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1 June 2005, 08:04 AM
A long time ago in a galaxy far far away...
The clone wars have erupted! Jedi are falling to the seperatists and their allies. Few remain to keep the peace. A group of Jedi must investigate and perform dangerous tasks for the republic. These are the Jedi investigators...

The normally heavily crowded skylanes of corucant were slower and more relaxed than normal. A small speeder marked with the red stripes of the republic speeds through the sky towards the Jedi temple. Most Jedi knew at least the master, he was Kon Pa. The padawan in the passengers seat was a Bith.
The speeder stopped and the two Jedi stepped out onto the platform. An Ithorian was waiting for them. "Hey! Kon! Long time, no see! I was wondering when you were going to turn up!"
The Gran looked puzzled. "Why are you here?" He asked.
"Ever the inquisitive one, hey Kon? I'm getting myself a new padawan."
"But you already have one. The Jedi code strictly forbids..."
"I know, I know, but master Yoda said that I had to take on a new one because of the clone wars, cut backs an' all. My new guy has had his old master taken away from him..."

Two padawans stepped out the Jedi temple, one trying to talk, the other not responding. "Eone! Skye! Over here! I want you to meet some one!" The Ithorian didn't seem to notice the Bith at Kon pa's side.
Kon Pa gestured to the Ithorian to look down. "Oh sorry, didn't notice you. You are?"

1 June 2005, 09:00 AM
"Oh sorry, didn't notice you. You are?"

"No one of consequence I assure you...I am Cha'lay Browin...and I am here to assist Master Kon Pa and yourself in our wartime investigations."

1 June 2005, 01:14 PM
Skye was getting quickly frustrated. He didn't enjoy talking, and he didn't enjoy people who try to force him to talk.

He didn't know this padawan...but that was nothing special. Skye liked to be alone, so he didn't get along with alot of the other padawans.

He had been summond to these two jedi, for what reason he was unaware. He looked down at his brown robes. He hated these robes.

Skye walked forward, dropped to one knee, and bowed, removing his hood as he did.

"Master Pa, Master Mono," Skye began, "I am Padawan learner Skye Xanthor. How may I be of service?"

2 June 2005, 09:20 AM
Eone tried and failed to get the Padawan next to her to talk. She reached out with the Force (because she was a Miraluka and couldn't see) and sensed the two Jedi she was supposed to meet were ahead, so she adjusted her blue robes. When she reached the two Jedi, she said with a bright smile on her face, "Master Pa, Master Mono, I am Eone, Padawan learner, at your service."

3 June 2005, 12:10 AM
Drax and Kon's commlinks started to buzz. Opening them both up at the same time, they found each other receiving the same message.
"Selected for a mission of the upmost importance you have. To Cridof, you must go. Believe there is a droid factory there, we do. But the seperatists know not of our plans, and well guarded it is not. Only B1's there is. Destroy the factory, you must. All the data you need, downloaded to your commlink it will be."
Drax and Kon turned to each other. "Sorry friend, I've got to go, Master Yoda has sent me on a mission to Cridof...WHAT!"

Later, on the coruscant docking bay...
"...and here she is, the DRAX'S PRIDE. You'll be travelling all the way to Cridof in her."
"What, this screaming metal deathtrap?"
"All those years of training padawans has barbed your wit old friend. Meet the team. TF73 or 'champ' as we like to call him, TF74 and 75, 'Gung and 'Ho' TF991 'Li', he's the newest member of the team, and the pilot TZX3 'Jester'. "

OOC: The stats for Cridof will be in the OOC thread soon.

3 June 2005, 11:22 PM
The Bith Padawan scratches his head as he looks back and forth between the Clone fire team, the two elder Jedi and the two other Jedi Padawans.

Wow, this is going to be crowded. I'm glad I left my datapads behind.

:bith:"Pleased to meet you all...Uh, where am I supposed to sit? The ship does have seats...right?"

