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16 March 2005, 09:33 AM
Attempting to pick up where we left off, players may post at any time for their characters, either still at the restaurant, or on the liner. Ghost, johnnyputrid, you can come in whenever is convenient. Korwin, I'll intro you soon.

Fenn: Picking up your belongings without any trouble, you proceed to catch a robo-hack to the starport where the liner your ticket indicates is set to leave soon. On board, a droid assistant takes your bag and escorts you to your stateroom. Nicely furnished, you enter from the hall into a small sitting room. Two doors opposite the entry hatch lead into the bedroom and ‘fresher. Not the lap of luxury, but definitely among the liner’s better rooms.

Gala: “Better not test them, miss Yant.”, Carsalle cautions, “I’ll be seeing you in five days.” Without turning back, he leaves, palming the primary screen control on his way. Slowly, the screen retracts, and you see several burly, though well-dressed individuals asking a waiter questions and motioning toward your table. When they see the retracting privacy screen, they push the waiter aside and head for you, dipping their hands into their suit jackets…

16 March 2005, 11:12 AM
Looking about the room, Fenn feels comfortable immediately. "This is the right way to travel," he proclaims to the emptiness of the room. He considers what might be hidden about the room, such as listening devices and the like. To counter the odds, he considers the contents of his bag.

Unfortunately, the contents are lacking for the type of counter-surveillance or surveillance-detection he would need to do. A code cylinder, datapad, security kit, and utility belt compliment a pair of black fatigues and a stun baton. All good items, but none up to the task.

Leaving the gear in the bag on the bed, the curious Farghul decides to check out the liner's interior.

20 March 2005, 06:26 PM
Gala takes one quick look at the "party-crashers," & decides that being elsewhere is once more the better part of valor. A higher class of assassin than I usually merit--appropriate for a high-class restaurant.
snatching up her cloak, she darted around a column, then between a busboy with a full tray and a gaudily dressed, over-sized patron. She didn't wait to see if the hoped-for collison occured. Instead Gala took an evasive path in a different direction. She paused at a table where a lady had carelessly left her bag and cloak. Gala grabs the cloak & tosses hers on the chair in it's place, slipping the "new" one on as she moves. Fool--thought her stuff was safe here because the place is expensive when the exact opposite is true. Fenn's spun me a lot of tales about how profitable a venue can be when it's patronized by beings with way more creds than sense. I'll lhave to thank him for the tip when we rejoin.
Once out of the restaurant, Gala Yant takes an air-taxi after making sure she's lost the univited dinner guests. She eventually ends up at a mid-priced hotel and pays for 2 days. Taking a few minutes to freshen up, she tells the clerk she is meeting friends for some late-night partying.
And she does depart to meet friends--nly on Obroa-skae, not the popular dance spot she mentioned at the hotel. Once inside, she gets ready for sleep, using the toiletries supplied by the liner & wearing one of the sleep-gowns she bought on the way to the hotel. Another, the least-expensive, she'd left in the room along with a travel-care kit she'd purchased at the same time & a couple of her older, cheaper outfits. It wouldn't fool anyone into believing she was coming back for very long, but maybe for long enough.
After a few hours rest, Gala is ready to enjoy the trip as much as possible. I'm going to at least get some relaxation out of this. Gala consults the data terminal while eating a room-service snack & heads to the Spa. It's been too long since she's indulged herself by receiving--not giving--a massage.

The Ghost
23 March 2005, 06:23 PM
Without the general flair of the others, Ghost quietly slipped from the table and through the kitchen to escape. Confrontation was not her strong suit, to be sure, and it was always easier to just leave.

A few hours later, a new technician boarded a cargo transport full of droids headed to Obroa-Skai. It was a simple maintenance job, and low profile, one considered to be easy creds. She hadn't said much, but her credentials were impeccable. A four day trip lent just enough time to get there and disappear again.

