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8 July 2006, 07:37 AM
Sometime well before the Battle of Geonosis, the Kaminoans had some unwanted visitors. It seemed that a small group of botched clones from a previous order had rebelled against their wealthy arms dealing master, and despising their own existence, decided to commit suicide after assassinating him. Before they did that, however, one of them found something hidden in their master’s ship; the coordinates of the planet Kamino and records saying that that was where they had been grown. They decided to attack it. Loading up on weaponry, including biological and chemical poisons, they loaded on the ship and arrived not that long after in the Kamino System.

This is the story of those clones, and the story of the clone who's life they changed.

“Ver’l Akstray to Kamino Control; requesting landing coordinates,” said KR-127, one of 23 supposedly identical clones. He was the mastermind of the operation. He had found the coordinates of Kamino, and though a genetic disease was painfully destroying his large intestine, he was focused. He watched the landing coordinates scroll across the screen. He flew the dilapidated YT-1300 Forgotten Dreams in towards the indicated landing pad. ‘Forgotten dreams indeed,’ he thought. ‘It’s all well to have dreams-to have the freedom to have dreams-but we clones don’t have that luxury. Time to make the Kaminoans PAY!!!’ KR-127, known as Kray among his colleagues, looked back behind his copilot to another clone standing at the back of his cockpit.

KR-522 returned the look. He was younger, from the second batch that his former master had ordered from the despicable cloners. He was called Fietu (pronounced fie-two) by his comrades. He was only seven, but he looked twenty-two. Unlike Kray, he was not wearing heavy armor. Only a blast helmet and accompanying vest. He carried an ancient burst-firing blaster carbine with an even older scope, and the imposing paramilitary look was spoiled only by the expression of uncertainty and worry ruining his features.

Kray half-grinned at him. “You’ll be fine,” he said. ‘We'll see about that,’ was Fietu’s unspoken response. Fietu looked at the third occupant of the cockpit - the copilot KR-31, know as Naravor. He had seen combat defending their former master on numerous occasions. Scars and an aura of bitterness had caused those around him to feel uneasy and most people gave him a wide birth. Naravor was carrying a custom-built fast-firing bowcaster and Naravor had belts of ammunition draped over his shoulders.

Naravor was a killing machine. He killed somebody from pretty much every species he encountered. He had slaughtered double-dealing Squibs, assassinated a low-level outcast Hutt crime lord, executed three Blood Carvers who had failed in an assassination attempt, and repulsed four separate attacks by large swoop gangs over the course of three hours. He had also killed Trandoshans on behalf of Wookie clients, then killed the Wookiees when they refused to pay V’erl Akstray’s exorbitant prices. He had rung a Geonosian’s neck just for the fun of it, and was a veteran of bar fights at every bar his master had ever attended. He had shot Givin mathematicians, Ithorian naturalists, Devaronian gunrunners, a ship full of scholars, and hundreds of other sentients.

In the main part of the ship were twenty other clones, the survivors of a raid by a mostly Verpine pirate group on V’erl’s base on an outlying asteroid in the Roche asteroid field. V’erl’s domain wouldn’t have fallen so easily if it wasn’t for a crucial problem with his private clone army. The problem was really quite simple. V’erl Akstray had inherited a debilitating and incredibly rare genetic disease known for skipping tens of generations. In V’erl it was inactive. The Kaminoans had scanned his genetic code for genetic diseases, but since V’erl’s was so rare, they didn’t even realize it existed. The Kaminoans’ genetic manipulation to speed growth and increase V’erl’s clones’ docility inadvertently activated the disease. In a spectacular manner. When the Verpine pirates battled their way through the base, they found that over three-quarters of V’erl’s first generation clones and almost a third of his second-generation clones were dying rapidly.

Twenty-eight disgruntled (and alive) clones took it upon themselves to betray and murder V’erl Akstray. They were down to twenty-three by the time they had eliminated V’erl Akstray and found his hidden hangar with his personal escape craft. After Kray found the coordinates of Kamino in the ship’s computer, and Naravor found the results of a recent genetic analysis on a dead clone, KR-5, performed by several top of the line medical droids, the clones loaded as many weapons onto the Forgotten Dreams and set course for Kamino.

The peaceful Kaminoans thought that V’erl Akstray had come back to order more clones, so they allowed the YT-1300 to land safely on the landing platform closest to the actual clone growing areas. For some Kaminoans, it would be the last mistake they ever made.

KR-131 was the first clone down the ramp. He held a large, cumbersome high-caliber slugthrower that fired a hybrid incendiary/heavy explosive shell. The tip was full of an ignite-on-contact-with-oxygen oil-like substance, and the main part of each shell was packed with a powerful explosive. The clone, known as Daran by his comrades, didn’t even know if the slugthrower worked like the ads on V’erl’s office walls said it did; but his first shot hit the Kaminoan sent to greet Master Akstray in the chest and fire spewed out his back, so Daran figured it was a good sign. In actual fact, upon impact the broad tip of the shell shattered, then the cylindrical main part of the shell hit the Kaminoans torso, and exploded, the carefully designed cylinder directing the blast force forwards and through the Kaminoan. The flaming liquid followed the explosion in such a manner that flaming liquid coated the puncture wound and some spurted out the other side. Not much use on a heavily armoured target, the shell nonetheless was spectacularly effective on unarmoured Kaminoans.

