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3 May 2005, 05:18 PM

Okay, Well Im stuck. I Know several books are comming out for what happens between episodes 3-4 but theres this big gaping hole of dooooom that needs to be filled.

I Figure, by running a campaign between 3-4 characters wont muck things up because its so "open" but then that's where I fall into the trap myself, it is so open that I really have no idea what to plan for them.. 20 years of fighting imps doesnt seem like fun, imo.

So Which sector book do you think I can use (d6) that I can use with out to much altering the timeline? When should I start the campaign, a few years after 3, or a few years before 4? Whats a good time line, I would really like to eventually get them(the characters) to be big parts of 4 thru 6. Just a few ideas to get my old gm moter going would really help, thanks!!

4 May 2005, 12:39 AM
I'm currently running a game in between 3 and 4....its about 4 years before Episode IV. I have a very active Lord Vader and Inquisitorium hunting down the very last of the Jedi. I've pretty much kept the Empire the same as it is in the 4-6 Era, except that the Rebellion is a much more fragmented and smaller organization (fledgling stages)..in fact, one could say that the Rebellion during this timeframe consists of factions (one your characters may very well belong too). There is the classic Mothma, bel Ilbis, and Organa movement....and then there are organizations that will be revealed throughout the campaign who are primarily made up of disgruntled spacers and fringers who are just fed up with the Empire's restrictions on trade and their taxes (the outright display of how evil the Empire is comes into view with the destruction of Alderaan....even though there is displacement and slavery going on currently). Once organized, they will become the Rebellion of later.

As far as running something right after Episode III, I'd wait just a few weeks (just a few days actually) and see what ideas the movie gives you. For right now, if you wanted a solid answer on when it would be best to start....I'd say right before 4, because if you know what happens in 4-6, you have a lot to work with in figuring out things that lead up to those events. Maybe an early rebellion game would do things such as protect or hide VIPs, run guns and med equipment, form alliances, help steal or acquire ships, espionage, sabotage.....the list goes on and on....and its closer to your goal of having your character as having big parts in Episodes IV to VI.

Cool McCool
7 May 2005, 02:42 PM
I would try and focus on the characters. Try and get your players to come up with backgrounds and then put those backgrounds to use.

Make up a new villian for the PCs to hate. They can fight him at every turn. He doesn't have to be part of the Empire - he could be a pirate, a Hutt, the ruler of a few systems, whatever.

Since the era is so open to interpretation, you can have big things happen and the only thing you can't mess around with is the fact that the Empire eventually does rise to power. You could have some crazed psychopath create a superweapon. You could have aliens invade from some twisted dimension. You could have the Empire move faster than is shown in the movies, and the PCs have to stop it (if the Empire consolidates its power more quickly, then maybe the rebels won't be able to wait for Luke to save them). Etc.

Pick a mega-arc and use that as the backbone of the adventure, then throw plot-hooks in whenever you get the chance, and see which ones the PCs bite on.

Just some rambling... hope it helps.

7 May 2005, 07:46 PM
A few other things to consider.

Buy the rebellion and Imperial source books (for D6), this will get you tons of backrorund information on the timeframe of the rising empire and Ep 4-6. Personally, i find setting a game for the pre yavin time, to work best at 6-10 years beforehand. THis gives you a lot of leway in what you wish to do, with out having too much of continuity to worry about.

Other things. Are the pcs even members of the rebellion? As was mentioned, back in this time frame they are fragmented into little sector rebellions, if even a full sector. Heck that could be part of the story, contacting all the little groups and trying to get them working towards the common goal of overthrowing the empire. This leads you nicely to the Corellian treaty formed by Mon Motha, Bel Iblis and (that third guy).

Are they mercs/fringers. Think of all the gun running they can do.

Is any looking to be a jedi? At this early stage, i feel that the OTHER force user groups are in such unknown states, that it is easy to NOT allow them. But remember the purge is in high swing. So you could addapt a force vision/encounter table. It works like this...
First time they roll over a 'trigger number' (say set it at 40-45) they trigger a vision making them now known to the imperial force hunters.
THEN after they are known to the hunters, the first time in a session they roll over another trigger number (say 35-40), it triggers the first force vision. The second time in that SAME session, they hit that trigger number, they get force encounter 1.
If after they defeat that encounter, they roll the trigger number a third time in the same session, they get force vision 2...
and so on. If they have encounter 1, and go the rest of the session with no problems, then the next session it starts out automatically on hitting force vision 2 (or 3 or 4), then the encounter... Increase the encounter's difficulty as it goes up.
If they only get the vision, then it resets to them getting the vision again the next session.