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8 March 2005, 05:11 PM
As the sun begins to set, the trio keeps apart as they process ahead towards the glow of Theed. A tangible feeling of excitement builds in everyone in the group, and they increase their pace towards their destination. The group reaches the outskirts of Theed within half an hour of sunset, while a crimson sky still beckons them to the planet’s capital.

Calling a halt at the city edge, the group gathers and continues to praise and thank the small band of friends. As if on cue, Sia-Lan stirs on her stretcher and slowly wakes. Instantly her friends are at her side and help her to her feet at her request. Awake but slow moving, she thanks her litter bearers for carrying her, and hugs her friends with the appreciation of being alive and unharmed.

Several of the refugees request to take leave of the group and return to their homes. The four carriers for Dané’s stretcher, along with the Gungan guide offer to remain behind to escort the group to the palace, to take Dané back to the Queen. Before they depart the procession, the remaining refugees wait on permission from the team of heroes.

Kanner Ra'an
8 March 2005, 05:47 PM
"Now thats a welcomed sight." Rayger says at the first sign of theed. He is glad to be out of their, and cant wait for a chance to simply relax. He knows theirs a thousand things he should do when they re-enter the city; Make a log about the days events for his reports, try to re-establish republic contact, get some much needed supplies such as power packs, and it makes him feel a little more weary then he was before seeing the city. The republic soldier drops his pace slightly till he stands by the others from the party. "Should we let them go? They seemed exactly as they said they were, ignorant and scared. Its hard to keep that up for an entire trek." he says, not adding that he probably should be getting statements from all of them to cross check their stories. "Or should we bring them to the security forces?"

Rogue Janson
9 March 2005, 08:58 AM
Arani leans heavily against the reassuringly familiar Naboo stonework of one of Theed's buildings. The streets of her home city are still quiet, but it is good to see life slowly returning to normal after the Trade Federation occupation.

"We'll take everybody's names and details, then they can go. I don't think there's any need to keep them around now, but we might want to contact them later."

Putting her words into action, Arani begins taking down details on a crumpled flimsy sheet.

"There must be a public terminal around here somewhere. When we're done we'll call in for someone to pick us up, and get Sia-Lan and Dané to hospital."

11 March 2005, 01:46 AM
While some of the individuals were obviously unable to understand why they had to give their names, those departing complied with Arani’s request and gave their information. They mill off slowly, except those few individuals who offered to remain and help carry Dané to their final destination.

Up and moving around, Sia-Lan protests when Arani says they need to take her to the hospital. “But I’m feeling fine. I’m back in action, and really it’s Dané we need to worry about.” She pauses, her voice dropping to a whisper so only her companions can hear. “What if we took her to the palace instead? They did give her the mission, and the Queen’s bound to have better physicians than some old hospital.”

Rann nods his head, “In addition, the palace will likely give her higher priority. It is quite likely the hospitals are filled with victims of the Trade Federation blockade. We don’t want her sitting around in a waiting area.”

Remarkably, the two Padawans look to Arani and Rayger for guidance. Perhaps they are battle-weary, or perhaps they are ready to return to their masters and learning roles. Of course, being diplomatic trainees, as all Padawans are, they may also be simply seeking buy-in from their peers.

((OOC: Or perhaps the players are quiet! 8o)

Kanner Ra'an
11 March 2005, 11:16 AM
"That would be an idea. If the palace does have these resources we should use them. The force knows the hospitals are probably stressed already with people recovering from the trade federations occupation." Rayger responds. He is eager to talk to some planetary officials, and a trip to the palace would allow him to do so. He is also eager to get Dane some care, as he isn't that confident in his slap on aid.

14 March 2005, 05:08 PM
Agreeing to go directly to the palace, the team lets the last of the refugees leave, with the exception of the litter bearers. The remaining group sets out in the twilight towards the center of the city and the majestic palace.

Crossing a street, they hear a familiar voice. Turning to look, they spy a regally dressed Twi’lek, grinning from ear to ear. “And what adventure did you all run off on after we split from the safe house?”

His smile fades before they can answer the question as he draws closer and sees the prone figure of his friend laid on the stretcher. “What happened?” Deel asks, suddenly alarmed.

Rayger gives the brief version, simply stating she was dropped by blaster fire in their most recent action. He adds they are headed towards the palace to get her medical aid from her home base. The soldier does not bother to add, in part from concern of offending Dané’s close companions, they can finish her mission by returning to her superiors.

Deel nods fervently, understanding the haste. “Come,” he says softly, “I know a shortcut.” Even Arani’s time spent on the streets cannot compare to Deel’s knowledge of this part of the town. Further, she admits silently to herself she is tired and worn, and more prone to making mistakes whereas Deel appears fresh and vigilant.

They continue their journey, following the Twi’lek who moves deceptively fast through dark alleys and quiet boulevards, directly for the palace.

16 March 2005, 05:48 AM
"We should be safe around here", Deel tells the others softly, without bothering to turn his head away from his path, "The Royal Security forces patrolled here regularly before the invasion, and since then, everyone seems to be acting as a unified people."
Weaving between a pair of empty vending stalls, the green-skinned young man turns to assist the litter-bearers in getting through the tight space, "You all look like Wook hair models...I must say, though, in a way, I wish I'd have been out there with you. Though I've had my share of fun in these parts. Good, civilized fun, to be sure, but not nearly so exciting or meaningful as you all seem to have accomplished." He then pulls a small, metallic flask from his belt, opening the top and passing it to Arani, "Here, pass this around. You all look so beat, this might give you a little zing. And Rann and Sia need not worry. It is slightly alcoholic, but its mostly sugar. Smooth as juri juice and twice as sweet, its some of Brentaal's finest."
Those who do sample the dark red spirit will find it as Deel describes, almost sweet as candy, without the thick heavy feeling. Without any further discussion, Deel continues to lead the way to the palace, occasionally passing through hidden alleyways and gutters, sometimes taking the group underground into abandoned basements and drainage pipes, all en route to the Queen's impressive abode.

18 March 2005, 06:41 PM
Continuing their quiet trek through the streets of Theed, Deel carefully leads the group to the palace. While none of the group really knows the protocol or procedures for entering the palace, they are luckily met by a young human woman in a red robe and hood at the edge of a courtyard beside the palace. After introducing herself as one of the Queen’s handmaidens, Eirtaé, she immediately moves to Dané’s side.

With practiced skill, the handmaiden checks the causality’s vital signs and the crude but effective battlefield dressings applied by Rayger. She nods approvingly, and motions for the litter bearers to pass the stretcher to the four of the five friends. Bidding the former rebels thanks and a goodnight, she orders the remaining group to follow her across the plaza and into the palace.

She speaks softly as they walk, “I can only assume your mission met with some success. The peace ceremony occurred without incident, so Savor Kibbs must have been neutralized. I regret you had to suffer injuries in the process. But your efforts to protect the Queen and her handmaiden Dané have not gone unnoticed. First we go to the infirmary, and then those discharged will be given quarters for the evening. Tomorrow we shall see how things are going.”

Following twists and turns of passages inside the palace, the group encounters only random pairs of guards patrolling the facility. Eirtaé takes them to the infirmary, where medical officials whisk Dané into a private room, before they insist on giving a thorough examination to the five remaining individuals, including Deel despite his protests. They let Eirtaé take those with minor or no injuries to an adjacent room which is more like a mid-sized apartment than a waiting room. It has several beds for their relaxation, along with a refresher and kitchenette.

Eirtaé asks them to spend the night in the room. A handmaiden will remain with Dané throughout the night and is available for questions if necessary. She mentions a lack of communication equipment in the room beyond a simple interphone with the infirmary. Furthermore, she tells them the communications links on the planet are still sporadic and mostly not functioning, even for the Royal Palace.

Noticing the look of concern on several of the faces, she says most communication for the time being is done by courier. Eirtaé asks them to rest, and more will be explained in the morning. With that, she bids them to sleep well and takes her leave.

Kanner Ra'an
19 March 2005, 07:56 AM
"Certainly feels good to get out of that jungle." Rayger says once their settled in. He immeadiatly walks over to the kitchenette and takes some fruit out of the refrigerator. "And to get something in my stomach." The republic soldier sits down in a chair, wondering if he has enough energy for a trip to the refresher of if he should just wait till the morning. He is also a little annoyed that the palaces communications arn't up yet. His superiors will be understanding, but he himself is a little stressed about getting his reports out. The republic is very much an entity based on appearance, and he needs to get his report out so they can appear to understand whats going on. That and he'd also like to find out about the other RIOP agents assigned to other parts of the planet. Still, at the same time it is nice to know he cant do anything about it so he doesn't really have to worry.

19 March 2005, 03:08 PM
After his thoroughly invasive, and unnecessary physical, Deel is ushered, with the rest, into the small apartment. Flinging his belongings down to the floor, he says to the others, "You obviously could use a good night's sleep. I'll take the floor to free up more bed space. And don't worry, I've been sleeping on top of crates for the past week, so I'm used to it."

Without waiting for protest, Deel grabs a pillow, and stretches out, almost lazily, on the thin, but soft carpet, closing his eyes, but obviously staying awake. After a few more moments, he kicks off his shoes, comfortable-looking chern silk slippers designed for a fasion-minded city-dweller. Deel's uncharacteristically considerate move to sleep on the floor apparently doesn't strike him as such, as he seems perfectly content to simply be among friends again. Soon, the twi'lek is breathing the regular deep breaths of someone asleep, smiling slightly in his light slumber.

Howling Wookiee
27 March 2005, 04:10 PM
Rann remains quiet through the entire journey from the streets to the palace then to the apartment. Actually the Padawan is clearly quiet than normal. He assists his friends when his help is needed and offers what ever help that is asked of him. Once in the apartment, Rann remembers that he has Sia-Lan's lightsaber. He hands it to her and nods his head, "It is a fine weapon. You have done a wonderful job with it." The young padawan finds a quiet corner in master room by a window. He sits down cross legged and stares out the window. The young Jedi student falls into a deep meditation as everyone else settles in to sleep.

In his deep meditation Rann opens himself up to the force to rest and heal his battered body. With his connection so pure to the force Rann starts to see visions of the present, past and future. They run by his mind's eye too quickly to comprehen but the last image that burns into his mind is the master fighting for his life in the far distant future. Rann pictures his master on a desert plain in an intense lightsaber duel with what Rann can only see as a white blur, who is holding lightsabers in his hands and on foot. Rann is uncomfortably yanked from his force trance by the image of the master falling to the ground of the white blurrs clawed mechanical feet.

Rann slams his eyes open and looks around the room. His companions are fast asleep and there is no danger that he can see. He wipes the sweat from his brow and settles into a corner of the room to sleep. He desides he will discuss this vision with his master if and when he can communicate with him.

29 March 2005, 05:51 PM
Arani is awakened the next morning by the sound of soft movement. Startled, she rolls to her side, nearly falling out of a comfortable bed in which she had forgotten she was sleeping. Her pistol in her hand, she wipes away at locks of hair covering her eyes with her other hand as she forces her eyelids to open, despite the strong desires of her body to return to sleep.

Dané, dressed in loose hospital garments and dragging a medical stand with her, smiles weakly at her friend. “Don’t shoot. It’s just me.” Her smile instantly warms Arani’s heart and the blaster drops to her side before she casually tosses it on the bed. Without a second thought, the sleepy-eyed young woman embraces the handmaiden in training.

“Easy there, I’m still a bit sore,” comes the protest, although the recovering woman returns the embrace. Quickly backing away, but keeping her hands on her friend’s shoulders, Arani looks over her friend carefully.

“You’re alive and well! That’s the best news I’ve had all week!” She returns for a second hug, but approaches more gingerly, careful not to re-injure the recovering patient.

“It’s a wonder what good medicine can do these days,” comes the soft reply, close to Arani’s ear as the hug is reciprocated. “I’m not back to one-hundred percent, but I am going to live.”

The commotion wakes the others in the room, and they quickly rise. Adrenaline still courses through their veins, getting them spun up in the same manner as Arani upon waking, but quickly relaxing their guard and moving closer to join the group embrace and excitement.

After several moments of reunion, Dané requests to retire to the eating area and sit for a while. Everyone joins her and they find fresh fruit and breads arranged on the table with a variety of drinks.

“It’s quite a treat to enjoy food of the palace. Eat up. The doctors tell me I can’t yet, while I’m still recovering. I’m restricted to soft foods. It’s amazing how terrible they can make the simplest things taste.” Her disappointment shows in the drooping of her face. Without a doubt, she would prefer to enjoy the tasty meal set before the group, especially after subsiding on field rations before her unfortunate medical incident.

She sits back, ready to answer a few questions and carry on a light conversation as they enjoy a morning meal.

30 March 2005, 06:53 AM
Partaking only in a glass of fruit juice, Deel casually makes conversation among the others,

"So, it seems like you've all had your share of adventue over the past few days...want to fill me in? What were you getting into that put some of you in such a bad way?"

Though Deel still has not lost his charm, he does seem to have a more serious side now, after he'd seen the ugliness of war. He knew what sort of awful things his friends must have been into and regrets that he wasn't there to help them.

Kanner Ra'an
30 March 2005, 01:51 PM
Rayger downs almost everything he can at the breakfast table. Though he is diciplined enough to go without, he knows that a good meal is hard to come by in his line of work and thoroughly enjoys this one. He is interested in hearing more about the state of the planet, but is paitent. He is the odd man out, an outsider in a group of longtime friends, and doesn't want to interupt. As well, Deel has struck him as... interesting, and he is more then a little interested to see what the rogue has been doing with himself.

Howling Wookiee
31 March 2005, 05:01 PM
Rann wakes from an uneasy sleep at the entrance of Dané. He waits for Arani to finish with her greetings and then Rann jumps in and clasps her behind the back, "Thank the Force you are alright. How are you feeling? Any news from the palace? What about communications?" Rann takes a breath and blinks suddenly realizing that he's bombarding Dané with too many questions. He takes a step back, "My apologies, please sit down and relax." He pulls out a chair and offers it to her.

Rann reaches down and grabs a pastry and takes a healthy bite out of it. He leans against one of the walls by the table heavily and listens to whatever information Dané has to offer. He listens intently to the others and smiles at Deel asking about what their bad way. "Let's just say my friend that we stumbled up and evil ploy that controlled a bunch of innocent beings against their will. And let's just say they did want any company at the moment." Rann finishes with a smile that is half hearted. He realizes that it could have been much worse but they did fare ok.

Again he waits for Dané to for go with any information she might have. But all in due time.

31 March 2005, 05:12 PM
As their questions turn to recent happenings in the capital city, as well as the need to contact Coruscant, Dané slows their speech with a wave of her hand. “Whoa… I did just wake up in critical care, you know.” She notes a look a disappointment rise to their faces. “But here’s what I know,” she adds with a reassuring wink.

“The peace ceremony between the Naboo and the Gungans occurred without incident. We are credited with eliminating the rebel threat, and ultimately allowing the ceremony to occur. Of course, to quell the idea that unrest exists on Naboo, the government cannot acknowledge our actions.”

She looks directly at Rann and Sia-Lan for the next part. “A Jedi delegation came to Naboo for the ceremony, as well as a Jedi funeral, I gather. They have already left, but they left word for you to return to Coruscant as quickly as possible.”

Turning to Rayger, “I assume you have to return as well. The communications are still in disrepair, and limited to only the highest levels of government for the time being.”

“So, that puts three of you in a need to get back to Coruscant. The Queen, in gracious thanks for our efforts, has authorized the purchase of tickets on a liner from Malastare to Coruscant. A transport will shuttle you from Theed to Malastare.”

Turning to look at Arani and Deel, “And, because of your efforts to help the group, you’ve been given the same opportunity. This is some chance to get off this rock and to the center of the galaxy.”

“The transport leaves today so you can have a few hours of layover at the Malastare station.”

Kanner Ra'an
1 April 2005, 12:24 PM
Now thats some good news. An end to my vacation though. Oh well... Rayger thinks. "You'll have to pass on my thanks to the Queen. Her help is most gratious and i'll be sure to mention it on Coruscant." The peacekeeper says cordually, remembering that he is speaking to a representitive of the Queen. He also notes that the Naboo are taking actions to dissmiss the idea that their is discontent on the planet. He was their, and he knows what he saw, but at the same time that strikes him as wrong. He was afterall, sent here to find exactly that sort of stuff. Whatever. I'll add it as a footnote and let the officials take care of it.

Howling Wookiee
3 April 2005, 01:22 PM
Rann sits quietly as Dané quells everyone down. He listens to her as she speaks on current events and Rann bolts upright but does not say anything when Dané mentions a Jedi funeral. He remembers Sia-Lan and himself feeling a terrible passing in the force but neither are in tune with the force enough to know who exactly it was. Rann regains his composure and returns to his seat. He waits for Dané to finish, "You mentioned a Jedi funeral? Who was the Jedi that passed on? Do you know? Sia-Lan and myself felt a great presence in the force pass on but neither of us know who it was. Rann waits for Dané's answer when she states that they will be heading back to Coruscant. That is good news. He would like to meet with his master, Ali-Vor, if possible and relay everything that has been happening.

3 April 2005, 01:27 PM
Dané shakes her head to Rann’s questions regarding the Jedi funeral. “I’m sorry, Rann. I can’t really tell you more than that about the funeral. I hadn’t asked. I might be able to find out, but I’m not sure I could before you leave.”

Howling Wookiee
6 April 2005, 10:30 AM
Rann merely nods to Dané's answer with a shrug and starts getting his things together for their trip to Coruscant. He looks over at Dané, "When does our shuttle leave? I'm ready if everyone else is."

8 April 2005, 06:37 PM
Sia-Lan sits and listens to the conversation. She mulls over the events of the past few days and thinks to herself, I need to speak with my master. Eager to return to Coruscant, Sia looks over to Rann and says, "I'm ready to go. I have everything I need with me."

8 April 2005, 08:11 PM
"Finally!", Deel jokes, "I'm headed for civilization at last!". Though Naboo is a little out of the way, Deel realizes that, in some ways, Naboo is far more civilized that Coruscant itself, especially the lower levels...

In any event, Deel has gradually come to think of Naboo as home, so the trip to Coruscant seems more like a vacation to him than anything, and he is eager to go. When he hears the others say they are totally ready now, though, he hesitates, a slightly troubled look coming over his pale green face.

"Uh, Dané? I have most of by stuff up in my room. While I'll be taking most of my clothes with me, I do have a few crates of product left that I'd like to be here when I get back. Should it be safe in the dorms, or is there somewhere else nearby where I can store it? A secure warehouse perhaps? It would have an extremely small footprint, in terms of warehouse space, only a few square meters, really. At any rate, I may have another merchant buyer lined up to take them by the time I get back, but at the moment, I'm havng a small bit of trouble getting in touch with him."

Though it sounds fairly run-of-the-mill, the twinkle in Deel's eye lets everyone know that he's still managed to get a little adventuring done in the week since the group was all together...

17 April 2005, 05:53 PM
Dané smiles at Deel, “I’ll take care of your supplies. I’d thought it was you I’d heard about in the daily reports.” She gives him a grin and a wink to further play with his mind. She looks to the last one to speak, her friend Arani.

Arani looks over her friends and pauses, her lips pressed together and cocked to one side as she thinks. “Well, I’ll want to talk with my parents before I commit, but I’m pretty certain I’m game for this little boondoggle.”

Nodding, Dané tells Arani to do what she needs to, and then she turns to address the group. “Your flight leaves from the docks whenever you all arrive, but no later than three hours from now to get you to Malastare in time.”

“Oh, and I might as well say it now. You can carry your side arms, but not anything larger for weapons. We can get the proper permits, but they’ll have to go into locked weapons cases for the duration of the main starliner from Malastare to Coruscant. Once you get to Coruscant, there will be strict regulations to take the weapons to the planet, although it is doable. Just let your pilot know what you want to do, and he’ll take care of things for you.” She turns to Sia-Lan, “I don’t think there is any issue with a lightsaber, however.”

She stands slowly and tears fill her eyes although a smile remains on her face. “I’m gonna miss you guys. I literally owe you all my life.” She tries to fight back tears, but fails as soon as Arani embraces her. She shares a quiet moment with each friend, kissing Rann and Deel on the check softly as she separates from them. Thanking Rayger, she avoids the familiar pleasantries with the man she just met.

“I want you all to know,” she continues, “If you ever need something, you can look me up. And of course you can contact the Naboo representatives on Coruscant. Senator Palpatine has been elected Supreme Chancellor of the Senate, and I’m not sure who will be taking his place in the interim, but the representative support remains.”

She wipes her eyes. “Okay, you guys. Get going. Be safe and don’t forget us back here.”

The group leaves the palace towards the docks. Arani splits off to see her parents while the others opt to waste time in a shopping and public district nearby.

