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27 December 2004, 12:14 AM
Part 1 can be found here. (http://holonet.swrpgnetwork.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=16906)

"Clear!", he punched the engines, rocking him back in his seat. He closed the doors as the ship accelorated up, and out of the valley. Reaching behind him once more, he let the music play.

Part 2:

Jake was pressed to the back of his seat, the ships inertial dampeners were unable to keep up with the hot rod engines. He drove hard for space in a near vertical climb. The music was almost as intence as the ride. He could see the fighters going after the convoy. The Imperials wern't exactly bantha's. They knew where the cargo was, and just how bad the rebels needed it.

That would buy him just a few more minutes. He really didn't care of the rebels lived or died. He never thought about who might actualy win. As long as the war dragged on, any war, he would be in buisness. Of course, he did have to stay alive.

As the sky faded to black, he noticed that he was alone. The shorts hairs on the back of his neck began to stand on end. Something was wrong. He jumped over to the co-pilots seat to get a better look at the sensor display.

It was a gravity well, focused at him from beyond his sensor range. He smilled at that, "Nice try guy's, but you never learn. Which is good thing i suppose?". He stood and steped back to console behind the co-pilots seat.

Looking over the display, he punched up the flight plan he had worked out over weak ago, while sitting in the shadow of the local moon. It called for three micro-jumps that criss-crossed the system, then two more to get away from the system, then the trip home. After disengaging the saftey locks, and setting them to come back on after four jumps, he leaned in between the front seats and pulled the levers and watched as the stars stretched in to hyperspace.

He smiled again, shut off the music, and took off his breath mask. He turned all of the ships systems back on, then collapsed in to a chair. He did it.

A noise had woke him. Jake, always a light sleeper, was instantly aleart. His heart rate was elevated, but not yet racing. He listened hard. There it was again. Almost like boots walking on the metal deck.

"I am not alone.", he wispered to himself as he reached for his blaster.

He stood slowly and moved to a display screen. He started pulling up images from within the ship. The cargo holds looked to be empty, so was the engine room. He listed again. For long time he tried to hear the noise again. Nothing.

A view of the hallway caught his eye, the door to the head was open. He pressed a key that held that camera on the screen. After a few minutes that seemed like an eternity, he started to doubt himself. Had he left the door open? Was he going mad? He didn't know the answer, and that started to make him angry.

He stood and moved to the bridge ramp controls. Unsealing it, it started to slide down on it's hydrolic pistons. He didn't wait for the ramp to reach the bottom as he hurried to the open door.

If I did leave the door open, all that hard flying may have damaged it, I hope i can still close it, he thought to himself.

Blaster in hand, he came strait off the ramp and down the hall. He slid the galley doors open, and jumped back nearly a meter, firing his blaster at whatever just moved in front him.

"Hold you fire!", came a female voice.

"The hell a will!", he fired again through the open doors.

"What are you crazy! I'm unarmed, you stuped nerferder!"

"Who are you then? Another damn pirate!", there was venom in his voice as he added, "or a spy?"

"No! You took off so fast back there I got trapped in the cargo hold. One minute i'm trying to get out, and the next i'm being slammed agaist a bulkhead."

"Come on out then, I won't shoot.", he lied.

Moments passed, then a hand apeared. Slowly the female stow-away come in to view. His jaw gaped open as he realized she was only about fourteen standard years old, and she really was unarmed. She stood thier frozen with fear.

She was skinny, bone thin. Her cacky overalls draped over her. Her red hair was dirty, and tangled. She was definitely not a spy. Not even the Empire had sunk that low. The Hutt's maybe, but not the Empire.

"Who are you?", he asked without lowering his blaster.

She kept her hands up, "Terri. Te-rri S-Smith", she stammered.

He had heard of her before. She was was one of the kids unloading for the rebels a couple runs ago. "What's you're dad's name?", he asked.


"Damn it!", he broke in to a tyrade of curses and gestures that would give any spacer a bad name. He looked back at her. She was scared allright. Too scared to be of any use. Then again, he didn't want her exactly comfertable either. As he holstered his blaster, he said, "You're father is going to be pissed!". He glared at her, and she just stood thier.

After a few more minutes he asked, "You have anything besides that to wear?"

She just shook her head.

"Can you cook?"

"Yes, sir."

"Good, because I must be the worst cook this side of the Maw. Since you know wear the galley is you can be the cook until I can find out what to do with you."

She started to smile.

"Stop that!", he bellowed at her. "In just a minute I will let you put your hands down but first," he tapped his blaster, "I am going to explain the rules of MY ship."

She just nodded, and tried very hard not to smile.

"Rule One. I am the Captian of this ship. She's called The Black Talon."

She nodded again.

"Rule two. You will adress me as Captain, Captain Sir, or as Captain Renquist. Do you understand?"

"Yes Captain Sir!", she nodded.

"Good. Rule Three. You will follow my every order, and I mean every order, and you will repeat it back to me so that I know you understand."

"Yes Captain Sir."

"Too my right, uh, your left, are two room on either side of the halway. One is my office, the other is my room. Rule four is, you will NEVER enter these rooms."

"Never enter those rooms, Captain Sir."

"Excelent.", he smiled at her. "To my left are two more rooms. You may choose one for the duration of your stay. Inside you may find some clothes. If you do, they belonged to the previous owner of this ship. You may help yourself."

"Thank you Captain Sir!", She smiling a lot now.

"After you shower, then I will. After I shower, I expect a damn good meal to ready in the galley. Understood?"

"Thank you Captain Sir!"

"Now get to it. I have calls to make, and when I get done, I expect the shower to be free."

"Getting to it Captain Sir!", She saluted smartly, then moved past him to find a room, and hopefully find some clothes.

Jake just shook his head as he headed back to the cockpit. He knew her father alright. He was the one who had paid him for this run. Now he had to tell him about his daughter. His shoulders sagged as he reached the top level. What the hell was he going to do with a teen-aged girl? He had spent the last month setting up that run. It would take at least a week to get a reply from her father.

He couldn't just kill her. If it was anyone elses little girl yea, but not when she belongs to the man who controls the money. He did pay well, maybe he would pay extra for her safe return, maybe a bonus of sorts? Only one way to find out.

To be continued ...