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The Chronicles Of Meteu Kason
(A Character History)

Meteu Kason has a firm build, light skin, with green eyes, and short brown hair. He is usually clean-shaven, but likes to travel and appear to others in disguise. When not in disguise, Meteu normally wears the typical tunic and robes that are traditional for Jedi.
Meteu was born Uegyn Palítar to Kalin and Esrin Palítar, 10 years before the battle of Yavin, and was raised during the height of the Empire with his older brother Marc and younger sister Jadza. At the age of 8 Uegyn lost his Father, and sister in a system shuttle crash. Unknown to him at the time was that his father had been seduced to the dark side of the force, and had taken Jadza with him as a potential ďHandĒ for the Emperor. The shuttle crash was just a cover up. A year later Uegyn was sent away to be raised by Esrinís good friend, Gink Selrach, a freighter captain and former professor at the University of Coruscant. Gink gave Uegyn the name Meteu Kason, to protect him, and spent the next 7 years teaching Meteu about the galaxy, during which time he developed a liking of medicine and an affinity for shooting.
At the age of 16 Meteu decided to return home to his mother and brother. Unfortunately, when Meteu arrived, He found that his home had burned down 3 years before, and that no survivors had been reported. Meteu left Gink at that time to join the New Republic, he never saw Gink after that. In drop camp Meteuís skill with a blaster rifle and force of will earned him a posting in the New Republic Spec Force as an infiltrator and sniper.
Meteu later participated in the battle to take Coruscant as a Spec Force sniper; ironically this was his first time he ever set foot on the capital world of the Republic. After the battle of Coruscant, Meteu was transferred to the N.R.I. where, over the next several years, he earned a reputation as a free agent and sniper. During a routine information-gathering mission in the Imperial remnants, Meteu learned of his Jedi potential, and was presented with his first lightsaber. Shortly there after, Meteu rallied and organized the civilian, and military forces of Estelon to repel the invading fleet of an Imperial warlord. In appreciation for his help, Meteu was offered a leadership position in the new outer rim, anti-Imperial alliance of worlds, which would come to be known as the Dominion of Free Worlds.
Meteu opted to stay with the New Republic Intelligence for the time being. A few months afterwards, Meteu was assigned to rescue some New Republic VIPs from an Imperial garrison in the Minos Cluster. While on assignment Meteu encountered an N.R.I. deep cover agent by the name of Marc Palítar. Marc explained to his brother that he and his mother had not died in the fire some 8 years prior, but had in actuality set the fire and fled to hide from their father. Much to Meteuís dismay, Marc had not seen their mother in 6 years, and had no idea where she was. After the successful rescue of the VIPs and their return to the New Republic, Meteu and Marc took a leave of absence from the N.R.I., and traveled to Estelon and the newly formed Dominion.
In the Dominion of Free Worlds, Meteu took a position as an advisor and the first diplomat of the Dominion. While on Estelon, the Dominion capital world, he worked with his brother to develop their force skills together. It was a short time there after that Meteu accepted Luke Skywalkerís offer to train at the new Jedi academy on Yavin IV, although Marc declined the offer, believing that Luke did not have the knowledge or skills to teach him what he needed to learn. Meteu was summoned back to the Dominion just over a year later. He arrived at Estelon to find a world gearing for war. The Dominion council and Marc explained that the navy from the Imperial remnants had begun a campaign of conquest on the Dominion worlds, and the council wanted Meteu to once again lead the fleet into war. Meteu accepted, sighting that the defensive war was a just cause. While Meteu organized the fleet, Marc headed out to gather additional allies. For his fleet of rag-tag ships Meteu recruited his long time friend, Lady Katana, to command the second half of the capital cruiser force. The Dominion fleet fought long and hard, but ultimately their old, under manned, under armed, and out numbered ships could not hold their own against the mammoth Imperial warships. Just as the Imperial ships were closing in for the final kill of the fight, Marc jumped in from hyperspace with a fleet of technologically advanced ships that cut the Imperials apart. Marc introduced Meteu to the Sakima, a race of telepathic hive like aliens from the outer rim, which uses semi-organic starships, and had been in negotiations with Marc for the last 5 months. Although the council was divided in the decision, the Sakima were soon welcomed as allies in the Dominion.