4 June 2005, 07:13 AM
This is commando 62's post.
Eone used her Force Sight to "feel" the size and shape of the ship and was awe-struck. Since she loved flying, she immediately started trying to figure out where the best place to sit and watch the pilots was, without getting in the way.

7 June 2005, 05:41 PM
Skye quietly walked onto the ship, and immediatly into an empty room. He placed his back on the ground and quickly opened it. He closed the door and began to change.

He quickly stripped from his Jedi close and begn to redress in his other clothing. Starting first with his black Slacks, then a blood red shirt, and brown vest. HE drew a small blaster, snd placed it in the holster on his hip. He looked down at the remaining gear in his bag.

*The Green one, and extra clip, and the shades* he thought.

HE took his lightsaber and clipped it to the back of his belt. It was hidden under the vest, but easily accessible. He placed a pair of sunglasses over his eyes, and walked to the cockpit.

*Better check to see if somebody needs me*

He walked in to the cockpit and turned to his master.

"Master, what do you wish of me?" Skye asked.


OOC: um...who is Skye Xanthor's master? I got comfused from your last post

8 June 2005, 08:59 AM
OOC: You're working with Drax, Darth.
Third GM's post.
Drax turned to Skye. "Well, sit back and enjoy the ride. There's a seating area in one of the rooms and you can fold out one of the seats to form a sabaac table if you want. I know that Gung and Ho play a mean game of cards." Then he turned to Jester. "I'm going to go down to the co-pilot's pod. Get Eone a seat and could you teach her the controls during the flight?She looks quite interested."

Kon Pa gestured to his padawan to neter the ship. "We'll be taking off soon" He said, just as Drax's head appeared from the main door. "Hop in. It's bigger than it looks. It's got seats for 15. There's only 10 of us."

The ship's inside looks rather like a passenger jet. It has a small pod which Drax has just dissappeared down. It contains the controls for the blaster cannon and the mass driver missiles. Gung and Ho are sitting in the corner, talking. Champ is lecturing Li, this being his first true mission.

11 June 2005, 05:34 PM
"Cards?" Skye said with a rise of his eyebrow. Skye loved gambling. He dashed back to card room. From the cockpit all that could be heard was..."i've never played before."

12 June 2005, 12:31 PM
Commando 62's post:
Eone walked into the cockpit and examined the controls, seeing if there was anything similar to the ones on the old airspeeder that her father had had. Not finding anything familiar, she realized that this ship was newer than her father's airspeeder so of course she couldn't find anything. She then sat down and waited for Jester to come into the cockpit.

16 June 2005, 10:05 PM
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17 June 2005, 02:26 PM
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17 June 2005, 06:35 PM
Kon Pa gestured to his padawan to neter the ship. "We'll be taking off soon" He said, just as Drax's head appeared from the main door. "Hop in. It's bigger than it looks. It's got seats for 15. There's only 10 of us."

"Okay..yes Master."

Originally posted by Ithorian
OOC: When Krad-Edis decides to post. Do any of you know where he is? If he doesn't turn up soon, I'm gonna post.

OOC: So my character gets on the ship...what's next? :) For future reference: if no one is talking to character...I might not have anything to say. Move on when you feel appropriate.

18 June 2005, 01:39 AM
The ships doors close, the repulsorlifts levitate the vehicle off the ground and it aims itself upwards. A sound is heard fropm over the intercomm. "HOLD ON TIGHT! AIRSPEEDERS ACHIEVING SPACE TRAVEL AIN'T A PRETTY THING!"
Drax engaged the blaster cannon and moved the turret to face the back of the ship. A sound was heard from below. "It's easier if you're facing backwards!"

The gunship burst out the atmosphere and into space. Li stared out the window. He merely said one word. "Wow!"

Another sound was heard over the intercomm. "We're engaing hyperspace drive now... ETA in 3 hours."

OOC: That leaves a couple of rounds for character development.

19 June 2005, 06:48 AM
Life support and recycled air...it would drive Cha'lay's senses into what seemed like chaos to him.

Everything I see is clear. Not like the wide open space of the Temple or most other places. When all around is clear, I'm either in a tight space...or confined.

