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25 December 2004, 12:55 AM
Refrence note: The main ship used is a Ghtroc 720. For deck plans and design notes see here. (http://deckplans.00sf.com/Ghtroc/Ghtroc_720.html) So don't be supprised by the lack of nacells as some of the older pics show.


The cockpit was getting cold again. Ice crystals began forming on the gauges. Jake could see his breath everytime he exhaled and he was starting to shiver. He had been sitting in this moons shadow for nearly two standard weeks now, with everything shut down, even the cabin heaters. After another hour he turned on the heat exchanger for just the cockpit, holding the sleave of his heavy coat to the small vent to warm himself before the rest of the cabin. He figured he could last another week like this, then he would have no choice but to start up his power core and re-charge the emergency power cells.

After almost twenty minutes he shut back down and imediatly felt the cold start to creep back in. The only thing left on was minimal life support and the passive sensor array. He moved to the chair in the co-pilots possition and quickly checked out the display, and was surprised at what he saw.

The Imperal fleet around colony world HJ-264 was begining to break up. He knew at this distance, and only using passive scanning, their was a fourteen second delay to recieve the data. Still, the star destroyer had changed orbit.

"What are you guys up too?", he wispered as he studdied the display readout.

He look out the viewport, and watched as more than half of the fleet winked from site. Looking back at the display panel, he noted that nearly everyone had jumped to hyperspace. That left only two Victory class Star Destoryers, an Interdictor cruiser, with its two Corellian gun boats, and four Dreadnaughts, plus support craft. After another seventeen hours of watching, and freezing, Jake figured the Empire had reduced the blockade to a level four.

"Well, wherever you guys took off to, it's not here.", he smiled to himself, " 'bout time too, i'm already talking to myself!". He reclined the seat as far as it would go and settled in for a nap.

Four hours later, Jake started working through the power up sequence of his Ghtroc 720 that he named the Black Talon. The metal creaked as parts of the ship began to warm themselves. He left the life support to the rest of the ship off for now, and donned a breath mask in case he needed to make a run for an escape pod. The pre-heaters for the engines came to life, warming them so the hot exhaust would not crack the hull or damage vital components when started. All the while he knew that his abitlity to be detected was growing as the ship came to life.

A quick look at the scanner display told him that nothing had changed durring his nap. The new smaller fleet had done the best they could to protect all sides of the planet, but there was always a way. He fed the orbits of each ship, plus thier known maximum senor ranges in to a special program he had written by a tallented student. Of course he had to kill the girl. It showed in 3D the planet, the Imperial sensor coverage, and the gaps between them. It also allowed him to plot a course that would allow him to pass between one of the gaps. They wouldn't even know he was there unless he hit the atmosphere to fast and turned in to a fireball on the way in.

He fired the main drive as he followed the path layed out on a scavanged HUD display he tore out of an old Z95. After only a fourty second burn, he did an emergency shut down and drifted toward HJ-264. The frieghter stayed true to its course as the planet, and the Imperial war ships, grew in his field of view.

"Nice and easy Jake, no mistakes this time.", he breathed to himself as began programing the main computer for an emergency re-start.

At nearly two hundred kilometers, one of the Dreadnaughts changed course. He looked at the display on the co-pilots panel. His eyes grew as his course would take him strait in to thier sensors. If he broke off now, they would see him, but he may have time to get out of the system. Then again, he may not. He started running calculation in his head, it didn't look good either way.

"Ten seconds Jake!", he yelled at himself, "Whats it gonna be?", he was scared, excited, and high on adrenaline all at the same time.

He pulled the lever for the emergency startup, and the ship came to life with the engines at full throttle. He dove for the planet as he blasted through the Dreadnaughts sensors. It began to give chase as his full sensor array came to life, and showwing a flight of TIE Interceptors trying to head him off.

"I love this job!", If he wasn't allready strapped in to his seat, he would have jumped out of it buy now.

He reached behind his seat and pressed three buttons. The first fired a sensor decoy directly at the Tie's. The second began the power up for his double laser cannon located above and behind the bridge. The third started transmitting, and blasting heavy, loud, and fast music throughout the ship. The last was his signal to the ground that he was comming, and he hoped they would be ready for him.

The Dreadnaught was gaining and started firing its long range turbo lasers at him, which he could dodge well enough at this range. He glanced at the sensor display. Good. The Tie's had turned for the decoy, that would buy him nearly fifteen minutes.

He came in at break neck speeds and didn't pull up untill he was within four hundred meters from the surface. After leveling out he was only four meters above the surface. He slowed his speed a little, and dove in to a canyon that had five possable exits, hoping that would buy him just a bit more time.

The canyon was tight, very tight. He turned the ship on its side for most of the trip and slowed down even more. Jerking the stick he pulled the ship around a tight corner and started down one of the exit canyons, scraping the canyon floor a bit as did.

He leved off and dropped down to a stop in a open field. Sensors were clear for now. Without lowering his landing gear, he settled next to a convoy of armored transports and opened his cargo bay doors. Men, Women, and droids begain off-loading the medical supplies and food.

"Quickly people!", he said with urgency in to the comlink. He kept one eye on the sensors and one on the view port. Time was ticking by all to quickly.

Sweat covered his face as the breath mask bit in to his skin. If it wasn't for the higher O2 levels it delivered, he may have passed out. He watched as the trasports were loaded and driving hard for the cover of the canyon as each was loaded. There was still two being loaded when he heard "fighters coming in, bearing two four zero!", over the comlink.

"E.T.A.?", he shouted in to the mic.

"Six minutes."

"Move it people, or its gonna get hot!"

"Port side clear!"

The doors to that cargo bay began to close before the speaker had finshed.

"Two Minutes."

"Come on! Come on!", he yelled at them, but not through his comlink.

"One minute.", came the monotone voice as he wiped the sweat from his brow and grabbed the controls to the engines.

"Clear!", he punched the engines, rocking him back in his seat. He closed the doors as the ship accelorated up, and out of the valley. Reaching behind him once more, he let the music play.

To be continued ...

25 December 2004, 12:21 PM
Slave_1, this is a great start to a compelling description of events. Keep going with it, I dig it!


26 December 2004, 12:21 PM
Nice job, I can't wait for more.

He fed the orbits of each ship, plus thier known maximum senor ranges in to a special program he had written by a tallented student. Of course he had to kill the girl.

I would expecially like to see some of the backstory about that... he sounds like a deviously intriguing individaul. :D

26 December 2004, 10:35 PM
I am still working on his back story, but i am working on it ;)

At first i wasn't sure if I sure if I should continue the story here, or start a new thread for it. This doesn't seem to as busy as some of the other forums so for now i will start a new thread. I hope this doesn't create any problems, if it does just contoct me with the appropriat actions to take.

Thanks for reading :) I hope to see more possative feedback, and maybe even some cunstructive critisizm now then ;)