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28 May 2005, 12:07 PM
((Hello and welcome to Tides of Change, a campaign set in the early New Republic Timeframe roughly 8 years after the battle of Yavin, Han Solo is attempting to track down Warlord Zinj (X-Wing: Solo Command), Leia is about to become married to Prince Isolder (Courtship of Princess Leia) and Grand Admiral Thrawn will soon return and wreak havoc on the New Republic (Heir to the Empire). We currently have a small cast of characters but I could be convinced to add a few more via PM, please do not just jump in until I have responded via PM or the OOC area designated here. OOC: Tides of Change (http://holonet.swrpgnetwork.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=17548&perpage=15&highlight=Tides%20of%20Change&pagenumber=1)

Just for a note, when I post as my character involved in this campaign it will be with :twilek: at the beginning and end of my posts, otherwise I will post as GM

So without further ado.))

As usual, trouble was stewing on the galaxy renowned planet of Corellia. Its capital city, Coronet, was teeming with its usual mix of wretched scum and villainy; the Corellian Security Force attempted to keep the peace and a decent balance to things. Deep in the heart of Coronet, in the violent section of the city known as the 'Blue Sector' stood a bar known as the Stasis Field, owned by one Groola the Hutt. This particular establishment was operated by a small Toydarian named Salivu and his bouncers a well armed wookie, a large Gamorean and a rather vicious coiled snake looking Blood Carver.

The bar had a rather dark and smoky interior very condusive to the underhanded nature of the sector. Deals could be made in the dark and jobs could be contracted and performed with ease. As usual for a small fee Groola will take care of any 'unwanted attention' for a small fee. Salivu hovered behind the bar cleaning mugs and serving his clientelle. Several scantilly clad serving women, deftly manuevered through the crowd avoided pinched bottoms and stumbling drunks. Business was booming and Salivu was happy. He only had one last 'appointment' to take care of for the night and then he'd go about closing up the bar and taking care of his waitresses.

"Heh heh, I think Eeloo will do nicely tonight" he mumbled to himself eying his green skinned twi'lek serving girl. "If only this group of low lifes would show up." he grumbled thinking of the semi mysterious appointment set up by one of his offworld contacts.

The only reason he hadn't called it a night already was because he was getting alot of credits for this appointment to come through. Groola would get a share of course but Salivu was glad to still have his own information net spread across the galaxy.

"Knowing 'Rebel Wraith's' style they'd all arrive individually with no knowledge of each other." he thought, "No matter, as long as there is no trouble they'll be given the private room and set in front of a pre-recorded holo message. Then I'll be done with them and cash in.

Drivis Corle
31 May 2005, 02:53 PM
Jak walked into the bar and surveyed the establishment. It was an out of the way spot to meet with a New Republic agent. His hand rested on his blaster, as it often did. He had been contacted on his way back from a mission for the Hutts. He didn't want to think about the work he did now, to many underhanded, and shadey deals. He made his way over to the bar and sat down. "Can I have a whisky" he said as he put a few loose credits on the bar. At first he was more then interested at the prospect of working for the New Republic agian, he missed the hay days of the Civil War. However now that he was here it just seemed fishy, this style was more akin to the Hutts. He would sit here and wait to see who else was gonna join this meeting.

31 May 2005, 04:29 PM
Salivu eyed the new patron a tad warily especially after seeing him finger that blaster of his. Salivu was used to that but he was no fool, especially with newcomers. He could tell this one was here for a reason but would only reveal it in his time. He waited for the patron to walk up to the bar and order.

"Whiskey, eh? Good choice...Got the good stuff here, Whyren’s Reserve, ya want that or the tap? Whyren’s will cost ya 2 creds, the tap will be a single cred. Pick your poison." Salivu said as he flitted around behind the bar. "Ahhh, tell ya what, I'll spot ya a mug of Whyren’s for a cred but just this once cause you're new here. You need anything else just let me know. I got somethin for everyone here.. eh?" he said and slopped the mug of whiskey in front of him and giving him his best winning smile.

31 May 2005, 04:50 PM

DarionA'res checked out the place from the outside, scouting it out from several angles and making sure to know where the exit was before he finally entered. The Stasis Field was a surly joint in the Blue Sector, which was nothing new to him, he'd been looking for work in that area anyway when he got the message routed to him.

"Tides of Change eh?" he thought to himself as he twitched his lekku. "We'll see what this is about, hopefully some money in it."

He looked around stretched his arms a bit, in his black suit, straightened out his vest and looked around before heading to the bar. Smoke filled the air and he eyed a few quickly passing wenches. He sighed in frustration as he caught sight of a twi'lek who looked nice but was not doing her people well. Probably sold as a slave to some hutt. He shrugged and headed towards the bar.

"Corellian Twister, easy on the juice, I'd like to keep my wits about me."
he said to the Toydarian who fluttered over to him grinning the whole way.

"Good choice, and smart man I see. The Blue Sector is not for nerfherders that's for sure eh?" the Toydarian said as he mixed the drink. "So, what brings you to my 'establishment' hole in the wall that it is?" he asked the man sitting at the bar before him.

Darion looked at him for a moment in silence, glanced around and then casually, but softly said, "The 'Tides of Change' are upon us, just looking for work and trying to stay out of too much trouble."

"Oh, yes" Salivu said glancing at the door to one of his bouncers briefly, "What with the Republic and the Empire and all that nasty business things are changing aren't they. I agree, I myself am waiting to see the others lay down their hands before I myself decide. A man's gotta keep his own skin in tact, I always say." the Toydarian flittered around anxiously for a moment and then saw another patron ordering.