The young Bith grabbed an small unopened package containing pair of ear-plugs that most humans use to avoid air sickness and stuck them in his nose.

Agh...the smells. No place to escape the smells with the smells being directly blown right back into my face. It is hard to tell who is who with all of the smells. So many different ones. The smell of saline....Master Pa. The musty smell must be coming from Master Mono...it smells like dried grass clippings or plant spores...can't really tell. The girl...Eone was it?....She smells like wiring...and...perfume? Fabric softener? It is hard to tell. Certainly the perfume isn't coming from the other one...the human male Padawan. He and Skye smelled similarly...kind of musty. Maybe it was spice?

Cha'lay looked on from his seat next to his master as the clones and the human padawan played their game of cards.

They all look the same, and.....smell the same. They smell like newly formed plasteel, or perhaps it is their armor? Maybe...they don't smell at all?...

Cha'lay sat silently pondering all of this as he tried to control the influx of scents into his already overwhelmed sense of smell.

"I'm glad this is only a three hour flight." he grumbled to his master.

Mack Jace
19 June 2005, 05:23 PM
As the ship lurched into hyperspace, Eone sat inside the cockpit with Jester, and gazed (or something like that) out into the swirling, chaotic hyperspace tunnel, thinking.

Wow, even though I can't see it, I can still sense the power emanating from it. It's such a beautiful thing.

She stretched out to the Force, trying to sense the different emotions of the people she was traveling with.

Wow, Cha'lay really seems stressed out, I wonder what's bothering him? But everyone else seems to be having a good time.

She then turned to Jester saying, So, got any good stories to tell?

20 June 2005, 08:51 AM
Fourth GM post:

Jester turned to Eone "I got a couple. Me and Drax have been around a bit with the others. We were stationed on Rhen Var after Geonosis, boy did those dark reaper boys get a shock. But probably when we were assigned to do the mop-up on Muunilist after Kenobi was my favourite. Durge was presumed dead, so we came down and I took out the power cells commanding the IG lancers. However, our mate Durge had been clever enough to Jack 'em up with back-up communicators. I remember me celebrating thinking they were gone with Gung and Ho doing their best with an E-web." He let out a hearty chuckled and rummaged in his armour, popped out a packet, partially removed his helmet and slipped something into his mouth. He offered the packet to Eone. "Gum?"

Kon Pa turned to his padawan. "You alright? He then looked at the plugs up his nose. "Obviously not. It's very small, I know, but it'll be over soon. Good job we aren't travelling to the outer rim. Or at least we won't have to jump out the back of the gunship on those swoops."

A murmuring was heard from underneath them. "Well..."

Gung put down some credits on the sabaac table. Champ's attention immediately shifted to him. "He isn't old enough to bet Gung, you know that full well!"
Gung immediately retracted the money and replied to his commander with a stab of cynicism, Ho finshed the sentence. "And Li isn't old enough to be given 'The Lecture'..."
"but you're still allowed to do it!"
Li looked at the two with puzzled eyes. "I know we're supposed to be all the same, but that's just creepy."
"We were an experiment..."
"Double attached cloning cylinder..."
"We have a longer life-span..."
"But we end up more the same than other clones."
Li gave them another look. "How can you be more the same?"

OOC: When I said this was the middle of the clone wars I meant that it was the middle of events in the clone wars, when everything is happening. Jester's actually just got that story, and the clone troop and Drax were stationed on Mon Calamari, they were removed just before things kicked off.
It's about 0.3 ABG, that's 21.7 BBY.

On a further note, Jester was the first clone in Drax's group (2 days ABG). He was quickly followed by Champ (30 days ABG). After the battle of Kamino (0.2ABG), he recieved Gung and Ho, and Li has just joined.

22 June 2005, 10:58 AM
Skye was only half listening to the conversation that was talking place, he was more concentrated on the game. He was winnin, well most of the time. Gung and HO were pretty decent players, but not up to his calibur. They had quickly found out that Skye had INDEED played before.

