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16 January 2005, 06:09 AM
Four faces identical to yours sit on the bench to your left, each clad in the dull grey Katarn armour of the Republic's Clone Commandoes. Unlike your black armour decorated with yellow, theirs is unmarked...asside from myriad cuts, burns and scores.
They're Tau squad, 22nd Republic Clone Commando Regiment. Fresh from the Battle of Geonosis just seven standard days ago.

The five of you are sat in an empty briefing room aboard the Acclamator-class Assault Ship Tiin's Wisdom. Things have been chaotic since Geonosis. You and the other millions of clones have been constantly busy...fighting wars as they have sprung up across the galaxy.
Doing exactly what you were trained to do.

Though no one was at ease, you all tense as the door opens behind you.
"Ten-hut! Officer on deck!" shouts Tau leader, darting to his feet a micro-second before the rest of you. That why he got the promotion or so the scuttlebutt goes: he's a split second faster than the average vat-boy. Quicker on the draw too; you saw Tauone (as he calls himself) at work on Geonosis. His DC-17 jammed up in the dusty atmosphere as you were dropping them infront of a Seppie retreat. In a blink he dropped the rifle, and dropped a pair of droids with his pistol before the rifle's sling had even pulled tight.

Two pair of boots enter; one hard and military, the other softer.

A grey-uniformed officer who you recognise as Lieutenant Pellaeon steps up to the room's central holo-projector. The second figure, clad in dark brown robes, it's hood up, shadow concealing it's face, remains off to your left, in your peripheral vision.

"As you were gentlemen," says Pellaeon. With the war still young, you haven't served under many men yet...heck, most of the people you've seen (asside from down a weaponsight) have been Kaminoans and clones....and the Cap'n...he taught you all you know. This Pellaeon seems to be a good officer, not bred for war like you lot, but he seems to be taking to it quite well for a womb-born.
You're not sure about that moustache though.

"After Geonosis, the Separatist's forces scattered, seemingly in a panicked retreat. Our forces persued them, snapping at their heels...and fell into traps set on the worlds the Separatists retreated to. This has stalled our momentum, and is bogging down our offensive."
The holoprojector comes to life, displaying the entire galaxy, like a vast mist-cloud in the middle of the room.
Geonosis is illuminated in Red, the dozen or so worlds the Separatists retreated to are in orange. The map then zooms in on Rodia.
It glows orange.
"The Rodian's sesession to the Separatist only became apparent when they began harbouring Separatist forces fleeing Geonosis."
"There are currently five Trade Federation battleships grounded in Rodian swamps, undergoing repairs. You heard me correctly," Pellaeon says when a commando raises his hand, "not just the core of the ship. Five whole battleships. They can still launch their fighters, so they're not entirely defenseless, but they will require repulsor-craddles to make orbit again."
"Five key targets, ripe for the picking."
"But, with the Rodian's aid, the Trade Federation has these starships under a powerful shield. Orbital bombardment is impossible. So KVR/R-a here will be flying the five of you, covertly in the Scimitar to Rodia to bring down that shield. A Republic taskforce will decant from hyperspace into Rodian orbit at precisely the time you bring down the shield. We catch the Separatists unprepared, and crush them.”
Tauone raises a hand; “Sir, my squad has four members, I – “
“I am well aware of that sergeant. You will be lead by Padawan Lonestorm here.”
The cloaked figure steps forward, lowering his hood. He is a young human male…maybe twenty years old. Either no one’s taught him to shave yet…or he just hasn’t bothered for a week or so. When he turns to face you and the other commandoes, you can see a dark burn running down the left side of his face; ear to chin. The bacta did a good job, but it’ll last. His grey eyes seem to look through you.
“Gentlemen,” his mouth moves, but a whisper comes out.
“Once you enter the Rodia system, you have one hour to bring down the shield. At that time, the Tiin's Wisdom, Koth’s Honour and Star of Coruscant will enter the system and destroy the Trade Federation’s ships from orbit. Oh,” he adds, looking at you; “you might want to be out of that area by the time the bombardment starts.”

Kavarra sat quietly, awaiting the officer's arrival and listening to the steady thrumming of the engine. He could feel the vibration's in his feet, giving him the pleasant security that he always felt while in flight. In space things were so clean, so simple. Not like the dust and dirt and chaos of worlds like Geonosis. He decided not to let his mind wander, and instead focused on the engine vibrations. The number four engine was only running at seventy-two percent. He wondered if anyone but him even noticed. He doubted anyone but him would even care.

As the Officers entered, Kavarra jumped to his feet. He listened intently to the breifing, wondering how much really applied to him. As a pilot, and a noncombatant pilot at that, he was generally concerned only with a pair of hours before and after the mission. The rest was generally out of his hands. He smiled at the mention of padawan Lonestorm, glad that a Jedi would be present to assist them. He had watched them from above the battlefield at Geonosis, serving as transport for several of their Order, strategically scattering them across the warzone. They were warriors to be respected, even the untried ones known as padawans.

At the end of the presentation, KVrr-alpha snapped alert, and posed the only question that truly could concern him. "Sir, what kind of defensive capabilities may we expect beyond the orbital shields and fighters? The Scimitar's cloaking capabilities should get us in and out without a problem, but in the event of a systems failure, a stray anti-air emplacement or orbital defense platform could end this vacation real fast."

He tried to convince himself that he wasn't just paranoid. The Scimitar's cloaking capabilities had always surpassed expectations, but the Cap'n had always told him not to trust his ship more than he would a woman. As a clone, KV didnt have much use for women, but he had gathered the inferred meaning. Any ship is prone to breakdown time and again. he had said, and the more complex the ship, the more complex the breakdown... As pilot of one of the galaxy's most complex courier ships, Kavarra hoped that this wouldn't be the mission he proved his trainer's lesson.

Pellaeon brings up several images in the holoprojector, all you recognise from your basic training back on Kamino, images you've seen since you were a child...Baktoid Combat Automata B1 and B2 series battledroids, Droideka destroyers, Baktoid Armour Workshop STAPs, AAT-1s and MTTs, Xi-Char Variable Geometry Battle Droid Mark Is, Modified Hoersch-Kessel Driveworks Inc. LH-3210s and Haor Chall Engineering C-9979s.
"I'm sure you recognise all of these. These are the types of forces we know are located on Rodia at this time with the Trade Federation contingent. They represent the majority of separatist forces. In addition there are Commerce Guild, Techno-Union and Corporate Alliance assets present in smaller numbers. It appears they hitched a ride on the retreating Trade Federation ships."
The holo changes to show Commerce Guild Dwarf and Homing Spider Droids, Corporate Alliance Tank Droids and InterGalactic Banking Clan Hailfire Droids.
"The Rodians haven't had time to redirect forces to protect their new allies yet...a few Planetary Defence Force fighters or a picket ship is about as much as you risk facing. Intelligence doubts that the Rodians and the Separatists have meshed their own intelligence and communications effectively yet. The Rodia PDF is known to use Cloakshapes for standard patrols, and Phoenix Hawk Light Pinnaces for anti-piracy work. There are no orbital installations to worry about."

The holo changes to show the Scimitar.
Padawan Lonestorm inhales sharply.
"What is this?!"
Pellaeon smiles; "I'm sure KVR/R-a can fill you in."
"We were shown images of this craft in class at the temple...almost ten years ago..." the Padawan says, half to himself.
Pellaeon turns back you face you; "The Scimitar has been assigned to you again for this mission. The armourers have managed to make her armament modular. We realise that her original six light lasers were somewhat lacking in punch...so, I don't understand the technicalities, but the Chief tells me that you have 10 emplacement points to allocate to armament (;)). It seems her original armament was rather light, since mounting higher-powered weapons interferes with the operation of the stygium crystals...thermal bleed, or so I'm told. Basically you can mount whatever weapons you think the mission requires, but they will compromise the cloak somewhat, even more so if the weapons are fired..."

He then turns to Tauone and begins discussing their armament for the mission...

16 January 2005, 09:16 AM
Kavarra smiles to himself. He hadn't seen the Scimitar since Geonosis, as it had been in the bay for repairs, but he was certainly glad that the time away had done it quite a bit of good. He'd be certain to maintain a low profile, however. Though it would be worthwhile to have some teeth, there was no reason to sacrifice the ship's greatest asset... its stealth. He instinctively began flipping through performance specs for a half dozen types of torpedos as the Lieutenant continued breifing the ground team. He made sure to record the lieutenant's statements. They would keep him occupied on the long ride into Rodia.

OOC I'll PM you the desired armament profile as soon as I figure it out... Unfortunately I lost my copy of Starships, so I'll have to find a copy to borrow...

16 January 2005, 05:14 PM
As Pellaeon discusses Tau-squad's armament, you overhear much of it...DC-17 blaster rifles, assault packs, DC-15 blaster pistols, ion grenades, stun grenades, frag grenades, demolition charges, cable dispensors.

Being less well build than your comrades, you've got your...
Katarn armour:
Integrated secure commlink, integrated helmet glowlamp, macrobinocular viewplate, low-light vision enhancer, retractable arm-mounted vibrodagger, +2 equipment bonus on Listen and Spot checks, +2 equipment bonus on Fortitude saves against extreme temperatures.
DC 5, ACP -2, Max Dex Bonus +2, Move 8m, WEIGHT: 8.5kg

...and S-5 ascension gun...that leaves you with 6.7kg.

