Thanks so much, hope to see even more join the contest!

Reverend Duck
22 December 2004, 02:56 PM
Here's a question not as much about the design as about the site in general, actually.

Nealos, how is the name of your site actually written? To me, "Starwars-RPG.net" looks nicest, but I see you using "Starwars-rpg.net", while the logo itself doesn't provide any clues. Any set rules on this?

22 December 2004, 03:09 PM
I never really cared for "Starwars-RPG.net" because it looks choppy, not smooth at all. In text I type it as "Starwars-rpg.net" for that reason.

We've never had a graphic logo, though. I perceive it to be something that shouldn't be written out as one big text piece, but maybe an amalgam of the Star Wars font for the words "Star Wars" and then "-rpg.net" otherwise. Or, if that won't work, just as creatively styled as possible. For instance, in my comp I did the logo as a single block of Star Wars font text with no other effect applied. I think that looks nice personally.

Vanger Chevane
22 December 2004, 03:42 PM
Originally posted by Nealos
I never really cared for "Starwars-RPG.net" because it looks choppy, not smooth at all. In text I type it as "Starwars-rpg.net" for that reason.

We've never had a graphic logo, though. I perceive it to be something that shouldn't be written out as one big text piece, but maybe an amalgam of the Star Wars font for the words "Star Wars" and then "-rpg.net" otherwise. Or, if that won't work, just as creatively styled as possible. For instance, in my comp I did the logo as a single block of Star Wars font text with no other effect applied. I think that looks nice personally.
Reacll the beginning of IIRC ESB.

Use the big logo STAR WARS, and tuck in RPG.net below it in the smaller crawler-style text. Looks a bit like the movies, and conveys the nfo you want.

22 December 2004, 03:48 PM
The only problem with my suggestion of doing "Star Wars" in the SW font and then "-rpg.net" in another is that you've got to make sure the dash ("-") is shown or else people might screw up the URL. Thus, it's hard to design such a thing and not have it look visually clunky...

It's a challenge. Probably why I defaulted in my design to just one font straight across.

22 December 2004, 08:53 PM
Here's what I'm meaning by get creative ...

I sat down and established FOUR RULES for myself. First, fulfill the requirements. Second, select a color theme that is the furthest from what you'd usually do. Third, do a layout that really shakes off the Web site norms. Fourth, design NOTHING that requires unique functionality.

I created these rules so that I'd be forced to break out in creativity but keep it super simple. This is what I got so far...


Just trying to go crazy with creativity only using colors and layouts, but steering clear of complicated functional demands. This would take me about thirty minutes or less to build into HTML, is arguably eye-catching and most certainly different and unique. As for whether it "looks good" or not, I suppose that depends on one's opinion of orange... :)


Reverend Duck
22 December 2004, 11:37 PM
Overall, the color scheme looks a little pale to me. The orange is quite original, to say the least, and reminds me quite a bit of a design I scribbled a few months ago. Though the site looked quite good, I couldn't really get the text to look nice and legible at the same time—yellow on orange looked nice but too hard to make out, while black didn't really cut it visually. Otherwise, this design is quite similar to the last one you posted, but a bit more organized, I would say, so it has most of the strengths and weaknesses that that one had. The menu in the corner might be missed by a few visitors, I think.

Like I said earlier—and this is just my personal opinion—I'm currently into the more "elegant" side of Star Wars, with serif fonts and tranquil images. I have never really liked the Star Wars font—the one in the logo of Nealos's latest design and similar typefaces—used in anything else than the Star Wars movie logos.

I'll try posting a new version of my design some time quite soon. This time I'm planning to use Naboo as a theme . . . and, finally, my yellow links will be justified! :D

23 December 2004, 05:16 AM
Brilliant. Just... brilliant.

Man... I really dont want to get shown up that easily... you better hope I dont have free time in the next few days.

23 December 2004, 09:23 AM
NIce! You don't see that color in web pages very much.

Is there any ONE place all the links can be gathered as opposed to intermingled within 100 or so posts? This is a fantastice idea and I'm lovin' checking them all out but it's hard to go back and compare without going through the entire thread.