The Korden’s embrace their daughter whom they have not met with since before the invasion. They are excited to see her, and thrilled for her opportunity to see the capital of the Republic. Her parents echo Dané’s advice to go to the Naboo representatives if she encounters any issues. Her father gives her the name of an old collogue on Naboo in case she needs some help as well. With her second tearful separation for the day, Arani leaves her parents and finds her friends.

The group arrives at a small freighter, and are met by the sole pilot, a middle-aged Naboo man who appears weathered with many years. He greets them warmly, and shows them into the ship. The freighter is as worn as the pilot, but is well suited for a transport or courier ship.

The pilot apologizes for the sparse conditions, but tells them it will be temporary. He welcomes them to make themselves comfortable, and he’ll finish preflight and they’ll get moving.

18 April 2005, 08:02 AM
Deel strides up to the ship, having returned from his room, where he packed a bag and changed clothes. He wears flowing black pants, a skin-tight black shirt, and a deep crimson shimmersilk cape, draped fashionable behind him. His face is beaming, as Deel gets even more excited about the trip just by seeing the ship that will take him to Malastare. His fingertips are still slightly wrinkled from the long, hot shower he took at his dorm (he heard travelers often got stuck at spaceports and had nowhere to bathe for over a day!...revolting..., though he'd forgotten that a shower had been hard to come by in his days fighting with the resistance), and he wore the spicy-sweet aroma of a perfumed oil, imported from Corulag.

He greeted the pilot warmly, then continued up into to ship, selecting one of the less-battered bunks, and throwing his large duffel onto it. After a few minutes of exploring the ship, Deel eventually settled into a seat in the ship's lounge, where he lit a cigarette, also imported from the core, and awaited his companions...

Kanner Ra'an
18 April 2005, 11:22 AM
Looks like a well used ship, but she'll be more then fine. Rayger thinks, happy to finally be en route back to Coruscant. He boards the ship and stows his gear, looking around as he does. The Peacekeeper pulls out a datapad and starts working on his reports. Years of service in RIOP have given him an idea of all the paperwork thats going to be neccessary for his report, so he decides to get a rough draft done now. This is gonna be a sensitive one. The Naboo are pretty low key on the raydar in the grand sceme of things, but the Trade Federation is so integrated into the republic it will be mind numbing trying to cut them out. If i had my way i'd nationalize their forces, half their trade fleet, and leave them with nothing more then token holdings. That what the republic should be doing too. These nerf herders starved half the planet, went after the other half, all for an idiotic trade tax. If theirs one thing the republic has to react too, its this.

19 April 2005, 03:18 PM
Sia-Lan walks towards the chartered ship and nods to the pilot in greeting. Finding an open seat, she sits down and straps in for takeoff. Laying her head back, Sia closes her eyes and feigns sleep.

Finally, I'm getting back to Coruscant. It's been quite a while since I've seen my master. I have many questions. Thinking of the past few days, Sia remembers the power she tapped into. Just another question. Memories of the dark combatant, her injury, and Dané's near death flood her mind. Bad memories. She opens her eyes and the memories fade away slowly.

Taking her lightsaber off her belt, Sia holds the weapon and turns it over in her hands. Do I deserve this weapon? Am I really a member of the Jedi Order? Did I do something wrong by using my emotions to fuel the Force? Unsure of herself, Sia fingers the weapon and stares at the wall; not wanting to close her eyes and allow the bad memories to come back.

Howling Wookiee
24 April 2005, 10:12 AM
Rann walks with his friends to the ship that will transfer them to Malastare. He gives Arani space when she goes to say goodbye to her family. Deel walks by Rann as he enters the ship and he waves a hand infront of his hooded face, "Deel you smell like a dance girl in one of those clubs on Nal Hutta. How much of that stuff did you put on?" Rann smiles as the intentionally pokes fun at his friend. The young Jedi in training finds a nice secluded part of the ship and removes his robes. He sits down cross legged on the floor and begins to mediate for the journey ahead. He finds his calm center and relaxes there. In his meditation he gets small twinge of doubt and regret from his friend in the Force, Sia-Lan. Rann gently sends her through the Force, "Find calm and be at peace." Rann returns deeply into his meditation and waits for the others to enter the ship.

24 April 2005, 05:50 PM
The group settles into the ship after Arani boards. The captain comes around and asks all but the Padawans what they would like to do with their weapons. Arani agrees to lock her heavy blaster pistol in a case for the duration of the trip to Coruscant. The captain tells her he’s not sure, but he imagines she’ll have to register it on the capital planet.

He approaches Rayger and asks him what he’d like to do with his pistol and carbine. He then follows up with Deel.

Finishing with securing the passengers and limited cargo, the pilot retires to the cockpit to finish preparing for flight. He comes on the intercom and reminds them to strap in for takeoff, including it should be a several hour flight.

With the systems ready, the ramp closes and the starship lifts with a mild shudder as the weight lifts off the struts. Gasses hiss from hidden compartments in the cabin of the vessel and the equilibrium of the passengers pitches along with the longitudinal axis of the craft. As the ship pulls away from the ground, the internal inertial dampeners overpower the planet’s gravity and create a sense of the starship floor as being in the absolute downward direction.

The passengers are left to themselves as the ship leaves Naboo, able to watch the departure through the portals in the hull. Before long, the pilot transitions to hyperspace, rapidly taking the craft away from the normally peaceful planet.

25 April 2005, 09:18 AM
Deel suggests that his regular blaster be put in his bag for the duration of the trip, then he'll have it registered on Coruscant. His hold-out, however, he would like to keep with him, as hold-outs were allowed to be carried concealed on all but the most peaceful worlds in the galaxy, and neither Malastare nor Coruscant was among those. If this is satisfactory to the pilot, he discreetly tucks his hold-out into an inside pocket on his cape.

Kanner Ra'an
29 April 2005, 03:53 AM
OOC: Would Rayger have any military ID or anything that could help him bypass or at least smooth out the weapons situations. Otherwise he'll just agree to store everything as per regulations. I'll expand this post when i know.

IC: "The camps that the trade federation instituted to enclose and concentrate the naboo population were cruel".... no wait, thats overly biased. "Were not up to humane standards, to the point where blatent".... "to the point where it was evident that their was intentional starvation being carried out. Furthermore investigations reveal..." Rayger thinks as he taps away on his datapad. When the pilot comes over to him asking about his weapons, the peacekeeper agrees to stow his carbine as such a weapon is not neccessary, and says he will review his military permits on weather or not his pistol should be an issue on the republic worlds. He really doesn't mind considering Malastare is usually peaceful, though he knows about Dugs and would much rather be armed for show. The species are natural self rightous bullies, but bullies only prey on the weak and often a weapon is enough to disuade them so long as you do as well.

1 May 2005, 04:43 PM
The mild-mannered pilot tells Deel politely he is mistaken. Deel quickly realizes his inexperience in galactic matters is apparent, since hold-out blasters – due to the ease to conceal the weapons – are less permitted than regular sidearms. “I’m not the one regulating you,” the pilot tells him, “but if you get caught trying to sneak that aboard a cruise ship, the consequences are pretty grave.”

Listening to Raygar’s logic as well, the pilot puts his hands up near his chest in a defensive posture. “Really, it’s not my bag. You can carry all you like on my boat. The heavy gun,” motioning to Raygar’s carbine, “will be strictly off-limits on the station. But since you’re going to lock it up, that’s easy. Pistols are technically illegal, unless you have a proper permit, which you can buy from the customs agent when we dock. They don’t like folks packing heat around, since it leads to more violence. Carrying pistols concealed in a bag but not locked in a case is just about the same to them as carrying on your hip. Only what they don’t see they don’t usually argue about. Then again, the cruise ship is another story. They’re stricter, since they have a lot of regular folks traveling on board.”

He shrugs, “It’s really up to you. I’ve got cases from the Naboo to give to you if you want ‘em like Arani did there. Simple combo lock on it.” Raygar takes a look at the case Arani has taken and realizes that even with a ‘simple’ combination lock, it would take a good five to ten seconds to open the case, remove the firearm and use it.

“Tell you what. You guys decide on the rest of the trip. I’ve got to get back up front and fly. You always have the option before the custom agent boards.” He nods as a finish and steps out of the small cabin back to the cockpit. The group is left again for most of the rest of the journey to talk amongst themselves.

((OOC: Since you all don’t seem to want to do that much…))


The hired transport fires its retrothrusters, slowing its approach to Swodiw Station. “Swodiw Control, Transport HC1544N. Cutting power to engines. We’re under your control for the approach.”

“HC1544N. Roger that. We’re bringing you in to docking bay S42-6. Have a good stay.”

“Copy docking bay S42-6. Thank you much.”

Without a shudder, the transport relinquishes control to a series of tractor beams which draws it towards the bay. The pilot runs through a landing checklist, pausing for a moment to key the internal communication system.

“Hey folks, we’re getting ready to dock. Time to sit down and strap in. Your passenger liner is docked at gate 76 on the north terminal. That’s on level 19. You should have about three hours for a layover.” He pauses, then finishes, “Rayger, can you join me up here please?”

Rayger, with a touch of surprise on his face, shrugs at his companions as he interrupts his buckling in and rises to move to the cockpit.

The cockpit door slides open with a hiss, and the soldier ducks to enter the cramped location. Without looking up from his checklist, the pilot motions to an empty seat, “There’s a message for you on the terminal.”

Sitting down, Rayger straps in to the safety harness before calling up the message on the terminal. It already occupies the screen:

“There’s been a change of plans. Meet me at the Xunil Tavern ASAP. pst.”

“Xunil Tavern?” Rayger mutters to himself. The initials are familiar, if they indeed are initials. Pryn Son Tavri was a RIOP whom went to Naboo with Rayger. Of course, the letters could mean something completely different as well. It was tough to say.

“Xunil Tavern?” the pilot repeats. “That should be up near your gate. Real close, if I recall. You can pull it up on the terminal there to find out for sure. Quiet little place, I think. But decent grub. Eaten there once or twice I reckon.”

Rayger keys the terminal and the Xunil Tavern’s location appears in a two-dimensional map of the station. It is, in fact, near their departure gate. It would take nothing to stop in there while they waited for their liner to depart.

Howling Wookiee
13 May 2005, 05:23 PM
Rann is sitting by Sia-Lan in quiet meditation when the pilot comes over the PA and states that they are docking and everyone should strap in. The young Jedi insures that his safety harness is secure and properly attached. Rann is suprised that the pilot asks for Rayger personally on the flight deck but dismisses it with a shrug. He smiles at Sia-Lan, "I'm excited that we are going back to Coruscant. We have much we need to tell our masters. Sia-Lan just be truthful to your master when you report to him. You have been through alot and his wisdom will guide in you path with the Force. You have touch the darkness on several occasions, some I see no choice and others there was a choice. I am not master of the Force, yet; but I can sense that you are trouble with some of your decisions. Talk with you master and I'm sure he will ensure the path you need to take. If you ever need to discuss anything with me, no this, that I always will be there for you and the others. I will not let you down like I have in the past......."

Rann finishes by looking down in his open hands and thinks, "I will not let you down like I let my parents or Galak. Never again, no matter what."

He gets ready for the landing and their latest adventure.

Kanner Ra'an
14 May 2005, 12:52 AM
Thats odd. Rayger thinks. He had lost contact with his team members a long time ago, but that was more then acceptible- even expected- in RIOP. Well, i should go and see what it is. He might know whats been happening lately from an insiders view, if it is Pryn. The Peacekeeper thinks for a few moment more, but cant find anything suspisious. I should obtain a permit though. If their is a change of plans i should be at ready.

14 May 2005, 01:52 PM
Sia checks her safety harness, tightens it a little, and turns to Rann. Nodding at Rann's suggestion, Sia keeps a calm face, but on the inside her feelings are conflicted. A thought, totally unlike Sia's normal mentality pops into her head, What does he know? Rann's a padawan learner just like you, he could be mistaken. Or maybe he's jealous because you found a way to use the Force better than he can? Ashamed of the thought, Sia pulls her hood up to conceal her face from Rann. What's happening to me? I'm not like this!

15 May 2005, 10:54 AM
Deel tries to think of several different ways to bring both of his blasters along inconspicuously, and after several hours, finally decides the best course of action would be to follow the rules. Thus, barring any unforseen changes of plans, he makes up his mind to make his first stop on both Malastare and Coruscant the customs office, where he'll obtain as many permits as he needs to carry his weapons...and if they refused...well...he'd deal with that if it became an issue.

15 May 2005, 12:41 PM
Sia stares at the wall, brooding under her hood. What does Rann know? He’s a padawan, just like me. Where does he get all his ‘knowledge and experience’ from? Rann’s weak; I’ve had to save him before. He couldn’t save Galak and lost his lightsaber. I’ve proven that I’m more powerful than Rann. He shouldn’t be lecturing me; I can take care of myself. Her thoughts turn to his suggestion. But what if I tell everything to my Master and I’m expelled from the Order? Or worse, what if Rann decides to take the matter into his own hands?

Sia sweats as fear begins to build in her gut. Rann can’t do that to me! I’m a better Jedi than he will ever be. I can’t let him betray me! Sia-Lan’s anger stirs inside and she caresses her lightsaber. Finally, the emotions overflow and she barks out, “Rann, I decide if I should tell my Master! It’s not your choice. And why are you lecturing me? Where did you gain your ‘knowledge and experience’? You’re a Jedi Padawan, just like me, and you don’t know nothing more about the Force than I do. If you think you can lecture me, you’re wrong. You couldn’t even save Galak or hold onto you saber! The masters always say ‘this weapon is your life’ and you can’t even hold onto it! What kind of a Jedi will you turn out to be! I think you’re jealous because I’m better than you are!” Unstrapping, Sia stands up and moves to another seat far from Rann. Sitting down again, anger and fear festers in Sia-Lan.

Howling Wookiee
15 May 2005, 02:53 PM
Rann sits quietly looking into his hands when he gets a distinctive wave of darkness slowly flowing off of Sia-Lan. He gets ready to comfort her when she unleashes her verbal barrage on the unsuspecting padawan. He is visibly and mentally taken aback, "Then it is true. They all think that I've let them down. I've failed again........" But Rann shakes out of the brooding, "You are right Sia-Lan, you might be a better "force-user" than me but you will never become a "Jedi" with that attitude. That is the darkness in you talking and not your true way. Do not give in to the Dark Side, fall back on you training and find the light. I've made some mistakes in the past but I've learned from those mistakes. The mistakes like Galak and my parents. I've used those failures to better myself and to become the Jedi I want to be. Fear and Hate only bridge a gap for the Dark Side to cross and you are constructing that bridge. Call out the darkness and be true to yourself. I'm no better than you Sia-Lan and I do not know more than you. I just see a friend in need and I will help you, but you will need to allow yourself to be helped."

Rann moves to the side to let her pass and watches as she selects another seat. He decides he will have to watch her closely and talk with his master on this matters or even the Jedi Council. He gets ready for the landing and checks his gear.

Kanner Ra'an
15 May 2005, 05:53 PM
Rayger is still thinking when he hears raised voices coming from the rear of the ship. Wonder whats going on back their? He thinks, looking to the pilot to see if he notices anything. As he listens, he also notices that one, Sia Lann's he thinks, though maybe Arani, is angry as well. The republic observer is getting ready to go back their when they seem to stop. Wow, i didn't see that coming. Those four came off as long time friends. I thought now of all times they wouldn't be fighting. Oh well, none of my buissness, i guess. Still, odd. Maybe i'll ask them about it later, when tempers have cooled.

The Peacekeeper makes a note of it, but starts looking at his reports again. What would cause a change of plans. Its wierd. And why meet at a tavern, why not the local embassy or armory. At least a government office. Republic Intelligence maybe, wanting my reports before RIOP. Wierd. Maybe i'll ask one of the Jedi to come along. They're supposed to be able to sense when things arn't right, could be helpful. Rayger thanks the pilot and gets up and heads to the back, thanking the pilot as he does. When he gets back their he can see the aftershock of the arguement. Sia-Lann doesn't look angry, but her usual radiating calm seems gone. Rann is also quiet, and he looks to Arani and Deel to see their reactions as well. Ok, maybe i'll ask once we're on the station.

23 May 2005, 01:55 AM
Rayger returns to the cabin where an icy silence ensues. Rann and Sia-Lan are sitting apart from each other, bolstering his opinion of the two arguing moments earlier. Deel and Arani sit quietly next to each other, their eyes moving back and forth between the two Padawan, uncertain if they should act or not.

As Rayger takes his seat and buckles in, the pilot calls over the intercom, “Okay, folks, take your seats as we’re coming in to dock.” Moments later, the ship shudders slightly as a docking tractor beam takes control of it. Less than two minutes later, the ship gives a second shake as the landing gear extends and the craft touches down in the space station dock.

The pilot enters the cabin as most everyone is preparing to depart. “I’ll just say one more thing about weapons. I imagine the customs agent who will meet us will let you carry your blaster pistols if you desire on the station, for the proper bribe. Most people don’t worry about that, in my opinion, so there aren’t a lot of weapons on the station. Besides, you should only be here a couple of hours before your passenger liner departs.”

He continues, “Weapons on that ship are a different matter all together. Since it’s a family environment, they don’t like anyone carrying on board. That’s where they want them locked up for certain. They definitely won’t treat you well if you try to sneak the weapons on board. And I imagine you can pick up a carrying case in the markets before you board the starliner, but I don’t know the prices. So, basically, this is your last chance to get the carrying cases for free.” He shrugs, not wanting to be the bad guy, but trying to help out the group of mostly youngsters.

He lets whomever wants to take a carrying case for the remaining unlocked weapons, and then moves to the boarding ramp.

((OOC: Make sure you let me know if you take a case. Right now I show Arani has her blaster in a case, Rayger as a case for his carbine, and that’s it. Sia-Lan has already been told she does not need one for her lightsaber, and I don’t think Rann has a weapon.))

The pilot lowers the ramp and steps out of the ship into a bustling docking bay. His is one of seven ships in the cavernous room. Other vessels have a variety of low-impact maintenance activities going on about them, from refueling and cleaning to a few mild repairs. A wide mix of aliens and droids scurry about, performing their work duties.

As the passengers of the ship depart, they find the pilot speaking with an alien of unknown race. The alien speaks in broken Basic with a strong accent, and is obviously the customs agent. The group overhears the pilot tell the agent he’s ferrying passengers and they are just passing through to meet with their starliner. After a moment, the pilot nods his head, steps back and looks to the group.

The agent waits for them to approach, and addresses them as a group, “Declare you have anything?”

Kanner Ra'an
23 May 2005, 02:52 PM
Rayger walks up to the customs agent and shows him his pistol, which he has holstered, but under his military jacket instead of over it as usual. "I was told you were the one to talk to for a permit." He asks. He knows he probably wont be here long enough to warrent getting the permit, but the change of plans has him on edge. I'll take it and just send the bill to RIOP as a cost of doing buissness. he thinks, though disregards the idea. Or maybe not. It would probably involve two months overtime to do all the paperwork, and knowing them that would be taken out of my annual bonus.

OOC: I'll try get a permit, but also take one of the cases as offered for on the starliner.

Howling Wookiee
26 May 2005, 05:54 PM
Rann unbuckles himself from his seat as the ship settles down. He gets up and gathers his belongings, then starts for the exit of the ship. The young Jedi in training keeps his distance from Sia-Lan as he makes his way off ship. He pulls his hood over he head as he walks down the ramp. Rann listens to the the customs agent as he converses with the pilot. Then the agent addresses the group. Rann opens his arms, "Nothing to declare here."

After Rayger addresses the agent he slides over to his side, "Everything ok? I could not help but notice that you and the pilot had a conversation. Not being nosy just making sure everything is ok."

Rann looks over his shoulder, waiting for a response. He tries to catch Sai-Lan departing the ship to try and see if her mood has changed.

Kanner Ra'an
28 May 2005, 07:23 AM
After dealing with the agent, Rayger responds to the Jedi. "I had a conversation, but nothing big. That message i got was important though. I think it was a fellow RIOP agent asking for a meeting. Feel like hanging out for a bit to watch my back? I dont want to drag the whole group with us, especially since this could be confidential and i could lose my job, but i'd like a little backup." He says quietly. Hes not sure about even asking Rann, but hes also not sure about that message.

Howling Wookiee
28 May 2005, 05:31 PM
Rann nods to Rayger, "I'll watch your back anytime. Count me in. I'll just hang back and be observant. I will not interfer with your work. What are we gonna tell the others?"

28 May 2005, 06:31 PM
Deel strides down the freighter's ramp confidently, taking his first tenative breath of the air on Malastare, casually scanning the entire area for nothing in particular. Finally his gaze comes to rest on the pilot who's just finished talking with the customs agent.

