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Corr Terek
8 February 2005, 02:52 PM
Jedi Master Raiyat Kahn meditated in the small lounge aboard Cale Daine's starship. With the horror and pain of Anakin's betrayal still fresh in his mind, he knew he needed the calming power of the Force. As he had so often done, he searched the stars with his mind, wandering among them as a solitary pilgrim. Uppermost in his thoughts were the two people dearest to him: Jedi Knight Lonni Brightstar and Padawan Kai Tredlan. He worried for them both, worried that they would not escape the Emperor's wrath.

His meditations were disturbed by the arrival of a diminutive figure. Master Yoda seemed as if the weight of the galaxy had fallen on his shoulders...perhaps it had. As Grand Master of the Jedi Order, Yoda was almost certainly the most hunted being in the universe. Not that Yoda cared for himself, of course, but the loss of so many Jedi was hard to bear.

They studied each other in silence for a few minutes. Finally Yoda spoke. "Fear for your Padawan, you do."

"I do. I have not seen him since that day..."

"Yet he may live. Felt it, we would have, if he had died."

"I know. But not feeling him now is much, much worse...." Raiyat Kahn trailed off. "But forgive me, Master. I should not be burdening your mind with such trivial matters. Have you decided on our destination?"

"A burden, you are not, Master Kahn. But yes, decided I have. To Carnos first we will go. Secluded, it is, and come to them, the Purge has not. Not yet."

"And then?"

"Then...then we will see, Master Kahn."

OOC: Carnos is a planet that is mostly large rain forests with small deserts and large lakes. It has been civilized for some time, and has been a subject of curiosity (for those who know of its value) in that it and its inhabitants are strong in the Force. On Carnos there are three main groups, 1) humans and other settlers, 2) the gorilla-like Kra, and 3) the reptilian Dallan.

Being such a powerful place, Carnos has long been a hub for Force-using traditions and stray Force-users. It is even rumored that one of the lost twenty went into seclusion there.

Max, I'll be handling some posting regarding Kai and Tamryn soon. Until then, well, Kai is basically rather brooding right now (you saved them from the clones just after they'd escaped from another danger -- don't worry, I'll explain soon) because of things that he's seen and done. Tamryn is, well, as innocent as a fifteen-year old girl can be (particularly a Padawan Learner) and she's also in a rather fragile mood right now. Seeing kids your age and younger being cut down by the guy you'd thought was your friend will do that to you. Kai is all for helping you hunt down troublemakers and evildoers, though Tam isn't so sure (she still clings to the Code). As I said before, your current destination is up to you.

Rostek and Tao -- Your destination is already mentioned. You may or may not sense something surrounding Carnos. It's something elsewhere...elusive...:D

9 February 2005, 08:29 AM
ooc - Didnt know if you wanted me to be onboard from the beginning, but from the above post it seemed like it was up to me to find my way to Carnos and that you could pull me in once I'm there. Oh, and sorry for the long post. My intros are always kind of long.

Tao'lin wiped the sweat from his brow and sighed, tossing his flight helmet onto the floor of his "borrowed" cloakshape fighter. Though he had left Merson nearly three hours earlier, his hands still trembled from the adrenaline let down. He closed his eyes and tried to go through the incredible series of events that had led him to his current unenviable situation. He shook his head. It could be worse... it could have been far worse. he thought, realizing that it was, in fact, far worse. The Jedi Temple was in ruins, hundreds of young Jedi slaughtered mercilessly, and dozens more scattered by the assault of a powerful enemy.
Friend. Enemy. It would seem that there were no clear lines drawn in this conflict. Tao’lin had been close friends of Anakin Skywalker, and the two shared the common bond of feeling equal parts of love and frustration towards their Masters. Anakin had once saved his life. It seemed like an eternity ago.

Tao'lin had sensed the betrayal on Merson. Had seen the clones draw their weapons on him even before it had happened. He had returned to the base camp anyway, hoping to reason with his troops and salvage his command. Except for a half dozen of the more ‘independent’ ARC and commandos, the clones turned against him, sentencing him to death as an enemy of the Republic. Those who defended him were overcome and killed by the hundreds of hostile clones. As it was, he could barely escape his pursuers in the Cloakshape fighter he had “commandeered” from a public starport. His old Master would have been so proud.
when he had broken atmosphere and the communication silencing umbrella of the Republic Blockade, Tao’lin received the worst news he could have imagined. The Jedi Temple was under attack, and those inside had been carefully and systematically slaughtered. At first, Tao’lin had refused to believe that the attacker had been Anakin. He was a good man, and an honorable warrior. Certainly, he had experienced bouts of depression and frustration, but Tao’lin assumed it was common. The life of a Jedi was not one of ease and comfort. It was natural that sacrifice sometimes bred negative feelings. To accept this was only to accept humanity. It wasn’t to fall.

In the cramped cockpit of the Cloakshape, Tao’lin played the holovid once more. There was no mistaking it. It was Anakin. It was Anakin tearing through the great hall. Through the archives and the gardens. It was Anakin in the conservatory, and in the council chambers. It was Anakin crossing blades with Lana Daine. Tao’lin turned off the holo. There wasn’t anything else to see anyway. The power had been cut, and the holorecorders didn’t function well on the emergency reserves.
Tao’lin sighed, trying to decide what to do. His whole life had been spent in the service of the Republic, and now he had been declared an outlaw by the Senate he had sworn to defend and would be hunted by a brother he had promised never to betray.
He flipped through his navigation charts looking for a planet where he could lay low. Carnos was small and out of the way, nearly forgotten and shielded against anyone who would attempt to use the Force to locate him. It would take a while before the Senate's agents would arrive. He felt the approving guidance of the Force leading him to Carnos. There he would have time to rest and to plan.
Setting his course for the planet of Carnos, he vowed to find a way to right the injustices that had been committed. As a Jedi, Tao’lin would never seek revenge, no matter how desperately he desired. Yet, he could seek justice. Sometimes that was every bit as satisfying. As a Jedi, Tao’lin could not feel anger, no matter how desperately he desired. So in this moment he decided to feel sorrow. Sorrow for the loss of friends and brothers within the Order. For the betrayal of his once loyal troops. Sorrow for the fate of the world. And as the stars stretched into white lines across his viewport, Tao’lin lowered his head and let the first tear that he had ever cried slip down his cheek and fall through empty space, the small globe of water bursting against the smooth metal hilt of his lightsaber.


The brilliant spiraling colors of hyperspace parted into streams of white light which quickly stabilized into brilliant pinpricks against the black fabric of space. Tao'lin didn't see as humans did, his race relying on the Force for their very sight. But he could see well enough to accomplish any task, and with a little bit of training he had learned to read the intricate data spilled across the monitors of a cockpit. He checked the sensors while reaching out to the Force. Something felt familiar about the place. Familiar and comforting. But as he reached out he suddenly picked up a second current in the Force. One that was not nearly so inviting. Someone else was down there. And whoever it was, he was waiting for him.

9 February 2005, 10:17 AM
Master Cale Daine sat at the controls of the Watchman as Mark entered the hyperdrive coordnates for Carnos. Daine had heard of the world, though only had what one might call a passing familiarity with it's description and inhabitants. Master Yoda believed it would be the best destination for a group of three Jedi Masters (well- one Grand Master, a Master and a Senior Knight, but the distiction didn't matter very much anymore...) who are desperate to hide from that scum Palpatine's "New Order". Cale Daine wasn't entirely sure there was a truely safe part of the galaxy anymore- save the Unknown Regions, perhaps, but even then, Master Daine was unsure that they could hide themselves for long.
Mark booped monotonaly, half spinning his domed head, indicating that the coordnates are locked in- Cale engaged the hyperdrive obligingly, and the Citadel armed transport shot off towards Yoda's safeworld.

"Watch the controls- I'm going to go eat." he told the R2 unit, who replied with a fairly supportive series of beeps. Master Daine hadn't eaten since the escape, and that was... well, quite some time ago. Still, the Jedi had not felt the touch of hunger until had finalized their escape. No one could touch them now- until they reached the two course correction points. Those points lay in uninteresting barren patches of space, so it was doubtful that they would run into trouble... but then, theoretically they could.
As he reached the small galley of the ship, Daine poured a cup of chokolot and removed a plastic soup cup/container and placed it in the rad-oven, setting the timer for 40 seconds. Retrieving the soup, Master Daine sat down with his small meal and began to read the briefing on Carnos that Master Yoda had brought with them.
As he read, he coud not help but think about Tao'lin and Obi-Wan. His former Padawan was still alive- and free- as far as he could sense, but most likely it was only a matter of time. Hopefully Tao'lin will have sensed the escape that he and the others would take, and follow, but Master Daine had long been wary of optomistic certainty. Obi-Wan on the other hand... Cale wished he could talk with his old friend, but Yoda had told him that Master Kenobi was "ensuring the survival of the Order... and the Galaxy", whatever that meant. He had not felt Obi-Wan die, but he could not sense his presence anymore, either. Hopefully all will be revealed in time...

Corr Terek
9 February 2005, 06:28 PM
OOC: Dunno if you guys have read "Yoda:Dark Rendezvous", but I'd say its the best Clone Wars novel so far. At any rate, the power of Carnos is similar to that found on Vjun, only it's more neutral. The Force energy of the planet can enhance the natural powers of a Force-User. This power can have an intoxicating effect on those unused to its effects. Carnos is on the Outer Rim, on the very edge of Known Space.


Alarms. Screaming. Fear. They overloaded his senses. He saw Anakin cut down Whie -- the Padawan didn't even have a chance to defend himself. Scout had leapt forward, clearly unbalanced by the loss of her friend, but he'd grabbed her and pulled her away from the slaughter. But they hadn't escaped.

Clones...they were everywhere. He'd drawn his lightsaber, as had Scout and a few of the older Padawans. They'd valiantly tried to hold of the clones, but one by one were gunned down. Scout fell, and he'd taken up her lightsaber as well as his own. And then he'd seen her...Tamryn. She was dazed by the horror, not seeming to realize what was happening. A clone trooper hurled a grenade, and he acted. Diving toward Tamryn, he grabbed her and crashed through a window, falling toward the pavement two stories below...

Kai woke with a start. It was dark aboard the ship, but Kai knew he wasn't the only one awake. Tamryn was awake. He could sense her in her quarters, lying on her bed and trembling. He wasn't the only one with nightmares.

Kai sighed and got up. The nightmares were getting worse...reliving every moment from the beginning of that horrible day of slaughter. First, there had been the betrayal. Anakin. They'd been lucky enough to escape that fairly intact. Then, as they fled, they'd been caught by a street gang with ideas about bounties...and about Tamryn. There had been no escape at first...but then the Dark Side called. And Kai answered.

When he was done, there was no more street gang. But clone troops had been drawn by the commotion, and they'd had to flee. And then Szass had come. The wiry alien had defeated the clones, and then led the two exhausted Padawans to his ship.

Since then, they'd been drifting. Szass had been pretty closemouthed, but Kai could sense his sincerity. There was no danger from him. And he'd wanted to hunt down the clones and their new master...something that Kai could agree with. Enjoy, even.

His thoughts were interrupted by a small tap at his door. "Come in." he called. The door hissed open, and Tam slowly walked in. She was still trembling, and felt so vulnerable that Kai instinctivily wanted to shield her. "Nightmares?"

"Yeah," She sat down next to him. "You?"

Kai shrugged. "Yep. But it'll go away soon."

The look she gave him was so haunted that Kai would never forget it. "No. No, it won't."

"Tamryn..." Kai gently placed a hand on her shoulder. She shook her head.

"I'm sorry, Kai, I shouldn't be bothering you..."

"But you can't sleep, is that it?"

Tam nodded. She began to tear up, and Kai instinctively reached out to her. Her tears stained his tunic, but Kai couldn't help but think this was the most healthy way. For himself, there was only anger -- anger, and revenge.

OOC: I'll post bios for Kai and Tam tomorrow. Rostek, you're going to be able to make an effective landing on Carnos, though you still sense something's not right. Same for you, Tao, though you haven't met each other yet. Ordo, well, Carnos would be a good destination, but it's not mandatory.

max ordo
10 February 2005, 12:27 AM
Szass powers up the engines of Shadow Hunter and eases the ship off the landing platform into the busy Coruscant sky angling it up through the atmosphere. His adrenaline starts pumping as he nears space. No one has attempted to contact him or even give him clearance to leave the planet. He was glad he paid the extra money for the sensor-baffling compound he’d had the ship coated with. It was unfortunate that the workers at the small platform he’d landed at briefly had to be dealt with the way they were, but he had no time to worry about that. ‘All wars have casualties’ Szass thinks to himself, chuckling. As he breaks through the atmosphere into the deep darkness of space he wonders what it was that made him take these two young Jedi with him.
Once they were off Coruscant Szass showed the two young Jedi to their quarters and left them to rest while he decided where to take these two. Things had changed much in the past millennia or so while he slept. The first thing he needed was information and the best place in the galaxy for that was Bothawui. The Bothans are known for knowing things others didn’t, due in large part to the Spynet. Szass even knew where to go, Tereb Kre’feyt. He had learned of him while working for Jabba. The little fur ball had gotten the location of two or three marks of Szass’s that no one else could find. If anyone could tell him where the Jedi had fled to it would be him. Szass knew that at least one of his two passengers would need to go to them, the girl, Tam needed her masters. The other one, Kai, could possibly be a partner for Szass in this new endeavor.
Szass had decided that he wanted to face this traitorous Jedi, Anakin. “I’ve killed just about everything in the galaxy and you’re next..”

The next morning Szass calls his new passengers up to the small common area while droid DV-S1 monitored the ship while in hyperspace. The two look very tired and worn. “I’ll make this short then you can rest some more. We are heading to Bothawui to try and get some information about your Master’s and if there is a location I could take you to. This will be the best place to start unless you have another destination in mind? If the bothans can’t help we’ll head to Nar’ Shadda where the Hutts can supply some information I’m sure”
Szass waits to hear what the Jedi’s think of this.

Corr Terek
10 February 2005, 06:21 PM
The three Jedi had disembarked from the Watchman, leaving Mark to keep the ship locked down. Originally, both Cale and Raiyat had been against Master Yoda leaving the ship at all, but the Grand Master had been exceptionally stubborn -- and had also pointed out that he wasn't likely to be any safer by himself.

They made their way through the dusty streets of Abrigorn, the main spaceport city of Carnos. Master Kahn was reminded of Mos Eisley...though it wasn't quite as filled with the low-lifes of the galaxy. The whole place had an exotic air to it...and for a Jedi, the power of the Force was nearly enough to drive one mad.

So far no one had taken notice of them, though Master Kahn had to wonder how long that would last...Cale was nervously glancing about, and Raiyat could even sense wariness from Master Yoda. Something was not right.

Suddenly Raiyat experienced a flash of warning. He spun and ignited his lightsaber, the brilliant green bisecting the blue sky. There was a sharp report, and his lightsaber hissed as the metal slug hit it. "Cale!"

Cale's lightsaber was already out, as was Yoda's. Already Raiyat could see several dark-robed figures swarming for them. "Beware the rooftoops!" Master Yoda barked. More of the dark-robed ones were taking up sniping positions, and an automatic blaster opened up to Raiyat's left.

OOC: The dark-robed attackers will engage you hand to hand. They have decent Force capabilities, and the blades they carry are made of a metal that can stop lightsabers. Other assassins are on the rooftops. Tao, you may join in if you feel it's appropriate.

As promised, the bios for Tam and Kai:

Kai Tredlan
Kai Tredlan is (or was) Master Kahn's Padawan. At sixteen-years of age, Kai is no stranger to grief, having seen friends die during the War. Anakin's betrayal has cost Kai whatever innocence he may have had left. Treading dangerously close to the Dark Side, Kai believes that with most of the Order decimated, there is no point in following the Code. He carries two lightsabers -- his own, and the blade of a fallen Padawan named scout. Once boyishly handsome, Kai's newfound anger has given his face a more...intimidating cast.

Tamryn Herris
A fifteen-year-old Padawan, Tamryn Herris served with Jedi Master Eleena Gavris, until her Master was shot down above Malastare. Tamryn was returned to the Temple just in time to witness the horror of Anakin's betrayal. Kai Tredlan managed to save her life numerous times that day, and she has grown attached to him. Tam holds to the Code in spite of the loss of so many Jedi. Tam is a dark-haired girl, rather short, but with a natural grace and perfect proportion and beauty. Skilled more as a pilot than a ground warrior, Tamryn doesn't know what to expect from the days ahead. All she hopes is to remain with Kai.

max ordo
11 February 2005, 11:06 AM
The Jedi had nothing better to suggest so they returned to their quarters to rest. The trip to Bothawui took no time at all and was incident free. When they arrived on the Bothan’s home world Szass told the two Jedi to stay on the ship and to go to the hidden compartment if anyone came around the ship and that he would not be long. Szass wasn’t too worried about anyone boarding his ship; the ships personal defense system would discourage most would be intruders. Besides there were only two ways to bypass those guns, one was his data pad and the other was DV-S1. The droid would only open the ship for Szass; anyone else attempting to enter would get a nasty surprise from the dropdown light repeating blasters.
Szass left the ship secured and quickly made his way to the Bothan, Tereb Kre’feyt, then return these padawans to their masters if possible. He remembered to pull up the hood of his cloak or keep to the darker alleyways. He was trying to not draw any attention to himself and as far as he could discern he was the only Dashade in the galaxy. On his way to meet Tereb Kre’feyt he could sense a tension in the populace and heard whispers all around him of the slaughter at the Jedi Temple, he also heard other pieces of conversation” Jedi tried to assassinate the Supreme Chancellor “ being the dominant theme it seemed. He reached Tereb’s office with no problems. The Bothan, seeing Szass, looked ready to bolt but didn’t as Szass says” Long time no see Tereb. I need information …quickly.” The feline humanoid relaxed, visibly relieved, seeing Szass wasn’t here for him. “What can I do for you, what do you require?” Szass pulls back the hood of his cloak “ I need information on the whereabouts of the Jedi who fled Coruscant. Master Jedi in particular.” The bothans only response was a shake of his head indicating ‘no’. “Sorry but nothing definitive, not even a rumor. There was a ship that left Coruscant that someone had supposedly seen the head of the Order and two others board a ship called the Watchman, but all that’s about it.” “Damn!” Szass growls as he turns to leave, the Bothan adds, “if it helps its believed that they were headed for the Outer Rim.”
Szass hurried back to the ship “ the Outer Rim, not much but it’s a place to start.” On his way to the ship he notices a group of 3 clone troopers as he rounds a corner. He keeps moving to the landing pad “I’ll be there in a few minutes, but just in case” he thinks to himself as he comms DV-S1 and tells the droid to power up the engines and put in the coordinates to make a jump to hyperspace as soon as they break the atmosphere, “lets go to Nar Shadda” he tells the droid. His only answer is a series of beeps and whistles but knows it will be done.
He had spotted three other groups of the clone troops but none had said anything to him and he reached the ship with no confrontations. Upon entering the ship he was met by Kai “ Were you able to find them?” the young man sounded skeptical. “No, nothing definite only that three Jedi, one of them the head of your Order were seen boarding a ship named ‘Watchman”. Do you recognize this, or know where in the Outer Rim they might be heading?” Of course he recognized the ships name it belonged to Master Daine his masters friend. “He must be with them! “ Kai thinks to himself. After a moment of silence Kai answers the Dashade’s question. “That ship belongs to Master Cale Daine, a friend of my masters. As for where they may be heading I couldn’t say for certain but Raiyat, Master Kahn had told me about a world in the Outer Rim called Carnos; it’s almost entirely forested and is very strong in the force as are the inhabitants. That may be a good place to start looking.” Szass is pleased to hear this, he heads to the cockpit to take off and head towards this, Carnos.
Reaching the cockpit Szass lifts off from the platform. As the ship comes off the ground about 10m up the ships alarm goes off, confused Szass looks at the controls but nothing. Then he sees a flash of red out of the corner of his eye as a blaster bolt bounces off the ships hull. The clone troopers he saw earlier had followed him, recognizing him as the one responsible for the deaths of 15 troopers on Coruscant while they were attempting to apprehend Two outlaw Jedi but not wanting to face him alone. Szass smiles to himself and says “give my regards to your masters” as he speeds upward letting a concussion missile fly straight back at the platform where the were gathered. Pushing the ship as fast as he could in the atmosphere the sensors pick up two Republic fighters who are telling him to land. Szass replies just as Kai comes into the cockpit “ good luck” as the ship slips out of the planets gravity and engages the Hyperdrive. All the Republic pilots see is a black ship speeding away then it was gone. Szass turns to Kai and explains “ the clones spotted me and decided they wanted to talk as we were leaving and I didn’t want to.” We’ll keep on the course I had in for Nar Shadda until we’re out of the system then I’ll have DV recalculate the to get us to Carnos.”
When the ship is safely out of the system Szass drops out of Hyperspace and has the efficient droid recalculate their course for Carnos. After they are on their way Szass heads back to the galley to find Kai and Tamryn. He thinks its time to try and get to know these two a little better.

12 February 2005, 02:37 PM
Cale had felt the attack moments before Master Kahn's warning had rang out. In an instant snap-hiss sound, the bright azure blade had sprung to life in his hands, and the Jedi immidietely moved to engage the nearest blade wielder. **parry** **parry** **slash** **slash** **STAB**. Down went the first blade wielder, a slightly smoking hole in his upper right chest. Cale was shocked that his lightsaber had no effect on the blades... but that was unimportant at the moment, since it was now apparent that melee combat was indeed possible with Jedi, and that these persons were intent on pursuing it. **pop-swiz** Cale intercepted a slug en route to his back with a twirl of his blade. Pausing combat for a moment, Cale reached out his hand at a sniper targeting Master Kahn, and pulled. The rifle jerked toward the ground hard. The sharpshooter, apparently unwilling to release his fouling piece, tumbled afterward, intercepting the ground with possbily fatal gusto. Damn... I hope he's alive to question the Jedi thought- but his internal convorsation was cut short by a grunting **swish** that permeated the air in front of him. Apparently one of Master Yoda's attacker's backswing was nearing his postion. Cale caught the blade, bending the owner's arms over his back, engaging in a contest of strength that was thankfully cut short due to Master Yoda's swift strike to the wielder's chest. The man crumpled over, and Cale was glad to see the odds were quickly evening.

[OOC: Is that about what you want, Corr?]

Corr Terek
12 February 2005, 03:02 PM
OOC: Yeah, that's about right


Master Kahn faced off against a particularly skillful opponent who wielded two blades. Time to dance, my friend...

They engaged in an impossibly fast duel. Kahn's Force abilities were magnified by the latent power of Carnos, but then, so were his opponent's. They disengaged briefly, and the assassin used this opportunity to push Master Kahn backwards. It wouldn't have been serious except for the fact that he stumbled over a loose stone in the streets. Lying flat on his back, Master Kahn presented a perfect target, and the assassin moved to attack, his blades whirling madly. Master Kahn looked up and his eyes narrowed -- and the assassin suddenly rebounded from an invisible wall. Cale took off his head with a backswing.

The chatter of the auto-blaster finally stopped -- Master Yoda had finally silenced it. Raiyat glanced to his left and could see the Grand Master bobbing and weaving across the rooftops, gradually taking out the snipers.

OOC: Roughly guessing, there are about 15 melee opponents 5 snipers left. The melee assassins are wielding staves, swords, knives, and other melee weapons, all made out of that same metal.

14 February 2005, 07:13 AM
The stolen cloakshape eased down through the thick clouds of dust kicked up by the powerful repulsorlift engines. Tao'lin settled down on the ship's landing struts and popped the canopy, stowing his personal gear in the large-mouthed sack. He wore a black jumpsuit, "liberated" from the private landing pad at Merson. The crimson and gold unit patch emblazoned across his left shoulde marked him as a member of the elite mercenary unit "Desperate Sunrise".

Tao'lin slung the black bag across his chest and clipped his lightsaber inside his jacket. The carbine at his hip would make a much more appropriate weapon for a supposed pilot and gun-for-hire, and though it had been frowned upon by most of the older generations of Jedi, he had grown used to using blasters when the situation warrented it and was especially handy with a carbine. He pulled the ship's canopy closed and sealed it remotely as he stepped into the dusty streets that would take him towards the center of town.


The small apartment was all he could afford for the moment. Having spent his whole life in service to the Jedi had left Tao'lin without any property of his own, and without the skills to make much of a living. While some Jedi were also artists or mechanics, Tao was a warrior through and through. A warrior, a law officer, a general. He smiled to himself. It was a worthy calling, and one that had helped many. He had no regrets.
From somewhere nearby he could hear blaster fire. He tried to reach out with the Force to investigate, but was nearly drowned in the powerful wave that hit him. The Force was strong here. Too strong. But somewhere in that intoxicating blend of emotion and life he had sensed someone very close to him. Master Daine was here.
He opened the window of his small apartment and slid out, falling the few meters to the ground below. He could hear the blaster-fire more clearly now. Hang on Master, I am coming...

Exiting the darkened alleyway was like emerging onto a battlefield. There were over a dozen hostile targets, and only three Jedi. It hardly seemed fair. The hostiles should have brought backup.
He knew his cover would be blown if he intervened, but he had to help his friend. Honor demanded it. Quickly tightening the violet cloth that covered his eyes, he drew his lightsaber and walked casually forward, his blade extending and pointing towards the dusty street. The first target didn't even sense his approach until it was too late. Tao'lin continued slowly forward, his movements calm and deliberate. He raised his knee, driving it into the stomach of nearby assasin who was turning to evaluate the new threat. The assasin crumpled beneath the impact of Tao'lin's knee, the blow forcing the air from his lungs and leaving him incapacitated. As the assasin fell, Tao'lin paused, turning over his shoulder to glance at Master Daine. "I leave you alone for a few weeks, and look at what happens..." He smiled, bringing his weapon up to redirect a blow from a thick mace that would have cost him his head. He steps towards his former Master, motioning towards a group of assasins. "Shall we?"

OOC Under most combat situations, Tao'lin is very casual, generally walking and holding his body in a non-threatening stance, and using his abilities of precognition to parry and redirect attacks to create an opening for the disabling blow. Only when facing a "worthy" opponant does he use his much more aggressive Form VII techniques.

max ordo
14 February 2005, 10:03 AM
Szass made his way back to the small common room aboard Shadow Hunter to speak to his young guests. The girl, Tamryn was nowhere to be seen but Kain was sitting on the floor, apparently meditating. Szass took a seat and waited for the Jedi to finish not wanting to interrupt. After a few minutes Kai emerges from his meditation and is startled by Szass’s presence, not having sensed him entering the small room. “I thought we should talk, kinda get to know a little more about each other.” Szass gives the Jedi a few moments to reply but nothing is said. “Well I’ll start I guess, I was a highly trained assassin … bodyguard…. Mercenary that was placed in cryogenic stasis a very long time ago. It was during a war between your kind, the Jedi, and another race of force users called the Sith. Since I’ve awakened I figured out its been over a millennia since I was placed in stasis. My Faleen employer placed me and 30 other Dashade in stasis so our prowess in battle would not be lost. My home world and as far as I can tell my entire race is extinct due to our sun going supernova and killing almost all life in the Cron Cluster. Prior to stasis I would handle anything my Faleen employer needed. I was especially useful against the Sith or Jedi since the force, which both rely on to heavily, has little or no effect on my race and they were no match in physical combat for a true Dashade warrior. I still have a few ..trophies.. from my more memorable battles with those force users that were place in stasis with me. This brings me to a question I wanted to ask you, are you fully trained in the Jedi arts or no?” Kai stares in awe at Szass, unable to comprehend what it must be like for him, waking up after a millennia or more in stasis. Nothing or no one who he knew was still alive, and to have battled Sith, true dark lords, and lived. He and Tamryn were lucky to have met this alien. “I haven’t been raised to Jedi knight yet I am still just a padawan but I am to defend myself and hold my own in combat.” Kai waits for a reaponse from Szass who is studying him with his bright orange eyes. After a moment the silence is broken “ Then I offer to complete your training as a warrior. I didn’t save you and your friend to just let you go off and get yourselves killed, especially if you want revenge against the ones who slaughtered your friends and destroyed your home. I will train you as a Dashade warrior which means you will learn more than lightsaber combat. I will show you how to move though the world and not be seen, to strike at enemies from unnoticed positions or to strike from a distance. I’ll make this offer once to you and your friend if she would be interested.”
That said Szass gets up to return to the cockpit. As he is walking from the room Kai replies “ I will gladly accept your offer. The order is no more and obviously the Jedi are not strong enough to defend themselves. I want to be strong enough to defend my friends not watch them die” Szass turns and sees the young man staring at one of his two lightsabers, tears forming in his eyes. “I will not fail again!” Szass nods his head in understanding and returns to the cockpit. When he reaches the cockpit Szass checks the controls and sensors to make sure all is well. “If all goes well we should get to this planet within two days, and then the hunt begins.”

Corr Terek
14 February 2005, 03:20 PM
Kai stopped in the open doorway to Tam's small cabin. "Hey, Tam." She was sitting on her cot, combing her hair. When she looked up, Kai noticed she'd been crying again. The Force told him that the pain of her grief was lessening, but it would still linger for some time. Kai, on the other hand, felt no more pain -- not that kind, at least. But he hadn't come to talk about pain. "You got a minute?"

"Of course, Kai. What's up?" Tam scooted over so he could sit next to her. Kai briefly explained Szass's offer. When he was finished, Tam looked at him, her large eyes filled with doubt and skepticism. "Will you take him up on it?"

"Yeah, I think so. Szass is offering us a way to survive, something the Code can no longer give. I know your feelings, but I'm not going to sit by and wait for that traitor to hunt me down. I'm not going down without a fight."

Tam shook her head. "I don't like it...but if you're game for this, then so am I." She glanced keenly at him. "I know what burns in your heart, Kai. I can feel it. And I can't let you go through it alone."

Kai sighed, unwilling to concede her point, but inwardly glad she'd decided to stay. "All right then." Then, lest she think he was really mad at her, he added, "I suppose I do need some looking after."


Raiyat's first intimation that Tao'lin had arrived was the sudden whoosh of air as an assassin recoiled from Tao'lin's fist, which was at that moment leaving a mark in the poor man's stomach. "Well met, Tao'lin!"

"It's good to see you alive, Master Kahn." Tao'lin stated, turning to deflect a knife strike.

"And you likewise." Master Kahn replied. "I see that Cale and Master Yoda have cleared out the rooftops." It was true -- the assassins had had enough and were fleeing the scene. Tao'lin's arrival had unnerved them.

All but one, that is. As Master Yoda made his way back to the others, an assassin sprang from the shadows, his knife aimed directly toward the Grand Master's unprotected back. Raiyat tried to warn him, but there was no time.

However, the Grand Master's peril had not gone unnoticed. A young woman suddenly appeared, leaping from the city street to the rooftop in one easy motion. Her blade intercepted the assassin's, just as Master Yoda leaped aside. And then they forgot to be wary as they witnessed an incredible display of swordsmanship.

The assassin was fast, but the woman was faster and much more skilled -- and very strong in the Force. Within seconds the assassin was bleeding from a dozen wounds, and before a minute had fully passed the short contest was over.

Master Yoda and Cale had rejoined Tao'lin and Raiyat, and after a second or two the woman leaped down to join them. She was a native of the planet -- one could tell by her clothing. Her Asian features were evenly spaced and honest-looking. She studied them briefly, and spoke, almost to herself. "The Great Master...the Mad General...the Sightless Warrior...the Burning Blade...you have come." She frowned. "But where are the others?"

"Others, you say?" Master Yoda asked, his ears perking up.

The woman nodded. "The Shadow, the Fury, and the Pilot...they have not come? I did not see their faces, as I saw yours, but they must come. They must. I dreamed it."

Abruptly she seemed to come out of her strange mood. "Forgive me. The Force is strong here, and it can give signs to those who can feel it. We did not learn of your arrival until almost too late, and there was no time to gather our people."

Puzzled, Master Kahn could only reply, "Apology accepted. But...who are you?"

The girl smiled. "I am Raena. Raena Terek. More than that, I cannot tell you. But I can lead you to a safe place, and tomorrow I will take you to my Master. He will explain all."

OOC: Raena will lead you to a safe house, where you will spend the night. Though she is friendly and you sense no danger from her, Raena is also very closemouthed. She holds herself tight in the Force.

max ordo
15 February 2005, 08:48 AM
The ship slips out of hyperspace a short distance from Carnos, it appeared to be a lush almost tropical planet with only a few large settlements. Szass set in a course for the largest one and angled the ship through the atmosphere. He calls back to Kai and Tamryn, telling them both to come to the cockpit. “We are here, I’m going to land at the edge of the city to attract less attention. Both of you go and prepare yourselves to leave the ship, we’re going to see if we can find your masters.”
Both young Jedi return to their quarters to prepare themselves while Szass finished landing the vessel. “Shut down the ship DV, we’re going out. Have it ready on a moments notice though in case I need you.” The droid answers with a series of whistles and beeps, mumbling under his breath Szass says” I wish I could understand you droid” and walks back to his quarters to get himself ready. The two young Jedi are unprepared for what they see when Szass emerges from his quarters into the small common area. He appears, literally seeming to form from the shadows in black body armor that seems to absorb light as opposed to reflecting it. The armor looks old, very old and it has tiny inscriptions across the chest and down the arms. This isn’t the only thing that has stunned the Jedi, besides the two sonic blasters hanging from his waist there are what appear to be two lightsabers on his belt a little further back from the blasters. Noticing the sabers Kai asks” What are you doing with those? Only Jedi use those blades.” Nodding towards Kai “ As I told you earlier I had a few trophies from my time prior to the cryo-stasis. The Jedi aren’t the only ones to ever use the lightsaber, the Sith were fond of them also along with this armor.”
Pointing at the two Jedi Szass tells them both “put these one” and hands them each a gray hooded cloak. “No need to advertise what you are” as he covers himself with a long black hooded cloak effectively hiding the armor and his weaponry. Looking at the two Jedi “ All ready? Follow me and stay alert. This is the start of your first lesson.” Szass doesn’t wait for an answer and turns towards the hatch. He extends the boarding ramp and heads down onto Carnos. The three make their way from the small landing strip towards the middle of the settlement. The locals seem quiet; maybe cautious would be a better way to describe it. Szass could almost feel the eyes watching them as they made their way through the town. “We need information, lets find a cantina or someplace that people might be talking” as he leads the two Jedi towards an establishment he spotted about 50m down the street. Kai and Tamryn follow mutely feeling almost overwhelmed by this place, the force is so strong here. They both also feel as if they are being watched or monitored through the force and its not a friendly presence. Kai moves up to Szass and whispers to him ”Someone or something knows we’re here and is watching” Szass slows and looks around “I can feel something watching also, just an instinct though. Be ready to fight when the opportunity presents itself. Shoot first ask questions later is the way to survive.”
Once inside the cantina Szass orders food for the three of them after finding a seat, the table was in the back corner of the establishment with their backs to the wall so no surprises. The two Jedi were talking about strength of the force on this planet, while Szass was busy listening to the conversations around him. “Well it sounds like we might be in the right place, it seems there was a fight in the streets a few days, which could be typical, but just listening to those around us I hear mention of blasters being deflected by lightsabers and 4 men defeating 10 or 15 assailants. That sounds like Jedi to me. We’ll try and find where this fight happened and start our search from there. We’ll just need to be cautious and I’ll need you both to do exactly as I say.” The two Jedi nod in agreement and follow the mercenary out the door onto the street.