Most commandoes carry a utility belt with assault pack:
10 power packs, 4 energy cells, medpac, 1 week supply of concentrated field rations, SurvivalGear Water JugFilter, weapons cleaning kit, magnetic compass, hygiene kit, emergency blanket, grappling spike launcher, 2 liquid cable dispensers, 4 luma flares. WEIGHT: 3.9kg

(Though you won't be going in with the commando squad, you're still free to request further gear up to a Light Load.)

"To fulfill your role as mission co-ordinator, the Scimitar has been
fitted with an experimental Tactical Monitoring Center wired into the ship's sensors. You'll be able to see exactly what Tau squad sees, hear what they hear. Also Padawan Lonestorm's comlink will be wired into the net. Padawan Lonestorm has been given a commission for this mission, so you'll all be subordinate to Commander Lonestorm."
"But I'll be relying on you to watch our backs," the Commander smiles at

Pellaeon turns back to the holoimage of the target area.
"As you can see, the separatists had to land in a relatively flat area on the edge of a rather large swamp. The terrain they've made their temporary base in is predominantly woodland...so you'll have plenty of cover."
"The shield generator itself is not entirely one entity. Rather they are using a relatively new system that links, boosts & combines the deflectors of facilities hard-wired to it. The system itself is basically a powerplant with computer systems to manage the deflector-merging. Instead of 5 battleships' individual shields...the system provides a single shield 20 klicks in diameter with a defensive rating 800% of a single ship's usual shielding."
"But, if the shield booster/combiner facility is suddenly taken out, each battleship's shields will be offline for some time. Enough time for us to pound those ships to dust from orbit."
"This system is housed within an armoured bunker, with hardlines connecting it to each of the battleships. Cutting these lines would bring down an individual battleship's shields, but taking out the bunker will bring them all down."

OOC: I'll post the recon package later today. :clonetpr:

Edited with further information to clarify mission roles.

17 January 2005, 04:37 AM
Here's the recon data

20 January 2005, 08:59 AM
Kavarra smiles, reviewing his armament profile. The Scimitar was always lightly armed, but it should at least be able to hold its own against most ships its size. Besides, he thought, this wouldn't be a mission of dogfights and blasters, rather it would be a matter of stealth and subtelty. He frowned as he looked at his datapad, erasing his request for a forward mounted dual laser cannon. What if the team fails? What if they cant destroy the generator... He looks over his ships profile and smiles. Ah yes... just enough room... He hits a few keys and sends his request to the engineers. It would take a few modifications, but the Infiltrator was about to be rebuilt into the most invisible bomber in the galaxy.

Workorder Request
As per the guidelines stipulated by Lieutenant Pallaeon, I have requested a few modifications to the Seinar Courier ship, Infiltrator.
-Twin Laser Turret, ventrically mounted. Fire arcs: all. Control: Gunner.
-Small Concussion Missile Launcher mounted in belly, just behind entry ramp, optimized for ground based targets. Fire Arcs: forward. Control: Copilot ot Pilot.
-Small Proton Missile Launcher, chin mounted. telemetry for both air-to-air and air-to-ground. Fire arc: forward. Control: Pilot or Copilot.

ooc that should be 10 emplacement points. i used "the program" to fill it out, so im not sure its all 100%. let me know if there are any necesary corrections. be back soon with equipment request.

21 January 2005, 05:36 AM
With the armourers preparing Tau squad's gear, and the engineers quickly working on the modification to the Infiltrator, Tau-leader clears his throat then looks to you & Commander Lonestorm; "so...how are we gonna do this? How close to the seppie base do you feel comfortable inserting us? Is there any way you could get us through the shield in the Infiltrator?"
Pellaeon takes a backseat, realising this is more your territory & Tauone's than his own.

OOC: no more personal gear you wanna request?

21 January 2005, 08:57 AM
"I should be able to get you right on top of her. Particle shields are a huge power drain, and heat up over extended periods of time. They will probably have their energy shields up, but that shouldn't concern us." He turns to glance at Palleon. "As long as these battleships stay out of system, the ships won't feel threatened and wont raise their particle shields, which means we can slip right on through. They won't see, hear, or even smell danger until I've placed you at the door."

Kavarra looks down at the Scimitar's armament profile. "I've requested a payload of heavy weapons for my ship. If you guys don't come out..." He lowers his head in silence. After a short pause he looks up, hopefully. "So come out, alright."

OOC - As for gear... I'll take what I've been given, as well as a couple of stun and ion granades. Also, would it be possible to get some sort of remote that I can use to track the progress of the team?

21 January 2005, 03:13 PM
Tauone smiles; "Okay Kav', but I do like multiple plans for as many eventualities as we can think of. If you can't drop us right outside the shield bunker, we're gonna have to either think of a way to slip through the shield, or you'll have to put us down outside the shield and we tab out way in. Where on the map would be a good DP? And if we do bring the shield down, we need an RV point...and preferably a backup. If possible, I'd like you to haul us out from the shield bunker site...but once our ships decant in orbit, and their shield goes down...the seppies are gonna soil their circuits and launch their fighters. Even if they can't see you coming in the Infiltrator, it might be best to set up a second RV outside their encampment."

"We'll be using reduced range comms, approximately 10m range for the squad, with tight-beam, live-feed, highly-encoded transmissions back to the ship."

OOC: the ship's set to recieve the commando's comms and they have helmet-cams, Aliens style, so you can follow their progress.

25 January 2005, 10:38 AM
"Kava" slides his datapad to Tau. "I've set up two drop points, the secondary being the closest I can get you if, in fact, particle shielding is up. Otherwise, I'll drop you just east of the site, on an elevated platform. Harder flying for me, I am certain, but it gives your boys a nice downhill trek to the shield bunker. We'll RV there if possible, otherwise I'll pick you up just south. And in the unlikely possibility that things go to Kessel and the sheilds dont go down and I cant get in there to bomb the building and retrieve you, the emergency RV will be at the extreme south of the shielded area. Will that work for you and your unit, Tau?" He looks over his plans to see if he missed anything, and waits for approval by his groundpounding counterpart.

27 January 2005, 06:27 AM
Tauone nods to you; "looks good for us. If you have to drop us at X2 at the edge of the shield...we should be able to infiltrate and still have a good quarter hour to take down the shield bunker. From X1 we'll have time to set the charges for precisely when our taskforce enters the system."

Commander Lonestorm raises his eyebrows; "you commandoes really do plan for every eventuality don't you..."

Lieutenant Pellaeon steps back into the conversation; "Well, if everyone is ready, I'll see you down to your hangarbay," he looks at you; "the engineers should be finished attaching the armament you requested by the time we get there," he turns to Tauone; "and your equipment is being loaded aboard the Infiltrator as we speak. Once you're in hyperspace I shall signal the Tiin's Wisdom, Koth’s Honour and Star of Coruscant to prepare to jump to hyperspace, coordinating so that they arrive an hour after you make planetfall."

The crisp grey-uniformed officer leads you through the winding passages of the Tiin's Wisdom, past other grey-uniformed crew members, all of whom stop and give crisp salutes to Pellaeon, not paying anywhere near as much attention to the Padawan or you faceless commandoes with your helmets on. Your journey finishes at a small hangarbay, the door of which requires a passcode from Pellaeon and is flanked by a pair of clone troopers, rigid at attention.

The door slides open to reveal the black hulled form of the Infiltrator...techs and droids hurrying about it, with cranes and bowsers...

27 January 2005, 10:38 AM
Kavarra instinctively sighs. He had once heard that many people had profound emotional reactions to artwork and music. Neither of those mediums had ever effected the clone pilot. He assumed, however, that it must relate to the mild euphoria that he felt when he saw a beautifully crafted spacecraft. To clone trooper KVr/r-alpha, that was art. The Infiltrator was art so fine it took his breath away every time he saw it.

He slowly circled the craft, checking the new hardpoints carefully placed in its smooth black surface. He checked for structural integrity and engine performance. As a final measure he checked the ships cloaking abilities. After a few long moments, he remembered his passengers and bit down on his bottom lip, turning towards them and lowering the access ramp. "Everyone aboard. I'm going to run a few diagnostics before we get going. Nothing would end this trip faster than a few faulty systems. Get yourselves settled and I'll let you know when we are ready."

As he enters he immediately notices the swoop deck is empty. He turns on his comlink to the frequency of the quartermaster. "Hey... hey... what happened to my bike, eh?" He feigns frustration that his speeder was requisitioned somewhere else. Like all clones, Kavarra doesn't own anything, nor does he have the desire to own anything. Equipment is provided when needed, and shared when it is not. It was life the way it should be. Simple. Uncomplicated. " I dont like the idea of having to walk in the event of an emergency extraction. What are the chances I can get a swoop in here... or at least one of those new model Aratechs we just got in..."

28 January 2005, 06:39 AM
"Your bike, like you, is Republic property, KVr/r-alpha," replies the quartermaster; "don't make me send you back to Kamino with 'defective' stamped on your forehead," he jokes back, "I'll have an Aratech sent down immediately. As if my people aren't busy enough cramming that arsenal you requested onto that beautiful little ship. Oh, one thing," he adds; "careful on landing; that ventral turret cuts down your ground clearance a lot. Goodluck son."

