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The Ghost
9 January 2005, 02:31 PM
<center><font size="+5">Star Wars</font>
<font size="+3">Cover of Darkness</font>
Fifty years have passed since the battle of Ruusan. The Jedi have emerged victorious but at heavy cost. Now they rebuild and reexamine their protocols to help ensure another Ruusan never happens. It is a time of relative peace across the galaxy, the Republic stands solidly and draws more planets into its arms every day.

But underneath the tranquility, something lies in wait. A malice unknown secrets itself away in wait, biding its time in the shadows of thought. Hidden by a cover of darkness.

<center> ***** </center>

The sitting room was modestly furnished, allowing the students a place to sit as they waited for the Council to finish their discussions. Each was accomplished, and close to finishing their training, though one portion of the trial yet remained.

This is now why the Jedi Council was meeting. The front door hissed open and in stepped Master Theod Shoma, an Ithorian, followed by his padawan Katadyn. The two had arrived that morning from Master Shoma's home planet of Ithor, where they had spent the past few years studying the native life.

Brianna Ebssin, a former child HoloVid star and native Coruscani, sat to one side engaged in light conversation with the Trianii Anvirr about local history.

Two noted pilots, Argaven K'thou and Nikos Morano, were talking shop concerning the merits and flaws of certain ships.

"Have a seat." Master Theod advised, gesturing to a chair nearby.
"May the Force be with you, young ones." He nodded lightly to the assemblage and left.

Their respective paths had brought them to a singular conclusion, and now they waited to hear what the Council had in store for them.

10 January 2005, 03:35 PM
The Jedi Padawan Argaven K'thou stands up, facing the Jedi Master as he arrived. Bowing, he studies the Ithorian, noting in his eyes a strength and wisdom superior to his own.

The Iktochi has been a bit impatient about while waiting in this room for the Jedi Council to make their decisions. While he is not against spending much time dedicated to learning and action, simply sitting down and waiting, to Argaven, seems a waste of a Jedi's time.

There are much more important things I could be doing right now than sitting and chatting. I could be out with my starfighter, making repairs, defending planets from pirates or simply mastering my technique.

However... this is a very important day, for me and all of these other apprentices. I guess even Jedi can afford to lounge around for a while, and besides, I think today will have enough activity to satisfy me. It wouldn't do to have the Jedi Council rush important decisions, simply for an over eager Padawan.

Silently, Argaven quiets his internal impatience and awaits what the newly arrived Jedi Master has to say.

ooc: BTW, this is my first time doing personal role playing online, so if I'm performing sub par, just remember I'm half newbie.:D

10 January 2005, 06:21 PM
Katadyn settles himself on the chair, quietly observing the other padawans. Master Shoma had said little about their return, except that it was extremely important, and that this journey was part of his jedi trials.

As he waits he trys to absorb impressionsfrom the conversation going on around him, noting topics, accents, opinions, and personality.

Clearly the group assembled here is meant for great things...

OOC- I too am a newbie when it comes to forum roleplaying so hints, corrections, ect are appreciated.

10 January 2005, 08:46 PM
“...you see it was during the fifth ascension of the Viiabiadan Dynasty, on the world of the same name, that Jedi Master Vall'Coss, a Cathar I believe, was sent to mediate between the ruling Viiabiadan Dynasty and the Phuu Confederacy. At the mediation table he gave, what I consider to be, one of the greatest orations given. Unfortunately neither the Viiabiadan, nor the Phuu understand Cathar so the peace he established lasted only a few months. When he came back to mediate again, he was unfortunately killed, supposedly he was buried on Viiabiadan. Since everyone on that planet was wiped out by the sith fifty eight years ago, my most recent proposal has been to go there and recover his body for a proper burial here. That was a month ago, and the last time I was in this chamber-”

Anvirr sat down smoothly, hardly missing a syllable as he continued on about things long since dead. While he occasionally glanced at the others, neither evaluating nor truly thinking of them for his mind was lost in some dusty corner of the Jedi Archives.

11 January 2005, 03:30 AM
Brianna is a human woman in her mid-20s. She is about 1.6m (5'4" for the metrically impaired), slender and has light brown hair which is pulled back into a pony-tail. Those characters which did not grow up in a bubble and/or have an awareness of pop culture will recognize her name (if not her face) as that of a former child holovid star grown up.

Today, she finds herself stuck in conversation with Anviir. Too diplomatic to just get up and leave, she mustering all the inner tranquility and acting skill she can to order to feign interest in his horribly obscure ramblings. However, she is also alert for any polite opportunity to duck out of the conversation - unfortunately none has presented itself and she has now learned more about the Viiabiadan Dynasty then she ever cared to know, especially since she did not know that it ever existed an hour ago.

Korwin Blade
11 January 2005, 09:04 AM
Nikos is enjoying his conversation with fellow Pilot Argaven. Nikos realizes the even though he is a good pilot that Argaven is better. But then Master Theod comes in with his Padawan Katadyn, and interrupts the conversation.

Nikos senses that Argaven wishes he, was doing something more productive than just sitting here. As Nikos has felt the same way at times, he can relate to that feeling.

Argaven sits down. Nikos understands the look and doesn’t try and continue the conversation with Argaven.

He sits back in the chair, thinking about his own feelings of restlessness and impatience. He can hear his Master say “You must feel the force flow through you, then will you be at peace.” How true that is. Nikos sits there letting the force flow and feeling the restlessness and impatience flow away.

He looks over at Argaven and sees that he is lost in his own thoughts. He doesn’t want to interrupt, so he looks at the other Padawan’s and notices that Brianna could use some help. So he says, “Hey Brianna, how was your trip to Corellia?”

The Ghost
11 January 2005, 12:09 PM
The conversation is cut short when the door to the council chamber hisses open. An attendant gestures silently for all to enter. Stepping within, the group is guided to the center of the room. Looking around they see each of the Jedi Masters who currently sit on the Council:

Master Nacha Losh, a female Duros who is renowned for her impressive telekenetic powers

Master Eshka Sei'vys, a female Bothan dedicated to training Jedi diplomats and negotiators

Master Jenir, a female Cerean and master Holocron crafter

Master Hwoe Stak, a male Quarren known for his mastery of Teras Kasi

Master Kavilo, a male Rodian in charge of student selection missions

Master Nerra Vrei, a male Twi'lek gifted with the ability to see beyond sight

Master Sill Zoth, a female Zabrak known for her unbeatable swordsmanship

Master Jono Stiva, The senior Corellian Jedi of the order

Master Dev, Watchman of Coruscant

Master Tal Keyis, Trainer in the ways of Healing

Master Trista Donn, Head of the AgriCorps

each impressive in their own right, it now becomes slightly intimidating to stand before them all. The Force flows strongly in the room, almost palpable to the touch.