"If its all the same to you, I'll take you up one one of those cases", at an amused, told-you-so look on the pilots face, he adds, "you know, just in case", in his defense.

After getting a case, Deel eases his way next to the customs man, speaking slowly and quietly, as a low voice tended to draw less attention than an out and out whisper.

"Hello, friend. Declare? Well, I...uh...might have something to declare...", at this he eases open his cape a bit, revealing the pistol and the hold out, tucked discreetly inside, "how much of this to I need to declare?".

He says this last as he absently pulls out a fairly thick wad of credit vouchers and begins leafing through them. Hopefully he got the message across to the agent, who was obviously lingually challenged. Hopefully, he spoke the universal language...

((OOC: Taking a little creative liberty with having some bribe $$. If its not okay, let me know. Also, a diplomacy check, i guess, to improve the agent's attitude toward me, possibly using the cash to get a bonus to my roll.))

30 May 2005, 04:50 AM
The bustle of the spaceport docking bay moves around without much attention to the new arrivals. Deel breathes in the recycled air, and in his scanning of the area, glances out the magnetic field at the blackness of space, catching a glimpse of the planet Malastare below.

Arani follows Sia-Lan silently, and moves the duo stand at the base of the ramp while Rayger and Deel speak with the docking agent. Rann stands with the other men, although he has no reason to speak with the agent.

The alien agent addresses the two seeking permits. He looks at their weapons and speaks to them in his broken manner, “Three hundred for pistols.” He glances back at Deel’s second weapon and looks up, speaking at him directly. “Five hundred more for the hold-out. Per day.” The last statement is addressed to each of them.

Deel knows he has two hundred credits in bills. Rayger has a very limited expense account, certainly not for this kind of money, and in any case, he doubts he can use the official Republic charge chip for an illicit and likely poorly justified weapon permit.

The pilot stands to the side with his arms crossed. Quietly he speaks up, to the obvious disappointment of the agent seeking a bribe. “Don’t forget, this is a peaceful station, and you’re only here a few hours.”

4 June 2005, 03:08 AM
Realizing each lacks the funds for the so-called permits, both Deel and Rayger decline to pay the fees. After a brief moment of showing his disappointment, the agent straightens himself up and replies, “So much the better.”

Rayger and Deel proceed to encase their weapons before the agent’s scrutiny. The official places tamper seals over the weapons cases seams. Rayger explains to the young travels who have never tried to transport weapons as such that the seals will indicate if anyone has gotten into the cases between here and their destination. The transport pilot chimes in the effort should help them with the starliner security.

Rayger realizes with the weapons unloaded, encased and sealed, it would likely take him up to a minute to get it out and ready to use, if the situation arose. On the other hand, he was on a peaceful station, boarding a secure starliner, headed back to Coruscant with plenty of security.

Throughout the procedures, Sia-Lan and Rann stand back, separated by Arani in the middle, and none of them speak. Arani only steps forward to have her pistol case sealed before stuffing it back into her duffle. She seems strangely aloof as they stand in the hangar.

With the business at hand concluded, the docking official turns and leaves the group. The pilot again thanks everyone for riding with him and wishes the group well. Finally, the unusually quiet Arani speaks, “Guys, I can’t come with you.”

Shocked, Rann is the first to respond, “What? What’s wrong?”

“I’m just not ready for this. I’m not ready to leave Naboo.” She appears dejected, looking predominately at the floor and her voice heavy with decision. “I really want to keep traveling with you guys, but not yet. Maybe I can catch up with you in the future sometime.”

Looking at their pilot, she asks, “If it’s okay with you, I’d like to get a ride back to Theed.”

“Sure,” he replies, “I’ve got a few stops to make on the way, but you’re more than welcome to join me. If that’s what you want.”

“I think it is. At least for now.” She looks back at her friends longingly, “I’ll keep in touch for sure. I know you guys are going to have a lot of fun. Keep me in mind in your adventures, okay?”

With her decision made, the group has another teary goodbye with their friend. Arani watches as they depart the docking bay before returning to the ship with the pilot.


The space station is like most any other starport. The Padawans, soldier and scoundrel have all experienced other starports, although Deel had the least experience, spending most of his life on Naboo. The rest of the group, having spent much time on Coruscant, were prepared for the mix of aliens, scents and sights. The Padawans traveled in their traditional manner, without baggage and with their cloaks and hoods raised. Deel and Rayger each carried their own small duffels, with their sealed weapons cases inside their bags for ease of transport.

The group stopped at several booths, kiosks and small shops as they headed towards their gate. They arrive in a small bazaar just outside their boarding area, and look around at the baubles and exotic items for sale.

Rayger pretends to examine some item he cannot identify while his eyes look ahead and find Xunil Tavern. It is just down from the docking area, and appears quiet and calm. He looks through the docking area to see a variety of species fidgeting about as they wait to board the transport.

Deel and Sia-Lan examine one booth, while Rann is at a vendor immediately behind Rayger.

Kanner Ra'an
4 June 2005, 11:29 AM
"Psts, Rann, thats the place." He says to the Jedi as he pretends to examine a few trinkets. "Follow me in after a few minutes, just so they dont know we're together." He says, putting down the trinket and walking over to Deel and Sia-Lann. "Hey guys, im just going to see if i can find the local Repubic figurehead. See if i cant find out whats been going on while Theed was blacked out." He says, then begins to walk away. He doubles back and enters the tiny resturant, looking around for his contact.

Howling Wookiee
5 June 2005, 05:21 PM
Rann waits a couple of minutes after Rayger leaves and follows him in. The young padawan tries to act inconspicious as he walks throught the business. He turns 360 degrees and takes a mental picture of the surroundings. Rann finds Rayger in the crowd and watches him as he sits down. The Jedi student keeps a close eye on this friend but still keeping in all his surroundings. He watches for anything or anyone out of the ordinary. He opens his sense up to the force for any unusal "activity".

8 June 2005, 03:11 PM
Sia-Lan embraces Arani warmly. "I'm going to miss you. I'll send you a message once we arrive on Coruscant. Take care." Watching Arani leave, Sia feels another tear roll down her cheek. I'm a mess.

"Hey guys, im just going to see if i can find the local Repubic figurehead. See if i cant find out whats been going on while Theed was blacked out."

"Ok, I'm sure Deel and I can find something to do around here." Sia turns back to the vendor and picks up a trinket. I wonder what this is for?

8 June 2005, 03:57 PM
Rayger steps into Xunil Tavern and lets his eyes adjust to the dim light. Quickly scanning the room, he sees a familiar face in the back of the establishment at a booth in the corner. While the booth restricted the movement of getting in and out of the seats, it did allow an excellent view of the room, without having any chance of allowing someone to sneak up on the location. With the vantage, there was no question Pryn Son Tavri saw Rayger before Rayger saw him.

Rann steps in moments later in time to see Rayger thread his way through tables and patrons of the small, moderately populated tavern. Just after Rayger takes a seat, Rann finds his way to the bar and occupies a stool. The bartender speaks to him a moment, takes his order and steps away. The young Padawan, with young appearance, made the bartender take a second glance to determine if he should be allowed to remain at the bar. As the server fills his order, Rann opens his mind to danger in the area.

In the lobby, away from the tavern, Deel and Sia-Lan occupy themselves quietly. They peruse the market, speaking little and only in casual conversation. Their thoughts on leaving Theed remain trapped inside their own heads.

Pryn rises out from the table as Rayger approaches. The trim, but balding middle-aged human male has few distinguishing features. He wears no uniform or other discernable markings to highlight him as a member of the Republic. To the casual passerby, he would be nothing more than a quiet, traveling individual in gray slacks, a white button-up shirt and a lightweight, tan jacket. His face shows several days of stubble, although his eyes are clear and alert.

“I’m so glad you made it,” Pryn says, as the two take a seat. “Thank the heavens you’re alive.” Rayger smiles and makes casual remarks on seeing his friend. A short breath later, the waitress droid arrives to take their orders.

From his vantage, Rann cannot make out any of the dialog of the two men. He does not recognize the man Rayger meets with, but that does not concern him. Instead, the Padawan attempts to watch for other dangers which might approach the booth in the far corner of the room. Rann sits quietly, sipping his drink and keeping to himself.

“Let me cut to the chase,” Pryn says bluntly as the droid moves away. “Luhuff and Werax didn’t make it off Naboo.” Rayger knows the names very well. Luhuff Tunin and Werax Nelran were the two other RIOP agents sent to the planet with himself and Pryn to gather data on the blockade by the Trade Federation. A heavy feeling fills the pit of his stomach with the sad news.

“So, I’ve already changed the passage for you and your companions. Instead of the starliner, I’ve secured private transport the rest of the way to Coruscant,” Pryn adds, almost cryptically.

“Whoa,” Rayger stops him. “What happened? What are you talking about?”

Pryn appears flustered but catches himself. “I’m sorry. I’m a bit ahead of myself. I’ve been running for the past week.” He pauses a moment as the droid returns with their orders. As the server disappears again, Pryn takes a deep drink of a Corellian whiskey.

“Luhuff died in combat after reaching Naboo. Or at least that’s what I gathered. I don’t know what you encountered, but I met with a small resistance group on the surface. We were pursued relentlessly by the droids. I managed to get a small amount of footage, but most of it was destroyed as we kept fleeing our impromptu positions.”

“Luhuff fared less well, so I understand. I don’t think he ever even met with a resistance group. We ran across his ship a day after I landed. The next morning we found his body.”

“But Werax was even worse. I left Theed the day after the fighting ended. I heard from him later the same day. We both caught the first transports we could off planet, trying to get back to Coruscant to make our reports. As I’m sure you found, communications were a mess. Anyway, Werax and I were to meet up on Eridau and then travel to Sullust together. I got to Eridau and had an urgent message from him.”

“He had to meet with me immediately and arranged a meeting in a café near the main docking station on the planet. I got there first and waited for him. He arrived in a rush and told me bounty hunters were after him. We couldn’t wait in the open and set out to make quick arrangements for a new transport. But we were jumped. The stooges got a drop on us and we got into a fire fight. In the middle of a market, we were blasting left and right.”

“Werax tells me he’s pretty sure the hunters were hired by the Trade Federation. He said there were out to make sure our reports wouldn’t get to the Senate. Hell, I didn’t even have any footage to take back, but they were shooting us up. Werax and me split up to try to shake them, agreeing to meet at a shady tavern. He never showed up.”

“I’m sure they got him. Dunno if it’s dead or alive. But he’s out of the game. So it’s you and me now. We’ve got to get to Coruscant. But there’s the catch. They found me and Werax on Eridau. And I was able to find you and your pals arriving on station, when and on what ship. The Trade Federation stooges will figure that out too.”

“So, I already cashed in your guys’ tickets to Coruscant on that liner. That’s just begging to be picked up by the bounty hunters. I’ve booked us a private transport straight through. He’s just waiting for us to show. But I suggest we hurry.”

11 June 2005, 05:11 PM
Sia-Lan wanders around the lobby, thinking about the groups current events. What are Rann and Rayger doing? Pacing the lobby, she keeps her face covered. Why did Rayger ask Rann to accompany him? Rann is weak. Rayger should have chosen me! Thinking about Rann, a voice inside her head whispers, Rann turned Rayger against you. Rayger doesn't trust you anymore.

Angry, Sia stops pacing and glances over at Deel. Arani is returning to Naboo, which leaves me Deel. Rann hasn't turned him against me yet. I'll have to keep an eye this.

Kanner Ra'an
12 June 2005, 07:17 AM
Rayger curses silently at their luck, and for his fallen comrades. I cant believe the trade federation would target RIOP agents. Thats political suicide. In combat, thats one thing. We're prime sniper targets out there. But to go after us after the fighting has stopped. The Senates going to have a corinary. Every senator who resents them is going to have a grand time confiscating every one of their assets. He thinks. "Agreed. The liners not safe. I'll need just a few minutes to find my party and then we can leave. Do you want to stick together or give me the docking bay number?" He asks, eager to get moving. With Deel and Sia Lann ignorant of the possible threat, even they, as formidible as both can be, will be sitting ducks if a bounty hunter team is out their right now.

12 June 2005, 12:05 PM
Pryn appears obviously relieved at Rayger’s choice. “I’d favor strength in numbers. We should stick together and go as a group. So, when you’re ready.” Their choice decided, Pryn waves down the server droid while he and Rayger finish their drinks. He pays for both of them and the pair rises from their table.

The bulk of the two weapons cases, along with the few data tapes and clothing Rayger carries in his duffle moves heavy against his back. He quickly notices Pryn appears unarmed as well, as Pryn motions for Rayger to lead the way out of the tavern.

Rann sees the pair rises as he remains hunched at his seat at the bar. He continues to sense nothing unusual besides being in a place where he is unaccustomed to the activities, alien scents and species mulling about.

Kanner Ra'an
13 June 2005, 11:46 AM
Rayger motions for Pryn to hang on a minute and waits for Rann to emerge. He quickly fills the Jedi in on what has happened. "Listen, i trust him on this. Is their any, Jedi homing becon thingy you can do to find Sia-Lann and Deel?" He asks, not sure exactly what he should be asking though.

Howling Wookiee
14 June 2005, 05:41 PM
Rann emerges from the little tavern shortly after Rayger and his new companion exit. The young student greets Rayger and nods to the Pryn. Rann again nods when Rayger states that he trusts the new addition, "As long as you trust him, I trust him." He shakes his head at the next statement, "Not really works like that. But I should be able to send Sia-Lan a telepathic message to meet us here." Rann closes his eyes and opens himself up to the Force fully. He immediately gets the life forces of all the many alien beings in the busy space port. His training kicks in and he eliminates all the non essentials and concentrates on Sia-Lan's unique signature. If finds it more difficult to find her life force in the Force than usual. But he tries harded and sends her the message, "Sia-Lan we are ready to leave. Change in plans, we have an addition. Tavern one block over."

17 June 2005, 08:11 AM
"Sia-Lan we are ready to leave. Change in plans, we have an addition. Tavern one block over."

Sia-Lan recieves Rann's message. Looks like we're ready to go. Finding Deel, Sia motions to follow. She leads Deel to the tavern and looks around for Rayger and Rann. There they are! Walking quickly, Sia maneuvers through pedestrian traffic to their location. Finally reaching their location, Sia asks, "What's the change? Are we staying here longer? Or is it something else?"

Kanner Ra'an
26 June 2005, 10:40 AM
"Ya, we've got a slight change of plans." Raygers says. He moves on to quickly explain the situation to the Jedi in hushed tones. "We gotta make our way to the docking bay and get outta here. If we stay in the crowed areas we should be safe though."

26 June 2005, 04:33 PM
Pryn nods his head in greeting to everyone. “And since Rayger didn’t say so, I’m Pryn. C’mon,” he continues, “the docking bay is this way.” He turns quickly, moving away from the starliner gate.

The small group moves as a gaggle at first, before falling into patterned steps, with four of them trained to operate as a group during the blockade of Theed. The group passes through a blast door and turns a corner into a different corridor. Pryn calls back from the front of the group, “The docking bay is at the end of this hallway.”

Just as they clear the ninety degree turn from the tee junction of the different corridors, everyone hears a loud, mechanized voice. “Halt.” As the group stops and looks over their shoulders, they see six heavily armored humanoids come from the opposite direction of the starliner gate. They must have completely missed the armored group as they turned towards the docking bay.

Entirely hidden behind heavy armor, the group of six carries long blasters in a waist-level carry position, apparently ready to fire. Each member of the group has nuances to the outfit, but visibly maintains a sidearm, additional ammunition clips, and some manner of grenades. Cloaks, either full length or waistcoats move behind the members slowly, caught in the relative wind as the group takes long strides forwards. Rayger surmises from an initial glance the helmets probably contain some manner of sensors, based on the external features of the helmet.

With the command accompanying the arrival of the armored group, the bazaar at the tee junction slows its pace of bartering and shopping considerably. The tourists and travelers look up along with the shopkeepers at the intrusion. The small shops and stands line the halls, with an occasional break for a rented property space of a tavern or larger shop built into the station. The ten meter wide corridor shrinks to six open meters wide in the center with the small carts and stands sticking out from the walls.

Pryn looks back and gasps. “It’s them!” he declares, indicating the armored group nearly ten meters away. “The bounty hunters. Run for the docking bay!”

The rest of the group realizes the docking bay is nearly one hundred meters away, through thick throngs of innocent civilians and shop keepers. A blast doorframe connects the docking bay to the corridor. Beyond the frame appears a small starship, although its features are indistinguishable due to the distance.

Pryn begins to move, although being caught off guard his agility is diminished at first.

“Final chance,” the armored leader demands, “or else!” With Pryn not heeding the order, the group spreads apart slightly and opens fire at the young band of heroes of Naboo.

((OOC: Flat footed for this round))

29 June 2005, 02:32 PM
Blast! Sia-Lan whips out her lightsaber and ignites the blade. Turning to the group, Sia yells, "Run! I'll bring up the rear!"

I hope I can deflect a few shots away from the group. But what about the civilians? Shouting out again, Sia orders the innocent beings, "Get under cover everyone! These hunters don't care who they hit!" Sia waits for the group to start running and then follows.

Kanner Ra'an
30 June 2005, 06:18 AM
"Run run run run, lose them in the crowd." Rayger yells. He cannot fathom how stupid a bounty hunter must be to try provoke a firefight in a place like this, but they wouldn't go so far as to randomly shoot into a crowd. The hunters would be the ones who would have a bounty on their head. So, Rayger moves as fast as he can into the throng of people, looking around for some cover where he can get his weapon out, or for their docking bay where the can find refuge in the ship.

30 June 2005, 02:18 PM
With years of semi-criminal mischief serving as his experience, Deel knows just what to do in a situation like this: run. Still, he doesn't want to leave his friends high and dry...or get lost on this unfamiliar station, so he immediately darts into the crowd, the way the group was heading. Eventually, he ducks behind a row of small shops and begins to open his weapon security box.

[OOC: Hide check]

4 July 2005, 05:59 AM
The crowd scatters as the bounty hunters open fire at the group. A loud thumping of a light repeating blaster from one of the hunters echoes loudly in the hall, over powering the sharp snapping of the other five blaster rifles.

As the crowd moves, one or two fall to errant blaster shots as the heroes duck and weave away from the fire. Sia-Lan’s lightsaber ignites with a snap-hiss as she quickly backsteps from the enemies towards the docking bay at the far end of the hall. The pink glow casts eerie shadows in the otherwise lit hall as she takes a defensive posture. Her companions dart behind various carts and tables, ducking down as some become overturned to hopefully protect from the blaster fire.

Pryn cries out as a blaster bolt collides with his left shoulder, unable to move away in time. He crouches down behind a heavy table where Rayger fervently begins to remove his carbine weapon case and his fingers fumble with the lock as he tries to open it. From his earlier assessment, he knows it could take upwards of a minute to withdraw the weapon. He glances up to see Pryn bleeding slowly from the shoulder, but also with a pistol in his right hand, ready to snap a shot off in a moment at the hunters’ party.

Opposite Pryn and Rayger, behind a wheeled cart, Rann winces as bottles shatter from the shelves as a blast comes incredibly close to his back. The shopkeeper crouches next to him, visibly shaking. Rann watches as Deel disappears into the shadows of an archway a few meters beyond him, further from their assailants, and marvels at the Twi’lek’s uncanny ability to melt away in the midst of the action.

OOC: Map at http://www.tc.umn.edu/~farr0095/IoT/Map1.gif

Kanner Ra'an
4 July 2005, 10:26 PM
Of all the luck. Of all the sithin luck Rayger thinks as he works on the case. Where are the authorities. We got a firefight going on down here. I thought they were strict. He looks at Pryn and immeadiatly becomes worried. The mans shoulder is bleeding badly. "Just hang on, and spray anyone who comes near. Sia Lann's one of the best warriors i've ever seen. And Rann doesn't need a lightsaber to be effective either. I may be getting this thing out for nothing." He says reassuringly as he works. The soldier also notices that Deel has managed to loose himself in the ruckus. That gives him more hope then anything, since the Twi'lek cant be caught if he cant be found. He himself though, feels helpless. He has no weapon, and little chance of taking any of the hunters by hand with all of them so well armed. He keeps an eye out though for an oppertunity.

OOC: Hide and pray

6 July 2005, 05:28 PM
Shots blast throughout the corridor from the bounty hunters. Sia-Lan deflects several, knocking them away harmlessly while others shatter into the cart and floor around Pryn’s and Raygar’s position.

“C’mon, guys,” Sia-Lan shouts, “we’ve got to move!”

Pryn looks to Raygar, “Ain’t no use in fighting. This is time to run.” He grunts as he picks himself up, and quickly scurries just past her position, ducking behind another cart.