Corr Terek
17 February 2005, 05:46 PM
They had been treking through the jungle for over an hour by the time Raena called for them to halt. Pushing aside two bushes, she showed them a forest trail that led further into the jungle. "This way, Masters."

"Raena, where exactly are we going?" Tao'lin asked.

"To meet my Master, as I told you. Did you rest well last night?"

"Yes, very." Raiyat replied. "We are indebted to your kindness."

"Your Master, who is he?" Master Yoda asked, speaking for the first time that day. Raena looked back at him, somewhat surprised.

"He is Master Karr Mallux. Don't you know him?"

Something changed in Master Yoda's face, though Raiyat wasn't immediately sure what. The name seemed somewhat familiar, though Raiyat couldn't remember where he'd heard it.

They finally reached a clearing in the forest, and after a few seconds Raiyat could make out a small dwelling in the clearing, barely discernible from the growth around it. "Master Mallux," Raena called in a low voice. "I've brought them."

There was silence for a second or two, then a figure made its way out of the dwelling. "Good welcome to you, friends." Master Mallux was a tall, lean near-human, his hair silver grey and flowing. His features were even and rather handsome, despite the long thin scar that started above his eye and ran down the side of his face until it vanished under his tunic. Master Raiyat caught his breath -- this Master Mallux was very much like his former Padawan Lonni Brightstar. He wondered if they'd been of the same species.

But the Master was speaking again. "We welcome you especially, Master Yoda, and do not think we are ungrateful for the sacrifice you have made in coming here."

Yoda nodded slowly, but Raiyat could see the confusion on Cale and Tao'lin's faces, and knew it must have been reflected in his own. Sacrifice? What did he mean by that?

"Glad to see you well, I am, Master Mallux." Yoda said gravely. "Know of the danger, do you?"

"Indeed I do -- we on this world are not so insulated from the outside as you might think. I am sorry." Again, Master Yoda bowed his head in acknowledgement. Master Mallux continued. "But there is a choice ahead of us, and you have already taken the first steps."

He motioned vaguely toward the city. "You've already met the Saluks, the Dark Knights. While there is much I would tell you of them, there is no time. They are not allied with the Sith, but they are not enemies of them either, and they have hunted you for purposes of their own."

"What are you implying?" Cale asked, frowning.

"I'm saying that doubtless it would be beneficial to the Saluks to prove their...allegience to the new order. What better way to do that than to destroy the Grand Master of the Jedi Order? And they will do it, too, if they get the chance. You've only met their common warriors, initiates, those at the bottom of the ladder. Their Master and his five Serns are not to be trifled with." Master Mallux shook his head. "I've fought them, as has Raena, and many others. But until now there have been so few of us..."

"Asking for our help, are you?" Yoda asked. "Draw attention to the planet, that will."

Master Mallux shrugged. "Do what you will. Regardless, I and mine will help you in whatever you decide."


Meanwhile, Szass and his two new apprentices were returning to their ship after a fruitless night of inquiries. "The people here don't give us much, do they?" Tam ventured, breaking the uneasy silence. Kai snorted sourly.

"I wouldn't, in their place. You think they want the Chosen One paying them a visit?" The reference to Anakin Skywalker was spit out, as if the very words were poisonous. Tam was properly subdued.

"I'm sorry."

For half a moment, Kai felt sorry he'd snapped at her, but whatever he'd have said was cut short by Szass's impatient motion for silence. "Quiet, both of you."

Kai immediately stretched out with the Force, and felt Tam do likewise. There was a presence, an oily, slippery presence. "Master...something comes!"

Two dark-robed warriors leaped from the rooftops surrounding the ship, and immediately leaped toward the two former Padawans

OOC: Rostek, you and Tao'lin will have some say in the decision-making Master Karr Mallux referred to. What course of action should there be from here? (I'll be giving you decisions like this from time to time, so be sure to keep a ready opinion on everything).

Max, I'll be sending you a PM regarding your situation.

max ordo
18 February 2005, 02:25 AM
Szass turns towards the two Jedi just as the dark cloaked assailants leaped towards his new students. As he does this he catches movement from the corner of his eye and turns to meet this new threat. “Watch yourselves,” he yells back to Kai and Tam hearing two lightsabers ignite as he says this and a third a second later. He glances over his should to see Kai standing defensively between the two attackers and Tam holding his blue and green blades in front of him ready to stop the attackers. In front of him he sees eight more of attackers advancing on the trio, slowly fanning out to try and encircle them.
All the attackers are armed with long swords one of them had two blades held comfortably at his sides. The attackers paused about 20 feet from Szass and his two charges “Give us the Jedi and you will live”, Szass sees another five of these black clad assassins, three on the left and two on the right. “Not enough” Szass says in a whisper, his orange eyes gleaming in the dark night “What was that?” the man with two swords replies. “I said Not Enough” in a slightly louder voice. And with that the assassins start to slowly move towards them “This is your last chance, give us the Jedi”.
In the blink of an eye they had their answer as twin crimson lightsabers appeared in Szass’s hands. Maybe his movements were to quick and fluid but the assassins all stopped short when the blades appeared in Szass’s hands not even having seen him move to grab them, they seemed to materialize there. The assassins rushed the trio attempting to circle them.
Kai watched the scene unfold around him almost in slow motion, wondering if these were hunters the Chosen One had sent and determined to not let them succeed. Hearing the unseen mans request to turn him and Tam over he had a fleeting fear that Szass would do just that. His trust in his new master was well placed though as he heard Szass’s reply, he risked a quick glance at Tam and gave an ‘I told you so’ look and a grin, she grinned back sheepishly. All of a sudden things snapped back to real time and the fight was on. Seeing all those men advancing on his new master, not thinking Szass could handle them all at once, Kai yelled “NO!!!” He felt a hole open inside him that was instantly filled with the force then quickly released. Astonished and a little afraid, not knowing what had just happened, Kai watched as all the attackers except the man with two blades seemed to be lifted off their feet and hurled to the ground five feet behind them. The men were all back on their feet in an instant and they resumed their attack, except for the warrior with two swords who seemed to study Kai with renewed interest. That small halt in their attacked cost the assassins dearly, unaffected by the wave of force energy that knocked them to their feet Szass closed on a group of five closest to him. He was on them in a heartbeat, his lightsabers a blur as he attacked all five men at once. One of the assassins said “Stupid choice” the words dying on his lips as Szass lunged forward snapping his arms straight ahead, burying both lightsabers in the center of the mans chest then extending his arms straight out and up, catching the men standing next to the first victim off-guard his sabers sliced cleanly through their necks severing the heads neatly. Now there were two. The other assassins were hesitant but more afraid of their leader so they attacked. It lasted almost twice as long as the previous three men (about 30 seconds). Szass parried the two assassins attacks with ease. He started out defensively just blocking their swings, slowly moving their swords up higher, suddenly dropping down he brings both his blades to his left side then sweeps right with the blades about 6 inches apart. Connecting with one of the assassins’ hips the blades split his body in two and continues on through his companion. Both their torso’s and legs lying on the ground twitching as their lives end. Szass turns to check his two ‘students’. They are holding their own against three of the assassins Tam deflecting the blade of one and Kai parrying two others. He doesn’t look comfortable with two blades just yet Szass thinks to himself that’ll change. He moves towards the Jedi to intervene but is cut off by the six remaining assassins. “Are you that dense boys?” as these new assailants close on him. He rolls back to give himself more room to fight but the men close faster than he expected damn Jedi wannabe’s as he marvels at their speed. Fair enough as he rolls to the side of the man closest to him, standing straight up and jabbing the deadly red blade through the side of the mans neck he starts to laugh excitedly. The assassins think he is mad and move to box him in. Szass lunges at the man closest to him bringing both blades down in a vicious overhand strike, the man was quick enough to avoid death, but not completely, as he moved to parry and avoid the strike Szass changed the angle of his attack, getting around the mans blade and severing his sword arm right below the elbow. He dropped to the ground clutching his cauterized stump screaming in pain. Seeing the remaining four assassins had him effectively surrounded Szass tried lunging in at each man in turn to back them up a bit. This didn’t work as he had hoped they are actually decent fighters if you give them time to warm up he thinks to himself.
Kai is too busy fending off the two men in front of him to notice all the action behind him with Szass and the assassin’s but catches glimpses of Tam and she looks like she might need a little assistance. She was never the best in melee, great pilot but shouldn’t have to do the hand to hand he thinks to himself. Deciding to try something new so he could get to Tam he allows the pit in his chest to fill again then takes control of the energy there and directs it at the man to his right. The mans yell fades as he is lifted off his feet and flung 30 feet into the side on the building lining the street, he hits with an audible thud, then crumples to the ground motionless. Just one on one was how Kai preferred it, now he was able to concentrate on this opponent. The man takes a more aggressive approach but Kai sees a weakness. ‘Exploit anothers weaknesses’ Szass had told them both earlier that day. He lures the man in, feigning exhaustion, he plows in and then stumbles past as Kai slips to the side and kicks the mans leg from under him. Standing over the assassin Kai looks down at him “ He told you there weren’t enough of you…shoulda listened.” With that Kai ended the assassin with a quick strike to the neck. At the same instant he sees Tam drop her foe with a quick poke to the heart. Kai tells her to “get close we need to help our new master” as she started towards Kai both jedi feel an overpowering presence in the Force. Tam grab her head and screams then drops to the ground, motionless. Kai feels himself lifted in the air the tossed back down the street, he hits the ground hard and loses his breath for a few seconds. As he starts to sit up he sees the source of that power, it’s the assassin leader with the two blades. “ I’ll come for you another time young one, for now I’ll Have your friend” and with that he was gone and so was Tam (she was lifted off the ground and he floated her after him, they disappear into the shadows and a second later Kai hears the sound of engines and a repulsor craft of some sort speed off.)
Szass sees Kai dispatch his two foes as well as Tam finishing hers. “I must be going now boys, better luck next time” He then goes completely still, the assassins pause to see what he’s doing and are completely caught off guard as he lifts the blades and snaps his arms straight out from his sides with on angled down slightly. He then starts to spin around in circles until eventually he’s no more than a blur of red and black. The assassins can’t tell where the blades are going to hit next and are just trying to stay alive. It didn’t work, as the Dashade whirlwind spins by he lands a hit on two of the assassins, opening ones abdomen and burning a deep groove across the others neck. Of the two remaining assassins one bolts, he’s had enough, leaving his comrade to face this orange eyed death machine. Szass stops his deadly spin and motions the other man to follow his friend. As the assassin rushes by Szass moves faster than the mans senses can register and plunges both lightsabers through his back. “Stupid” just then Szass hears Tams scream and sees Kai fly through the air. His eyes locked on Kai once he hit the ground Szass whips his head around in time to see Tam disappear with the two sword wielding assassin. “Your mine” Szass yells right as he hears the craft power up and speed off.
Szass runs to Kai to check on him “You hurt too bad?” “No, just a little shook up” as Kai gets to his feet “we have to get her”. Kai hears Szass on his comm. Telling his droid to bring the ship to him. A few moments later they are aboard Shadow Hunter, scan this entire area for any speeders or the like DV, the droid scans but nothing comes up. Szass turns to Kai “we’ll find her I promise”.
The next morning the two head back to the last cantina they visited, they had asked questions about Jedi there and thought it would be a good place to start. Szass throws open the doors and storms in, looking like he is about to kill someone, he goes to the bar and says “who attacked us last night and where can we find them? I know someone here knows something” the bartender backs away from the enraged alien but doesn’t answer. He does start to speak when he is lifted off his feet and held against the wall, seemingly by nothing, as Kai says “ I believe my master asked a question”. The man stutters on about a group of force users known as the Saluks who would match the description and method of their attackers, but says nobody knows where their stronghold is located, except maybe one man. “there’s a jedi master here who may know but I don’t know where to find him either, those he wishes to see are sought out by him or his agents.
“This would be a good time for those masters of yours to show their faces Kai” as Szass leads the boy back to the ship. “This could take awhile if we don’t find someone on this damn planet that knows something”

Corr Terek
20 February 2005, 06:20 PM
OOC: Sorry, for not posting recently -- several of my classes have given me rather large writing assignments. With any amount of luck I'll be able to post tomorrow night, and we can get back to the fun stuff.

21 February 2005, 09:06 AM
Cale frowned- Master Mallux had proposed quite a quandry. The three of them obviously couldn't stay on-planet, but by the same token, they were now being actively hunted by a third party, a third party which seemed to be intent on destroying Mallux's faction as well.
"Master Yoda- we should leave the planet... it is not safe here, though I am happy we came, since we now know of the current threat at least. Perhaps we should make for the ship now... Master Mallux, I do not know what to say in advice for you, initially, I believe it would probably be safer for all Jedi and other force using groups to either leave the planet or go further underground; but on the other hand- you are probably safer now since these Saluks are now more interested in us than in you." he said, sighing.
"We could probably use a guide for this new threat though- someone familliar with the Saluks and their ways, means and presence- as we leave to seek shelter amongst the stars. I know of some smugglers dens and hideouts and some shadowports among the Outer Rim that we could take brief refuge in... but we cannot simply stay put. A moving target is much harder to kill than a stationary one. I would prefer not to make it easy on dear Ani and these Saluks." Daine hissed out Anakin's former pet name with distaste. He really did miss Obi-Wan and his insight right now... though he imagined his old friend would not be good company right now, given his former Padawan's status and recent betrayal.
"That is my professional opinion, Masters- Tao'lin, feel free to add your thoughts to mine, and anyone else with an idea, please- the more options we have, the better off we will be."

Corr Terek
21 February 2005, 05:14 PM
OOC: Back to business. I'm going to re-write the time-line a bit to work out a few things...okay, Szass and the Padawans arrived on planet the morning of the day the Masters and Knights were led to Master Karr. Tam's kidnaping took place as evening was getting on, and Kai and Szass immediately picked up the trail.


Kai's mood was turning dangerous. Of course, it hadn't been pretty to begin with, but the mood he was in now was enough to strangle the next person who refused them information. Szass was in no better a mood.

"Hey, you. You lookin' for the girl that was taken t'night?"

The voice was young, with the thick brogue they'd noticed was a characteristic of Carnosians. The speaker was hidden in the shadows, but Kai could sense he was little more than a boy, a street urchin. "Yes, we are." Szass replied. "Do you know anything?"

The boy laughed. " 'deed I do. I saw it all."

"You'd best speak quickly, then." Kai said dangerously, calling the Force to present a fear-inducing aura. The shadowy figure recoiled, but just as quickly stepped back.

"Ain't no cause for your magic tricks, sir. I'll tell you where they took her, but you'll have to get there yourself. We don't go there for love nor money."

"We?" Szass asked, quick to pick up on the implied numbers.

"Surely, sir, me and my friends. We're just street rats, garbage pickers. We ain't no warriors. But we don't like them Saluks, and the girl was pretty. I reckon between you guys and those that busted up the Saluks yesterday, you might be able to get that girl out."

"You saw them? The Knights, I mean. Where did they go?" Kai asked quickly.

"They went with the Terek girl back to see the other Sanari. D'you want me to find 'em?"

"Yes," Szass said. "Tell them that Tamryn Herris has been kidnaped by the Saluks, and that Kai Tredlan and Szass Maliss have gone ahead to scout the territory and try to get her out if we can. Can you point the way?"

"Yeah," the boy said, his arm extending out toward the jungle. "Go north about five or six klicks. There's a big nasty-looking temple sort of building, you can't miss it. They'll have taken her there. As for your friends, I won't need to point the way -- the Master will take them himself."

"Very well, then." Szass said, handing the urchin a credchip. "Come, Kai. We have work to do."


Master Raiyat lay awake on his narrow cot. Master Mallux's quarters had been built with a nomadic lifestyle in mind, and were not quite as conducive to a good night's rest as could be hoped. Besides, something was brewing. Raiyat could feel it. Master Yoda slept nearby, seemingly unconcerned.

Suddenly a faint noise attracted his attention. It was Master Mallux, and he seemed somewhat disturbed. "Wake the others. We have had news."


"One of the street urchins has brought news that some friends of yours have run into trouble." Master Karr explained. "A girl named Tamryn Herris was kidnaped by the Saluks not too many hours ago."

"A Padawan she is." Master Yoda stated calmly. "The others?"

"A...bounty hunter, not unknown to us, named Szass Maliss, is attempting to rescue her. With him is a boy named Kai Tredlan."

"Kai?! Kai is here?" Master Raiyat could hardly believe his ears. Master Karr smiled faintly.

"The boy is dear to you?"

"He's my Padawan." Master Raiyat answered, relief washing over him. At least Kai was still alive.

"Help them, I will." Master Yoda stated calmly. "Foreseen, have I, the path I must now walk."

"You'll need a guide." Master Karr said simply. "I will accompany you."

"I'm going too." Master Raiyat said. "Kai is my Padawan and will need my help."

Tao'lin and Cale both offered their services, but Yoda shook his head. "Leaving the planet we will be soon. Stay behind, one of you must, and ready the ship. The other will come. Decide amongst yourselves you must."

Master Karr cleared his throat. "Knight Daine made an interesting point earlier -- it would be well to have someone with you who knows the ways of the Saluks, and other foes you may yet meet. Raena, come here, please."

The girl stepped forward from the shadows where she had remained hidden. Karr looked at her fondly. "Raena is my most gifted student, though not my only one. She has learned much of the Force, combat. and lore that many others have lost. It is her wish and mine that she accompany you on your journeys. For now, she will go to the spaceport and help in making the ship ready."

OOC: Alright, here's the breakdown. You'll meet Kai and Szass somewhere outside the perimeter of the temple. There are many of the same foes you've fought before, though they are as yet unaware of your presence. Rostek and Tao, you can decide amongst yourselves which of you will stay with the ship.

Max, there's not much to add, though the general battle plan will depend largely on you and Kai, as you're technically the scouts. I'll PM you with a little more info.

As for Raena, she is an adept of an offshoot of the Jedi philosphy, and as such may have slightly "heretical" leanings, from a Jedi's POV. Chief among these is the "no Dark Side" view espoused by Vergere. Aside from that, she is a friendly and personable young woman, deadly in combat but more willing to enjoy life as it is.

22 February 2005, 05:12 AM
Tao’lin bows respectfully to his former Master, and motions for him to come closer so that they may discuss the matter in private. Stepping away from the group, Tao places a hand on Cale’s shoulder and lowers his voice. ”I will serve as needed, Master, but I don’t think I need to express my concern for the current situation.” He looks briefly towards Master Carr. ”Though my eyes cannot see, my heart can… and I do not like what it sees. “Master” Carr is a heretic, is he not? How do we know he is not like Dooku?” He paused, losing himself in thought for a moment. ‘Or like Anakin…’ he thought, thinking of his deeply respected friend that had become his greatest enemy. He waited for his feelings to calm, before continuing. ”Unfortunately, whether it is a trap or not, we must save our younger brethren. I suppose that I am simply advising you to be cautious. Carr is just as likely to be hunted as we are. Turning over the great Master Yoda, would buy him quite a measure of favor in the eyes of Chancellor Palpatine.”
He paused, again calming his nerves. He realized that he had been wound a bit tightly ever since he had been granted the rank of Jedi Knight. He took his responsibility seriously, and his desire to serve as best he could had caused him quite a bit of stress. This business with the purge certainly hadn’t helped any. ”I don’t mean to sound paranoid, or to question the judgement of my elders. Its just… well, there are too few of us now to risk another massacre…”
He smiled and began to chuckle. "I think sending me to save the padawans may be nothing more than an excercise in futility, given my feelings on the situation. Besides, if your mission is a trap, then mine more than likely is as well." He looks over his shoulder at the young apprentice, his smile widening. "I think I could take her..."

max ordo
23 February 2005, 10:49 AM
Szass leads Kai back to the ship after finally finding something out about Tam’s abductors. Noticing that they are heading to the ship and not straight into the jungle to find this temple he inquires “Why aren’t we going after her now master, every minute they have her is going to make it more difficult to get her back” Szass could hear the frustration and anger creeping into his new students tone and was trying to stay patient with the young man. “Do you want to be taken also? We need to be prepared for this, never rush into an enemy stronghold unprepared. Especially when it’s two against an entire temple full of Dark near-Jedi who are expecting either us to come there and try something or they will attempt to come and collect you.” Looking back at the young man he sees Kai’s head slightly droop as he chastises himself for questioning his new master.
Upon reaching the ship Szass instructs Kai to “Go to the arms locker in the cargo bay and arm yourself with grenades and anything else you may require. A blaster perhaps, if you can use one otherwise a knife of some sort, if we are going to be infiltrating this place we will require stealth, a lightsaber makes noise. Grab three stun and frag grenades for me and two thermal detonators, just in case. I’ll be back; I have something for you in my quarters.” As Szass heads towards his quarter Kai goes into the cargo hold to get the items Szass sent him for. When he returns from the cargo bay with the equipment, he grabbed everything that was asked even a blaster pistol and a large double edged hunting knife which he strapped to his left calf for himself, plus a bandolier for each of them with 2 extra packs for the blasters and the grenades secured in place. He found Szass waiting for him. “I got the equipment master” and hands Szass the things he asked for while not trying to appear too interested in the bundle at Szass’s feet. “Remove your cloak and put this on” as Szass hands Kai a set of armor that is nearly identical to his new masters. Admiring the armor but not knowing what to say he looks at Szass and says “Thank you master.” “Do not mention it boy, we go into battle, I want to make sure you come back out. This armor is another trophy I acquired prior to my cryo-stasis. I would always collect the armor and weapons of my opponents, especially the Sith. These things improved a warriors standing amongst the Dashade Clans. This matters little anymore since my people are gone.” Kai picks up the armor trying to figure out how to put it on, Szass offers to assist him with this.
After Kai is ready they depart from the ship, “This is your next lesson, follow my lead, once we are in the jungle step where I step and try not to speak. I rely on my instincts to warn me of danger but you should try and use those vaunted Jedi powers to feel any danger. The armor will help you not make any noise; the material connecting the plates has sound dampening properties. It is also ideal for you since its made from a special alloy which is impervious to lightsabers, it will actually deactivate the blade if it comes into contact with it.” This conversation ended abruptly at they reached the edge of the forest, Szass signaled Kai to follow then entered the jungle.
Kai filled himself with that comforting feeling of power the Force instilled in him and he extended his sense all around him. He could feel every tree and vine, every bird and scurrying ground animal around him, surprisingly he got very little sense of Szass who was only a meter or so ahead of him. His new master barely slowed while moving through the dense growth of the jungle, seeming almost like a wraith moving through the undergrowth. He seemed to sense when Kai was falling to far behind and would slow for him to catch up. After covering roughly half the distance the street rat had indicated towards the temple Kai started to feel that oily presence in the Force. It grew steadily stronger as they proceeded.
“Master…” in a hushed tone Kai calls to Szass who slows then stops and turns. “I feel the same presence I felt right before we were attacked” Szass nods, continuing on more cautiously. They cover the rest of the distance with no problems except Kai feels that oily presence even stronger he can almost taste it.
Seeing the edge of the jungle Szass slows as the temple comes into view “Shhh…” he moves to the right to scout out the perimeter of this temple. As the pair makes their way around the temple Kai feels an extremely powerful dark presence emanating from the temple. “There’s at least one extremely powerful Force user inside the temple Master” he whispers to Szass who just shakes his head, acknowledging Kai’s assessment. He motions the young man back into the jungle a bit to discuss their options. “This is more of a stronghold than a temple, I can make out guards around the base and flanking the front entrance, there doesn’t seem to be much activity on the second story. That doesn’t do us much good though, I’m not sure we could both make it inside undetected especially with all those Force users. I think we’d be slightly overpowered if we just broke in. We need some sort of distraction, something to draw most of them out while we went in to find Tam. I’m not to worried about the Force users since I can resist most forms of Force attacks and can move undetected through most environments.”
As they are trying to decide on a plan of action Kai feels another powerful presence in the Force, this one much closer and coming from the direction of the town, at the same moment Szass looks into the jungle concentrating on a spot about 20m away. “Hide…Now!” as Szass pulls Kai down behind a dense growth on the jungle floor.
Something feels familiar to Kai about this presence as he rises slightly to try and see the new arrivals. He hears a slight rustle to his side and looks over, the spot Szass just occupied was empty, and Kai catches a flicker of movement circling around whoever was coming. “Szass…no!” as loud as he dares when he recognizes that new presence as his old master and… could it really be…Master Yoda, Grand Master of the Order. We have a much better chance of rescuing Tam. There was another familiar face but things had been moving so quickly that he could place a name to the face. However there was another man he didn’t recognize possibly another Jedi Master? “Master Raiyat…. over here.” again just above a whisper.
Szass circled around, away from Kai, hoping to catch these new arrivals off guard. He wasn’t expecting this group of three human males (varying ages) who appeared to be Jedi and one dimunitive green alien who was also dressed as a Jedi and looked ancient by any standard he had ever heard of. All thought of attacking disappeared when he recognized the four as Jedi, assuming they were the ones the street rat spoke of, this was reinforced when Kai alerted him. As Kai comes from his hiding place to approach his former Masters Szass decides he should make his presence known as well. He emerges from concealment about ten feet from the group just as Kai is reaching them, seeming to just materialize from the jungle, catching three of the four slightly off guard, two of them reached for the lightsabers but stopped as Kai and the small Jedi both speak. Kai saying “No he’s a friend” while at the same instant the small Jedi says “ Szass Maliss you must be, appreciate you helping the padawans I do.”
The Dashade gives the closest he can to a smile and replies " At your service" as he rests his hands at his waist inches from both his sonic blasters and the two lightsabers on his belt and winks at the two who went for their weapons.

23 February 2005, 07:16 PM
”I will serve as needed, Master, but I don’t think I need to express my concern for the current situation.” He looks briefly towards Master Carr. ”Though my eyes cannot see, my heart can… and I do not like what it sees. “Master” Carr is a heretic, is he not? How do we know he is not like Dooku?”
"I imagine you should ready the ship... and feel free to attach any suitably sized conveyance you've acquired to one of the docking points. I shall go with Master Yoda and see about freeing your former contemporaries. As for Master Karr... I do not sense any darkness within him, though there seems to be an equal absence of light- not a particularly uncommon trait for war veterans, though one that I'm not totally comfortable with. Still "heretic" or not, so long as he doesn't serve the darkness nor work against us, I believe him to be a worthy ally." Cale said, smiling briefly. This planet Raiyat had named seemed to be quite the swirling force nexus, hadn't it... Still, he was in position to prevent another innocent being from being killed and thusly, he reasoned, he must go.

”I don’t mean to sound paranoid, or to question the judgment of my elders. It’s just… well, there are too few of us now to risk another massacre…”
"I think sending me to save the padawans may be nothing more than an exercise in futility, given my feelings on the situation. Besides, if your mission is a trap, then mine more than likely is as well." He looks over his shoulder at the young apprentice, his smile widening. "I think I could take her
"Ha-ha..." he laughed quietly "... You're right, of course- some paranoia is probably quite necessary at this point, 'Better Safe...' after all. I don't sense a trap, and more importantly- Master Yoda doesn't sense a trap either. As for the "mission"- you underestimate yourself. I imagine you would do quite fine were you in my place there. And you are correct, at any rate about the apprentice; if there is a trap, no one is going to not notice."

The trek into the jungle is a rather tedious one- though it was rather shorter than what Cale imagined it would be. The Jedi was not fond of jungles- nor any form of heavy vegetation for that matter. Too many things creeping around, sentient and non-sentient, enemy and disinterested bystander alike. This belief was not challenged when an initially unwelcome guest appears from the jungle as if by teleportation.
Cale had had his saber out already... being surprised by some predatory nasty was not part of the plan. A Dashade- he had read about them in his history studies of the Sith War... supposedly immune to Force sensing and altering powers. He was not however, immune to the enormous fallen tree that would soon begin to stir and subsequently crush the interloper... until Yoda alerted them to the true situation.
Cale stood, looking unimpressed at the Dashade and his accomplice- "Hello Master Tredlan... are you still favoring your right side in dueling form?" he asked- jogging the boy's memory, no doubt. Cale had been a lightsaber instructor during his periods on Coruscant, Kai had been a member of one such class, and- as so many others had before him, Kai believed himself capable of defeating the master. So, when Cale had asked for a volunteer... well- the wound to the boy's pride had been far greater than the one to his thigh (training saber electrical burn- quite painful).

24 February 2005, 11:44 AM
Tao'lin wiped a splattering of mud from his forehead as he trudged forward through the jungle. He walked single file behind the girl, easily matching her pace. After marching with a double squad of clone commandoes for nearly a month, this little trek was quite refreshing. And the scenery is admittedly better, he thought, looking over his young guide. He shook his head, surprised at himself, and severly hoping that Raena didn't posses the telepathy sometimes apparent in those trained in the Force. He sighed, muttering under his breath. "I've been spending too much time with those loose moralled commandoes." In truth, he missed his troops, some of whom had defected and died to allow his escape from his station at Merson.

As they walked, they soon approached a crystaline spring, amidst the foliage of the dense rainforest. High above, the forest canopy parted just enough to allow a glimpse at brilliant blue sky. Though he couldn't see, he could sense the clearness of the sky, the stillness of the water. It must have been early afternoon, and they still had a long way to hike. At the moment, Tao'lin didn't care. He had endured a tough week, and this was as close to a vacation as he might have for a long time. He tapped Raena on the shoulder and motioned towards the spring. "Do you mind? Its been a long time since I've been able to relax, and this is quite possibly the most picturesque place I could have ever imagined for such a pursuit."
Once he had established that the area was free from large predators, he sat on a rocky outcropping, and stared down into his reflection, broken by the gentle ripples in the nearly still surface. He sensed Raena's smaller form stroll up from behind him and recline at his side. "How long have you known Master Carr?" He asked.
She seemed hesitant, but finally answered. "All my life. Ever since I can remember."
Tao'lin nodded. Master Carr was obviously taking a page from the Jedi Order's handbook. That was responsible of him. At least it would instill the type of discipline that would carry his initiates through the lifetime of training that the Force required. "And you?" she asked. "You are the apprentice of the Burning Blade?"
"Padawan.", he corrected. "I was Master Cale's Padawan Learner. A am now a Jedi Knight, and a General in the Republic Army..." he stopped. "Well... I was a General..."
She smiled empathetically. "Not everyone understands..."
Tao'lin shook his head, tossing a small stone into the still water and watching the rings grow in ever widening circles. "I guess not."
He felt her hand brush against the back of his. His first instinct was to pull away, but he knew that would be offensive, and right now he would need all the help he could get. Unlike his Master, he did not want to leave Carnos. He did not want to run, to hide, to fight. He had been abandoned by those he had fought, and been willing to die, to protect. Now all he wanted was to disappear. "And what will happen to Carnos?" Tao'lin asked.
Raena shrugged casually, her hand still on his. "We cannot hide forever."
"Will you fight?"
She shook her head slowly without speaking a word.
"You will die. And your family."
"If it is the will of the Force." She looked at him. "All things die."
Tao'lin smiled, sitting up straighter. "Spoken as a Jedi."
Her smile grew to match his. "No, Blind One. Spoken as a Sanari." She paused, her smile fading. "And what of your family?"
Tao'lin shrugged, and turned towards her. "I have no family. I never knew my parents..."
"And your mate?"
Tao'lin chuckled. "Obviously you haven't learned so much about the Jedi..."
"Why, what is so funny?"
"Nothing," he replied. "But, no." He shook his head. "I do not have a mate." He moved his hand away from hers, and pushed himself up to his feet. "I guess thats enough of a vacation," he stated, as much to himself as to Raena. "We should continue."

Corr Terek
24 February 2005, 03:41 PM
Szass quietly and hurriedly discussed strategy with the Jedi. "There are too many of them for us to simply break through. They'll just close around us as soon as we go past the first bunch."

Master Yoda nodded. "True, this is. Another option, however, there is also."

They looked questioningly at him. "Stay behind, some of us must, to keep the escape path open."

"It'll be risky," Cale mused. Master Yoda nodded, eyes twinkling with faint amusement.

"Yes, Knight Cale. Needing your help, I will be. More fierce is the cornered beast in its den, yes?"

Cale sighed. "Yes, Master."

"I'm going, too." This was said by Kai. He was still slightly in awe of meeting the Grand Master (not to mention his old dueling instructor) but was determined to see the rescue through. "I was supposed to be looking out for Tam, so I should help get her back."

Raiyat noticed that after this speech, Kai looked not to him for approval, but toward the bounty hunter, Maliss. Obviously something had changed in Kai. The bounty hunter nodded his approval, as did Master Yoda. "Then join us, you may, young Tredlan."

Again the faint sparkle of amusement, this time directed toward Master Mallux. "When ready you are, start the distraction you may."


Master Karr is the one who taught Raena her swordplay, and he's a highly accomplished blademaster. The mission of Cale, Yoda, and Kai will be to fight their way into the temple (expect to meet the occasional lightsaber-wielder -- this is a sign of high rank in Saluk circles). Additionally, Kai, Yoda, and Cale will eventually be separated from each other by the fierce combat, but also by the design of some higher power...(think Luke being led toward the carbon pit in ESB).

Max knows his job, and I'll be sending Tao another PM sometime soon (and possibly posting again myself).

25 February 2005, 12:14 PM
Tao followed Raena through the jungle, occasionally straying from the main pathway, only to emerge onto another jungle path. Tao was glad to have Raena's accompanyment. He could have made it alone, but it wouldnt have been nearly as easy. Not to mention the value of the conversations they had enjoyed throughout the journey. He had learned a lot of her philosophy, and was even beginning to glimpse her nature as a person. The only other people he had ever enjoyed this amount of openness with was his troops. Again he began to miss them. Cap. Smoke. Tagg. Seven. They were good boys, and he missed them, but Raena was at least filling the void with something substantial.