The alliance with the Sakima seemed to go well at first. While the council and Marc kept Meteu busy with a wide variety of tasks, such as foreign relations and recruiting, the Sakima gave the Dominion shipyards and designers advanced technology and weapons information. With this new information, Dominion Star Industries (the leading shipbuilding company in the Dominion) constructed a grand fleet of warship that featured improved drives, regenerative shielding, and the new disruptor weapons emplacements. Soon the Sakima made there owns requests, explaining their low population and birth rates, the Sakima asked for assistance in the form of personnel, and specialist, to aid in the construction and staffing of bases and other installations. With Marcís urging, stating that the Dominion owed the Sakima at least this much, the council agreed. Within a year over 100 million Dominion volunteers were transferred to Sakima space.
During his tenure as a recruiter, Meteu met Phathon Risk, Tar Nak and Ashcraft on Ord Pardon. He developed a liking to the group and kept a watchful eye on them through out there adventures. When Meteu started to get suspicious of the Sakima, he was able to convince the council to cut their contact with their alien benefactors. This decision was later justified when it was learned that the Sakima had not really needed the personnel, but in fact the Sakima reproduced by infecting other life forms with a DNA rewriting virus that changed that life form into a Sakima. Embarrassed and horrified that they had condemned over 100 million of their own people, and had bolstered the Sakima army by the same number, the council cut all ties with the alien monsters. The Sakima went mad, they had expected a war, but this was to early for them, and they had planned on having the Dominion on there side. Infuriated with Meteu for convincing the council to betray them, the Sakima launched a plan to capture him, and convert him into a Sakima. They would have the new leader of the Dominion in their hands, and they would all be enhanced as Meteuís Jedi skills and knowledge would spread to all Sakima in the hive. With their advanced technology and the powers of the Jedi, the Sakima would be unstoppable!
Meteu ordered all ship yards into full production, although advanced, the Dominion ships could not hold there own in a one on one fight with the Sakima ships, the only way to win was with superior numbers. Along with the mass construction of new ship, the Dominion scientists began work on specialized weapons systems built to kill Sakima ships. One such project was entitled Genus 114, a super weapon that would kill Sakima ships and their crews with out effecting any Dominion forces in the area. When the Genus 114 development team was wiped out by a Sakima raid, and Meteu foresaw his own capture by the Sakima, he decided that it was time to take extreme measures. He recalled his friends, Phathon, Ashcraft, and Tar, to Home Star space station. While there, Meteu used the force to secretly transferred all information about Genus 114 directly to Tarís brain for safekeeping. To further protect Tar and the others, no one knew what Tar was carrying, not even Tar. After the group left Meteu and the station, the Sakima attacked and captured him. He was infected with the DNA rewriting virus of the Sakima and taken to the Sakima Home world of Devinosh Prime. He was able to slow and diminish the effects using the force, but time was never the less running out for the Jedi. Once fully consumed, he would be forever changed, and the Sakima believed they would have the powers of the Jedi!
A short time later Meteu was rescued by Tar, Phathon, Ashcraft, Ayomya and others. Phathon covered the escape by detonating a stolen Quantum implosion device in the capital city, destroying the entire northern hemisphere of Devinosh Prime. Phathon then detonated a second device in orbit to detour any pursuing Sakima ships. Tar Nak was able to save Meteu from the virus and help him on his way to recovery, using his superb medical knowledge. Meteu was briefly reunited with his sister, although she was killed by Ayomya when she learned that Jadza was an agent for the Sakima. He returned to the Dominion a short time later, where he learned it was Marc that had sold him out to the Sakima. Meteu hunted Marc down and a great lightsaber battle ensued, but in the end Meteu arose victorious. Meteu then married his love, Lady Katana, with Phathon Risk serving as his best man. Soon the combined Dominion forces were ready to end the war. A massive New Republic, Empire, and Dominion combined fleet attacked the Sakima forces at EL-Aldril. Although many ships were destroyed and many people killed, the Sakima forces were crushed and driven back to their home world. Unfortunately, Lady Katana was killed when the ship she was commanding was cut apart by the molecular disruptor weapons of a Sakima destroyer.