28 March 2005, 02:03 PM
Four days later...

The liner arrives, withut incident, at Obroa-skai, right on schedule. Connecting to a series of docking tubes on an orbital platform, a large percentage of the passengers file out, get their luggage and head for gates to other liners and queues for planetbound shuttles. Taking one of the latter, you are ferried down to the planets surface, and deposited on the permacrete landing area, with your belongings. The datacard Carsalle gave you on Bespin indicated that you should be at a tapcafe, Contrin's, in about three hours. Since the restaurant is located in the starport complex, that gives you ample time to nose around.

((OOC: There's almost anything you'd expect here from a major int'l airport. You have time to check out some stuff, or we can get right on with the meet.))

29 March 2005, 06:09 PM
Fenn gathers his belongings and slips off the liner unhindered. His first intention is to review the appropriateness of his outfit, considered cutting edge of fashion on Cloud City. Immediately he determines the state of fashion is approximately equal between Cloud City and Obroa-skai. This is a good thing, to the Farghul, since he spent most of his last credits on the current attire he wears.

With few other credits left, he makes his way to Contrin's. Finding a place at the restaurant bar, he pulls up a stool and places his gear bag at his feet. Ordering a mild drink and a water, Fenn proceeds to quietly pass the time, watching one of several different sports-vids on the displays in the bar.

1 April 2005, 06:09 AM
Contrin's proves to be a small establishment, done up in bright, reflective materials in some sad attempt to make the entire restaurant look like an old space cruiser. In reality it ended up resembling some sort of old scrap heap. On second thought...maybe it wasn't far off the mark...

As you arrive, one by one, it's easy to find one another, and you assemble as a table near a large viewport that serves as a window to the street. When Carsalle arrives, he starts right into things.

"I'm so glad you could all make it. Good help these days is hard to come by.", when nobody laughs at his joke, he hastily continues, "Ah...yes, anyway, right now, we are on Obroa-skai, only a thirty minute hyperjump from Agrilat, I figure this would make the perfect staging ground for our little operation. I just received word from Indayce, who said he will be here in momen...here he is."

As he says this, Indayce walks in, with Kate trudling behind. In front of him is a man who looks startlingly familiar. Definitely Corellian, the man has much the same confident walk as Indayce, now that you see them side by side. Sitting down near Carsalle, Six makes the necesarry introductions.

"Everyone, I'd like you to meet Mister Konner Mutalix. You may or may not remember, but Mister Mutalix here was our esteemed pilot on our last wonderful vacation to Agrilat."

So that was where you recognized him from.

"In any event", Carsalle continues, "I know a man here who runs a small hotel. I've gotten us a suite where I know we'll be safe and where we can plan our attack...I mean...our theft."

Wether it was just you, or if it was affecting everyone, you dont know, but the blinking light in the window was really starting to irritate you...

"Woah there, my friend", Indayce cautions Carsalle, "Nobody said anything about attacking. A successful operation, in my eyes, is one where Kryndle never even knows we were there, until its far too late and half those credits are spent."

"Well, put, Six. Well put indeed. Yes, we can stay in this room nearby until we are ready to launch our operation."

...whatever it was, that light was starting to unnerve you. It feels like you've seen it somewhere before, but you can't remember what it is, only that it didn't bode well...

"So what are we up against?", someone asks, "And what's our means of transportation? Unless Mutalix here is gonna fly, we certainly can't take weapons on a public transport."

"Konner here is the captain of the FlipSide", Six informs the group, "It's big enough for us. Trust me. And he's been kind enough to throw in with us and give us a lift, for his fair share of the take, of course. It's my guess that the custom, high performance swoops in the vid were of special interest to him. Perhaps his cut can be worked out in those terms..."

Whatever that light was, you could see a few others around the table begining to notice its rapid blinking as well. Indayce once eyed it suspiciously...and now even Carsalle was squinting at it. Whatever it was, you dont like it.

4 April 2005, 05:11 PM
Unnerved by the rapid blinking, Fenn looks cautiously at his companions. "I hate to be crude, but I have to ask. Is there a chance anyone was followed? Or anyone brought friends with them?" His stare continues, "I only bring this up because of the most unpleasant blinking light in the window, which I believe most of you have already seen."