As the two stepped back onto a heavily inclining path that led up a small jungle covered foothill, Tao'lin saw his partner adjusting the weight of her packs, her pace slowing slightly and her footsteps not nearly as straight and even as they had been hours before. He shrugged up his, beginning to notice the additional weight on his shoulers. Though they had packed as lightly as possible, they were carrying the non-vital equipment from some of the other Jedi who had been accompanying them as well as a full set of tools. Tao'lin was now used to long reconnaisance patrols, carrying the full demolitions kit and heavy weaponry of a commando unit, but before his latest assignment, he hadnt carried much more than his lightsaber and a few days of rations. They say war changes a man. Sometimes it changes him more than he would have ever believed. He assumed Raena was accustomed to the nomadic lightly encumberred lifestyle he had once enjoyed. He called after her quietly. "Raena... would you like to take a break? Im not used to this much hiking, and its almost supper time, after all..."
It was a lie. He was obviously accustomed to heavy physical exertion, and evening meal time was over two hours away on most worlds. He assumed she would believe it, mostly because she would want to believe it. She was obviously tired, and as she turned he saw her wipe a bead of sweat from her forehead with the back of her hand.
They sat for a long silent moment in the shade of a large fruit bearing tree, Raena's head resting against Tao'lins shoulder as he cleaned some dirt from the hilt of his lightsaber. She seemed mildly intrigued by the weapon, but not enough to voice a question. Finally, Tao'lin turned to face her, watching her stare down at the weapon in his hands. "Have you ever seen a lightsaber before?"
She kept her eyes focused on the weapon, and replied in a quiet, even tone. "Yes, of course I have. Master Carr has one, of course. And some of the more advanced students within the Saluk and Sanari use them. I do not yet use a lightsaber, and my form is not yet perfect." She paused and turned to meet Tao'lins gaze, their faces inches apart. "Is it truly dangerous to wield?"
At first Tao'lin had been uncomfortable with the physical and almost intimate manner in which Raena interacted with him. After spending only a few hours with her that had already begun to disappear, and he found himself as comfortable with her as he had ever allowed himself to feel with anyone. Including his former Master. He looked at her for a long moment, their faces only seperated by inches of open air, and he turned his saber over in his hand. Dangerous?" he asked, "who on earth taught you that lightsabers were dangerous?"
She closed her eyes, tilting her face down. Tao'lin felt bad. He had unintentionally made her feel ignorant. It was obvious that she had grown to respect him, especially after he had told her of some of his adventures in the galaxy at large. Her reply was broken and unsure. "Well, i meant that... Master Carr once taught us that an inexperienced person could cut off their own limb trying to fight with a lightsaber. It is weightless, is it not?"
Tao'lin shook his head in understanding. "Oh, yes. Of course. I guess I hadnt even thought of that in a long time." He placed the lightsaber against her palm, and she wrapped her fingers around its hilt. Putting his other hand on her waist he helped her to stand. "Here, I'll show you."
She positioned his body in front of his, lightsaber in hand. "I shouldn't. Its not allowed." she said.
"Come on. What are you afraid of?" He asked, looking over her shoulder and pushing her finger up to ignite the blade. He held her hands in his, guiding the blade in slow circles.
Finally she disengaged the blade. "I cant" she said, her hands trembling. "I am sorry." She turned her body, wrapping her arms around his shoulder, her face again only inches from his. Her expression changed gradually. "Tao'lin?" she asked, her voice quiet. "Have you ever been in love?"
Tao'lin was surprised by the question, and pulled back slightly. "No. Me? No, of course not. It's dangerous."
Dangerous?" she asked, "who on earth taught you that love was dangerous?"
Tao'lin shook, his head, surprised. Master Carr had obviously deviated on quite a few points of the Jedi Code. Tao didnt quite know how to respond, and his reply was broken and unsure. "Well, i meant that... Its just that... Well... Love can cause too much attatchment to life and home. It can cloud your judgement. It can cause you to fear, and to hate. It can open you to the darkside..."
Raena obviously disagreed, shaking her head slowly. "I cant imagine that. It is such a beautiful thing, Tao'lin. To love... to be loved." She wrapped her hand around his neck, her fingers tracing a delicate line through his short hair, as she pulled him closer. "I'll show you." she whispered.
He moved slowly away, trying to rationalize the situation at hamd. "I shouldn't. Its not allowed." he said.
"Come on. What are you afraid of?" She whispered, her hand sliding down his shoulder, moving his hand to her waist. She leaned slowly forward, her lips meeting his and pressing against his in a gentle kiss. Her fingers ran through his hair, pulling him closer. His eyes closed and he kissed her back.
Finally Tao'lin pulled away, his eyes opening slowly. "I cant" he said, his lip quivering. "I am sorry, Raena. I am still a Jedi. Above all else, I am a Jedi."
Raena shook her head. "Jedi or not... you feel as I do, Tao'lin. Or you will." The certainty in her voice was almost unsettling. Tao'lin couldn't help but to feel as though this was yet another scene he had once envisioned and forgotten long ago. He grabbed his packs and slung them over his shoulders and grabbed hers as well. As they began walking again, he couldnt help but to walk just a few decimeters closer to her. Above all else, I am a Jedi.

Corr Terek
25 February 2005, 05:55 PM
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Mark the astromech droid wheeled through the ship, bleeping a tune to himself as he did so. At least it kept loneliness away. The droid couldn't understand where Master Daine had gone, but was prepared to wait. After all, he could afford to.

Suddenly he received a comm transmission. "Mark? This is Tao'lin, Master Daine's former Padawan. We need inside -- the ship needs to be ready for a quick take-off."

Of course Mark remembered Tao'lin, and was relieved that someone had come. On opening the hatch, however, the young Jedi and his companion brushed past Mark with barely a word of thanks. Indignant, the droid bleeped sarcastically at them before plugging himself in for a good long chat with the ship's computer. As the ship powered up, Mark felt the ship's warning sensors go off. Alarmed, the astromech quickly wheeled his way toward the cockpit.


Kai had abandoned himself to the Force before they'd even entered the temple, and it seemed as if none of his enemies could hit him.

Cale, who had managed to spare a few glances in his direction, attributed this to the boy's complete battle frenzy and his opponents' lack of skill more than anything else.

Then a lightsaber-wielding Saluk occupied his attention.

Master Yoda was everywhere and nowhere, literally dancing circles around his opponents. Giving himself over to the Force so completely was exhilerating, as always, and here on Carnos, with the Force almost breathable, it was even more so.

The intoxication had overpowered Kai, and in his battle fury he didn't realize until several minutes had passed that he'd lost sight of Master Yoda and Master Daine. Mentally cursing himself, Kai belatedly recalled things that had gone unnoticed before: doors that had conveniently hissed open to allow him passage, enemies that had fled from him (in reality, he now realized, simply leading him on). For a second, Kai was at a lost, but then, squaring his shoulders and moving on, his lightsabers held ready. He didn't know what was in store for him here, but he knew he'd soon find out...

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26 February 2005, 07:44 PM
Cale Daine remembered his father's lesson well-

Never give yourself over to the Force completely-- Always maintain control... The Force has all the benefits of man without the control of a conscience; it has will, but not discipline. You must be yourself at all times... or else you will never be truly yourself.

Too true- Anakin was a perfect example of his father's fear. An instrument of the Force... a "Chosen One" indeed... belief in predetermination destroys free will, and destruction of free will leads to a bad end. Enough philosophy for now, Cal... parry parry, spin parry SLICE SLICE
Two unfortunate defenders toppled over as Cale spun with blinding speed through their attempt at flanking, each with a smoking gash through their abdomen. Their must have been a loose stone on that floor he thinks as a minor pain shoots from the knee that he'd spun on.
No matter- grab, turn, STAB - it was nothing he downed another defender. The young woman had come at him blade high- Cale had no problem grabbing her wrist, roughly spinning her around and finishing her off. Poor sods... this must have been what they must have felt like when Anakin went through the Temple... That thought made him feel slightly ill. He had fought him... but failed. Obi-Wan couldn't even bring him down permanently... he returned. Yoda had told him when he picked the Grand Master up at the rendezvous. How horrible it must have been.
His thoughts were interrupted as more enemies approached. Apparently his easy destruction of their initial defense had attracted some additional attention. Three young senior initiate types approached- swords drawn... one had a lightsaber :sigh: Too much killing... why must there always be so much killing he thought sadly, approaching the three with the same semi-bored expression and ease with which he had taken their compatriots at the entrance and now here, in the middle of the temple. Reaching out with the Force, Cale hurled them backward and to the right into the wall... Pewter Lightsaber resisted, and charged, anger flaring in his eyes. His compatriots were slightly shaken, but took a while to start getting up. Pewter's long blond hair flew wildly around his head as he approached Cale in a high guard... not unlike Dear Ani in appearance and style... but significantly lacking when it came to skill compared to the fallen Knight.
parry, parry parry, slice slice parry stab Slice The man had failed to totally parry the last slice, and Cale had gotten a piece of his leg. Noticeable slowed and in pain, the man flew into a deeper Rage, and assaulted the former lightsaber instructor's defenses again, failing to penetrate again. parry parry parry slice parry SLICE BACKSTEP STAB Cale's two handed slice had penetrated Pewter's defenses and cut an arc through the man's right side. Pewter dropped to his knees and the Jedi mercifully finished him off with a blow to the upper spine and aorta. As Cale withdrew his azure blade from the now slumping over fighter, the deceased's companions split in their decisions for the future. The Jedi assumed a Form V two handled guard, legs wide, lightsaber perpendicular with his spine, chest high, both hands on his left side. The blue light glowed off the Jedi's bearded face and grey-black robes. He cut an intimidating figure... too intimidating for the young man in the pair, who backed away and retreated down the long hall. The young woman, however, howled with rage and foolishly charged him. Cale effortlessly batted aside her flailing sword blade, and she rushed past him. As she came even to him, Cale dropped to his knee and spun his blade around, cutting through he unfortunate torso between chest and midsection, through the spine and ribcage, only 4 inches from her other side. Her momentum carried her several more meters until she fell forward and lay still. Cale looked for the others, and noted that he was isolated... as were each of them. Getting up and standing, Cale calls the pewter lightsaber to his hand and extinguishes it, then attaches it to his belt. Spare parts are spare parts, after all. The woman's companion had apparently stopped to watch her demise. Reaffirmed in his decision, the young man sprints toward the door at the end of the corridor. Cale followed him slowly, if only to ascertain where he was going. The door opened, and a lone dark figure stood in the doorway. The man unleashed a long energy blade... nay, a long energy lash and with one swift motion decapitated the fleeing man.
"I am Sern Kreal... I want you to know the name of the one who will kill you, Jedi... prepare to die." he said, smiling darkly.
"Must we do this... surely there is no need for further bloodshed." Cale said emotionlessly. He should be married by now, and siring a new generation of Daines. As a Corellian Jedi, he was far less concerned with the Council's rules than Tao'lin... though he had tried to impart a bit of that self determination upon the boy... he was afraid that Master Yoda's dogma was fairly firm within his moral set. Cale may have earned the title of Master- though like Obi-Wan, it was because he was a training-quality knight rather than because of seniority... though he would have been next to sit in on the Jedi Council had it continued to survive... Kenobi had had a few years on him. Yoda however, had the benefit of far more authority... even on [i[his[/i] apprentice.
His thoughts were interrupted as Krael responded: "Ha- do not patronize me, Jedi. For that weakness, I shall make you suffer first." the man said with a deeper touch of malice than before.
"Very well, boy- do not say I did not warn you first and offer you a way out." Cale said, sighing. The boy was going to make it more difficult than necessary.
The energy whip's body flew out at Cale. It crackled as the red energy wrapped itself around Cale's blue lightsaber blade. Krael pulled, attempting to pull the blade out of Daine's hands. However, since neither blade has any actual frictional body, Cale angled the blade instead of struggling against him, and the whip blade slipped off effortlessly.
Grunting with anger, Krael swung the whip around his head, preparing a series of lashes. Cale seized the opportunity to close the distance between the two- Such a weapon is terribly ineffective at a range of inches. The Jedi tumbled through down the corridor at the backpedaling young man, dodging the lashes as they impacted the wall- melting the stone and leaving scorch marks along the ancient walls.
Cale stood but a meter from the man now, parrying blows with lightening speed. The battle appeared as a blur to those who were watching, with the Jedi staying on the defensive as the lash wielder's frustration increased with each parry. With frustration comes sloppiness- the second rule of melee dueling. The first, of course, was overconfidence brings sloppiness. Now that Krael suffered from both handicaps, Cale went on the offensive- striking at the man's defenses Occasionally the lash blade gave enough bend so that the Jedi's azure blade got a piece of flesh, and once the lightwhip's blade snapped back upon impact, catching Cale in the shin- burning some hair and scorching some skin. Cale winced- but Krael was much worse off, cut in a half dozen places, and the Jedi's supplemental kicks to soft flesh had no doubt caused some internal bleeding. A kick to the kidney sent Cale reeling backwards. The young man had not done much to the Jedi in permanent damage. The brawling damage stung and hurt- punches and the occasional kick were more effective at super-close range than a lightwhip. Cale was sure of a few bruises and a few lacerations- but currently his situation was slightly more dire than before. The young man smiled malevolently and pressed his advantage hard upon the Jedi. Cale parried the blows- mostly. The tip of the lash had singed his hair and his exposed forearm. His robe dropped back over the wound before the Jedi had a chance to think about it. Then he saw his opportunity. The man's overconfidence had opened a massive gap in his defenses. As the lash came around for a decapitating blow on the kneeling Jedi, Cale parried the blade and brought his blade up hard- removing the man's arm halfway to the elbow. Kreal held up the stump, speechless as his hand sat there on the ground, now-deactivated lightwhip clutched in its grasp. Cale didn't give him much time, however- a vicious uppercut appeared from nowhere- The energy blade contacted skin at the lip, though didn't hit bone until microseconds later as it vaporized the man's right cheekbone. The right eye received similar treatment- momentarily boiling and vaporizing as the blade entered the bottom of the eye cavity and exited through the right temple.
The man's brain had been untouched by the blow- though the man went unconscious immediately- and would no doubt expire momentarily, Cale thought as he sadly walked toward the now open door calmly, ignoring the pain from his various wounds.

Corr Terek
28 February 2005, 06:17 PM
Kai gingerly made his way through the corridors of the Saluk temple, ready for anything. However, it seemed as if the Saluks had forgotten he existed. Kai couldn't decide which was worse: to be assaulted by wave after wave of enemies, or to be deemed so little a threat that the enemy ignored his presence.

He stepped into what appeared to be a large audience chamber and immediately sensed a presence. "Who's there?"

A soft, sweet laugh answered his challenge, and the most beautiful young woman Kai had ever seen stepped out from behind a pillar. She wore a form-fitting outfit that left little to Kai's imagination. Her long black hair perfectly framed her face, and really was the kind of girl that would make anyone look twice. Though she was about Kai's age, he immediately sensed that there was great difference between them.

"My name is Sern Drea. Perhaps you've heard of me?" she asked, her voice musical and low.

"I...no." Kai said, still flustered. Drea shrugged.

"It doesn't matter. I'm not here to fight you, anyway." She motioned to the sword hanging at her hip. "What would this solve, anyway? One of us dies, the other lives...to what purpose?" She smiled at him. "I would much rather you joined us."

"What!? You think you can kidnap my friend and attack my Master and then invite me to join your club?"

Drea shrugged. "The girl is nothing to me. Neither is your Master. We only want Master Yoda." Kai shook his head, but Drea continued. "We do what we must to survive -- the Emperor will kill us all. Surely you understand that."

"I can't let you kill Master Yoda, and when I leave this place Tam is coming with me." Kai said. "Your plans won't succeed."

Drea looked at him, a strange light in her eyes. "That girl...what does she offer you?" Her sense slid in and out of Kai's mind like a striking snake. "Does she remind you of the other girl...the one who died saving your life on the Almin mission?"

Kai's temper flared. "You leave Vixi out of this!"

Drea shrugged. "It was an honest question. What does this girl, Tam, offer you? I'll admit she's decently attractive...but I thought you Jedi were above such base emotions. And if that's what you're after, join the Saluks and I will serve you much better than that weak Padawan ever could."

Kai's eyes narrowed dangerously. "Stop it. Now."

Drea smiled, slowly. "Touched a nerve, didn't I? Poor little Vixi, whoever she was. She loved you too, didn't she? But you didn't save her."

"Shut up!" Kai's lightsabers flared to life. Drea's face hardened, and she drew her sword. But she couldn't resist taunting Kai one last time.

"I offered you power, and more besides, but you've made your choice," she spat. "Poor, stupid Tamryn Herris. She thought you would save her, but you won't. Once Master Yoda's dead, she'll die too. And I'll make sure she knows how miserably you failed her."

1 March 2005, 12:42 PM
Tao’lin rushed through the power-up sequence, as the little red astromech droid monitored the incoming fighters from the Watchman’s small co-pilot station. Tao’lin couldn’t help but to feel nostalgia for his time as Master Cale’s padawan, when he used to serve as the Watchman’s co-pilot and gunner. He listened carefully as Mark counted down the seconds until the enemy ships’ arrival.
If they follow standard Republic protocols, they should buzz our position to establish a positive identification and then they will circle around to establish pursuit and go for the kill. He held his breath as the ships tore through the atmosphere above them. The ship trembled as laser blasts impacted against the courier ship’s heavy shielding. ”They just fired on us!” he said, pulling all available power into his engines. "We aren't even off the ground and these snub jockeys are already firing on us! Uncivilized brutes have obviously never heard of fair play...”
As the larger courier ship followed behind the tiny atmospheric fighters, Tao’lin turned back to Raena, who was leaning heavily on the comfortable captain’s chair, her eyes eagerly following the movements of the enemy fighters. ”Raena?” he asked, his voice calm and serene despite the chaos that was flashing across the ship’s command console. ”Do you know how to use an air to air turret?”
She nodded, seemingly unsure. ”Not exactly, but the Master has an anti-air gun emplacement near the enclave. I’ve trained on it enough to be able to handle myself should the need arise.”
”The need has most certainly arisen.” he said, smiling to himself as a group of fighters peeled off from the pack to establish pursuit on them. ”Those three are yours.”


Raena strapped herself into the cramped turret, and quickly familiarized herself with the controls. If anything, the ship’s compact turret was substantially simpler than the large bulky artillery piece that Master Mallux had installed to defend the Sanari enclave. The controls were far more responsive, and the first shots fired a good distance ahead of the lead fighter. She aimed again, squeezing the trigger as the targeting display flashed red, and watched as the blast blew through the atmospheric fighter’s fuel tank, exploding in a blossom of crimson and gold.
The remaining two ships turned out and quickly circled back around, coming at the Watchman from below. From her position, there was no way she would be able to aim at the enemy fighters without at least grazing their own ship. For a long moment, she felt utterly helpless as the ship trembled with laser fire.


Tao’in heard Raena’s gun turret grow silent, and felt her mind grow impatient. The ship was being hit by multiple bogies and the shields were slowly giving way. Reaching out with the Force he could sense the enemy’s positions, like a natural radar, and clearly noticed the source of Raena’s frustration. From her position, it would be impossible to target the enemy fighters. He turned on the ship’s artificial gravity systems and quickly flipped the ship onto its back. Mark, the little red R2 droid, tumbled unsteadily backwards, crashing into the spare parts closet, beeping and whistling angrily. Turning on the onboard communications system he said, ”They’re all yours, Raena.” He nearly shouted for joy as the first of the two enemy craft behind them disappeared. Accelerating even harder, Tao’lin felt the gap to the lead fighters close enough to begin opening fire. He exhaled deeply as he squeezed the fire control triggers down, and watched a pair of bright green blasts emerge from the nose of the ship.


Raena nearly fell out of her chair as the ship flipped up on its back, giving her a clear shot of the pursuing craft. Even so, it had taken less than a second to readjust and target the enemy ship blowing it to dust. She cautiously tightened the straps to her gunnery chair, and began tracking the second ship. The communications system crackled slightly, and she heard Tao’lin’s enthusiastic voice, but she was too busy to worry about whatever it was he was saying.
The second ship continued to evade her shots, his neon silhouette jittering back and forth across the targeting display. He climbed above the ship’s ventral line, again putting himself where her guns could not target, but almost immediately she felt Tao’lin adjust the ship’s position to allow her to open fire. As Raena’s targeting computer flashed across the enemy ship, she could hear a familiar voice seeming to guide her. Do not trust your eyes, he said. They will only deceive you. See where he was. Feel where he is. Know where he will be. I trust you.

max ordo
2 March 2005, 02:22 PM
Looking at the two men not entering the temple Szass says "The three of us need to do what we can to keep attention off of them, I suggest we attempt to draw them out, and the two of you are bait, since they seem to collect Jedi" the Three discuss what tactic and decide it would be best to exit the tree line to the west of the temple to draw out as many of the guards as possible and then cause as much damage as possible, thus allowing the three entering the temple a less guarded entrance and a chance to surprise Tam's captors. " I have the perfect means to get their attention" Szass says as he reaches for his commlink. Upon hearing Szass's conversation the two Jedi Master's give amused grins the three head in the opposite direction of Kai, Cale and Yoda.
While moving into position Master Raiyat looks Szass over and says " I thank you for protecting Kai and Tamryn. I hate to think of what the alternatives could have been." Szass regards the Jedi with his dark orange eyes and nods in acknowledgement. " There is no honor in the slaughter of children and those weaker than you, my honor would allow no other outcome. Besides I was in need of the exercise." and gives his version of a smile. " You should be proud, Kai tells me you were his master, he has the markings of a powerful warrior one to be respected. He said that of you also, 'a great leader of men' is how he spoke of you. But enough idle chatter the time for battle has come. Remember we step out together me in the middle and the two of you flanking about 10 meters to either side. It would be best to let them know you're Jedi, have your blades out when I...get their attention." Master Karr looks at Szass trying to determine how he would fit into this battle. Not seeing any visible weapons he asks " how are you going to be fighting, will we need to stay close, bare hands don't work especially well against blades." Looking at the Jedi, the bloodlust already creeping into his eyes Szass replies " Do not worry for me Jedi I can care for myself" as he shows the Jedi the two thermal detonators in his hands.
"Shhhh...He comes. We go now" stepping from the cover of the jungle and letting out a blood-curdling battle cry Szass activates and throws first one then the other thermal detonator at the temple a short distance away. The two Jedi masters only a half step behind the Dashade, walked into the clearing lightsabers out and ready. At first there is no response from the temple, then they hear someone faintly shouting orders seconds before a wave of Saluk’s comes from the temple entrance. “Maybe this won’t be as difficult as I had expected” Szass says to no one in particular, seeing only young blade wielding apprentices, then the blaster fire begins. The two Jedi masters have no problems deflecting the bolts back. They put themselves between Szass and the shooters to protect the unarmed Dashade from the bolts. Master Raiyat glances back after seeing two more grenades launched over their heads to explode in the midst of the approaching onslaught of Saluks. What he sees shocks him at first, Szass had a long metal cylinder in one hand that looked a lot like a lightsaber and was yelling into a commlink in his other hand “Hurry up damn you”. Raiyat wonders whom he is talking to as he refocuses on the approaching opponents. He stops wondering when he hears what sound like a starship coming slowly from behind them “What now?” but before he has a chance to question it further he sees then hears heavy laser fire then sees one of the Saluks blaster emplacements vaporized, debris flying off the temple walls. This new ally shows himself a second later in the form of a small transport ship that does a high speed pass on the temple, not doing any serious damage with the quick shots but disrupting the defenses by drawing all blaster fire away from the three men on the ground. The ship continues around for another run as the Saluks reach the Jedi and begin to die.
Master Raiyat engages his first opponent, a young human who should have stayed home. Feeling the force flow through him infusing his limbs with power, his awareness stretches out also. He brings his blade up before the young Saluk can even full raise his weapon, burning an angry red line from the mans waist up through his shoulder and dropping him instantly. Again he spare a glance at this alien his apprentice looks to for guidance and sees him with not one but two bright red lightsabers rushing towards these Saluks, he sees death in those orange eyes and for a moment pities these untried warriors who will surely die today. Master Raiyat heads towards the temple, not even conscious of his course, the Saluk novices offering him no problems as he parries and deflects trying to only incapacitate but they just didn’t stop and he had killed quite a few of the acolytes before meeting a more skilled opponent a young human in dark robes. This one was wielding a lightsaber instead of the usual blade like the others, he charged Raiyat with his blade high leaving a huge opening for the Master Jedi to exploit. Just as he comes within striking distance he pivots and reverses his strike, bringing the blade over and down at Raiyat. “Tricky” the Jedi thinks as he just gets his blade angled to deflect the blade to the side. The two duel for a few minutes before the Saluk makes a mistake that becomes fatal. He attempted to work Raiyats’ blade out to the left and the Master allows it to a point, he anticipates the acolyte’s next attack and rolls out in that directions putting his blade on the inside and batting his opponents blade down to the ground. Before the Saluk could recover Raiyat reversed his blade and separated the man’s head from his body, dropping him. Looking around the field Master Raiyat realizes he has crossed all the way over to with about ten feet from Karr he sees something like regret in the mans eyes. He can only assume it is for the life lost this day. The Jedi Master hears the sound of another fight behind him, before he can turn to locate Szass his attention his pulled in the direction of Karr as a husky female voice calls out to the two Jedi. “Very well done Jedi, a mistake indeed, but impressive.”
As the unexpected ally in the ship does his first pass on the temple Master Karr engaged his first opponent. Having battled the Saluks in the past he knew that their skill was nowhere near equals his and therefore didn’t warrant he full expertise. As the first acolyte charges heedlessly in Master Karr simply steps and brings his saber down on top of the mans sword throwing him off balance. As he stumbles by the Jedi slashes down severing the Saluks hand then brings the butt of his lightsaber down hard on the mans head knocking him out. He continues in this same fashion, as the attackers seem to keep coming. Karr continues to disable his opponents as opposed to killing them. He knows they are just misguided individuals seduced by a corrupted master. Karr notices the ship is still making runs on the temple, taking out Saluk shooters each time he passed but is also taking fire each pass, noticing blaster burns across the bottom. Karr is intrigued by this new comrade and decides to try and get a sense of whom it may be. His attempts at connecting with the pilot gave no insight, the ship seemed almost empty, and who was piloting the vessel? While he is wondering whom their friend was he realizes that the fighting has just about ended he could only hear the Dashade fighting in the distance, what a strange but apparently effective ally noticing how well he, a non-Jedi was wielding those lightsabers. He looks around the field and sees many dead or dying Saluks and regrets the fate they had been given. He looks at Master Raiyat, a man worthy of respecting, whom he sees is now only a few feet away when he hears from behind “Very well done Jedi, a mistake indeed, but impressive.”
Seeing that DV had finally decided to show up with his ship Szass silently encourages the droid as he effectively draws the fire off of them, leaving the two Jedi and himself free to deal with these ones. Seeing the two Jedi each flanking him seeming to have no problems with the groups of Saluks approaching them Szass whips out his twin blades and ignites them both with a flick of a switch. “He better not damage my ship or I’ll enjoy dismantling him” he thinks as he crashes into the first group of Saluk acolytes blades twirling he parries first one then another of the acolytes blades, the two temple guards looking stunned for the second before the sabers cross and embed themselves in between the eyes of one and through the throat of the other. Szass steps from the falling bodies to meet a new set of victims, four of the acolytes are coming at him with their blades drawn and ready and then the battle began in earnest. Moving with lightening fast cuts and parries he is able to fend off these four who were actually decent fighter and knew how to work in concert. This went on for several moments, until one of them made a mistake and swung too soon, leaving an opening for Szass to exploit. Smacking the acolyte’s blade up and to the side he brings his saber back and over severing the jaw of the man and continuing across the chest of the man next to him, taking both men out of the equation. The two remaining Saluks knew they were overmatched but fought on regardless, Szass could respect this so he decided to give them a quick painless death, when he decide he’d had enough and lunged to finish one of them he had to almost throw himself to the ground to avoid a blade strike that came from nowhere. He rolled to his feet blades up ready for the attack he knew was coming and gasped as he saw both men fleeing towards the forest. In their place stood what appeared to be the man who had taken Tamryn or else it was his twin. “Now you die, Jedi pet.” And with that his two swords fly up and Szass is forced back for a moment trying to catch up with this new opponent. “You can’t hope to defeat me, the power of the force guides me” Szass realized that this opponent was just fast not better than the others. He quickly maneuvered his blades and the other mans up, setting him up for a big surprise. When the blades were high Szass struck down towards the mans legs forcing him to drop his blade down into an X to stop both sabers, with his blades down Szass kicked his foot straight into the mans stomach knocking the wind from him as he tried to catch his breath Szass shoved his lightsabers into the mans heart and throat, killing him. He looks for the two Jedi so they can continue and maybe be of some help to the others and sees them looking at two Saluks who seem to be speaking to them and not attacking. Unable to hear them Szass hurries towards them. He made it about five steps when his instincts told him he wasn’t alone. Turning around slowly he sees a man in black robes standing not far from him, staring right through him with his bright blue eyes. “You should not have come here to waste your life so foolishly. My master will have what he wants, the Jedi Yoda will die as will you and all his companions and that will ensure the Saluks place in this new galaxy. I am Sern Targen, the Masters right hand, and I will teach you a lesson before you die. Prepare yourself!” with that his lightsaber ignites. He stands as if he is no stranger to dueling, his feet spread for balance and the blade held at an angle in front of him, he begins to circle to Szass’s side. “Finally a challenge” Szass thinks to himself as he also brings up his lightsabers holding them out in front of himself both parallel to the ground and matches this Targen’s step, circling in the same direction waiting for a chance to strike first. Targen stops the dance and lunges at Szass, bringing his blade across in a short chop at his chest Szass adjusts the angle of his blades, catching Targen’s saber in between his two and shoving the man back. ‘My turn’ Szass moves in with both sabers spinning in front of him and he swings at Targen multiple times but is unable to gain any ground on this new more skilled opponent. After a number of strikes by both combatants Szass is finally able to score a minor hit on the Saluk’s arm bringing a short grunt from Targen who immediately moves back to put some distance between the two. “You’ll pay for that,” he hisses at Szass while raising his empty hand towards him. Szass doesn’t worry much when Targen raises his hand his race isn’t much concerned with the force since it doesn’t really affect them. This all changed as crackling bluish white electricity leaps forward from his fingertips, engulfing Szass, electricity arcing across his armor and through his body. He has never felt this kind of pain before; his teeth were clenched so hard it felt like they were ready to break. It only lasted a few seconds and it took two or three more to orient himself but Szass saw Targen stalking towards him with an evil grin on his face and that energy still arcing across his fingers. Szass sees this may be the end of him but he refuses to give in. Summoning what strength he had left after the ‘shock treatment’ he hurls one of his still activated sabers at Targen scoring a minor hit on his shoulder but buying him a few seconds while he grabbed his Sonic Blaster from his belt and hit the trigger sending six shots in succession at the Saluk. At least the first 2 hit him squarely in the chest, after that he turned and ran in the opposite direction clutching his chest. He glances back a sends a parting shot of electricity at Szass who fortunately is able to roll to the side and avoid further damage. “This isn’t over Sern Targen, your life is mine”
Karr and Raiyat turn towards the speaker and see two Twi’lek’s standing near at hand. They were each dressed in black the female was wearing a formfitting jumpsuit with a deep collar showing a lot of skin and the male was wearing what looked to be baggy black pants and a vest that left his muscled physique mostly uncovered. The pair stood with arms crossed looking at the Jedi like they were some insects under a microscope. “I am Sern Tres and this is my twin Sern Hal. It’s a shame you Jedi are so set in your ways, you might’ve made decent Saluks” she gives the Jedi both the kind of look only a female Twi’lek can give and took a step back. “We know of Karr, who are you Jedi…I would know the name of my next victim” Hal quips. Without waiting for an answer he ignites a glowing gold greatlightsaber, almost twice the length of a typical saber and stalks toward Master Raiyat sweeping the long blade back and forth with each step. Tres looks at Karr and smiles “Shall we?” igniting her violet blade she circles out then towards Master Karr who readies himself for the fight. Karr knows of Tres, he also knows she is a dangerous opponent so their will be no holding back like he did against the acolytes. He moves towards her ready to attack, she stops abruptly and starts to giggle, suddenly Master Karr feel something hit him squarely in the chest and he is thrown to the ground and she pounces on him while he’s on the ground. Luckily he is able to bring his blade up to defend her vicious attack. Even on his back he is definitely a match for the female and he slowly works his way to his feet, parrying her every blow, managing to score a slight wound across her off hand. Master Raiyat took a moment to gauge his opponent then bringing up his lightsaber he starts to smack at the greatsaber testing Hal’s skill and balance. Hal looks at the Jedi with a malicious grin “This will be enjoyable” and reverses the direction of the blade which Raiyat easily side steps then brings the giant lightsaber up and around for a mighty overhand strike which Raiyat evades by rolling to the side. Coming back to his feet Raiyat takes a backhanded swing at the Twi’lek’s leg. Hal easily hoped over the swing landing where he started from and turning with a sweeping strike aimed at Raiyat’s midsection. The Jedi let the Force dictate his movements as he leaped then did a somersault over the Saluk, twisting around as he did so and delivered a devastating blow to the Twi’lek, severing his lekku or the tail-like appendages for the back of his head. Hal let out a bloodcurdling cry and fell to the ground, his tails twitched a few times then stopped and he went still.
Master Karr was engaged in the most intense dual he had personally been thru in years. Tres was a decent dualist, nowhere near as good as Karr but she was tremendously strong in the Force and she used it better than most to augment her fighting ability. Between hitting him with strikes to his body and hurling nearby objects at him Karr had his hands full with the Twi’lik Sern. She flung the severed hand of one a fallen acolyte into Karr face, she then slammed the rest of the body into him. Staggered Master Karr tries to regroup before she can get to him but wasn’t quite fast enough. He feels her sharp knuckles connect with the side of his face, just above the jaw, stunning him. ‘This is the end’ he thinks to himself as he prepares to become one with the Force. This thought is interrupted by an anguished scream from Tres, he sees her backing away shaking her head in denial of something saying ‘no no no no no’ tears were welling up in her eyes. “I’ll kill you all before you leave this place” she gives Master Karr a look of pure hatred and then she was gone.
Master Raiyat races over to Master Karr to check on his Jedi brother “Are you injured severly?” Karr responds with a wince as he feels the lump rising where she punched his face “Not badly, it will heal. You?” “I’m fine, I’m not sure about the Twi’lek Hal but I’m good” as he puts out a hand to assist Karr “And the Dashade, Maliss? Ah…I see him now looks a bit shaken perhaps we should go to him. I am surprised to see him alive still Sern Tergen is an extremely powerful adept. Stronger than a lot of Jedi I have met in my time, he is second in command only to the Master of the Saluks” The two jedi move to where Szass is just starting to stand, the Dashade looks furious, looking at the temple entrance then in the direction that Tergen escaped to. Guessing his thoughts Master Karr speaks to him “Our companions first Maliss, your revenge can wait” Szass looks at the Master Jedi and slowly nods, agreeing with his statement. He searches the sky for DV and his ship finally seeing it maintaining position 50 feet above the treeline, using his comm. he tells DV to be ready to leave in a hurry when they exit the temple, not waiting for the druids response he turns to the Jedi “Let’s continue” he grabs his lightsaber off the ground where it hit Tergen as the three move towards the temple.

Corr Terek
2 March 2005, 06:30 PM
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Raiyat's relief at coming relatively unscathed through the "distraction" was suddenly tempered by the abrupt surge of anger he felt from inside the temple. "Kai, no!"


