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27 April 2005, 02:00 PM
Hi guys. I've been GM'ing for the last year and a half, and I'm comming to the close of a campaign. But, here's the deal. My wife is one of the players (and has been since the beginning), and we just had our first baby yesterday morning. Obviously, we're not meeting for a couple of weeks, but has anyone tried to roleplay around an infant? Are we looking at hiring a baby-sitter for the rest of the campaign, or has anyone managed to juggle parenting and rolling dice at the same time?

27 April 2005, 06:29 PM
And yes it is possible to game with little ones. My Hubby & I were managing when our son was only a few weeks old. I was literally rolling dice while feeding the baby. I even did so at a convention. (Hubby had agreed to run it before we found out we were having a baby.)
First, gaming with babes about is best done in one's own home--where you have all that Baby needs. An Understanding and Wonderful Friend's home is the next best, but you'll have to tote a lot. (Including a safe place for sleeping)
A sitter is an option--but not required. There are downsides to sitters. It costs (unless there are doting relatives nearby) & it may be hard (& more expensive) to find someone willing to sit if your gaming sessions are more than a few hours. Also, whether either of you expected this or not--it's likely one or both of you will be unwilling to leave Baby so soon. Finally, it may be inadvisable/inconvenient unless baby is being bottlefed--or you are having the sitter care for Baby in the nursery (while gaming is done in another room), so that Mom can visit easily.
With all this taken care of, settle your wife in the comfiest seat, with her best dice & favorite munchies nearby, & play Star Wars.

Also, this is not hard. What can be hard is playing with young kids. You must either have a sitter, or play in a private home where there are games, DVD's & so forth to amuse them. If you opt for the latter, they will need parental attention during the game. But eventually, they will get old enough to want to play--just like our son & daughter.

27 April 2005, 06:48 PM
Sounds like she knows what she's talking about I personally just hooked up with and am engaged to a woman with 2 teenage kids. It's rough but they are both interested in gaming. In fact the 17 year old is actually getting more into GMing that us. We of course help him with the campaign which is always fun. We have already done Gurps Supers and are working up a major Star wars right now so it's cool.

Anyway, that's enough about me, congratulations on the baby. I'd also consider keeping your wife well informed on the campaign as much as you can without ruining the surprise of certain events that way she can step away and you can play her responces for her or she will have already told you how she would respond. It would probably help. Just my 2 cents though.


27 April 2005, 07:26 PM
Well I think you will find that it changes the experience quite a bit. Newborns tend to wipe you out, so that is always a factor. That and your priorities change. If I were you I would not expect the games to run exactly the same, and some of your group may be put off. I have found that those without kids just cannot understand the impact it has on your life.