"Congratulations, apprentices" Master Keyis says,
"Your dedication and training have led you this far in your path." The others nod assent.

"You are almost ready to become full Jedi Knights" Master Stiva adds, one hand idly scratching his beard.

Master Vrei speaks up then.
"There is only one more portion of the trial yet for you to undertake," She looks at the other Council members and then at each who stands before them.
"A daunting task that even I cannot see the outcome." She frowns slightly but continues.
"The Jedi Knight Mia-Lann Saar has gone missing on her travels in the Outer Rim. You will all head to Quermia and find her for us." With a heavy sigh, the Master sits back in her chair, eyes looking past all that is within the room.

"The only clues we have are a note from Master Adon Kur, who has gone back to his homeworld." Master Sei'vys informs you. "He wrote that there is a growing threat he could not defeat but he hopes his former student may yet do so. We lost contact with another Knight, Aion Khonsu, over a month ago. Find him, if you can, and Find Knight Saar. Report back as soon as you are able."

"The Sable Recourse, a citadel cruiser, is in the docking bay stocked and ready for use." Master Losh says, "Go and may the Force be with you."

11 January 2005, 01:58 PM
Standing in the presence of the jedi council was a daunting experience. Katadyn felt small and inexperienced in the presence of the the jedi council. Centering himself he tries to listen attentively to the mission. As the sparse details are relayed one thought keeps intruding on his attention...what is so important...or dangerous that it would require the skills and powers of 5 jedi, even if they are still padawans.

OOC- sorry to break out the newbie question, but what is the proper way to prompt information and or a roll. ie should I state I want to make a knowledge check to get more info on either the lost jedi or about the planet systems, or wait for the GM to prompt for such an action. Just want to make sure I don't overreach my character. Thanks.

11 January 2005, 02:58 PM
Looking appropriately deferential, Brianna says to the Council, "Your graces, if I may ask one question: Is there any information which you might be able to share with us regarding Knight Saar's most recent activities in the Outer Rim and on Quernia in particular?"

The Ghost
11 January 2005, 04:11 PM
"That is a question you must find the answer to yourself, padawan." Master Dev replies, somewhat sternly, to Brianna's query.
"If we endeavour in this task, it would not benefit you. Trust in the Force to lead you to the answers you seek, but one must take the steps theirself if they wish to make the journey."

With that, the group is dismissed from the chamber to figure out a plan of action.

11 January 2005, 07:41 PM
filing out of the coucil chambers, Katadyn mulls over the resoinse that masterDev gave to Brianna. A feeling that the council knew more than they were letting on was nagging him, but he dismisses it with the certainty that the the council has a reason for its secrecy and trusting that the Force would reveal to them what they needed to know.

Turning to the group Katadyn bows slightly
"In our rush to the council I fear I have neglected my introductions."

"I am Katadyn, padawn to Master Shoma. Of late we have been on Ithor, studying some of the local ecologies. We are hoping to adapt some of the flora and fauna to other less habitable worlds to generate more liveable regions."

12 January 2005, 03:30 AM
"Didn't that seem odd?" Brianna asks gravely, to no one in particular. She turns to the group. "I will meditate upon this while we travel, in hopes that the force might show me where we might start our investigation. I suggest that those of you who have studied the art of farseeing do likewise."
Forcing a laugh, she says "This cannot be too be serious a situation. If it were, I am certain that the Council would not entrust the mission to a bunch of Padawans." Despite her acting and diplomatic experience abilities, she is unable to hide the fact that she does not quite believe what she is saying.

13 January 2005, 08:15 AM
“Introductions? Oh yes. I am Anviir, Padawan too (OOC: Ghost, we never did assign me a Jedi Master – Should I make one up?) . Before we depart, I would like to take the time to look up the history of Quernia in the Jedi Archives. If any of you desire it I will, of course, prepare a full briefing on what I discover.” He ponders this for a moment, before adding almost as an afterthought, “Perhaps I should look up the two missing Jedi as well.”

“In the mean time, I have only passing experience with transports. If no-one here has more experience, I would suggest that one of us gets familiar with Sable Recourse.”

With a little hopping motion, Anviir catches up with Brianna and answers her, probably rhetorical question/statement (but he does not really care – more history). “The council has actually used students on several occasions for some of the most difficult missions. The one that comes to mind is the Star Forge incident, right after the Mandelorean War. You see two Jedi Padawans, named Bastaila and....”

13 January 2005, 10:10 AM
Katadyn looks over to Anvirr, listening to his tale of the star forge. Briefly he catches a wave of resignation come from Brianna as Anviirr launches into a detailed description of the final battle at the Star Forge, and the role of jedi battle meditation in coordinating the Republic Fleet.

Stepping over he bows slightly to Anvirr "I would be honored to accompany you to the archives and help search. I have a talent for finding things." He puts his arm over Anviir's shoulder and gently spins with him toward the direction of the jedi archives. "Perhaps on our way there we can compare notes, I have often wondered how others have viewed the use of battle meditation in large scale conflicts

As Katadyn and Anviir begin their walk toward the archives and begin a good natured debate about battle meditation and its role in defense and agression, Katadyn glances back at the group and winks briefly to Brianna, before returning to Anviir, to counter a point about battle meditation use among those with no military tactics skill.

13 January 2005, 11:42 AM
Brianna looks at the remaining Padawans. "I'm sorry: How impolite of me. I am Brianna Ebbsin, Padawan to Jedi Investigator Gershon Shlomo." She looks after the two departing apprentices. "If we are not leaving immediately, I shall retire to my lodgings and meditate upon these things."

Brianna returns to her lodgings and attempts to use her farseeing skill to see into the past and learn about Knight Saar's activities at the time that she disappears. As she knows how important this information might be, she will call upon the light side to give her insight (i.e. spend a force point).

13 January 2005, 02:11 PM
Argaven ponders the dilemma the Council has placed before him and the other Padawans. Clearly the Council knows more than they let on; other than the name of a planet and someone on it, no other infromation was given. Likely this was simply a final test for the Padawans, but why withhold infomation when something as important as possibly the life of a Jedi was at stake?

"I'll head over to our ship and check it out, and make sure we have all the supplies and provisions we might need for a long-term excursion into the Outer Rim."

As he walks towards the docking bay, Argaven turns and says,"Care to join me, Niko?"

Argaven briskly walks to the docking bay, and inspects their new ship, inside and out. He checks supplies, vehicles, etc. finds out if anything else is needed.

Korwin Blade
13 January 2005, 04:24 PM
Nikos is just thinking that most Jedi Masters seem to never tell you the whole story, so why should the council be any different. He then realizes that Argaven is speaking to him.

