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Star Warrior
19 May 2005, 04:46 PM
Post: Starting Entry
Time: Period shortly after Episode III, when Darth Vader becomes a figure in the Empire.
Place: Ord Mantel
Climate: Temperate, Rocky Hills, Plains, and Canyons.

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far way…

Episode 3 1/2: The Bounty's End

The galaxy
is filled with strife
and turmoil as the New
Empire under Emperor Palpatine
and his new apprentice Darth Vader
wage war against the Republic forces
and allies in a struggle for power within the
core worlds. Due mostly to these new imminent
agendas, many factions focused onthe new conflict
have left numerous areas of thegalaxy the open to other
dangerous forces, long since vanquished by their presence.
Ord Mantel, a planetlocated near Ithor and Iridonia, has become a
site of turmoil and corruption in the Inner Rim. Near the Ten Mile Plateau on the surface of the planet, a growing city of scoundrels and rogues has taken a foot hold, changing the small populace into one of thieves, bounty hunters, and malicious crimelords that rule the areas with and iron fist. Law enforcement in the city is low and those that are present are undermanned for such an environment of high crime rate and legal negligence. A few fixers and crimelords run the local areas and notable business ventures, making the legal establishments around seem destined for peril and many facing evacuation from the planet everyday. A small group of individuals find themselves in a local tavern awaiting what is to come. From here on out in the city of Port Lupo, the decisions they make while present will determine the outcomes of the
most current events...

(A freighter, Model CEC YU-410, flies into view, quickly entering the atmosphere of a planet in the background of space.)

Star Warrior
19 May 2005, 05:20 PM
The local bar, the Lucky Draw, has a smoky haze as gamblers and barflies surround the immediate and center areas of the building. The patron, Lo Buaz as he is called by others, tends to his place of business, just as the busy Ithorian has always in the past. Two strangers, a slender female Zeltron and an enormous 10-foot tall Cragmoloid enter the small lounge from outside, aparently the crew of the last vessel heard entering the atmosphere from the spaceport just outside of the building near the docking yard. They take a seat near the northwestern corner and sit down at the shadowy table. The holojukebox shows a band with a Pa'lowick vocalist and various other mixed races in the background. One of the three visible droid servers approaches the nearby tables with a twin tray of drinks, a wide assortment of mixed ales and liquors. The more popular gambling tables, most located near the center of the rooms, are full with a few rookie Pazaac players. the most recently overheard conversation is that of a "lucky night" at the Lady Fate Casino, nearby this area as well. The two newcomers in the corner seem to eye around at the others curiously.

21 May 2005, 01:37 PM
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Star Warrior
16 June 2005, 07:08 PM

Please pardon the wait to those involded with the quest, Bounty's End. It will be slightly delayed a bit, but only for remodeling. :) It will be up and running in continuity soon enough. Thank You, and those sent chars are still involved. The next post may be within a week, or a few days there after. A good story line a plot so far, so I'll try to hurry. May the force be with all!! lol