With a quick glance he could tell that they were somewhat curious about how a young padawan like himself had gainned such gambleing expertise, but in reality, they'd never know.

Mack Jace
22 June 2005, 05:15 PM
Eone was overcome with awe as she took the gum, and realized that her mouth had dropped a few centimeters.

Rhen Var? Muunilist? Boy, what I would give to have all the adventures that you guys have. Where were you stationed before you got to Master Mono?

OOC: If you just want to keep moving, then disregard this post.

23 June 2005, 08:47 AM
Jester looked back at Eone and swallowed the gum "I can't remember. I think I might have been in a cloning cylinder. I've been with this ship all my life, and it was specially commissioned for Drax. Swallow the gum. We're going out of hyperspace. Might be a bit of a jolt."

You feel the ship throw itself backwards and find yourself just above the atmosphere of Cridof. A perfect jump. Over the intercomm Jester is heard. "Welcome to Cridof. Please hold on to your seats. I'm pulling into the atmosphere as fast as we can go. We don't want those droid patrols to notice us. Will all Jedi please go to the main room for breifing."

Champ turns to all the Jedi and holds out a box containing a series of balster pistols and commlinks. "The commlinks are so you can contact the ship if you get in trouble. The pistols are DC-15s rechargers. I know that some Jedi have reservations about blasters, but they'll help in a firefight."

Drax presses a small button at the back room, opening a cargo area containing 5 swoops. He hops on the back of one. "Jump on. Me, Eone and Skye will take out the remote sheild generator. Kon Pa and Cha'lay will move through the factory, shutting down the locks to get into the core, where both groups will meet. We will be dropped off soon."

The gunship flew across the snow covered grass at about 10 metres above ground.

OOC: Dexterity check with pilot modifier for Skye and Eone to avoid whiplash. (1d4 damage)

24 June 2005, 11:13 AM
You feel the ship throw itself backwards and find yourself just above the atmosphere of Cridof. A perfect jump. Over the intercomm Jester is heard. "Welcome to Cridof. Please hold on to your seats. I'm pulling into the atmosphere as fast as we can go. We don't want those droid patrols to notice us. Will all Jedi please go to the main room for breifing."

With all of the ship's improvements, the internal compensators remained pretty much that of an air speeder. Cha'lay enhaled accidentily right at the moment of the ship "throw back." The whiplashing effect nearly caused Cha'lay to enhale his noseplugs, and Master Pa had to slap him on the back hard to knock free the plugs and for the bewildered Padawan to get his breath back.

Well, we're off to a good start...aside from swallowing my nearly all of my sinus cavities.

"Hey up there, thanks for the advance warning about the compensators. We really appreciated the heads up."

Cha'lay looked at his Master who had his eyes closed. Master Pa was meditating, and he didn't want to disturb him. He was wondering what he should do.

Should I hold on to my seat? Or should I go to the briefing room? I'll wait for Master Pa's lead.

24 June 2005, 12:39 PM
Skye smiled as he took the blasters. He loved blasters. They felt alot better in his hands then a damn lightsaber ever could.

He spun the blaster on his finger and clipped it to his belt.

He listened to the briefing, then walked to the swoops. He straddled the swoop and glaced at his master

"Whenver your ready master." Skye said as he adjusted his shades, and put on a coat. HE hated the cold.

Mack Jace
24 June 2005, 01:43 PM
Eone took one of the deecee's and slipped it into a loop in her belt, opposite her lightsaber. She generally didn't like to use blasters, but she had seen some holos of the DC-15s in action, and knew that it would be an invaluable tool for this mission. She hopped onto the swoop, checked to make sure that it would start, then looked over to Master Mono.

Master, I am ready when you are.

She knew that this was the real thing, not some training exercise, but that it would be dangerous, and she hoped against hope that noone would be seriously injured.

25 June 2005, 12:23 AM
OOC: If you want me to make rolls for you, I will. I'll make Skye's dex. check.

Boh padawans avoid taking damage and the bikes speed on. The snow fields give rise to a large metallic building eminating a purple sheild. It has a large CIS sign on it. Drax turns to you. "This is ur sheild generator guys!