“Yes Argaven that is a great idea, as it might need a tweek or two, before we leave for Quermia.”

When Nikos arrives at the ship. He looks it over as well, checking the whole shipr inside and out. Making sure all of the ship systems are in tact and in good working condition.

The Ghost
13 January 2005, 05:01 PM
the group sets about their respective tasks.

Katadyn and Anvirr begin investigating the backgrounds of Quermia and Jedi Knights Aion Khonsu and Mia-Lann Saar.

Quermia is a lush subtropical planet. It contains rich soil and warm seas. Many areas are covered in swamplike jungles that are often visited by outsiders. The native Quermians themselves are a peaceful people, and their cities reflect a harmony with the rest of nature. Having no dangerous predatory animals on the terraformed world makes it an ideal place for many vacationers who cannot afford more expensive retreats like the planet Kuat.

Aion Khonsu, unfortunately, is a mystery to most Jedi. His mannerisms were stoic and he did not socialize much, even among his peers. The near-human was exceptionally long-lived, it seems, as records of his inception into the Jedi temple are over 800 years old.

Mia-Lann Saar was the last accepted student of Adon Kur. Found on a battle-ravaged planet near Ruusan, she was the only one left alive after a cabal of Sith raided her village. Master Kur found her, half-alive, under the corpse of her mother, rather traumatized by the whole event. Those who knew here said she frequently talked about nightmares she had of being alone again.

Nikos and Argaven head for the Sable Recourse, finding her well taken care of. The cruiser is painted a deep black, which becomes obvious of the first portion of its name. Though spacious enough for everyone, the sleeping quarters are not separate, two crew-rooms each containing 3 bunks, and the captain's quarter containing its own with a private refresher. the autochef is maintained and up to date, and the small cargo area contains more than enough food for a trip to the Outer Rim and back.

Brianna begins to meditate upon the missing Jedi's past events, but her vision seems clouded by a darkness of sorts and she is knocked over by the oppressing feeling, interrupting her concentration.

(fixed the Quermia description)

13 January 2005, 05:33 PM
After lying on the floor for a few minutes, Brianna pulls herself together and gathers up her things. With a bit of a headache and still shaken from the experience, she heads to the Sable Recourse. She boards, finds Nikos and Argaven. "Where can I throw my things?" she asks, rubbing her temple.

14 January 2005, 09:41 PM
Having gathered what information he could, Anviir compiles it into a nice presentation for the others. Briefly he wonders why Katadyn insists on giving it, but after only a moment concideration the thought goes away quickly when he realizes that a starship has a lot of computer memory. In fact it proably has more than enough for him to transfeer a few small files and continue his research. Quite happily he starts the transfeer, goes to his room to gather the few things he never travels without, and heads for the Sable Recourse. Upon arriving at the ship he finds the information already stored and starts humming (actually closer to a purr) happily.

15 January 2005, 04:00 AM
[OOC: I forgot about Brianna's omnipresent droid companion, Deet - a customized MT-D translator droid. Add this to the post where she boards the Sable Recourse].

A small translator droid floats alongside her. As they board it zips ahead, taking in its new surroundings. As soon as it sees Nikos and Argaven, it goes over to them: First zipping up to Argaven, stopping right in front of him for a few seconds, then over to Nikos. "Deet!" Brianna calls "Get back here." Deet pauses for a moment, rotates to look at Brianna, rotates back to take in Nikos and Argaven, then zips back and comes to a rest next to Brianna.

"I'm sorry. Deet's been with me since I was a child. He's a bit protective."

[OOC: Then she asks where she can put her stuff].

The Ghost
16 January 2005, 07:14 AM
The Sable Recourse purred to life as diagnostics were run. The astrogation charts downloaded the recent updates, making sure that few mishaps would take place while making the jump across the galaxy. Nikos was pleased to find the ship in top condition, and spent a few moments chatting with another pilot he knew. Rev, a rodian, had secured passage for Mia-Lann on a luxury transport that was heading to Munto Codru, she had said something about a routine diplomatic mission there, but hadn't mentioned Quermia. As best Rev figures, Quermia was a stopping point for the cruiser before it went to Munto Codru.

Quermia was at the end of the Perlemian Trade Route, making it easy to get all of the astrogation checks done.

The Recourse exited out into Coruscant's orbit for the final calculation before jump, sailing away from the city-world as it continues its nonstop bustle. With coordinates locked in, the ship streaks into hyperspace. The navcomputer sets estimated time of arrival at 7 days 15 hours, standard time. The coldness of space washes by in a glow of white.

16 January 2005, 09:39 PM
Settling down on his bunk, Katadyn mulls over the information that he and Anviir gathered. An amused smile plays across his face as he remembers Anviir's surprised look when he gave the presentation, but he figured that in order for them to get off planet in time they needed to stay on topic as much as possible. Making a mental note to check on the updated info that Anviir surely uploaded, Katadyn closes his eyes for a few minutes, settling himself and sensing the flow of the Force through the ship.

Opening his eyes feeling more relaxed he gets up to wander around the ship, to talk further with the other padawns and maybe find someone wanting to practice some lightsaber dueling.

17 January 2005, 06:42 AM
Brianna has taken over the captain's cabin, pointing out that as the only woman in the group she deserves a modicum of privacy. She was in the bridge, chatting with whoever is piloting the ship at the moment, asking him various questions about the controls, etc. When Katadyn comes looking for someone to practice with, she decides that she could use a bit of practice and accepts his offer.

(OOC: When Brianna levels up, I plan on giving her some points in Pilot - hence why she is asking questions about piloting).

17 January 2005, 09:30 AM
(OOC – I am assuming that Katadyn and Brianna are coming to practice in the Passenger seating area of the ship as it has the most open space.)

Like his quarters back in the Jedi Temple, Anviir has made a part of the Passenger seating area of the Sable Recourse into a cave like structure with an assortment of different items – blankets, chairs, cargoboxes, tubes, wires, etcera. Spliced wires run from the ship's computer sustems into the cave where his datapad is hooked up. However the only sound coming from within is a light snore-purr. With the sound of lightsabers activating there is a surprised yelp and thrashing about from within and the entire structure colapses down ontop of him.

17 January 2005, 11:15 AM
Katadyn strolls into the bridge, noting Briana engaged in a conversation with the pilot, asking about astrogation plotting and engine thrus to turn ratio vectors. Feeling lost, as he has never piloted a ship in his life, Katadyn sits down to listen in, hoping maybe to pick up some useful information. Briana notices his interest and questions him about wanting to pilot. He repsponds that maybe someday he would like to learn, but right now there are other things he thinks he could do better. He asks Briana if she would be interested in practicing some lightsaber moves and perhaps engage in a duel to keep themselves busy and to sharpen their training

(OOC, even though I made him a consular to start I am going to try and level him to a weapon master, a warrior scholar in a sense.)

