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6 May 2005, 04:22 PM
You can still have an opinion even if you haven't bought any. If you have no opinion and have bought some, check fine.

6 May 2005, 04:28 PM
Who checked the Rather Expensive column within five minutes of the poll being posted and please state your reasoning.

Mine (Very Expensive) is due to the fact that my budget isn't that big for that stuff for that little amount of minis.

6 May 2005, 04:35 PM
Agh!! Two many annonymous voters...

ij thompson
6 May 2005, 04:36 PM
They are rather expensive, but I'm all right with that. I'm not a 'gotta have 'em all' collector, and if paying this money means I can have lots of quality minis (and not have to prime and paint them myself), that suits me just fine. And besides, these minis are durable enough that my son can play with them, too, which he could never do with my pewter WEG minis.

All in all, a win-win situation for everybody! :D

Humble minion
7 May 2005, 05:57 AM
I voted 'rather expensive'. On a purely numerical level, 7 painted minis for A$18 isn't too exorbitant, but because of the blind booster pack way they're sold, it comes out for me as something like A$18 for 3 usable minis from Clone Strike, or 5 usables from RotS. And yes, while it is possible to trade some of them, postage etc then become a factor, and you'll always be stuck with a bunch of commons you'll never use. (Hands up anyone who HASN'T got a shoebox full of never-touched clonetroopers somewhere!) And you've got to factor that in when you're deciding whether the minis are good value or not.

The Ghost
7 May 2005, 12:47 PM
Rebel Storm
[RSS] $19.99 starter ($12.50 at walmart.com)
8 random miniatures, 2 non-random miniatures

[RSB] $12.99 booster ($11.95 at walmart.com)
7 random miniatures

Clone Strike
[CSS] $19.99 starter ($12.87 at walmart.com)
8 random miniatures, 2 non-random miniatures

[CSB] $12.99 booster ($8.96 at walmart.com)
7 random miniatures

Revenge of the Sith
[RVS] $24.99 starter box ($21.24 at doordice.com)
4 random miniatures, 2 non-random miniatures
1 Fold-out gameboard (heavy material, not flimsy paper)

[RVB] $12.99 booster ($11.04 at doordice.com)
7 random miniatures

Now, let's do the math.
calling up my local game store, i got a price quote on 1d20 being $.60. Ymmv, but i'm going to subtract that price from the starter packs before calculating the price per mini (PPM). The RotS Starter box is increased by $5, which will be the estimated cost of the game board added in.

RSS PPM- $1.94 ($1.19 at walmart.com)
RSB PPM- $1.86 ($1.70 at walmart.com)

CSS PPM- $1.94 ($1.23 at walmart.com)
CSB PPM- $1.86 ($1.28 at walmart.com)

RVS PPM- $3.23 ($2.61 at doordice.com)
RVB PPM- $1.86 ($1.58 at doordice.com)

how does this stack up against getting your own miniatures?

1 pewter miniature: $2.99 to $4.99 on average (we'll use the lowest price for this example)
1 paint color: $1.25
1 paint brush: $.80
total: $5.04
this doesn't even count in the fact you'll want multiple paint colors and are likely going to want 2 to 5 different kinds of brushes. nor does this take into account that large or larger sized miniatures cost an increased amount of money.

how does this stack up against Mage Knight figures?

1 Mage Knight Starter pack: $19.99 ($18.39 at walmart.com)
8 random miniatures, 1 non-random miniature
2 dice, 1 "relic", 1 "relic, terrain, or domain piece"
PPM- roughly on average with SW starters. 1 less mini, but 1 more die and 2 pieces of extra i don't know what seem to make up the cost of 1 SW mini.

1 Mage Knight Booster pack: $7.99 ($7.35 at walmart.com)
4 random miniatures
PPM- $2.00 ($1.84 at walmart.com)

none of this takes into account shipping, tax or trading long distances, obviously, but it's pretty plain to see that you'll generally get better money out of the Star Wars (and D&D) plastic minis than going other routes.

Donovan Morningfire
7 May 2005, 04:49 PM
I guess I'm the only one that's pretty much okay with the costs. Of course, I buy the majority of my stuff at a pretty sweet discount through my local gaming shop. For the quality of the figures overall, I've got no problem paying the kind of money WotC is asking. Especially when comparing the quality of a lot of the figs to the Mage Knight or HeroClix stuff. Granted, Clone Strike had some real stinkers, namely the Clone Troopers and Battle Droids, as well as some badly bent lightsabers, but other than those, the sculpts have been pretty good overall, especially the ones in Rebel Storm.

7 May 2005, 07:47 PM
I voted Rather Expensive. Considering D&D minis used to be 9.99 for 8 random figures, but b/c they started selling better the priced was jacked up to 12.99 and then SW minis came out with still 8 for 12.99 then all of a sudden we went down to 7 with no reduction in price.... I don't buy them at anywhere near the rate that I bought the D&D mini's which I've also all but gave up on.

