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11 May 2005, 11:51 AM
ok guys here it is post a bio like the one below and we'll start once everyone has a bio. also you have to choose a team or side. One team will be the Steel Stingers(Stingers) and the other will be the Bloody Roar(Roar) The Stingers have the color Red and are smart and political people. The Roar have the color Blue and are violent and disorganized but win with sheer numbers. The Stingers will have the sith manipulating them in case you are wondering. Whose side are you On?

Rank: (warrior or cheiftain) (whoever calls it first)
Team: (or side)
Bio: (brief description of your character)

11 May 2005, 11:56 AM
Name: Gnik
Age: 25
Rank: Cheiftan
Team: Stingers
Race: Wookie
Equipment: Huge Axe/Sword thing and blaster rifle(i told you they were adavanced)
Bio: Gnik is the cheiftain of the dominant tribe of wookies called the Steel Stingers AKA Stingers. He defeated his opponent in the race for chieftain by a vote unlike how the Roar elcted their cheiftains,in the ring.
He hated the Roar and was ready to lead his people to war over them. Little did he know that his counselor was a sith wookie!

Star Warrior
12 May 2005, 01:23 AM
Name: Attikabukk
Age: 29
Rank: Scout Warrior
Team: Stingers
Race: Wookie
Equipment: Double-bladed Vibrosword, a bowcaster, and a used E-11 Blastech blaster
Bio: This mature wookiee warrior is one of the better known scouts in the area. In his time, he has had his encounters with the Roar, but truly harbors no ill feelings towards them. He is really more of a True wookiee warrior at heart, and though maybe not the best, he strives to accel in every category he's in. As of now, he is a little worried of the situation at hand as well. He has noticed the younger chieftains anger and the boiling rivalry of the two sides. Never really wanting it to escalate to this level, the young scout warrior is going to have to either get into the field or scout out into the woods. Something is definitely at hand, and this time more than before in his eyes.

22 May 2005, 01:51 PM
n e one else who posted in the other thread and joined is invited. so post!

30 May 2005, 04:39 PM
Rank: Chieftan
Team: Roar
Equipment:Laser Axe and Blaster Rifle
Bio: Rodijisx (or Rod for short) has been a chieftan over the Roars for about 5 years and has had many an encounter with the rival Stingers. He feels that war may be imminent if the encounters do not cease. He picked off his treasured laser axe and blaster rifle from one such encounter. He does not understand why, but he is fuelded by an unimaginable hatred toward the Stingers which he wishes to reproduce throughout his fellow Roar tribe members. Rod has had plenty of leadership experience, but his leadership is usually directed by a war-hungary violent attitude. There is nothing more pleasurable to Rod than battle and how much pleasure there is in battling the Stingers.

P.S. I have not filled out the stat sheet yet (if, indeed it is required)