Rann does the same, benefiting from the lack of attention directed his way. He glances back from around his new protection and sees Raygar holding still. “Raygar,” he calls, “hurry. We can’t stay here forever!”

None notice as Deel slips around another cart, but suddenly Rann realizes the Twi’lek is at his side. Deel’s uncanny ability to move runs shivers up Rann’s spine for a brief moment, but an errant blast splinters wood from the cart he stands behind and the Padawan’s attention is regained to the situation at hand.

OOC: Map at http://www.tc.umn.edu/~farr0095/IoT/Map2.gif

Kanner Ra'an
6 July 2005, 07:16 PM
Sounds like a plan. Then what am i still doing here? Rayger thinks. He looks at the hunters, and raises the case behind him, hoping it can at least partially shield him. "Moving!" He yells, before making a mad dash accross the way, moving towards the injured Pryn.

OOC: Move to d 19 please.

7 July 2005, 11:05 AM
Stealing up behind Rann, he comments to his friend,

"Put out the candlestick and get down, my friend! This is no place for a scrape! Quickly, follow me."

With that, Deel ducks and retreats even more, leading the group away from the melee, all the while, fiddling with the damn lock on his case...

[OOC: Another Hide check.]

8 July 2005, 04:15 PM
Sia0Lan continues to bat away the deadly bolts from the bounty hunters. Her friends, glancing at her occasionally, know she cannot keep up the defense indefinitely. Pryn fires off a few shots at the hunters from his vantage, giving Rayger a chance to advance. Rann continues holding back, choosing not to act, while Deel slips past him again and into the shadows.

The hunters move slowly, likely due to their bulky armor. The young group knows they can likely outrun the hunters, but outrunning the guns is another issue. The promenade shatters about them as the bounty hunters fire indiscriminately. Amazingly, the civilians get out of the way quickly, avoiding casual fire.

Rann glances down the coordior and sees he has seventy meters left to go. He also sees turbolifts about halfway down the corridor, but they are exposed, without cover. They likely won’t help at all. Beyond them is a more densely packed market area. The multitude of carts and small stands means better cover, but also likely to have more innocents around.

OOC: Map at http://www.tc.umn.edu/~farr0095/IoT/Map3.gif

Howling Wookiee
10 July 2005, 07:25 AM
Rann has many ideas running through his head as he ducks behind the cart and blaster bolts fly everywhere. He thinks to himself, "We've gotta get otta here and fast." He looks over to Sia-Lan who is holding her own but Rann knows she will tire quickly and be overcome by the volley of blaster bolts.

The young padawan calls out to Rayger, "You and Pryn get ready to move at my signal, run as fast as possible and do not look back." He then calls out to Sia-Lan, "Get ready to move!!" Rann also calls out to Deel in a quieter tone, "You ready to move out buddy!?"

Rann sets himself behind the cart and opens himself up to the Force. He immediately identifies his friends and his current enemies. Rann sends out his force tendrals out to envelope the shopping cart infront of bounty hunter #2. Once Rann has a secure force grip on the cart he then tries to shove the large chart into bounty hunter #2 and #5 then he will shift is attention to the cart by BH #3, 4, and 6 and use is against them in the same manner. Rann is not so much as attacking with the carts, but trying to create a distraction and hopefully to disarm them with the impact for a moment and a moment is all they need to run. After moving the carts and hopefully causing enough chaos he will start running toward the starliner.

[[OOC: Move object on cart to collide with BH#2 and #5 & MO on other cart to collide with BH# 3, 4, 6 with help of Heroic Surge. 2 Attack actions and a move action.]]

Kanner Ra'an
10 July 2005, 10:17 AM
Rayger watches for Rann's attempt, knowing vaguely what the Jedi has in mind. He raises the briefcase again to help shield his back, as he scans for a good location to move too. Once he sees Rann's signal, successful or not, he moves, running as fast as he can, making the most of The Jedi's display of the force.

OOC: Full run away

16 July 2005, 06:23 PM
Sia-Lan continues to bat away deadly fire, slowly stepping backwards in a marked retreat. Blaster shots outside of her reach slam into walls, floors or carts, but remarkably leave the civilians unscathed. Rayger takes the opportunity to sprint from his defensive position, although the cumbersome case containing his carbine slows him mildly. Pryn squeezes off a parting shot, helping to cover their escape while Deel continues darting from shadow to shadow as he heads towards the docking bay.

As Sia-Lan moves back, she gives Rann an opening he has sought. With a heave and a snag through the Force, he draws the cart Rayger has been using as cover as well as the one he has hidden behind together into the center of the hall, blocking his friends’ hasty retreat.

The bounty hunters halt their fire for a moment as they rush forward around the improvised barricade. Rann and Sia-Lan race ahead of Pryn, who brings up the rear. Rayger has sprinted far down the corridor, but still has another twenty-five meters to cover before he can safely be in the docking bay. Deel has again disappeared into the shadows along the walls, some twenty meters from the bay.

A few moments later, fire erupts again, causing all the heroes to pause and spin around, taking in the situation. Pryn ducks behind another cart and begins firing on the bounty hunters. Rann and Sia-Lan are twelve meters beyond him, with Rayger another eighteen still. Deel, unseen by his friends, slips into a shadow behind a pillar, safely out of the line of fire.

A squad of station guards approaches the bounty hunters excitedly. The Rodian captain waves at them, trying to get their attention in an obvious attempt to interrupt the disruption on the station. Trailing the Rodian are a half dozen guards of mixed species, carrying a variety of blaster weapons.

While five of the bounty hunters continue their firing, the one with the light repeating blaster stops his shooting at turns to the captain. The lead hunter withdraws something and flashes it at the Rodian. They appear to share brief words, glance to the heroes, and then the captain nods.

Pointing, the Rodian says something to his men. He makes hand gestures and his men nod. Rayger, even from the distance, recognizes the symbols. “They’re going to close the blast door!” he shouts, barely audible above the continued fire from the bounty hunters.

“Make a break for it!” Pryn calls back. “It’s our only chance!” He continues firing quick volleys, attempting to cover their retreat. Moments later, he rises and begins a mad dash towards the bay. The rest of his group spins around and mimics his actions. At the end of the hall, at the bottom of the starship ramp stands an impatient and nervous Dug pilot. He beckons the group to hurry, and turns as they get closer, heading into his ship, hopefully to prepare it for launch.

The intense firing from the hunters joined by the station guards, forces everyone to duck once more before they get into the docking bay. Pryn resumes his cover fire while the rest pause under the attack. Rann notices Sia-Lan’s visible weariness and feels it himself. With the combined fire from the hunters and the station guards, the Padawans know they cannot continue blocking the blaster fire successfully.

From behind his cover and the firing of his blaster, Pryn calls to his companions, “Go, I’ll cover you. We must get out of here!” At the next lull in his enemies’ firing, he rises and while continuing to shoot, he dashes for his escape. The others do the same, quickly seeking refuge in the ship.

Deel appears from the side walls as Rayger reaches the base of the ramp. A sharp cry from Pryn causes everyone to spin about and watch as he tumbles to the floor with a dark blaster burn in his back. With pain in his eyes, he looks up, staring at Rayger. “Go,” he says just loudly enough to be heard. “Tell the Republic.”

Rayger cries out and begins to move to help his friend. Sia-Lan yells at him to stop, “We must go! It’s too late now!”

A heavy volley of fire strikes Pryn repeatedly in his prone position, extinguishing his life in a blaze. The fire adjusts, directed at the rest of the group and Rayger realizes to run after Pryn would be suicide. He and Deel only have to run up the ramp, while the Padawans have to cover another fifteen meters and get through the rapidly closing blast door.

19 July 2005, 09:23 AM
Deel crouches low behind the boarding ramp, using it for maximum cover as he finally pulls his blaster out of its case.

"Let's go!", he shouts at the Jedi as he pops off a few shots at the bounty hunters to keep their heads down more than anything else. After all, the more time they spent ducking his shots, the less time they had to make the Jedi duck theirs.

((OOC: Laying down cover fire on the blast door. Presumably the narrowest area that the hunters have to come through. Ready to board the ramp as soon as the Jedi get there.))

Kanner Ra'an
19 July 2005, 07:37 PM
Rayger lets a string of curses flow. Usually he is controlled, but seeing Pryn struck again and again and agian drives him nuts. Whoever hired you is going to get that treatment. I'll tie them up and shoot them with my own gun until they cant be reconized. He tells himself, grimicing as he turns into the ship. He bounds up the ramp, wanting to go back, wanting to at least ensure Pryns charred body can recieve some respect. He knows its impossible though. "Fire this piece up, get us out of here as soon as the other two are on!" He yells, helpless to do anything else. "Do you have any weapons? Anything we can use to give them some coverfire?"

22 July 2005, 12:07 PM
Blast another death! Continuing to block the blaster bolts, Sia hears the dark voice in her head, Make them pay for what they've done! Use your power! Grinning, Sia looks at the hunters with hatred. Make them pay!

Preparing to use her power, Sia hears another,calmer, voice in her head. NO! Don't do this it will only cheapen Pryn's sacrifice. Stunned, Sia looks down at Pryn's lifeless body and thinks back to Naboo and Galak's sacrifice. I didn't lash out at Galak's killers like this, so why do I want to punish the bounty hunters for someone I just met? Confused, Sia continues to block bolts and struggles to make up her mind.

"Let's go!"

Deel's cry snaps Sia out of her internal stuggle and forces her back into reality. I've got to get to that docking bay! Turning away from the bounty hunters, Sia abandons her lust for revenge and runs for the closing door.

25 July 2005, 08:11 PM
The Padawans dash away from the bounty hunters and clear the blast door just barely as it slams shut, cutting them off from their indiscriminate assailants. Behind the doors the Rodian security captain calls into his comlink to have the door opened and the docking bay locked down, although this threat escapes the dashing heroes as they bound up the ramp of the starship. The small corridor at the top of the ramp is bathed in the soft pink glow from Sia-Lan’s lightsaber for a few moments before she deactivates the blade with a subdued whoosh.

Behind the Padawans, the ramp begins to slowly rise with soft whirring of motors. Moving a few steps they find the lounge where Deel and Rayger stand impatiently. Standing nearby is a young woman a young woman in a long, dark green gown, slit on the sides to show silky pale green pants. The dress was detailed with keyhole cutouts above the bust, & she wore a sheer light green veil over her blonde locks. The golden eyes sparkle above a smirk, as she says, "Hey, I'm Corylis...”

She is cut off by a shudder from the ship and an announcement over the loudspeaker. The announcement sounds like gibberish, although Deel nods his head in a sort of understanding.

“The pilot says to sit down and strap in,” the Twi’lek says as he moves to a seat. “This is gonna be bumpy!”

With a lurch, the ship moves up and away from its docking space. The passengers move quickly to find seats and strap themselves into the safety harnesses. Their stomachs turn as the gravity shifts from the station to the ship as the vessel streaks out of the docking bay at unpermitted speeds.

The inertial compensators, set for the vessels normal, passive maneuvers, place unusually heavy stress on the passengers, pulling them into their seats as the starship maneuvers sharply.

Six modified starfighters streak out from behind the station, closing in at a high angle of attack against the passenger vessel. The smaller, less well-armored vessel shudders as the starfighters fire at maximum range and pepper the weak shields with laser fire.

Inside the lounge, a horn sounds as an orange light flashes. Everyone looks at each other curiously and Corylis frowns, “Must be the signal to jump to lightspeed.”

On cue, the ship jolts again and the starfield, seen only from the cockpit, turns to streaks as the vessel jumps into the hyperspace realm. A relative quiet comes over the cabin and the ride becomes smooth. The tense moments have passed, and the eventful stop at the station ends.

Kanner Ra'an
26 July 2005, 10:13 AM
That was not fun. God damn Pryn, their gonna pay. The republic cant foul this one up, their gonna pay. Rayger thinks to himself as he unstraps his safety harness. He knows the pilot is probably working on damage control from the starfighters, so he cant confer with him on what Pryn told him during the hiring process. For now though, he is glad to be able to be angry. How can the trade federation do this. What am i saying, they already tried to starve out a peaceful population, whats a few republic observers gonna do. But still, they've been caught. Trying to kill us... me now.. its sucide.

26 July 2005, 11:59 AM
Sia-Lan unbuckles her harness and stands. What a ride! Pryn's sacrifice really had her thinking about her recent decisions. What stopped me from using my power? Why am I so confused? Blast, I think I need some help! Looking over to Rann, she sends him a message along the lines of I need to talk with you, in private, later. Sia hadn't been very fond of Rann recently and she didn't know why. We've always been friends. What's come between us? Is it just me?

Sia sighs and thinks, Maybe I need to meditate. I've not looked to the Force for guidance in a long while. Promising herself to set aside time to meditate, Sia turns her thoughts to the newcomer, Corylis.

She moves to the newcomer, bows formally, and introduces herself. "Greetings, Corylis, I am Sia-Lan Wezz, padawan learner of the Jedi Order. It is a pleasure to meet you."

26 July 2005, 06:17 PM
After the successful jump to hyperspace, Deel unstraps, though he doesn't stand just yet. Instead he regards Corylis with cool detachment, gold eyes to gold eyes. A million questions race through his head, most of them less than polite, but in the end, the polished businessman wins the right to rule his tongue, and he asks, "So...what brings you to our little party?"

Deel is instantly and totally aware of the familiar weight of his blaster pistol on his thigh, though he makes no moves at all until the girl answers.

29 July 2005, 12:13 PM
Once the jump is made, the blonde Alderaanian unbuckles and stands to stretch. She's still a little uneasy after the excitement. Even muffled by the ship, the sounds couldn't have been anything but combat. Corylis turns to the young woman who approaches & bows.

"Greetings, Corylis, I am Sia-Lan Wezz, padawan learner of the Jedi Order. It is a pleasure to meet you."
"And you, Padawan Sia-Lan," Corylis replies with a small smile. Inside, she's relieved. Her government trusts the Jedi implicity, as does the Aild family. If a Jedi is traveling with them, there's no need to worry about this party, so she can relax a bit. She starts to say more to the Jedi, but her attention is caught by the Twi'lek man's intent regard.

"So...what brings you to our little party?"
Corylis meets his gaze squarely. "My itenerary was changed and this was the fastest way to make my latest appointment. I gather from what little our pilot said, that you also made last-minute reservations?" With another smile, she continues the introduction cut off by the pilot's announcement. "As I was saying before we took off, I'm Corylis Aild, one of the aides to Sen. Bail Antilles of Alderaan. And you are, sir?"

(OOC: edited after talking with Shannon)

Howling Wookiee
31 July 2005, 04:31 PM
Rann unstraps and rises. He makes sure that everyone is accounted for and unharmed. Rann gets a mental nudge from Sia-Lan and merely nods an affirmative at her request. Once he is sure eveyone is safe he acknowledges the newcomer, "Greetings Corylis Aild. I am Rann I-Kanu, also a padawan learner of the Jedi Order. It is a pleasure to meet you."

Once he has introduced himself to Corylis he approaches Rayger, "My friend, I know that you are angry about your friend's death. But you must set aside those angers and focus on your mission. We will aid you in your mission and make sure that the Republic gets a full report."

After the exchange with Rayger, Rann approches the flight deck to check with the pilot. He wants to insure that they did not sustain any damage from the brief attack.

1 August 2005, 01:57 PM
Rann finds the cockpit door shut, and unresponsive to the handle to open it. It may be this pilot prefers not to converse with his passengers, or perhaps he is simply busy. With the exception of a refresher and a galley, Rann found none of the other doors open either, during a quick examination of the ship.

From the passenger lounge, there was the ramp, currently closed, a hall leading to what must be one or two cargo compartments, a door that likely lead to an engine room, an escape pod opposite the entrance ramp, and the hall to the cockpit. Off the hall to the cockpit was the refresher, and opposite that a very small and simple galley.

The small ship had the barest of amenities, but fit the purpose for which the passengers required.

With all but the refresher and galley closed off, the passengers only had each other for company.

1 August 2005, 03:55 PM
Sia-Lan notices Rann's nod and smiles. Now, I just have to get my thoughts in order... While thinking, the dark voice returns to her head. Why are you telling him? He's weak and unworthy. He will tell on you and you will be expelled from the order! Sia shakes her head, now uncertain what to do.

Turning to Corylis and Deel, Sia says, "Excuse me, I need to meditate. I've put it off for far too long." She walks over to a quiet portion of the ship and sits down. Opening herself to the Force, she searches for answers.

Kanner Ra'an
1 August 2005, 05:20 PM
Originally posted by Howling Wookiee
Once he has introduced himself to Corylis he approaches Rayger, "My friend, I know that you are angry about your friend's death. But you must set aside those angers and focus on your mission. We will aid you in your mission and make sure that the Republic gets a full report."

"Thankyou." Rayger says quietly, and moves to pick up his gun case. "It was a waste of a good man. But Pryn was a patriot. One of the few who truely believed in the republic anymore. He wouldn't have wanted it any other way." Rayger says as he works on the locks. And its going to be worth it. No more being helpless. This thing stays with me. he thinks as he helfts the familiar wieght of the carbine.

4 August 2005, 05:28 PM
Deel realized, abruptly, that the situation left him reather uncomforatbly grouped together with the newcomer as the Sia left to meditate.

Figures, Deel thinks to himself, Only one here that doesn't implicitly trust a stranger, and who is supposed to keep her company?

Trying to make conversation, but also not be too friendly, Deel hazards some conversation, "I'm Deel Surool, my parents own a small merchant fleet, but I've been on Naboo until recently. Last time I was on Alderaan wasn't a really good experience. Has the crime rate gone up any?"

Deel's one and only trip to Alderaan with his parents ended up with the local constabulatory bringing him back to his parents hotel in the law enforcement speeder for throwing a wild party on the other side of town. He'd been confined to the ship for months after that, and still resented Alderaan in general for the situation. Still, Corylis seemed friendly enough, maybe she deserved a chance.

That constable was plenty friendly too though, Deel thinks to himself with a rueful grin, remembering the night.

Howling Wookiee
4 August 2005, 05:47 PM
Rann merely shrugs as he notices that the flight deck door is secure. Not wanting to bother the pilot, he starts to stroll back to the group. He looks around for Sia-Lan to speak with her, but notices that she has departed the group to a quiet spot. Rann makes his way to Corylis and an uncomfortable looking Deel. He smiles at the last part, not having seen his friend uncomfortable infront of a female before.

Rann interjects into the conversation, "Hmm, pilot is locked up tight. I was going to check and make sure everything was ok. I guess it is." He addresses Corylis, "So you stated that you were trying to make an appointment? I'm assuming it is on Coruscant, since we are headed that direction. Hmmm, aide to Sen. Antilles........if I'm not mistaken he is a trusted friend of the Jedi Council. Of course I can not be sure, galactic politics elude me. Not my area of expertise........" Rann trails off not really knowing what his expertise is yet. He remains with Deel and Corylis to engage in the conversation.

5 August 2005, 04:56 AM
"I'm Deel Surool, my parents own a small merchant fleet, but I've been on Naboo until recently. Last time I was on Alderaan wasn't a really good experience. Has the crime rate gone up any?"
Corli notes the Twi'lek's discomfort, but ignores it for now. Probalby just one of those beings who's leary of strangers. I don't think it's anything underhanded "What a coincidence. My family are partners in Alderaan Royal Engineers. Which fleet? And you must have got caught up in that terrible mess on Naboo. Was it so bad?"
She pauses at his last question, then decides to treat it as a small joke. "Gone up? Don't you mean down?" But inside she wonders. She's aware that the Aldaraanian Ssenatorial delagation is often wary of their Ryloth counterparts. But who am i to talk of judge?

"So you stated that you were trying to make an appointment? I'm assuming it is on Coruscant, since we are headed that direction. Hmmm, aide to Sen. Antilles........if I'm not mistaken he is a trusted friend of the Jedi Council."
"Yes, I am one of his aides, one of a number & a very junior one to be sure," she smiles, more comfortable talking to the padawan. She's at least used to members of the Order, although these greetings from Sia-lan & Rann are already turning out to be the longest interactions she's had with Jedi. In the past it's just been show one into a room or give or receive messages in the course of her duties. "Yes, my government thinks highly of your Order, and i'm glad to be in such company. do you know how long our trip is to be--and what that awful disturbance was all about?"

5 August 2005, 03:46 PM
"What a coincidence. My family are partners in Alderaan Royal Engineers. Which fleet? And you must have got caught up in that terrible mess on Naboo. Was it so bad?"

Well, so much for anonymity, Deel thinks to himself as he says, "Surool shipping. Ever heard of them? I'm Deel Surool. Yeah, the battle was pretty hairy, but we managed okay, didn't we, Rann?