Sern Drea was suddenly afraid, more afraid than she'd ever been in her life. This boy was a virtual whirlwind of fury, and the Force of his anger was terrible. She hated to admit it, but... he's stronger than I am.

A powerful blast of Force energy knocked her sideways into a pillar, adding a mashed lip to her already long list of injuries sustained in the last two minutes. And suddenly she knew she was going to die.

Please, don't kill me, please, please

An invisible Force grip closed over her throat, lifting her off the ground before abruptly slamming her down again. No, please Again, the Force grip. Again, her fall abruptly ended by the floor.

"Pl...please..." she gasped, fighting for air. Kai merely sneered.

"Not so powerful now, are you?" The Force grip released her, and she fell to the floor. Kai stood over her, his lightsabers inches from her throat. "Tell me...why shouldn't I kill you?"

"Because..." Drea said, still gasping for breath, "I...I can tell you where Tam is."

"I don't believe you." Kai raised his lightsabers.

"No, wait! I'm telling the truth!" Drea begged. For the first time in her life, she was looking death in the face, and its face was that of a Jedi Padawan.


Master Yoda calmly entered the throne room of Lord Graven. "Come to you, I have. What now shall we do?"

The lean Master of the Saluks stood. "The trap is sprung, the bait is taken. Strange that the great Master Yoda would fall for something so simple." He produced a lightsaber, one built on a design that Yoda had only seen once before...

With a snap-hiss, the double-bladed saber ignited and Graven readied himself. "Come, Master Yoda. Let us dance."

"Master Yoda!" It was Cale Daine, who immediately appraised the situation. Graven only laughed.

"I will present the Emperor with two heads instead of one. My reward is sure to be great."

OOC: Well, this is it. Cale, you and Yoda have my permission to wipe Graven out. Though I would prefer a stab wound to a good old decapitation, something that won't kill Graven immediately. Kind of a Qui-Gon Jinn thing.

4 March 2005, 10:22 AM
The last of the fighters explodes in a cloud of orange flame directly in front of the Watchman. Tao’lin pulls back hard on the controls, raising the nose of the courier ship to dodge the wreckage of the smaller fighter. Too late, he thinks, as a heavy piece of metal slams into the ship, just below the cockpit area. The ship rocks, as the shields drop completely, the alarm systems filling the cockpit with an intolerable raucous. The ship’s engines hold, and Tao’lin steers the ship towards a barren depression surrounded by thick jungle. The rocky cliffs extend below as far as his senses can perceive and are marked by large open caverns. Tao quickly selects a cavern that will house his ship and lowers the ship into its mouth.
Raena emerges from the corridor behind him and places a hand on his shoulder. “Is everything alright, Tao’lin?” Her touch is warm and comforting, and the young Jedi Knight finds it especially welcome at a time like this. “They are gone?”
“Yes,” he replies. “They are gone. For now.” He turns to her, as Mark, the little red astromech droid powers down the ship. “Who were they?”
She looks at him, perplexed, her green eyes growing slightly wider. “You mean, you do not know?”
Tao’lin shakes his head. “They’re not Republic, that’s for sure. They look like some kind of Z-95 to me. So they’re not Saluk?”
“No. They are not.” Raena grows quiet, obviously looking for greater meaning in this attack. Tao’lin could almost feel her anxiety. The cabin grew quiet as the R2 unit finished powering down the ship and rolled his way into the cargo area. Raena sat heavily in the co-pilots chair and forced a smile at Tao. “These are dark times, aren’t they Blind One?”
“Indeed they are,” he replied, sensing something more to her anxiety. He wondered if it would be appropriate to ask her what was on her mind, but decided it could wait. Instead, he said nothing.
Raena rose from her chair and walked away in silence, leaving Tao’lin alone to check the ship over.

Raena lay quietly on the ship’s comfortable bed, waiting for Tao’lin to repair the ship’s power core. The crash had apparently damaged the connections between the generator and the batteries, which would prevent the ship from full functionality until they were replaced. Luckily, there were enough couplings to jury-rig a solution that would get them back to civilization. All it would take was time.
The doorway opened suddenly enough to surprise her. She turned over quickly, drawing her sword and ready to spring to her feet. Tao’lin held up his hands in mock surrender, grease smeared across his shirt and face. “I give up,” he said, jokingly.
Raena lowered her sword and collapsed back onto the bed. “Didn’t anyone ever teach you not to sneak up on people?” She was now smiling again, though her eyes seemed to portray deeper emotions.
He took a step forward and sat on the edge of the bed. “I apologize, but I thought you’d want to hear the good news.”
Raena sat up quickly and smiled even wider. “Is the ship fixed?”
Tao’lin laughed. “No, not yet, but the good news is, it will be. I found a new core conduit that we can run to the batteries. She’ll be ready to fly in no time.”
Her face fell, obviously disappointed, and she fell back onto the bed. “What’s wrong? I thought you’d be happy.”
She shook her head. “It’s just… nothing. Forget it.”
Tao’lin turned his body, placing his hand on hers. “No. What’s wrong, Raena?”
The girl closed her eyes and exhaled. “My sister,” she said, her voice pained. “I’m worried about my sister. My sister Drea is one of the Saluks. She is one of the best, Tao. She is a Sern. I am afraid that if my Master… or yours… faces her, then she will die.” Tao’lin feels her sorrow release after remaining hidden for so long. It is almost overwhelming. He places a hand to her cheek and feels the warm water of a tear rolling down her cheekbone. “I do not approve of my sister’s decisions, but I still love her. It is not her fault.”
Tao’lin wondered if she could feel her sister’s pain and sorrow in the same way he could feel his Master’s. He gently ran his thumb along her face and shook his head. “If you would like we could reach out to her…” Tao’lin felt that it was a bad idea as soon as he had said it. If Raena’s sister was injured or in battle or even dead then the experience could be traumatic, for them both. Tao’lin felt her nod her head gently in approval, as she rose from the bed, holding his hands in hers. Tao’lin turned to face her, sitting in front of her, his palms pressed lightly against hers. He felt her close her eyes, and begin to reach out for her sister’s presence. Almost immediately Tao’lin could feel the surging emotions of battle. Wherever she was, Drea was not faring well. Suddenly, Tao’lin could feel a tightening pain. Slowing his breathing he pulled away, already knowing everything he needed to know. He looked down at Raena, who was still meditating, trying to hold onto her sister’s presence despite the pain. She began to grow pale, her body trembling, sweating from the brow. Her breathing quickened, almost gasping for breath. Tao’lin rushed forward, holding her in his arms as her body began to thrash. He held her tightly, his chin resting on the top of her head, whispering quietly. “Reana, come back. Come on, kid. Hold in there.”
As he held her closely, he felt her body go limp, her breathing slowing, though still struggling for breath. She wrapped her arms around his neck and slowly opened her eyes. She seemed exhausted and heartbroken. She opened her mouth, as if to say something, but decided against it. Pressing her face into Tao’lin’s shoulder she simply closed her eyes and cried.

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Corr Terek
4 March 2005, 05:10 PM
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Drea was quickly losing consciousness. Kai was slowly applying another crushing Force grip, and was also using the weakness caused by lack of oxygen to rip through Drea's brain, using the Force to batter down every mental barrier she tried to put up. The pain was horrible, but she couldn't speak, couldn't beg him to stop.

She must have blacked out completely, for when her eyesight returned she was slumped over on the floor. Kai was walking away from her, apparently having found out whatever he needed to know. He felt her regain consciousness and spoke over his shoulder, "I'm giving you back your life. Not because I have some sort of compunction against killing you, but because I'm not like you."

Drea couldn't think of anything spiteful to say, which probably saved her life. The Padawan turned back and glanced at her. "I would suggest you leave this place quickly, because if you're still here when I come back I'll kill you."

She waited until she was sure he was gone, and then slowly, painfully got to her feet. Biting back a few curses, she half-stumbled toward the door that Kai had entered by...only to nearly fall into the arms of Szass Maliss, who was at that moment rounding the corner with Masters Karr and Raiyat. The Dashade snarled, combat instinct taking over as he flung her away from him.

His twin lightsabers flashed, but Master Karr's single blade caught them both. "Peace, Szass. Drea is in no position to hurt us." Grudgingly the Dashade shut off his sabers, and the three of them regarded the young Sern.

To Raiyat's eyes, the bleeding, battered girl in front of him was just that -- a young girl who'd been brutally beaten. Really, it was difficult to see the Sern she had been up until a few minutes before. "Who did this to you?"

She looked up at him for the first time, and Raiyat almost thought he saw a flicker of recognition, as if she saw in him something familiar. This was quickly replaced by fear. Master Karr knelt beside Drea. "I will tend to her. You should continue your search for the girl."

Saliss snorted. "She's an enemy."

For the first time, Karr's eyes flashed fire. "She was also once my student. I will tend to her -- you tend to your students."

Drea stirred slightly, making an effort to stay conscious. "The girl...is safe...Kai Tredlan has...found her...by...now." She took a deep, rattling breath, wincing in pain. "Your Master...Yoda...is in danger..."

Karr and Raiyat looked at each other. Though Raiyat was increasingly certain who had been the recipient of Kai's anger, he also realized that at the moment, Master Yoda was the prime concern. "I'll go find Master Yoda." Raiyat caught the bounty hunter's eye and realized that Szass, too, had been putting the pieces together. While the Dashade would doubtless be less concerned with the moral code of the Jedi, Raiyat could also tell that he did not necessarily approve of Kai's handling of the situation.

"I'll follow Kai -- he may need some help."

The two went their separate ways, leaving Karr and Drea alone. The Sern was rapidly sinking into unconsciousness, and Karr knew she had suffered internal injuries. He reached out with the Force and began the healing process...

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4 March 2005, 05:37 PM
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4 March 2005, 05:45 PM
YODA: Come to you, I have. What now shall we do?
GRAVEN: The trap is sprung, the bait is taken. Strange that the great Master Yoda would fall for something so simple- Come, Master Yoda. Let us dance.
CALE: Master Yoda!
GRAVEN: I will present the Emperor with two heads instead of one. My reward is sure to be great.

“I sincerely doubt that- though if you believe that Palpatine will do anything more than congratulate on your prowess and then decapitate you... you are sadly mistaken. Such is the way of the Sith. Fear not, Graven, for you will not have to face the Palpatine's duplicity." Cale said, igniting his lightsaber and assuming combat stance (much like he had against the two apprentices earlier) for Form V.
The barrel-chested human's enormous visage and intimidating posture sharply contrasted Master Yoda's small body and labored (if very smooth and practiced) movements toward the engagement.

"Master Daine- take him together, we must." the wizened green alien said. Cale was rather surprised at the show of respect (Master) - perhaps Yoda had finally acknowledged the human's relative position within what remained of the Order... or was simply trying to psyche Graven out with the implication that he was facing two Jedi Masters. Either way it mattered little, for Cale was faced with a conflict of immediate application and need of attention.

"You insult me Master Daine... we both know the Emperor will be indebted to me for ridding the galaxy of relics such as yourselves." Graven said, flourishing his double blade. The crimson blades caused a rather delightful lightshow upon the corrupt man's face, the deadly energy hypnotically swinging in rhythmatic pulses.

"Why, yes, Graven- I do insult you. However, you may believe what you wish to believe if it allows you to sleep. Just remember- when Palpatine kills you, don't say I didn't tell you so when you wake up in Hell." Cale said, slowly circling towards the master's flank as Master Yoda made his way to engage. The blue, red and green blades met furiously as Graven decided to take the offensive.

Master Yoda began his spinning barrage, but failed to initially penetrate Graven's defense with a series of rapid blows, but prevented Graven from doing him any damage either. The green Jedi spun back to the floor and made quickly for an outcropping of wall from which to start his next attack. Cale's slower approach left him facing Graven more or less alone for the next few moments.
parry parry slash parry stab parry parry slash parry

The Jedi didn't even bother with an offensive posturing- Cale was trying to focus the Saluk's attention upon himself so that Yoda's next attack would take him unprepared. That strategy failed- miserably- as Graven kicked the Corellian Jedi's legs out from under him.
Cale tumbled down the stone stairs that lead to the second tier of the throne room. Yoda had managed to engage in another attack by now, and both opponents seemed to be tiring each other out, slowly but surely. Cale doubted that that would happen anytime soon, however. Yoda's small saber penetrated Graven's dual defense and nipped the Saluk in the thigh. Enraged, Graven threw a massive horizontal cut which Yoda moved with, back onto the first tier. The Grand Master effortlessly jumped back up to face Graven again as Cale quickly closed the distance up the stairs.

Switching to Form II low guard position, Cale attempted offensive action.
slash slash parry slash stab parry parry parry kick-parry elbow
Cale's elbow connected with the old man's jaw as the Jedi's azure saber deflected the double bladed lightsaber's leading blade uselessly across his opponent's body. Yoda took this opportunity to rejoin the fray, and both Jedi now assaulted Graven's defense.
slash slash slash parry stab parry parry punch-slash parry stab parry stab
Cale's robes had, by now, received some new ventilation holes, but no bodily injury had been sustained as of yet (from a lightsaber, anyway- Cale's abdomen was giving off pain in waves from a kick to the kidney).
Graven had a few nicks and cuts and bruises but was, as well, mostly in regular form. Yoda had also been slightly roughed up, but both older force users were beginning to show their age after three or four minutes of sparring.
Just as the three were moving to engage again, Graven's arm shot out, and a pair of ceremonial spears shot out from their places in the hands of ceremonial statues at the Jedi. Yoda effortlessly deflected the one aimed at his head, whereas Cale violently redirected his in midair, aiming in turn at Graven, who ducked away- leaving the spear to embed itself in the throne behind him. Yoda tried exploiting the defense here, but Graven deflected the advances. Cale again moved in for engagement, throwing into the fight with a pair of two-handed slashing attacks. Graven laughed and deflected both blows, and in addition brought the other side of his saber up to scorch Cale's right (nonsword) arm. Wincing in pain, Cale stepped back as Yoda reengaged in a spinning assault.

<5 Minutes of Intense Fighting and Chasing Later>

The three combatants stood on the second tier of Graven's throne room, on top of which stood the pieced throne itself.
Graven was looking a bit tired, but still contained a lot of fight for the two Jedi to battle. In addition to a now bruising jaw, the Saluk master had half a dozen lightsaber grazes and minor hits over his torso, arms and legs and no doubt had a bit of internal bleeding from the various bludgeoning brawling attacks he had sustained. Yoda's tunic now sported a rather burned looking gash about chest high- that lightsaber slash had left Yoda only a few millimeters from death, but instead the Jedi Master was in more or less the same shape he had been in at the beginning of the fight.
Cale Daine was a little worse for wear- the cut on his shoulder was not bleeding, but it hurt like hell. So did his abdomen- there was probably some internal bleeding going on in there from that impact.

"Come now Jedi- not tired of me already." Graven said, laughing.
"Tired you are, Graven. Reveal your own weakness, you do." Yoda replied. Both elder figures were showing the early signs of exhaustion. Cale was also feeling the burn- 10 minutes of intense fighting would do that too anyone, but a minor burn in the human's lungs told him that he wasn't going to be doing this for a whole lot longer.
"Then let us finish this- Master Yoda." Graven said. Suddenly the man's arm shot out and Yoda, caught off guard, was hurled back into stone handrails. The diminutive green Jedi slumped over, but slowly began to get up. Cale decided that time needed to be bought.
The human Jedi attacked- slash slash parry parry parry slash slash stab parry- as Cale's blade scorched Graven's left side, the Saluk turned his blade and stabbed into Cale's abdomen.
The energy blade melted through cloth and flesh like butter, impaling the Jedi on a wound between the lowest two ribs, three inches from his spine. (OOC: This would be a good time for Raiyat et.al. to come into the lower level).
Cale sputtered and dropped to his knees. He tasted blood in his mouth and his midsection went thankfully numb. Yoda looked over with stunned horror as he collected himself and called the small lightsaber to his hand from the lower level where it had fallen.
Focus- must focus. Got to take him out, the bastard. Cale thought. He managed to contain his thoughts and concentrate. Cale felt the Force flow through him and he concentrated on the lightsaber blade sticking through him as Graven gloated.
"Ha-ha- I have you now, Jedi." he said triumphantly.
"Not quite." Cale growled. The double bladed lightsaber in Graven's hands suddenly died. Both ends extinguished simultaneously, disappearing suddenly as they ran out of power. Cale smiled fiercely, his blood dripping out from the corners of his mouth and coloring his teeth red. The energy from the drained power cells coursed through his body like lightening, and the Jedi hacked a vicious uppercut swing from his still glowing saber. Graven looked down, shocked, as the two pieces of his body, the hipbones down, and his torso fell over and separated. Cale crawled over to the still conscious Saluk as Yoda approached.
The dying Saluk looked at Yoda and smiled a horrible, grim smile- "You fool," he coughed, "You should not have challenged us... for now, instead of hiding as you should have, you have chosen an early death." Another cough, this one containing blood, which spotted Graven's face. "You will not live to see that which is your dream come to pass." Graven laughed- a horrible evil laugh, one that was so stupidly stereotypical of "supervillans" that it would have been funny had it not been real- then expired.

Cale rolled over and breathed in deeply- it burned horribly. I'm going to die... dammit, NO! I didn't come all this way to be greased by some half assed Sith Lord impersonator. he though. He concentrated all the excess energy stored in his body from the lightsaber, then proceeded to concentrate the force upon his injuries, willing himself to heal. Cale felt an extra burst of energy- Master Yoda. The pain stopped- and was replaced by a terrible soreness that permeated his entire body. He painfully sat up and looked down. There was a hole in his robes where the lightsaber had entered, and under it was a layer of pink, new skin... that itched horribly.
Yoda grunted as he retrieved his cane and hobbled toward the stairs. "Lucky you are, Master Daine... lucky indeed." and then he turned to move downstairs.
Slowly getting up from his sitting position, Cale searched the now dead Graven's body for any clues to the Saluk strategy and membership, and retrieved the double bladed lightsaber. That weapon would not be falling into the wrong hands anytime soon, he would guarantee that.

Corr Terek
5 March 2005, 04:20 PM
Kai made his way down the empty corridors in the direction he'd sensed Tam was being held. Obviously he was heading into the dungeons of the temple -- filth was everywhere. Finally he reached one particular door, from behind which he sensed Tam's familiar presence. He quickly typed the access code he had...liberated...from Drea's mind, and the door hissed open. Tam was lying on a narrow bench in what appeared to be a drugged sleep. He knelt next to her, placing a hand on her forehead. Come on Tam, come back to me...

Her eyelids fluttered, and then opened. She looked up at him with a vague sense of bewilderment that quickly changed to relief. "Kai!" She sat up quickly, only to reel drunkenly and almost fall off the bench. Kai caught her and eased her back down. "Careful, the drug's not completely out of your system yet."

Tam closed her eyes again and sighed. "I knew you'd come for me. They said you were dead, but I didn't believe them." She opened her eyes and sat up again, this time slower. She was still unsteady, but with Kai's help she was able to stand up. "How'd you get here?"

Kai shrugged. "Street rat told Szass and I who had taken you and where to look. We had some help getting here, though." Tam looked at him, puzzled, and Kai realized he'd have to be a little more clear, at least until the drug had fully worn off. "My Master, Rayait, and Master Yoda, and Cale Daine and Tao'lin are here, remember?" Comprehension dawned on Tam's face. "They're here, right now?!"

Kai nodded. "Yeah. The Saluks were using you as bait. They're after Master Yoda." This finally got through to Tam, and Kai's own sense of urgency was now mirrored in her face. "Master Yoda! They'll kill him!" She immediately started for the door, only to sink to the floor with a groan. It occured to Kai that not all of her dizziness and weakness could be attributed to the serum they'd used to keep her down. "Tam, what's wrong? Did they...did they hurt you?" He knelt beside her, and for the first time noticed that the back of her Jedi tunic had been cut in several places...and he could see bloody welts underneath the shredded cloth. "Tam! What happened!?"

She shivered at his touch, clearly suppressing the pain his touch had brought. "One of the higher-ups...a Sern, I think they're called. He's a Twi'lek, and he...touched me." She laughed shortly, a laugh that turned into a cough. "I fought back, and scratched him a few times. I also bit one of his fingers pretty nearly to the bone. He wasn't happy." She shrugged, again wincing in pain. "He has a sister, and she whipped me pretty bad. Not long after that, they drugged me."

Kai helped her up, trying his best to support her without aggravating her wounds. She wrapped an arm around his waste and laid her head on his shoulder. "Oh, Kai, I'm so glad you're here."

Someone coughed politely, and Kai looked up to see Szass standing in front of them.


Raiyat entered the throne room just in time to meet Master Yoda and Cale Daine. "Is it over?"

"Over it is," Yoda nodded. "Trouble us no more, Lord Graven will."

Raiyat sensed that both Jedi were deeply disturbed about something. "Master Yoda? What's wrong?"

The aged Jedi Master shook his head. "Nothing wrong there is. Confirmed, only, my suspicions have been. Talk to you later, I may."

Raiyat looked at Cale, who simply shrugged.


Master Karr knelt next to the fallen Sern. He'd stabilized her, but she needed to be moved elsewhere. Stay with me, child...it's not your day to die... He picked her up and began walking out of the temple.


Meanwhile, somewhere out in the jungle, several figures gathered.

"It is finished, then?" Targen asked, glancing at Tres. The Twi'lek nodded.

"Graven is dead, and the Jedi are leaving." She cursed. "I'll make them pay someday."

Hal stood nearby, as did Krael. Hal was still in deep shock due to the loss of his lekku...and Krael was horribly disfigured. Targen couldn't even begin to guess how he'd survived that wound. But he had.

"I saw Drea...that Sanari had her." Tres spat again. Targen frowned.

"She's not worth rescuing. We'll regroup what's left of our people and return to the Temple when the Jedi are gone."

Tres nodded slowly. "Yes...my Lord."

OOC: You mission is essentially over. All that is really left to do is decide what to do from here. Karr is taking Drea back in hopes he can turn her back. I'll be sending you a PM, max. Until then, the rest of you can just post your basic filler stuff. Don't worry I have other things in the works, haha.

6 March 2005, 04:57 AM
Tao'lin sat silently in the small room where Raena slept, his hand pressed gently against her forehead. She still had a fever, and her body sweat from the heat she had produced. He had left only briefly to finalize the repairs to the Watchman and was now simply awaiting a message from Master Daine to collect the group of Jedi Masters.
Raena's eyes openned slowly, and the girl seemed to take a few moments to realize where she was. When she saw Tao'lin, she immediately smiled and reached for the hand pressed to her forehead, moving it down to her cheek. She seemed content, and Tao'lin couldn't help but to wonder if she even remembered the horrible experience that had nearly driven her into shock. Raena simply looked up at him, eyes tired and glossy. Tao'lin smiled back. "She's okay, isn't she?" The young girl only nodded and rolled onto her side. "Get some rest."
Tao'lin rose and made it towards the cockpit, and almost immediately his commlink sounded. Master Yoda's voice was a welcome sound after such a long day, though from the sound of things, it could have been far longer.

Within moments, the Watchman hovered gracefully over the Saluk temple, and one by one the Jedi Masters entered. Tao'lin recieved them one by one, especially careful to tend to the wounded Drea. He placed her in the bed opposite her sister, and respectfully thanked Master Karr for his efforts to save her, flashing an almost deadly glare at the reckless Kai. Once everyone was onboard, Tao'lin resumed the controls, allowing his former Master to rest, and began his ascent towards Master Karr's Sanari enclave.

max ordo
7 March 2005, 10:51 PM
When he has the two youths attention Szass calmly states, “We must leave, the Saluks are gone for the moment but could return at any time.” He motions the two to follow, which they do, at least as well as Tam can. The trio made their way quietly to the temple entrance, seeing the Jedi’s ship gliding to the ground Szass comm’d DV and told him to bring the ship. Within moments of the Jedi taking off Szass had the Shadow Hunter airborne and was following the Jedi, assuming that the Jedi could better tend to the young females’ wounds better than Kai or himself.
Once he feels Kai has had time to get Tam settled he calls him to the cockpit. Szass tells the young man they need to ‘talk’ once he gets there. "To face an enemy in combat is a matter of honor. If the enemy is worthy then give it all you have and be proud when you end their life. If the enemy is weaker than you, such as was the case with this girl you end it quick. Do not play with them; your honor is not a game. You basically tortured her to death just stopping short of actually ending her. Torture is unacceptable, you have much to learn about honor apprentice, which I will show you if you wish, but I will not continue on with you unless you learn control. You cannot just go around beating people to a pulp, either fight to kill or don't fight and just walk away. Never fight for fun, it is only to be done for two reasons, either payment or survival anything else is unacceptable." Kai looks down at his feet, embarrassed “I’m truly sorry Master I lost myself in the fight with the Sern, I was just so intent on getting Tam back that I saw the quickest way to obtain my goal ad took it. I truly wish to learn honor as you would have it.” Seeing the embarrassment Kai was showing Szass threw him a small bone, “It was impressive though, from what I could tell those Sern’s are very skilled opponents” The remainder of the short trip behind the Jedi was fairly quiet except for the occasional instructions to Kai on the weapons systems of the ship and the basics of Dashade honor.
Upon reaching their destination Szass tells Kai to wake Tam and meet him at the exit of the ship, while waiting he orders DV “Have the ship ready to go at a moments notice” the droid gives a compliant whoop and turns to go back to the cockpit. Seeing Tam the Dashade greets her “Glad to see you alive, would hate to have gone to all the trouble for a corpse” flashing what appeared to be a smile but couldn’t be sure. Tam grins back, her spirits rising since she was back with Kai “Glad to be alive, Master.” The three exit the ship and see the Jedi had just disembarked also. Szass leads his small party in their direction.

Corr Terek
8 March 2005, 04:39 PM
Raiyat sat with Master Yoda and Cale. In the two days since Tam's rescue, there had been much deliberation over the Jedi's course of action. It was dangerous to stay in one place for too long, but where could they go? There were no safe havens now, not with Palpatine's new Empire gaining control so rapidly.

Whatever had happened during the duel with Graven Raiyat didn't know, but Master Yoda had seemed strangely sad. He could remember the Grand Master's words to him after the battle: Confirmed, only, my suspicions have been. What did that mean? And why had it saddened both Cale and Master Yoda so? Oh yes, Cale was worried. He did a pretty effective job of hiding it, and Raiyat doubted the younger Jedi had even noticed, but it was there. Regardless, Yoda had assured Raiyat that he would explain matters in due time, if the need arose.

As for Kai...Raiyat had had a long talk with his Padawan...former Padawan, he corrected himself. Kai had been penitent over his treatment of the girl Drea, seemingly truly shocked at his own bloodlust. But he'd remained adamant in his decision to stay with Szass. Raiyat could clearly remember his words...

"No, Master, I won't be going back with you. And I don't think Tam will be either."

"Why not, if I may be so bold as to ask that question?" Raiyat asked, his heart sinking at the thought.

Kai shrugged. "Face it, Master, the Order's gone. Maybe others of us survived, maybe not. If they did, believe me, I won't abandon them. But the main thing is to stay alive...Szass has offered to teach Tam and me how to survive in this new galaxy...to remain invisible."

"Kai, we could teach you that too."

"No, you can't, Master. Not without using the Force, and Ani--Vader would sense that in a Coruscant minute. And...I feel something...like it's the part I'm destined to play. I'm trusting my feelings, like you taught me."

That parting shot made Raiyat grin. "It's a dirty trick, using a man's words against him. But you must do what you feel is right, of course." He studied his former Padawan. "But...beware the Dark Side, Kai. You've felt its lure, I know, in the Saluk temple. You've given into it once, and the next time it will call you more strongly." A question occurred to him. "What happened there, with the girl Drea?"

Kai sighed. "You remember the Almin mission, Master?" Raiyat did indeed -- it had only been six months ago -- and saw the hidden grief that lay behind Kai's eyes. "I do. But what--?"

Kai cut him off. "Drea probed my mind -- I couldn't stop her, she was so fast. She...found out about Vixi."

Then Raiyat understood. "She used that against you, didn't she?"

Kai nodded, his voice trembling. "She said I'd fail Tam just like I failed Vixi. She mocked my pain!" He calmed himself, and shook his head. "All I could think of was the fact that Vixi had died in my arms, my name on her last breath, and this woman was mocking that sacrifice."

Raiyat was silent for a long minute. "You cannot right all the wrongs in the galaxy, Kai, and you cannot save everyone." He paused. "Anakin was much like you."


"Obi-Wan told me. Anakin, too, lost one he loved, and in anger lashed out against those responsible. He couldn't accept the fact that it was not for him to decide the fate of those around him, and in the end this has made him what he is." Raiyat looked deeply into Kai's eyes. "The Dark Side will promise you whatever you desire, but in the end its promises are empty. Remember that, Kai. Remember."

11 March 2005, 08:16 AM
Tao'lin spent most of the next few days with Raena, slowly nursing her sister back to health Drea had been badly bruised and beaten, her ribs were shattered and her throat was nearly swollen closed. Even the Jedi healing techniques that Tao'lin possessed offered little consolation and only served to deaden the pain.
When he was not with Raena, Tao'lin was working on his cloakshape, which he had named the Redemption. The small ship would serve as the foundation of a new life for Tao'lin, as a pilot and freelance mercenary. He knew that as long as he stayed far from the Galactic Core and kept moving, there was a chance he would live a long and healthy life.
Through a combination of bartering and gambling, he aquired the partsnecesary to widen the fuselage and add a second seat in the cramped cockpit, as well as a swiveling gun mounted beneath the ship's chin. Though Raena had never left her homeplanet, she was a fast learner and was quickly learning to operate the ship's navigational systems. Both Master Yoda and Master Karr seemed reluctant to allow the two young pupils to travel together, but both realized that little could be done to prevent it. Desperate times called for adaptation, and Raena and Tao'lin had seemed to create a natural harmony between their diverging philosophies. With substantial reservation, Tao’lin was allowed to take Raena as something of a Padawan apprentice, though everyone involved saw it as more of a partnership between two outcast philosophies and an attemptby both to endure the trials that would inevitably follow.

max ordo
11 March 2005, 01:13 PM
In the two days after rescuing Tam, Szass took Kai away from the others for hours at a time. When they would return they would look worn out, covered in sweat, with the occasional bruises and scratches that could be acquired from sparring or moving through jungle at a decent speed. Szass had officially started training the boy as he had promised to do when they first met, and when Tam was fully recovered she would begin her training also. The training began before sunrise the day after the fight at the temple. Szass grabbed Kai by the shirt while he was sleeping and pulled him to his feet, shocking the young man awake “Get dressed we have a ways to go before sunrise” giving the boy a wink he adds “You sleep to soundly, I could’ve killed you twice in your sleep. We’ll work on that also” Stepping outside to give Kai privacy while dressing Szass contemplates what he is about to do. The things he was going to teach these two humans have not been shown to non-Dashade as far as he knew. ‘The Dashade are dead, it matters not’ he thinks to himself. He just hopes that Kai is strong enough and Tam also, many Dashade youths died during the rigid training.
As Kai exits his room Szass puts his finger to his mouth, telling the boy to be quiet as the two move from shadow to shadow leaving the Sanari compound for the surrounding jungle. Moving to a tree just 10 m into the jungle Szass pulls a bundle from the concealing brush and hands it to Kai “Carry this, we’ll need it” intrigued Kai takes the bundle but before he can look inside Szass tells him “Do not look until I tell you, now follow me” with that he’s off moving through the jungle as easily and fluidly as a hunting cat. Kai manages to keep up but notices that while Szass doesn’t make a sound or really disturb his surroundings Kai sounds like a group of drunken Gammorean’s running though the jungle in comparison. After about a half hour or trekking through the jungle they emerge into a large clearing, about 80m across and circular. The tall trees surrounding the clearing look like an impenetrable ring giving the place an arena like feel. Szass takes the bundle from Kai, unwrapping it Kai sees four long perfectly straight poles, they are all equal length and about an inch and a half thick. Dropping them all to the ground he instructs Kai to pick up two of them, which he does, then Szass grabs the other two. “If you are set on fighting with two lightsabers you need to learn the proper way to fight with two weapons. Wouldn’t want you to inadvertently hurt yourself or an ally” Szass gets into an odd looking offensive stance which Kai doesn’t recognize his feet are facing forward but his upper body was turned slightly to the side with one of the poles/blades pointed directly at Kai the other above his head parallel to the first. “Defend yourself” Kai barely had time to bring the poles to bear before Szass struck. The first blow nearly sent Kai’s pole flying, just as the first strike registered in Kai’s mind he felt his left knee collapse as Szass had brought the higher pole down almost simultaneously with the first but a little further out so he could get around behind Kai’s leg and take his knee. Still reeling from his sudden closeness to the ground Kai is not surprised when Szass places one of the poles he is holding against his throat. “Get up” He extends a hand to Kai to help him rise. “Arm yourself” again taking that odd offensive pose, Kai quickly readies himself and is able to parry the first round of attacks, he starts to feel more confident and it shows. He attempts to take the offensive from Szass who promptly swats both of Kai’s poles out then smacks his against the young mans ribs. Szass allows Kai a chance to catch his breath before speaking. “We will need to work on your technique, if you ever face a truly skilled opponent and you use both blades you would die. There was a little practiced form of fighting which required the use of two blades. I believe some of the ancient Jedi even practiced it, the style is known as Niman and is very effective against most opponents.” He takes Kai into the middle of the field and starts putting him through an intense workout with the poles, learning to fight more fluidly with two weapons and become more comfortable fighting that way. They continue this for the next several hours only stopping when the sun has passed mid-day when they break for a meal and a moments rest. “You are doing well so far, next we’ll see how you do with no weapons,” Szass tells Kai when the rest period is about over. Szass again shows Kai that he has much to learn if he wants to survive long in the violent place the galaxy is slowly becoming. Szass explained about pressure points, joint locks, throwing techniques and different types of chokeholds. He ran him through a few different stretching routines and also one of the basic forms. For the remainder of the afternoon until the sun was well beyond the horizon and the stars were starting to show Szass worked with Kai on combat and how to move more quietly by walking on the balls of the feet instead of the common heel toe most bi-pedals used. By the time they quit Kai was more sore after this day than any he could ever remember, but as they made their way back he imagined he was a little quieter moving through the undergrowth and moved a tad easier through the thick jungle. If he felt this way after one day of intense training with Szass he couldn’t wait for more. The second day went the same as the prior and when Kai and Szass returned that night Kai went to see Tam and tell her about the last few days. Szass on the other hand returns to his ship to sleep.

Corr Terek
11 March 2005, 04:00 PM
OOC: This takes place about a month after the events on Carnos.


For the Renzati gang, life had been going at just about the usual rate. Their leader, Rek Renzati, had formed an uneasy alliance of sorts with the authorities on Ord Mantell -- dead Jedi in exchange for a blind eye toward the other illegal activities of the gang. But that was about to change...

