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2 June 2005, 11:57 AM
I’ve been mulling over the idea of posting this game log. The Shadows Before Darkness began well over a year ago in Savannah. A pool of my friends wanted to play a game and our first story fell through as the GM had too much work and school to take care of to put on a game. So I dusted off this story that I had tucked away from a year or two earlier that was never put into use. This is the first Campaign of a trio of stories that all tie together (I figured, hey Lucas did a trilogy) and I had some interesting ideas in here I thought I would share. Feedback is Always appreciated.

And obviously this is just my take on a time that is very hazy. Not much is known about it and apparently quite a few changes were made during this era. Please forgive anything that might conflict with cannon or your own universe, or feel free to use what you like.

The events of The Shadows Before Darkness take place roughly 2,467 years BBY (Before the Battle of Yavin). Below is the primer for all characters that played this game.

During this time, the Jedi are in large numbers, policing the Republic with their knowledge and ability. Confident, assured and constantly trying to maintain peace, the Jedi of this era have become vain in their abilities. They feel it is their duty to make sure no one steps out of line and egos have flared more than once. Despite the fact that the core of the Jedi’s teaching is that of peace and harmony it is not unheard of for Jedi to take actions into their own hands. Pre-emptive strikes on potential enemies and backbiting has become commonplace in the Halls of the Order. It is a Dark time. Many of the Jedi feel that it is coming to a breaking point, where they shall split, as they did those many thousands of years ago.

As a visual reference, Jedi of this time wear darker black and tan robes, with tunics made of bantha skin. This style reflects the commissar approach to their dealings with those who would be deemed ‘enemies’.

At this point the republic has explored most of the known galaxy, but there are many pockets in the Outer Rim where they have yet to make a presence. The world of Uliq-ai is one such world. Prosperous, wealthy, and mostly peaceful; the Monarchy of Uliq-ai: the House of Orlex has kept dialogue open with the Republic and Free Trade has been enjoyed on both sides for many centuries. The Monarchies wealth comes from the fact that their world is the only other known natural source of Adegan crystals in the galaxy.
These crystals are not only valuable because of their rarity, but they also are used in Jedi Light sabers. The House or Orlex, when approached by the Republic to open trade agreed if they could send their eldest born to train with the Jedi. Not to become a Knight, but to learn to harness the force. It appears that the force is strong in the Orlex family and they try to develop each and ever advantage they possess. Despite this agreement only asked for one member to train with the Jedi, the Orlex have sent generation after generation of Eldest Born to the temple. Sometimes they become Knights, sometimes they return, but the Tradition is steadfast and despite their policy on age, at 10 solar cycles the Eldest born is sent to Coruscant.

So the bargain was struck and all was well for a time. That is until a year ago. While Eldest Daughter Princess Lalo Orlex was on Coruscant invaders came to Uliq-ai. Caught off guard, the invaders were able to disarm or destroy most of the planetary defenses within hours. After a long and bloody battle the capital fell, and the House of Orlex was executed. Upon notification, Lalo left the Order and approached the Galactic Senate as head of her people for aid. Over some serious debate, the Senate turned down Lalo’s request for aid on the basis that while Uliq-ai was a good asset, they were still not apart of the Republic and the forces needed to repel a planetary invasion would be more than they could offer at the moment.

Frustrated, Lalo went to her families coffers on Coruscant and drained them to hire an army of mercenaries. With thousands of hands and ships bought to retake her home world, Lalo Orlex returned 3 months later and was able to eject the force of ships that had taken her world. Loosing a significant portion of her Sequestered Army, Lalo immediately made plans to reopen trade with the Republic insisting on emergency defense aid. Allowing larger exports of Adegan crystals, Lalo asked for ‘commonwealth’ status of the Republic until they could ratify Uliq-ai’s induction. The Senate agreed and began to debate bringing Uliq-ai into Republic; not only for profit but to protect this peaceful world.

Lalo on the other hand was at her wits end, her family had prided its nuclear planet and its ability to cope with any problem without having to join any organizations that could potentially water down their proud culture.

Seven months later, Uliq-ai is physically healed from its horrible battle wounds, but psychologically the people and their ruler were wary. Assassination attempts had been leaked in popular holonet media and throughout the streets of the planet. But hope was in the air as the Galactic Senate was able to Ratify Uliq-ai’s entrance into the Republic. The news is that of joy and people on many worlds are excited and proud to have such a powerful system like Uliq-ai join the great Galactic Republic.