Unknown at that time, Meteu, Phathon, Tar, and Thanos Pitar were captured by the Sakima and placed in stasis. The ship they were on had been cut off from the rest of the hive due to damage, and had no way to repair its self. The group was rescued 3 years later when a recuperated Marc Palítar came looking for his brother. Meteu took on his second student after Ayomya, Thanos, and began teaching him the ways of the force. After a time he returned to Yavin IV to complete his own training with Master Skywalker. Now 12 years after the battle of Endor, Meteu learned that the Sakima were on the rise again, but this time they had an ally. A dark Jedi known as Lord Saddat was rallying the Sakima to start their campaign of random attacks once more. Meteu reunited with his friends, and together they began investigating this new threat. The group of heroes and the Sakima learned, almost simultaneously, of the ancient home world of the Sakima. With this information the Sakima could complete a ritual that was started over 10,000 years prior, before the Sakima were driven away, that would give the Sakima complete knowledge and understanding of the force. The Sakima would be more powerful than any Jedi or Sith before.
The group traveled to Menetheraen, the Sakima home world, to stop the ritual before it could be completed. Imperial forces loyal to Saddat and a dark apprentice, Solom Xactich, captured them all. Meteu, Marc, and Thanos were chosen to be used sacrifices in the final ritual, due to their high ability in the force. Phathon, Kelcheck, Thropin, Seket, Dharma Croft (Meteuís third padawan) and others escaped their cells, attacked the ritual, and exposed to the Sakima that Lord Saddat was just using the Sakima for his own purposes, and had in actuality changed the ritual just enough to make the Sakima his slaves instead of a master race.
An enormous 3-sided fight ensued between the heroes, Lord Saddatís forces, and the Sakima. In the confusion Meteu Thanos and Marc were cut free and joined the fight. During the fight Meteu not only lost his lightsaber, but also learned that Lord Saddat was in actuality Kalin Palítar long gone to the dark side. Saddat escaped through a secret passage during the fight, but was quickly followed by Phathon Risk. Phathon chased the Dark Lord to the hangar and arrived just in time to see his shuttle taking off. Thinking quickly, Phathon jumped on the landing gear and placed a thermal detonator inside the gearís machinery before it could retract. Kalin Palítar was killed when his shuttle exploded, then crashed into the planets surface. Meteu and the others were able to change the final ritual and in an instant all the Sakima in the galaxy died simultaneously. The groupís celebration was short lived, as Kalin Palítar had set a Quantum Implosion device in the base, before he died. The group of survivors fled in a shuttle and barely survived the explosion.
Meteu returned to Yavin IV to recuperate and build a new lightsaber. He trained with Luke for awhile but his experiences had left him cold inside. Meteu created his own academy of training after a falling out with Master Skywalker shortly afterwards. Instead of teaching the ways of the Jedi and the battle of light vs. dark, Meteuís school was funded by the N.R.I. to teach force sensitive agents, that did not want to become Jedi, how to access the force to enhance there combat, infiltration, and information gathering skills. Meteu felt that he could spare the students the hardship of constantly battling the temptations of the dark side by never teaching them about it. Unfortunately this philosophy did not work as planned, as he noticed several of his students using excessive force to accomplish missions. Meteu dissolved the training academy, sighting that these agents were playing in things that they could not understand with out attending proper Jedi Training.
Meteuís force powers were taken away a year later by a group calling them selves the Darklings. Meteu was an experiment by the Darklings to see if they could in fact steal a Jediís force powers. Meteu joined Phathon and the others in an attack on New Belatras Station, built by Marc Palítar and the Darklings to fire a new weapon designed to destroy the force in anything it hits, light or dark side did not matter. The space weapons platform was destroyed with Marc on it. Meteu was then helped by his friend, Seket, in an attempt to restore his connection with the force. It took almost a year to rebuilt him to his previous strength, but they did it together. Meteuís student, Dharma, began studying under Seket, but fell to the Dark side some time after. Dharma lured her fiancť, Thanos, to the dark side soon after, by deceiving him into thinking he was helping her. Meteu traveled to the meet with Thanos and try to return him to the light side. A fierce fight issued between Meteu and Thanos, Dharma, and Thanosís daughter Elaina Pitar. Meteu was barley able to incapacitate and escape with the three in his ship. In order to protect them from their own darkness, Meteu used the force to erase their memories of all that happened, as worked them back to the light, much like he had done with Tar Nak several years before. Meteu returned Thanos and Dharma to Phathonís care, but he took Elaina on as his newest student. Seeing her fatherís strength in her, Meteu knew she could be a great Jedi some day. During the Hand of Thrawn incident, Meteu also took on Thropin as a second student, although Thropinís loyalties are divided between the N.R.I. and the Jedi way of life. Meteu currently travels the galaxy with Elaina in his new scout ship, the Lady Katana, looking for answers and dropping in from time to time.