The two guards outside Renzati's hideout laughingly recounted their slaughter of two female Jedi, a young Knight and her Padawan. They went over in sickening detail the torture they'd inflicted before the agonizing final moments of the two women. They didn't realize it, but someone else heard their words.

Suddenly, a streetlight shattered. Then another. The two guards nervously fingered their blasters, looking around uneasily. The now-darkening street looked much more threatening to them than it had a few minutes ago.

The one guard turned to look toward the street, but a muffled cry alerted him. He turned, only to find his companion gone. Thoroughly panicked now, the guard called and five of his compatriots came running. As they did, a form congealed from the shadows. It was instantly covered by the gang members, before stepping into the fading light and pulling back the hood from its face. "Greetings,"

"It's a boy!" the first guard spoke. He raised his blaster threateningly. "Where's Alic?"

The boy smiled. "Where he won't harm any of my friends again." He began to walk toward them. "The bounty on Renzati calls for him alive. You, however, have no such protection. Drop your blasters, and I promise I won't kill you."

"Hands up, Jedi scum!" the guard barked. The boy considered briefly the blasters pointed at him.

"I think not." And with a click, the power packs for each blaster slid from their holders. The first guard barely had time to whimper before the Jedi boy was upon him.


Renzati and his two lieutenants looked wildly out over the entrance to their hideout. "What's going on down there?!" Renzati grabbed his blaster from its place on his desk. From their vantage point, things were a confused jumble of shadows occasionally lit by blaster fire. However, a sudden thud and a groan alerted Renzati to the fact that he was not alone.

He drew his blaster with a speed unlike any seen elsewhere, and when he turned his blaster was pointed straight at the forehead of a strangely armored alien. "Who are you?!"

The alien shrugged and opened his hand to reveal the power pack for Renzati's blaster. "No one important."


Szass stepped from the cargo hold of his ship, leaving behind a trussed-up and gagged Renzati. "Is the course set, Tam?"

"Yes, Master." Tam said, a grin tugging at the corners of her mouth. "Is our passenger comfortable?"

"Perhaps not, but where he's going it doesn't matter." Szass shrugged. Kai emerged from the spare living quarters of the ship.

"What do the Hutts want him for?" he asked.

"Renzati was siphoning off some of the Hutts' contraband that passed through Ord Mantell. They decided it was time to deal with him."

"And it just so happens that he also hunts Jedi." Tam finished. "A deadly combination."

"For him." Kai drawled. "And his thugs were no challenge either."

Tam grinned as well. "I'm just sorry you didn't leave anything for me to do."

Szass snorted. "A month ago, they would have killed you without a thought."

Both students nodded. "We know, Master." Kai said. "And believe me, we're grateful."


Master Raiyat looked out over the plains of Dantooine. "Tao and Raena should be arriving soon."

"Soon, yes. With them come the Padawans, the future of the Order." Master Yoda agreed. Raiyat knew what he meant -- those Padawans that had been off planet or somehow had escaped the Temple carnage had been hidden away. The plan was to give the Padawans in what was essentially adoption -- giving them to loyal families who would hide them until it was safe to proclaim their connection to the Order once again.

Raiyat hoped they would remain hidden.

Cale stepped up to join them. "A call came through just now. Tao'lin and Raena have dropped out of hyperspace and are here, flying cover for Sixer and his transport."

OOC: Sixer is a former ARC clone involved in the Jedi underground.

11 March 2005, 09:13 PM
Cale had spent the intervening time assisting his former padawan in aquiring his parts, and had dispatched Mark to assist in the repairs... and, he admitted to himself, to keep an eye on the new companions.
It wasn't that Cale didn't like Raena- indeed, he though she had a great deal of potential- but Cale did not really believe that Tao'lin's choice of action was the best. However, never let it be said that Cale Daine doesn't support the rights of others to make their own decisions... he put up no struggle at all.
He was, on the other hand, very concerned about Kai and Tam, and their choice to go on with the Dashade. They were mere children... Cale had no qualms about restricting them. However, Master Raiyat had approved the choice; who was he to stop them.

Cale spent much time discussing plans with Yoda and Raiyat.
He believed that support could be drawn covertly from Corellia and Alderaan- though strangely enough, Master Yoda was vehemently opposed to stepping foot there. Not that it matters- the Core is too dangerous for the time being.
They had decided on Dantooine- remote, out of the way, and the home of a former Jedi Enclave during the Sith Wars- perfect for their purposes.

And, to the future...

Master Raiyat looked out over the plains of Dantooine. "Tao and Raena should be arriving soon."

"Soon, yes. With them come the Padawans, the future of the Order." Master Yoda agreed. Raiyat knew what he meant -- those Padawans that had been off planet or somehow had escaped the Temple carnage had been hidden away. The plan was to give the Padawans in what was essentially adoption -- giving them to loyal families who would hide them until it was safe to proclaim their connection to the Order once again.

Raiyat hoped they would remain hidden.

Cale stepped up to join them. "A call came through just now. Tao'lin and Raena have dropped out of hyperspace and are here, flying cover for Sixer and his transport."
"I think I should take one of that Padawans as my own... I've got nothing to do but just sitting around and waiting and planning. A new apprentice would certainly go a long way towards assisting that- plus the bonus of continuing the training of more Jedi. What do you think, Raiyat?" he asked. Cale was curious to know what the other Master thought of his idea. He was getting, well, lonely in the time he had been apprenticeless, and thought that new blood was what he needed to boost him up.

Corr Terek
14 March 2005, 03:56 PM
Master Raiyat shrugged. "I suppose it would be a good idea. I've been considering it myself." He sighed. "I don't know, though. It's been a bit of a struggle so far, and I have to ask myself whether it would be right to take on another Padawan, when chances are he won't survive. I just don't know."

Master Yoda nodded. "Take another Padawan, you must not yet, Master Kahn. Master Daine, take a Padawan you may."


Szass and the two apprentices sat in the local cantina. "The Hutts paid well, didn't they, Master?" Tam ventured. Szass nodded slowly.

"They usually do, but it's not enough to fully outfit the both of you. A bounty hunter's survival depends more on his skill than his equipment, but the equipment plays a part as well."

"Are there any other jobs available?" Kai asked. Szass shrugged.

"My contacts haven't said anything."

At this point a man walked up to their table. "Pardon me, sir, but I couldn't help but overhear you. Am I correct in assuming you are the legendary Szass Maliss?"

Szass took a second to look the man up and down. He was richly dressed, with that flashy air of "nobility" seen among the higher-ups of Outer Rim worlds. What he was doing on Nar Shadda, Szass couldn't imagine. Not that he cared. Finally, he deigned to answer with a flat, "Yes."

His tone didn't deter the pseudo-noble. "My name is Viscount Taelin. I have purchased a small planet in the Outer Rim, Nesdajii by name. My people have gone over the planet at length and have seen fascinating ruins of some ancient civilization on the planet. In fact, the only thing that prevents me from thoroughly exploring these ruins is the abundance of highly dangerous natural predators on the planet."

"And you want us to explore your ruins, is that it?" Szass asked contemptuously. The Viscount shook his head.

"Not particularly so. Really, I need some highly-skilled people to establish a base of sorts, one free from the predators, so that my own men can explore the ruins. And I'm willing to pay handsomely."

OOC: Max, feel free to PM me with any questions you may have. The Viscount is willing to negotiate a decent price for your services.

Corr Terek
14 March 2005, 06:30 PM
OOC: I find myself needing to post again, specifically to introduce a new player, Norseman. Additionally, I'm ironing out character concepts with a friend of mine who's new to RPGs. She's a bit younger than the rest of us old geezers, so...let's keep it PG-13, all right guys? I don't need her mom breathing fire at me (and I mean that nicely, Hteba!) . Not that we've had any problems so far -- I'd just like to keep it that way.


The transport landed, as did its two fighter escorts. Tao and Raena were first to exit their ship, exchanging greetings with the Masters as they did so. "It was almost too easy, Masters." Tao said. "No one's suspected a thing!"

Raiyat was doubtful about that, but he'd do his best to remain optimistic. He turned to see the Padawans disembarking from the transport, four of them in all. Sixer stood by the exit ramp along with a fellow clone named Zake, watching them leave. First was a human boy named Miko Ranar, a skilled snub-fighter pilot, if Raiyat remembered correctly. Then followed the Calin twins, who'd never achieved true Padawan status due to their refusal to part from one another. Last was...

"Thank you sooo much for bringing us here, Sixer." Wylla spoke, eyeing the clone. Perhaps the oldest of the bunch at seventeen, Wylla was a Lorrdian. She had also been known as one of the flightiest girls at the Temple. Raiyat snorted. This should be interesting... They weren't going to be able to transfer the Padawans to their new homes for at least a week, and more would be coming all the time.

His attention was finally drawn to the rather unusual trio that had piloted the other escort ship...

14 March 2005, 07:23 PM
[This place smells awful].
To most of the people on the tarmac, this comment sounded more like a snort and a chuff. Of course, the brown furred (and, to those who know the species, slightly runty) Wookiee who made that particular observation knew that his point had not been missed by it's intended audience.
"I don't know- I'm sure it grows on you. No crazies trying to kill you, no explosions, I could learn to live here." replied a raven-haired human male, not much older than the assembled padawans. He wore a crumpled flight coat-jacket (much like the ones worn by Naboo pilots) which was the same cobalt-blue color as the top portion of the ARC-170 he had just exited.
"How very boring of you Ray... We all know you like the explosions and near-death experiances, or was that not you whooping like a girl who just had her first disgustingly awkward kiss with a cute boy when we blew that Confed cruiser to high hell over Coruscant?" any onlookers' eyes follow that comment down to about the boy's abdomen... where sat a felinoid creature dressed simliarly to the rest of the crew, his flight goggles still resting on his helmet. That the unusually low and raspy voice belonged to a being that could be no more than a meter and a quarter tall was rather surprising for onlookers. The cat-man was striped in various shades of grey, and his pink nose wrinkled (as did his long, whispy whiskers) as he too took in the... particular scent of Dantooine.
"Big C's right, though- this place does have a rather pungent stench to it... no doubt the rotting feces of some rancid bovine or porcine that we'll have to eat later." he said, revealing his long canines as he licked his lips (and jowels) at the thought of a warm, non-dehydrated meal.
The human- Raynar- rolled his eyes, but aquieced to his craft-commander.

[Oh... Ray, that one on the far right looks about your type] said the Wookiee, laughing, indicating Wylla. The feloniod joined the Wookiee in his somewhat muted laughing.
"More likely that Twi'lek tart we met earlier- 'Ohhh, you fly a starfighter?'" the grey being, whom those of you more familliar with galactic species have identified as a Felion, lost control over his volume momentarily, snorting and changing the pitch of his voice from the earlier high pitch to an overdone basso- "'Uhhh, no... I'm just the... uh navigator... uh... what are you gonna do with that recording rod.'" at that point, the Wookiee lost it, doubling over. Even Raynar cracked a slightly embarressed smile.
"Guys... they're looking at us." he said loud enough to draw the crew's attention. The blue Twi'lek woman that Neb had just referanced had been slightly too friendly for his tastes. Granted, he was a reletively good looking guy- but he was never approached at the bar quite that aggressively before. Raynar, slightly uncomfortable about the new attention, stuffed his hands into his pockets.

The Felion stood on his hind legs and saluted- "Lieutenant Nebben Fal'nebh reporting for duty, sir. It is a pleasure to see you again, Admiral Daine. We worked under you at Coruscant, among others. 115th Bombardment Squadron, Grey Leader." he said, green eyes twinkling with recognition.

Raynar frowned.
There was something foreign in his righthand jacket pocket- strange, mainly because Raynar never used them during flight... "What do we have her- Oops." Raynar said, pulling the disc-shaped object from his pocket. The device fell to the ground as Raynar's wrist bumped his harness.
"Nice hands, Captain Carpal Tunnel. You probably should do something with those hands other than pull triggers, push buttons and je- Hey... you turned it on!"

The disk, obviously a holographic projection device, beamed a large, 3D image before the gathered crowd.

The image seemed to be a market area, it could have been on any planet in the Mid-Rim or Colonies. Civillians were running in terror as something chased them. More running, then the image pans to show what precisly what was causing all the chaos. What the group saw stunned them. Jedi, nearly a dozen of them, chasing down the civvies, cutting them down with viscious lightsaber blows. Perhaps the most unnerving thing about this "show" was when the camera zoomed onto the nearest attackers... the faces one the perpetrators were also watching the holo in horror... Masters Cale Daine and Raiyat Kahn.

"That... Sir- that Twi'lek girl Lieutenant Fal'Nebh mentioned.. she must have planted the holo in my pocket before we left... She was the last person we talked to before we took off."
[If I recall properly, there wasn't a ton of talking going on from your side.] Chewduur grumbled under his breath.
Nebben snuffed a laugh- "Indeed sir, it must have been her."

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15 March 2005, 01:22 PM
(OOC: For the record, I was the creator of the Felion, so any description therof within the post should be considered "Felion-canon" ;)
Also, I have Norseman's OK to use his NPCs and his PC for a response to a short question, just so you all know)

Cale looked over the newly arrived Padawans. He was going to have to choose from this lot... or wait until the next one arrives. The choice itself seemed fairly clear- however, Cale was not the type to simply commit without having a good idea of what he was getting into (at least as far as padawans are concerned). Tao'lin had been a difficult choice-he was not particularly more advanced or more innately powerful than most of his class, still there was that intangible factor that had led to his choosing. To test that factor, Cale had sat in on technique classes conducted by Master Yoda in order to see the padawans "in action", as it were. The other two boys who Cale had been considering at the time proved to be less capable of handling Master Yoda's.... honesty during the sessions; while Cale certainly appriciated their position, he was looking for a first apprentice- and thus was looking for traits that wouldn't exacerbate under his own inexperiance. Tao'lin embodied those traits and, indeed, still does- he is the type of knight the Order is- was- built upon.
Cale thus refrained from calling out Miko Ranar immidietly. Now, the only trick was to find a proper test to see the boy operate under pressure.
Cale's thoughts were interuppted by the Felion lieutenant's presentation of arms (kind of, anyway)-

The Felion stood on his hind legs and saluted- "Lieutenant Nebben Fal'nebh reporting for duty, sir. It is a pleasure to see you again, Admiral Daine. We worked under you at Coruscant, among others. 115th Bombardment Squadron, Grey Leader." he said, green eyes twinkling with recognition.
"I'm hardly an Admiral anymore, Mr Fal'nebh... but thank you nonetheless." Cale said, returning the salute smiling. "I remember you and your crew... Mr Chewduur and Mr Cello, if I recall properly-" he stopped as Raynar Cello's nervousness produced a rather unexpected effect.

Some Masters have said that the "Force works in mysterious ways". Cale had always been a tad skeptical of that, even as he had seen strange things happen by seeming, but impossible, coincidence. This was one of those times. Not only had they discovered a potential threat, but Cale certainly had a great excuse to test Miko out.
The holodisc played it's piece- needless to say, Cale (and clearly everyone else on the tarmac) was stunned at the images playing. The holo ended as "Raiyat", who had been force-choking an old woman, noticed the camera man and charged him, lightsaber blazing.
Cale called the disk to his hand and handed it to Master Yoda.
"That could be a problem." muttered Raiyat.
"Indeed- the bad P.R. alone could cripple our organization." Cale said.

"That... Sir- that Twi'lek girl Lieutenant Fal'Nebh mentioned.. she must have planted the holo in my pocket before we left... She was the last person we talked to before we took off."
[If I recall properly, there wasn't a ton of talking going on from your side.] Chewduur grumbled under his breath.
Nebben snuffed a laugh- "Indeed sir, it must have been her."

"Very good, Mr. Cello- did you happen to catch her name?" Cale asked.
"Uh... I don't thinks so- that particular subject matter was not prominent in the conversation sir." the young man said- trying to be as **ahem** polite as possible. Cale suppresses a grin.
"I see. Well, in that case, we'll have to track her from whence she came. We must head to the cantina then- Anyone interested in joining me is welcome. You three-" he said, indicating the Felion, human and Wookiee crewmembers of the bomber "-don't get a choice. Make a map and a flight plan and get it to me ASAP."
"Aye sir!" came the automatic response.
"Dismissed then- get to it quickly." Cale said, and the three scurried off to (he presumed) get the plan ready.

"Master Daine-" came a voice from the line of Padawans. It was, indeed, Miko Ranar. The Alderaanian youth stepped out from the line. "- I would like to accompany you and Lieutenant Fal'Neph on this mission. As you may or may not be aware- I am a capable pilot and can keep up. Please, Master." he asked. The boy's lanky frame belied the presence behind his "plea" (demand, more like- which was what Cale had expected).
"Indeed I do recall your prowess- Commander Ranar. In fact, were you not at Coruscant flying interferance for Lieutenant Fal'Neph's bombers?" Cale said, using the boy's former rank.
"Yes sir... I was." the blond-haired boy replied somewhat shakily.
"Very good then. As I may have mentioned earlier, all are welcome to join. We shall leave- assuming the Lieutenant and his crew manage to finish their task- in 2 hours. That should give enough time to fuel and arm any ships that are going." Cale said.

After the group dispersed, Raiyat turned to Cale and asked- "So what precisely was that lieutenant?"
Cale smiled and raised an eyebrow. "First encounter with a Felion, Master Kahn? I suppose that's not entirely surprising- they've been officially neutral in pretty much everything since our first contact. Lieutenant Fal'nebh is a volunteer from the Antarian Ranger/Republic taskforce. His species lives in the Deep Core, in a small Kingdom- very non-interventionists, and their borders are very much like the Hapans."
"Oh... my. But why is he so.... well- you saw him." Kahn asked.
"Actually, Mr. Fal'nebh is a fairly moderate example of a Felion male. Imagine, if you will, a species of brilliant, egomanical oversized- housecats with a razor wit and no impulse control... that's the Felion male." he smiled. "I'm actually rather pleased we got Fal'nebh- he and his crew were some of the best assault pilots in the Galaxy during the Wars. Probably still are- At Coruscant, I saw them put a proton torpedo through a thermal exhaust port on a Trade Federation battleship. It blew the sphere-section clean off, the thing went nova a minute later when the plasma fire hit the reactor. Actually, that was just a few minutes before that damn droid-fighter hit the command tower and gave me that concussion and busted my internals." Cale was taken back to that battle for a moment, but quickly returned to the present task.

16 March 2005, 12:07 PM
Tao'lin walked down the small corridor leading away from the landing platform and deeper into the Jedi's small facility. It had been a long, yet uneventful, day in the cramped starfighter, and he looked forward to the opportunity to relax. He motioned for Raena to follow him and quickly led her into the small open-air dueling ground. Dozens of young Jedi sparred with their sabers set to the lowest training level. As he stepped onto the floor he could smell the scent of slightly burnt robes and sweat lingering in the air. Some of the younger Jedi stopped as the Jedi Knight stepped onto the floor. Tao’lin had been at least partially responsible for the safe extraction of over half of the young Padawans currently in hiding on Dantooine, and he also served as a part-time lightsaber training instructor for the younger classes when Master Yoda was absent.
One of the younger students stepped forward, tugging on his robe and looked up at the blind Jedi’s face. The boy’s voice was quiet, and inquisitive. “Can we?” he asked.
Tao’lin chuckled, wondering what he had gotten himself into. Ever since he had decided to have some fun with the students on his first day, he had been looked at as equal parts mentor and big brother to the students. Unfortunately, big brothers were sometimes expected to entertain their younger siblings. Tao’lin laughed, pulling his bandana tighter. “Not today, Mika. I have to train with Raena before our next mission.”
The little Padawan’s voice was joined by a dozen others, all requesting the exact same thing in a dozen different ways. Finally, Mika jumped onto Tao’lin’s back and held him tightly by the neck. “Please, Master Lin?”
Raena smiled as she placed a hand on Tao’lin’s shoulder. “Shall we?”
Tao’lin heard the snap-hiss of Raena’s saber and quickly leaned forward, tossing Mika to the padded floor. He quickly kicked off his shoes and drew his saber as he felt the Padawans drawing nearer. Raena stood behind him, her back pressed against his to keep from being surrounded. Tao’lin quickly counted his opponents and smiled. They were outnumbered seventeen to two, but most of the Jedi were not yet even Padawans. He nodded his head and raised his voice. “Go!”
Almost simultaneously, Raena and Tao’lin leaped forward, their blades crashing against those of their opponents. Raena’s emerald green blade struck out in short powerful strikes, jabbing at several students and blocking the blows of others. Tao’lin could feel her movements and was careful to watch her back, striking down the lightsabers of two Padawans that had tried to take advantage of her exposed back. Tao’lin quickly rotated to bring his blade into the thigh of one of the older Padawans. He cursed as he rolled away, disengaging his lightsaber. Raena’s blade swept forward and she quickly tapped two young Jedi across the ribs. One let out a whimper as the blade struck his bare skin, and both quickly crawled away to watch the rest of the fight. One by one the young students began to fall, leaving only a handful of the older Padawans. Suddenly, as Tao stepped backward to dodge a powerful horizontal slice, he saw a blue blade slip through Raena’s defenses and strike her shoulder. She cursed and bit her lip, quickly getting out of the way and sitting down on the perimeter of the dueling circle, accompanied by cheers of the other students. It was the first time she had ever been tagged in their little exercises, and she was unhappy, though the reassuring smile of Mika seemed to cheer her up. The young blonde haired human grinned at her as he climbed into her lap. “It’s alright, Master Raena. You’ll do better next time.” She too smiled, as she recognized her own reassuring phrases being used against her. He held the boy closely and cheered on her partner.

Tao’lin swept his foot across the mat, forcing one of his students to the ground, violet lightsaber pressed against his back. He lowered his body to avoid another strike and struck out with his foot. The Padawan fell heavily to the floor and rolled back away from the powerful, vertical killing blow. Though there were only three students left, it was obvious that these were the most proficient adversaries. Tao’lin quickly leapt back and spun his body to block a swing aimed at his torso. He brought his blade up, forcing the younger Jedi off balance. The purple blade rotated and hit the boy in the chin, causing him to grunt and fall backwards.
Waiting patiently, Tao’lin was surprised to see both Jedi charge him at the same time from opposite sides. Knowing there was no way he could block both sabers, he quickly sidestepped and rolled beneath the blows, his saber trailing behind him enough to deliver a quick strike to each of their legs. He sighed as he finished off his last opponent.
As he stood from the sweaty mat, he suddenly became aware of another combatant emerging from the shadowy pillars around the makeshift arena. The small duelist appeared almost too quickly for Tao’lin to react to, forcing the blind Jedi knight to fight defensively. Off balanced, Tao’lin blocked several strikes as his opponent closed in. Raising his hand, he sent the smaller Jedi back, just enough to catch his breath and get his bearings. As he did he began to smile. “Master Yoda!” he exclaimed. “And to what do we owe this honor?”
“A bigger fish, always there is.” The High Master’s tone was almost playful, though Tao’lin sensed that there was something darker that he did not care to discuss in front of the Padawans. “Come with me, will you, Jedi Lin? Need your help we do…”

Corr Terek
16 March 2005, 05:55 PM
Raena and Tao finished watching the recording. The horror on both of their faces was evident, though Tao seemed harder hit than Raena. Doubtless, this was because this holo was slandering the institution he'd spent his entire life with.

"I don't understand..." Raena said, puzzled. "It's almost like they wre intentionally focusing on Masters Kahn and Daine."

"They were," Raiyat said. He suddenly felt much older and much more tired. "Even though our organization is fairly clandestine and well-hidden, it's no great secret that Cale and I both escaped the Purge. It's an attempt to discredit us both."

"But what about Master Yoda? Why isn't he in the holo?" Raena asked, still confused. Cale took over the explanations.

"With Master Yoda, it's different. He's well known. The public would have a much harder time swallowing the idea of his doing something like this. It's not as hard for me or Raiyat when you consider that many of our brethren did turn to the Dark Side and join the Confederacy during the war. But Master Yoda? He's incorruptible."

Yoda snorted at this, but let it pass. "Damaging to us, this holo is. Find its source we must, or more lies will be fed to the galaxy."

17 March 2005, 06:40 AM
Tao'lin was still somewhat shocked as the holoprojector shut down. The forgery was good. Very good. The Republic had apparently employed a level of propaganda unheard of until this point. Not even in the height of the Clone Wars were fictions produced to be so effortlessly passed of as truths. He shook his head and rose from his seat, out of equal parts discomfort and restlessness.
Turning to Yoda he proposed his concerns. "How?" His voice was strong, yet uncertain, and his face was angled down towards the floor. "I mean, no offense intended, but it seems like an almost impossible task. Even if we do manage to discredit this holo, there will be others. As a great Jedi once said, even the strongest man cannot hold back the tides," he said, quoting his former Padawan. But the wisest man will learn to ride them. Wrayen had been wise for such a young Jedi.
"I'm all for clearing our names, but I don't know if making ourselves a target so soon is a very good idea. Maybe its time to face the reality of our situation... To the average Republic citizen, we're outcasts... criminals..." He motioned to the holoprojector. "...murderers. Besides, we don't even know where to start. Captain Raynar's... um... "contact"... isn't going to be easy to locate, and aside from that we don't have any leads at all."

max ordo
17 March 2005, 12:49 PM
Szass looks at his two apprentices, Tam grins and shakes her head ‘yes’, Kai looks a little more thoughtful then catches the look on Tams face and shrugs his agreement. Szass considers a moment longer then stands to look the Viscount in his eye (which is difficult since he is about 5 inches taller than the man) “We will set up your base for you on this planet, Nesdajii, we will require the credits upfront for the supplies and half of the payment for the services we are supplying. I will also require equipment for my apprentices, weapons, clothes, food and some medical supplies in case anything happens. You can give the coordinates for this planet location to young Tam here, she is my pilot. We’ll wait right here for you to return with the credits, I’ll let you make an offer to see what exactly you think our services are worth. I’ll have a list of supplies ready when you return.”
The noble looks at Szass and replies “Actually Herr Maliss I have already arranged for transportation for the three of you aboard one of my cargo ships and all the supplies you’d need to set up a base camp are on board. There is a decent sized per-fab structure on the ship all you three need to do is put up the walls and connect everything, then just install the few computer components. I won’t need a fancy dwelling just something that provides cover from the elements and a secure place to sleep. And as for payment… here” he sets down 3 credit chips, one in front of each of them “I’m offering 30,000 to you and 15,000 to each of your companions, I hope this will suffice, this little assignment shouldn’t take more than 10 to 15 days. The cargo ship is ready whenever you are unless there are some other questions?”
Shocked at the offer, and the amount of credits being offered for something as seemingly simple as this Szass takes a moment to answer. Sounds to good to be true so…it probably is but we could use the credits and this guy doesn’t look smart enough to double cross me. Plus paying upfront is always nice. “You have a deal, just give us a few hours to secure my ship and gather our personal supplies. I will also request some surveillance equipment and a perimeter alarm system for the base camp. We’ll meet you back here in 2 hours.” With that he grabs the credit chips, hand one each to the apprentices and pocketing his own and turns to leave.
After reaching their ship the three have DV check the cred chips to verify they’re real, once this is confirmed Szass has the droid transfer the credits into accounts he had set up for himself and the two former padawans. “That’ll be probably the quickest 60,000 you’ll ever make, now have either of you ever had to hunt predators before?” Kai interrupts at that question “Well Master do the bounties we’ve collected count” smiling at the question he continues “cause if so than yes we have. If not then I would say no, most of my life has been spent in cities as has Tam’s I believe.” He looks to Tam for confirmation, seeing his look she answers “Yes Master never hunted anything except the bounties with you” Smiling at the two Szass continues “Just follow my lead and we should be able to clear this area in no time, then hopefully we can get back here and resume collecting bounties on these Jedi Hunters.” They all three pack their equipment that they’ll be needing for this quick trip Szass reminds them both that you can never have too much firepower so each of the apprentices grabs a blaster pistol and rifle with extra packs as well as their lightsabers. Kai also goes to the munitions locker and grabs a bandolier of frag grenades Ya never can tell what you might need to blow up. I don’t want to end up dinner for some nasty critter. He grabs one for Tam also figuring she might like the extra protection. After everything they’d been through together he’d be damned if he was going to lose her to some frakin predator on a back world planet. Before leaving the ship Szass hands a bundle to Tam. “This is for you, it’s called a Shadowsuit and it’ll assist you while we’re hunting, at least from any creatures that rely heavily on optical perception. Kai I already gave you your armor so if you two have all your equipment lets get on with this.
They returned two hours later to the cantina to find the Viscount waiting for them. “I was able to get the additional equipment you requested, it’s on the ship. Let’s get going … follow me.” The three follow the Viscount to his cargo ship at a nearby dock and they enter the ship for their trip to Nesdajii.

Corr Terek
17 March 2005, 06:27 PM
The cargo bay was large enough to accomodate some training, and when Tam offered to spar with Kai, he accepted. She'd been growing in skill very quickly, though she was still a better pilot than warrior. "You think you'll be able to beat me this time, sky girl?" Kai teased.

Tam merely smiled, then lunged, her lightsaber a needle of light. Kai twisted to one side, narrowly evading the blade. He swung his second lightsaber around, attempting to catch her back, but she spun quickly and parried his blade. "It's not going to be that easy," she laughed.

Kai grinned. "Good. I hoped you would be exciting this time." His comment seemed to strike Tam in an odd way, and she almost said something in reply. Then she shrugged and readied herself. Kai went on the offensive, twirling both blades in a manner taught him by Szass. This form of attack was actually much more effective than the "whirlwind" assault that had been Kai's untrained method of fighting dual-bladed, in that you never really had to turn your back to the enemy. It also worked rather well as a defensive screen for blaster bolts.

Tam retreated, using the Force to aid her in a backflip that carried her completely out of Kai's range. Then she did something completely unexpected. She leaped back again, kicked off the wall, and came hurtling at him. Surprised, Kai lifted both lightsabers to defend, only to have them batted away by Tam's blade as her momentum knocked him down. He hit the floor hard and for a second the world grew dark. When his eyesight cleared, Tam was kneeling on his chest, her unignited lightsaber pressed against his throat. "Yield?"

He chuckled painfully. "You got me that time. That was...exciting." She smiled sweetly at him. Then that odd expression crossed her face, and she stood, helping him stand as well.

"You should be more careful, Kai." was all she said.

18 March 2005, 06:08 PM
"What do you mean you 'don't know where it is'? We were just there!" Nebben raged. As their scurried over the refresher station to clean up after a week of being stuck in either their cockpit or on one of the waypoint planets' cantinas, the human navigator had informed them he couldn't remember how to get to that particular cantina. Now Nebben understood why Raynar, in particular, was eagar to get into a private 'fresher. Granted, human skin gets clogged up with oil and dirt after long periods (Nebben had been horrified upon first learning of this nearly sixty years ago in grade school), but Nebben had never seen the cyborg-legged human make for a refresher that fast before. He still harbored the primal fear of zapping himself in the water- and never had allowed people to see his robotic calf and foot- other than Nebben, Chewduur and his doctors.
Nebben and Chewduur were of course happy to get a chance to thoroughly clean their fur, but a thorough combing accompanied with some light rinsing could easily stem the tide.
So now, there they sat in the lounge, trying to figure the course to the stupid cantina.
"You know the planet- hell, you plotted the coordnates." a towel-wrapped Raynar shoots back at Nebben.
"Yes- and you, as the Navigator should have used your innate sense of direction and numbers to remember the damn coordnates." Nebben retorted "I can only navigate when I'm in desperate need of a buzz." he added.
["It's true- you are a real female katarn when you haven't had you're caf and sugarhol cocktail in a few days."] Chewdurr added.
"Why thank you Chewduur. I'll remember that the next time a certain drunk wants my hangover ending homebrew." the Felion replied.
The three gathered over a datapad.
"So- it's four minutes planetary north from the mountain-" Raynar said
"No, no, it's three and a half minutes north-northwest." Nebben interjected.
"Alright- that's the third waypoint. So the landing field should be in here." Raynar circled a point on the map about 10 kilometers in diameter.
"Good- we should be able to locate it on sensors. We should then approach from planetary south. The Jedi types will dismount and we shall fly low CAP unless they require our expert assistance. Chances are, this Twi'lek wants to talk to the Jedi- or trap them. Either way, they don't need us getting in the way down there. We can zap anything that tries to cut our boys off from the air, as well as provide a comms station for the Jedi." Nebben said confidently.

21 March 2005, 06:10 AM
It had been with great reluctance that he had bid farewell to his former Master. Though he wished there was some way to support the effort to clear the names of the two Jedi knights, in his heart Tao knew it was a bad idea. Any lightsaber weilding task force setting out into the universe at large put their entire mission at risk. An identifiable courier ship leaving the system at the wrong time, a traceable communication, a sliced computer system, or any of a million other slip ups could cost dozens of Jedi their lives. Tao'lin had already seen more than enough deaths to last him a hundred lifetimes.

Tao'lin sat silently on the rooftop of one of the Academy's classroom structures watching the sun slip below the horizon. The sky was quickly growing dark, long shadows stretching across the courtyard below.
It had been another long day, and despite all his endurance and physical ability, he had to admit to himself that he was tired. Though he had always studied and trained more than was expected, until recently it had been only a matter of pride. Now it had become a matter of survival.
Tao'lin had always been one of the best lightsaber duelists in the Temple, though his forte had always been combat against multiple enemies. Now, however, he was worried about only one opponant. Anakin Skywalker had been a friend and an ally for years. The two of them had trained side by side throughout their years in the temple, and their matches had always been nothing short of exhilerating. Since leaving the academy, they had rarely encountered one another. For years their lives had run parallel courses, though in the end, Tao knew, they were destined to intersect. He wanted to be prepared.
As he sat on the rooftop, his muscles still burning and tired he became aware of another presence immediately behind him, and felt a hand on his shoulder. He turned quickly, his hand instinctively reaching for his lightsaber.
"Master Tao," Raena's voice was calm and soothing, and Tao'lin was somewhat ashamed for not recognizing her sooner. "I'm sorry to interupt, but..."
Tao'lin shook his head. "Not at all. How did you do that?"
"Excuse me?" she replied, apparently unsure of what Tao'lin meant.
"I didn't sense you, Raena. It was as if you were invisible. Cut off from the Force..."
She smiled, apparently proud of herself. "It is an old trick of the Sanari. If you would like, I could teach you to walk in shadows like the Sanari." She touched her lightsaber gently. "I suppose it would be only right."
Tao'lin nodded. "Another time, Raena. What did you have to ask me?"
The girl seemed to regather her thoughts for a moment and motioned towards the far end of the courtyard. "Oh yes. Follow me."

23 March 2005, 06:05 PM
(OOC: I've got Norseman's input on Nebben's lines here. Alright, GM- here is Mission 2)

Miko Ranar sat on the Sappho's primary aerofoil with newly minted Lieutenant Raynar Cello. The two young Alderaanians chatted about their homeworld- who they missed most, what they would do when they finally got back, things like that. The two found that they at least could provide some measure of familiarly and solidarity, which was something Miko in particular had missed greatly over the past year or so.