Walking into the passenger area, they note that a large section has been convereted into a makeshift cavern, data center. A light snoring coming from inside. Smiling and shaking his head slightly Katadyn ignites his lightsaber, the snap-hiss of the bright blue blade drawing a surprised grasp from inside the makeshift cave before it comes tumbling down. Shutting off his lightsaber Katadyn hurries over to make sure Anviir doesn't electrocute himself from all the wires he has running from a maintence panel to inside the cavern.

17 January 2005, 12:25 PM
Brianna grins as Anviir's cave falls in upon him. For his part, Deet (never far away and always a bit curious) zips right over and investigates the developing chaos. Sighing, she uses the move to move some of the material that is now lying on top of Anviir.

"Anviir, with all the space on this cruiser, why would you go and make yourself a shack?" she asks, laughing.

18 January 2005, 08:34 PM
Through his prickled up hair and crumpled robes Anviir still managed to project an aura of outrage. "Shack?! I'll have you know that, while my people have been amoung the stars for years, we have always maintained out connection to the ground - specifically in the form of caves. Some instinctive part of me feels more at ease in them. - though caves don't normally collapse when a Trianii rolls into a wall after being... startled." His eyes go from one of them to the other, noting the lightsabers in hand and shrugged. "Oh well. I see you have come here for practice - please do not let me disturb you - I will simply be rebuilding my <i>cave</i> and than perhaps I will prepare for you selective readings of Quermian legends." He smiles briefly, pulles his ruffled hood back over his head and reaches out with the force (move object) to re-arainge the scattered things he once had constructed.

Sometime within the next seven days he will both invite them to meditate with him inside his wonderfully re-built cave and to spar with him with lightsabers.

19 January 2005, 01:19 AM
As Brianna turns to spar with Katadyn a grin that lies somewhere between amusement and despair crosses her face: "I truly cannot wait to hear his Quernian legends," she whispers, rising her lightsaber. As they begin to spar, ever curious Deet zips around them, observing their mock combat from various different angles.

19 January 2005, 07:53 AM
Katadyn steps away from Anviir's cave, sidestepping a piece whizzing through the air to find its proper place. He turns and faces Briana, bows slightly and with a small flourish ignites his lightsaber, its blue blade springing to life. Clearing his mind for a second and focusing on the lightsaber blade he feels the force flowing through him. Moving to position, they touch blades and begin the duel.

(OOC- Ghost, could we run this duel like a real combat situation, get a feel for how it will run later in the game if we have to fight bad guys. I figure we could do attack, defense, and damage rolls, but the damage would be fake, indicating that the player, if it had been a real fight would have scored a hit)

19 January 2005, 11:56 AM
[OOC: I'd be cool with the mock combat, unless (of course), Ghost wants to get on with the adventure].

19 January 2005, 12:44 PM
Hearing the sound of lightsabers igniting, Argaven enters the room, and seeing the 2 Padawans standing in combat stances, leans himself against a wall and watches the oncoming duel.

The Ghost
20 January 2005, 12:23 PM
As the trianii begins rebuilding his makeshift cave, Katadyn and Brianna square off.

Lightsabers thrum softly as each takes their preferred fighting stance. The tension becomes palpable as each imagines stroke and counterstroke, thrust and parry. Though neither yet move, the witnesses can tell it has begun in earnest.

Brianna springs forward suddenly, drawing her lightsabre up in a sweeping arc which takes Katadyn by surprise, as he struggles to dodge the blow. He counters with a jab to her now open side, deactivating the lightsabre milliseconds before it actually would hit.
Brianna lunges again, and the scream of lightsabres clashing echoes through the room as Katadyn parries her blow, knocking her off balance. As she stumbles, Brianna lets loose a wild swing that misses by a meter and suddenly realizes her guard is dropped. Katadyn spins with the force of his last strike, stopping the thrumming blade just at his opponent's neck. Match won, both duelists deactivate and bow.

20 January 2005, 04:48 PM
At Brianna's defeat, Deet lets out an indignant whistle. Brianna turns and looks at him sharply. As the little droid sulks away in response to her glare, she turns back to Katadyn and bows. "Good swordsmanship, young Padawan," she grins. "It appears that I must work on mine, however," she states matter of factly.

Korwin Blade
21 January 2005, 09:53 AM
Nikos had been going over the course charts all morning, thinking that they had to be wrong. He was sure this trip shouldn’t be taking more than 4 to 5 days, but not 7 ½ days. He had just about decided to talk with Argaven, when Brianna came in asking about piloting. He of course was happy to answer any and all questions about piloting.

After Brianna went off to duel with Katadyn, Nikos got back to his Astrogation problems. He went looking for Argaven.

When he finds Argaven, Nikos says,

“I think the Nava Computer is wrong. Can you take a look as these and tell me what you think?”

Nikos then hands him a data pad with the calcuations on them.

21 January 2005, 12:20 PM
Katadyn returns Brianna's bow. "My thanks for the practce. I would be more than happy to practice again with you sometime, show you some tricks that I have learned."

Katadyn bows slighly again, and goes off to the fresher station, to clean up after the duel.

23 January 2005, 03:30 AM
"Sure, I have some some experience with astrogation mathematics," Argaven says as he takes the offered datapad.

As he looks it over, he wonders that if the nav computer really is wrong, what else might have happened other than the trip being extended.

Argaven visibly frowns at bit as he looks over the calculations. As far as he can tell so far, the calculations are perfect, but a can't over come a nagging feeling that something might be wrong.

He wonders if the feeling has anything to do with his natural prescience, but then he asserts that it probably just means he's a pessimist. He mentally chides himself for getting so worried over what is probably a menial problem.

Still, it can't hurt to be safe.

"I'm going to look at this some more," Argaven says to Nikos. " But I don't think arriving after 7 days instead of maybe 5 is worth being concerned over.

23 January 2005, 07:45 AM
After her duel with Katadyn, Brianna returns to her cabin and meditates upon her recent experience when she tried to peer into the past. With some trepidation, she tentatively reaches out to see not the past but rather the present, hoping that she might see anything about where Knight Saar is right now.

The Ghost
23 January 2005, 08:30 PM
(Farseeing can only be attempted once per week)

As Argaven sleeps, he has a vision of a woman dressed all in black standing before an altar within a blood-red room. As the vision draws closer to the woman, she turns so the face is visible. Empty eyes focus as if looking directly at Dal and she says three words: "She is ours." The vision breaks suddenly, shocking Argaven out of his sleep in pain, the reverb of which is felt by the other Jedi.