"Gone up? Don't you mean down?"

No, I meant what I said", Deel corrects, flashing a grin to help him gain confidence more than anything, "Last time, that whole damn planet was so neat and tidy it took me most of our visit to find a...a good rough and tumble cantina."

He'd almost said 'dealer', but wasn't sure how Corylis would have reacted to both the knowledge that he used to be a spice addict, and also the knowledge that spice was present, if hard to find, in the streets of Alderaan's cities.

6 August 2005, 02:26 AM
"Last time, that whole damn planet was so neat and tidy it took me most of our visit to find a...a good rough and tumble cantina."

"Lemme guess how it looked? Both floors and mugs were sparkling, the walls had bad repros of famous paintings instead of lomin-ale posters, and the 'fresher even looked as if it had been cleaned recently," she joked, trying to put him at ease. "I swear there are more places like you wanted--of course I haven't been in one." She darted a look at Rann. None of the Jedi who'd had business with Sen. Antilles looked like they'd approve of visiting even a high-class bar. "But they're not listed in the public directories."

Howling Wookiee
9 August 2005, 05:55 PM
Rann listens to the conversations following it with much interest. All he's ever known before Naboo was the Jedi Academy and the travels with his Master. To hear others talk about their lives and family is interesting to the Jedi in training, because he had only known his family for such a short time before he joined the Order.

do you know how long our trip is to be--and what that awful disturbance was all about?"

"Our trip should not take that long. That is one of the questions I wanted to ask the pilot but like I stated he's locked up tighter than shackle key on Kessel. But it should not take that long. And as for that disturbance....let's just say that some individuals did not want someone in our party to leave just yet. Thankfully we escaped unharmed."

Rann takes a deep breath and nods to Deel and Corylis, "Please continue, I like to hear about other's adventures and past." Rann leans against the bulk head as he waits for Deel and Corylis to continue.

9 August 2005, 06:08 PM
"Lemme guess how it looked? Both floors and mugs were sparkling, the walls had bad repros of famous paintings instead of lomin-ale posters, and the 'fresher even looked as if it had been cleaned recently. I swear there are more places like you wanted--of course I haven't been in one. But they're not listed in the public directories."

"Yeah, that's a pretty good estimation of it, sickeningly clean.", Deel nods in agreement. He finds that he's slowly starting to like the girl, almost against his will. And while he certainly wasn't anywhere near trust, he'd often learned to trust his gut feelings on people. The fact that he felt at ease with the young human bode very well for any future interactions she may have with the group.

"So, uh, if I may ask, what was your business back there? Our dealings certainly went sour and I'd be appreciative of any information that might be helpful."

15 August 2005, 10:02 AM
Rann takes a deep breath and nods to Deel and Ris, "Please continue, I like to hear about other's adventures and past."
"Not a lot to tell, really. I got bored with study, bored with playing technician or secretary. So my father and one of the other partners chatted up the Senator, and he found a place for me.
Don't get me wrong, Jedi Rann, I do travel alot. But I'm usually rushing between Aldaraanian embassies and the Senate Building on Corescant. I count myslf fortunate, if there's enough time for a few hours on the town. I'm sure you see much more of the planets you visit than I do.

"So, uh, if I may ask, what was your business back there? Our dealings certainly went sour and I'd be appreciative of any information that might be helpful."

"I was hoping you could tell me--all I could get out of the pilot was that he had more last minute passengers, and it was a good thing for me, or he'd be delaying the flight. I think he was trying to get more creds out of me," she grinned. "He must think Senatorial Aides are either well-compensated or indepedently wealthy. And I'm not either," she added with a heartfelt sigh. "Wish I was--but neither the Senator nor my family thinks it's wise for a 'child' to have very many credits. What a sad philosophy.
" This is just a stopover for me--and a, ah, 'much plainer' port than the type I'm usually routed through. It was faster than the original route I'd been on--and with everyone still worried the Trade Federation might have been too dense to learn it's lesson on Naboo--officials want things done fast. Tell me, was Naboo really in such bad straits as said?" Corylis hoped she could get a little more information from someone who'd been there firsthand. Sen. Antilles would reward something like that, maybe not generously, but it would help.

15 August 2005, 02:29 PM
Tell me, was Naboo really in such bad straits as said?

Deel strides across the small room, giving Corylis a careful glance as he moved to where his bag was. As he removed his black overcloak, he answered, "Oh no...it was much worse."

He lets silence take over for a moment as he folds his cloak and puts it away. Underneath, he is wearing a dark green silk robe with a gold stripe across the ends of the sleeves and around the collar and the bottom. The green contrasts sharply with his pale green skin, while the gold matches his eyes. Though only Deel knew for sure, it's easy to imagine the robe is custom-tailored. Stalking over to sit next to Corylis, he runs a talon across the battered cushion of the acceleration couch.

"I'm a student studying on Naboo. I was there for the blockade, the invasion, everything. My friends and I helped as a part of the Resistance. I've known all these people, with the exception of Rayger, for a long time. Rayger joined us after...after the occupation forces were defeated.", he'd again almost said something else. Deel had been thinking 'after we lost Galak', but again, he'd caught himself. Inwardly he wondered what it was about this girl that put him so at ease. The more he realized this feeling, however, the more he tried to fight it.

"Rayger's an excellent operative, and on top of that, a man I have come to trust and admire. Indeed, he's saved my life a few times...given different circumstances I could still see us becoming good friends. But I digress, what was it you wanted to know about the battle?"

Howling Wookiee
15 August 2005, 05:38 PM
Rann takes a seat as he continues his conversation with Deel and Corylis. He removes his robe before taking a seat and turns to Corylis as she addresses him,

Don't get me wrong, Jedi Rann, I do travel .....

"I am sorry Corylis, but I have not reached the rank of Jedi yet. You can simply call me what my friends call me, Rann. You downplay your duties. I am sure that you are modest. If we have some free time, maybe I can take all of you, along with Sia-Lan, to the public areas of the Jedi Temple."

Rann stays quiet for a moment to let Deel speak and visible flinches as he assumes what Deel wanted to say. He shakes it off and cheerfully continues in the conversation.

He looks over in Sia-Lan's direction to see if she is done meditating and ready to talk with him........

15 August 2005, 06:00 PM
Corylis smiles, “I wanted to know…” She is cut off as a klaxon sounds in the cabin. The pilot speaks over the cabin communication system and the gibberish means little to everyone in the room but Deel.

He speaks up as the captain’s message ends, “Strap in. We’re coming out of hyperspace. He said this is a stop to make another jump from.” He pauses, thinking as he straps himself in, “Probably to throw off those bounty hunters who were chasing us, in case they followed us from the station.”

The ship shudders as it returns to real space. The captain comes on again and Deel translates for his companions. “The captain says we’ll just be here a few minutes as he calculates the next leg of the jump. Then we’re on to the next place.”

They sit back and talk for a few moments and then the ship shakes again. It shudders multiple times and Rayger blurts out, “That feels like blaster fire!” The lights suddenly blink and the klaxon sounds again. The captain shouts over the communications system and the meaning is clear, but Deel translates anyway. “We’re under attack!”

From outside, five snubfighters converge on the vessel. The bounty hunters in the ships coordinate their fire and quickly break through the shields. Directed fire rakes the unprotected hull visibly damaging the vessel.

“No kidding, hotshot!” Rayger retorts as the ship jerks, making him stumble. The rest of the passengers stagger as well, some standing up with concern, others grabbing the edges of their seats.

The passengers feel the lurch of the ship as the pilot attempts to evade the stutter-fire. By the additional shaking, it would seem as if he’s not doing a very good job at dodging the blasts. The rocking of the ship’s deck keeps everyone grabbing for support and stability.

One of the shots hit especially hard and a subsystem erupts in smoke and flame. Automatic fire suppressors disperse flame retardant foam and squelch the fire. Even as they do, secondary shots slam into the ship causing other small fires which are quickly suppressed as well. The scent of burnt electronics and fire suppressant quickly fills the cabin.

The klaxon changes its pattern and Rayger blurts out: “That means to prepare for evacuation. Get to the escape pod!” The pilot speaks over the communication system again and Deel understands the order to man the escape pods as well.

He and Rayger lead the rest of the group across the rocking deck and through a hall. They fall into the walls occasionally as the ship keeps lurching. They navigate the passage with difficulty and make it to the solitary escape pod.

They grab seats and buckle in, knowing an escape pod will be a very rough ride. An indicator light shows solid red, notifying the occupants the pod is not armed for launch. “Maybe the pilot has to arm it from the cockpit first?” Sia-Lan guesses from her seat.

“It would keep his passengers from leaving without him,” surmises Rann pointedly.

16 August 2005, 09:45 AM
Clutching her purse close to her side, Corylis followed the others to the escape pod, staying close to the Twi'lek and Rann, her heart beating fast. This wasn't the kind of sitch she was used to. "Will he have time to join us?" she asks worriedly, as she sits between Rann & Deel, still holding the handbag in her lap.

Kanner Ra'an
16 August 2005, 11:24 AM
"Im going to go get him!" Rayger says, unstrapping and making sure his weapons are secure. Losing them in a ship falling apart is the last thing they need if their under attack. "Be ready to go." Rayger says, rushing out of the pod towards the cockpit. He sprints though, knowing the dangers that can result if a system explodes around him. This is not what i signed up for. And who the sith makes remote arming on an escape pod. What if your not in the cockpit. This is how people die. Im gonna have to decide wheather or not to shoot this guy once i get him for endangering our lives. Rayger thinks grimly as he approaches the cockpit, opening it if possible. Either way, he yells. "We need to get out of here. Get your sithin but moving before we're space dust."

20 August 2005, 04:34 AM
“Rayger, wait!” Sia-Lan commands, clutching his arm before he has a chance to get out of the escape pod. “If the pilot stops flying and we eject, we’re going to be an easier target for whomever is shooting at us. Let him do his job. It’s our only chance of survival.”

As if on cue, the pilot’s voice comes over the speaker and Deel translates: “He says to hold on. He’s trying to get us to the planet.”

“What planet?” Rann questions, but only receives a shrug from the Twi’lek as a response.

Reluctantly, Rayger buckles back into his crash webbing, irritated at the entire situation.

The passengers suffer through another few jinks and dives, still feeling as the ship suffers angry blows from the enemy starships. Through the small portal in the end of the escape pod, they see a planet swing in and out of view as the pilot desperately continues evasive maneuvers. The ship decelerates suddenly and everyone looks worriedly at each other. Corylis quickly conjectures, “Atmosphere? We must have entered the atmosphere.”

At that moment, the launch status light goes from red to green and the door slides shut. The pilot again speaks, although some of his statements are muffled by an explosion in the room outside the escape pod. Deel again translates for the rest of his friends, “He says to get ready to launch on his command. It’s the only way.” The Twi’lek’s hand rises up to the launch button, ready to press it when ordered.

29 August 2005, 02:53 AM
A few long moments later, as the occupants of the small escape vessel continue to feel every jerk and bob of evasive maneuvers, as well as the shock and jolt as the maneuvers fail to allow the transport to evade its pursuers. The passengers grit their teeth until suddenly the captain barks and order and Deel’s hand slams forward, depressing the launch button.

With a thunk and a push, the escape pod separates violently from the transport and streaks towards the surface of the unknown planet below. The pilot’s tactics offered minimal flight time for the escape pod, decreasing the chances the bounty hunters will see the pod as it screams towards the very near planet surface.

The view from the front viewport of the pod shows the ground approaching at an alarmingly fast rate. The view from the back, inside the insulated pod, shows a blue sky with wispy ribbons of clouds. Quickly, the light from the sun is blocked as a bounty hunter ship chases its quarry of the transport.

The direct projectile path of the escape pod from the moment of its launch to the ground gives precious little flight time, and immediately the guidance system begins retrograde braking, attempting to bring the pod to a proper descent speed. The safety features required by most escape pods allows it to crash nearly uncontrolled while preserving the lives of its occupants, but the manufacturers tended to hope for better conditions in which the pods must be employed.

Through the front viewport, the ground below appears soft and white, a powder of fresh snow gleaming in the sunlight. The pod’s guidance system manages to deflect the nose upward, and the view changes to show a long field of snow before the pod.

With another horrific jolt, the pod impacts the ground and bounces up again momentarily. As the occupants scramble to hold onto pre-placed handholds and their crash webbing, loose items – nearly all their personal belongings – flail in the air of the cabin.

The pod comes down hard again and begins a long, fast slide forward. The contour of the land beneath the snow skews the pod and the slide turns from a forward motion, to an angled skid across the snowy plain. As the occupants had faced the center of the pod, looking at each other, they went from sliding in the direction of their sides, to one group sliding backwards and the other feeling a forward draw.

The skidding pod hits another unseen land formation which tips it, causing it to roll. The occupants are like small rodents inside a large wheel as they spin head over heels. They scream and shout at the vibrations and violent movements of the tumbling escape pod.

Suddenly, while the rolling continues, the shuddering stops. Inside, they cannot know the reason, but to the bird flying overhead, it sees the escape pod rolling off a short cliff towards a lake a few meters below.

With an audible splash, the pod impacts the water and sticks the nose into an oozing mud just beneath the surface. The movement of the pod has stopped, although the passengers still feel a nauseating spinning as their inner ears attempt to adjust to the lack of movement.

The front viewport displays the black darkness of lake-bottom mud. The rear viewport, looking through the entrance hatch, shows the blue sky with its wispy clouds, a short, tan and gray cliff, and nearby greenery of lakeside vegetation.

29 August 2005, 09:05 AM
As the pod finally comes to a stop, silence takes over in the cramped little craft. As the group slowly starts to move around again, Deel calls out to no one in particular, his voice dripping with sarcasm, "Well that was refreshing!"

As he was, wih his legs dangling over his head, compacted into the bottom of the pod, the green-skinned twi'lek began to ponderously haul himself into an upright position. Once standing, he smoothed out his clothes a little, then grabbed his bag and weapon case, stacking them at his feet.

After making sure that everyone was okay, he asks, "Sooo...what do we do now?"

29 August 2005, 11:24 AM
Corylis is dizzy to the point of almost being sick by the time the pod stops, and her face is green-white. Guess it's been too long since i did any zero-gee & I was never a natural for it, she thinks wryly. It's a few moments before she feels able to reply to Deel. "Perhaps get out, Mr. Surool? Once we figure out how far up the mud & water come, that is?" She unbuckles & stands slowly, one hand clutching her stomach, which is still not recovered. "I think I'll be OK, maybe...that was too much thrill & not enough ride. But any landing you walk away from..."

Howling Wookiee
1 September 2005, 04:38 PM
Rann keeps his eyes closed and face clenched right after the intial impact. His face shows no emotion, only visible strain across his face from the g-forces his body is experiencing. "There is no Fear, only Peace", is constantly going through his mind. Then they hit the first obstacle, there is no fear, only pe.........", Rann's eyes fly open and a inhuman yelp escapes his lips as his head bangs the back of the escape pod. He quickly closes his eyes and keeps them closed until they come to an abrupt stop.

He slowly opens his eyes as if he is merely waking up from a nap, then surveys the damage. The young Jedi student first rubs the back of his head, which seems sore but fine, then he moves all of his limbs to make sure nothing is broke and functioning properly. Rann is beat and bruised but fairly undamaged.

Rann looks up at Deel and tries to smiles at his comment of the ride as refreshing, "Reminds me of the time my master was teaching me defense against his TK attacks. I don't know which one was worse." A serious look crosses his face, "We need to make sure everyone else is ok and then assess the situation." Rann looks to the others as he unstraps himself and steadies himself against the "top" of the pod.

He regards Corylis, "You ok? Anything broken? Help me check on the others. Deel see what that hatch will do while we check on the others." Rann immediately goes to Sia-Lan to unstrap her and check on her. He hopes Corylis is doing the same with group's resident soldier.

((OOC: After Rann makes sure everyone is ok, he will assist Deel with the hatch, to see what they need to do to get out.))

Kanner Ra'an
3 September 2005, 01:50 PM
Rayger unbuckles himself, swearing quitly as he rights himself. "From now on i do the flying." He says gruffly, checking his gear for damage.Those bounty hunters are like Neks. Damn things just didn't want to give up. "See anything over their?" he asks, arming his carbine in the off chance that something is taking too much interest in the crash.

5 September 2005, 08:43 AM
Sia-Lan sits in her crash webbing, shocked at the recent turn of events and a little sore from the hard impact. Rann comes over and helps her unbuckle and she stands shakily. Sia checks to make sure her lightsaber is still attached and glances at the other passengers to assess their health. Looking out the front view port, Sia tries to lighten the mood, "Well, at least we landed on something soft."

5 September 2005, 04:43 PM
Corylis pulls herself together & sees that everyone else appears to be okay. "I'm alright," she says to Deel, "just got spun around one too many times. Do we get out or do we stay here?"

5 September 2005, 04:54 PM
Sia ponders Corylis' question, then gives her opinion, "I say that we get out and as far from here as possible. Whoever was chasing us probably knows that somebody ejected from the ship. Once they take care of the starship, I'm sure they'll be scouring the land for the escape pod."

5 September 2005, 06:40 PM
"I say that we get out and as far from here as possible. Whoever was chasing us probably knows that somebody ejected from the ship. Once they take care of the starship, I'm sure they'll be scouring the land for the escape pod."

"I partially agree", Deel adds, "While I agree that we need to get out of the pod, I don't think we should get too entirely far away. The pod's emergency transmitter is what will bring nearby rescue squads, and I'm sure this thing has a few survival supplies on it too. Also, We'll want to stick around to get a good look at our assailants. But for now, the lady is right, we need to move."

5 September 2005, 07:01 PM
Deel and Rann open the hatch with a pop and a plop as the air pressure inside the pod helps to push the door out and away, letting it fall into the water. The fresh air is thick with the smell of wet vegetation, and is a bit brisk with a slightly chilly temperature. They look around and see no signs of life nearby, but Sia’s warning about getting away from the pod encourages them to move quickly. Glancing upward, they see a trail of black smoke blazed through the sky. They guess it came from the transport, although cannot determine from their vantage.

Behind them, in the strange tilt of the pod, Rayger does a quick check of his equipment. Left in his bag is one datatape from Naboo and a medpac. Never having had the chance to replace his tattered combat suit, the soldier lacks any sort of armor. He checks his weapons to find his blaster pistol in good shape and charged, and his vibrodagger with full power as well. The blaster carbine is a different story. During the hard landing, the weapon must have been jostled about the cabin. The barrel has broken off, so the actuating blaster module is completely open to the environment. Without the cooling coils or emitter nozzle in the barrel assembly, the blaster will not fire again. Even worse, the primary focusing coils have taken a major dent, and are probably less coil than mangled mess. The damage is such that without a good blastersmith and his workshop, the carbine is useless.

The quarters inside the pod are very cramped, with the two ladies stuck behind Rann and Deel at the door, and Rayger at the far back. With Sia-Lan’s and Deel’s suggestions, Rann and Deel rummage about at the rear of the pod, looking in two cabinets marked ‘Survival Equipment’ in a variety of languages.

“Hey, a raft!” Deel says, announcing his find. He pushes it out the back of the hatch and it splashes into the lake. He pulls a cord and it automatically inflates, with a line still tethered to the pod for security. “That was convenient,” he says with a smile back to his friends.

Rann pulls a bag of equipment from the other cabinet and tosses it into the raft. “That should be our survival gear, courtesy of the pod.” He pulls the raft close and swings into it. He and Deel help the others into the orange raft, leaving the pod empty of occupants. The five individuals find the raft just barely large enough to hold them all, and figure it would be a tight fight for six, which the pod and raft would have been designed to hold.

The group sets at the back of the pod and put together two collapsible oars. The raft sits a few meters from the rock cliff they rolled off, about ten meters to a shore with green vegetation on it, and behind them is the large lake. The mountain lake sets below cliffs on the two sides, with a glacier at the far end and the greenery nearby. In the middle of the shore is an opening to a slow moving river that drains the lake and leads away from their present position.

Looking up into the sky, the group sees the black smoke trail. They can trace it across the lake and over the far glacier. At the rear of the glacier, the smoke trail ends in a larger plume of black smoke where the transport must have crashed. Deel’s keen eyesight picks out a few other contrails that seem to run parallel with the black smoke trail, and he assumes they are likely from the bounty hunters’ ships. He cannot see any of their ships in the sky, but assumes they might be lurking around.

Kanner Ra'an
5 September 2005, 11:00 PM
"Aw sith. This thing has been with me for a long time, and always worked well. But i cant afford any dead wieght if we got a hike coming up." Rayger thinks, removing the power pack, gas canister, and any other modular parts that seem salvagable from the weapon before secreting it in the water. Dont want to let anyone know this things gone. At least want them turning their heads, expecting a long range shot.