"Hey Ray, look- Master Daine and Captain Fal'nebh are coming." the Padawan said, standing up on the wing and pointing as the two very differing figures walked out of the hanger.
"Aw hell... I guess we better get going. I'd better start pre-flight... see you afterwards, Miko." the black haired young man said as he zipped the shipsuit back up onto his torso and donned his flak vest.
"Good luck-" the hopeful farewell came simultaneously from both mouths.

Cale Daine walked onto the tarmac, consulting with now-Captain Fal'nebh on the navigation and mission strategy. Clad in his grey-blue robes, the Corellian Jedi cut a fairly intimidating figure with his grave expression and purposeful stride.
"All right, Admiral Daine- we will maintain a chase formation about 500 meters back and about 340 meters above you... anyone that tries anything funny with that Citadel of yours gets a proton torpedo up his ass." Nebben said, with no small measure of confidence and pride. The Felion stayed in step with the Jedi, trotting on all fours and speaking, looking for all the galaxy like the largest, most strangely dolled up pet ever in existence. Cale just smiled and shook his head.
"Very good, Captain. Orbit the area and keep comm contact at all times. This place is highly congested from what intel you've given us- so blasters and Ion cannon only unless there is a big contained threat... I don't want to give the Empire actual evidence of us butchering people." Cale said, sighing.
"That's a copy, boss. You give us a position, and Raynar can hit it within a meter and a half with a contained yield energy torpedo. Otherwise, I can dust the place with Ion cannon fire. It'll zap their weapons and leave anyone in the blast radius feeling like they just did a naked belly flop off of Citadel Brige on Carida." Nebben replied, giving the Felion approximation of the human smile by lifting his whiskered jowls to reveal his sharp canines.
"Fantastic, Captain... it seems Master Kahn is here, as is your ammo bus." Cale said as Raiyat hopped off the repulsor skiff carrying a selection of blaster gas and missle weapons, as well as a beaming Wookiee gunner.
"Hello Cale, Captain." the Jedi Master said, turning to briefly thank the droid pilot of the skiff.
"I suppose this is my ride, sir." Nebben says, saluting. WO3 Chewduur joined his pilot in that last exercise as well
Cale returns the salute and the Felion pilot jumps on the skiff for the 30 meter drive to the ARC-170. Almost immidietly, the Wookiee and Felion begin arguing over something or other. Cale shakes his head and laughs.
"Are we ready?" Raiyat asks.
"Not quite- we have preflight, as well as weapons loadout and check for Captain Fal'nebh. We should be off in 20 minutes... 5 minutes early, too." Cale replied.

It was just then that padawan Miko came running up, panting slightly, having run the entire thirty meters. Bowing slightly to both men, he made clear his readyness-
"Masters- I'm ready to leave whenever you are."
"Is that so? Very well- what have you for a kit?" Cale asked, turning slightly to wink at Raiyat without the padawan seeing. The other master nodded- he would play along.
"Uh... I've got my survival belt, my lightsaber... and uh... that's about it." Miko said- feeling slightly surprised at his own lack of equipment. Cale chuckled slightly under his breath.
"Well, we shall see what we have stocked away in the armory... I haven't cracked open that room for a few months- so no guarentees." Cale said. "Follow me." he said as he led the other two up the Citadel's ramp.
"Mark... I seem to have forgotten the armory code- could you-" Cale began.
["Sigh... very well. Follow me."] the little astromech twittered blandly.

The droid led the group to a heavily armored looking door near the cockpit and captain's chambers. Extending a probe, Mark twiddled with the access port, entering the proper sequence and the double thick durasteel door hissed and opened to reveal a selection of blaster, ion and medium-heavy weapons and a rack of various armor and grenade types. Behind that rack was the heavy safe holding the various lightsabers Cale had collected over the course of his career, including the double-bladed weapon that had punctured his stomach and the pewter saber that he collected at that temple earlier.
"Thank you Mark- why don't you go ahead and start the preflight. Oh, and here are the coordinates." Cale said, inserting a datacard into one of Mark's datacard receptors.
Twittering, the droid turned and rolled to the cockpit.

Selecting a light grey and blue pistol, a survival knife, a heavy and a vest, Cale led them to an unoccupied passenger compartment.
"Take these- this is a DC-15 pistol; no need for power packs... but then it doesn't quite do as much punch as a nice heavy pistol. A survival knife- trust me. And this is a energy/ballistic dampening vest... wear it, learn to love it. The only reason I wasn't wearing one at the temple was that we didn't have enougth time to get back to the ship... not that it would have stopped a lightsaber, mind, but it sure as hell would have made the brawling part a little less painful." Cale winced.
"And why don't you wear this-" Cale said, unrolling a green robe from under his arm. "I am aware that green- not the exact shade, I'm afraid- but close, is part your noble house's colors. Why don't you dispense with that Temple brown number and use this. Technically, the green is for Core Jedi who work under the territorial Councils and the blue-" he motioned at his own robe- "Is for territorials who answer directly to the temple. I used to be a strait territorial... this was actually mine from when I was around your age." he laughed, briefly reminicing. "I doubt it will fit that fantastically, but at least as well as that threadbare robe of yours."
"Thank you, Master Daine." Miko said excitedly, tossing the old Temple issued robe onto a chair, revealing a well-made black and silver tunic and undercoat in addition to his black trousers and boots. "It is indeed my house's color... a bit darker, but it will certainly serve well enough."

Taking the vest, Miko removed his tunic and undershirt to put it on- revealing a physique both leaner and with more muscular tone than either Raiyat or Cale could have ever claimed to have had- even at that age.

"I would recommend wearing an undershirt under that vest- that fabric on skin chafes rather significantly." Cale warned lightly.
"Er... right." Miko said, replacing the undershirt and putting on the thin, slightly silky black vest on over it, twisting and stretching to test his ability to move with it on.
"Very well, I'll leave you here to suit up, as it were. We should be at the settlement in about three hours, so do whatever you wish until then." Cale said.
"Oh... in that case I wish to be in the cockpit as much as possible." Miko said as he replaced his tunic, emphasizing Cale's phrase.
"Very well..." Cale said, raising an eyebrow. He then turned and walked to the cockpit to see how Mark was coming along.

After preflight checks are done, Cale sits in the captain's chair, donning the headset standard among Jedi vehicles.

"Alright, this is the CAG, all units check- stand by." Cale said. Raiyat had deigned to sit in the seat behind Cale, monitoring sensors for the landing field. That meant that Miko- naturally- assumed the co-pilot chair.
"Copy- this is Aegis Lead. CAG, we have four green, weapons hot. We have your signature and are assuming escort posture." Nebben's voice rang into the earpieces of any and all listening.

The ARC-170 lifted off the ground on it's repulsors, gaining altitude and beginning a slow, lazy orbit over the field.
"Be advised, CAG, Cobalt 6 is standing by." Nebben said, referring to the fighter as a whole as opposed to his person in standard military method.
"Roger that, Aegis Lead, Traveler is go for liftoff." Cale replied, lifting back on the control assembly. The Citadel lightly lifted off and both ships made their way for orbit.

(That's Part 1- I'll get part 2 up later tonight or tomorrow)

23 March 2005, 08:47 PM
[Ooo- Captain Nebben are we? I guess I wasn't the only one promoted over lunch.] Chewduur chuffed.
"Oh- someone found his wit... a shame it ended up in such terrible condition. I would call your insurance." Nebben shot back.

The repulsor skill pulled up to the Sappho, and as Nebben hopped off it became apparent that Raynar had started up the APU and began the preloading checklist.
"Well done, Raynar... pop open the locks on the bomb bay doors and we'll load this pig up." the Felion said, hopping onto the primary airfoil to the rear cockpit position where Raynar sat.
"Copy-" said the BN, who tapped two buttons on the keypad on his right, then accessed the 'WEAPON LOADOUT' screen on his multifunction display screen. "Opening bomb bay doors- aye-" the missile doors over the larboard and starboard warhead launchers slid open with a hiss. "-Alright, bomb bay magazine access doors- Larboard and... starboard magazine open." The corrosponding doors unlatched and slowly opened with a hum and metallic clanging sound.
"Fantastic- Chewduur, check the doors for obstruction, and Raynar- get down there and inspect your ordinance." Nebben ordered.

With that, the two crewpersons engaged in their pre-load duties as Nebben checked the intakes, the power systems and engines for problems. They had done this so many times that it had become clockwork for the crew. "Quaint.. have you done the check on the reserve battery transfer conduits yet?" Nebben asked. The hardwired astromech answered in basic over the intercomm-
"Indeed- every system is at 100% or better save the sensor grid on the starboard rear quarter. There is a ghost that appears every 5.97 seconds for 19 miliseconds."
"What is the probability that anything that we would potentially face could match that?" Nebben asked
"Approximatly 417,539,921 to 1." the droid responded
"Then exclude it." he replied
"Very well- all systems are reading at 100% or better now."

"Boss- what do we do for mission loadout- any specifics mentioned?" Raynar shouted over the whine of the ARC-170's engines, which had begun to rev up.
Raynar had already loaded up the standard multi-mission hardpoint package- four medium yield proton torpedos, two per wing. These torpedos were set for air-to-air assault, but Raynar could configure them for Air-to-ground in less than a minute given a proper target.
"Yes- load up 6 multimission package concussion missles and a pair of sensor seeking concussion missles in the starboard bay, and 8 contained yield air-to-ground energy torpedos in the larboard bay." Nebben replied. The concussion missles would provide a good balance should they need to take out the starport tower and control systems as well as any additional air assets, while the energy torpedos would serve the purpose of hitting any in-city ground targets.
Raynar nodded and directed the loading droids to that effect. Nebben could hear the rotating magazine spin slowly to each attachment position, were the droids would attach the weapon.
Soon they were done, and Nebben set the doors to close. Raynar gave each door a smack for luck and then jumped into his position.

"Tower, this is Cobalt Six- we report armed and go. Aegis Lead check-" Nebben said
"Aegis Nav, check." said Raynar
[Aegis Guns, check.] answered Chewduur.
"That's a rog, Cobalt Six- we have you ready for go. You are clear for takeoff- Good luck and godspeed." replied the field control station.
Nebben returned the obligitory salute- thought the tower couldn't possibly see him from where he sat behind the Watchman.
Then Admiral Daine's voice rang out on the comm-
"Alright, this is the CAG, all units check- stand by." Cale said. Raiyat had deigned to sit in the seat behind Cale, monitoring sensors for the landing field. That meant that Miko- naturally- assumed the co-pilot chair.
"Copy- this is Aegis Lead. CAG, we have four green, weapons hot. We have your signature and are assuming escort posture." Nebben's voice rang into the earpieces of any and all listening.


24 March 2005, 07:01 AM
"Where did this ship come from," he asked, descending the earthen stairs into one of the facilities hangar bays. Tao'lin's face was hard, and he couldn't help but to be more than marginally upset with the lapses in security in the Jedi underground.
Sixer merely shrugged. "Master Yoda cleared them." The clone's face seemed emotionless, but Tao could sense his uneasiness. As professional soldiers, both Sixer and Tao'lin saw eye to eye on many aspects of the underground, though they quickly realized that the organization was to be run as the Jedi wished and not as a soldier desired. Tao'lin, as equal parts soldier and Jedi was torn.
The boarding ramp of the enormous craft lowered slowly and in the belly of the ship were a young pair of Jedi. The younger of the two, a human girl with no more than one year as a padawan, ran forward towards Tao'lin. She fell at his feet, crying into the hem of his robes. The older Padawan, a twi'lek walked slowly down the ramp, his eyes tired and his body obviously showing the signs of intense battle.
"Welcome to the Underground." Tao'lin said, extending his hand to greet the young Jedi. As always, he was forced to ask the least enjoyable question he could have possibly posed. This time, as always, he already knew the answer. "Your Masters?"
The twi'lek simply looked at the floor, while the girls cries grew louder and more uncontrolled. Raena tried to comfort the little girl, picking her up in her arms. She looked the older Padawan in the eyes and sighed. "We greive for your loss..."
The twi'lek shook his head. "There is no death..."
Only the Force, Tao'lin thought, completing the oft recited line from the Jedi Code and wondering to himself how many times he would have to repeat it before he actually believed it. Though he knew of the Force, Tao'lin was starting to see that, on days like today, there most certainly is death.

Sixer and Tao'lin sat atop Sixer's freighter, the Golden Blade, carefully tracing the wiring on the new sensor jamming systems they had just installed. Dressed in a standard pilot's jumpsuit, Sixer looked like any other muscle bound scrap-pilot from the Outer Rim. Tao'lin and Sixer had aquired the old crescent shaped courier ship on the moon of Kaaj only a few weeks earlier, but it had already become a favorite amongst the underground's pilots.
The clone put down his hydrospanner and looked carefully at Tao’lin. “So, what do you think of all of this?”
The Jedi shrugged. “She’s a good ship. Making her harder to spot is an obvious step in the right direction.”
The ARC trooper laughed and shook his head. “No, not the Blade. I meant, what do you think of the Underground?” He ran his hand roughly through his shaggy black hair. “I can’t be the only one who feels like we’re fighting a losing battle.”
Tao’lin laughed uneasily. “I can’t argue with you there, Sixer.” Tao’lin sighed, turning his welder over in his palm. “Sometimes I wonder why I even go on fighting. I can’t bring myself to do it though. I can’t walk away. Not now… maybe not ever.”
”We’re not made that way, sir.” The clone’s voice was introspective and thoughtful. Sixer had lived quite a few years, and had learned a lot in his accelerated lifetime. “Neither you nor I could stand by and watch the innocent suffer. Not when we can do something about it.”
Tao’lin nodded. “Precisely.”
”What about when we can no longer do anything about it?” All his life, Sixer had fought nearly impossible odds. Things had to be bad if even he doubted their chances of survival.
Unfortunately, despite his desires to bestow hope upon his compatriot, the young Jedi knight had to admit that he himself was feeling a little discouraged. “I wish I knew, Sixer,” he replied, turning back to his welding. Then, laughing to himself, he turned back to the clone. “You sure do talk a lot for an ARC trooper.”
They both began to laugh as they went back to their work.

Corr Terek
24 March 2005, 06:20 PM
OOC: Apologies to everyone for leaving you to fend for yourselves. Busy week and all that -- I understand Max has been busy too. Well, hopefully by tomorrow or Saturday I'll have some instructive posting done. Good posts, everyone.

Corr Terek
28 March 2005, 12:12 PM
Raiyat, Cale, and Miko entered the cantina. The trip had been relatively uneventful, barring a few minor "discussions" among Nebben's crew as they directed the three Jedi to the cantina where Raynar had encountered the mysterious Twi'lek.

"Do you think she'll be here?" Miko asked. Despite Raiyat and Cale's orders to maintain a low profile, Miko still managed to look like a holovid star. Raiyat had never had to deal with the more...arrogant members of the Jedi Temple, though he'd had occasion to hear Yoda describe them as such. Kai and Lonni had both been rather unassuming, though Lonni had always been very competitive due to her natural disadvantage among the Jedi.

Cale shrugged. "We don't know."

"I hope so." Raiyat added. He had felt uneasy, though not about the mission at hand. "I'd like to get back to the Citadel as soon as possible."


Kai worked busily, using a long-handled scythe to clear away undergrowth. So far, he, Szass, and Tam hadn't encountered any real danger. The native feline predators (known as "knife cats" by the trio) had made it inadvisable to work alone, though, which is why Kai made sure he was within eyesight of Szass and Tam, who were also clearing a space for the shelter.

Getting water had proved difficult, though not impossible. The rivers played host to several reptilian and invertebrate species of predators, though most were too small to really be a threat.

Still, Kai felt uneasy. Something was not as it should be, and it worried him. Tam felt it too, and even Szass, though untuned to the Force, was feeling a bit nervous. There was nothing to be done, however, except watch and wait...

max ordo
28 March 2005, 01:48 PM
Kai had an idea of where the uneasiness was coming from, the ruins near their base camp. While dealing with the local predators they noticed that the animals seemed to steer clear of the ruins, which from what they saw were uninhabited. The ruins were remaekable the young man thought, the entire western edge of their clearing was dominated by several ancient overgrown structures fronted with a large mezzanine area covered with large flagstones, which were clear of any grass or vegetation. The two younger Jedi speculated on the ruins each day, especially over the two large statues tower over the entrance to the mezzanine. They were about 20 ft tall ,statues of armored and helmeted warriors who seemed to be staring at you no matter where you stood in the clearing. Tam even went so far as to move about a hundred feet from her companions, it looked like the statues followed her. They bothered the two force users immensely giving them a bad feeling, Kai wanted to check out the ruins regardless of the feeling he got, but Szass reminded him that they were not there to search ruins but to hunt and clear predators.
After the first five days on the planet, and 18 ‘knife cats’ later Szass decided it was time to give a progress report to their employer. The Viscount’s image appeared before the three as a foot and a half tall hologram “Herr Szass, how is all progressing? Will we be able to begin investigating the ruins soon?” Szass replies to the man “We’ve cleared a decent amount of the animals and the base camp is set up. You could probably come anytime though, the animals seem to avoid the ruins.” “Beautiful,” replies the Viscount “I appreciate this greatly, those cats have always been a concern on my hunts on the planet” hunts, what the hell is he talking about thinks Szass who looks at the other two who seem confused by this also. “What hunts, I thought you were trying to investigate ruins not hunt.” The Viscount’s face suddenly turns sinister “Allow me to show you three something Herr Szass” he turned to show them the wall behind him which contained what looked to be heads of animals, upon closer inspection they could make them out. There were Wookies, Trandoshans, a Houk and many other sentient species heads mounted like trophies. In the middle the Viscount pointed out an empty space “This is where the three of you will be placed after I hunt you. Sentients are so much more exciting of a kill than stooped animals. I’ll see you soon Herr Szass” the transmission ended before Szass could respond. Turning to the others Tam looks at them both “We need to get out of here but we have no ship. What do we do master?” Szass looks thoughtful for a moment “We wait, then we destroy the bastard and take his ship. I’m going to mount his head on one of those statues by the ruins when I’m done.” Szass in his anger smashes the communication device and throws it at the wall. “First we make sure he can’t use the structure we so kindly erected for him. Then we find a good vantage point in the forest and wait for him to land” while he was talking Szass removed 4 frag grenades from his pack and started to attach them to the doorframe of the structure “Get everything we need out then wait for me outside” He finishes wiring the grenades together then exits the building. Once the door shuts “The next person who opens this will get a surprise, so do not touch the door” that said the three head for the forest to await the hunt and see who is the better hunter.

28 March 2005, 06:50 PM
[OOC: Sorry about the absence- Relatives from Hell requested a visit over break :rolleyes:. Still have Norseman’s sign off on the NPCs]

Cale found the trip to the port had occurred without much incident. The Air traffic Controller had been rather displeased at the thought of a fighter-bomber (even unloaded as far as their sensors could tell) orbiting their city.
Cale had been forced to "Don't worry, it will be fine" the controller- his stress-frayed mind had gladly accepted the concept of "fine" and stopped complaining quickly.

Raiyat, Cale, and Miko entered the cantina. The trip had been relatively uneventful, barring a few minor "discussions" among Nebben's crew as they directed the three Jedi to the cantina where Raynar had encountered the mysterious Twi'lek.

"Do you think she'll be here?" Miko asked. Despite Raiyat and Cale's orders to maintain a low profile, Miko still managed to look like a holovid star. Raiyat had never had to deal with the more...arrogant members of the Jedi Temple, though he'd had occasion to hear Yoda describe them as such. Kai and Lonni had both been rather unassuming, though Lonni had always been very competitive due to her natural disadvantage among the Jedi.

Cale shrugged. "We don't know."

"I hope so." Raiyat added. He had felt uneasy, though not about the mission at hand. "I'd like to get back to the Citadel as soon as possible."
["My my Master Kahn- I had no idea you were so squeemish."] Cale said to Raiyat telepathically, his amused voice turning up in the Jedi's head, though Cale's amused smirk could have conveyed that well enough.
["Hardly- It's just that the place doesn't strike me as the safest possible location for three of the Galaxy's Most Wanted to be wandering about.
Your little probie isn't helping matters."] Raiyat shot back with a raised eyebrow.
["I don't know- I've got our visages disguised a bit. People won't remember they saw us unless they have a rather strong will- and even then, they won't think about it unless they're looking. Miko will be helpful given our mystery girl's previously established M.O. of approaching good looking young men... probably just a measure to make sure no one takes undue notice, still, it never hurts to play the same way if you aren't sure."] Cale responded. Using the Force, Cale had managed to cloud the group in the minds of those surrounding them. At the moment, they were perfectly normal looking, and anyone looking for them would see them, but for some reason, the group had an overall average look about them... so average they wouldn't be worth remembering a drink or two later, and weren't really worth dwelling on right now.
Miko would probably prove slightly difficult to shield from those so inclined as to make a pass at him... but then, that was hardly Cale's fault.
The Corellian Jedi turned to the youngest member of their little party-
"Alright, begin your search of the establishment, and after you check the place, alert Master Kahn and I and we shall leave for the next establishment." he said, a slightly knowing smirk on his face. He knew what the next question would be-
"What will you be doing?" the boy asked, slightly confused.
"Getting a drink, of course- this is a bar, after all." Cale said seriously, as if it were a stupid question to ask.
Looking even more confused, Miko decided to make sure he wasn't hallucinating. "Uh... okay. But how am I supposed to contact you if I think I see her, I mean I'm not really good at tele-" he started.
Raiyat's hand shot out. He pulled the collar of the boy's shirt so that it stretched a few inches out, and then clipped a comlink on the inside so that it would be obvious.
"There- just beep us."
"Start over there and work your way around." Cale said, spinning Miko around and pointing over his shoulder at a large chunk of young people socializing. "And don't diddle about- but don't be rude either." he added quickly. "Have at it-" Cale finished, and gave the Alderaanian a slight push.

Chuckling, the two Jedi Masters walked to the centrally located bar. They sat and ordered- Corellian whisky for Cale, a Thundercloud for Raiyat. The hulking Zabrak bartender noted the orders and quickly produced the drinks.
"What's your strategy?" Raiyat asked, still chuckling.
"Well, I thought I'd start him off doing the tedious stuff and see how he reacts... This was Obi-Wan's favorite trick when he and Anakin-" Cale paused a bit, but continued "-Would enter a cantina- great fun... Besides, our Twi'lek girl knows what we look like, so she may just approach us here anyway." he replied, sipping his drink.

15 minutes later, Miko's voice crackled through Cale's comlink- "Master- I have a blue Twi'lek in my sights... I'm not very good at telling the ages of ali- er, nonhumans-" the boy quickly switched to the more "PC" term, "-but she looks about in her late 20's."
"Negative- our Twi'lek has human-like ears and is in her late-teens, early twenties." Cale replied quietly.
"Oh... okay, a definite negative then- oh... hello." Miko's voice replied, his ending being rather tinged with nervousness.
"Who are you talking to, cutie?" a female voice, with a tinge of a Huttese accent came in- only slightly fainter than Miko's, meaning she must be very close
Cale rolled his eyes and spoke into the comm as he heard Miko stammer a bit for a response. "Junior, is that a girl you're talking to? I thought you were going to the 'fresher. Is she good looking?" he asked, turning off the talk button before he lost control and started to crack up. Raiyat was barely holding in a laugh.
"Uh... yeah Dad... I'm on my way there." Miko said with a tinge of annoyance in his voice (acting, Cale hoped). "Sorry, I... oh, thanks- if I'm on-planet I'll give you a... Oh... wow. Okay." The boy had apparently left the switch on, though whatever the girl was saying obviously was too low volumed to hear above a slight whispering sound.

Cale and Raiyat could hear the sound of walking away, and then heard Miko mutter to himself- "Huh... I wonder what ajupta means..." Cale was about to note to Miko his comm was still on, but that word make Cale think a moment.
Huh... ajupta. ah, yes, a Ryl term for-" Cale's eyes widened.
"Nothing that should concern you." he blurted into the comlink.
From across the room Miko jumped a little and whimpered slightly- Master Daine had heard the entire conversation...
"Uh... I... it's just that..." He stammered.
"Oh cut it out, just finish the case and we'll be off." Cale replied

Miko finished the other quarter of the room and there was no sign of their Twi’lek. Cale sighed and directed the group across the street to a decidedly seedy looking nightclub. Again- Miko was sent off to manually case the place while the two masters sat down to a drink. Cale chatted with the bartender about local news, what was going on with the reshuffling of the local government under the New Order. Apparently the new “Minister of Public Information” arrived on planet several weeks ago- complete with annoying underlings. This tidbit rather piqued the interest of both Jedi. When the bartender left for the other end of the bar, the two congregated-
”That explains the video.” Cale said.
”Indeed; I wonder how some Twi’lek girl ended up with it though.” Kahn replied.
“Well- she could be some underworld source- or some honeytap the New Order types used to distract Raynar enough to slip the holo on him.” Cale replied. “And let us not forget the possibility that this is some guilty soul who knows of the vid by alternate means.” He added.
“I suppose… It seems Miko is indicating this location is clear.” Raiyat indicated the green robed padawan, who shrugged helplessly at the lack of their informant.

Cale then hailed a hover cab- the driver rather helpfully (after being given a 20 credit bonus) noted the next three most popular clubs and bars in the area.
They walked into the first- a hole in the wall cantina run by an equally unkempt Rodian- it only had a tiny crowd. Apparently tonight was some sort of Rodian holiday related to animal sacrifice- only Rodians were allowed in, as the bouncer politely explained before he threw them out.
The second proved slightly more promising- a nightclub with a very busy look about it.

Once again- Miko was assigned foot patrol. The padawan huffed and walked off into the crowd as Raiyat and Cale- for a change of pace- ordered some Savareen Brandy and munched on the bar’s complementary pretzels as Miko looked over the place.

Why aren’t they doing anything. I’m not their damn gopher! the boy thinks. He sighs- Master Daine is trying to test me. Why? I guess have no idea, but it seems pretty obvious whatever it is. This girl knows what those two look like, she’ll find them, I shouldn’t even be bothering with this nonsense. I’m going to call it in. he thought to himself.
“Master Daine- I can’t see her anywhere, let’s go.” he said. The place was only two thirds checked, but there was really no reason to-
Miko’s thoughts were interrupted by a soft voice from behind him-
“Excuse me, did you say ‘Master Daine’?” it said.
“Yes… why?” Miko replied, not turning around.
“As in ‘Admiral Cale Daine’?” the voice- obviously that of a rather young women- pressed.
“Possibly…” Miko said, turning around finally. It was indeed a Twi’lek woman- no older than 24 (that much Miko could tell). She had human-like ears- just like Raynar had said- and blue skin.
“I must speak with him… it is urgent.” she said. The woman- girl, really- looked rather desperate about this last point, and Miko wasn’t keen on arguing the point in this rather crowded venue.
“Very well, come with me- but we must be discreet.” Miko said. He slipped a hand around her waist- in order to keep up the charade of a “friendly meeting” (and, Miko admitted to himself- to cop one… hormonal adolescent human male he was, it was, of course, totally normal). Miko deftly guided them through the crowd to where Master Daine and Master Kahn were sitting.
Suddenly (thanks to Master Kahn) everyone sitting or standing around them found something more interesting to do than listen in on the conversation.

Cale immediately noticed the pair, and raised an eyebrow at Miko’s posture. Calling the Sappho, Cale gave a situational update- “Lieutenant, we have the target in sight- want to listen in?”
Cale didn’t bother with their garbled and muffled multiple responses and left the comm. on.
“Master, it is the person we sought- Ms… uh-“ he started.
“Deenala Tarkonaa- I am the one who gave that pilot that message.” the Twi’lek girl finished.
“I’m a navigator!” Raynar’s tinny voice rang out from the comlink. All three Jedi failed to stifle a look of amusement.
“Indeed you are, Mr. Cello. Anyway- Ms. Tarkonaa, I see…” Cale replied, his eyes shifted to Miko, and he coughed forcefully. The boy looked at him, confused, eyes asking What?. Cale rolled his eyes a bit, then looked from Miko’s hand on the girl’s waist and back at the padawan, then coughed **again**, somewhat louder. Miko’s face gave a look of recognition, and then he quickly withdrew the offending hand.
“Sorry.” he muttered, and the he stepped back a foot or so.
“So-“ Master Kahn started, “-Who precisely are you?”
“I am… involved with a staff member at the Communications station here.” she replied, embarrassed.
“Is that so? How is it that you came about that holovideo, and, more importantly, why did you give it to us?” Cale asked.
“I… well, Martis- Captain Jenujor sometimes has me preview some of his work. When he went home, I copied the copy of the video I had and tried to find someone who could use it. I know the Jedi aren’t like that… You aren’t.” she replied, near tears already.
“No need to tell us, ma’am. How did you know who to trust it with?” Raiyat asked
“I… nearly 5 years ago, a Jedi saved me from slavers. He mentioned your name, Admiral Daine, as someone who could be trusted to help people in the Core. That… um-”
“Navigator-“ rang Raynar’s tinny voice
“-That navigator mentioned your name when talking with his friends.” Deenala replied.
“I see… Who, pray tell, was he?” Cale asked, now rather curious.
“Master Davo Neekius was the Jedi who rescued me.” was the response.
Cale nearly fell forward from shock- and his eye immediately went to Miko-
“Ma- Master Davo was the one that saved you?” came Miko’s shocked voice.
“Yes- he was a Vultan.” the Twi’lek girl replied.
“He- he was my master… until Coruscant.” Miko’s knees buckled a bit from the shock of hearing that name again. Cale and Raiyat were in a slightly lesser state of shock, but they were nonetheless stunned.

30 March 2005, 06:23 AM
Tao'lin finished the repairs to the Blade alone. Sixer had been called away by Master Yoda nearly an hour ago, and the two had yet to emerge. Whatever, they're talking about must be mighty serious... The young Jedi Knight began cautiously repacking his tools, wrapping each in a cloth and placing them one by one into a green brown sack. When he was only halfway through the chore, he became aware of a presence entering the room. Someone only moderately familiar, and obviously in great emotional turmoil. He could sense the drawn lightsaber, the anger, the fear. Finally, as he fully ntered the room and began to cross the landing bay towards the cargo ship, Tao'lin recognized the young student as the Twi'lek padawan that had arrived earlier. His frustration and anger were not uncommon these days. Many young Jedi, raised through the battlefields of the Clone Wars, had fallen after the deaths of their Masters. Most had been able to be redeemed. Others... No one who had reached the Underground had fallen and been allowed to leave. Tao'lin stepped down from the hull of Sixer's freighter and placed his hand on his hip. "Padawan. Stop!"
The twi'lek turned. "I'm leaving, Master Lin. You're not going to stop me."
Tao'lin smiled. Apparently no one bothered to tell this boy that I'm not a Master yet. he thought. "Where would you go, Padawan?" The twi'lek's pace slowed, and he turned. Good, thought Tao'lin. Just stay and talk to me a while.
"Why do you ask??" he said, his voice unsteady. He was not simply asking. The Padawan was taunting, trying to goad the older Jedi into some sort of action. He stopped, and completely turned towards Tao'lin. "Would you care? Would you offer some sort of assistance?" He laughed, a low raspy sound devoid of any sort of happiness. "Of course you wouldn't. You prefer to hide like a coward."
Tao'lin smiled. It was his opening. "And you prefer to die like one." He smiled wider, so that it would be visible even to the young Jedi across the landing pad. He thought back on their last encounter with a fallen Jedi, and the memory of his partner, Raena. She had read her enemy's mind and used his motivations to force his hand. It was unethical, at least as far as the Code was concerned, but Tao couldn't argue with the results. ""You feel him don't you? Your Master. He isn't dead. You lied to me. You're Master is a prisoner on one of the Star Destroyers. You left him, didn't you." He paused, feeling the emotions churning within the Padawan. He was on the delicate balance between anger and remorse. The lightsaber ignited, he rushed forward.
Tao'lin ducked below the uncontrolled strike from the twi'lek's green saber. Without drawing his own weapon he quickly dodged the younger Jedi's strikes. Though the dark side was said to make those who had fallen to its grasp more powerful, Tao'lin found that for most, it simply made them less controlled. Sloppy. Predictable in their unpredictability. He stepped back to avoid another strike. "Young one." he said, sidestepping a vertical blow. "You made the right choice. Your Master wouldn't have wanted you to sacrifice your life for his. It is the way of the Force that the old must die to bring life to the new. Do not resent it. Be grateful for the gift of life that your Master has given you. To throw that life away would be doing a misservice to your Master."
The boy struck again and again as the older Jedi spoke. Though his ears were not listening, he could feel the words somewhere deep within his soul. His saber slowed, swinging only weakly. From the corner of his vision, he could see Master Yoda emerging from a nearby room. He had missed his chance. He would be unable to avenge his Master's imprisonment. To save the man he owed his life to. Maybe that was best. He felt his lightsaber fall from his hand, disengaging as it clattered against the duracreet flooring. His vision began to grow dark and he could feel the hard floor against his knees. He felt a wet tear falling down his face and he fell forward, as his mind was enveloped in darkness.

Tao'lin took the boy in his arms and turned towards Master Yoda. "He will be fine."
"Happening far too frequently, this is." The old Jedi Master stepped forward. "Redeem them all we may not be able. Powerful the dark side has become."
Tao'lin shook his head. "No. It has no power, except that which we give it. The Force is striving to acheive balance. A balance between light and dark; between good and evil." Tao'lin turned and began to walk away. "Night has fallen, and for a time the light has been diminished. But a new dawn will rise, Master. Maybe not within our lifetimes. But a light will rise."
Master Yoda simply nodded as the blind Miraluka began to walk away, carrying his former opponant in his arms. He turned to the ARC trooper, and lowered his voice. "Escort them, and inform Master Tao'lin, you must."

Corr Terek
3 April 2005, 11:01 AM
Kai watched from the shadows as the Viscount disembarked from his ship. He was followed by...some sort of droid. Then three more. This isn't going to be easy... he thought to himself. He could feel Tam somewhere to his left, several yards away. He couldn't sense Szass, but knew the bounty hunter had to be getting ready.

The Viscount noticed the shelter from a distance, and motioned one of the droids to check it out. The droid got as far as palming the door panel before the entire shelter vanished in a large explosion. As the dust settled, the Viscount and the three remaining droids picked themselves up off the ground. Kai distinctly heard the Viscount chuckle, and the man turned toward the jungle and bowed in a mocking salute. "Very clever of you. But I too, am no stranger to the fortunes of war." he called.

At that moment, Kai's comm vibrated, alerting him that Szass wanted him and Tam to move further back into the jungle.


Raiyat was more than a little shocked by the revelation of Daneela's rescuer. Miko seemed much harder hit though. Raiyat studied the girl, trying to mask his surprise. "What did you think we would do, having seen the information you'd sent us?"

"I--I don't know. I just wanted you to know what was out there." Daneela said, looking around nervously. "I can't do anything else. The original of the holo is kept on Jenujor's personal computer."