Arriving for the Ceremony, Lalo Orlex is assigned two Jedi Bodyguards as death threats have been made in recent days. As her planet becomes more and more assured prosperity, the more outside influences threaten her life. The Jedi, seeing the great importance of a second source of crystals feel that no less than two Jedi will serve to protect her Highness.

This brings us to the first game session, which I will put (in less length) on my next post. Please feel free to ask questions or leave feedback. Cheers.

3 June 2005, 12:51 PM
Before I begin, the main players of this chapter are:
Bill: as Slee Tan (an red colored Kel-Dor)
Marion: as Noriam (dark skinned twi’lek)
Charles: as Mavek Darklighter (nope he named himself; human)

Shortly before the Induction Ceremony at the Jedi temple, the Council was participating in a Ceremony as well; raising Padawan Noriam up to Jedi Knight Status. Noriam is a dark-skinned Twi’lek with splotches of vibrant red. After the Ceremony, his former Master, Slee Tan took down his hood and joined Noriam side by side, as equals. The Council congratulated the young Knight and the Master for teaching him so well. They then proclaimed that Master Tan was needed to guard this Princess Orlex from any attempts that could be made on her life. Knight Noriam was also given leave to protect the Princess by his Masters side.

Pleased, the Council gave them leave and the two Knights left the round chamber room. As soon as the two doors shut, Noriam was overcome with Joy for making his Knighthood. For years he had heard that knights were allowed to procreate with Concubines of the Order. His “envy” was so great that it took over as he yelled in triumph “CONCUBINES!!!!!!” He was made silent quickly by Slee Tan as it was explained that while the Jedi do encourage Knights and Masters to procreate to add numbers to the order, it was a privilege and a duty. Not something to be abused or raved about in the halls. Nodding curtly, Noriam took his place one step behind and to the left of his Master as they left the temple to begin their new Assignment.

A few hours later, Princess Orlex entered her antechamber from the previously ended ceremony. Excited but tired, she greeted the two Jedi Masters who awaited her and welcomed their protection. She also introduced them to a trusted ally, Mavek Darklighter, a soldier from the task force to reclaim her home world. Mavek had been instrumental in her protection on Uliq-ai and she bought his contract until further notice to ensure her safety.

Excusing herself; Lalo leaves to rest and change, in order to attend the Celebration Ball. The Jedi and Mavek begin to discuss security for the Senatorial Ballroom.

A few hours later, the 4 of them leave for the Ball. Arriving shortly after the beginning of the ball, the hall erupts in applause as Lalo enters. The Jedi sink back into the din watching for any danger. Time passes, and all is quiet. Noriam, still high from his Knighthood, sees a delightful looking Twi’lek. He approaches her and tries to strike up a conversation for a while. On the other side of the Ballroom, Mavek stays within paces of his mark ensuring her safety. Lalo talks to senators and other hob-knobbers interested in getting to know her highness more.

When the explosion occurred, there was mass confusion. The Ballroom was safe but dust had spilled in from the hall, then the snap hiss of Lightsabers echoed throughout the domed room. Red light pooled around 8 red-robed figures as they began to stalk towards the Princess.

Mavek leapt into action and moved towards Lalo, who was drawing a lightsaber of her own. But before she could tell what was happening Mavek had pushed her to the ground and covered her body with his own pulling out his shoulder slung rifle.

The twi’lek that Noriam had engaged in dropped her façade and pulled a lightsaber igniting it. Fumbling backwards, Noriam drew his own and turned it on, casting purple light over his darkened features. She moved in for a strike and was quickly disarmed as Noriam removed her hand at the wrist. Falling to the ground mere inches from her dismembered hand, the woman screamed as a pinging sound erupted from the fallen saber. Glowing red and speeding up Noriam grabbed those he could and pushed them away from the potential danger. Moments later it exploded, launching him into the air. He was thrown a distance of over 30 feet and skidded to a stop a few yards from Slee Tan. The people were safe, but a charred duracrete hole was all that remained of this attacker.

Composing themselves Slee Tan moved towards the Princess while encouraging the rest of the Senators to leave quickly. Alarms rang through the cavernous room, now mostly empty. The bodies of over 16 Republic Guards lay strewn in pairs at each doorway. These attackers knew their layouts and neutralized anyone but people in the Ballroom that could provide trouble.