The week passes without further incident and the ship announces its arrival. Exiting hyperspace, the Sable Recourse soars slowly towards the lush world Quermia.

The comm clicks twice and a gentle voice can be heard.
"Sable Recourse, we have your identification. Please proceed to the following coordinates on trajectory 2-7-5. Docking Bay 3-XT is prepared for your arrival. Welcome, Jedi." The computer beeps, acknowledging the accepted coordinates.
The onyx ship sails easily through the atmosphere, passing a light rain over a section of forest. Drawing close to the coordinates, they notice a city splendid and intertwined within nature. The only portion without trees is the spaceport, which is quite full. The docking bay set for them is easy to find and the Recourse lands without problem.

24 January 2005, 08:09 PM
The tiny office attached to the docking bay was dark, good for thinking. The darkness of the room was reflected back by the lone occupant's black cloak. She sat in the chair behind the desk, in deep meditation. The edge of her facial features glowed like a solar exclipse in the light let in through a tiny gap in the door, illuminating the drops of sweat on her milky complexion, beading up on her forehead and dripping occasionally from the tip of her nose. She drew another ragged breath, this office smells of hawk-bat guano, and tried to concentrate. It had only been 10 days since Sentha'lyn had died. Of course, his body had been decaying on Ruusan for six years, but to her, who'd spent those years, searching in vain for him, he had been permanently extinguished from this plane of existence ten days ago. What's left for me? She shifted uneasily in the chair, breathed again, this time almost a sob. Her hood clung to her sweat-soaked head as she attempted to clear her mind and focus on the matter at hand. Holding in a breath that burned like fire in her lungs, she focused all her effort into an attempt to purge her mind of her grief. Gripping the arms of the plasform chair, she mentally pushed her negative emotions to the edge of her perception. Still they crept back like an ocean surf, slipping through her self-dscipline. After a long moment, she could resist no longer. The wave of grief she'd been holding back hit her full-force, litereally knocking her to the floor in a sobbing heap.

*****Two Hours Later*****

A disturbance in the Force wakes Hallis's unconscious form, lying where she'd fallen, on the floor of the bay office. For a moment after she'd opened her eyes, Hallis wondered if she were really awake, or in the midst of another troubled dream that started out in total blackness. Then she remembered the lights. Cautiosly stepping over to the switch, she palmed it, glancing around the room. With a sense of remorse, she saw that she'd bent the plasform arms of the chairs slightly out in her intense meditation. Stepping into the 'fresher for a moment, she saw dark lines below her eyes from her sobbing, and her hair managede to be tousled and matted at the same time, courtesy of her sweating. Resolutely, she set herself to the task of freshening up for the Jedi she'd sensed, coming through the atmosphere. Minutes later, she looked completely better, though her face was still reddened and puffy, and her eyes felt dry and gritty. So, withdrawing a tiny case, she applied a light coat of powder to her face, which had the double effect of reducing the redness others saw, and relieving the discomfort of the irritated skin, though it did make her look somewhat pale in comparison. Then, starting herself down in the mirror, she took a few deep, full breaths. Feeling somewhat better about herself, she drew herlsef up to her full height and walked confidently out of the office, into the harshly bright interior of the docking bay, where the citadel cruiser was slowly settling down, occasionally shooting jets of vapor out from her landing gear.

Hallis had heard a little about the group before they'd come, apparently there was another female. This might be a welcome companion, though it was also an emotional liability, as she might be more apt to discuss things with her, things like purpose, and meaning, ...and Master Lyn...Stop it., she told herself, blinking back the sudden rush of tears that always seemed so ready to flood her eyes lately. Shaking her head slightly to clear her mind, the draw her first test breath of the afternoon air, pleasant...almost sweet, if air could ever be considered sweet... Finally, she walked up to the ship and paused a few meters away. As she walked, some of her confidence returned, and you could tell by the way she carried herself that she was accustomed to being confident. Coming to a stop several meters away from the hissing and popping ship, she allowed the others inside the opportunity to sense her presence through the Force...

25 January 2005, 02:29 AM
Brianna steps off the ship, satchel over one shoulder and an ever-present Deet floating beside the other. She is glad to spot Hallis: After seven days cooped up with the opposite sex she is delighted to see another woman. She walks over to Hallis, bowing slightly. "Greetings. I am Brianna Ebssin." Deet lets out a little hoot, somewhat indignant that Brianna did not mention him. Sighing, Brianna adds, "And this is Deet." She looks around quickly, taking in her surroundings. "Tell me, do you know anything more about our assignment? Or about what Knight Saar was up to when she disappeared?"

25 January 2005, 06:26 AM
As soon as the sable touched down, Katadyn felt a surge of anticipation flow through the occupants of the ship. According to their briefing they are supposed to meet another jedi, by the name of Hallis, already here. Standing up from his acceleration chair Katadyn stretches his legs and collects his gear from the bunk. Attaching his lightsaber to his belt, putting his blaster into the holster and slipping his knife into its combat sheath on his boot. He heads for the hatch. He notices that Brianna is already heading outside. As he steps out into the light he savors the local atmosphere, filled with new and exotic fragrances, so different from the sterile filtered air aboard the sable. He notices an attractive red headed woman waiting for them. He catches her presence in the Force, understanding that she is the jedi Hallis. As he focuses on her for a second he feels something strange, a faint echo of raggedness in the Force coming from Hallis. As quickly as he can sense it it passes, and all that remains is a sense of confidence and purpose.

Katadyn steps down to the dock floor and steps closer to Brianna and Hallis. Brianna has wasted no time in trying to gather more information and Katadyn merely bows slightly towards Hallis and quitely listens to what new information she has.

25 January 2005, 09:28 AM
With the materials for his cave put away, Ankiir heads out of the Sable Recourse. At the bottom of the ramp he paused and took a look around. Gorgeous plant life everywhere, a gentile mist falling from the sky and the smell of flowers in the air. He took a deep breath in, enjoying the moment, but than it was gone. Rubbing the palms of his hands together and then flicking them out he hissed, “Dampness and vegetation; preservation must be awful here.” Seeing Hallis and noticing her for perhaps the first time he scrutinizes her for only a moment and turns back to the landscape, still grumbling.

(OOC: I just noticed that I have been misspelling my characters name it should be Ankiir not Anviir.)

25 January 2005, 08:04 PM
"Tell me, do you know anything more about our assignment? Or about what Knight Saar was up to when she disappeared?"

So positive, so naive...hope reality doesn't hit her too hard when it does...

Hallis eyes up the Jedi once. She looks about the same age as Hallis, though most people thought Hallis was older than she actually was. She seemed capable enough, though too openly friendly for Hallis to accept as a companion just yet...she'd need some time to think about this one...