Tau squad busy themselves helping each other strap on their utility belts and assault packs, checking and rechecking their assigned weapons, testing and retesting everything methodically.

Tauone holds out your utility belt and assault pack; "want me to stow this inside for you?"
You notice you've been assigned your regular S-5 ascension gun, the same belt and pack as the other commandoes, plus 2 ion grenades, 2 Merr Sonn C-10 stun grenades, a Merr Sonn C-16 frag and a Czerka smoke grenade.

With just his commlink and his lightsaber, Commander Lonestorm looks decidedly underdressed.

After a few minutes a pair of ASPs bring a newly DPM-painted Aratech 74Z speederbike and load it aboard the ship.

Lieutenant Pellaeon strokes his moustache and looks to you; "are you ready?"

OOC: utility belt and assault pack contains:
10 power packs, 4 energy cells, medpac, 1 week supply of concentrated field rations, SurvivalGear Water JugFilter, weapons cleaning kit, magnetic compass, hygiene kit, emergency blanket, grappling spike launcher, 2 liquid cable dispensers, 4 luma flares.

28 January 2005, 08:10 AM
Though it would be impossible to tell beneath his black pilot's helmet, Kavarra smiles widely, feeling adequately prepared. He doesn't like the fact that he will have to be gentle landing, but he knows it shouldn't be too much of a concern. If I'm as good as I think I am, there won't be any need to land under fire anyway.

He chuckled to himself. His training captain's immortal words coming from his own mouth. If I'm as good as I think I am... were words to live by. Confidence gave the courage to perform well under fire. Overconfidence bred mistakes. He would have to walk that line if he was going to remain the best.

He turned to the Leuitenant and nodded. " I just need to run the diagnostics of the computerized systems and we'll be ready to launch." He paused, smiling. Most of the officers were indifferent, or even curious, towards the clones. Paelleon was a good man, and a capable leader. "Wish us luck, sir." He turns around and begins towards the controls. "Oh and one other thing... you should really consider losing that moustache..." He smiles widely to himself and salutes the leiutenant.

Turning on his heel, he heads to the control console and powers up the ship, taking his time to run a diagnostic of all the ships primary and secondary systems, particularly careful to check the cloaking and engine systems. Check everything. Double check what you can. He looked over the diagnostic reports, hoping for the best.

Pilot (d20+20) to power up the ship.
Computer Use (d20+12) to run diagnostic.
Computer Use (take 20+12) to check stealth and engine systems.

30 January 2005, 11:03 PM
Settling into your seat you strap in & begin running through your pre-flight checks...
cloak field generator: primed
stygium crystal network: green
acceleration compensators: primed
ion drive: green
repulsor coils: green
enviromental seal: primed
heat/radiation exchangers: green
thrust trace dampners: green
...eventually coming to the targeting systems for the new weaponry & the monitoring systems with which you're tasked with tracking the commandoes.

Linked in to each commando's armour, a screen to your lower left displays their bio-functions next to, rather surprisingly, their names. You've got full readouts of each commando's body temperature...adrenaline level...pulse...blood pressure...breathing rate & volume...heck, you can virtually forewarn them of the need to take a leak.

Their helmets have also been fitted with nonstandard cameras. Their images are displayed on a screen just above the bio-readings, currently giving you a realtime (albeit 2D) view of exactly what the four commandoes see...
Tauone is stood watching his 3 brothers, idly spinning his pistol around his trigger finger.
Shiv is already strapped in & sits sharpening the vibroblade extended from the back of his left hand.
Mort is loading his underbarrel launcher with a grenade.
& Akili is checking the sights of his DC-17 through it's Novaless scope:
the dull red-lit, cramped interior of the Infiltrator is as clear as day.

Commander Lonestorm, who wears a commlink headset similar to those worn by Delta-7 pilots, sits strapped into his seat behind & to your left, his eyes wandering about the cockpit as if searching for something.

The ship's new weapons seem to have been wired in alright...the firecontrol for the turret is pretty rudimentary (you can't fire the twin laser from the pilot's seat, but you can monitor it) but both missile-systems appear to be fully stocked & loaded with the targeting packages you requested: the belly concussion launcher optimised for ground attack & programmed with targeting data for the full range of Separatist ground forces encountered thus far in the war. The chin proton launcher has been fitted for AG/AA targeting & loaded with the appropriate data.

All systems green, the power core humming gently. You're all set

31 January 2005, 06:26 AM
Kavarra sits back and straps himself into the pilots chair. "Welcome aboard, mates. Please take your seats and fasten yourselves in. We'll be lifting off in just one moment. We expect smooth sailing straight on through to the dropzone, but in the event of an emergency, I'll let you know what everyone needs to do."

1 February 2005, 06:24 AM
Lieutenant Pellaeon salutes you as you seal the hatch and the deckdroids retreat to their stations.

The hangarbay door slides open revealing the welcome starscape beyond. A billion pinpoints of light. If only you had time to visit them all.

With the coordinates set into the navicomp, you're ready to go.

1 February 2005, 11:12 AM
Pulling back gently on the controls, Kavarra eases in the ship's repulsorlift engines, lifting the ship lightly from the hanger deck. He guides the ship through the large bay doors, kicking in his primary engine systems as soon as he is a safe distance from the ships crew. He rocks the ship gently onto each wing in an aerial salute to the Tinns Wisdom as he flies past its bridge and towards his hyperspace entry point. He pulls back on the throttle, and places his hand against the large glowing red button that will send the ship into hyperspace. As he arrives at the appropriate coordinates, he presses down on the button. Pinpricks of light stretch into lines, intercepting other glowing beams of light, until the entire forward viewport is filled with spiraling lights, shifting in color and intensity with every star that rushes past. Kavarra smiles, his head leaning back against the captains seat. He removes his helmet and breathes a sigh of relief.


The trip through hyperspace was mostly uneventful, and Kavarra breathed a sigh of relief when the alarm signaling their deceleration began to sound, awakening him from his half-sleep. He strapped his helmet on, and began to calculate their exit point, bringing the ships systems to life, and preparing the cloaking system.
As he dropped out of hyperspace, Kavarra imediately performed a long range scan, and then proceeded to drop all the ship's non-essential systems and raise the cloaking device. He smiled to himself as he checked the cloaking diagnostics. They had arrived, and had done so seemingly undetected.
His smile soon turned to a frown as he read the sensor scan of the planet. The Confederate ships had, in fact kept their particle shielding up. The mission had just gotten a bit more complicated than he would have liked.
Other than the Infiltrator, Rodia's perimiter was lightly trafficked. A pair of Seperatist IR-3F patrol craft in orbit, and a squadron of Headhunters provided by the Rodians, was all the defense that was currently launched. Kavarra nodded to himself, realizing that the Republic fleet was going to be able to destroy this meesly defense without any problems.
Kavarra piloted his ship down towards the base, informing the comandoes that they would probably have to hike to the bunker. As he approached he smiled to himself. Maybe I am as good as I think I am he thought watching his scanners. A group of trade federation freighters was approaching the shield perimiter. If the seppies want their ships to get in, theyll have to lower their shields for a moment... thats our chance... He turned to the commandoes. "You boys had better hold on. This might be rougher than expected." He aims the nose of his ship up towards the empty space between the two ships, hoping to be able to sneak in with them, and hoping that his luck holds out at least until his men have been dropped.

2 February 2005, 05:37 AM
Approaching carefully to one of the 390m behemoths of the Trade Federation convoy you notice it's copious armament aledgedly for defence: approved by corrupt bills passed in the Republic senate over a decade earlier. Some senator should be keel-hauled for that.

Skimming across it's hull, perfectly cloaked, you gently approach the bow, with the next freighter less than a hundred meters ahead...engines blazing.
It's gonna be a tight squeeze...& you hope the drivewash doesn't interfere with the cloak. Just a few seconds & you'll know.
You slip the Infiltrator in between the two armed frieghters...far enough back so as not to melt your prow, far enough forward so your dampened ion drive shouldn't be detectable by the freighter behind.
With the sluggish frieghters making constant course & thrust adjustments, you have to stay on the ball to maintain your own precarious position.

Down through the atmosphere you stay between the frieghters, which are joined by a dozen droid starfighters on each side. The Infiltrator's sensors pick up the Sepie encampment: five LH-3210 Trade Federation battleships, countless droid starfighters both patrolling the air inside and outside the shield, and the sensors are showing starfighters in walker-mode on the surface. There's also over a dozen C-9979 landing ships (in addition to those presumably inside the battleships) scattered about...and countless MTTs, AATs, STAPS...
and the squat, slope-sided armoured plascrete bunker.

The sensors detect the lowering of the particle shield as the first of the three freighters penetrates the shield, and your fighter escort peels off, returning to orbit. Fortunately the shield is not raised between freighters.
Before you know it, you're through the shield.

2 February 2005, 01:39 PM
Kavarra breathes a sigh of relief as the Infiltrator glides past the shields. He turns to the other and says, almost in a whisper, "We've made it through the shields. Get ready for deployment." He checks his charts with the visible landscape, keeping the sensors only marginally powered. He knew the Infiltrator's masking systems would be able to cover its own sensors, but this was not a time for taking risks. He flew low, following the terrain, and staying as far from Seperatist ships as he possibly could. As he passed large groups of fighters, he carefully noted their coordinates on his computers. My exit may not be as clean as I would like... might as well be able to do something useful on my way out of here... He keeps his eyes glued to the forward viewport, his eye twitching down the klicks to the dropzone.