Picking himself up off the ground Noriam pulled reached out through the force and retrieved his lightsaber. Igniting it he stood next to his master who had drawn both of his lightsabers, which cast equal pools of golden orange light. Mavek stood up and encouraged the Princess to leave with one of the Senators that had been caught up in the craziness. But the Senator turned and deactivated an image allocator, revealing a pale skinned woman with sunken eyes. Drawing a two-sided lightsaber she attacked Lalo with a force strike that threw her across the Hall.

Mavek pulled out a lightsaber of his own which was red, and began to attack this strange woman who deflected every attack with ease. Throwing him away she turned to the two Jedi. Noriam turned to this new threat and tried to hold her off as the other attackers were quickly dispatched by Master Tan. His dual orange lightsabers flashed with fury as they cleaved through the Unknown assailants. Making short work of them he joined Noriam in a double attack. Quickly the woman began to move with a grace unseen by the Jedi outside of the order and her double blade split into two separate sabers as she was able to knock out Noriam. Master Tan pushed upon her with full force, until she was able to sneak in a strike that pushed him back a few feet. Seizing the moment she used the force to grip the princess and throw her into the Transparisteel Dome that shielded them from any fall.
The dome began to crack and Master Tan Used his own force powers to try and stop her from being injured. Though she was unconscious, he knew that her body could not take this kind of stress. Unable to stop it, he screamed towards Mavek and Noriam who were nursing their own wounds and trying to get back into the fight. Noriam charged, but was cut off as the unknown woman ran…with frightening speed. Lalo dropped 15 feet and collapsed on the ballroom floor.
Pursuing the woman, Master Tan and Noriam followed her into the adjacent hallway. Where they saw her standing in hole made from what was likely the explosion. Standing next to her was a man in sealed armor. His arm wrapped around her waist, he leveled a device at the two Jedi and fired. As they dodged the attack he leapt with her out into the chasm of the Coruscant sky lanes. The device turned out to be a small detonator that blew up shortly after launch sealing off the hole made for their entrance. Cut off, the Jedi had no way of following.
They returned to Mavek and Lalo. They rushed her to a med-station to ensure she was well. She was in serious but stable condition and should recover in a day of bacta treatment. Jedi Tan and Noriam took a moment here to inquire about Mavek’s Red lightsaber. He responds that years ago he helped a Jedi Master hunt down and kill a fallen comrade. It was in that time he found that Mavek was a force sensitive. But his age prevented him from bringing Mavek into the order. So the master was resigned to showing him how to feel the force, use it to aid him as well as use a lightsaber. When asked who this masters name was though, Mavek fell silent.
He changed the topic quickly to finding out who this Woman and Man were. Mavek is told the description of the armored man and told to see what he could find out. Mavek agrees to put his best people on it and the trio part company as the Jedi go back to report to the council.

6 June 2005, 01:20 PM
Bill: as Slee Tan (an red colored Kel-Dor)
Marion: as Noriam (dark skinned twi’lek)
Charles: as Mavek Darklighter (nope he named himself; human)
Tracy: as Amien (blue skinned Quirmean)