Six years ago, that was me...bright, cheery, without a clue in the galaxy...so much has happened since then...since Master Lyn...

Biting her lip, she again pushes the thoughts from her mind. It seemed to be getting a bit easier, though it was probably due more to practice than to any sort of real emotional healing. She realized then, with a sense of failure, how little progress she'd made in the past few days as far as dealing with her emotions. Somehow, being able to put off dealing with her master's death for six years seemed like it made it that much worse now that there was no denying it. Running away from it had been easier, though it didn't work. Deep down, she had known it wouldn't.

Perhaps it was the total lonliness now, the complete lack of any guiding force in her life, that got to her the most. If she decided to abandon this mission tommorow, she could...with that kind of freedom, she'd have never made it this far. Even for the years she spent searching, she still had Master Arkkon-Hito, even if it was through a holocron. Now she only had these padawans...these equals. Though she knew many of the Jedi on Coruscant thought even less of her than that, for having disappeared for years.

Suddenly snapping back into reality, she addresses Brianna, "I know no more than you were told before leaving Coruscant. I'm under the impression we got the same sort of information. Other than that, I can tell you nothing more, my apologies. Though, I assume my role in this assignment will be to protect the rest of you as you figure out what has become of our esteemed colleague. You'll find I'm quite skilled in the use of the weapons of the Jedi."

This last bit seems to restore her confidence more than anything in her mind thus far. She still had her remarkable abilities, and nobody could take that away from her.

As he focuses on her for a second he feels something strange, a faint echo of raggedness in the Force coming from Hallis. As quickly as he can sense it it passes, and all that remains is a sense of confidence and purpose.

Sensing Katadyn's mild probe of emotion, Hallis quickly attempts to shroud her sensitive feelings, though through it, she bumps her opinion of the padawan up a notch, an A for effort as Master Lyn used to term it.

Master Lyn...

“Dampness and vegetation; preservation must be awful here.” Seeing Hallis and noticing her for perhaps the first time he scrutinizes her for only a moment and turns back to the landscape, still grumbling.

Seeing the furry form of Ankiir, Hallis at first thinks farghul! but realizes, through slight differences, that she is mistaken...

After this, Hallis sighed, then asked, "Where's the rest of the group?".

26 January 2005, 03:33 AM
Brianna eyes the other woman for a moment. Something does not feel quite right and thus she reaches out with her senses. Like Katadyn, she, too, notices the 'raggedness' that envelopes Hallis. Now a bit wary, she smiles, bows again. "It is good that we know our roles in the group, guardian."

Ever the investigator, Brianna makes a mental note to learn more about their new companion. She is hiding something and, for Brianna, that does not bode well for the success of their mission.

26 January 2005, 12:13 PM
Argaven exits the ship, carrying a field backpack loaded with a day's rations, a glowrod, breathing apparatus, all-tempurature cloak, a medkit, rope and minimal camping gear. Jedi are not known for carrying along so many materials, but Argaven didn't like to leave anything to chance.

The Force is only meant to be used as a last resport, a final solution. A Jedi is wise enough to consider other ways to solve a problem

As he departs the ship, he also unloads his ancient-looking but fairly sturdy Jedi speeder from the cargo bay, a gift from his Jedi Master. Argaven comes across the other Padawans, already engaged in conversation with the Padawan Hallis. The woman looks utterly weary, just completely burned out, almost as if she wished she were dead...

With a start, the woman in his dream came back to him, staring at him even without eyes. He shuddered. He had told the other Padawans about the dream, but they had had nothing to say.

Pushing the disturbing dream to the back of his mind, Argaven approaches the ragged woman.

"Greetings, I'm Argaven. It's nice to know we'll be having some more help with this assignment."

Then turning back to the rest of his group, he says, "Where can we start this investigation?"

The Ghost
27 January 2005, 03:07 PM
"Where can we start this investigation?"

The group gathers, deciding it likely best to begin at the beginning: The city itself. Perhaps someone saw the Jedi, or other clues could be found.

27 January 2005, 04:55 PM
As the padawns collect there equipment they discuss what their plan of attack should be. Deciding that the city offers the most logical place to start Katadyn chimes in with a suggestion.

"Perhaps we should split up. We can cover more territory and 1-2 jedi walking around may attract less attention than a herd of 6."

We can decide on what locations to check and break up according to who is best suited to handle each location. We should get a map of the city first to figure out where things are

(OOC- Ghost should I or any of us make any skill checks, gather infor, computer use ect fo get a detailed map with relevent locations)

27 January 2005, 05:57 PM
"Sounds like a plan," Brianna says, in response to Katadyn's idea of splitting up. "Suggestion: You go with Argaven, I'll go with Nikos and Ankiir can go with Hallis." She smiles slightly when she suggests the last pair, already imagining Hallis' impatience with Ankiir's incessant rambling.

[oog: I added the next paragraph after Ghost stated that rolls would be made based upon what each group goes about doing].

"If people are game for these groups, perhaps Nikos and I should start with the local merchants and maybe take a look at the entertainment district while we're at it. Maybe Argaven and Kat can check out the pilots, smugglers, etc. Hallis and Ankiir perhaps can start with law enforcement."

28 January 2005, 09:14 AM
Ankiir is still looking away muttering something about mold in his fur when he hears his name. "Split up, interesting idea - I propose that each set of use investigates several areas of interest and than we meet back here in 6 or so hours, to collect our data. Hallis could look into the libra-" he stops mid-word as he sees Brianna give him a strange look, "ahh the muse-" the look appears again. His shoulders slumped slightly but he still tried one last time, "The government buildings - local law enforcement center and republic embassy?"

29 January 2005, 05:14 AM
"Brilliant idea, Ankiir," Brianna smiles.

29 January 2005, 05:26 AM
"Sounds like a great idea," Argaven says. "Good luck to the rest of you, you'll probably have more success in this than I will. Investigation isn't my cup of tea," he grins. Then looking as Kat, he says, "As soon as you're ready, let's start this, find some local smugglers and maybe check out the cantinas."

The Ghost
30 January 2005, 07:27 AM
Brianna and Nikos set out to ask questions in the marketplace. Letting the Force and their training guide them, the stumble upon an aging sullustan who is closing up his store for good.
"Ever since one of my tour skiffs went missing, business has been nonexistant. My plans now are to pack up and find some other city in hopes that I won't lose everything." he sadly says. When pressed, he does seem to recall seeing someone dressed in similar robes to the padawans' own.
"She didn't really look like a Jedi, though... can't say why." He frowns in though and then shakes his head.
"Poor lass, she was one of the lost."