"If you'll excuse me, I have others to see to, but don't worry, we can chat some more in a bit." Salivu said as he set the finished drink down in front of Darion and flew over to someone else winking just briefly at the twi'lek patron.

Drivis Corle
1 June 2005, 01:29 PM
He took a drink as he pushed a chip forward. He watched the bar and took note of the Twi'lek who had entered. He listened intently and almost smiled when he heard the stranger mention the 'Tides of Change'.
"Whole universe is a shambles, don't you agree stranger." he said as he looked him over thoughtfully.

2 June 2005, 03:45 PM
Darion nodded to the stranger, scanning the room real quick to make sure this was not a distraction of some sort.

"Yeah, killing the ol' emperor kinda swelled the heads o' them Republic rebels. I raise my glass to 'em, they opened up the markets for hard workin' people like m'self." Darion said as he tipped his mug up a bit, took a drink and set it back down.

He mentally did an inventory and kept an eye on both the front exit and the scouted out back door, just in case things went down bad. He was still fairly surprised to have gotten this message from such an old contact. He hadn't heard from any Rebellion or Republic contact in quite some time. He shrugged it off and simply waited as he was directed to.

Drivis Corle
5 June 2005, 09:37 AM
"Yeah I'll say, sure killing the Emporer was a good step, but to many people celebrating as if it was done already. Just cause the tides are there dosen't mean the change is upon us yet" He threw that last part in there to shake him up, perhapse he knew more the Jak did and the best way to get that knowledge short of torture was to shake them up. His hand still rested on his blaster.

8 June 2005, 05:13 AM
It was a different type of jungle...but a jungle nonetheless. Pahko Bendahgo entered the Stasis Field Bar and Lounge as quietly as possible. While there were certain to be no large predators about, it was dark inside the bar...and a need for several rough looking doormen meant that trouble could be a step away. The Wookiee bouncer immediately approached him and got the point across that he had to check his weaponry at the side door next to the refresher. The Rodian propped his spear and longrifle up alongside the reserved area and looked about. Most everyone in the place had a sidearm, and the only thing the Rodian ever carried with him that could be considered a "sidearm" was his knife. He left it on his belt and waited to see if it was okay. The Wookiee didn't gesture a protest about his knife, so the young Rodian walked over towards the bar. The only individual behind it was a stubbly looking Toydarian who was chit- chatting with a Twi'lek and a shady looking Human. As he got closer it appeared that the two patrons were discussing something. He watched the three as he approached...and almost bumped into one of the scantly clad girls working there.

"Oh, I'm terribly sorry. Hi...uh...my name is Pahko...I'm looking for Salivu the bartender. Is that him over there or is he off tonight?"

"I don't care who you are pal...(looks over towards Salivu)...and by the way, no one here gets off nights. We slave away for that disgusting...yeah...that's Salivu...Now unless you're gonna get a drink I suggest you beat it. It'll just be one less backwards a$$jack that we will have to kick out for the night if you shove off...and closing time is very soon."

"Okay, thanks for the tip. You have a nice night." Good thing I didn't ask for a water or a free smile.

Pahko approached the bar after confirming the Toydarian to be "Salivu".

Salivu watched the young Rodian approach...and didn't particularly like any Rodian...especially one dressed in ragged leather hides eyeballing him.

"Do you have a staring problem youngster? Do you want some sody pop, or do you want a pop to the jaw?"

"Actually, I'll take you up on the first offer. I like soda. Haven't had one in a while...and since 'the tides of change are upon us'...who knows when I'll have one again?"


Edit: Sorry about the late response. Been working on an entry, but I've been extremely busy with family.

11 June 2005, 10:54 AM
The Toydarian bartender was taken almost completely by surprise to hear this young ragged rodian say the code. He had expected the low lifes like that twi'lek down the bar and probably the human talking to him. This boy seemed very out of place here. He shrugged hovering over to the hardly used soda tap. He dusted it off scoffing at even having to use it, and would give this boy an even harder time than he had already if he had not been warned by his contact.

"Here's your sody kid.", he said sneering, "You sure you're in the right place boy, even those 'changes' you speak of are fer the lil' ones. One could easily drown." Salivu said chuckling to himself.

Salivu looked up to make sure his bouncers were ready for trouble if there was some and thought to himself, 'Good, one or two more are supposed to show up and his business could be concluded.' He looked down the bar at the twi'lek who eyed him warily, twitching a head tail and nodded gruffly to him. The human next to him smirked that scoundrel's smirk that said so much more than any normal smile and the newcomer rodian gave him the most naive smile he had seen in this bar in years, possibly ever.

"What a bunch of loonies" he mumbled to himself...

11 June 2005, 10:58 AM
Darion nodded his head to the stranger speaking to him now, head tails twitching the whole time.

"I'd have to agree, mostly, but not about change, change is here, regardless of whether it should be or not. That change can swallow up anything including this 'New Republic' if they ain't careful." Darion said as he looked up and saw a strange young looking rodian at the door checking all kinds of primitive weapons.

'Odd' he said to himself, 'Not a blaster on him it seems' he shrugged while looking, looked back at the human next to him and then to his mug and took a decent draw on it. He was ready for anything in a place like this and he hoped everything was ready for him as well.

Drivis Corle
12 June 2005, 11:35 AM
Jak was quite surprised to here the rodian speake that phrase. The twi'lek was right not a single servisable weapon on the kid. He had expected other agents who had seen a battle or two, who had proven they could hold thier own in a firefight. But then agian Jak could see he had survived some tough times, Jak ,himself, had grown up in the lower sections of Coruscant and could mostly reconize someone who had to fight for thier life as well. "Well thats what happens when a sun implodes, the wave scours and the black hole sucks down whats left, I just hope this New Republic can weather the storm, cause who knows what might come next"