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Matt Richard
9 December 2004, 10:02 PM
I apologize if im overstepping my bounds - if so, Nealos or Evan feel free to take this thread off. Just until we get the DLOS thread back up, I'd like to keep the fans updated here.

NEWS As of December 9th 2k4
-I celebrated my 19th bday two days ago - WHERES MY GIFT??? B)
-DLOS will no longer have its own separate forums but soon will have its forum here on the holonet again.
-Overlord has contacted me informing me that he has a site back up (SWEET!)
-I want to do a redesign - ive kinda gained a little skill while i was away in graphics design (via photoshop), so i want to try a project like this and see how it goes
-I will check the dlos email and see if there are any submissions - remember, we get LOADS of junk mail so CLEARLY mark every submission as "DLOS Submission: Name of Submission."
-Napoleon Dynamite is the greatest movie of all time and i have seen it ten times - if you havent seen it then buy it when it comes out December 21st GOSH!!

More news as it comes.

Nova Spice
10 December 2004, 10:49 AM
Happy Birthday, Matt. Long time, no see, buddy. :P

Glad to see DLOS kicking it up again. ;)

10 December 2004, 03:15 PM

Glad to see DLOS active again. Let me know how Starwars-rpg.net can help if you can think of anything.

And always feel free to use this forum for as long as you need.


Matt Richard
18 December 2004, 11:16 PM
Updates as of Dec. 18th 2005 minus 1...

-I have seen napoleon dynamite now eleven times...
-We have a stat archive update. Part of the Aliens section and all of the Near Humans section have been restored.
-We also have a new creature submission.
-Also, I have written an editorial that I believe is very timely and should be read by every webmaster in this community.
-We're looking for help.

All this and more at DLOS (http://dlos.starwars-rpg.net)

19 December 2004, 08:34 PM
Hi Matt,

Nice update, especially the article. A few comments if I may...

First, I appreciate you expressing this viewpoint. I think that I agree. I think that's why I felt compelled to try and revitalize Starwars-rpg.net.

Also, to your third point about fans wanting to be noticed and recognizing submissions in whatever form - couldn't agree more. As a matter of fact, that was the basis of the original charter for Starwars-rpg.net. To be a voice and platform for fans who had material but not the skills, time and "exposure" to get it on a Web site and in front of other fans.

My greatest and only goal with the Online Journal was to be entirely of submissions from fans. In the beginning, we expressed our only criteria as having the submission be reasonable (not stats for a clown) and devoid of vulgarity of any sort.

While I'm unsure if in my absence standards have raised in any way, I can assure the community that moving forward, Starwars-rpg.net is going to be a place where some how, some way, EVERY single contribution will have it's place. To do any less is to mock the word "community."


20 December 2004, 02:02 AM
I totally agree with your comments Matt.

The community needs the community. If we don't support ourselves, who will?

Although my own site is primarily character driven I do have more stats in the pipeline, more alien races mainly. Personally I'm not good on creating ship stats, and a blaster is a blaster, but I do what I can.

I've got a few days off over Christmas period, and as I don't celebrate it, it will give me time to try and get my updates done and uploaded. Struggling with artwork at the moment though, I just can't motivate my imagination.

Hope DLOS & starwarsrpg.net come together soon. It's about time the community got going again, and I'll try and do my bit B)