Argaven and Katadyn scour the spaceport, which garners them a few new spacer tales as well as hearing tell of a large ship who lost some of its crew on some sort of swamp-jungle cruise a few weeks ago.

Hallis and Ankiir stop in at the local police. Since quermians are naturally telepathic and peaceful, there is far less crime and subsequently a far smaller force than one would expect. Unfortunately, none of them recall hearing of any disturbances involving Jedi in many years. There was, however, a search party sent out just recently for a missing tour skiff. Unfortunately, the lost tourists had not yet been discovered.


elsewhere... three days earlier

Under a dark crimson sky stood a lone figure watching the night creep up on the dying sunlight. He always watched sunsets like this: they were like him. As the stars became visible, he turned back and disappeared into the jungle. The native creatures fled at his presence, they could feel the darkness that came from him as easily as they could tell night from day. He walked with impunity, without fear because he was fear.

30 January 2005, 09:14 PM
After a few hours og hanging around the cantina Katadyn and Argaven finally track down some information about a swamp skiff tour that had several passengers dissappear. Seeing as how little else had happened they both figured that it was a place to start.
"Looks like we're heading into the swamps" Katadyn said slapping Argaven on the back as they headed back to the meeting point. "Maybe we'll luck out and the others will have discovered that our missing jedi checked into a resort here on planet."

Arriving back at the ship, Katadyn notes that they are the first back and busies himself trying to access a planetary map to get a feel for the geography and layout of the swamps.

31 January 2005, 05:42 AM
Hallis eventually returns with Ankiir to the Sable Recourse, without any great improvement to her mood. Aside from the fact that they'd only picked up one tiny mote of information that may not even be linked to the Jedi's disappearance, the big cat had told her ten times the information the didn't need about ten times the things she never knew she didnt care about. By the time they got back, Hallis was beyond the point of wanting to stuff Ankiir's mouth with plastifoam. Now she had more or less mentally denied his existence, ignoring him totally, out of necessity, while nodding or occasionally making a small noise to keep him placated.

As they approached, Hallis was on alert for any signs of a trap back at the ship. Satisifed that they were reasonably safe, she led the still-chattering Trianii up to the craft, where she noticed Katadyn and Argaven waiting for the return of their companions. Stepping up to Argaven, Hallis speaks in Icktochese, that, while it carried an odd sort of accent, was quite understandable,

"Not much. The cat is quite the philosopher. Basically an accident in the swamps, otherwise, it's been a quiet time here in the city. How about you two?"

After this, she flashes the alien a knowing smile. Sometimes it helped make friends by speaking their language. And since one of Hallis' close friends had once been an Iktochi, she was fairly fluent.

2 February 2005, 07:51 AM
Watching the two aliens conversing for a moment in a language he did not recognize Ankirr waits until they are done to but in, “We, sadly did not find anything on the missing jedi, however a skiff of tourists crashed in the jungle only a short time past. I know it is not part of our official mission, but I believe we should take the time to help the search. Jungles are notorious for their preservation of both the living and the dead. Too quicken the process, do either of you two more starship inclined padawans know if it is possible to tune the sensors of the <i>Sable Recourse</i> enough to detect a recently downed skiff?”

2 February 2005, 01:18 PM
Brianna nods at Ankiir's suggestion. "I agree that should be our next move." She turns to Ankiir. "From what Nikos and I learned, I think that our missing Jedi was on your missing skiff."

2 February 2005, 07:23 PM
After speaking to Argaven, Hallis listens in slience as the rest discuss their plans. Her instructions, though the same as these Jedi, implied that she should use her formidable abilities to make sure the party succeeded. Fortunately for the lost Jedi, Hallis knew where her abilities lie. She knew that she could help the group most when it came to conflict and the resolution thereof, not in careful planning or investigation. Thus, she felt content to lean against the ship's hull and brood silently as the rest decided the course of action...

2 February 2005, 08:14 PM
As the rest of the team filtered back into the hanger and compared notes, Katadyn busied himself trying to find some maps of the swamp area. He notices that Hallis has seperated herself from the group and appeared deep in thought. Not wanting to bother her, but sensing the more comfortable she felt in the group the better they would function.

He walkes over to her and bows slightly in her direction. "Hallis, sorry about Ankiirr, I know he can be a little...much." "I was wondering if you would like to help me gather some maps about the area" "I know its not your specialty but it might be better than standing here bored.

"I promise to talk less than Ankiir." he finishes, walking back to where he was researching, interested to see if Hallis will take him up on his offer

2 February 2005, 08:24 PM
When Hallis sees Katadyn walking up to her, she mumbles to herself, "Xendor alive! Can't they just do their thing here and get on? The sooner we get back to the Council the better...". Though, had she been more clear-minded, she'd have realized there was nothing left for her on Coruscant either...perhaps it was better that other things were occupying her attention...

"I promise to talk less than Ankiir."

Hallis was about to decline, when Katadyn says this. Never smiling, she arched an eyebrow at the young man :raised:. Though Katadyn may have been hoping for a smile at his humor, he realizes this is probably the most emotion the woman has shown since they met. Standing in silence for a moment, one would almost think she intended to totally ignore the other Jedi, then she finally shrugs and responds,

"S'pose if it'll help us get back sooner, I'm at your service. Not sure I'm good for much other than a sparring partner, though. At least what I'm good at, though, I'm really good at...then again, the cat's good at rambling, and yet somehow, I don't feel intimidated by his mental recall..."

Hallis pauses for a moment to see if Katadyn will catch the pitiful attempt at returned humor, then realizing he'd missed it, she sighs and continues after him...now that she thought of it, he reminded her a little of Verrons...poor Verrons...

5 February 2005, 06:38 AM
Originally posted by coldskier0320

"Not much. The cat is quite the philosopher. Basically an accident in the swamps, otherwise, it's been a quiet time here in the city. How about you two?"

Argaven chuckles. It was nice to know someone else who could speak his native language.

Argavn walks to Brianna and the rest of the group map viewing. "Well, since you say that a Jedi, or someone dressed like it was lost on that skiff, it seems like the only logical thing to do is to search for it."

"Too quicken the process, do either of you two more starship inclined padawans know if it is possible to tune the sensors of the Sable Recourse enough to detect a recently downed skiff?”

"It would seem to me that if our sensors could pick up the skiff than I'm sure the planatary forces would have found it already. Of course we're going to have to use the scanners, but I think that for a part of it at least we might need to carry out on the ground. My speeder can carry two people in the swamp, if that will help with anything."

5 February 2005, 01:28 PM
Brianna nods at Argaven's suggestions. "Perhaps we could take the ship to the swamps. Some of us can stay on the ship and do an aerial survey while others do a ground search." She thinks for a moment, then asks (more thinking out loud than anything else): "Are we sure that the planetary forces would make the recovery of a lost tourist skiff a priority? I think that it wouldn't be a bad idea to do a sensor sweep of our own."