You travel along a track now, woods either side of you. A disturbing presence, almost as if you're being watched seems to follow you.

OOC: Skye and Eone take a spot check to see if there is anybody following them.

Kon Pa opens his eyes and looks at his padawan. "Let us go to the breifing room.
Chamo again opens the suitcase of blasters and commlinks and offers them to the two Jedi. Kon Pa grudgingly picks it up and takes a holster aswell as the commlink. The gunship slows down and picks up altitude. Gung and Ho pass two parachutes to the Jedi and lead them to the swoop bay again. "You'll have to jump out from high if you want to get over the preliminary defenses."
The factory below you is surrounded by barbed wire and patrolled by battle droids. It has a sheild generating around the main compound. The R&D centre. However, the huts around it, which control the locks to the doors in the R&D centre have no sheilds, although they are heavily guarded.
Kon Pa takes his padawans hand and jumps.

OOC: Cha'lay takes a jump check to land perfectly after the parachute opens, if the check is a failure, he suffers 1d4 points of damage.

29 June 2005, 12:48 AM
Jump = no ranks + 11 roll - 1 Str = 10 total

29 June 2005, 09:09 AM
Cha'lay falls to the ground and lands easily. Kon Pa takes his padawan and pushes him against a wall. A troop of battle droids pass by.

"I was looking at the guard structure from the gunship. There is always a group outside each of the locks and a battle droid patrol here every 5 minutes. This place is rigged with booby traps everywhere, so stay quiet and observant."

Mack asked me to take his check. I will also take Darth xanthor's check.

A group of battle droids on STAPs attempt to establish pursuit. Neither padawan notices them, nor does the master. As the humming gets louder, however, the Jedi turn just as one attempts to fire.

(2 battle droids. One has established pursuit. One has not but is still following. Battle droid 2 has fired at Eone. I will post the results in the OOC thread. All combat maths will be done there. Describe your action in this thread,)

4 July 2005, 04:30 PM
As the blaster fire hits, skye drops to knee, draws his blaster and fires at the 1st target he can see

5 July 2005, 09:34 AM
The blaster glances off Drax's shoulder. Skye's blaster wipes out the droid before it can attack again, taking it straight off the STAP.

Cha'lay feels a cold point on his spine. "Die CIS scum. I am Detrus Detritus of the CLL, remember me for aslong as you have left to live."
Kon Pa draws his lightsaber at the threat but touches him on the shoulder and says "Put your gun down friend. We are not CIS. We are here to destroy this factory. Who is this CLL you speak of though?"

Mack Jace
5 July 2005, 09:44 AM
Eone stood her ground as the second battle droid loomed closer. Pulling out her deecee, she took aim at the droid and pulled the trigger.

8 July 2005, 08:37 AM
The droid falls to the feet of Eone and the STAP rolls to a halt, stopping to hover just over the fallen droid. Drax kicks up his speeder bike and continues on his way to the shield generator.

The sharp point on Cha'lay's neck is slowly relaxed and the creature turns to face Master Pa. "CLL stands for Cridofian Liberation League. I," He points proudly towards himself, "am a freedom fighter. I was sent to destroy this base, another group have been sent to infiltrate the shield generator."

8 July 2005, 07:45 PM
With a smile Skye spun his blaster on his finger and slid it into his holster. He had spent many hours of his Jedi trainning learning to do thta manuever

Mack Jace
9 July 2005, 06:11 AM
Eone holstered her weapon, keeping it just within reach, and hopped onto her speeder.

Hopefully we won't run into more of them, and this will be a simple mission. But nothing is ever simple.

She adjusted the throttle and zoomed off after Master Mono.

9 July 2005, 03:21 PM
Skye mounted his speeder, and without a word, fired off after his fireteam team partner

10 July 2005, 08:13 PM
"Put your gun down friend. We are not CIS. We are here to destroy this factory. Who is this CLL you speak of though?"