Ah well. Lets see what we have to survive on. I sure hope this guy had his pod up to republic regulations. Expired rations are really sithin bad to smell. Rayger thinks as he examines the contents of their survival gear.

9 September 2005, 02:19 AM
As he’s sitting in the life raft, Rayger’s attention becomes severely focused on his task at hand, emptying the survival pack and examining the contents. Inside, he finds a basic knife with a self sharpening sheath; a firestarter with about four-fifths of its charge left; fifteen meters of one centimeter thick rope, coiled; a manual pump water-filter; a two-liter bag to fill with water; two hand-held flares; one pen flare-launcher; container for six pen flares, with two missing; two plastic, single-use, half-liter, water pouches; a silver foil, thermal blanket; four emergency meal bars, no expiration date; a small medical kit, nearly completely stocked, although some of the medications have expired; a glowrod (still charged); and a small signaling mirror. He suspects the survival kit had once been better stocked, but was probably pilfered over time by the ship’s passengers or crew.

Kanner Ra'an
9 September 2005, 09:34 PM
Rayger gives a long sigh. "Not up to standards, but its better then no gear. At least we'll have some food for the night and a fire to keep us warm." He says, being optimistic. "Nothing that'll work for long though, so we have to hope for that rescue. Or that the bounty hunters will be nice enough to leave one of those ships ungaurded." The peacekeeper thinks a little more on that idea. Might work if they send ground crews in. Not something we should be thinking about though until were out of the water and on some better footing to think of counterattacks.

18 September 2005, 06:53 PM
Surveying the situation, Deel hazards an opinion to the rest of the group, "Uh, I'd say we head downstream a little. After all, the trigger-happies up there will, of a certainty, search the crash site and surrounding area. We can pull ashore an hour or so before dark and set up camp."

After a few moments of silence, Deel sighs heavily and visibly slumps, "Just like old times, eh guys?", he asks, his usual sense of humor back, if only to raise morale.

A few moments later he begins fervently rummaging through his bag, eventually retrieving a single carton of his trademark cigarettes.

"Phew, glad I remembered these!", he exclaims, opening a pack and lighting one. After a few indulgent puffs he asks, "I know most of you don't smoke under normal circumstances, but being the party that this is becoming, anybody want a smoke?"

18 September 2005, 06:57 PM
Sia silently agrees with Deel by nodding her head. Probably a good thing to get as far from the crash site as possible. She grabs her lightsaber and examines the weapon, making sure it still works.

A slight smile comes to her lips as Deel remarks on their situation. Yes, just like old times. She continues her silence as she waves away Deel's offer. Got to keep my mind on the here and now. I hope that we go undiscovered.

Howling Wookiee
20 September 2005, 05:43 PM
Rann surveys the area and looks skyward, then shakes his head, "We need get away from here before they notice the pod." He shields his eyes as he continues, "But I agree we need to stay close to it. I say we head to the river and go down. We go a little ways down river to find some cover and sit tight to assess the situation." Rann slides over the pod into the raft. He holds it steady as he motions for everyone to enter, "Be sure to grab all the supplies."

22 September 2005, 06:20 AM
Corylis, recovered from the rough--to her, anyways--landing, nods at the men. "Yes, moving a little ways away would be good. Hopefully we won't have to stay long." She begins gathering up the supplies, helping to stow them in the raft before entering, Corli sits down gingerly in the middle. "We're not going to have a very filling meal. Does anyone know how to fish, or what else is edible around here?"

(OOC: Hadn't realized it had been so long since I posted--sorry, all)

22 September 2005, 11:55 AM
"We're not going to have a very filling meal. Does anyone know how to fish, or what else is edible around here?"

"What do we look like? The flamin' Galactic Nature Scouts? And how can we possibly know what's good to eat here, if we don't even know where here is?", while Deel's words are somewhat harsh, his tired-sounding, resigned tone takes much of the sting out of them.

"Aw frell, I'm sorry.", he apologizes after a moment of uneasy silence, letting that same uneasy silence reassert itself once again...

Kanner Ra'an
22 September 2005, 02:10 PM
"Dont worry about it too much Deel. This many attacks in one day should have us all strangling each other. So i'd say we're doing good so far." He says, understanding Deels frustration isn't at a not-so-well though out question. He finishes replacing the supplies, making sure to keep them packed and ready to move should they be ambushed again.

"But, hey, rations can be a good meal. Lets get outta here and moving, and we'll eat in a bit and be a little easier after we have some food in our system."

22 September 2005, 03:41 PM
"Aw frell, I'm sorry.", he apologizes after a moment of uneasy silence, letting that same uneasy silence reassert itself once again...
"I--I'm sorry, Deel. That didn't make a lot of sense did it? I'm out of my depth," she confessed, flushing.

28 September 2005, 01:49 AM
Deel did a quick inventory of his bag as he rummaged for the pack of cigarettes, and found it in order. His weapons remain in the case, still closed and locked, as he sits back and takes a long drag from his cigarette, inhaling the smoke deeply and relaxing in the mild pleasure he gains from it.

With the raft settled, Rann pushes away from the pod forcefully, sending the small craft towards the mouth of the slow moving river. He looks inside the raft and sees several straps which he can use to tie gear down, and works with Rayger to tie the survival kit to the raft, keeping it secure from falling out if they hit rough water. Corylis and Deel follow suit with their bags, strapping them to the raft just enough to keep them with the boat.

Before long, the river makes a quick, short drop of about a meter, which the raft manages easily. It leads into high walled canyon, eliminating locations to stop for a while, but also giving better cover from any of the bounty hunters who lurked above, spying the area.

The river narrows, and begins to speed up mildly, especially as it dips and drops in a few locations. The speed is quite manageable, and the occupants work together to keep the raft heading in the right direction and upright.

The high canyon walls continue for quite some time, even as the river widens after about an hour of traveling its course. The speed slows down and the group takes the time to lay back and relax in the raft, knowing they’ve gained great distance from the pod and their pursuers.

Everyone’s eyes are closed, and most are napping quietly after the hectic events leading to their quiet river voyage. They do not see as the canyon walls taper away and the raft follows the lazy river into a temperate area with tall grasses along the high banks and trees in the distance.

The boat snags on something and stops with a soft bump, bringing several of the friends back to consciousness from their drowsy nap. Looking up on the high bank, standing at a small break in the grass, they see a tall humanoid with stringy white hair, a long, sloping forehead, widely spaced, deep blue eyes, small ears and a mouth turned up slightly in a smile. The humanoid’s skin is deep gray, but is mostly covered in flowing cloths the color of the earth, and tied with a white sash around the waist. The alien is unlike any the group has encountered before, but stands above the stopped raft peacefully, watching the group.

28 September 2005, 04:25 AM
As the raft makes its way down the river, Deel's subconscious decides there isn't anything for him to see and slowly he fades into a light sleep full of vivid, sometimes startling dreams...

In a speeder...

After the university formal...Deel's friend Nenka is driving...Deel's in the back with his girlfriend Iylie, they're smoking...Nenka really should turn down the lights in here...

...he can hear her say somehting but can't quite mae it out...damn the interior lights are bright.

The girl up front with Nenka...what was her name again? It doesn't matter...she says something. What was it? Oh, she wants him to turn down the lights too, so he can see to drive. Deel liked this girl. Iylie puts an arm around him in smiles.

A more startled expression from the girl up front. Deel didn't notice until now her beautiful blue hair...what?...she says he's driving too fast...she sounds really worried...but her hair looks so nice...


The interior lights are out...

Deel wakes up with a start as he realizes the bump wasn't only in his dream.

"Turn the lights on!", Deel mumbles, in a state of semi-consciousness, as he funbles around, trying to get his bearings. Maybe that sleep wasn't so light after all. Glancing around he sees the raft...the river...his friends. Finally it hits him, the ship, shot down, you're escaping.

Only then does he notice the exotic figure staring bemusedly down at him. Again with a start, Deel lurches back, bumping roughly into the barely awake Corylis.

"Sorry...", he mumbles distractedly, thinking to himself, I need another cigarette...

Not sure if the alien is real, or part of a lingering dream, Deel looks up, trying to look as amiable and unthreatening as possible. Not quite sure what to say, Deel decides to say nothing as he smiles up at the alien, giving a slight nod.

Kanner Ra'an
4 October 2005, 02:19 PM
Rayger turns his head lazily as after the boat catches a snag. A guy cant get a little piece and quiet for five min... hello! He thinks as he notices the strange humanoid watching the group. He undoes the clip on his weapons holster, but does so discreetly. Otherwise though, its just a percation, as he senses nothing threatening from the man.

"Um," Rayger says, too groggy to really think of anything to say. Unknown species, on a planet i've never been on before, with unknown intentions and allegience. He could be a nice guy just as confused as we are, or that smile could be because he thinks we look tasty. So what do you say to that...


4 October 2005, 04:32 PM
Corylis really does not like the situation. This just isn't the kind of travel accomodations a Senate aide gets. Corli hadn't even done much camping or hiking--unless you counted short jaunts in the well-planned, sedate, safe parks of Alderaan & Corescant.
She kept her feelings to herself, however, and let the raft ride lull her, pretending it was one of those rare trips to the park. Her earlier exertions, helping her companions paddle the raft, have tired her out. Whew, even when my parents had me working on ship-building, I don't think I worked so hard. Or else I didn't use the same muscles.
Corylis didn't intend to fall asleep, though. She's roused by Deel's muttered, "Turn the lights on!"
"Huh? What lights?" Drowsily, she realizes she'd fallen asleep against the Twi'lek. Blushing, Corli starts to apologize when Deel bumps her. "Ow...S'okay," she tells him, now awake enough to follow his glance. Corylis studies the newcomer.

5 October 2005, 05:53 PM
The alien smiles, calmly bringing his hands together beneath his chin, the long fingertips lightly touching the base of his face. His head bows forward and his hands part, opening with palms towards the group, outward, and at shoulder level.

Rann eyes the alien carefully, and although he sits curled at the edge of raft, he imitates the alien’s movement. Through the Force he feels no danger or threats from the alien. Instead, he feels a sense of relief and satisfaction emanating from the tall being.

Rann holds the motion for a long breath and the alien lowers his hands slowly to his waist, which Rann carefully mirrors. Breaking into another reserved smile, the alien turns to his side, and motions the group to exit the raft to the shore. His hands beckon them forward calmly and without threat.

Looking to his companions, Rann proclaims, “I sense no threat here. I feel we would be safe with him.”

Rayger, although uncertain of the peculiarities of the alien, also gets the feeling of no danger, just by the body language. Despite the infinite possibilities, most cultures adopted a similar base of body language, throughout the galaxy.

Uncertain of Rann’s abilities, Sia-Lan stretches out with the Force on her own. What she finds with her increased sense of empathy affirms Rann’s statements, and she also determines it is likely safe to go to shore. In any case, she is well armed with her lightsaber and the Force, and could quickly dispatch the alien if he became a threat.

9 October 2005, 06:29 PM
Corli returns the alien's greeting. The being seems friendly enough to her--but she's also aware from working in the Senate that a friendly demeaner can hide much. She looks to the 2 Jedi. They may be apprentices only, but Sen. Antilles and most other Alderaan leaders trust Jedi insight, and that is enough for her. "I agree with Rann," she tells the others, even as Sia-Lan nods agreement with the other padawan's assessment. "Going along may well help us hide a little better. And there should be a better meal."

9 October 2005, 08:19 PM
The alien smiles, calmly bringing his hands together beneath his chin, the long fingertips lightly touching the base of his face. His head bows forward and his hands part, opening with palms towards the group, outward, and at shoulder level.

Somewhat uneasy about the whole situation, Deel looks uncertainly on, and, after the alien(?)'s gesture, does a cautious wave-nod and says, "Hey, what's up?", only realizing later how ridiculous it sounded.

“I sense no threat here. I feel we would be safe with him.”

"Uhh", Deel hazards, eyes locked onto the alien, "I fel we would be safe with a parting chin touch as we set sail, if anyone cares..."

As the others head for the shore, Deel mutters, "Yeah, that's what I thought. But I want you all to remember this. Who conveniently forgot last time that I voted against tea with droidekas?"

Trailing at the back of the group as they head up the bank, Deel murmurs, "I have a bad feeling about this."

((OOC: Had to get the classic SW line in there somewhere! ;)))

Howling Wookiee
10 October 2005, 05:53 PM
Rann gingerly exits the raft, trying not to tip the others out. He approaches the alien and bows low at the waist. The young Jedi then turns to the the others to give them a nod of reassurance, "It means us no harm." Rann shades his eyes and looks to the sky for any sign of their attacker and after not seeing any he returns his attention back to the alien with arms wide and palms up, "I am Rann I-Kanu. We need shelter and to hide." He jestures his hands together over his head like a roof, then points to the sky. Rann hopes he is communicated well with the alien but is not real sure. He waits patiently for the others to exit the raft and he waits for a reply, if any, from the alien.

Kanner Ra'an
12 October 2005, 04:49 AM
Rayger shoulders their survival gear as they get out of their small boat. He is unsure of the alien, but Rann testifies to his intentions, and they have nothing else to go on so why not. He is almost reluctant to leave the raft though. Nice to actually just sit back and take a soothing boat ride. Even if we were constantly on the look out for bounty hunters. He thinks, as he drags the craft itself out so it can not be found by searching hunters.

12 October 2005, 07:44 PM
Sia-Lan exits the boat and checks to make sure it doesn't float away. You never know. We might need a getaway vehicle and this is the best we've got. Confident that the boat will not stray, Sia turns her attention back to the alien. Although the alien does not appear aggressive, Sia would rather be on the safe side. She bows to the alien in greeting. Good thing I've still got my lightsaber.

23 October 2005, 05:31 PM
After Sia-Lan finishes tying off the raft, she follows Rayger up to shore. She takes Deel’s proffered hand as he helps her up the short incline. Their alien greeter says nothing, and makes no response to Rann’s gesturing. Instead, as Rann works with his friends to leave their life raft, the alien takes several steps away from the river, moving twenty meters down a narrow dirt path.

When the group is ready, they begin to move, despite Deel’s quiet comment. They follow the alien guide, and he continually moves ahead of them, keeping ten to twenty meters between himself and the small group, continually leading the way.

Two minutes from the river, they meet with four other aliens, in similar appearance and fashion as their guide. The four appear unarmed, wearing nothing more than simple loin clothes and leather vests. They approach Rayger and motion towards his backpack, appearing to offer him to allow them to carry it, but leave it as his choice. They do the same for Deel and Corylis, although they do not forcefully take any of the baggage.

((OOC: Whether or not they are given the bags to carry…))

The foursome falls in behind the group, not in a threatening manner, just picking up the rear, while the greeter leads on. Cresting a hill which is probably a twenty minute walk from the river, the crash victims peer into a village below. Brown and dusty, a low cloud of smoke rolls through the dilapidated village. Before them, the guide has stopped to take in their reactions to the scene.

Dry. The single word seems to describe the village. Even as they continue off the hill into the hamlet, the earth beneath their feet seems to crack and crumble. The lush green grasses around the mountain lake do not reach anywhere near this area. Even the hillside bears brown, dry grass. As far as the eye can see there is brown.

The buildings in the village are composed of earthen blocks with woven grass roofs. The roofs are also dry, and in more than one structure they have collapsed or burned inward. Underneath the woven grass, visible in the structures with failed roofs, are wooden support structures, which rest atop the earthen walls.

Smoke from small cooking fires stays near the ground, catching in the heroes eyes and making them water. The tears quickly disappear into the dry air. While the general location would not seem to be a desert, the climate immediately around the village has the waterless quality.

Aliens of both genders move quickly towards the group, speaking softly in a strange language and reaching out to lightly touch the clothing of the group of crash victims. None of the moves seem to threaten anyone. Instead, the aliens appear desperate, searching for their saviors.

Another tall male alien approaches and the crowd hushes from their dull murmur to whispers. They part as he bows to the alien greeter, who quietly returns the bow and then gestures at the group. The newcomer moves forward and bows to the group, then gesturing them to a central, single-room building. The building is raised off the ground with open walls, which permit a dry, dusty breeze. The porters return the group’s bags and disappear outside.

Several males, apparently older than others judging by their white hair, sit in the central building. They rise and bow as the newcomers enter. Once everyone is in the room, they gesture to sit, waiting to take seats until the outsiders sit on pillows on the floor.

Sitting for a few moments, the elders speak quietly among themselves, watching the outsiders and smiling. The one who met their guide and ushered them into the central building appears to be the focal point of the elders’ attention, apparently a chieftain of sorts.

The chieftain speaks to a young woman who darts outside into the throng of aliens waiting beyond the walls of the central building. In her absence, the guide enters the room from a back door and takes a seat off to the side. The elders form a semi-circle with the chieftain at the center. At the base of the semi-circle sit the five outsiders. Beyond the circle, behind and to the chieftain’s left quietly sits the greeter who met the crash victims at the river.

Kanner Ra'an
24 October 2005, 01:24 PM
Rayger politely keeps the groups gear with him, trying to use body language to indicate that he appreciates the offer, but not really knowing how. Hes found their are many universal signs, but just as many forms of body language as their are verbal ones. As they walk though, he notices the aliens are looking troubled. Desperation eminates from many of the individuals. Whats going on here. I've never seen anything like these creatures before. But they seem to be at least comfortable with our level of advancement. They've had contact with someone, and it cant be all negative if they arn't threatening us... unless its been beaten into them that they shouldn't.

5 November 2005, 04:26 AM
Deel continues to hold all of his belongings as well, and apprehensively follows with the rest of the group into the village.

"Hundred thousand places to put a town", he mutters, "And they pick one like this."

As they descend into the village, one of the natives reaches out and touches one of Deel's flowing robes. Startled, the young twi'lek instinctively jumps away from the touch, managing a quick, "Hey!", before the pace takes him past the incident. By this time, however, another of the quiet-type villagers has reached out to touch his garment as well. Though not at all amused by the occurence, Deel manages to force a wry grin as he comments, "Well, at least they know real gruul-silk when they see it--."

He is cut off as one of the villagers makes a healthy grab of his robe and manages to catch up some apparently sensitive part of the twi'lek beneath the clothing. "Woah! Careful there...there's only so much deel to go around...". Deel doesn't seem to notice the imploring nature of the villagers, and this series of exchanges ends quickly when they are led into the "town hall".

As they sit, with the natives arrayed around them, Deel can't help but think, I sure hope we don't look like a buffet!

5 November 2005, 04:59 PM
They do the same for Deel and Corylis, although they do not forcefully take any of the baggage.
Corylis allows them to help her with what survival gear she is carrying. Her shoulder bag, as usual, she keeps close to her side. The Senatorial Aide stays close to the 2 Jedi padawans.

She watches both their guide and Deel. The guide knows what he is doing she decides. Deel she hasn't completely figured out yet--except that he is different from anyone she's met, and therefore quite intriguing. But the Jedi clearly trust him, and Sen. Antilles' more senior aides have taught her to trust Jedi judgment, even that of padawans.

Brown and dusty, a low cloud of smoke rolls through the dilapidated village...
Corli is shocked at the village's condition. It reminds her of holos from Sen. Antilles' recent mercy mission to a very poor world aligned with Aldaraan & its colony Delaya. "What has happened?" she whispers to Rann & Sia-Lan. "A fire? It looks like there's a bad drought but a drought can't be confined to so small an area..." Her voice trails off as she rubs her suddenly tearing, stinging eyes.

Aliens of both genders move quickly towards the group, speaking softly in a strange language and reaching out to lightly touch the clothing of the group of crash victims.
Corylis permits the touches, seeing their harmless, but does keep her precious bag close. The consequences of losing it would be terrible.

Once they are seated in the meeting, she studies them, considering. They don't seem hostile, just sad and desperate. Perhaps we can help each other. They seem familiar with--beings like us. Maybe they've had enough dealings with some humans or Twi'leks they can understand Basic. Or maybe the young female has gone for someone like a trader who knows other languages.
While she wasn't a diplomat per se, Corylis had picked up a great deal from observing first the executives of Alderaan Royal Engineers and then the Senator and his staff. She waits attentively for the chieftain to speak, &/or the "interpreter" she expects to return, thinking up what to say to convey a willingness to help as well as thier need for aid in exchange.

6 November 2005, 12:46 PM
Sia-Lan follows their guide, but decides to stay in back of the group to keep an eye on things. Soon, their group is joined by four other aliens who take up the rear. I'd better keep an eye on them. They don't look threatening, but I've got to be alert. She grips her lightsaber and reaches her senses outward.

