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23 May 2005, 09:02 AM
((Takes place a few hundred years after Luke beats the Sith. The jedi council has been reinstated (the jedi temple is on Corucsant (did I spell that wrong?) as are man jedi), and the galactic senate is back. Things were going well, but a shadow has been growing over the jedi council which has everyone worried. My character, just for the record, has a high level of force apptitude, but started learning late and has some built up anger due to her family. Now, I have three rules. One, grammar and spelling and decent length. Two, no god-moding. Three, stay true to Star Wars. That's it. Also, I don’t mind romance, I actually quite like it. Be warned. Now, come play with me!))

Parry. Block. Thrust. Advance.

Electric hums crackled through the air, loud and powerful. Two illuminated lightsabers lit up the room, one an angry scarlet, the other a golden-yellow blade of glory. The blades clashed and whined, eerily lighting up the faces of the two opponents. The holder of the red blade was hidden beneath a pure black cloak, the only things visible being his pale chin and sneering lips. His opponent was hidden in shadows, her dark eyes flashing with fury, her long brown braid whipping out behind her like an extra limb. Her feet danced to an unheard song, her body weaving away from the blade, but still her anger was visible. And in the end, her anger betrayed her, stealing her concentration. The red blade plunged into her chest, and her eyes widened with surprise.

Then everything faded away, the darkness was banished along with the sith, his blade gone from her heart. And what was left was the girl wincing at the sudden light, chest heaving as she did her best to catch her breath. One of her hands rested on her hip, her other hand holding her golden lightsaber loosely. With a quick hiss the blade vanished, and she clipped it to a belt at her hips. Scowling now, she removed the lightweight band a neuro-sensors from her head, dropping it to the ground. For a moment she considered crushing it, but remembered just in time that most things did not go unpunished, especially not in the jedi temple.

Even for someone with the force, the girl was young to have a lightsaber. Her face was still soft, not marked by age or wisdom of those who inhabited the temple. At most, she was eighteen, not yet considered an adult by the galactic senate. For a human, she was a pretty thing, if not an angry one. A long braid of chestnut hair hung down her back, the tail ending at the end of her tailbone. It had taken her her whole life to grow the braid, and padawan or not she had no intention of cutting it off. Her eyes, still angry with the loss of the simulated fight, were a deepest brown, rimmed with thick black lashes. Even scowling, her lips were well shaped and full. No, her face was that of an angel, even if her mind was not.

For clothing she wore garb quite unusual for the jedi temple. Tight pants hugged her legs up to her hipbones, made entirely of green scales that glittered in the light. Matching gloves covered her hands just past her elbows. For a top she wore a piece of softened brown leather, shaped into a scant piece that covered her chest and laced up and around her neck and upper back, but left her flat stomach exposed. On her feet were boots made of the same material as her top, molded to her calves with so much wear. The bottoms were worn down, but not so much so that she would give up her favorite shoes. The garb was that of Dathomir, a desert and jungle planet in the outer reaches of the galaxy. The only jedi clothing she had was the deep brown hooded robe, and it had been flung on the floor.

“You lost your control over your emotions, my padawan.”

A cool rich voice interrupted her flurry of thoughts, and her wide brown eyes looked up to the balcony of the padded room. Dressed in standard beiges and browns was a man in his late thirties. Everything about him seemed calm, and at the moment the girl detested that. The two locked eyes, but the girl looked away quickly, her face portraying her frustration.

“You mean I had emotions. To be a jedi is not to love, yet we may not hate either! Anger and passion are forbidden to us, but so is true joy. We are to be slaves to the galaxy as we serve others, but never ourselves. It is not a true life, and you know it.”

The thoughts had been welled up in her small body for some time, and it was good to voice them, even if it meant punishment.

“You forget your place, padawan Taia! When you came here you knew the rules and the things you would have to sacrifice, do not lie to yourself. I realize you are upset about your sister, but I ask you to remember your place. With outbursts like this you shall never become a knight or master, and I will be stuck with you forever!”

The man’s last words were a joke, but the words didn’t crack a smile on his pupil’s solemn face. Mention of her family had been a mistake, the older jedi realized, rubbing his temple worriedly. Staring at the ground Taia’s head bobbed in acknowledgement, her scowl fading to a face void of expression.

“I apologize for stepping out of line, master.”

