View Full Version : The Life and Times of a Rogue.

17 July 2006, 05:40 PM
This is gonna be an ongoing fanfic of one of my most interesting characters, Rex. So, I've got a plan to get this whole story posted, I'm gonna post it in little one or two paragraph posts, so uhhh..... I'll hve my first part of the story tommorrow.

20 July 2006, 05:33 PM
Hehe.... sorry time sorta got away from me, if you know what I mean..
Anyway, here you go:

3:15 A.M. Training day 1:Aproximately a month after the battle of Geonosis:
"Hey, hey Rex."
"What in the deep dark abyss are you waking me up for at this hour, Mack!?"
"Can you wait?"
"For what??"
"Our first day of training."
"We had tarining on Mygeeto."
"Yeah, but that was just P.T., I mean their gonna teach us about these powers we have, and we get to shoot a blaster rifle."
Yep, that was Jack for ya, loves anything that has any kind of destrusctive power. I met him on the transport that brought us here, only known him for about forty-eight hours now, give or take a few. about three days ago, there were a few of us who appearantly have some kind of strange powers, for some reason, the Supreme Chancellor was immediately contacted, and we were taken to the infirmary for some tests.
Once the tests were run, and the tests in, we were taken to a transport awaiting us, and brought to this base on........well, somewhere on the Outer Rim. When we got here, I was expecting some large base, that was well-manned, but this place has seen better days for sure, it's pretty much a regualr base from what I've seen.
"I don't know about you, but I'm goin' back to sleep Mack."

To be continued...........(because of time restrictions, and other stuffs I gotta do)