3 February 2005, 05:24 AM
The landscape of the swampy planet is swathed in thick mist to the south & east...but here on the higher ground it's more like a jungle. The mist is whispy, the tops of the dense tree canopy punch through in places.
You have to keep power to he engines low so that you don't leave contrails in the mist or effect the trees with your passing.
"Hey Kav'," asks Akili over the comnet; "are we nearly there yet?" in a
childish voice.
His brothers chuckle & repeat the question.
Commander Lonestorm looks from helmet to helmet, not knowing what to make of the behaviour.

In answer to their questions; the LZ comes into view, highlighted on your HUD.....5km....4km...3km...

the sensors indicate battle droid patrols in the surrounding jungle...but
that's for Tau squad & the Jedi to worry about. With the Infiltrator cloaked you should be safe & hidden.

OOC: I'll leave description of the LZ to you...

7 February 2005, 09:41 AM
Breaking the treeline near the shield generator, Kavarra cuts back his engines a bit more, rotating to get a good view of the dusky swampland below him. Flipping a few switches, he carefully adjusts the power output to the sensors, taking a geological reading of the terrain below. When he locates a suitably stable patch of dirt and foliage, devoid of any major plant or animal life and he lowers the ship very slowly towards the soil. He turns to the clone troopers and young jedi and nods towards the entry ramp. You boys better pack it up. Mission time starts as soon as this thing hits the soil…

ooc pilot check = 10 (Taking 10) + 10 skill/modifiers

8 February 2005, 05:52 AM
The commandoes look up and rush to get ready, one hand on their weapons and the other on the release catch of their crashwebbing. Mort, closest to the door, has his hand decimeters from the door release. You're all aware that the ship's cloak will drop while the door is open.
"Hey Kav, a little more warning might be useful next time. A little countdown, y'know?" mutters Akili.
"Stow it!" orders Tauone; "soon as we hit the dirt, check the perimeter then head for the western treeline. RV 5m in. Understood?"
The other 3 commandoes give a click of their commlinks. Padawan Lonestorm nods.
"Sorry Commander, I didn't hear that?"
"I'll be right behind you, sergeant."

Mission Countdown - 01:00:00

With a soft crumple, the ship lands perfectly.
In the blink of an eye the commandoes are up out of their seats, weapons up in the aim and they charge out of the ship. Each takes a place kneeling around the ship and scans the area with his rifle's scope.
The door closes again and the shield reactivates.
As the ship vanishes from sight behind their backs, the commandoes one-by-one head into the treeline just a few meters off your starboard wingtip, Lonestorm second to last.

Watching through their helmet cams you see Tauone check the map on his datapad, and Shiv checks a magnetic compass afixed to the stock of his rifle.
"300m due west," says Tauone, stowing his datapad.
"Concur." says Shiv,"Fierfek it's dark in here."
"Kav, you read me?" asks Tauone, "you're gonna have to be our eyes and ears. If there are any patrols out there we're not gonna spot them until we're so close we can read their serial numbers. Use the ship's sensors to guide us in. We can't afford any hard contacts until we're in the bunker."
"Then it's showtime," chuckles Mort, patting the demo charges in his backpack.

Mission Countdown - 00:59:45

OOC: attached is a map of the terrain between you and the target. It's up to you to choose the faster but safer route...we'll update every 50m or so...as fast as you want them to go...

8 February 2005, 06:55 AM
Kava reviews the sensor readings and calculates the best route forward. "Youre clear for over fifty kilometers. Theres a Vulture walker to our north and a small platoon of droids to our north east. stay towards the south and head to the head of that stream. You should be just fine. I'll keep you appraised of the situation."

9 February 2005, 05:32 AM
"Received and understood," replies Tauone. He then looks to the Jedi; "sir, we didn't have much time to get acquainted back on the ship so I don't know how much jungle experience you have..."

Lonestorm smiles slightly and gestures to Tau squad, then off into the jungle, "lead the way, sergeant" he says in a whisper barely picked up by his headset.
"Copy that. Shiv, you take point. I'm next. Commander, you follow behind me. Then Mort. Wouldn't want the eggs in your backpack to get broken by a stray shot. Akili, you bring up the rear."
Three double clicks and the five of them move off into the jungle, moving
toward the head of the stream.

After a few minutes Akili adjusts his comm, cutting Lonestorm from the net.
"Hey brothers, any ideas why the Jedi's with us?"
"Well...he doesn't seem to have seen a whole helluva lot of combat," Shiv comments.
"Shiv, would that be aside from that hiddeous burn down his face which, if I'm not mistaken, was given to him by a lightsaber?" Akili points out, ever eager to notice and voice other's mistakes.
"Yeah, aside from that," Shiv replies deadpan.
"Maybe he's here to keep our spirits up with his charming wit," Mort suggests as the gloomy, silent Jedi trudges on ahead of him.

Just then Lonestorm looks up to the sky...and a blip appears on the
Infiltrator's sensors.
Incoming bogie.
A modified Huppla Pasa Tisc Punworcca 116-class sloop.
Correction: bandit.
That's Count Dooku's ship.
Mission Countdown - 00:58:30

OOC: his ship isn't on the uploaded map because he's just entered your sensor range...he's not even entered the planet's atmosphere yet.

9 February 2005, 05:55 AM
Kavarra shakes his head slowly. An incoming enemy general... the head of the Seperatists no less. He weighs his options carefully, thinking about the repercussions of the Count's death and talking out loud to himself. "I could potentially kill the Count... but would that really do us any good? Five enemy warships are a more important target than any one man could ever hope to be." He speaks over the comlink to the commandoes. "We have incoming. One modified sloop. Republic Intel lists it as Count Dooku's courier ship." He paused a moment and allowed it to sink in. "So, as you can imagine, our timeline has just changed drastically. We need those shields taken out as soon as possible, or we may not get another chance. Head south east towards the head of the next river, then follow the southern shore eastward towards the base. That appears to be your only clear point of entry." He sighs. "Good luck boys. Ill keep you posted,"

9 February 2005, 06:40 AM
"Kavarra is right," Lonestorm says over the comm, "I can sense his presense. I must be careful not to reveal myself to him. It would do no good to attack him Kavarra: the war has gone beyond that point, I am sad to say. If only one death could now save millions..."

"Whoa, mister verbose," mutters Akili.
"I take it back," comments Mort; "I'm starting to find the commander a little on the depressing side."
Tauone adjusts the squad comm back to include Lonestorm, perhaps to cut the scuttlebutt.
"Let's move it people, like Kav said," he orders as they trudge into the head of the stream, keeping to the sides to stay under the cover of the trees.
"Sarge," Shiv starts, "I didn't sign on for this kinda trouble. I mean: the head of the Sepies just arrived. We need backup."
"You're right, you're right. You didn't sign up," Tauone replies, "and backup's on it's way. Three acclamator's worth. And they're gonna bomb the fierfek outta this mudhole in..." he checks his chrono, "fifty seven minutes. So you'd best move your moaning ass along faster or when we get back I'll tell the lanky blue freaks who pulled you outta your vat that you're damaged goods."
Shiv sighs and pushes on through the deepening water faster...
suddenly he holds up his left hand in a fist.
Everyone freezes.
He points to the west, and up into the jungle then holds up his index finger: B-1 Battledroids, then four fingers: four droids.
"Kav," mutters Akili, "a little warning..."
"Quiet!" cuts in Tauone.
"Kav, which way are they heading? I barely saw them. Are they gonna be a problem?" asks Shiv.

14 February 2005, 07:27 AM
Kavarra curses to himself. "Blasted unpredictable droids... He brings up his comm array and begins talking to the others. "They appear to have moved south since the last scan, and will more than likely turn if they reach the river. I doubt those tin soldiers are able to swim, so as long as you stay just off of the southern bank you should be okay. Careful though, I dont want you to get too far south. Theres a STAP patrolling that area and they move too quickly to predict. " He scans the area carefully, " Get to the southern bank, get hidden and wait for an opening before you move. You should be fine."

15 February 2005, 05:45 AM
Shiv clicks his comm in response them uses hand signals to tell the rest of the squad to follow him and stay low.

He leads them across to the southern side of the river, keeping under the overhanging vegitation, moving with the current. While Shiv sweeps his blaster back and forth, Tauone behind him keeps his eyes on the northern side of the river; keeping a look out for the droid patrol. Commander Lonestorm follows, his hand on his lightsaber, with Mort behind him and Akili bringing up the rear.

As you watch on your screen, the squad of droids approaches the river's edge then turns eastward, following the river's edge.

After a few tense minutes, they vanish from the commando's view and the squad pushes on eastward...

Breaking the relative quiet Lonestorm speaks, making Shiv almost trip up in surprise.
"So...how did you all get your names? You're not all identical?"
Mort looks to the sarge; usually commandoes didn't reveal their names, it was a personal, squad-only brotherly thing...plus their commlinks were set to a 10m range...but in the jungle you couldn't see more than a couple of meters...the closer they got to the target the more dangerous idle chatter became.