She intoned flatly, though her words were sincere. Nodding, the man made his way down from the balcony, stepping lightly as he went. The smile toying with the corners of his lips showed that all had been quickly forgiven, and the light in his blue eyes told that he had some pleasurable news. Taia sensed it on him as well, unusual excitement and anticipation.

“The council has requested we travel to Endor; there have been some strange movements there, and they may concern the threat that has been growing over us.”

“A task at last! Master Shirn, I’ve got a good feeling about this.”

Master Hevral Shirn smiled at his padawan’s excitement, the argument of just minutes ago forgotten. Quickly, Taia knelt down, picking up her jedi robes. In a smooth movement she flung her arms into them, and slipped her lightsaber into an inner pocket. The teacher and student walked through the door together, both headed for the hanger bay where they would find their ships, ready for flight.

“Will it be just us?”

Taia had never been one for group missions. Hevral she could stand, he was like a brother after all. Granted, he was like a brother who was infuriatingly righteous and always knew best, but she got along with him. Some of the other jedi really got her going though, especially when everyone knew she was better. After all, she had learned everything she knew in four short years, and was already advanced for her age. It still shocked her that she was excluded from council meetings, but Hevral assured her it was simply her temper.

Simply her temper. She snorted derisively at the thought. There was nothing simple about controlling your temper. It was bad enough that she had practically taken a vow of celibacy –her dark eyes wandered lazily over the figure of another decidedly male padawan of her age, but she quickly looked away under Hevral’s glance– but to be forbidden to feel certain natural emotions was horrible. Of course, Hevral had said nearly every padawan needed help learning to control their emotions; she was just a slow learner.

“I haven’t heard yet. But if we are accompanied you will behave! If you pull any more stunts like that trick on Hoth you’ll certainly be expelled from the temple, and training.”

Taia pulled a face, and Hevral chuckled. His laugh was infectious though, and Taia couldn’t help but smile in his direction.

“You know; if it weren’t for my little stunt, we’d both be fodder, and you know it just as well as I do.”

Though her words were arrogant and dignified, the smile dancing across her face told that she was only joking- in a way. It was true that she had saved their hides, and not only that once. Still she wasn’t good enough for the council though, still they frowned upon her. The last time she had spoken before the council she had spewed out that emotions could help you, not simply control you. The council hadn’t taken kindly to that at all. They had said that her emotions were always controlling her. She had heard one of them say they had another Anakin Skywalker on their hands. Her cheeks flushed at the memory of the insult, and she quickened her pace, hungry for a job to take her mind off less than happy things.

“Ah, Master Shirn and Padawan Rialdo! How lovely to see you both.”

The smarmy tones of Senator Thilt wound through the air. The senator was not overly important, though lately his tactical knowledge and spies coating the galaxy had been helping the Senate. Taia winced at the thought that her job she had been so excited to perform would be used to further Senator Thilt’s increasing glory. For a moment she considered walking away, but a warning glance from Hevral cemented her feet to the floor.

“We’ve briefed you two to travel to Endor. It’s quite likely that this is all nothing, but the Ewok clan has reported some disturbances and illegal building. It’s probably just freeloaders looking for a place to stay, which is quite illegal in itself of course, but just in case we’d like you two to check it out. You are becoming quite a formidable pair after all.”

The pair glanced at each other, both thinking along the same lines. They were both thinking that Senator Thilt was a revolting little man and picking up freeloaders was hardly a task worthy of two jedi. Of course, they didn’t say anything, and just nodded passively, though there was no mistaking Taia’s scowl for anything but.

“Good, I’ll have two lightweight flyers picked up then.”

With that Thilt was off, his colorful robes trailing along the dusty floors of the hanger bay. Neither of the two jedis bothered to ask where he was going, instead they remained where they were, watching and waiting impatiently for their crafts, At least, Taia thought, she’d be able to watch Hevral squirm when she was flying particularly recklessly.

“I’ve got a bad feeling about this.”

Murmured Hevral to his student, combing one hand through his shaggy black hair.

“Master, what’s the worse that can happen?”

Asked Taia with a sly smile, glancing in her teacher’s direction. Hevral sighed worriedly, but didn’t answer. Now was not the time for an argument, and he could tell that Taia was in one of her more unpredictable moods where the slightest thing could set her off. Then again, from her light smile things hardly seemed that bad. Hevral forgot things were always at their worst when Taia allowed that little smirk to crawl over her face.

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