23 December 2004, 02:33 PM

For a running list that I will keep updated of contest entrants, see thread:



24 December 2004, 05:08 PM
I PMed this to Nealos, and he asked me to post it here. These are honest critques and are not meant to be taken personally:

Dr_Worm wrote on Today 05:59 PM:
If you are interested I have looked over the submissions so far and have some thoughts:

Tao (Red and Blue) nice and simple, though formatting is common. May be a bit too cartoony for the site though.
Tao (clean)- This one is less cartoony, but the format is still common. That is not nessisarily a bad thing, as it makes for a more intuitive navigation.

PneumaZ- Too busy...reminds me too much of the old DLOS.

Nealos- The orange one is fantastic. It is pleasent to look at, and easy to navigate. The color is unigue enough to set it apart. The blue one is a bit off though. The text in the center makes it feel squished. I do not mind that the text is not edge to edge, but perhaps it should be offset slightly more to the left. The blue color is not that memorable though.

Vice Man - The idea is nice, but the followthrough is really not up to the level of the other submissions.

Evan Hansen - Clean and modern, but not inspiring. The orange border is better than the gray, and makes the page more recognizable. The largely empty title box is a bit too spare.

Reverend Duck - These two are easily the most distinctive and memorable, with the Coruscant one being the best. The issues I see with these are big ones though. I am not sure how much copywrited material can be used before you get noticed by LFL. The other thing is that you would have to scroll down to get most of the info on the page. Some scrolling is okay, but you want the bulk of the usefull info infront of you when the page loads. load time may be an issue as well if cookies are disabled

Xeraphine- this gets some props for being easy to navigate, and quick to load I assume. The layout is nothing new, but is really easy to navigate. The color, though, is a bit too commonplace.

Anyway...just some thoughts

25 December 2004, 10:19 AM
As I've been considering a new site layout for my own page I've been watching the entries with much interest. Also, my html knowledge is sorely lacking (mostly through laziness) to enter the contest. But by looking at what we have I couldn't come close anyway.

Personal favourite so far, hmmm.. a tie between PneumaZ and Tao's blue droids one. But that's not a knock on the rest, they'll all fantastic. Wishing I'd taken that art & design degree all those years ago B)

29 December 2004, 11:21 PM
Just a reminder that the deadline is drawing closer for the contest!

Full-size .jpg graphics of the home and subpage design must be submitted no later than December 31, 2004, 11:59 p.m. MST.


Reverend Duck
30 December 2004, 04:33 AM
I just submitted my frontpage and subpage designs, so I guess I'll wish everyone a Happy New Year, for now!

30 December 2004, 05:29 AM
I had typed a long text all criticising and congratulating you for all those designs and explaining I want to try and participate and hope I can make the deadline, but for posting, I got logged out and the text was lost. Great to spend a quarter-hour pouring your heart into the world-wide web-black hole!


All of you, great work, and, as I am a designer myself, I'll try to send in a design myself till tomorrow... wish me luck.

31 December 2004, 08:30 AM
Better late than never ;)

I'll eMail you the jpg, I hope you can put it up in time for everyone to see :)

Criticism welcome :)

1 January 2005, 12:13 PM
This thread is now closed.

To review the list of entrants, go here:

A vote will be announced as a separate forum, including instructions and timeline.

Thanks to all!

Reverend Duck
1 January 2005, 01:42 PM

There is something strange about the way you compressed the images of my frontpage and subpage designs—the ones you have posted are a lot bigger than the ones that I orignally sent you, and the colors are duller. The most notable change of color is that of the links, which have become a lot more grey. It's not a very big issue, but it would be nice if you could check this out. After all, the one I sent you was a lot smaller in size even though the colors were correct . . .

1 January 2005, 02:39 PM
Actually, all i did with them was save them to my HD as you sent them from your email, then FTP'd them up to the server and renamed the file when I did so. I didn't generate anything out of the PSD or anything else...?