Nordur, otherwise known as KR-95, looked down the sight of his repeating slugthrower, known in the world of the reader as a hand-held machine gun. The thing focused on mass-fire as opposed to accurate fire, and the shells it fired were almost exotic as the incendiaries Daran had. They were prototype sonic shells, manufactured by the Geonosians. Upon impact, they broke open and a sonic pulse hit the target. Nordur depressed the trigger. Five shells hit the transparent door to the facility. It would have opened for the clones had they merely walked up to it, but how were they to know? The glass-like material shattered spectacularly upon being hit by concussion shells. A shame that the first buyer of the shells, one V’erl Akstray, had informed the Geonosians that they were useless and ineffective, and then through a third party bought the remaining shells and as much of the technology as he could get. A shame that the Geonosians closed down their factories. A shame that Confederacy forces never had the privilege of using them. A crying shame.

Volcon, formerly known as KR-182, held the flame-thrower. An old, outmoded anti-vehicular flame-thrower, it took one clone to carry the actual weapon, and one to carry the highly explosive fuel tank. A mostly unarmoured fuel tank. That would have consequences for the clones in the future, but Volcon’s thoughts were not by any means focused on the future. His thoughts (and his invective,) were instead focused on getting Rat, KR-237, to put the fuel-tank backpack on properly. Rat had misgivings about it, with good reason, but he put it on after Naravor walked past and cast him a nasty glance.

Kranos watched the display, watched Volcon and Rat trudge through the doorway, surrounded by shattered doorpane, and watched the rest of the clones file through. Kranos finished adjusting the weight distribution of thermal detonators in the sack on his back. A one-use, never duplicated weapon, the sack would come in handy later. But now is now, and Demos, (KR-123,) carrying a backpack full of demolitions equipment and an ornate but otherwise nondescript slugpistol, was urging him on at the behest of Kuru, (KR-221,) the designated rear guard armed with a light repeater and suffering from, among other things, severe stomach cramps.

A high caliber incendiary slug in the torso hit the Kaminoan who greeted the clones.

The next sentient they encountered had her head cut off by a Rodian
repulsor disc.

The clones had not gotten very far when they ran into a group of Republic clonetroopers who had nearly completed their training and were being escorted by two Kaminoans. The anti-vehicular flame-thrower lugged by two of the twenty-three clones proved its worth, but they took three casualties nonetheless.

The clone attackers fought their way into the actual cloning area, where Jango Fett viciously attacked them. Two of them died to Kaminoan saber-darts in the first three seconds. Jango’s flame-thrower incinerated another’s head. Jango was finally driven back by a pair of anti-vehicular frag grenades. The invading clones used their last Grade-A thermal detonator to take out a wall and put quite a bit of wreckage between them and the Mandalorian-armoured bounty hunter.
Five of the remaining 18 clones split off from the main group and headed to an area marked “Restricted; Authorized Personnel Only.” They were inadvertently ambushed by a pair of Kaminoan security guards and a tech who, between the three of them, managed to cut down two of the clones before an incendiary grenade, an anti-personnel flechete canister, and a thrown neuronic whip incapacitated the Kaminoans.

The remaining three clones entered a small room that contained ARC fetuses. As six Republic Clone troopers and a battered Jango Fett removed a wall and entered the room, the remaining three clone attackers started attacking the nutrient jars housing the ARCs.
One clone attacker, wielding a durasteel knife dripping in past-the-expiry-date genetic poison destroyed four of the tanks, and as he fell to Jango’s blasters, his knife took a very tiny chip out of a fifth.

At least, it looked like a mere chip in the side of the tank. There was, in fact, an infinitesimally small hole in the tank. Through which an infinitesimally small bit of mostly ineffective gene-mutating poison entered the tank. It was the only tank that was ‘saved’ from the attackers in the room, and thus the future ARC Commander RDN-121, known as ARC Commander Radan for most of the war, was only one of his batch.

8 July 2006, 07:39 AM
This is the prologue to that old ARC story I started writing last Christmas, for any/those of you who remember. Post comments, questions, typo notifications and critiques here.


20 July 2006, 06:18 PM
It's good...but no one lives very long! :D
As an intro to your main character it's not bad, I'm looking forward to reading more about that main character though...I'll have to look out the story you did with the ARC (I think I read it when you first posted it but I don't remember now)...

26 July 2006, 01:02 PM
I'll have to look out the story you did with the ARC (I think I read it when you first posted it but I don't remember now)...

Huh? I never posted another ARC story...:?

It's good


...but no one lives very long! :D

You're complaining? ;) Fett lives for awhile...hey, he even lives through the prologue. Don't worry-the protagonist should survive for awhile...

As to the main story...I haven't actually put any of it in writing, yet. I've had so many things to do, and it may be awhile...it seems Clone Wars related projects happen slowly all over the Holonet! ;)

Uron Teff
14 August 2006, 07:16 AM
A comment you want, and a comment you get.
I think it's a good start, but one thing is missing, IMO. You should try to describe the scenery and the tone of the environment (i.e. the facility).

Just a thought of positive criticism. :)

4 September 2006, 10:21 PM
it's good especially at the begining but later it's like reading a newspaper clipping not a story just who was killed by whom. If you lengthen it abit and add a few descriptions like Uron suggested I believe it would give the whole story more depth and made the action a bit more action-like.