Finally they come to the alien's village. Sia is saddened by the deplorable state of the village and her suspicions subside. Slowly, she takes her hand off the lightsaber. Why would they choose to live here? Why not move nearer to the river? As Sia ponders her thoughts, Corylis asks a question,

"What has happened?" she whispers to Rann & Sia-Lan. "A fire? It looks like there's a bad drought but a drought can't be confined to so small an area..."

Sia-Lan thinks this over for a minute, then replies, "I don't know why this has happened here. But, I have a feeling that we will soon find out the reason. I believe the Force has brought us here for a reason."

After a moments rest, the group moves on into the village. Poor, desperate villagers crowd around Sia and her friends and begin to touch their clothes. Sia's suspicions are roused immediately. What are they doing? Is this a trap? The Force didn't warn me! I'd better get us out of this! She reaches for her saber, but another quieter voice intervenes in her thoughts, No! Stop, these people are innocent! They mean you no harm. Sighing at her confusion, Sia settles down and allows their touches.

Finally they are lead into the town hall. Sia bows to the village's elders and takes the proffered seat. Nodding her thanks to the elders, Sia settles in an waits.

11 November 2005, 05:33 PM
The group sits in a small circle, quietly, smiling at each other. The villagers smile through strained looks, almost as if they are forcing a smile through a deal of great pain.

The girl returns after a few moments, with a few other woman in tow. They carry green leaves with a kind of steaming porridge in the middle. There were no green leaves anywhere around the village, and the inhabitants looked slightly malnourished as well.

The women pass out the leaves to the five newcomers before stepping back out of the hut and into the crowd. The men in the circle watch the five newcomers eagerly. After a moment of apprehension on the part of the new crowd, the chieftain cups his left hand and motions his right from his left hand to his mouth, symbolizing to eat.

The elders around him motion the same, smiling the entire time, in a very friendly fashion. Finally, the chieftain manages a word, “Eat,” which his companions quickly repeat in a happy tone.

Kanner Ra'an
12 November 2005, 12:45 AM
Rayger looks at the food. This is obviously a big deal to them, to be offering us food if they have so little. But if republic training taught me anything, was that refusing gifts can sometimes be fatally insulting, and that assume local food tastes like squill. Time to bet the plant. He thinks, before eating. He doesn't stop to sample it, but digs right in. Doing the former just outlines that the food is foriegn, where as a local wouldn't. All about making them feel comfortable. Oh god i hope this doesn't have parasites. And isn't the last offworlder who came here. The republic peacekeeper takes the few bites, and makes a gesture of thanks to the elders.

20 November 2005, 05:06 PM
Seeing the "food" presented to him made Deel sorry he ever left Naboo. Still, a test whiff revealed that the dish, whatever it was, certainly smelled like food. Still, Deel wasn't exactly keen on eating the stuff.

Wow, chewed it up for us too, I see...

With this and similarly disillusioned thoughts, he turns slightly to see Rayger digging in like it's nerf tenderloin in spicy sauce.

Poor kid, must not get out much...

Still uneasy, he thinks of asking for a spoon, seeing the fine mess that is becoming of Rayger's dining, despite the human's best efforts. In the end, grudgingly stifling his inner culinary critic, he swipes a fingertip through the soupy dish and plunges it into his mouth with as much bravado as he can muster...

((OOC: If the stuff tastes good...))

Okaaaay... Deel thinks to himself, here we go...eeewww!!! It's slimy, and thick...and...hey...this isn't too bad!

With an amiable smile, he nods to the chieftain, saying, "Good eats! I'd recommend a dry white wine to go with it, but you seem to have the eats under control."

Wow, so I guess they make up in cooking what they lack in landscaping...not a bad tradeoff out here in the sticks, I suppose...

((OOC: If it's bad...))

The instant the stuff hits his tongue, Deel knows he's made a mistake. His inner culinary critic gives him a quick "told ya so" before he gags, and nearly loses ground in the eating department. Eventually, he manages to choke down the offensive morsel, but decides not to press his luck with his system.

In an attempt to show the locals that he wasn't hungry, he pats his middle soundly, while shaking to the negative. Inexplicably, this has the side-effect of eliciting a small burp from Deel's twi'lek anatomy. Gravely embarassed, but at the same time, darkly amused, the incorrigible twi'lek flushes a darker shade of green, then smiles a needle-toothed grin and says, "Excuse me."

20 November 2005, 05:22 PM
Corli nods gracious "thank yous" to both the servers and the Chieftain. She's not looking forward to trying the repast--and is feeling guilty for what the villagers would probably be grateful to have. The Senate aide wonders again what has happened here.
She tries to follow Rayger's example, but just a little neater, using her first 2 fingers to scoop up small bites, the way she has seen rednut pudding eaten by the senatorial contingent from Arral III. It looks like the pudding a little, except for being beige rather than green, & having little grobules instead of chopped rednuts. It's even served warm like the Arrali appetizer. The "pudding" has cooled just enough that it doesn't burn her fingers or mouth.

After taking her first bites and smiling at their hosts, she watches Rayger & Deel for a moment, to see how they are reacting to the flavor and texture, before eating more.

24 November 2005, 09:43 AM
Sia-Lan nods her thanks to the elders. I don't feel right accepting this food, but I'd better eat or I'll insult them. Sia takes a timid bite, testing the porridge. Um! This is good! Much better than some of the stuff they had at the Temple. Sia smiles at the elders and says, "It's good." Then, she digs into the food.

25 November 2005, 02:50 AM
Out of sight of the village’s guests, a tall, lithe woman glides through the throng of villagers, headed towards the central platform hut. Her hair is as black as deep space, and her eyes milky white, the pupils just darker than the rest of the irises. Her olive skin makes her stand out in the crowd of aliens with the deep gray skin. She wears tall boots than go up to her mid-thigh, a long vest which goes down to her knees and is open in front, along with armbands and a headband, all of which are a bright green, the color of grass on Naboo after a fresh spring shower. She also wears a single-piece top of purple which appears to be part sleeve-less blouse and part loincloth, tied with a sash of the same color about her waist. Her forearms are covered with a dark leather wrap, forming a bracer which extends to cover each wrist. She too is humanoid, but obviously as alien to the village as the newcomers.

Inside the hut, the group of outsiders eats the meal provided to them. The mixture is sweet, and yet has a hint of spice to it as well. There is a hint of curry, ginger and allspice in the blend of scents and tastes. The exotic blend and unusual presentation highlights the alien nature of the village and planet to each of the guests. The village elders look on eagerly and happily as their visitors partake of the sparse food.

Outside the hut, the crowd seems to unconsciously part for the near-human in their midst, and then flow back together like water after she has passed through. She ascends into the central hut in the same flowing fashion, and fashions a seat in the ring of elders and guests. She nods cordially to the chieftain, keeping her bowed for a long moment. Then she turns to face the newcomers, and studies them for a moment.

After a long moment, the greeter at the back of the circle speaks in a language none of the new group understands. It is neither threatening, nor jovial. It seems serious and somber, and the intonation would almost seem as if he is telling a story, or an oral history of some sort. The Padawans seem to quickly recognize the style of speech, if not the intent, from their many learnings at the Jedi Temple on Coruscant.

The near-human woman watches the group as they pause in eating their meal, studying their faces as they listen to the elder greeter. With the elder’s speech, she has no longer become the object of their curiosity. As the puzzled looks on the faces of the guests remain, she begins to speak. Her alto voice is melodic and passive, having a lulling quality. It brings a sense of peace and calm, even if she spoke in a language not understood by her audience. In this case, however, her Basic is easily comprehended.

“Skarar says you have been sent by the gods to help his village. The gods came to him in a dream and told him to wait by the river for his champions, and justly so, your party arrived.”

She pauses, and the group notices Skarar, the elder who greeted them, has also stopped. His soft voice had faded to the background as the near-human spoke, and the group had not realized he had finished – at least for now – his speech.

The woman eyes them quizzically. “I am less trusting than Skarar. I wonder if instead you come only to search treasure and your own benefit.”

Kanner Ra'an
29 November 2005, 06:49 AM

Rayger thinks, deciding the truth is the best idea right now. Telling them what they want to hear would only get the woman to be less trustworty of them, and telling her that shes right, which is completely untrue, would obviously be a bad idea as well. He wonders what the Jedi and their force would think of this though. It is often very similar to religions, and the Jedi may even believe the elder, thinking it some kind of fate. Ah well... here we go.

"We're actually here thanks to some ship troubles. We didn't come to steal anything at all." He says, honestly. "Though it doesn't look like theirs much to steal. Im assuming from that and your greeting, and the fact that your looking for champions, that you've had trouble with that?" He goes directly for the heart of whats wrong with this place. They've obviously had contact with offworlds, a basic speaking person confirming that. What kind of contact remains to be seen though.

30 November 2005, 05:11 AM
Corylis continues eating her portion of the "pudding," smiling at the pleasant taste. When the woman arrives, she studies her surreptitiously.

“Skarar says you have been sent by the gods to help his village...I am less trusting than Skarar. I wonder if instead you come only to search treasure and your own benefit.”

The Aide thiks, It was only a matter of time before someone questioned us. she at least seems willing to give us a hearing. Corli favors telling the truth in this situation. She considers her reply carefully. Although aide to a senator from an influential world, Corylis ha had less time than many to learn the nuances of diplomacy. As a coourier, her duties keep her away from Sen. Antllies side, rather than where she can observe his ways.
Before she can talk, Rayger speaks. corli tries to catch his eye & nod approvingly. She is quite willing to offer aid for aid, but not without the agreement of her companions.

6 December 2005, 03:54 PM
“Skarar says you have been sent by the gods to help his village. The gods came to him in a dream and told him to wait by the river for his champions, and justly so, your party arrived.”

Surprising himself by taking one last bite of hut-mash, Deel swallows, then gives his unique two decicreds.

"Well ya know...", he starts, "It's not exactly like we planned on coming here, dear. I guess, if your head pumbaa needs a hand with something, I'd be glad to do what I can, but we could use a little help in our situation too ya know. We aren't really scheduled for a layover here...wherever 'here' is..."

After this, Deel slumps morosely, lamenting his fate.

9 December 2005, 09:38 AM
The woman’s white eyes narrowed as she scrutinized the outsiders and their story. She looks at them for a long moment. As her stare continues, Rayger begins to feel nervous about the situation, as if things might suddenly turn sour.

Suddenly her shoulders relax and with a slight smile, she turns and speaks to the chieftain.

It is, however, the man who greeted the party at the river who responds to her, and apparently the group as well. While the group cannot understand his words, the woman nods her head occasionally. After a moment, she glances back at the group, and sees their confusion.

“Skarar insists you were sent by the gods to help his people. That is why you arrived here. And that once you complete this mission of salvation, the elders will give you passage to a trading village where you can find a transport,” she informs them quietly as Skarar, the shaman and greeter, continues.

Deel protests, “Wait a second. The gods didn’t send us, our starship crashed. I mean, this hospitality is fine and all, but…”

She interrupts him with a wave of her hand. “I explained your story. Skarar insists it is by the will of the gods that you have come here. And so, by there will, you will help his village.”

“You will rest the night here. The elders will provide you quarters. In the morning, I will lead you…”

Corli cannot help but interrupt, “Wait. What happened here?”

The woman cocks her head to the side and scrutinizes them again. She turns and speaks to the elder, who has stopped his previous speech, and says something softly to him. He begins to speak again, and she nods and translates.

“A dark evil has been growing nearby. The village had a magic relic which protected them. But the evil has come and stolen the relic. The well dried, soon followed by the crops. With the crops dry, the animals starved quickly and wasted away. But this happened much faster than it should have. One morning the village woke and found their children had disappeared in the middle of the night.”

The shaman has stopped speaking and watches the group intently. The chieftain and the elders sit quietly, appearing nervous at the outcome of the discussion.

“Skarar says the gods have sent you to recover the relic and rescue the children.”

She pauses, looking to the floor for a moment before looking back up at the group. “I too came to help the village. But I have been unable to accomplish this single-handedly. So I too believe you have come to help the village. Once we have recovered the relic and rescued the children, then I will lead you to the trader outpost.”

"The elders will let you stay in this hut for the night. Sleep well, we will leave in the morning.” She rises, as fluidly as when she sat down, as if she floated on the air, and begins to exit.

Rann stops her for a moment, “If we’re going to help you, don’t we even get to know your name?”

“I am called Valara Saar,” she says, holding his stare for a long moment. She gives a brief smile, and then disappears out the doorway and into the twilight which has come over the village.

Following Valara's departure, the elders rise. Rann and Sia-Lan also stand, out of respect, and the others follow their lead. The elders bow their heads and file out of the central hut. As they move away from the hut, the crowd disperses into the village.

A few torches are lit throughout the village, casting soft orange glows to light paths between the huts. A soft glow from a moon is diffused by the haze in the village, but provide enough light to see in the hut. The heroes are left alone for the moment.

8 January 2006, 11:45 AM
Sia-Lan sits down cross legged on the comfortable pillow after the elders leave, utterly confused about their new situation. Is it mere circumstance that lead us to these people? Or is it the Force guiding us? I've been so lost lately. She glances at Rann, expecting that he may have the answer. He always seems to have the answer. Closing her eyes, Sia reaches for the calming sensation of the Force, hoping to get answers of her own.

24 January 2006, 10:29 AM
Corylis sits back down after Valara Saar leaves. She's confused by the turn of events, but too in awe of the Jedi to confide in them. She motions to the young Twi'lek man to join her. "What do you think of this?”

Taking the cue, and glad to leave the Jedi to deal with their own system of ethics, Deel glances back furtively in the direction Valara left.

Shrugging slightly, he admits, "It doesn't look like we have much of a choice. Still, I'm skeptical. I mean, if five people can take care of this, why isn't it already done? Then again, they didn't have me around before, which is significant.”

In spite of her uneasiness, Corli can't help but laugh. "C'mon, you don't believe that 'Destined To' stuff." She looked around furtively, hoping the Jedi hadn't noticed. Seeing they were apparently lost in their meditations, she turns thoughtful. "You know, that might be it. These villagers don't seem to know a lot about modern things & whoever's got that relic might be modern--or at least have gotten some modern arms & gear. We don't have much after that damned crash--but at least we'd know what to do with it if we got some. Or how to keep from getting hurt if it's aimed at us.”

"If we can.", Deel agrees somberly. Then he continues, "You know, this trader post must be nearby if they promise to walk us there. We might consider going out to hunt Big Bad, then stroll around in search of this post. If its not there, we can tell these people back here to stuff their schpiel without getting stiffed.”

You think they might have lied?" she asks. "No one would lie about their kids being taken.”

"People have lied about crazier things", Deel insists, but eventually adds, "But you're right, of course, I'm sure its out there somewhere. I guess I'm just wondering if we might cut out the middle man and find a way outta here the old-fashioned way. None of this errand running. Let 'em get their own gewgaw back.”

"But the little ones, they need someone to help them, don't they."

Deel grimaces, as if he was trying not to let his mind think of the kids, "Well, yeah they need some help...but so do I...and..."

"And even if we find the traders, ourself, how are we gonna pay for the trip off this place? The Jedi always have a way, but not us. And here's a thought? Maybe where that relic or geegaw or wahtever is, there'll be something we can use to trade for our passage off."

"Maybe the trinket itself? I'm not above ruining the socio-religous fabric of the native Fug tribe for a ticket off this mudball.", he murmurs quietly, with a slight mischievous grin.

She gives him a shocked look which he returns a grin and a wink for change.

Eventually giving up, Deel sighs and grumbles, "Okay, where do I sign up?"

Corylis giggles softly in relief.

Howling Wookiee
28 January 2006, 06:20 AM
Rann rises from his low bow as Skarar and the elders leave. He falls down on one of the pillows and rubs his temples lightly while in quiet thought. He hears the others conversations going on around him but he tunes them out for a brief moment. The padawan feels as if someone is glancing at him and he opens his eyes to see Sia-Lan looking at him. He gives her a silent smile and then closes his eyes again.

The young Jedi in training touches the Force lightly, hoping to get any insight to the situation at hand or any answers to the questions that all his little band of adventurers have. The only feeling he gets is reassuarnce from the Force and he opens his eyes. He nods to himself, satisfied and regards the others. Rann catches the last of Deel and Corylis' conversation. He interjects, "I feel the situation the that our new friends are in is valid. The Force reassures me of that. The reason I feel they have failed in the their mission is that they appear to be a peaceful race and not with the intent or desire for war. We must do all we can to help them even if they did not offer to help us off this planet." He turns his attention to Sia-Lan, "What do you feel? What do you gather from the Force? Do you agree or disagree?" Rann regards her openly and peacefully, still not really knowing her emotional state after touching the Dark Side on numerous occasions.

While he waits on Sai-Lan's answers he turns his attention to Rayger, "What does your instincts tell you about this? I would like everyone's input before we formulate a course of action. I think we all need to openly discuss this before we agree to do anything. You all have my input and it sounds like Corylis and Deel are in."

29 January 2006, 01:37 AM
Rayger looks at his companions and weighs Rann’s question carefully. His eyes pass over each of the members of the party slowly, as if he evaluates what each of them can bring to the mission.

“My instincts tell me we’ve got few options. I don’t much plan on spending the rest of my days in this village, especially if that meal was considered a treat and an uncommon occurrence. Like the boy,” he nods towards Deel, “says, we could try to set out and find our own way off this rock. But that takes time. We’d be searching for a needle in a haystack.”

Allowing a brief pause, a glisten in his eyes and he quickly adds, “Besides, there could be treasure.”

Rann looks about the group again, “Okay, Sia. That leaves it to you. What’s the decision?”

29 January 2006, 09:10 AM
Sia-Lan opens her eyes slowly, unsatisfied with the Force. It's not telling me anything! Why?! Sia, confused and angry, searches for the right words. Should I tell them the truth? That I don't know what to do? Looking at Rann, briefly, she casts her eyes downwards. The dark voice returns, Then you'd be admitting you're not up to his level! Lie to them! Struggling mightily, Sia screams back, But they're my friends! I can't do that to them! I have to tell them!

Taking in a long breath, Sia looks back up at Rann, then at each of her companions. "I don't know what to do," she admits. "I feel lost and out of touch with the Force." Swallowing hard, Sia continues, "But, I trust Rann's judgment. I will follow his lead." She looks to Rann again for reassurance.

Howling Wookiee
29 January 2006, 12:24 PM
Rann listens to Rayger and quietly nods to himself again. He looks up and to Sia-Lan when Rayger throws the "ball" into her court. Rann opens himself up to the Force lightly as Sia-Lan struggles to come to her conclusion. He feels her confusion but can not pin point the source. When she answers he catches her gaze and gives her a reassuring nod, "One can not be lost to the Force nor lose touch with it. I do not know all there is to know about the Force Sia-Lan but I follow my instincts that are paths of the Force calling to me. Open yourself up to them." He looks down at his hands, "There is a dark shadow over you that you must confront. I will help you with this later if you wish......" He trails off hoping not to embarrass her or point her out. Well then I guess if everyone is in agreement, we will set out with Skarar in the morning. I suggest we all get a good nights sleep. The Force only knows what we will be up against tomorrow."

Kanner Ra'an
6 February 2006, 07:28 PM
"If a few weeks with you guys is any indication, blood thirsty invisible vampire mynocks and purple flesh eating trees shooting ice spears. Should be fun." Rayger says casually, trying to lighten the mood a little. Doing whatever needs to be done can probably get them off this rock quicker, and it may be nice to work for someone other then a republic beruacrat. "Ah well, goodnight."

6 February 2006, 08:55 PM
We must do all we can to help them even if they did not offer to help us off this planet.

"Maybe you must, my friend. But where I come from you gotta give to get. If they weren't offering a way to get off this dustbunny of a planet, I'd suggest we head back for the raft at earliest posible convenience.", Deel says stingily. Though most of the group feels he could be persuaded otherwise, it'd have probably been a pain to do so. It is good that the "mission" can be seen by Deel as a business venture.

Well then I guess if everyone is in agreement, we will set out with Skarar in the morning. I suggest we all get a good nights sleep. The Force only knows what we will be up against tomorrow.

Deel grumbles something which, over the years, the "old crew" knows to translate as grudging agreement, though an agreement that allows the young twi'lek to retain griping rights. Still, the handsome twi searches for a decent spot along the edge of the building, where he fluffs his clothes bag and rests his head on it.

Seconds later, he disgustedly punches his ersatz pillow a few times, before again lying down for a rest...he didn't think he'd sleep well tonight...

12 February 2006, 01:40 AM
The night passes without incident for the group. Weary from their rapid escape from Swodiw Station, and fleeing from the bounty hunters, everyone in the hut succumbs to slumber or meditation. The events on the station, actually leaving Theed, seems like years ago, not within the day.