"Well...I'm the head of Tau squad, so I'm Tau-one," he explains.
"Not big on inventiveness, our sarge," puts in Akili.

"And he's good at finding people's weaknesses. Hence Akili."

Shiv extends his vibroblade and motions grabbing and repeatedly stabbing someone.
"I see," mutters the Jedi.

Tauone points to the last member of the unit, "and Mort here is a genius at airbursting his grenades, or jury-rigging and mortaring them."

"And you...Kav?" asks Lonestorm, turning to face the direction of the Infiltrator.

15 February 2005, 08:02 AM
Kava is surprised that the clones are being so open about their names. In his experience, clones were generally more covert about such things, though he had mostly dealt with ARC troopers, and they were possibly the most solitary group in the entire army. He clicked his comm to their frequency. "Not much better than the sarge, Im afraid. My original designation was KV-alpha. K. V. A. Kava. When my code was changed to designate me as a rescue and recon pilot, the Jedi I was with at the time added a couple of R's in there. The name stuck." He smiled, chuckling to himself. "Not much of a story, eh"

He checked the radar before continuing to speak. "Up ahead youre going to come to a river. That should lead you right into the base. Just follow it north. On the other side is a detachment of battledroids and up north are a couple of vultures, so be careful."

16 February 2005, 05:27 AM
"Okay brothers, Commander, no more chit-chat. The target's less than 100m away. This is it. Further communication is by hand signal unless absolutely necessary. Kav, we're still relying on you to spot for us."
He turns to Lonestorm and recieves a nod.
"Shiv, lead the way."

The five of them follow the snaking river to where it joins another from the south, flowing north. Thankfully the current is sluggish.
A brick of B1s is visible on the western side of the river, patrolling southward.
Shiv pauses and eventually moves them on, crossing to the western edge of the north-bound river.
You and they can hear the far-from stealthy movement of the Vultures around the bunker via their helmet's audio-receptors long before they come into sight.

The bunker is in atop a hill in a small clearing...the tree line encircling it on three sides with the river on the east running north-south to complete the box. It's a 25m no-man's-land from the river or any point of the treeline to the bunker's armoured doors. And there's three towering Vultures in walker mode circling the bunker.

The commandoes, crouching low in the water form a circle; eyes out, backs in. Shiv cuts away a leech that's sucking with blind determination at his thigh's plastoid armour.

Mission Countdown - 00:42:54

After a moment Lonestorm taps Tauone on the shoulder. He motions that the squad should move around to the south in the trees. He then points to the north side of the clearing and makes hocus-pocus movements with his hands.
Tauone cocks his head, not fully understanding what his commander has planned, but he's been trained to trust the Jedi.
He motions and the squad move off back up the river to the south, this time with Lonestorm in the lead. They then leave the river and move into the trees...the commandoes' armour caked with sludge from the river and each carries half a dozen or so leeches. Strangely Lonestorm appears to be completely free of the parasites though his robes are a cruddy mess.
They slowly move twenty or so meters through the jungle, just inside the treeline.

Mission Countdown - 00:34:16

Tauone motions for the squad to get ready. Weapons are checked as Lonestorm creeps forward to the edge of the jungle. A towering Vulture stomps past just 5m infront of him, it's glowing red photo-receptors and torpedo tubes searching for a target.
Lonestorm extends his arms out, pointing to the north side of the clearing. He sets his feet firmly on the ground and appears to grab the air.
Shiv cocks his head and looks to the others. Mort just shrugs. Tauone slaps Shiv on the helmet and points for him to keep his eyes on the jungle and covering the Jedi.
They knew they'd have to be ready for whatever Lonestorm was doing.
Suddenly the Jedi opens his hands and pushes...
and a dozen trees on the other side of the clearing topple to the ground, taking many more with them.
The Vultures panic and take flight...and the commandoes make their run for the bunker...

Shiv plants a codecracker over the doorlock as he reaches the bunker, the Vultures still climbing...
"No hurry Shiv," says Akili, watching the Vultures begin to circle," why don't you just knock."
"Silence!" barks Tauone.
The codecracker gives a decidedly negative bleep.
"Fierfek!" Shiv curses.
"Lemme try," says Mort, stepping forward with a wad of thermite putty.
With a snap-hiss the commandoes are illuminated by the blue glow of Lonestorm's lightsaber.
"Save it, it'd make too much noise," he says to Mort, plunging his saber into the center of the door.
"They're sweeping the surrounding jungle," says Akili, tracking the airborne Vultures.
With a mechanical rumble the doors slide open.
"Nice lockpick you got there Commander," comments Shiv.
"Move!" urges Tauone...
As the 4 commandoes and the Padawan advance into the dimly-lit corridor...suddenly you loose the visual feed...

Mission Countdown - 00:33:05

16 February 2005, 12:54 PM
KV-a's hands fly across the comunications controls, trying to reestablish visual link, while tightening the broadcasting wave in an attempt to penetrate the bunker. "I've lost visual. Audio may be next. You're going to be flying solo, Commandoes. Good luck." After the broadcast he continues to work on reestablishing a firm audio-visual link.

Computer use communications d20 + 12.

17 February 2005, 05:19 AM
"Understood," Tauone replies.
"Kavarra, try to sort things out at your end," Lonestorm says; "we've got to keep moving."

As your fingers race over the controls you realise that all the high-power conduits running through the bunker; from the central power core through the shield booster and out to the battleships, are the cause of the interference...your sensors are also having serious problems penetrating the bunker.
After a few seconds you manage to recover Shiv's visual feed.
Mission Countdown - 00:32:30
He's still on point, moving down a blue-grey metal walled corridor, bulkheads at every 3 meters, the floor made of sheets of metal grate. Strip lights running along the edges of the ceiling provide dim illumination.
Shiv's helmet lamp picks up a turbolift at the end of the corridor.
"Sarge. With all these bulkheads we're not gonna be able to bring the whole bunker down," points out Mort; "heck, I doubt even all Kav's missiles'd penetrate this place."
"Then we disable the booster unit, or set the powercore to go critical,"
replies Tauone.
"We don't have to bring the house down, Mort," says Akili.
"You're such a spoil-sport," Mort chuckles.
Lonestorm stops dead in his tracks and closes his eyes.
A second later they flick open.
"No!" he whispers.
Suddenly the lights turn red and sirens blare.
"Fierfek!" curses Tauone, "Shiv, get that lift open, now!"
"Down four levels," comments Lonestorm.

Before the turbolift arrives, the commandoes are in place around the door to take anyone inside.
As soon as the doors open all four commandoes pour fire into the squad of B1s inside.

The commandoes pile into the lift and the doors close.

As soon as the lift begins to descend you completely lose all visual feed...and audio is patchy.

You catch the sound of the doors open...
The sounds of rapid blaster fire.
"Move move move!"
A scream.
More fire.
"Fierfek! They got Tauone! They got the Sarge!"
The sound of a lightsaber.
"Get sum! You metal bastards!"

Mission Countdown - 00:30:13

17 February 2005, 01:39 PM
Kavarra's head falls back against the headrest of the grav couch and sighs, with newfound determination he leans forward, reaching for the controls. There was no point contacting them immediately. If they were alive, they were far too busy to converse. right now, he could only do what he was trained to do. get whatever was left of his team out of there.

the ship lifted gently from the ground, and Kava scanned the area nearby as he boosted power to the cloaking mechanisms. he kept his engines running on low so as not to attract attention, and moved as quickly as he could allow towards the confederate base without alerting them to his presence.

as soon as he could see the base he began searching for two things, the weakest point on the base's infrastructure and the ship he had seen earlier. if he was going to go down in a blaze of glory, he would be sure to go down with as much Seperatist property as possible. and while he was at it, he may even complete the mission they had been sent to do. he hovered just outside of the base's perimeter and kept a wary eye on the comm system.

18 February 2005, 05:26 AM
Your sensors pick up Dooku's sloop landed in a clearing infront of the west-most battleship 8 kilometers away, guarded by four Vultures in ground-pounding mode.

The trio of Vultures at the shield bunker are still airborne, circling the base. You can also see Sepie gunboats incoming: two are lifting off from each battleship, accompanied by a swarm of STAPs...
So far the ship's threat-indicator board is clear; no-one's performed a sensor sweep or pinged you with fire-control.

turning your attention to the bunker Mort's words echo through your mind, With all these bulkheads we're not gonna be able to bring the whole bunker down...heck, I doubt even all Kav's missiles'd penetrate this place"...the bunker's armour-plated walls are angled to deflect blasts, with the only visible weakness, the only visible way in or out, being the front door.
The comm is still silent.
Mission Countdown - 00:28:34

22 February 2005, 05:56 AM
Kava shakes his head, trying to think of the best course of action. He brings up the layout of the bunker and begins to study it more closely. There has got to be a way to break this thing... and it sure as hell isn't from the inside. If they took out a whole commando squad, they're more than capable of taking me out. He sighs as he decides against trying to direct a missile volley at the base. This bunker is designed to take heavy damage from an external bombardment. He checks the specs for the thick durasteel plating. With walls like that, theres no way I'm going to be able to punch an explosion through. Although... He does a few quick calculations, as the dark silhouette of the bunker takes shape on the horizon. ...those walls wont let an explosive charge out very well either. And with nowhere to vent, an 'internal' bombardment may just do enough damage to knock those shields offline.
He shifts his ship into line for a bombing run, and powers up his commlink as much as possible. "Commandoes, this is your air-taxi. If youre in there, you better make some noise, or things are going to get very ugly for you..."