9 May 2005, 07:11 AM
I love the mini's but i do think they are just a hair too expensive. I have tons of commons and uncommons and those pesky rare's/very rare's love to hide out when I'm looking for just one. But i think 12.99 is just a little too much. 10 flat? pretty much perfect. But considering other mini's are more expensive and less quality I am not going to complain, in the end...it all works out. But my collection is great and I am happy so I am willing to part with my extra 3 bucks a booster.

9 May 2005, 07:38 AM
I'm fine with the cost. We usually buy when a store has a discount, like the 15% off a local comics shop had as a Free Comics Day special.

Also, Amazon.com has very good prices (see below) & buying only 2-3 SW mini's items is enough to qualify for free "Super Saver" shipping, if you don't mind waiting a few extra days. (I have had no problems with them shipping already-released items quickly--even though Super Saver shipping claims 5-9 days, it's usually been less.)

Amazon's prices

Rebel Storm Starter $13.59
Rebel Storm Booster $12.99
Clone Strike Starter $13.99
Clone Strike Booster $9.74
RotS Starter $16.49
RotS Booster $10.39
Ultimate Missions: Rebel Storm (book) $12.00
Ultimate Missions: Clone Strike (book) $19.79

There's one final factor affecting my take on the cost. This is a game my whole family plays & enjoys--me, husband & elementary age kids. (Yes, they can handle the rules fairly well, with reminders about the more complex ones.) And family fun, as a certain credit card ad might say, is "Priceless."

ij thompson
9 May 2005, 04:23 PM
Quite right, Ris!

My five year old is crazy about the minis, though he's a little young to deal with the rules... we just put two minis on the table, and whoever rolls higher wins! :D

Jedi Master Talon
10 May 2005, 05:32 AM
I think that they're rather expensive but that doesn't keep me from buying them. I just wish that they'd make them a couple bucks cheaper though.

10 May 2005, 02:36 PM
I guess my vote is skewed because the only place I can buy them it costs 30 for a starter pack (either) and $20 for a booster. (any). Of course, that's CDN, but that's where I live so I earn my money in that.

12 May 2005, 06:27 AM
In the UK the Starters retail for 14.99 and the Boosters for 8.99.

I voted Rather expensive, especially as the DnD mini's tend to sell for 7.99 and you get an 8 mini's. Okay, this hasn't stopped me from spending a tidy sum on them!

12 May 2005, 02:41 PM
Originally posted by ij thompson
Quite right, Ris!

My five year old is crazy about the minis, though he's a little young to deal with the rules... we just put two minis on the table, and whoever rolls higher wins! :D
I bet that speeds up the games :)
Dono has previously suggested to me that for games with our 7 & 9 year old kids we use 50 point squads, since that keeps the game moving fast, partly because you usually won't be dealing with high-point characters with lots of HP's. (It's the method he uses to run demo games, I gather)

21 May 2005, 05:27 PM
Any one else use minis?

PS: Will accept shoeboxes of unneeded commons such as Stormtroopers...

13 August 2007, 07:46 AM
I voted rather expensive.

I live on a fixed budget, not even 400 a month. If I have to pay $15 bucks for 8 minis, then add a 6% sales tax then it becomes a "can I afford this after bills? Nope. I have bought some of the Starship MInis' at the even higher price of $24 after taxes now that I've got bills better managed. Though I don't get to buy as much as I'd like to, let alone dream of affording the cost of a complete set.

13 August 2007, 09:12 AM
I picked "Rather Expensive" because the primary purpose for these is for players and gamemasters to be able to visualize their gameplay. Consumers want an army of Stormtroopers (or Clones or Rebels or whatever army piece they're looking for) but instead they get maybe a couple of what they're looking for, and a whole bunch of stuff they're not really that interested in. It's a clever way for those businessmen at WotC to milk our money from us. We want specific ones pieces and are willing to buy half a dozen others randomly just to ensure that we get those specific few.

PS: Will accept shoeboxes of unneeded commons such as Stormtroopers...

I think PsychoInfiltrator's comment is very telling. I myself have bought a few packs for the aforementioned reason. But instead I've been getting duplicates of Force User, Wookiees and Yuuzhan Vong. I'm interested in taking to eBay and buying them from there so I can actually know what I'm getting. Paying 15 bucks for a random collection is, yeah, "Rather Expensive."

13 August 2007, 10:42 AM
They're a tad on the expensive side. I made the decision to patronize my FLGS, rather than an internet company, so that ups my cost a bit. It appears that purchasing online has a significant financial advantage... until you ad in shipping and handling.

25 August 2007, 11:30 AM
Well, it's been my experience that minature games like this are generally expensive across the board, so there's not too much you can do about that. It's just more money than I want to spend.

Granted, seeing that the minis average at about $1.50 by Ghost's calculations, that is a very good price for the minatures market.

26 August 2007, 05:40 AM
Rather Expensive.

Why? I live in Croatia. This means I don't get it as cheap as you guys. There are no game stores which carry boosters (it simply isn't popular here). This means if I want to get any minis, I have to pay tax on each package up to some value, and special income tax over that value. :(

All added together, it's "Very Expensive" when trying to get it on my own, but "Rather Expensive" when I am able to get it in a store (which isn't going to happen in the near future).

Some of you guys/gals are really lucky you can get them at MSRP, or only slightly higher.