Valara Saar returns in the twilight before dawn. Through the smoke which blankets the village, the pre-dawn lightness is masked all the more. The party slowly wakes as Valara leans against a wall, watching them curiously. A small platter of fruits and nuts sit in the middle of the room. Again it appears to be a gift of enormous proportion, as the villagers sacrifice what little they have for their guests.

“Good morning, heroes,” Valara says with a slight smile. “We have a day’s journey ahead of us, and should get started quickly. I hope you are ready for a good hike.”

The party rises, some more quickly than others. Valara gives Rann another hard stare, but before he can question her, she moves outside, continuing preparations for the trek. The party consumes the graciously offered fruit and nuts, packs their gear and joins Valara at the edge of the village.

The villagers have gathered again to see off the group, most of them teary-eyed and yet hopeful. Valara exchanges a few words in the alien tongue with the shaman, bows to him, and sets out on a path out of the village. She moves at a quick pace, expecting the group to keep up with her long strides.

Rayger knows they are making good time for the day. His own body is well-trained and well-maintained for such activities, and he can see the same is true of the Padawan Learners, but knows Deel and Corli are less suited to rigorous physical work. While limited in his choice of arms, he keeps the rear guard during the march. In addition to the protection from outside influences, he also keeps a wary eye on their newest addition, Valara Saar.

The group requests more frequent stops than Valara would like, and her opinion of the matter is obvious through her non-verbal cues. Still, she says little, and tries to find a pace which keeps them moving quickly, but also does not overly tire the party.

As the sun settles behind the tree-lined hills, Valara announces they will stop and make camp for the evening. They gather firewood and build a small fire. Dinner is gathered from local fruits, nuts and tubers. Remarkably, it tastes delicious. Rayger’s survival knowledge helps to build primitive sleeping structures for the some of the group who desire to have some shelter from the night.

After several members have gone to bed, Valara sits near Rann and watches the small campfire quietly. “You, Jedi, where is your lightsaber? I see your companion carries hers.”

Rann, a bit startled at the direct question, looks at her with wide-eyes for a moment before responding. “I’m not a Jedi, yet. I’m just a Padawan Learner.”

“There is no difference, Jedi. You follow the code, you live the life. How does that make you any less than those whom you call Master? Are they any more Jedi than you?”

Kanner Ra'an
13 February 2006, 02:33 PM
Rayger sits quietly against the trunk of a huge tree, finding haven under its branches so other can use the makeshift shelter. He is dutifully cleaning his blaster when Rann is beligerantly questioned by Valara. Your right. He does live the way and follow the code. But you think you know more then him about what a Jedi is. Never ceases to amaze me how people are most arrogant when it comes to their beliefs. Ah well, not my battle. He thinks to himself, curious as to either of the Jedi's response.

Howling Wookiee
16 February 2006, 12:24 PM
Rann stretches his weary back when the group finally comes to a halt that evening. He helps the others gather wood and provisions for the night ahead. The padawan sits on a log near Valara. He is in deep thought when a question from her brings him out of his thoughts:

You, Jedi, where is your lightsaber? I see your companion carries hers.

Rann is slightly taken aback by the forwardness of the stranger, "I......um.......displaced it on one of our adventures. When the time comes I will construct another." Her next question takes him aback even more that the first:

There is no difference, Jedi. You follow the code, you live the life. How does that make you any less than those whom you call Master? Are they any more Jedi than you?

Rann responds with an even tone and unthreatening, "The is a large difference, <pause>, Experience. My masters have more experience than I do. They have been living through the Force for much longer than I have and that is what I will learn from, their experience. All Jedi live by the Code but we are always learning and when we stop listening to our masters, we stop learning." Rann looks around as if gathering his thougths and continues, "You speak as if you know the ways of the Jedi. Have you had any training or dealings with us?" Rann leaves the question open ended hoping to leave it to her to answer the questions she has raised in the young padawan's head.

16 February 2006, 05:09 PM
Valara eyes the young man carefully. “Certainly they have more experience, but you still remain as much a Jedi as they.” She pauses, staring into the fire for a long moment. “You are right to know when you stop listening, you stop learning. As long as you continue to listen to the Force, you continually learn. That is the wisdom of a Jedi.” Looking into the fire a moment longer, “You can try to learn from the experiences of others. However, there is only the now. There is no past, there is no future. Experiences are of the past. Pay attention to the current moment fully, Jedi. Open yourself to it, feel it with all your senses.”

“As you live by your Code, and follow the path of the Jedi, you are a Jedi.” Valara smiles at Rann, “Do not think yourself any less.” She rises, again as floating, and turns from the fire and steps away from the central flames. Casting a glance over her shoulder, Rann hears a hint of amusement in her voice. “Sleep well, Jedi. We have a long day ahead of us tomorrow.”

Stepping away from the central ring, Valara makes no sound and slips into a shadow. Rann makes out her silhouette, and watches as she descends into a meditation position. He can feel her presence fully in the Force, more vividly than his eyes can make out her form. Her comments stay in his mind as the sounds of the living jungle change slowly during the early night hours.

19 February 2006, 01:34 PM
Sia-Lan sits by the fire, eating a remarkably sweet fruit. I wonder what this is called. The Temple could use some of this fruit. She smiles, for what seems like the first time in weeks, happy to be amoung friends. She finishes off the sweet fruit and with her sleeve, wipes juice off her chin. Standing up, Sia brushes dust off her filthy clothes.

Seeing Rayger cleaning his blaster, Sia is reminded of her lightsaber. It’s probably filthy. It’s a wonder it still works. She grabs her lightsaber and inspects the handle. Absolutely filthy! My master would not like this. I'd better take care of this. Walking over to Rayger, Sia sits down, cross legged, beside him. Smiling, Sia holds up the hilt and says, "I don't suppose you'd have anything I could use to clean this."

Kanner Ra'an
19 February 2006, 05:15 PM
"Im guessing this stuff im using should work." Rayger says, passing Sia-Lann over the small kit from his basic soldiery gear. "I havn't ever even touched one of those things, but it is basically blaster technology, so this stuff should work." He finishes reassembling his blaster pistol and checks the ammunition. The Peacekeeping isn't entirely enthused by only having his side arm. I wish i had one of those things right now. Hell, i'd kill to have my carbine back and working.

20 February 2006, 02:01 PM
Sia-Lan grabs the cleaning kit and says, "Thank you, Rayger. This should work well." She cleans her lightsaber and watches Rayger assemble his blaster. His blaster means much to him. Probably as much as a Jedi cherishes their lightsaber. With a small smile, Sia says, "It seems that we have much in common Rayger. Although we don't always use them, our weapons define who we are."

Kanner Ra'an
21 February 2006, 12:33 PM
Rayger ponders on what Sia-Lann says for a second as he replaces his weapon into its holster. "I dont think so actually. A weapon is meant for nothing more then killing. My job is an investigater, im a peacekeeper, not a soldier anymore. I got issued this thing because RIOP agents are notoriously unpopular." He says with a smile, remembering the numerous stories that he'd been told by other investigators. "Im not a weapon, im... im the governments eyes and ears. Well, the eyes anyways. They only really hear what they want to." He says, curious as to the Jedi's response. Their role is much the same as his, except the Jedi have the power to resolve a crisis, where as he reports on them to the republic. He doubts that she really thinks of herself as a weapon though. The Jedi are often the first to point out that their not mercenaries who just side with the republic.

22 February 2006, 06:11 PM
Sia-Lan frowns, "I'm sorry if I offended you." What did I really mean by that? I've been so confused these last few days. Sia holds out her lightsaber and says jokingly, "Well, my master always told me 'This weapon is your life.' Maybe I'm taking that a little too seriously."

Sia falls silent, thinking for a moment. What did I mean by that? Jedi aren't warriors, we're keepers of the peace, guardians of the Republic. Not bloodthirsty killers.

Kanner Ra'an
23 February 2006, 08:45 AM
"Not at all." Rayger says, wondering about the Jedi. He doesn't need to force to sense some confusion from her. Thats odd. Usually Jedi are so in control of their thoughts. Must just be the planet and the lack of rest. "The weapon is your life thing makes sense though. The Jedi have amazing abilities, but they can keep the peace half by their reputation. A Jedi always being ready, and able, to defend themselves and others is what makes them a force to be rekoned with."

25 February 2006, 05:49 PM
Sia thinks over Raygers words, then replies, "Very true, Rayger. Spoken like a true Jedi. You know much of our ways. If you were Force-sensitive, I know you would make a good Jedi."

Sia smiles, then quiets. Probably a better Jedi than I am now. Where did I go wrong? All I was trying to do was save my friends. There's nothing wrong with that! But, is there? She finishes cleaning her lightsaber and returns the cleaning kit to Rayger. Then, she sits next to him, content to be with friends, and stares at the dancing fire.

Kanner Ra'an
27 February 2006, 02:22 PM
"Thankyou." Rayger says, a little taken aback. The Jedi are something truely special. To be told by one that you would be a good addition was very complimentry. Not exactly my thing, but that was a hell of a compliment. I like making my own decisions though. I've heard Jedi are servants to the force. Still, it seems pretty real, so it isn't exactly a religion. Rayger thinks idoly, enjoying the warmth of the fire as he entertains the thoughts.

2 March 2006, 06:26 PM
Deel tosses his pack to the ground contemptuously, and finds himself a reasonably comfortable patch of earth to sit on. Taking off his shoes, designed more for fashion than any semblance of comfort, he gingerly touches his feet, wincing in pain as he sees an impressive row of light green blisters on his light green feet.

"Those look as bad as mine feel." He lloks up to see Corylis standing over him. "Mind if I join you?" Without waiting for an answer, she joins him. While she's wearing boots, they are more decorative than sturdy. "Ouch!" she groans as she pulls them off, followed by the liners. Glancing at the bootsoles, she tosses them aside, and they fall against Deels pack. "Hmm, debateable whether my feet or booties are in worse shape." While they don't have as many blisters as the Twi'elk's, her feet are obviously sore & tender, too. She begins to lightly massage them.

"Least you can touch yours", Deel sulks, "Mine feel as if they're about to explode...and i complained about sleeping on the floor when I was shipping into Naboo...". Deel shakes his head morosely as he remembers.

"Will you let me? They do need to be washed & padded tonight. I'm good with taking care of feet," she offers. "And you could work on mine. It's easier to do someone elses."

Deel looks at the girl...then at his feet...then back at the girl, a look of uncertainty and apprehension on his face, "Uhhh, I think mine'll be fine on their own, thanks. Maybe if you have yourselfa straight pin in a medkit I'll get it off of you to lance these, but they don't need any more working over today. I don't even want to think about how they'll feel tommorow morning."

After a few moments, he offers, "If you'd tell me what to do, though, I guess I could do yours."

"Oh, okay...you'll still need help to wrap them up. Then I'll tell you how to massage mine out. I might need a couple of spots on mine padded or they'll look like yours tomorrow."

"Oh gee, thanks.", Deel moans, lamenting the fate of his hapless feet.

"So I wonder if our tour guide pays for pain and suffering damages as well as health expenses on top of our fat reward and ticket home? I tell ya, I could use about a year in Spa Ryloth about now."

Corylis smiled. "That sounds good to me too. " She gingerly put the booties back on & put a small pot of water on the fire to warm & use for washing. "I am so worried. Either the Senator is gonna think I'm dead or that I ran off. I've gotta get that stuff--well, where all it's supposed to be."

"So...", Deel asks, still wincing slightly, though he gloried in the colling sensation of the evening breeze on his abused feet, "Your courier work...I've worked in interstellar shipping...it is very similar?"
"No--all your stuff would go through Customs." I'mnot just a courier, I'm a diplomatic courier. " she taps the bag she's still wearing. "This doesn't get searched by anyone." She wondered briefly if she should be telling the guy this--but he was in a party with Jedi, and the Republic agent so he had to be trustworthy. Well, as trustworthy as me. But it's not like I let anyone see what the Senator puts in here, so I'm not doing wrong...

Post created with Ris and posted with permission.

5 March 2006, 07:35 AM
The night passes quietly, allowing some passing of sleep for the party. While the nightlife of the jungle avoided the campsite, the inhabitants remained uneasy from their flight from Naboo, crash landing on this strange planet, and mysterious mission demanded of them by the starving natives.

Valara rose before sunrise, which would come late in the day due to the heavy canopy at the tree tops. Her light touch helped to rouse the others. She led one of her companions to gather fresh fruits, nuts and tubers to make a simple, but tasteful field breakfast. Rayger, the most familiar with meals in the field as a soldier, appreciated the variety and flavor of the foods, although he taste tested each type of food carefully to ensure it would not make him ill or worse.

After breakfast, they strike camp and Valara leads the group again through the thick jungle. Several hours later, after marching hard, they reach the edge of the jungle, a clearing at the edge of a cliff. To the left, a river comes to an abrupt halt and water cascades off the rim into a pool thirty meters below. The crashing noise of the heavy water sounds soft at the top of the cliff.

The river winds away from the pool at the bottom of the cliff. The river extends in the winding fashion through additional jungle. The waterway stretches across a straight-line distance which Rayger judges to be approximately five kilometers. His trained eye estimates the actual length of the river to be ten or twelve kilometers, if followed through its twists and turns.

At the end of the five kilometers is another cliff, where the water drops off yet again. At the second cliff, alongside the river, rest crumbled ruins of an ancient palace. Valara nods to the location. “There is the ancient palace. We have nearly reached our destination. But we still have a long journey ahead of us.”

A great stone bridge extends from the palace across a deep chasm to another cliff on the opposite side. The river must drop into a waterway at the bottom of the ravine. The stone bridge has seen better days, and is no longer complete, with a wide gap in the center, separating the two cliffs.

Valara leads off along the edge of the cliff. She takes the party to a steep path, cut into the side of the precipice. The switchbacks make the descent possible, and take the party alternating towards and away from the cascading falls. Occasionally, Valara pauses, looking up into the side of the rock wall, staring at it intently, searching for something.

At the base of the cliff, the path leads into the jungle again. The river lays a few kilometers to the left, its sounds muted by the thick, green, and lush tropical forest. The overgrown path leads diagonally away from the cliff and towards the river. The temperature increases, becoming slightly steamy with the humidity in the air and the sun rising high in the sky.

The group breaks for a mid-day meal as the sun hits its apex in the sky. Valara indicates they have a short way to go before they reach the palace. “I’m not entirely sure what we’ll find. The palace should be abandoned, but obviously isn’t. My initial scouting has determined it’s being used, at least in part. I believe most of the use is in subterranean levels. I’ve found an entrance into the levels, which we can use.”

She pauses, rifling through her satchel, to remove a leather pouch. She opens it and withdraws a cylindrical object, approximately two hand-lengths long. Valara looks to Rann, passing the object to him. “Take heed, Jedi, and be more prudent with this than your last. This was given to me by a great man. I think, though, under the circumstances, you’ll make better use of it than I in our upcoming quest.” She keeps her eyes locked with his for a long moment, before giving an almost imperceptible nod, releasing her grip on the object, and looking back at the group.

“Any other questions?” she asks of her companions.

Rann does not need to study the object to identify it. He knew the moment she removed it from the leather pouch. The object was familiar to all in the group: a Jedi’s lightsaber.

Kanner Ra'an
6 March 2006, 12:49 PM
Maybe i was wrong earlier. This woman seems well aquinted with Jedi. They sure don't just hand those things out like party favors...hell, their usually pretty protective of them overall. So, where did she get it? Was it just given to her like she said...? Rayger thinks, wondering if the woman was capable of taking the lightsaber from a Jedi. It wouldn't be impossible. It would actually be easy if she simply found someone else to do the job for her. He dissmisses the thoughts from his mind though, knowing that its better to assume shes telling the truth, as he was already watchful of her before.

Taking the safty off his blaster, Rayger gives a nod that he's ready to proceed and has no questions before hand.

Howling Wookiee
7 March 2006, 02:19 PM
Rann follows the others as he brings up the rear of the group. He follows Valara’s line of sight as she points out their destination. The young Jedi nods quietly to himself as she leads them down the steep cliff. Rann ensures that his footing is secure as he makes the dangerous descent with his friends.

After their descent Rann sits down cross legged on the jungle floor beside Valara. Rann regards Valara with a skeptical look when she hands him the lightsaber. The young padawan accepts the lightsaber and turns it over in his hands inspecting it closely. After a long inspection he turns to her with a look of astonishment, “Where did you get this? Who did you get this from? Where is the owner?” His questions come out quick and on top of each other. As he waits for a response he rises from his sitting position and holds the weapon out from his body. Rann ignites the lightsaber and a meter long, blue energy bar springs from the metal hilt. He initiates a few parries and strikes. The weapon feels foreign in his hands, for it has been a long time since he has held the favored weapon of a Jedi. Soon the Jedi is in a full solo combat exercise, with a blue blur surrounding him as his hands move with lightning speed. Rann stops as quickly as he starts with the blade held vertical in front of his face and the hilt at his chest, his face is sweating from the intense exercise and his face shines blue from the closeness of the blade. He shuts off the blade and his hands drops down beside his hips. He waits for Valara’s response to his questions, “The weapon is greatly appreciated but I will not accept it until you’ve answered my questions. This weapon is sacred to its owner and I must know who that is and what has happened to him for you got have possession of this weapon.” Rann regards Valara with still a skeptical look as he waits for his answers.

9 March 2006, 03:31 AM
The guide watches Rann go through his routine, as he appears to let his questions fall unanswered. Rann’s movements are slightly clumsy, and she can tell he still has much to learn about employing the blade, but he’s also not a neophyte.

As he finishes, he looks back to her and places his demands about the weapon’s past.

Valara chuckles, “Jedi, you’re so worried about the past which you cannot change. Suffice to say, I am the weapon’s owner. But if you’d rather not accept it, that’s your choice, and I’ll gladly take it back now.”

9 March 2006, 07:01 AM
Corylis' feet felt much better in the morning, although she hoped the trek wasn't too far. Her soft boots really weren't up to this, and she thought longingly of her hiking boots with their lifetime guarantee that sat in her small but well-filled wardrobe on Corescant.

Corylis enjoys the sight of the waterfall as long as allowed. Cascades were among her favorite natural features, regardless of the world. Nor was she afraid of the cliffside paths Valara led them upon. The Ailds believed that their youngsters should be familiar with all aspects of the family's business, so she had spent time in the orbiting drydocks. She wasn't very adept, but she could hold her own, climbing high above--well, anything. So the cliffs were easy and low in comparison. But the nooday break was very welcome.
She stayed close to Deel, however, still being more comfortable with the young Twi'lek man than her other companions. Although they all seemed nice enough, she'd always felt a little uneasy around Jedi, who always seemd to know things, even those padawans younger than than she.

Howling Wookiee
10 March 2006, 05:54 AM
Rann listens to Valara's answer to his questions. He remains silent for a monent, rolling the idea around in his head that he needs the lightsaber to help protect his friends, but he does not really understand how Valara has managed to get it.

Rann looks down at his hand holding the simple lightsaber hilt, then he looks up at Valara as if trying to decide something. He merely nods to himself and sits down to speak to her. His tone is even and light, "I thank you for this gift. It is greatly needed and appreciated. When we have time I would like to hear the story of how you took charge of the weapon. But for now my questions will be unanswered. I believe you have many things to tell but I am patient and you will spin your tales when the time is right."

Rann finishes by clipping the lightsaber to his belt, then nods thanks to Valara. He looks off toward their destination, "What can we expect when we get there? You say that the ruins are inhabited now, but by who? Any information you can provide will help us in our mission."

11 March 2006, 06:41 AM
Valara smiles at Rann, “Pragmatic instead of idealistic. I like that.” She pauses, glancing away for a moment and her eyes stare into the distance, unfocused.

After a pause, she looks back at him. “The ruins have been taken over by a cult. I didn’t have much of a chance to explore. I quickly realized I couldn’t handle ridding their presence alone.”

“I can’t tell you who they are for certain, or their number. I can guide through the halls, at least in part. Mostly, I can stand at your side as we find the leaders of the cult, challenge them, take back the sacred relic, and return it to the village.”

She looks back up at him, with a wry grin, “So, you ready for a challenge?”

Kanner Ra'an
12 March 2006, 01:08 PM
"No, but thats not unusual lately. Lets do it." Rayger says, eager to get going. He had never exactly heard good things about most cults, but their still sentients and if they try to harm them they can be harmed back. Besides, we've got guns, lightsabers now, and a guide. Its not that bad.

2 April 2006, 12:14 PM
"I agree. Let's get a move on, we have a job to do." Sia-Lan fingers her saber, eager to get to the action. Now that Rann's got a lightsaber, I won't have to take care of everyone now. But, why is this woman taking such an interest in him? Am I not worthy of her attention? She glances over at Valara, not quite understanding her motives.