Cha'lay didn't have a low opinion of himself. He knew he could take care of himself better than many his age, but this guy seemingly came out of nowhere. He was at his opponent's mercy...and at the mercy of his Master's skill. It was so true what his master had said to him...and the saying 'either half-trained or half-witted...sometimes they are the same' rang through his ears. He held his breath waiting for this 'Detritus' to either yield to his master, or impale him through the back of the neck.

"CLL stands for Cridofian Liberation League. I......am a freedom fighter. I was sent to destroy this base, another group have been sent to infiltrate the shield generator."

Once again, Master Pa to the rescue. It's a good thing he didn't have to kill an ally...and a better thing that an ally didn't have to kill me.

OOC: I typically respond better when not automatically at the mercy of my opponent...especially when my Master seems to be doing the diplomatic thing. If thoughts are what are requested of me to post, I can do that...but sometimes nothing is the best action when a knife (?) is in your back and you are a level one character depending on your master (correct me if I am wrong on that issue).

11 July 2005, 08:16 AM
As Detrus says he is a freedom fighter, alarms are set off all around him. "Wow, buzz word." He says, taking the bayonet off his blaster rifle. Master Pa draws his lightsaber. "So much for infiltration."
"It's not my fault, I thought you were CIS!"
A troop of battle droids come down the alleyway and pul out their blaster rifles.
Combat begins. Initiative:
Kon Pa
Detritus (I rolled a 1. So ashamed.)
Post your moves in the OOC thread and jazz them up here.

Drax turns as the 2 padawans pull up alongside him. "Good job. Those blasters did the trick." He then looked closely at Skye. "I thought that only Holovid stars could do that pistol trick."
They pull up alongside the fence at the start of the compound. "Now remember kids. Don't forget where we parked." He then proceeded to vault the fence. "Come on!"

(Reflex climb check. You both passed.)

11 July 2005, 05:41 PM
Skye looked at Drax.

"Those Holovid stars ain't nothing compared to me." Skye took a couple steps back, and with his ability of the force, he flipped over the fence.

She turned back to Drax and the second padawan.
"Let's hurry up. We don't have all day."

13 July 2005, 12:12 PM
The Bith Jedi Padawan quickly reached for his lightsaber and ignited it. His determined face took on a azure glow from the blade he held up high in a defensive posture.

Here it comes...a whole wall of blaster fire.

15 July 2005, 04:33 PM
Skye walked in the snow, his hand on his blaster. He hated surprises, and this time he wanted to be ready.

He looked around. None of this was familiar. It would have been easier if knew more about the area. BUt then again...he always said that EASY was BORING

16 July 2005, 12:24 AM
Two of the droids turn to Cha'lay and fire. Cha'lay deflects the blaster bolts into the walls, causing them to spark and disappear.
Two turn to master Pa and fire. They both miss master Pa and go flying down the alleyway behind him.
The final droid looks at Detritus and fires. Detritus merely sidesteps the bolt.

Kon Pa ignites his lightsaber and rushes at the nearest droid. He cuts straight through. The droid doesn't realise it has been attacked until a searing line appears in his chassis a second later. He collapses.

Detritus shoots the droid and then holsters his gun, as if looking for something. The droid collapses.

The snow crunches under Drax's feet. He gestures for the group to move on. "ONWARDS! The droid patrols'll be coming soon, and knowing Master Pa he's probably got himself into some trouble!"

20 July 2005, 08:06 AM
Cha'lay deflects another two bolts from the droids into the wall. Kon Pa Takes a break from fighting and rears up, a blaster bolt missing his head. Detritus shouts over to the Jedi "Do you have a spare lightsaber? I want to copy it into my Dreg!"
Kon Pa throws Detritus his padawan lightsaber and Detritus holds it up to a small cube. The cube emits a blue light and a computerized voice asks "File name?" "Lightsaber" "File copied." "Dreg. Acitivate Lightsaber program."
The Jedi looks at the cube as it emits a blue light, then it completes a series of complex turns, eventually turning into a copy of Kon Pa's lightsaber.