Meteu is usually a kind-hearted man, although the loss of his family and wife has left him icy and quiet at times. He likes to help out others, but prefers to give his assistance quietly, from the shadows, so that very few realize his involvement. He likes to use clues and hints, and let people figure things out for themselves, rather than just come out and tell them. Meteu wishes to advance himself as a Jedi and teacher, and to be a good role model for his students. He has reconciled his differences with Master Skywalker, and has been welcomed back to Yavin IV whenever he likes. He has spent a great deal of his resent time attempting to locate and either preserve or destroy lost Jedi and Sith artifacts. He wished to build a strong Jedi force to protect the New Republic for the darkness he sees swarming to the galaxy in the future.

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Quamis Dorsaan
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good stuff. do you think i can have rpg stats made for him?

2 May 2005, 03:27 AM
ask and recieve

Meteu Kason
Type: Jedi Knight
Species: Human
Height: 1.83 meters Weight: 81 kilograms
Age: 29
Dexterity: 4D
Blaster 9D, blaster: blaster rifle 13D, brawling parry 10D, dodge 10D, lightsaber 14D, melee combat 8D+1, melee parry 8D, running 6D+1, thrown weapons 5D.
Knowledge: 3D+1
Alien species 7D, bureaucracy 5D, cultures 4D, intimidation 7D+1, languages 5D+1, planetary systems 7D, scholar: galactic history 9D+2, scholar: Jedi lore 10D+1, survival 5D, tactics 4D+2, willpower 10D+1.
Mechanical: 3D
Astrogation 7D, communications 7D, repulsorlift operation 5D, sensors 8D, space transports 8D+1, space transports: crusade scout ship 11D, starship gunnery 8D+1, starship shields 7D, swoop operation 6D+2.
Perception: 4D
Command 8D+2, command: Dominion forces 14D+1, command: New Republic forces 9D+1, con 7D, investigation 6D, persuasion 7D, search 7D, sneak 9D+1.
Strength: 3D
Acrobatics 7D, brawling 6D, climbing 5D, jumping 9D+1, (A) martial arts 9D, stamina 6D+2.
Technical: 2D
Computer programming/ repair 5D+1, demolitions 7D, encryption 5D+2, first aid 8D+1, lightsaber repair 9D, (A) medicine 4D, security 6D.
Special Abilities:
Control 11D, Sense 12D, Alter 9D
Control Powers:
Absorb/ dissipate energy, accelerate healing, channel energy, concentration, contort escape, control disease, control pain, detoxify poison, emptiness, enhance attribute, force jump, force of will, hibernation trance, instinctive astrogation control, reduce injury, remain conscious, remove fatigue, resist stun, short term memory enhancement, velocity.
Sense Powers:
Combat sense, danger sense, direction sense, hyperspace tracking, instinctive astrogation, life detection, life sense, life web (human), magnify senses, postcognition, receptive telepathy, sense force, sense force potential, sense path, sense scribing, shift senses, translation.
Alter Powers:
Force light, inspire, pyrokinesis, strengthen object, telekinesis.
Control and Sense Powers:
Battle meld, farseeing, life bond, lightsaber combat, projective telepathy, project senses, share senses.
Control and Alter Powers:
Accelerate anotherís healing, control anotherís disease, control anotherís pain, control breathing, detoxify poison in another, masquerade, place another in hibernation trance, remove anotherís fatigue, return another to consciousness, scribing, transfer force.
Control, Sense and Alter Powers:
Affect mind, battle meditation, enhance coordination, force harmony, projective fighting.
Sense and Alter Powers:
Dim otherís senses, force shield, friendship, greater force shield, induce sleep, lesser force shield.
Move: 12
Character Points: 20
Force Points: 31
Dark Side Points: 0
Jedi tunic and robes, travel boots, secure com-link, 25m syntha-rope spool, 3 weeks of food and energy supplement capsules, a ďlittle helperĒ, a UF1 field scanner, glow shades, multi tool, 1 med-pac, 1 fast flash med-pac, a med kit, high detail precision tools, a holocron (under construction), training armor (+1D to physical and energy), night-hawk racing swoop, and the Lady Katana scout ship.
1 lightsaber: (purple blade) 5D damage, +1D to strike and parry, ion pulse shielded, sensor resistant (+4D to difficulty to detect)
1 backup lightsaber: (green blade) 5D damage
Blaster pistol: (5D damage), range: 1-10/ 30/ 75, ammo: 25, sensor resistant (+4D to difficulty to detect)