Reverend Duck
2 January 2005, 12:02 AM
Hmm . . . Strange . . . Check this out:

Original version—the one I sent you: http://www.kalejdoskop.net/starwars-rpg-net-design-frontpage.jpg

Published version—the one you uploaded: http://swsrc.starwars-rpg.net/reverend_homepage.jpg

The colors of the links are a bit off.

2 January 2005, 09:26 AM
You're right, the colors are a tad off, but the size is the same...

btw, thanks for adding me to the list, Nealos!


2 January 2005, 08:52 PM
Now that is indeed very strange... I just uploaded it again off your new one and it's seems to be doing the same thing?? Gah, computers.

At least it still looks good?

Reverend Duck
3 January 2005, 12:56 AM
Yeah, it still looks good, so don't worry too much about fixing it, Nealos.

3 January 2005, 06:05 AM
bummer... i went away for a week, and didnt get back in time to post one last idea that i had been playing around with. oh well... anyone interested can check it out at http://www.deviantart.com/view/13758050/

3 January 2005, 06:43 AM
Well, that's super smooth! I've gotten other email requests to enter stuff in past the deadline. Is anyone interested in extending the deadline by a week or so?

Reverend Duck
3 January 2005, 11:07 AM
Sure, why not? Tao's latest design is really cool and original for a Star Wars website, although I would recommend changing the Papyrus font to something else. Windows core fonts—too easily recognizable . . . Other than that—great work, Tao!

Nealos, by the way, I sent a design to the webmaster of Dark Lords of the Sith after they had welcomed help in redesigning their site. You wouldn't happen to have spoken to him in the last few days? I'm wondering if he's interested in my design. If not, I can submit it to the Starwars-RPG.net contest.

4 January 2005, 07:23 AM
No, I haven't heard from him. However, I'm sure he's pleased to receive it. I know he's working hard on revamping that site (and a great one it is).

I think we'll just close the contest where it is and commence voting soon. Should suffice.


4 January 2005, 11:52 AM
I gotta say Tao's latest design is really sharp. Make it a bit more functional and voila! :)

8 January 2005, 08:28 PM
It is now time to cast your vote for what will be the next design of Starwars-rpg.net!.

Send an email to contest@starwars-rpg.net and state your TOP THREE CHOICES. Emails failing to cast three ranked votes will be disregarded.

The selections are to be found HERE: http://holonet.swrpgnetwork.com/showthread.php?threadid=16893

Voting closes on Thursday, January 13 @ 11:59pm MST.

22 February 2005, 04:33 PM
So, uh, when can we expect to see the new site design? I'm eager to have teh StarWars-rpg.net goodness back.

27 February 2005, 11:44 AM
I've been overcome by illness (just a nasty 2-week cold) and a job search! :)

Never fear, I shall pick back up. I'm starting to feel well again and was already thinking about resuming build on the new design. Just hard cause I don't have anyone to take this piece from me.

Soon soon soon!


Dragon Fox IX
8 May 2005, 07:58 AM
Am I the only one whose getting this message from swrpg.net?

8 May 2005, 08:51 AM
I gotta pay the host! I'll have that taken care of today I'm sure. Sorry! :)

8 May 2005, 08:56 AM
Done! Should be up by end of the day. They had the wrong credit card. :)

Dragon Fox IX
8 May 2005, 09:21 AM
Ah, hehe, had to pay the bills to keep the lights on. :D No problem Nealos. :D I was just worried we'd lost a good source of stats and a wonderful community resource. B)

8 May 2005, 10:14 PM
No problems... the rise from the ashes continues. :)

10 June 2005, 03:02 PM
Congratulations on the Re-Birth of one of the largest SW RPG community sites! The new design is very good, and I hope the site will be as popular as before! :)

Congrats again,

~ HiAd Chris

14 April 2006, 03:27 PM
I don't want offend anybody, but why is this still Sticky? Isn't the contest over?