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8 April 2005, 05:21 PM
Warren paced forward into the muck-infested sewer. Laos made an audible groan that heralded his disapproval of the locale. "So, Master, you said that the information you received placed Driego at the north corner shipyards. Why are we in the sewer?" he whined.

"Because, my young Padawan, the situation is not as... clear as you believe. Black Sun operatives have trade posts all over this sector of Nar Shadaa. Our friend Driego controls Malvar Shipping and Collection. His company employs numerous workers not only in the warehouse, but in the waste management plants that process the crude fuel for his loadlifters," Warren explained.

Laos still appeared perplexed. "But that still doesn't explain..."

"Several workers have gone missing in the last few days. At the same time, Driego's men have gathered near the warehouse to tighten security for a shipment arriving tonight. Maybe if we were to discover evidence of foul play, the true nature of Driego's dealings would present themselves," Warren interrupted.

Laos nodded in approval of the plan.

The two Jedi trudged forward through the sewer pits and maintenance shafts. Every turn that they took lead into what seemed to be miles and miles of more webbed maze. Warren turned a sharp corner to the left of a drainage ditch when he heard the sound of splashing water. He stopped and reached through the Force to attempt an identification of the source. Cold hatred welled in his senses, as well as deep fear. Warren gave his charge the signal to hold his trek. Laos hugged the corner; his left hand lay rested on his lightsaber. Soon the pair's targets came into view: a pair of Trandoshans and a class IV security droid. "Maybe the evidence will come sooner than we anticipated, Master," Laos whispered.