22 February 2005, 06:15 AM
Studying the scans of the bunker, it appears that a direct hit by a volley of torpedoes to the bunker's door would be your only possible chance of doing significant damage...though that's one hell of a small target. And you'd be momentarily uncloaked.

As you manoeuvre to set up for your bombing run, you try the comm again...
Then you feel a presence touch your mind...a feeling of pain.
Mission Countdown - 00:29:58

28 February 2005, 01:09 PM
Kavarra stretches his neck backwards. "Come on boys... some kind of a sign..." He could feel their pain, maybe a Jedi trick, maybe the result of the close bond he shared with his clone brothers. He hesitated on the firing button for a long moment, trying to give them the chance to get out. But when it comes right down to it... the mission comes first. And I'm not going to be able to do this from the ground...

1 March 2005, 05:50 AM

Count Dooku stands by a vast holographic representation of the Separatist camp, formed by the ring of battleships and the reinforced shield.
He turns to a Falleen to his right.
"The Jedi and commandoes were taken as I ordered?"
The Falleen looks down, breaking eye contact.
Dooku raises an eyebrow then with the Force he jerks the Falleen's head back to face him.
"The Jedi surrendered without a fight, as you predicted...that confused the commandoes, and we took them."
"Three of them, sir. The droids were a little overzealous..."
"Star, droids are on the whole incapable of being overzealous. We shall discuss what really happened when we have sufficient time for you to fully learn a lesson in following orders." The count pauses, "I sense that you have something more to tell me?"
"The medical droids are working on them as we speak but..."
Anger briefly flashes across the count's face.

"We will not be able to interrogate them yet?" Dooku sighs. "How did they get here?"
"There wasn't a pilot among them. We've got patrols combing the surrounding jungle and swamps, and gunboats scouring the air."
The Sith Lord looks over the holomap...then turns to the bridge's vast
transparisteel windows.
"Time is short..." he whispers.
"If there's a ship out there, we'll find it, and the pilot," the Falleen promises.
"Perhaps...but not fast enough..." the Count closes his eyes.
He opens them with a smile, strides across to the holotable, ignites his
lightsaber and stabs it at a point in the air.
"Converge fire on that point," Star orders with satisfaction to the Neimodian captain.
"Belay that order!" barks Dooku, "Star, you will learn to rein in your
killer instincts," he turns to the cowering Neimodian, "ion cannon and tractor beams only."

Suddenly the threat warning board goes haywire with locks. None of them are solid, but they're enough.
The cloak's still up, but somehow they're targeting you.
There are Sepie gunboats incoming at 12, 4 and 8 o'clock...range 5km...each with a flight of fighters...and there's half a dozen energy readings you're picking up in the jungle. Maybe ground batteries powering up...& that's in addition to the forces in the immediate area...

Mission Countdown - 00:29:52

OOC: local map with vectors plotted for local droid fighters.

1 March 2005, 06:06 AM
Indecision kills more soldiers than all the lasers in the galaxy, he thought, triggering over his weapon systems. Aiming carefully through the nearly impossible looking doorway, he released a full volley from his anti-bunker weaponry. He watched the cloaking systems drop from the power expenditure, and even before he could see the explosions he turned northward, pushing all available power into his engines. He knew he was vulnerable, but if he could stay as far from the enemy as possible... and somehow make it through those shields... he may just survive. He adjusted his helmet as the small courier ship blazed at full velocity along the marshy landscape. And if I don't survive... well... neither will they...

ooc - my power's out, so im working from my laptop. i dont have a character sheet available to give you the stats, but my actions are as follows

Attack full air to ground, down bunker's throat.
Pilot Accelerate, maintain low altitude. If possible, establish pursuit on fighter to my north, so that I can open fire next round.
Computer Waiting to see if the shields are up or down. (ugh... why do I have the feeling that they're up...)

1 March 2005, 06:27 AM
Squeezing the pickle, the fire-linked launchers spit a proton torpedo and a concussion missile away at the bunker's door. The torpedo tears through the door and impacts somewhere within the bunker, blowing off the door in a column of fire, shaking the walls and scorching a stretch of the jungle...the concussion missile hits slightly off, denting the outer armour around what remains of the doorway and levelling some more of the surrounding trees.

Accelerating to cruising speed (4) you pull in right on the tail of the fighter to the north (you got a natural 20;) ) in a textbook position.

Glancing at your sensors you can see that the shield is still up at full power. And you're trapped within it.

Blue ion blasts tear past the ship from the ground emplacement to the north west as the cloak drops and they can paint you with their sensors. The threat board goes crazy. The ship wobbles and slews to starboard as a tractor beam grabs at you from the south-east.

The other vultures in the area circle and try to get behind you, while you took the vulture infront by surprise.

The sepie gunboats and their escorts accelerate to ramming speed...
Mission Countdown - 00:29:46

2 March 2005, 05:32 AM
Kavarra squeezes off a few shots at the fighter ahead of him, and quickly turns awat, following the tractor beam signature and allowing it to pull him along. He dodges from side to side and up and down, avoiding the incoming fire as best he can and searching for the emplacement that had gotten a lock on him.

4 March 2005, 06:45 AM
The Infiltrator shakes as the ground crew increase power to the tractor beam, securing it's hold.

Placing the targeting recticle over the fighter ahead of you, it turns red and a tone sounds in your helmet.
Sweet lock.

As the proton torpedo accelerates away the droid fighter seems to at last become aware of the hostile on it's tail and begins spinning and jinking like a womprat on a hotplate.
Too late.

The torpedo detonates against the fighter's fuselage, obliterating it and
leaving very little wreckage to fall to the jungle below.

The ship's status display in your helmet's HUD shows 7 AGM-profile concussion missiles and 2 AAM/AGM-profile proton torpedoes remaining.

Yanking the yoke round in a tight turn the ship groans, fighting against the tractor. Pin pointing the emplacement on the sensors, you finish the turn heading toward the emplacement...with the tractor increasing your speed...

Mission Countdown - 00:29:40

4 March 2005, 09:30 AM
Kavarra allows the tractor beam to pull him along, waiting for his targetting reticle to flash red across the facility's blocky surface. He squeezes gently on the fire controls, releasing a single concussion missle at the emplacement's projector.

Attack (targetting tractor beam projector)

6 March 2005, 05:17 AM
the tractor beam is a one of the ground emplacements that the Sepies apparently had hidden in the jungle, which only showed up on your scanners when they powered up their weapons. The shield bunker itself seems to be unarmed.

The ship shudders and accelerates (speed increases to 8)...though you're also being pulled down toward the tractor emplacement. The ship's sensors automatically designate it as emplacement Beta. The jungle canopy whips past below...and fire comes up from Sepie ground forces, thankfully most of it bounces off the shields. A pair of Vultures form up directly infront of you, spitting lasers. Their droid brain's targeting is no match for your training...though they seem to be holding off on their proton torpedoes...

Ion blasts from emplacement Alpha streak past. You can feel the controls fighting you slightly as the tractor beam tries to hold you steady, to make you an easy target.
The ship shudders more as another tractor beam spashes across the ship, failing to get a lock.

As soon as the recticle flashes red and you get a good tone, you loose a concussion missile. It streaks away....and raises a good portion of the jungle as it detonates...just too short of emplacement Beta.

Then suddenly a salvo of ion blasts from emplacement Delta hit the ship, stripping over two thirds of the shields (down to 18 shield points).

Mission Countdown - 00:29:34

6 March 2005, 05:19 AM
Updated map

11 March 2005, 07:43 AM
Kavarra quickly fires another missile towards the bunker, hoping to shake its grip on his ship's hull. He swings back and forth against the tractor beam, trying to slip free of its grasp. He watches the trajectories of the enemy fighters and is careful to keep his shields angled towards them, in order to absorb incoming fire. He watches his shields slowly melt away, and realizes that the Seperatists don't want him dead. They're trying to take him... alive.

15 March 2005, 05:09 AM
Your second-to-last concussion missile rockets away. The last missile blew up all the impeding jungle between you and the small tractor-bunker, giving this missile a clear run.
You see a trio of Rodians sprint from the bunker door but they're not fast enough as they and their emplacement are taken by the blast.
The Infiltrator jerks, suddenly freed from the tractor beam. And not a second too soon as the jungle canopy whips past meters beneath your hull.
The two Vultures are now diving down on you...spitting fire past your wings and scorching the jungle below. The ship automatically paints them on the HUD. Range 5. Concentrating on the tractor emplacement, you didn't realise how quickly they were closing.

A glance at the sensor screen shows the first gunboat and it's fighter escort entering range (20) to the north: your 7 o'clock.

More fire streaks past uneffectively from the ground emplacements.

Mission Countdown - 00:29:28

15 March 2005, 05:41 AM
Updated map

15 March 2005, 09:22 AM
Kavarra checks his systems to see how well his ship is holding up, as well as to gauge the possibility of recloaking and laying low.

15 March 2005, 03:13 PM
With the shields at about 30% (18points), the ship's still at full power, no hull or system damage. No ionization.

