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Night who says ni
19 January 2005, 12:46 PM
(O.C.C. Ok after long waiting the I.C. thread for Smoke on the Water is finally here! And there was great rejoicing, YAYYYY)

You awaken after a long night of sleep, you find yourself on your slightly modified Firespray-31 , you look around to find a makeshift crew of various people that have joined the rebellion for various reasons, some has not revelled themself yet but some have been completely open about there past, now that everyone is awake and grupy now is a fantastic time to learn about others.

(O.C.C. Go ahead and introduce yourseflf and then we can get into the story make sure you have the erydia guild on this wonderful website.)

19 January 2005, 02:32 PM
Seela is a slender, athletic, green, Twi'lek fringer. She wears black trousers, a matching vest and a sleeveless white shirt which leaves her mid-riff bare. A blaster pistol hangs off her right hip, on her upper left arm there is a tattoo of a flaming speederbike and on her stomach a tattoo of a blaster pistol crossed with a war axe. She carried a toolkit when she boarded, and one gets the sense that she knows her way around machines. In small talk she has disclosed that she grew up on Restam's Satellite, a small space station in the Outer Rim; more than that, she does not say.

20 January 2005, 06:21 AM
It is hard to tell if Vix is actually awake. Like all Verpine, he has no eyelids. His large insectine eyes always stare out into the world. He is also incredibly still most of the time. There's very little wasted motion with him.

He is happy to join in on conversation, though, and some small glimpses of his life become obvious. Vix reveals he was a small-time trader who did work for the Rebellion and circumstances beyond his control, namely Imperial arrest warrents, forced him to throw his lot in with the Rebels entirely.

30 January 2005, 08:20 AM
[OOG: This is not actually a IC post, but rather a "Where is everyone?" post].