"Giving us this disc puts you in terrible danger. You know that, don't you?"

Daneela looked at him, confused. "I don't understand. Surely Martis--Jenujor wouldn't hurt me?"

"The people he works for killed everyone in the Jedi Temple," Cale said softly. "Men...women...children...you've taken an incredible risk, Miss Tarkonaa."

Daneela registered this information. Then she looked at him, her eyes flashing with something like fire. "I don't care. I've done what I can to help you, and I'm proud of it."

7 April 2005, 11:23 AM
Cale looked to Raiyat- "Should we risk it?"
"I don't know... they will just make another. But it would be a blow- and a visible one- within the movement." the Jedi replied.
"Perhaps we should brainstorm- let's get Fal'nebh down here." Cale responded and Raiyat nodded.
"Captain- land at the starport and meet us at the Watchman- we need to do a bit of group think." he called.

(Sorry about the delay- school is hell this time of year and I haven't had time to think out a long response- so I'll let Nebben do it :P)

max ordo
11 April 2005, 11:22 AM
Szass noticed the Viscount’s bow for what it was and growled deep in his throat ‘I will show you why the Dashade struck fear into the hearts of men Viscount. Your death will please me greatly’ he then turned then went to meet Kai and Tam at the rendezvous point they had chosen further into the forest. Seeing his apprentices ahead Szass approaches making enough noise to alert them to his presence. “We need to separate the group, right now we are slightly outnumbered but we should be able to even things out soon.” Kai looks at Szass and glances protectively at Tam “Master maybe we should try and draw them into the ruins, it’s safer there for us, at least we won’t have to worry about those damn cats and this psycho and his pets” Szass looks admiringly at Kai, how quickly his skills were progressing, he was a worthy apprentice for a human so was Tam, she just wasn’t quite as strong or sure of herself as Kai. “I had the same thought apprentice, let us go find a defensible spot there then I will be the bait for this Viscount. We’ll see what he knows of the hunt.”

An hour later the group was in the ruins they had been avoiding since their arrival and had moved to an area sheltered by the tree line in the shadows of one of the guardian statues. “We need to bait the Viscount and his druids then separate them. Pick them off one by one” Szass explains to the two apprentices. Before Kai could offer or Szass could decide who would be bait Tam surprises them both “I’ll do it, I’ll go out to the area between the statues and get their attention with this” patting the blaster rifle at her side. Kai starts to protest but Szass cuts him short “Done, I think that is the best way. Kai and I will wait behind the two statues and catch what we can in a cross fire when the persue you though and into the ruins.” Kai grudgingly accepts his masters decision and tells Tam “good luck, see you soon” As he and Szass get into position, Kai uses the force to move faster than the eye can to cover the ground between the two statues and Szass climbs halfway up the statue to higher ground for a better shooting position. Seeing her two companions in place Tam moves purposefully to stand halfway between the two statues where she stops and yells into the clearing where the count and his robots are still milling about setting up a makeshift camp. “Surrender now Viscount and you may leave this planet alive, otherwise prepare to be shown the errors of your ways” the Viscount looks her way and grins before he says a word he points her way and two of his hunting droids who immediately start in her direction. Tam fires a volley of shots at the droids before turning and running into the ruins.

occ:more to follow shortly

Corr Terek
11 April 2005, 06:34 PM
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12 April 2005, 05:14 AM
The ARC trooper waited patiently outside the Jedi's quarters. Since coming to Dantooine, Tao'lin had become increasingly accustomed to long bouts of meditation. Sixer was beginning to worry about his friend, though he would never admit it publically. Tao'lin had maintained a quiet resolve throughout the early stages of the Purge, avoiding death and capture seemingly miraculously time and time again. He had been instrumental in saving dozens of younger Jedi, and fearless in combat against their enemies. Unfortunately, the passion that Tao'lin once had for the Jedi Order was slowly becoming buried beneath... something. The young Jedi seemed to have resigned himself to the fate that they were fighting a battle that they could not win, and continually suggested a course of waiting. He seemed to sense something in the future... some great last hope... and prefered to wait for it to come than to perish fighting an unwinable war.
Sixer ran his hands through his shaggy hair, still not understanding the General's position. Maybe it had something to do with the naps. Maybe Tao'lin really had seen some great hope in the future. The clone sighed and hoped that he would live long enough to see it.

Corr Terek
12 April 2005, 04:09 PM
Tam sprinted back toward the ruins, blaster bolts spattering at her feet. Finally she reached cover, and Szass and Kai opened fire. Then Tam saw something she'd never seen before.

The two pursuing droids reached back over their shoulders and produced metal rods with bulbs on the end. The staffs -- if that is what they were -- suddenly pulsed with energy, and Tam's jaw dropped as the droids began casually deflecting the blaster bolts. She heard Szass begin swearing a blue streak as a deflected bolt hit too close for comfort. Her commlink buzzed. "Tam, get into the ruins. This isn't going to work." he barked.

Tam immediately obeyed. If anything, Szass's training had taught her to obey orders. She crossed the threshhold of the ruins, passing into the inner chamber. As she did, she felt a sudden, inexplicable chill. Something had changed...

But Szass and Kai were now entering the ruins as well. Szass was laying down covering fire. "Find the shadows and stay in them!" he barked. "Our armor will help us."

"IF they can't scan us..." Kai added. Nevertheless all three scattered to find cover.

max ordo
14 April 2005, 12:14 PM
Hmmm...Smart droids, and skilled as well. The Viscount is smarter than I expected. Szass runs for cover, knowing that Kai and Tam would do as he commanded. Reaching a shadowed alcove in the ruins he searches for a defensable position and draws his lightsabers before risking a glance out at the droids. Excelent he thinks to himself seeing the droids have split up one coming the way he ran and the other going in the opposite direction after Kai and Tam. Szass takes a step back into the shadows and freezes as he feels something give under his foot at the same moment he hears a slight click. A second later there is a hissing noise, as he turns to investigate he sees that a door has slide open in the back wall of the alcove and instead of darkness he sees a faint light coming through the portal. Hearing the clunk..clunk of the droids steps getting closer he decides to go into the corridor figuring to ambush the droid in a narrow corridor is better than fighting in an open space.

Kai ran when Szass ordered it, he ran in the direction he saw Tam go hoping to catch up to her and protect her. He can feel her presence in the Force, she seems preplexed, hoping nothing is wrong he sprints towards her.He hears the droid in the distance following him. Entering the chamber she was in he gets a chill down his spine as he crosses the doorway "What was that" he hisses at Tam who turns to him and shrugs 'i don't know'. The young ex-Jedi surveys the room wondering at the faint light that eminates froms the walls and the two large tunnels cut into one of the walls about 15 feet up the wall directly abve the only door exiting the room. "Wanna see whats behind door number one?"Kai says in a teasing voice as he pulls out his lightsaber and ingintes it. The bright blue blade illuminating the room even further. As he motions for Tam to go through the door a shadow crosses the floor from behind them, turning he sees the droid with its long staff standing at the entrance to the room. Without a word or a second thought the droid advances on Kai swinging the staff in a quick overhead bash to quickly end the young mans life, Kai easily catches the staff with his lightsaber and is astonished when the staff and saber colide nothing happens, the staff just stopped the saber it wasn't destroyed as Kai had expected, the droid then turned the staff over in his hands and brought it up to hit Kai in the ribs. Knocking the wind from the boy Kai is abole to use the force to knock the drid back about ten feet to give himself a moment ot catch his breath. As Kai recovers and draws his second saber the droid is coming back at him when two things happen, first Tam yells and grabs Kai pulling him back the second Kai sees a large animal of some sort explode from the air above him seemingly from nowhere and entangle the droid. Kai or Tam had never seen anything like the creature, not even in their worst nightmares. It stood nearly 7 feet tall with an elongated head that seemed to be all teeth on one end. Its body seemed to be covered in so type of almost metalic exoskeleton. It stood on two powerful legs which ended in 3 inch claws and it's hand looked identical to the feet except there were four claws instead of three. It had a long tail which ended in a 20 inch spike which it was attempting to put through the droid as it was latched on. The droid fought back, bashing its staff against the monster to no avail, the creature reared its head back for a moment then struck, somehow its teeth were able to penetrate the metal of the droids head and it tore off the left side, as the droid stopped fighting the Alien let go then slammed its spiked tail straight through the droids torso and let out a blood curdling call. It then turned its attention to Kai and Tam who were suddenly able to move, the spectacle of the Alien and droid's combat being over they both fled down the hallway, deeper into the ruins.

17 April 2005, 01:54 PM
"No, absolutely not!" Nebben says, angrily flicking his tail to give the impression of wounded pride.

The Felion pilot was not as outraged at he let on. In fact, he had previously done such a mission- however, the humans had to be aware that he would not "play pet" lightly.
The question had been innocent enough:
"We require you to infiltrate the Information Control Building in the base, Mr. Fal'nebh..." Master Kahn had said.
Nebben had known exactly what they meant when they had chosen him... And Nebben was not very happy about it, hence his initial reaction. But...
"Very well..." he muttered before Master Daine had a chance to respond.
The Felion's reletive rarity in Known Space and their similarity to house cats made his species natural for such missions as this.
"I shall need some equipment in order to do this." Nebben said.
"Very well." replied Master Kahn. The entire mission crew was assembled in the wardroom of the Jedi's ship, and Nebben was beginning to feel the others' eyes on him.
"I shall require a sensor ghosted 'cage' in order to store mission gear. In addition, I need a good handheld computer with crypto programming and universal adapter cables for the base systems." heads nodded as the Felion pilot spoke- he continued-
"Also, I need a standard entry belt, with smoke grenades and a good holdout with extra ammo. Also a headset comm with a scrambler and comm jammer box, as well as a headset HUD with computer jack.
Also, some escape gear, SureGrip coated hand and foot sleaves, a 'spanner and laser welder in case I need to make an exit.
Finally, some computer spikes would be handy for burning out their system. This far out in the Rim, it will take them a month to get a new mainframe." Nebben finished.
"We have most of that here- the rest we can make with the equipment we have on board. We'll start tonight and see what we have tomarrow." Master Daine said, arms folded.
"And you shall need to deliver me- professionaly, but by yourselves- to the base. They'll do a physical search of the cage otherwise." Nebben added and Master Daine nodded.
"Let's get to work."

[OOC: Sorry for the delay- school sucks. Mission proper should be up tomarrow. Thanks, Rostek, for the character OK]

21 April 2005, 01:53 PM
The unmarked rental van pulled up in front of the small enclosed cluster of buildings that made up the former Republic base.
It wasn't much- a half dozen old office buildings and an old hotel which served as barracks and mess for the 200+ workers. The base was cut off from the rest of the burgeoning cityscape by an old fashioned duracrete wall topped with slicewire spools. The wall was short and fat- nearly 2 meters thick and 3 meters high (not counting the wire) and fashioned to look like a fine red-brick affair- very stylish and foreboding, though a professional immidietely noticed it's sacrifice to effectiveness. The wall- though steep- was easily climbable and the wire could be removed as an obstacle by some simple wire cutters.
Still- the impression of effectiveness was usually more than enough for most people.

That point was rather moot, however, since the Jedi and the former Republic soldiers had no intention of scaling the walls in an all out raid. As dashing, fantastic, and probably effective as that would be, it would also draw a lot of unnecessary attention to what was, by necessity, a cloak and dagger operation.

"This is Delivery One, we are at the location- check check, please advise." Raynar said into his comlink.
The muted grunt of assurance came over the line, followed by a chuff of a laugh.
"Ha ha yourself. You're the one stuck on the ship while we're doing the heavy lifting, partner." the young navigator replied. Miko looked at him, raising an eyebrow but saying nothing.
"Alright, are you ready Captain?" Master Daine asked, turning on the parking brake .
Nebben sighed- "Yes. Let's just get this over with." he said with a slightly annoyed tone in his voice. "Heavy lifting my tail... I'm the one getting carted into an enemy base in a cage." Nebben muttered just loud enough for the two younger humans in the back to hear. They looked at each other and held back a laugh.
"Okay, let's go. You two, get the cage and follow me." Cale said the two as he picked up a datapad.

The three (well, four) crossed the street to the base gate, which was guarded by two stoic clone troopers.
"Halt- identify yourselves and state your business." the red helmeted clone trooper on the right of Cale said.
Cale was disguised in a nice-looking set of robes which looked like they had been in fashion in the Core about two years previous- not an uncommon look in the Rim. Raynar and Miko, on the other hand, were dressed in plain brown jumpsuits with nametags reading "Eronn" and "Connor" respectively.
"Sit the box down for a bit boys." Cale said to the two, who gratefully set down the cage on the pavement- much less softly than Nebben would have liked. The Felion cursed the two's apparent lack of masculinity in his native tongue- which came out sounding something like "Mrkrgnao!" followed by a hissing wheeze.
"Careful with that! That damn thing is expensive and it'll come out of your allowances if you injure it!" Cale barked at the two Alderaanians.
Miko coughed, falling into the role- "It's not like you give us that much in the first place, Dad."
Raynar followed that up with a "Right on"- which Cale ignored as he turned back to the sentries, who by this point had become slightly confused.
"Sorry about that- I'm Bren Soule, from 'Soule and Sons Point to Point Shipping'-" the Jedi Master made a show of waiting for a response, and (of course) not getting it- he continued. "-Ah... well then. I've got a delievery of a live animal here for a Mister...." he punched a few buttons on his datapad, "- sorry, Captain Jenujor."
"We've got no notice regarding a delivery for Captain Jenujor. We'll have to clear this with the watch officer-" the clone trooper's head tilted to one side as he apparently called the officer on his helmet comm.
Nodding, he returned to normal posture and turned back to Cale and the others- "He'll be by shortly- for now, we're supposed to search the cage." Raynar and Miko both winced, but Cale remained nonplussed.
"Of course- go ahead and scan away." he said.
The other trooper retreived a handheld scanner from his belt and scanned over the cage, revealing only a skeletal image of a Corellian plains cat laying down inside a normal cage.
"Alright- now we'll have to do a visual check." the commanding trooper said.
"That won't be necessary, everything's in working order." Cale said, eyes narrowed at the troopers.
"That won't be necessary, everything's in working order." mumble both clone troopers as the durasteel blast door opened- revealing two more clone troopers and a very bored looking Army lieutenant.
"What's the meaning of this?" he asked.
"There seems to have been a mix up in the paper work- this package needs to be delivered ASAP." Cale said with the same expression.
"There seems to have been a mix up... in the paperwork- this package needs to be delivered ASAP!" the officer said, as if he had just realized his pants were on fire.
"Oh, very good then." said Cale cheerfully as the officer bade the three humans and their package inside the complex over two the open air landspeeder the newcomers had arrived in.
"You need Building 3- Communications." the lieutenant said. he then turned to his driver- one of the clones- and said " Step on it!"

(Part II Coming Soon)

[OOC: Well, the good news is that it's midquarter, so my workload will be going down after Friday, sorry again for the snail pace.
And of course, thanks Rostek for letting me play with your PC and NPCs)

Corr Terek
23 April 2005, 01:24 PM
Kai and Tam ran as long and as far as they could. When they finally stopped, it was only because Tam's legs collapsed under her. Kai leaned against a dusty wall, panting heavily. "Where...where are are we?" Tam gasped.

Kai looked around. They were in a larger room. Strange runes covered the walls -- jagged, ugly runes that felt evil. Their look made his skin crawl, and the wall he was leaning against suddenly lost its appeal. He stepped away and helped Tam to stand. "We'd better keep moving. Szass will be looking for us."

Suddenly, a chill crept over them both. The feeling of evil, cold and clear. And they heard voices, whispering in a harsh alien tongue. "Who's there?! Show yourself!" Kai shouted. His voice sounded small and insignificant.

Two cowled figures materialized at the far end of the room. And then several more figures appeared. Aliens like the first, but with blades instead of hands, and spikes protruding from their elbows. Kai's twin lightsabers hissed to life, followed by Tam's

The creatures howled and rushed for Tam and Kai en masse.

16 May 2005, 12:44 PM
The small speeder pulled up to Building Three- a drab grey duracrete affair with few windows and very mouldy scent about it. The clone troopers took the cage containing Nebben inside, while the officer tipped Cale 5 credits and sent the driver back to the entrance with the three partisans.
The Felion infiltrator sat stolid in his cage- he knew these next few minutes were crucial.
The door guard, after being shown the paperwork, allowed the troopers to pass. Nebben could see cubicles and office doors up against the walls, but he was then taken into a turbolift. The car stopped with a clunk sound at the 5 (next to top) floor, where the troopers then turned and set the cage down on a door three doors down from the corner.
This must be the place thought Nebben as the clone knocked on the door.
A regal looking human with short blonde hair and blue eyes- a walking recruitment poster if Nebben had ever seen one- stepped out he office, looking rather annoyed with the interruption.
"What is all this, then?" he demanded, tapping his foot in a manner than Nebben found extraordinarily annoying.
"A delivery for you sir- an exotic Corellian plains cat from a Ms. Deenala Tarkonaa." the clone replied. Nebben added a snarl for effect.
"Deenala... very well, put it by the door, I'll examine it later." the officer said, seething. He was probably happy that it was clones who brought the cage in- clones who would neither note or care about the obviously Twi'lek name on the sender.
Ugh... a self loather Nebben though with disgust, looking at the walls, which were covered in pro-Palpatine propoganda- all featuring hologenic humans who resembled Jenujor (at least to Nebben's eyes).
I don't understand why humans feel the need to assert their superiority at the rest of us. They're all hideous, and their societal arrogence is dragging this galaxy in the toilet... fools Nebben thought as Jenujor began plugging away on his keyboard.
What seemed like hours later, Jenujor gathered his personal datapad and a stack of papers and left for what Nebben assumed was a meeting of some kind, given the number of footsteps he heard outside.
Now was his chance, and the Felion took it.
"I'm initiating the mission- wish me luck." Nebben said into his throat comm as he gathered his equipment and put on the mission clothing and utility belt.
Releasing the cage, Nebben immidietely locked the office door and rushed over the the computer desk.
Jenujor- being in a secure facility- didn't even bother to lock up the computer, and the mere touch of the keyboard exited the screensaver and allowed Nebben on the mainframe.
With a feral smile, Nebben plugged in his own handheld and found the offending files. After a quick copy and download of the propogandist's entire system, Nebben deleted the files and unleashed his specially made worm onto the base mainframe. Satisfied that the damage was done for now, the Felion plugged in the spike and watched as the computer's files were electronically mangled by the fast moving program.
As a final precaution, Nebben attached an ion grenade below the desk and set the fuze to go off once the attached motion sensor went off (when someone sat down in the chair).
His work done, Nebben climbed up onto the desk and went to work on the air duct cover with his hydrospanner. Quickly removing the screws, he opened the cover and started to climb in.
Nebben pulled the cover back over the duct and crawled- using his hind legs to push himself down the length of the duct work.
Half an hour later, Nebben heard the alarms in the base start to go off- meaning that the entire staff had recieved a free helping of the most demented pornography Nebben could think of (that didn't involve humans- which made the search that much more difficult for Nebben)- and that security would now start looking for him. Still- he couldn't help but laugh quietly to himself.
He had reached the outside of the building by now, with only a grate in between him and the outside. Removing the fusioncutter from his belt, Nebben cut the grate and pulled it inside.
"I'm ready" Nebben said into his comlink, and he immidietely felt a tug as the Felion was lifted into the now dark sky by some invisible force which carried him out into the street and behind a parked van.
The van door opened and Nebben jumped in-
"About damn time-" Master Daine said from the drivers' seat.
"I was getting caf." Nebben replied as the van pulled away toward the starport, where the entire crew was waiting with their new Twi'lek guest.

Corr Terek
16 May 2005, 04:00 PM
Raena was sleeping in her bunk when the alarm went off. Trained by years of running and hiding, she catapulted herself from the bed and called her sword to her hand before the fogginess of sleep had entirely left her mind.

She stretched out with the Force, and immediately sensed a...presence in the Force. It wasn't on the planet -- yet -- but it was coming closer. And it was coming for them.


The fear and panic hit Raiyat like a thunderbolt. He gasped, and felt more than saw the confusion on the faces of his non-Jedi friends. "Master Kahn?" Deenala asked. "Are you all right?" Her concern was seconded by Raynar and the Wookiee. He waved off their concern.

"I'm fine. It was just...something's wrong."

Miko, who had been keeping watch for the others, came in, his face pale. "Master Kahn, did you feel--?"

"I did, yes. We need to leave as soon as Master Daine and Nebben get here."


The sudden wave of fear slapped Kai broadside, and he nearly lost his footing as he fought against the alien swarm. His moment's lack of attention cost him a gash on the cheek, and the pain cleared his head. Tam finished off the alien who had wounded him, and used the moment of breather space to kneel next to him. "Did you feel that?" he asked. Tam nodded, eyes wide.

"Our friends are in trouble--"

The aliens screeched and swarmed toward them again. Kai growled angrily. I don't have time for this! Master Kahn and Master Yoda and the others could be in serious danger, and here he was, trapped on a backwater planet by the treachery of some snobbish noble.

Kai opened himself to his anger, letting it fuel him. He focused that anger into a weapon, and hurled it at the aliens. His own cry of fury and anger blended with the shrieks of the aliens as Force lightning washed over them.

27 May 2005, 02:36 PM
[OOC: Wasn't quite sure how you wanted me to proceed- If this doesn't work, I'll fix it :)]

Cale nearly veered into the opposite lane as the wave of force energy hit him.
Not good! he though with a touch of panic.
The Jedi Master floored the righthand pedal and the truck zoomed toward the spaceport at what most would describe as an absurdly unsafe speed.
Need to get to the ship- need to leave, NOW! he thought.
"Mr Fal'nebh- I suggest you change now. We're going to be leaving upon our arrival." Cale said without taking his eyes off the road.
"Call the others, tell them to start preflight on all vehicles and to start preperations for hyperspace. Start the workup for a jump to the Ka'lchara Nebula- It'll mask the next route we take." he continued.

It took six minutes for them to get to the spaceport- by then, both the fighter and the transport had engines humming... they were ready to go.

Corr Terek
27 May 2005, 03:13 PM
OOC: Good enough. My bad for not being clear. Tao intimated that he had something in mind for the occasion, but if nothing happens soon I'll have to move on with my own version of events. In any case, post whatever other reactions you like, maybe something in transit.

21 June 2005, 05:38 PM
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Nebben whiskers twitched and his ears flattened against his head- stretching his face in an approximation of the human expression for surprise.
What a strange sensation- my inner Wit seems to be tingling. Something bad must be happening. he thought, shivering.

"Mr Fal'nebh- I suggest you change now. We're going to be leaving upon our arrival." Cale said without taking his eyes off the road.
"Call the others, tell them to start preflight on all vehicles and to start preperations for hyperspace. Start the workup for a jump to the Ka'lchara Nebula- It'll mask the next route we take." he continued.

"Very well- I shall send the message now." Nebben said, twitching his whiskers. "Something bad has happened, hasn't it?" he added.
Swiftly changing his clothes, Nebben keyed his headset comm to the ship- "Raynar, get the ships on preflight- we need to be outbound to the Char Cloud yesterday." he said, using pilot slang for the dark yellow nebula.
"Copy, boss, I'll start charting up the course-" Raynar replied. The navigator can be heard in the background shouting orders to the other occupants of the transport.

21 June 2005, 06:33 PM
"Very well- I shall send the message now." Nebben said, twitching his whiskers. "Something bad has happened, hasn't it?" he added.

"Indeed, Mister Fal'nebh... I believe Specter Base on Dantooine is in danger from one of the Emperor's lackeys."

Cale deftly manuvered the truck into the spaceport lot, killed the engine and grabbed the excess equipment.
"C'mon, Captain, to your ship- we need to lift off now. Slave your ship to the Watchman, and we'll take you along on our vector for exit, then we'll dock you and we'll talk about where we're headed next."
Thankfully, Raynar had done the task well, and both ships were online and ready to fly. Just as Cale got onboard, he was confronted by Miko and Raiyat- "Yes, I felt it... we're going to hide out for a bit and ponder our next move." Neither of the other two Jedi spoke, they simply nodded and Miko headed to the cockpit as Raiyat left for the engineering terminal in the rear section.
Cale settled into the pilot's chair, turning up the repulsorlifts and lifting off the pad- ignoring the hails of the tower. Out of the corner of his eye, Cale saw the ARC-170 sidle up next to the transport after lifting off.
Just then, the holoprojector on the cockpit dash lit up, displaying the stooped image of Master Yoda.

"Master Cale- trouble have we." he said. Cale and Miko noticed the legs of droids and people running around behind Yoda, some pushing cargo dollies, others shouting words that neither Jedi could make out.
"Found us the Empire has has, I fear. Evacuating the Dantooine base, going to secondary locations, we are."
Cale nodded, "We are heading to a hiding spot- then we will head off to a new location and make contact from there."
"No-" the wizened master said forcefully. "Go to Corellia you will- if in danger out secret base is, in danger the hiding Jedi there are."
"Very good, Master Yoda- I will head to Corellia and evacuate the remaining members of the Enclave. I trust you will be in contact with us should it become necessary?" Cale replied.
"Yes, Master Cale- may the Force be with you."
"And with you as well, Master Yoda."
The image winked out.

Hteba Zile
1 July 2005, 05:27 PM
OOC: Ok, I haven't actually written anything yet, but here is info on my character Rylei, and the info Rostek gave me for Noelle and Aiden Narr. As you can tell, my paragraph is rather lengthy and terribly written, (Rostek wrote the bios for Noelle and Aiden)

Ryleí Storm - 17 year old Zabrak female. Daughter of a Corellian senator, Ryleí ran away from home just before her 16th birthday. She left once she realized the Republic was falling and saw her father's corrupt ruling. Ryleí lived on the streets for a few months, learning the ways of a society she never knew existed. Close to her 17th birthday, Rostek Horn asked Ryleí to be a part of CorSec, using her knowledge of government and information learned on the streets to catch criminals. As a Zabrak, Ryleí stands 5'5" (which is a medium height for a Zabrak female). She also sports the traditional facial tattoos of her Zabrak family, and three vestigial horns on her forehead. Ryleí has medium-length light brown hair, and hazel (a mix of brown and green) eyes. Since she is a Zabrak, people have mistaken her strong mental willpower for Force ability. If she does have any, she had never been able to control it. Ryleí loves helping people and fighting for the right cause.

Aiden is a typical 15 year old- willful, with a smart mouth and is outgoing and overconfident in his force skills. He is 5'11'', 175 lbs, fairly athletic looking, with blue eyes and his short, normally blond hair has been dyed brown.
Noelle is a 34 year old Corellian Jedi- she is very protective of her son and is very very jaded about life due to the war. She has a very dry, acidic wit and doesn't much like hiding. She is 5'7'' 125 lbs blond with brown eyes with an average body type.

Hopefully I'll get something written and posted in the next few days.

Corr Terek
6 July 2005, 01:37 PM
OOC: Apologies, all, for not getting this started up again sooner. With any luck I'll have a new post up sometime tomorrow. I'm going to assume control of Tao's character until he returns, as I've not heard anything from him. I'll also be contacting Max Ordo.

6 July 2005, 05:51 PM
(OOC: I'll just get us to Corellia, and Rostek can do whatever it is he plans. Nebben has business on Centerpoint Station, so that's where he and his crew are headed)

The large transport and big assault fighter swept into the Ka'lchara Nebula and almost immediately, both pilots began their calculations for the Corellian System.
"Master Daine... my crew and I have business on Centerpoint. If you don't require our services on the surface, or you don't wish to explain away a fully armed assault ship to the starport authorities, we will head there. You have my comm number, and we can be airborne and over Coronet City within an hour." Nebben said into his comm.
Master Kahn's voice answered- "Cale is busy right now- but I think that it as as good a plan as any. We'll call if we get into any undue trouble."
"Very good, sir- we’ll speak to you later, then." Nebben replied, and around his ship, the yellow nebula seemed to stretch and then vanish into swirling blue as he entered hyperspace."

(2 days later)

Nebben was quite nearly ready to eviserate Ray and Chewduur- the two had been arguing over a holochess move for nearly an hour, and Nebben found it impossble to sleep between the noise and the bright blue light outside his cockpit.
That's what I get for flying a ship designed for clones- no one gives a damn about their comfort. he thought with a grimace.
"Shut up you two... Ray made a fair move, and besides, he left open is savrip for an easy take down." Nebben said, nearly shouting into his mic.
Ray made a sound of protest that was drowned out by Chewduur's roar of triumph. Nebben noted the Wookiee had followed his advice- the holographic panel to Nebben's right lit up with movement and Raynar's savrip was ripped in half by a rancor.
The Felion pilot smiled in his self-satisfied way as the bickering died.
Naturally, Nebben had no time to enjoy the reverie as the Sappho rocked out of hyperspace.
Noting the METSOP broadcast, Nebben set course for Centerpoint at maximum speed.

(45 minutes later)

Nebben gently set down the large fighter on one of the "private landing bays" that occupied Centerpoint's lower hemisphere.
Leaving the shutdown procedures for the R2 unit, Nebben exits the ship, just in time to see a corpulent orange striped Felion dressed in purple and blue robes enter the bay, accompanied by a similar looking, but smaller, Felion, a creaking ZZ type butler droid and two hulking 'Zed' law enforcement droids- the latter two being painted in a eye-hurting shade of fluorescent blue.
"Fal'Nebh- I did not expect to see you in my humble abode. Had I thought so, I would have prepared a proper meal; after all, 'fugitive' is not a particularly lucrative trade, and I see by your appearance that you have not had the pleasure of life's finer things in quite some time." the fat orange catman said with a wheezing laugh- which after a dirty look, was picked up by his compatriots.
"Cousin Mak'lenh- I see you are still as colorblind as when I left Felo... though I must admit your fortunes have improved greatly." Nebben retorted, nodding to the nearly phosphorescent bodyguard droids.
The other Felion coughed another laugh, and continued speaking-
"Indeed, cousin- I expect you'll want that beat up pile of second hand parts refueled." nodding to the butler droid, Mak'lenh continued. "So- are you going to introduce me to your 'partners in crime', dear cousin?"
Nebben's tail flicked and his two crewmates appeared behind him, somewhat puzzled by their current company. As Nebben was about to introduce his crewmen, he noted that the butler droid had apparently called for the bay maintenance crew- a LE repair droid and a few Treadwells appeared in the side doorway and began a lookover of the craft.
"Very well- though I must also note that it would be inadvisable for your mechanical minions to fiddle with my ordinance- lest you would need a new hanger bay for your lair." a chuckle was shared by all three Felion, and Nebben continued- "The human is Raynar Cello- yes, I am aware he smells of a chal'nakh (a porcine creature native to Felion- noted for it's disgusting smell), but let's not hold it against him- he's been stuck in that cockpit for a few days." Raynar, not sure what a chal'nakh was, but certain from it's usage that it wasn't a positive descriptor began to object, but Nebben (as per usual) drowned him out.
"And the Wookiee to my left is Chewduur- the gunner. Don't even think of trying to recruit him, Mak'lenh- he's staying with me." he said. Chewduur growled in agreement.
"I wouldn't dream of it- besides, I've already got several of his species in my employ... they are quite easy to come by given the circumstances on their planet." Mak'lenh said with a twitch of his whiskers.
"So- shall we retire to the sitting room for some brandy and t'bac while my chefs work their magic? That, is, of course after you freshen up." Mak'lenh added. "And, of course before you ask- it is all on me. After all, what is family for, other than to help each other in their times of desperate and abject poverty." he added, beaming.

[OOC: Mak'lenh is, if you can imagine it, Harold Zidler (from Moulin Rouge in Felion form, whereas Mal'ranh, his majordomo son is of a similar sort, though less jovial and is more deferential to his father).

Corr Terek
8 July 2005, 12:40 PM
OOC: Thanks for keeping the ball rolling, Norseman. Had to attend a rehearsal dinner yesterday, and it threw my plans off a bit.


"Take the Padawans and the transport, you must, Zake. Fly beyond range of the enemy and jump to Norsol Station. Safe you will be, I hope."

The former ARC listened attentively to Master Yoda's orders. "Yes, Master Yoda. Will you be joining us?"

The Jedi Master shook his head. "Uncertain of that, I am. Slow the Empire down, I will, to buy time for your escape. Accompany me, your friend Sixer will, as will Knight Tao'lin and Raena."

Zake nodded. "Yes, sir. And once we reach Norsol station we are to await contact from you or one of the other Jedi, correct?"

Yoda simply nodded.


Kai raised his commlink. "Szass, where are you?"

The bounty hunter's voice crackled over the comm; his voice was a little strained. "I'm not sure. The Count's droids have kept me busy. Your location?"

"We don't know, but we'll try to find you." Kai nearly clicked the commlink off, but a thought struck him. "Have you run into any...creatures?"


"Yeah, a wierd alien species. We've run into several different types, and they're pretty tough."

There was a slight pause. "I'll keep an eye open."

11 July 2005, 03:38 PM
(Cool with me Norseman... hmmm, my mind bubbles with potential plot hooks with Mak'lenh B) btw, Hteba, sorry about any undue liberties taken with Rylei- but post away :D)

Cale isn't paying attention to the comm when Raiyat gives the OK for Nebben's suspiciously undefined "business"- he's calculation the fastest possible route to Corellia.
Satisfied with his progress, Cale taps the nav computer and does one final once over of the systems board- "What was that all about Master Kahn?" he asks off-handedly.
"Nothing- Mr. Fal'nebh is going to Centerpoint... he has some manner of business there which he needs to deal with." the Jedi Master replied.
"I see. Well in that case let us go straight to Coronet- no point in going to one of the more "shadowy" ports on the southern continent if we don't have to hide a starfighter." Cale replied. Raiyat nodded and sat back in his chair.
"Prepare for the jump to lightspeed in three... two... one-" Cale hit the lever- "And we're off." The blue tube that is hyperspace swathed the transport and Cale nodded to Mark. The droid took up his traditional "autopilot position", plugging himself into one of the terminals and keeping an eye on things.
The two Jedi, freed of their piloting duties, went to their respective tasks. Raiyat went to his quarters for some meditation, whereas Cale decided on watching an old holodrama on the screen in his cabin.
Miko, on the other hand, busied himself with various tasks of reading old training manuals and trying to hone his illusory skills (to, sadly, only small effect).
The trip was blessedly short, as far as jumps from the Rim to the Core go… merely two days later, they were setting down in Coronet City.
“Alright…” Cale started, “I believe we should look for my father- he will no doubt be in the middle of any scheme to hide Jedi here on Corellia, not to mention the fact that I shouldn’t have any trouble finding him thorough the Force.”
”I concur- if we are to find the remains of the Corellian Jedi, we must find Master Daine.
Pray tell, my friend… do you happen to have any bearing as to his present location?” Raiyat asked.
Cale walked over to a computer console and uploaded a map of Coronet City. Pointing to one of the seemingly endless number of cheap tenements, he turns to Raiyat and Miko and replies “Right there. He and two or three others are on the third floor.”
Nodding, the Jedi leave Mark and the unfortunate Twi’lek girl onboard, cautioning them to “be wary and call us if you’re in trouble.”
Armed with blasters and their lightsabers along with an array of gadgets picked out of Cale’s expansive stock, the three headed out into the city on foot toward their objective approximately 3 kilometers away.
Traffic was light- it being very late at night (or very early in the morning if you prefer)- and the trio found themselves only one street away after only an hour.
“Why don’t we cut through the alley here,” Miko said, pointing to a narrow, dark alley which ended only two buildings away from the tenement in question.
“Good idea…” Raiyat said, and the three moved into the alley.