Though how the Sepies found you initially is puzzling...

You could go cloaked again, though you'd have to drop the sheilds...

16 March 2005, 04:27 AM
Kavarra hopes for the best as he quickly drops the shields, boosting power to the cloaking device. He watches his monitors screaming information, most of it in brilliant red, and realizes that hes pushing his craft as hard as it was ever intended to go. As soon as he activates the cloaking he makes a hopefully imperceptible climbing turn, changing his trajectory and hopefully losing his pursuit.

((ooc. hoping for the best rolls of the game right here and using a Force Point to help me out...))

16 March 2005, 06:03 AM
As soon as the shields drop, almost as if the two events coincided perfectly, the two Vultures fire...volleys of thick red laser streak out toward the black courier as it tears across the jungle canopy....
and vanishes.

Not being the most expensive or advanced, it takes a little while for the droid brains of the two Xi Char Variable Geometry Battle Droid Mark I's to register that their target has disappeared.
Fortunately for you, it takes even less time for their dives to carry them through the treetops and bury them in the ground, punctuating their realisation that their target may have re-cloaked, with a pair of explosions.

The other droid craft also continue on their last trajectories as they search for the vanished courier.


The Neimodian captain winces as the two droid starfighter pile into the dirt. He dares not look at the count.
The towering Sith Lord nods approvingly, "impressive. Most impressive. He is a skilled pilot, and so he should be in that ship."
The Falleen, stood behind and to his right takes a step forward, a puzzled look on his face; "you know that ship?"
"It was my...predecessor's."
"Ah," a look of understanding crosses the Falleen's face; "Naboo."
"Indeed," the count nods; "the Jedi were informed that the ship had self-destructed," he smiles; "it seems my master was able to hide it from them." The smiles fades.
He turns to the Falleen, "Star, tell Queen to ready her Tengu, we may need them."
Star smiles; "she's been getting restless, she'll be glad of the exercise."
"You'll all get plenty of exercise soon enough, but Queen is not to lead the Tengu. Tell her to see the Jedi. He is to send the pilot a message," Dooku orders.
Star takes his commlink from his belt, a grin on his face.

Mission Countdown - 00:29:22

16 March 2005, 10:07 AM
Now effectively invisible, Kavarra pilots the ship slowly along the perimeter of the shield's hoping to find any opening large enough to allow him to escape.

17 March 2005, 04:59 AM
The droid fighters and gunboats begin search patterns centered on the shield bunker...
As you open up the engines and head for the shield's shimmering blue wall, you feel a presence in your mind. Not in pain like before, but calm, soothing.

Suddenly the comm-board shows the connection with Commander Lonestorm has been re-established, though the ship's automatic security protocols show that the signal is being re-routed through Separatist transmitters.
That confirms it: they've got him.

"Kav," the Jedi's tired voice comes over the comm, the same whispering tones. "Kav, they have me and your brothers. They want you to return to the shield bunker and land. They promise they won't kill us if you land and surrender."

Mission Countdown - 00:29:16

17 March 2005, 06:11 AM
Kav looks over his communications readings and sighs, his combat instincts forcing back any feelings of relaxation. Comfort breeds mistakes he thought as he listened to the incoming transmission. ...and now its a hostage situation...
Kavarra weighs the situation coldly and rationally. If I turn myself ove,r the Confederate forces will wind up with five clones, a jedi, and one the Republic's finest starships... if I find a way out I can at least save a clone and a ship... He does not respond to the communication, knowing that they could use any comm activity to track his movements, and he changes direction just to be sure that even if they got a lucky comm bounce, it wouldn't give away his current location.
As he continues to search for a way out of his intangible cage, he wonders to himself how the Separatists could have possibly overtaken the commando unit, especially with the aid a Jedi. He had personally seen Jedi knights defeat multitudes of enemies, and a commando unit was easily a match for any small separatist detachment they might have faced. They knew we were coming... somehow... somehow they knew we were coming... there's a rat somewhere...

17 March 2005, 06:42 AM
"Kav. Kav, please respond. They know you're out there. Please- #static#"
When his voice comes back it's desperate, afraid;
"they...they want me to tell you they've got a gun to Mort's head, Kav. By the Force...they're all unconscious...Kav...please..."

24 March 2005, 07:13 AM
Kavarra whispers to himself, shutting down the communications array. I'm sorry brother... Keeping his engine wash to a minimal, he continues to circle the camp, looking for some way out of the shields.

24 March 2005, 04:58 PM
Count Dooku watches the Rodian sky through the transparisteel viewports. He lowers his head.
""Where is he? Why isn't he responding?" demands Star.
"He is trying to escape," the Count replies. Disappointment is thinly veiled in his voice.
"What?!" exclaims Star, "Count, tell us where he is and we'll bring him down!"
"No, no," Dooku answers, "let him run."
"I don't like losing!"
The count turns to the seething Falleen, his kindly grandfather visage speaks; "what did you lose?" he asks, "that clone out there, that man just lost his brothers."
"We didn't get the information."
"We still have some of the commandoes...we will learn what we need. Have the medidroids transfer them to your ship. We must make preparations to depart and begin the next phase."
"As you wish, Count."

Skirting the perimeter of the shield you desperately scan the terrain...and get lucky:
five clicks ahead the ground drops quickly as a river goes over a waterfall. The cliff itself is close to the edge of the shield. It'll be close, but there should be a gap in the shield...

Mission Countdown - 00:29:10

28 March 2005, 08:34 AM
Kavarra adjusts his controls and dives down into the narrow ravine, water splashing across the ships shields. He knows that his ship must be at least marginally visible, as the dagger shaped silhoette blocked the spray of mist from the falls. He hopes that no one is spending any significant time looking at the falls as he pulls his nose up to follow the flow of the river under the gap in the shields.

29 March 2005, 07:01 AM
Racing across the top of the water the river is churned up in your wake, as if some great sea beast were speeding along beneath the waves. Except that no sea creature in the galaxy can travel this fast.
The shore to either side of you is a blur of brown bark & green foliage.
500 meters ahead the river vanishes as it plummets over the clifftop, the exact point is misted by a cloud of water droplets.

The sensors pick up a pair of Vultures, 5 klicks back at your 7 o'clock on a set patrol.
They break formation and start an intercept course.

400m. They must be investigating the river disturbance.

300m. They don't stand a chance of catching you.

200m. They decelerate, conscious of the solid wall of energy just ahead.

100m. You can see the edge of the energy shield, wavering above the water-mist. This is gonna be tight.

In the blink of an eye, you're through. The swamps of Rodia are spread out before you, the bottom of the waterfall some 50 meters below...with the Sepie base encased in it's shield behind...and just a handful of picket ships in orbit.

Mission Countdown - 00:29:04
The Republic taskforce should have reached it's final staging point, five parsecs out, by now.

29 March 2005, 10:46 AM
Kavarra begins to calculate his exit trajectory, thinking of the Republic ships rapidly closing on Rodia. No use losing more resources in another poorly planned assault. I'll at least send them a report so that they know what to expect. Quickly, Kavarra assembles data from the mission, including the location of the hole in the shield, the events surrounding the disapearance of the Comando unit, the suspicious appearance of Count Dooku, and the failure to eliminate the shield bunker with his proton torpedo volley. He also, almost on a whim, includes the Seperatist's ability to target his ship despite its cloaking abilities. Encrypting the data he sends it in a short quick burst of text-data, piggybacking it onto the next outbound holonet broadcast. He sighs quietly and changes course twice, just in case someone groundside had noticed the outgoing transmission. Satisfied that he is in the clear, he begins a slow ascent towards the upper atmosphere.

29 March 2005, 04:18 PM
After a few seconds the following message comes back...


A series of coordinates, indicating the taskforce's staging point follow the message...

30 March 2005, 05:38 AM
Yes sir he thinks, as his ship nudges past the lowest levels of atmosphere and continues upwards into space. The clone pilot begins to visually scan the space ahead for picket ships, and checks his sensors to ensure that all enemy ships were accounted for. As soon as he was able to choose a clear flight path he began making the preliminary calculations for hyperspace. He didn't look forward to his debriefing, and in some ways he thought it would have been best had he simply died fighting. With an audible sigh, he switched the ship over to autopilot and continued making his calculations for the jump to hyperspace.

30 March 2005, 07:02 AM
Cut to: docking bay, Republic Acclamator-class Assault Cruiser Tiin's Wisdom

As soon as the infiltrator touches down on the deck, techs and droids race over to it.
Lowering the ramp you're met by Lieutenant Pellaeon, flanked by a pair of clone troopers, their white armour immaculately polished.
Pellaeon salutes you, but it's crisp, formal, as is his voice; "Glad you made it back KVR/R-a. We need to debrief you as soon as we've had time to look over the Infiltrator's flight recorder. These troopers will escort you to the briefing room. I will join you shortly. I recommend you take this time to get events straight in your head before we begin the debriefing."

