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Ash DuQuennes
17 February 2005, 12:50 PM
High, how're you doing? I'm Zylo Byxbii, your not-so-humble narrator and tour guide through the zany maze of my life.

First, a little bit about me. I was born and raised in Chandrilla's capitol city of Hanna. My parents (Whose Names Shall Not Be Spoken!) were solid, middle-class citizens; real law-abidind types. I went to nice, middle-class schools, had nice, middle-class friends.

BO-RING! I was born with the soul of a confidence man. I love running scams, and hustles, and generally profitting from other people's stupidity and inattention. I was picking pockets by the age of 12, boosting speeders by the age of 14, and running numbers games at my school by 16. I hired the 4 toughest bullies as my personal bodyguards.

I hacked the school's computer and was selling exams, and altering grades for those who could pay, all the while presenting my nice, law-abiding, middle-class face to the world.

And, as will happen, I eventually got caught. I had altered a few too many grades too much, and got noticed, and got caught. My Mom and Dad wailed and moaned and eventually kicked me out. The school permanenty expelled me, and it was only my juvenile status that kept me out of jail.

Well, I wound up on Carras, and enrolled in college there (thanks to a forged transcript). And that's where I became involved with the Rebellion. You gotta understand, I was initially just in it because a lot of cute young ladies were into it; you know what I mean? But for some reason, the Talk stuck.

And that's what we were about mostly: talk. We talked and talked about how bad the Empire was, and about how we were going to join up and fight the good fight to restore Justice to the Galaxy. Yawn.

But one day, the Rebellion came to us. It seems that some kind of Operative Team had come to Carras to scope out the Imperials there, and they wound up getting stuck somehow. So we were contacted to see if there was anything we could do to help them. Personally, I was amazed that anyone Up High in the Rebellion had even heard of us, even more that they thought we could actually help somehow.

But I got selected to be the go-between for our cell and these "operatives." Joy.

Well, there wasn't much I or my cell could do; we're a bunch of big-talking college kids, after all. But I got stuck with the "operatives" when they made their break off-planet. What the hell; college was getting boring anyway.

Our ship here is an old YV-100 light freighter, and pretty stock, at that. Come on board, I'll show you around and introduce you to the "gang."

Ash DuQuennes
17 February 2005, 02:43 PM
Don't mind R-5 there, he's just patching something up. Why the rest of the crew calls him R-5, when he's clearly an R-2 unit, is beyond me. But there's a few things about this crew I've decided is useless to try to puzzle out.

R-5's sidekick there is T-3PO; don't talk to him unless you want to stand here listening to him natter about nothing for the next ten minutes. He's been acting kind of wierd lately, and Wei and I are going to dig into his prgramming a bit and see if someone left us some nasty code buried in his brain.

Speking of Wei, let's grab a cup of caf from the galley and see who's hanging around. Ah, Jaina. Uh, hello, Jaina.

She's pretty cute, eh? But not one for the social graces, as you can see. Frankly, she's a little scary. You say, "Good morning, Jaina," and she just kind of grunts and looks at you like she's lining you up in the sights of her blaster rifle. She's our "Ghost." She can almost disappear in a white, empty room. Almost. But on an Op., she's our eye's, ear's, and our "Death From Above." She's also one of out two gunners when the going gets rough; she takes the turret guns.

Do you like your caf? I make it myself, as none of these barbarians know how to make a decent pot of caf. I almost choked on the swill they called caf, and took over the caf brewing myself. They say they can't taste the difference. Did I mention that they were uncivilized? Just because we're taking on the Empire doesn't mean we have to make do with second-rate caf. ;)

C'mon, let's see who else is around.

Back here is the starboard cargo hold...oh...hey guys, what's up? Uhm, I guess we'll leave you two alone.

The human was Wei; he's our sensor and shield operator, and our resident computer expert. I'm almost as good as he is with a computer, so I'm backup on the shields and sensors, but I generally just keep this heap together.

The little blue furry guy was Katar. I haven't figured out what planet he's from, and he's pretty tight-lipped about it. They were probably practicing with their lightsabers. Yeah, you heard me right: lightsabers.

Both of them are pretty tight-lipped about that, and for good reason, as you can well imagine. But I've seen Wei make a little hand motion, and some clown goes all vacant eyed and becomes a parrot to whatever Wei says. Pretty neat trick, right? As far as I know, Katar can do the same thing. I asked them about it once, and they both just gave me this blank, stony look, like it was a subject I had best drop, and real quick like.

I once asked Wei if he could do the hand-thing and make someone fork over their wallet. He got pretty upset at that. I was only kidding, anyway.

Mostly. ;)

Ah, I hear someone banging around the cockpit; it's probably Corso. Let's go see.

Yep. It's Corso all right. Rev Corso, our nominal Captain. At least we let him think he is, as it shuts him up. For a while, at least. If anything, Wei is our real leader, mostly by being the most sensible, most reasonable, most of the time.

But Rev is our pilot, and a pretty good one, too. He'll tell you he's the best pilot in the Galalxy; he's half-right. Rev's problem isn't that he thinks he's the best at everything, but that he will not hesitate to tell you so. Repeatedly. And, just in case you might have forgotten, he'll remind you again later. :rolleyes:

But Rev and I are probably the two people on this ship who think the most alike when an opportunity for a quick credit or two comes up, and, to his credit, he can make this old heap twist and turn like nobody's business when we need it. He's pretty slick with a blaster pistol, too.

I probably should say a little more about Katar, but he really doesn't give me much to work with. He's a quiet, unassuming kind of guy. You can sometimes find him sitting in an empty cargo hold, sitting on the floor with his eyes closed or just staring at the bulkhead. He does man the forward blaster cannons in a fight.

Well, that's us. About as screwy a bunch of odd-balls you might find lining up against the Empire. We all have our reasons, even if some people aren't talking about them.

And hey, about my crack earlier? About making a quick credit or two? Or three? Thousand? We're not "in" the Rebellion. As in "really in." We're just some people who think the Empire's bad and needs to go, and don't mind helping the one organization that's doing something to make that happen.

But we gotta eat too, right? A starship needs fuel, and repairs, and all that. So if we make some money here and there while taking on the Empire, it's okay.