The Ghost
5 February 2005, 03:39 PM
After a short bit of information gathering, the group finds out why exactly a recovery team hadn't been sent. Most of the swamp-jungle is too dense to get anything larger than a hover-van through and too thick to land any starships from above.

To get there, they'd have to go by land. And without proper directions, it may take months to conduct a proper search.

5 February 2005, 06:27 PM
[OOG: Due to travel time, I assume that it has been a week since Brianna last attempted far-seeing? If so...]

Realizing that their ability to search the swamp is limited, Brianna sits back, closes her eyes, and begins to meditate. She reaches out with the force, hoping to see where the skiff might be right now.

6 February 2005, 09:45 AM
Under his dark hood, Ankiir tweaks his whiskers, thinking. “Though landing the <i>Sable Recourse</i> seems to be impossible in the jungle, I still wonder about getting a sensor read from orbit – it should not take more than a few hours to get into orbit and scan the area. To facilitate this we should find the owner of the skiff cruise group and ask if we can have the route the cruise was to travel upon. Following that path could help narrow down our search considerably, also does any one know if the jungle cruise was there to see plants or if there was something else they were to look at?”

The Ghost
6 February 2005, 06:54 PM
Brianna tries to concentrate, but finds herself completely overwhelmed by how strong the Force is on Quermia. Where Coruscant had plenty of sentient beings, this planet was almost completely covered in plants. Pinpointing anything here was like trying to find a candle in front of a sun.

6 February 2005, 08:28 PM
As Hallis and Katadyn check over some maps, the group continues to busy itself with preparations and discussion about how best to acomplish their mission. Katadyn himself is anxious to get started but figuring out the best way to do it is a puzzle. He walks away as Hallis scrunches her brow trying to deciper the scale of the maps and sits down for a second to try and work some ideas through.

He runs a mental checklist of the equipment they have, noting that Argaven's speeder can only carry two. Since they can't land the sable, it seems their first order of buisness will be to secure a large enough transport to take them into the swamp. Since there are tours running if they can find one of the remaining tour operators they should be able to book passage or rent outright some sort of transport. In addition the other tour operators might know a better location where the skiff disappeared, figuring that they would want to avoid that area to save themselves the hassle of losing paying customers and equipment.

Figuring this makes the most sense Katadyn gets up, stretches, and walks back over to Hallis.
"LEts pack up those maps, we got enought to get us started and seeing as the whole place is a swamp, the maps may only be useful once we narrow down the area, but it was good that we looked them over, never know when some random, knowledge may be useful in saving us."

Katadyn then steps over to the rest of the group and presents his plan of action to the group to get some feedback.

7 February 2005, 03:50 AM
Brianna mulls over Katadyn's plan for a few moments, then nods. "That makes sense. Right now I feel like we're searching for a needle in a haystack. At least this way we can search for a needle in a haystack with someone who knows their way around the haystack."

7 February 2005, 06:20 AM
Though Hallis knows her abilities aren't suited toward detective-work, the lack of any real gameplan, even after her efforts, only serves to frustrate her further. She felt helpless.

Suddenly, this very thought made her pulse quicken. She shut her eyes to try to calm herself, but when she did, she was back on Ruusan.

A hundred villagers wanted her dead. She could feel the prickly heat of battle on her skin. Her helplessness was now more like a tangible object, as she realized how helpless she was to save her master or her friends as they are mercilessly cut down--.

Opening her eyes again, she feels exhausted. Her face flushed red, Hallis glances at the others to see wether they've noticed her lapse. Tears stung at her eyes, which she hurriedly wipes away with the sleeve of her robes. She'd done all she could to find Master Sentha'lyn, but he was still dead. Would she fail in this next assignment and lose this Jedi Knight as well? Perhaps she was doomed to perpetual failure...

Taking a deep breath, she attempts to clear her mind. As she returns to the group, she realizes that, becuase they'd have to do the search by land, her special skills would have much more relevance. Standing among the others, she was reminded of her friends, all of whom were now one with the Force on Ruusan. Fighting back another wave of grief for her former companions, she knew she'd do all she could to keep these, her new team, from meeting a similar fate. She seemed the one most able to protect, though a few of the others may have some talent. She would be the one to stand between them and whatever danger the group may face. She would not let them down.

Finally speaking up, Hallis proposes,

"While the majority of us go on a swamp tour, two could go out in his speeder", she indicates Argaven, "to run a search of the nearby area, until the rest of the group can call and let the people in the speeder know where to concentrate their efforts. I'm under the assumption that the speeder has sensors of its own? If nobody else would like to, I would take the other seat in the speeder, assuming, that is, that Argaven will pilot his own craft. Does this seem to be a sound course of action?"

7 February 2005, 01:25 PM
At Hallis's suggestion about splitting up Katadyn busies himself getting his gear in order, and putting the maps away.

"That sounds like a good plan. We should make sure that we can stay in contact through the jungle though. Might I suggest that Hallis and Argaven wait until we can make contact with someone who can provide coordinates to the crash site. They can then certainly get there ahead of a larger skiff and scout out the area while the rest of us sort though obtaining the skiff and then piloting it out there."

7 February 2005, 01:31 PM
Might I suggest that Hallis and Argaven wait until we can make contact with someone who can provide coordinates to the crash site

"Yes, well", Hallis responds, "I'm sure it will take us quite some time to unload the speeder as well as to go into the city and secure some supplies. By the time we're ready to go, you'll have the coordinates."

With that, Hallis heads back up in to the cargo bay of the Sable, in search of Argaven's speeder...

The Ghost
12 February 2005, 09:14 AM
The group splits up. Argaven and Hallis set about getting supplies loaded into his personal speeder while the rest of the group heads back to the tour-merchant who was closing up shop for good. They found him more than willing to give a datacard with a readout of the route his tour skiffs took, and even offered to loan them his other one for 500 credits with an additional 2,000 credit security deposit.

15 February 2005, 11:49 AM
After the speeder is loaded and waiting outside on the floor of the docking bay, Hallis turns on the vehicle's comm and attempts to contact the others,

"When you get those coordinates, send them to us and we'll head out. The speeder is ready to go, just tell us where."

After this, Hallis tilts the passenger seat of the speeder back and allows herself a moment of rest before the real adventure begins...

Korwin Blade
20 February 2005, 11:43 AM
Nikos is like something else to pilot. He likes piloting almost as much as he likes using the force. But he says to the Tour-mrchent.

"I am and excellent pilot. We don't need a security deposit.

OOC: Always wanted to do that!!!!