After almost an hour alone in the briefing room, the two troopers silent either side of the door, it eventually opens and Pellaeon comes in. He's followed by a man in his sixties, dressed in worn military fatigues, his insignia indicates he's a sergeant...and a Kaminoan. You thought you'd seen the last of those towering blue bastards back on Kamino.
"Ten-hut! Officer on deck!" barks one of the troopers. You can't tell which.
Pellaeon, the sergeant and the Kaminoan take seats at the desk infront of you: Pellaeon in the center. The Kaminoan looks at you blankly, emotionlessly, studying a specimen. The anger in the sergeant's eyes is barely hidden as he stares at you. Pellaeon puts a datapad on the desk, activates the room's holo to show a meter-diameter image of Rodia, and turns to you.
"KVR/R-a. This is sergeant Aricoza, and Sei Gatakai. Take us through the mission."

30 March 2005, 02:02 PM
Kavarra lowers his gaze and takes a deep breath. "Yes sir." He takes a moment to set his story up in his mind before speaking. He wasn't a storyteller, he was a soldier. At times like these, though, it paid to include all the appropriate details. "We emerged from hyperspace without any problems, and immediately cloaked the Infiltrator. We followed a convoy in, positioning ourselves between the inbound freighters and piggybacking our way through the shield. We landed a klick from the bunker, and the commando unit finished their approach on foot, without any hard enemy contact. Padawan Lonestar disabled the vultures outside the bunker and the group proceeded to enter. We lost contact shortly after, despite my best efforts to reestablish communications. Comunication was difficult, but when we finally did get semi-clear transmission there was a scuffle. Sarge was apparently killed in the battle, and the others were silenced shortly after. There is no way of telling who may have survived." There was a long pause as Kavarra regained his composure.
"With the team gone, I attempted to reestablish communication, but to no avail. Assuming them to be dead, I closed towards the base, still cloaked, to try and detonate the bunker from without. I knew going in that the chances of succesfully destroying the base were minimal, but I attempted anyway. I was somehow detected as I set up for my bombing run, and was forced to hurry my shot. My proton torpedoes tore through the doorway, and detonated within the bunker, causing only minimal damage. I proceeded to evade the incoming fighter fire, and broke a tractor beam lock, finally recloaking and circling away." He paused to let it sink in. He knew it would be at least of moderate interest that he had been able to avoid incoming fighter attacks while being held by a tractor beam.
"After I had recloaked I began to recieve transmissions from the Separatist base addressed to me. They had captured Padawan Lonestar and were attempting to use him to bait me. Knowing that turning myself over would do no good, and seeing no way to free the Jedi, or the comandos that they may have captured, I continued to search for a way out, so that I could send the data collected back and return the Republic's recon vessel. I found a small gap in the shield bubble which I used to retreat and return home. I then sent the appropriate information back to this fleet, so that you could make a decision concerning your assault." He paused, as if trying to remember anything more, and finally said. "That is all, sir."

31 March 2005, 06:06 AM
The sergeant speaks first; "Pilot, what's yer designation? Yer a rescue pilot, right? So why didntcha make a rescue attempt?!"

"You were ina cloaked ship...yer coulda set down anywhere an sneaked in! Even ifn Dooku himself wuz tracking yer, Rodia's jungles an swamps are teemin' wit life. I dunno who youze sarge wuz, but I trained my boys in camouflage, stealth, infiltration, E and E."
"I also taught 'em that youze don' abandon youze brothers."

31 March 2005, 08:35 AM
"The base was too heavily guarded, Sir. If four clone commandos and a Jedi were unsuccesful in reaching a known target destination, my chances of first finding and then succesfully liberating the prisoners were much less. The Seppies don't make it a habit of hiding prisoners in open fields and marshes, sir." He paused a moment. "I also believe that Dooku had a way of sensing through the cloaking device. He's a Jedi, sir. Jedi have methods and means that I cannot comprehend. But it was more than enough to render all of my brother's stealth and combat training absolutely futile, as well as to locate a supposedly "invisible and undetectable" starship. Five good men were captured in there, sir. They, however, were expendable. The ship which I fly, is not. Had I attempted a rescue, and failed, and allowed the Infiltrator to fall into enemy hands, I would have done a great disservice to the Republic. My training instructor always taught me to think rationally under stressful situations, and to weigh choices with an eye to the future and a heart free from emotion. Though I regret the loss of the unit, I chose to protect that which is weighed to be a greater resource to the Republic Army. The choice was not easy to make, but in the end it was the choice that had to be made."

31 March 2005, 08:45 AM
Sergeant Aricoza hammers his fist on the desk and opens his mouth when Pellaeon raises his hand, silencing the old soldier.
The lieutenant smoothes his moustache and sighs before speaking; "you made a wise choice KVR/R-a, with a view to the rest of this war. Aborting the mission we have lost a chance to deal a quick blow to the enemy, but had we continued with the attack many lives would have been lost needlessly. We were unaware of Count Dooku's presence....the Jedi Council will be informed immediately, and we will tell them of the capture of padawan Lonestorm."
"The fact that hostiles able to manipulate the Force may be able to detect the Infiltrator is a fact we must keep in mind for future operations..."

The lieutentant's commlink bleeps and a light flashes on his datapad. While he examines the pad and listens to his commlink, the Kaminoan speaks up;
"KVR/R-a. How do you feel about the war?"

31 March 2005, 02:30 PM
Kavarra raises an eyebrow somewhat suspiciously at the Kaminoan. "It is different from what I had expected. The decisions that seemed so simple in training are not as easy in real situations. I continue to feel that it is a war that needs to continue, however, so that others, perhaps those not intended for combat, need not feel the pains of such losses."

31 March 2005, 05:38 PM
The Kaminoan continues without reacting in the slightest to your answer; "What do you, KVR/R-a, see yourself doing after the war?"

Pellaeon continues reading, a concerned look on his face. He nudges the sergeant and indicates that he too should read the datapad.

1 April 2005, 08:59 AM
"To be honest, I dont suspect that I'll live to see the end of this war." He pauses. "As I have said, soldiers are expendable Myself included. I obviously fight to bring a swift end to the battle, but in the end, the sacrifice of my life may be required. Hope for the future may cloud my thinking in critical moments and prevent me from making the necesary sacrifice."

1 April 2005, 03:44 PM
The Kaminoan nods as Pellaeon and the sergeant discuss something on the datapad in hushed tones, clearly disagreeing on something.
"How do you feel in combat? When you kill? A droid? A sentient?"

4 April 2005, 02:11 PM
Kavarra furrows his brow for a moment. "A droid isn't alive, so it cant be killed. It's no different than breaking a kitchen implement or wrecking a speeder. One may regret the loss of money or time, but there's no remorse." He paused. "Killing a sentient is different. There is great potential in life. Potential for good. Potential for evil. When one kills someone it is hard to seperate them from what they could have been if things had been different. The line, however, is a clear one. Those we kill are those with great potential for evil, and therefore killing them is an act of mercy for hundreds, perhaps thousands, of others. I am glad that I don't have to decide where to draw the line, though. The weight of that position is a very great one."

5 April 2005, 07:16 AM
The Kaminoan nods approvingly, and opens it's small slit of a mouth to speak again when the sergeant interupts.
He isn't looking at you, rather his eyes are locked with Pellaeon's...and his face still looks angry, as if he knows what the lieutenant is going to say, and the sergeant doesn't like it...
"Pilot," the old sarge says; "if you found yourself in a similar situation...if you were sent to rescue commandoes, against a large hostile force...could you do it? Would you again weigh the odds, and come back without the commandoes?"

5 April 2005, 09:38 AM
"If my mission were to rescue a commando unit, and I was given the means to do so, I would. Without reserve or hesitation." He paused for a moment. "Further, if I were sent on what appeared to be an impossible rescue, I would comply to the fullest extent of my abilities, acheiving the greatest amount of success with minimal loss. I am here to act in the best interest of the Republic, and if my commanders decided that sacrificing myself, or my ship, became necesary, I would do it. I will not, however, take unnecesary chances on my own whims unless I can justify, to myself and to my commanding officers, that the potential benefit outweighs the risk."

6 April 2005, 06:28 AM
"Lieutenant, with all respect," the sergeant says, raising his voice he stabs a finger at you, "that vat-rat can't be trusted to bring 'em back!"

"Sergeant Aricoza, your concerns are duly noted," Pellaeon replies sternly before turning to the Kaminoan; "is he fit for duty?"
The Kaminoan looks at the moustached officer and gives a slow nod.
Aricoza stands and begins to storm out of the room but he stops at your side.
He motions to Pellaeon, "he's gonna send youze t' pick up one o'my boys. Youze best be sure to bring 'im an iz bruthas back or I'll-"

"SERGEANT!" Pellaeon barks, "DISMISSED!"
Aricoza strikes a match off your shoulder-plate and stomps out of the room, lighting a cigar.
Pellaeon fixes you with a stare; "KVR-R/A. There is a situation on the planet Tatooine. Failure is not an option. You are to fly to the viscinity of the city: Mos Espa..."


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6 April 2005, 10:14 AM
Kavarra sits alone in his bunk, polishing the black and yellow surface of his flight helmet. Though he knew he had done what had been necesary on Ryloth, he couldn't help but to feel that he had failed. Failed to destroy the shield generator. Failed to recover his team. Failed to complete his mission. The simple solace that he was still alive and well to make some sort of a difference in this war was not enough. He wished he were going back to Ryloth. To save his team, and fix his mistakes. Instead he was going to some sand blasted wasteland. He strapped his helmet on and rose to his feet. Stretching his neck back, he sighed. At least it would be a short flight.