On a Roof Adjacent to the Alley…

Three figures crouched on the flat tenement roof, eyeing the three strangers.
The largest- a cloaked woman motioned for her two younger compatriots to follow her. She led them to the approximate middle of the alley (still on the roof) and signaled them to stop.
The next largest- a human boy in his middle teens whispered a question.
“Why haven’t they felt us yet… you’d think force using hunters would have noticed us by now, at least one of us-” he said before the woman cut him off.
“I’m masking our presence in the Force… they have no idea we’re here. Rylei-” the woman said to the last member of their little party- a tattooed Zabrak girl toting a beat up blaster carbine “- Get their attention… and save the one in front for questioning.” the girl nodded, and then she quickly lent out over the roof into the alley and fired a burst of stun shots into the trio of trespassers.
The one in front was hit in the side of his abdomen by the first shot, and he lost his balance and tumbled onto his side, trying to drag himself behind the cover of a city dumpster 5 meters away.
The other two were far too quick, however, both having drawn lightsabers and both easily deflected the incoming shots.
Just then, the girl’s two companions leapt from the roof into the fray- the woman taking the older looking human man, while the boy attempted to fight the fatter one.
“C’mon, Master Narr- you can do it.” the Zabrak girl muttered as she tried to draw a bead on the crawling human. Suddenly, her carbine flew from her hand with a stiff jerk, and landed in the hands of the now- semi-upright human.

In the Alley…

Raiyat closed on Cale from the back of the line- leaving Miko out on point.
“Two or three people, on the rooftop.” he whispered.
“I noticed… and their trying to use the Force to mask themselves. And doing a fair job of it too… I can’t get a good read on the number and makeup of the group.” Cale replied.
“Do you suppose they’re part of the Underground here on Corellia?” Kahn asked, keeping his whisper.
“That’s as good a bet as any… they’re probably wondering why we’re going to their safehouse. Let them be- better to explain ourselves when we get there. They’re probably just reporting our position to the safehouse-” Cale said, just as the first stunbolts impacted the pavement (and Miko).
Both Jedi Masters cursed under their breath, and both withdrew their sabers with blinding speed- deflecting the close blasts away from them.
Then the two lightsaber wielders jumped from the rooftop-
Not good Cale thought as his opponent- a mere teenage boy- charged him, blue saber blade alight.
Raiyat had a similar reaction to the woman wielding the violet blade coming at him- and both Jedi wondered if they would be able to subdue their attackers without hurting them.

The boy came in low- a sign of an amateur. Cale deftly parried the boy’s strikes and- twisting the pommel of his hilt, parried an incoming strike and ran the boy through with the training stun-blade setting.
The apprentice dropped his saber, which deactivated upon hitting the ground, and looked at the blue blade which was buried only a decimeter away from the hilt into his chest. Feeling the typical symptoms of a chilling cold and electrical shock to the system, the young Jedi slid off of the saber blade- leaving a slightly charred area on his robes where the saber had entered and exited, as well as a mild first degree burn on the flesh it had contacted.
Cale turned just in time to see Raiyat take a knee to the groin (which broke up the grapple he and his opponent were in) and then his attacker turned on him with what Cale swore to be righteous wrath in her eyes.
Cale swore (again) and switched his blade back to the real deal- she was going to play for keeps.
The two Jedi locked blades and Cale stayed on the defensive, parrying everything she hit him with, backing up until he tripped over the prostrate body of his previous opponent.
Keeping his saber in guard position, Cale tried backing up on his hand and feet as she continued to advance.
“How could you? You knew, but you still did it… I knew you were a bastard Cale Daine, but I didn’t think you were this big a one.” She said, saber pointing at his heart.
“Huh? What the hell are you babbling about?” Cale asked as he quickly seemed to be running out of space. Raiyat had gotten up and was moving to retrieve his saber, though Cale wondered whether or not he’d be in time to save his skin or not.
“Don’t play dumb with me, Cale… I know you’re here to kill Aiden and I.” his hooded attacker said with an air of certainty.
“I’m not here to kill anyone- and who’s Aiden? For that matter, who are you?” Cale replied, feeling his back connect with the dumpster. Damn he thought matter-of-factly.
Cale’s attacker looked at him, probably quizzically, though Cale couldn’t determine that for sure because of the face obscuring hood.
“Tell me you’re joking!” she growled acidly.
“Do you really think I’d be joking right now?” Cale replied, raising an eyebrow.
The woman grumbled, then used her free hand to pull back her hood, revealing a face of a woman around 30, with dark blond hair and angrily narrowed brown eyes.
“Does that help?” she asked.
”Not really- though you do look kind of familiar.” Cale replied
“The last time I saw you was… almost 16 years ago.” she said. The boy stirred in the street, Cale noticed, and Raiyat was walking up behind the woman.
16 years ago… that was right before I started working out of Coruscant, after the mission where- Cale’s eyes widened as realization hit him.
“Noelle? Wow, long time no see. It looks as though you’ve done alright for yourself- comparatively anyway… you’re still alive, after all.” Cale said as tactfully as possible.
Noelle Narr was very pissed at him for one reason or another (possibly because she believed that he was trying to kill her), and unfortunately, he had not the slightest clue why. Still, Cale motioned for Raiyat to retrieve the third member of the ambush party.
“Luckily for you, you don’t seem to have killed my son.” she said, with a strange emphasis on “my”.
“No… I didn’t- I had my saber on training mode the whole time. There was no chance of your son dying in that fight- which is good, because his fencing skills are nearly non-existent- don’t you teach him technique.” Cale replied with the same tone as Noelle.
“Oh, sithspit… you didn’t get my message, did you?” she asked in a pained and annoyed manner, knowing the answer.
“Obviously not- though you must forgive me, I spent most of the last two weeks of the war in the hospital. I sustained massive internal trauma during the battle over Coruscant.” Cale said with a note of wonder in his voice. “Though since I’m right here, why don’t you just tell me what you wanted to tell me before?” he added.
The boy began to pick himself up, and looked at Cale, then to Noelle.
“Mom?” he said weakly, feeling around for his lightsaber.
“No I…. can’t tell you right now. It was nothing, nothing at all.” the Jedi woman said in a tone that suggested to Cale that it certainly wasn’t “nothing”. Her look softened, and Noelle deactivated her saber and walked over to help her son. “Are you alright, Addie?” she asked.
“Yeah… I guess.” he replied, eyeing Cale suspiciously as the Jedi Master picked himself up and dusted his robes off. “He’s really good… and he looks a lot like Master Daine.” he added. Cale’s eyes widened at the mention of his father.
“Yes he does, sweetheart… yes he does.” Noelle said, walking them both over to Cale, who was in the process of helping Miko up. The apprentice staggered a bit, but managed to stand with a little help from the dumpster.
“Aiden- this is Master Cale Daine… he is Master Daine’s son. Master Daine, this is Aiden Narr, my son.” she said.
“Delighted.” Cale said, thinking better of offering his hand to the person he just ran through with a lightsaber (albeit a non-lethal one).
“Come on then… Let us go see your father.” Noelle said, leading the group to the tenement house.

max ordo
12 July 2005, 07:11 PM
Kai raised his commlink. "Szass, where are you?"
The bounty hunter's voice crackled over the comm; his voice was a little strained. "I'm not sure. The Count's droids have kept me busy. Your location?"

"We don't know, but we'll try to find you." Kai nearly clicked the commlink off, but a thought struck him. "Have you run into any...creatures?"


"Yeah, a wierd alien species. We've run into several different types, and they're pretty tough."

There was a slight pause. "I'll keep an eye open."

At least they are still alive. The Counts droids weren’t as lucky. Szass thinks to himself as he lies in wait for the Count. His droids had proved extremely difficult to defeat, their staffs were able to deflect any bolts he shot at them and the withstood the blades of his lightsabers also. The two had cornered the bounty hunter and almost finished him. Szass used his rage to defeat them, swinging the blades in an almost reckless pattern hitting the droids for five or six different angles seemingly at the same time, one of them eventually made a mistake and Szass’s lightsaber slipped past its defenses severing its right arm at the shoulder. With a quick backslash he cut the droid in two, eliminating it from the fight. The second droid fell shortly thereafter, as Szass was delivering the killing blow and intense pain exploded in his left shoulder, as the Count fired a shot that actually hit him. Szass turned and fled a little deeper into the strange complex hoping the Count would follow. The foolish man did follow the Dashade into the dark tunnels. Szass came upon an intersection in the tunnel he was in and noticed a slight shelf above the opening and climbed up. When the Count made it to the crossroad in the tunnel he swore quietly to himself, not knowing which way Szass went he stood for a moment deciding which way to go. While he was deciding he suddenly felt a heavy weight fall on his back causing him to discharge the blaster in his hand. A second later as he tried to rise whatever it was on his back he heard a whisper in his ear “You lose” was the last thing he heard before the hiss of a lightsaber igniting into the back of his head ended his life.
That was fifteen minutes prior to his conversation with Kai, he had searched and found the controls for the Counts ship along with some other personal odds and ends. After hearing Kai’s report of creatures Szass decided it was time to go, he must find Kai and Tam. He traced his way back to where he entered the temple, noticing as he went that there were small holes in the ceiling he hadn’t seen on the way in. Once outside he went in the direction he saw Kai and Tam go, wanting to follow after them and catch them quickly as opposed to wandering aimlessly through the complex. What he came upon was extremely strange, one of Kai’s creature idle pulling apart what was left of one of the Counts droids. The creature looked up at Szass’s approach hearing his footsteps, but then seemed puzzled, as if nothing was there. They must see heat patterns, I’m nearly invisible to this thing Szass thinks as he approaches the creature. When he gets within a meter or so he comes to a complete stop and surveys the room. Seeing the open doorway with the faint glow coming from it he proceeds down that way, assuming that Kai and Tam were this way since it was the only visible way out besides the one he came from.

Hteba Zile
25 July 2005, 06:29 PM
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' “C’mon, Master Narr- you can do it.” the Zabrak girl muttered as she tried to draw a bead on the crawling human. Suddenly, her carbine flew from her hand with a stiff jerk, and landed in the hands of the now- semi-upright human.' "What the sith?" the Zabrak hissed under her breath. 'Whats with all these Force users?' she thought to herself pulling out a darkstick from her belt. Ryleí watched as the fight raged on from her perch on the roof. Once she saw that Master Narr had removed her hood revealing her identity to the Jedi, Ryleí started making her way down the fire escape. The sound of Noelle and the one Jedi arguing drowned most of the noise in the alley, but Ryleí was surprised when she felt something behind her. Jumping off the rather rusty escape route, she twirled around suddenly facing the older looking Jedi. "Headed somewhere young lady?" the man asked. Totally shocked, Ryleí activated her darkstick, and thrust it towards the man. His Jedi reflexes were too fast, and he grabbed the stick's handle, along with Ryleí's arm, which he pulled behind the girl's back then seized her other arm, placing the Zabrak girl in a locked position. "Now, I'd advise you to walk with me over to our parties." the Jedi suggested. Observing that Noelle had lowered her lightsaber, Ryleí agreed, and the two walked over to the now somewhat peaceful group. Noelle had just finished making introductions when Cale walked over to the twosome. "You can let her go now Raiyat." Raiyat carefully released Ryleí's arms and she quickly pulled away from the two Jedi. Rylei then made her way over to Noelle and Aiden and tried to help her close friend Aiden stand. "Come on then... Let us go see your father." Noelle said leading the group to the tenement house.

2 August 2005, 03:51 PM
Nebben was forced to admit that his cousin had certainly found his ken.
Mak'lenh was perhaps the formost gun and military supply smuggling kingpin in the Core (outside of the Hutts, anyway).
Beyond that, Lennie was expanding his operations into information dealing and contraband luxury goods.
He had managed this through an arrangement with Jorj Car'das, the formost human smuggler king in the Core as far as small, high profit shipments are concerned anyhow; Car'das would cede his small bulk operations in luxury goods to Lennie in exchange for the Felion's promise to stay out of non-ryll spice moving. Lennie had apparently jumped at the opportunity- the glitterstem and andris markets were far too cuthroat, literally, for his taste. The Hutts, the primary supplies, were too greasy- this time metaphorically... mostly- for any reasonable dealing.
Nebben had to admit he was impressed with his cousin's savvy. When Nebben had last seen him, he was the EmCee at a large, if seedy, club on Delaya, in the Alderaan System. Somehow, the large red catman had managed to get the capital to hire out smugglers and eventually grab a large market share.
And only in 25 years! A mere trifle of time as far as the very long-lived Felion are concerned, but a generation as far as humans are concerned.

"I'm sure that your parents would be quite pleased with you, Mak'lenh. I remember they were upset when you took that job at the Scarlet Mill.
Have you told them yet?" Nebben asked, sipping the syrup-like caf Mak'lenh had had set out in his sitting room..
"Yes- though they were pleased at my upgrade in status, they were still slightly hostile to my presence in the Rep- excuse me, Imperial space.
I find it curious that the human government has changed so quickly, even for them." Mak'lehn replied.
"Ah yes... are Palpatine's new policies making things more troublesome for you these days?" Nebben inquired.
"Indeed- it's gotten much harder to work in the Core. The Republic was never very good about enforcing it's own trade laws on anything besides spice- look at the Trade Federation's rise- and they were even more ineffectual when they had to deal with the CIS during the War. But now... they are much tighter. Cost of doing business has gone up and losses are far heavier and more troublesome. Still, demand has skyrocketed over the last year, which offsets the extra cost of doing business. Indeed, profits have tripled." the fat red Felion responded.
"Excuse me... did you say the Scarlet Mill?" Raynar asked. The human navigator was sitting uncomfortably on a couch made for a very short and fat being (Mak'lenh) and was on the verge of being swallowed by the blue, overstuffed cushions in bore.
"Yes, I worked as the EmCee there for a good thirty years before I got into the business. Why do you ask?" Mak'lenh responded, his ears perking up.
"Oh... we'll, it's just that the place is rather infamous in the Alderaan system. You know, for the various, um, antics that go on there."
"So it is." Mak'lenh responded with a chuckle.
"My parents met there; my dad was a shuttle pilot and my mum was a computer tech." Raynar added.
"Is that so?" the Felion responded with a twinkle in his eyes. "Would that date be approximately 22 years ago, during a festival weekend in the Alderaan system?" Mak'lenh continued.
"Yeah... that's the one." Raynar responded, slightly awestruck that the corpulent Felion in front of him could possibly guess that accurately.
"And your father paid the band manager to play a slow waltz and had the floor boss introduce him as a 'prosperous starship captain.'" Mek'lenh stated.
Raynar sputtered- "How could you possibly-"
"I was the floor manager at the time. Am I to understand that the happy couple was married and remains prosperous?"
"Uh... yeah, they are and are." Raynar replied, nearly at a loss for words.
"Funny little galaxy, isn't it?" Nebben laughed.

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Corr Terek
5 August 2005, 03:59 PM
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Kai and Tam moved through the temple quietly, relieved that they hadn't encountered any more of the aliens...yet, anyway. Kai could feel Tam's apprehension through the Force, and tried to lend her some strength.

Tam, for her part, was aware of the darkness that was steadily overtaking her friend, and didn't like it. The anger he'd shown earlier had scared her, and the lightning...lightning that was made of pure anger...

All the same, she kept close to him. If, or when, Kai fell to the Dark, she would bring him back. She wouldn't let him stay fallen.


I'm following your lead, Rostek, so whatever goes, whenever you're ready.

7 August 2005, 06:52 PM
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My regrets about your mother- good luck in dealing with that and here's hoping you all come out okay :(


"You can let her go now Raiyat." Raiyat carefully released Ryleí's arms and she quickly pulled away from the two Jedi. Rylei then made her way over to Noelle and Aiden and tried to help her close friend Aiden stand. "Come on then... Let us go see your father." Noelle said leading the group to the tenement house.

Cale followed Noelle up the steps to the apartment.
"So... how have things been. Er..., excluding recent events, of course." he asked, genuinely interested in her response.
Noelle had been a friend many years ago- though not an especially close one, given that they had only known each other a couple years before Cale left Corellia. Nevertheless, things seemed to have been quite interesting for her since.
"Perhaps we should wait until after we meet your father for that... there is a lot to go over." she replied coldly.
"I imagine so." Cale replied, deciding against further interrogation until after they met his father.
The door to the apartment had quickly jumped up on the group- the building was not particularly luxurious, even for the low-income housing it was. Still, Cale imagined with was quite perfect for the purpose it was being used for.
"After you." said Noelle, pressing down on the wall switch to unlock and open the door.
The metal door slowly opened, revealing a short, broad man with graying hair and an unkempt beard.
"So... you finally decided to stop off at home?" the man asked Cale with a note of amusement in his voice.
"Well, you know how it is. We were in the neighbor hood, then we were attacked by lightsaber wielding strangers, then we just decided to come on down and check on my dad." Cale said, his mouth breaking into a grin as he finished.
"So... how have you been?" he asked.
"Well- as you can see, my living conditions have deteriorated just a bit since you last visited, though I daresay this place has a superior view to my last abode." said the elder Daine, coughing a laugh.
"So... you brought Raiyat with you. What are you trying to train these days- a protocol droid, or perhaps a toaster?" he asked Master Kahn with the same wheezy laugh, though the twinkle in his eye suggested that the question was meant in conviviality as opposed to condensation.
"I'm in the market- as it were." Raiyat replied with a grin, indicating that he got the implication and target of the message.
"Ah- well then I say good luck. There isn't much on that market these days, is there? I daresay our little green friend has the monopoly on such things outside the collection of our favorite ex-Chancellor and his pet cyborg." Andres replied, adding a note of disgust upon the mention of Palpatine and Vader.

"Oh, where are my manners! Take a seat, boys. Why don't you two-" Andres indicated Aiden as well as Miko "Go and see what's going on on the 'net." he indicated the entertainment console. "Help yourself to a packet of cha'al pepper and rice. I recommend using the cheese packet and the crisps to pacify the rice, or else you'll be nursing an ulcer like I am." he finished with a laugh, shooing the two away to the two very old-looking poofs sitting in the corner.
"Noelle, dear- why don't you take Rostek's little friend and get in contact with our friend the inspector. Let him know that we shall be leaving Corellia- and thank him for his efforts. He has the number for our pirated Holonet account, and he may contact us in a few days, once we've left the planet." Andres continued, seemingly electric with excitement. "Oh- don't worry. You'll have plenty of time to catch up with my dear boy after we've gotten our affairs in order." he added as Noelle opened her mouth.
Noelle shook her head and shrugged- then ushered Rylei out of the door.

Still taken slightly aback by Master Daine's erraticy, both Aiden and Miko obligingly took up the two poofs and dragged them to face the small screen.
Miko was not particularly riveted by the Masters’ discussion. Certainly, discovering the presence of a secret Jedi enclave on Corellia was surprising (though quite welcome) development, but the family reunion between the Masters Daine was not particularly within his scope of interest.
Instead, he focused on the room they were in- a drab affair to be certain. The Alderaanian guessed that the elder Master Daine was the only occupant of the apartment, given the very messy although spartan accoutrements.
There was an entertainment console on the wall with a mattress with bedding parked in front of it. The channel was set on GNN (a very pinched looking human male was speaking with a painfully made up woman about the putdown of a uprising on Ptolus, in the Comonket Sector (an otherwise nondescript sector in the Mid Rim)) and a bowl of something very spicy smelling was sitting, partially eaten, in front of the screen. A small counter contained a very cheap looking autochef and a sink for cleaning dishes and obtaining fresh water sat next to it.
These were not the conditions Miko expected a Jedi Master to live in- especially not in the state of relative disrepair the apartment seemed to be in.
“Hey.” said Aiden, breaking in on Miko’s reverie. “You want some of that rice stuff?” he asked. Miko shook his head in the negative and Aiden retrieved himself a bowl and scooped a very dark red a orange substance into it. He then crushed a handful of baked crips into the bowl and poured a packet of processed cheese in after it. Stirring the resulting amalgam, Aiden took a sat the bowl on his seat and returned to the small kitchen area.
“I can’t really blame you… this stuff isn’t exactly good, but it’s all Master Daine makes. The guy likes his spicy food- and since he’s the only one living in this room, he doesn’t have to argue with anyone about a square diet.” he continued, returning to the seats with two cups of water.
“We should all be so lucky.” Miko replied, gratefully accepting the offered glass of water. Aiden nodded balefully and retrieved his bowl then sat down.
“So… what do you want to watch. GNN’s okay for news, but Corellia Planetary Network is better for the local stuff. If you want a laugh, you can try the SAGNews channel- they don’t even try to look like they’re being objective reporters. Oh- I’m Aiden, by the way. Aiden Narr, from Coronet City- you’ve met my mom.” Aiden added with a wan laugh.
“Hey- Miko Rainar, of Alderaan. I’m Master Daine’s- Cale Daine, that is- I’m his pseudo-Padawan, I guess. There’s really been no official ruling.” Miko said sardonically.
“I guess GNN2 would be good- all there doing on GNNOne is brownnosing this new invasion.” he added, after considering his options.
“Very well, Miko Rainar of Alderaan- GNN2 it is.” Aiden said, changing the channel to the desired station. The boys were only slightly more interested in the GNN2 program of “Live from the Senate Floor”, which was discussing (In glowing terms) the latest increase in “defense” spending.

Over in the other corner of the room, Raiyat, Andres and Cale discussed the “plan” (that being the closest approximation of what one could call what was going on).

“So… you want us to break into the Navy Base on Orbital Station 14 and steal two modified Z-95s?” Raiyat asked, slightly shocked.
“Why… yes, I do believe you summed it all up nicely Master Kahn.” Andres replied with a smile.
“That’s crazy!” Raiyat responded, openmouthed. “How do you expect us to manage that? Our ship needs at least five reasonably competent persons to run it in a dedicated combat, and by my count, we only have four masters and one other operative- assuming she’s coming with us. Who’s going to fly those ships out of here- since we can’t very well tractor them out of the bay and I doubt that they’ll let our ship on that station.”
“Ah- you forget about the young gentleman in the corner over there.” Andres said- pointing at Miko and Aiden.
“Oh- his mother’s going to love that.” Cale interjected.
“I imagine she’ll object- however, Aiden is quite a talented pilot. Much like his father, actually.” Andres replied with a smile that had an air of wistfulness.
“But what about the Watchman? I mean, we’ll have a hell of a time trying to land that ship on an Imperial Navy space station and we’ll look a tad suspicious carrying around a couple of tricked out star fighters when we get out of system.” Cale replied.
“I’ve acquired a ship that will allow us to move around with much more ease. It’s currently on Centerpoint- under the custodianship of an acquaintance of mine. Don’t worry- he can ensure your ship makes it safely to Yoda’s little band. Goodness knows he can use it. For our part, we’ll simply steal use a shuttle to get onto the civilian section of the station, then steal the ships and a shuttle, microjump out of the system, then jump back in behind Talus to avoid sensors then get to Centerpoint, then escape with our new ship and our fighters.” Andres replied.
“How can you ensure the ship will get to Yoda?” Raiyat asked.
“I just know- Mak’lenh is quite dependable if the credits are good. Trust me.” Andres replied with a toothy smile.
“Alright… we’ll go the day after tomorrow.” Cale said.
The three agreed, and Cale was left to his thoughts.
Funny- I don’t recall Myn Itenno being any good at piloting.

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Hteba Zile
25 August 2005, 05:33 PM
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As the sun began to peak over the Corellian buildings, Ryleí and Noelle walked toward's Rostek Horn's home, the headquarters of numerous "underground" operations. The two both donned cloaks, Ryleí's had a way of flying open, whereas Noelle kept hers woven around her. Both remained quiet, seemingly contemplating seperate things.
Rostek Horn's house was rather small considering all the unknown works that went on there, but the house seemed large to those only knowing that Horn, Scerra Halycon and her son, and the occasional guest lived there. Nonetheless, the house was rather nice, not extravagent, but quite useful for its' purpose.
Noelle and Ryleí discussed Master Daine's escape plan with Rostek Horn, and Noelle excused herself, seemingly anxious to get back to the apartment.

"You intend to go with them?" asked Rostek once they were alone.
Ryleí sighed. She had lived on Corellia, fifteen years as more of a public figure than she could have cared for. Her father, Reece Baasha, had been a Senator while her mother had died in childbirth. Once Ryleí reached her teenage years, she was determined that a Zabrak's life was not to be spent in Senate halls. According to her, a Zabrak was made for more physical adventures, not various "boing" political meetings. She then rebelled against her father, and left home. Ryleí could have chosen a way of life in the dark of the night that disbanded any form of morals, but no, she had principles that she had gained with her life's experience kept her from making certain wrong choices. Instead of living that life of deceit, she was accepted into a "gang" of young people with situations were similar to her own. She ran with their pack for a few months, but was mistaken for a dealer of illegal substances on one of the CorSec runs. Rostek Horn had fortunately believed her story and saw something the other officers hadn't. Rostek Horn had then taken her under his wing, and she became an informer for his dealings. Her life working for Horn was more than she could ever have asked for, but yet she desired something else....

"Seriously, I don't know if I should leave, Rostek," Ryleí replied. "I love this work here, but then again, I want to travel and see the galaxy, help the Jedi," she added with a sigh of uncertainty. "There's just something drawing me to go with them, I have no clue to what it is, but it seems I must answer it's call."
Rostek stood up from his desk smiling, "Somehow I knew you would say that."
Ryleí jumped up, "So you wouldn't be against my leaving?" she asked.
"For one thing, the Jedi need your help getting those ships out of the system, don't they? Second of all, don't worry, I've already hired more assistance for my operations, they will have your job covered."
Ryleí ran up and hugged the man who had been more of a father figure to her than a boss. "Thanks," she said.
"So when are you leaving?" the CorSec officer asked when Ryleí pulled away from their hug. "In a few days, when I left the house the date hadn't been finalized. I'll probably stay over at the apartment to help them get the all the details worked out."
"Well, Scerra and Valin will want to see you before you leave." Horn said, already picking up his comm. "Ryleí's here in the office, she wants to see you both," He clicked the conversation off, "They'll be down soon. Don't worry, Scerra already suspected that you would be leaving soon."
Scerra Halycon was a Jedi (as was her husband Nejaa) but they had secretly established a family and had a son whom they named Valin. After her husband was shipped off to fight in the Clone Wars, Scerra and her son moved in with Nejaa's close friend Rostek Horn. After Vader had sentenced the Jedi, Rostek and Ryleí, along with other informants, had helped hide Scerra and Valin's Jedi heritage. Ryleí had only known Scerra for a short time, but the two had been good friends, and Ryleí had helped to watch Valin when Scerra had been busy. Ryleí had never met Nejaa, but could tell he was a great guy, not only from the holographs around the house of him, but the way Rostek and the other Halycons talked about him.
Ryleí smiled, taking everything in about Rostek's office one last time. "I'm gonna miss this place,"
A knock came from the door, which was rather odd, considering they were only expecting the two Halycon's and they would never knock. Ryleí and Rostek looked at each other strangely, and Ryleí could somehow sense that something was not right. Rostek motioned for her to open the door, which she did immediately. There stood a Camaasi male, seemingly not expecting to see Ryleí there. "Uh, does Scerra Halycon live here?" he asked. "Yes she does," Ryleí replied then feeling a great wave of something close to emotion (but yet completely different from it at the same time) wash over her, she turned to Rostek, "I'll go get Scerra."
Ryleí hurried to Scerra's room. Something was wrong, she could feel it, It was regarding Scerra too. Ryleí tried to clear her mind of this feeling. It's presence had been there for a few days, but only had instensified when the Camaasi came to the door. She had only experienced this feeling once or twice before in her life, but accredited it to her Zabrak blood. Her species, after all, had been known to have felt strange occurances, some described to be parellel to the effects of the Force...
The Zabrak didn't have to walk far to find Scerra and Valin. The two were already on their way, Scerra dragging her ten-year old son along, who apparently had just woken up.
"Ryleí!" Scerra called, running up to hug her friend.
"Good morning!" Ryle replied.
The two sat down on a couch in the hallway, while Valin stood to the side fiddling with some electronic device, as Ryleí discussed her plan to leave.
"Someone's here, by the way to see you," Ryleí said, trying to hide her previous feelings from the Jedi.
"Who dear?" Scerra asked puzzled.
"A Camaasi - didn't give his name." Ryleí replied.
"Did he have purple facial stripes?" Scerra asked, as Valin looked up from what he was working on.
Ryleí nodded, and Scerra sighed heavily, "Ylenic."
Then it hit Ryleí, Ylenic It'kla was Nejaa Halycon's friend and partner for his latest mission. Either Nejaa was home, or...
Scerra rushed towards Rostek's office, Valin and Ryleí came close behind.

Scerra ran up to Ylenic, "Nejaa?" was all she could manage to say as she glanced from the Camaasi to Rostek. She was already on the verge of tears - tears of joy if her husband was finally home, tears of sadness for if she would never see him again. There comes a moment for military wives, one that they mentally know could happen, yet they never physically expect it to come. When it does come, so cold and stinging to the heart, the shock is more than most can take. The Camaasi Jedi could only reply to with tears of his own and Scerra fell down to her knees, weeping bitterly as the realization hit her. Ryleí (who was already displaying tears of her own) looked over at Valin as he ran over to his mother. The two embraced, grieving seperately from the group.
Ryleí pulled Rostek over to the corner in his office, she could tell he was visibly shaken from the news of his good friend's death. "Maybe I shouldn't go, maybe I should stay here, maybe-"
"No," Rostek said interrupting her.
"But I-"
"No," he emphasied again. "I won't let you give up on your dreams, Storm. Look around you," he then preceded to gesture around the room, "If you don't help the Jedi there will be more pain like we've seen here today. You must go."
Ryleí closed her eyes, "I'm scared," she said as she laid her head against his chest (which was quite easy considering his height).
"I know," Rostek replied, drawing her in for one last hug.
Ryleí sighed, said as the pulled apart from the embrace, "Well, they'll be expecting me back," she said wiping away tears.
Rostek walked Ryleí outside, and they expressed their goodbyes. "Give Scerra my regards," she said, starting to walk away.
"Hey Ry," she turned as he called. "May the force be with you."
She smiled. "It will," she called back. She then made her way back to the apartment. 'It will," she said again quietly to herself.

30 August 2005, 06:36 PM
Nebben forced himself to admit that the rest of the evening had gone quite well.
His cousin had set him and his associates up with a suitable accommodation and left the three two their own devices (for the most part, anyway).
Nevertheless, Nebben was restless. Not literally, of course- he slept fine- but instead it summed up his general mood as it were.
He hadn’t heard from his associates on Corellia yet, and this lack of communication usually prophesized the other party’s decision to do something incredibly stupid.
Still- it wasn’t entirely unexpected, both the lack of communication and the likelihood of the Jedi attempting something stupid, and Nebben forced himself to wait.

After an evening meal, the captain of the Sappho decided to inquire about the Jedi underground (in unspecific terms, of course) on Corellia with his cousin… the crime lord.

“Mak’lenh… I dare ask- do you know anything of the ship I mentioned earlier? The Citadel that exited hyperspace after my ship.” he asked.
Mak’lenh’s jowls twitched, barely giving away the Felion equivalent of a smile. “Why, yes. I understand that I am to receive that vessel in a matter of a few days. I daresay you will be reunited with your Jedi friends rather soon.”
Nebben was momentarily surprised, then realized that his cousin was probably the connection for illegal ship modifications (including transponder codes) in the Corellian system. Thusly, Mak’lenh likely had is paws in the Corellian System Starport Database and knew all about the comings and goings of Master Daine’s ship.
Of course, it was also obvious that his cousin was also in contact with someone down there who was planning the previously considered stupid action- probably Master Daine himself.
“I see… well, in that case, I shall leave you. I trust that your crews have managed to properly service my ship.” Nebben said conversationally.
“Of course. They will be done overhauling the hyperdrive motivator by tomarrow afternoon. I suspect your friends will have a task for you when they come- which should be soon given the signs I’ve received.” his cousin replied.
“When?” Nebben inquired, interested in the possibility of the next mission.
“Tomorrow, perhaps- the next day. And before you ask- I suspect your friends have their eye on the naval station… and the Jedi ships housed therein.” Mak’lehn interrupted before Nebben could follow up his initial question.
“I suppose I should show you the ship your friends have purchased from me. I am loathe to give it up, but the price- as they say- was quite right.” Mak’lenh said, motioning his cousin to follow him to the secure bay on the far side of his base.

23 September 2005, 06:16 PM
Cale found the previous day's exertion worthy of a proper amount of sleep... but sadly it was not to be.
The boys had managed to fall asleep in a corner of the room- backs against the wall, using backpacks full of clothes for comfort.
The adults in the room (Raiyat, Cale and Andres), however, didn't have that luxury, and were forced to continue planning.

"How, pray, do we plan on obtaining the shuttle for the insertion? Within five minutes of us stealing it, it'll be all over the planetary net. We'd barely have enough time to jump out of the system, much less peacably land on a Naval station." Raiyat asked. Cale knew what he said was entirely true: Corellia was fairly good about about the reporting of stolen vessels, unless Moff Vor- Ah... Cale thought distastefully.
"You haven't bribed Moff Vorru, have you?" he asked, alreading knowing the answer.
The elder Daine smiled- "I see you find it as distasteful as I. He knows that a shuttle will be stolen between Dusk and Midnight. That will give us three and a half hours to get a proper conveyance. He'll delay the report for a day. After that, we're on our own. Mak'lenh will take control of the shuttle as the rest of his payment. As for the escape, I've arraigned a bit of a distraction... you know the likely distractors, of course. For our part, the escape vessel will be just within Talus' gravity well, and the boys will wait on the edge of the system for us to pick them up in our new ship.

Once the ladies get back, the Jedi masters send Rylei off to her abode to get some sleep- tomarrow is a big day after all (whether she listens to that advice is not their particular concern ;)).
Cale fills in Noelle on the plan... and after calming her down following the part mentioning her son's involvement, she acceeds very reluctantly, after what was, to Cale, a very puzzling arguement regarding the wishes of the boy's father.
Noelle, at that point, had looked angrily at Cale and then said, "He can go to hell."
While Cale couldn't see what a man who had been dead for quite some time had to do with this discussion, it was rather strange that she referred to Aiden's father in present tense, not to mention her look of intense anger directed at him, of all people.