Once the Council was brought up to speed concerning the battle that took place at the Senate hours before, they decided that the only way to diffuse the situation was to track down the source of the assassins. It was also brought to their attention that perhaps a third mind might be useful. Master Amien, a Master Jedi Healer would be joining them. Of course while they would be away, the Jedi would post a host of Knights to protect the Princess. Agreed, the Jedi were dismissed and formally introduced themselves to Master Amien in the hallway.
In this moment, the problems within the order became apparent. Here was a Jedi Knight who was eager to dole out justice and keep the galaxy at any means necessary. His master: someone of like mind but with the wisdom to temper it without always resorting to force; though he knew it to be good deterrent. And finally you have a Jedi who is, by her very nature; peaceful. Though she will use her weapon when cornered she prefers harmony and coexistence over violence. Tenuous, the trio retired for the evening.
As morning dawned on the Temple, Master Tan had a message waiting for him on his com-link. It was Mavek. He corresponded that the man in sealed armor was someone called Peloquin Natch. He was an Assassin/Bounty Hunter and he was in known circles to have skills that could rival Jedi. Usually he deals with contracts in Hutt Space, where the Republics grasp is failing at best. When he is on Coruscant though, he does have a contact by the name of Jerool.
Once Jerool’s information was relayed, Master Tan robbed and left his quarters meeting Noriam and Amien in the Halls of the Temple. Dropping by Lalo’s med-bay they confirmed that she was recovering well and was due to be released in 6 hours. With the 8 Jedi Knights protecting the Princess, Mavek decided to accompany the Group on their expedition to find out about Natch. He also told the Jedi that he had put the Republic Guard on the scent of tracking down the missing senator. Hopefully they will turn something up.
Apparently Jerool owns a hole in the wall bar called Stim-man’s Delight in the lower levels of Coruscant. The bar itself is dimly lit, with around 20 lethargic looking patrons peppered throughout the business. Noriam in his ever ready manner proclaims that they were here on Jedi business and they had to speak to a Rodian by the name of Jerool. A little grey Rodian, from behind the bar snapped his head towards the Jedi and began to spout off a litany of curses in Huttesse.
The patrons all appear to stiffen, pushing tables out of the way as Blasters came up from many hands. Mavek, anticipating a firefight jumped to his left and pulled a table on its side to provide cover as Noriam and Slee Tan unlatched their lightsabers. But Amien in one gentle motion raised one of her four arms and waved it in the air. Blasters from around the room were snatched from their owner’s hands and were gathered into a pile beside the large Jedi. She in very simple terms told them they were welcome to leave now or stay and she would allow her comrades to continue what they had intended. Within moments the bar was empty.
Jerool remained behind the bar trembling as the Jedi approached him. Once close enough, he pulled a small hold out blaster and squeezed off a shot. It missed wide of the group, though it was enough that Noriam ignited his light saber and held it to Jerool’s throat. The resulting action was Jerool dropping his weapon. After a few minutes of intense interrogation, Jerool revealed that Peloquin Natch had been there recently with some new partners. They were associates of his boss, Gepta; a Rodian mob bass that had major clout in Hutt Space. He swore he didn’t know anything other than that.
The Jedi made a cursory inspection of the Bar and discovered a secret wall on the side of the establishment. Jerool pleaded to leave it be, it had nothing to do with what was currently under way but; of course, they opened it anyway. Behind the wall it revealed a massive hangar bay with a freighter class starship docked inside. Jerool told them that it was a ship that Peloquin owned but had no use for. It was new, but the unusual make of the ship was something that made it useless for someone of his field. He left it there until he could put it to SOME use.
An early Corellian ship that had the trademark cockpit of the YT series sat in the bay. A distant ancestor of the Millennium Falcon, this ship had a similar saucer shape design but the cockpit was attached to the front, rather than on its side. One unusual feature of the ship was that it had a rotating Mid-section. This saucer section would actually rotate on its axis, leaving the cockpit stable and centered at all times, but allowing the freighter ship to squeeze into areas that it could normally not go. The two biggest issues with this design is that when rotating the center hallway that went down the length of the ship would sometimes loose gravity and it tended to make anyone flying inside the top and bottom turrets to get sick from so much motion.
After checking the registry they found that the ship had no owner, only a name: The Majestic Chase. Seeing this as a good sign the Jedi agreed to take the ship and not turn in Jerool. But if they heard of him doing ANYTHING else that was remotely on the shady side, they would be back. Agreeing anxiously, Jerool gave them the entry codes. Once they had turned the ships systems on and began to take off, they were contacted by com-link. Apparently the senator who was missing was found in her southeastern apartments; murdered and stuffed inside of a closet. This unfortunately was not surprising. What was interesting was that someone had used her Secured Code Line to transmit off-world. The Jedi asked to know the source of the transmission, and set a course to that district. The District was old and in the process of being rebuilt. Specifically a giant living complex was being erected, the metal skeleton reaching into the sky like a claw that was not yet covered with flesh. Atop the highest levels was an unknown configuration starship, small freighter sized. Figures were moving on and off the ship; taking cargo into the loading bay and at the base of the craft was the pale skinned woman in a dark billowing cloak. Hoping to get some answers from potential captives the Jedi chose to land the Chase rather than firing.
Landing on the precarious cross beams the Jedi exited the Chase, immediately ducking blaster fire from the pale woman’s ship. Lancing the landing gear, the chase toppled with a resounding thud grinding itself to a stop between the crossbeams and girders that now supported its full weight. In the confusion, the pale woman and her compatriots began to attack, lightsaber to lightsaber.
While these strangers knew the Jedi arts, they were not as skilled as the Knights and Masters that were their opponents. Mavek on the other hand struggled to not become seriously injured, loosing much of his armor and pride in the process. Pushing onward the Jedi began to encounter the Pale Woman. Saluting before his first strike Master Slee Tan crossed his arms, lightsaber in each hand before igniting them into a flurry of strikes. Parrying each of them as gracefully as before the Pale woman gave up ground and pressed when she could. The poetry of the fight hummed in the air as the other Jedi mopped up their foes.
Then something unexpected happened. While trying to strike guardsmen with his lightsaber, Mavek missed completely and lost his footing on the crossbeam. Stumbling into mid air he began to fall. Moving to his aid, Amien deactivated her lightsaber and used her speed to reach her comrade. Leaping off the girder she flew in mid air, catching Mavek and resting a hold of the adjacent crossbeam. Using her momentum she spun him back up to the appropriate level and joined him moments later. Unfortunately they landed between the Pale Woman and her rear guardsmen. Re-activating her lightsaber Amien pushed an attack towards the guard as Mavek regained his footing and his lightsaber. On the flip side Noriam had eradicated the guardsmen in his way and started to join the fight against the Pale woman. Blocking both Master and Knight the pale woman was able to keep them at bay dancing with her opponents.
Even as the battle seemed won, Amien lost her own ground and was pushed off the ledge she cusped. Diving to aid her, Mavek missed her hands and fought to keep on stable ground. Falling 20 feet, Amien landed on a girder further down snapping one of her fragile 4 arms. Pulling it close she crouched and leapt back into the battle decapitating her attackers. Mavek, finally on his feet and fully composed was able to take assessment of the environment. Amien was in mid flight to kill her opponent and in front of him was the pal woman with her back turned fighting two Jedi. Sneaking up behind her he put the nozzle of his lightsaber to her back and ignited it. The crimson blade erupted out of the front of her chest, dropping her to her knees.
With the opponents defeated they went to the Pale Woman, who was quickly leaving this life. In her last breaths she whispered something to Slee Tan before passing on. Standing up, he recited the line he just heard.

“We are already here….the Shadow of the Sith will consume you all….”

7 June 2005, 01:50 PM
Bill: as Slee Tan (an red colored Kel-Dor)
Marion: as Noriam (dark skinned twi’lek)
Charles: as Mavek Darklighter (nope he named himself; human)
Tracy: as Amien (blue skinned Quirmean)
Kyle: Calla Brynn (olive skinned humanoid)
Jessica: Haven-Do (slightly pink Kushiban)
Lucas: Malek (yellow tattooed Zabrak)

After calling a repair craft to tow the Majestic Chase in for repairs, the group decides to follow after Peloquin Natch, hoping that the bread crumbs left behind are leading somewhere. While in dry dock, Master Tan contacts the council and relays his intentions to travel to Hutt Space and look for Peloquin. Agreed that this was the best solution to finding the culprits behind these ‘Jedi like’ assassins the council wishes him luck. One of the few Gems of information they could gleam from the council archives before leaving Coruscant was that an unnamed Jedi operative was working on Nar Shadda in a town called Rhemor. Contact was possible if they went to a particular tavern in the evening and asked for someone named Calla. Taking this information the Jedi went back to the Chase leaving in the early hours of the night for Nar Shadda.
The trip to Nar Shadda was mostly uneventful. Traveling from the core to the outer rim was no Sunday stroll, but compared to non hyperspace travel it was a miracle of modern science. About a day to arrival of Nar Shadda, just inside Hutt Space the Majestic Chase’s alarm signaled. Yanked from Hyperspace the Chase settled into a wavy flight path…surrounded by massive vessels. Capital, freighter and yacht classes…it appeared to be a convoy. Some of the larger capital ships were even equipped with Gravity Emitters to create shadows that would yank ships back into realspace. Noting this, the Chase was hailed. Slee Tan responded stating that this was a freighter en route to Nar Shadda to deliver Caspirous Beans and they had a very short shelf life. Minutes passed as the response was mulled. Clearance was given and coordinates were plotted to take them out of the mass shadows so hyperspace could be re-engaged. Curious Slee-Tan asked who they were and the response was Cryptic at best. “We are the Necrid. Continue on course. Transmission ended.” As the Chase edged closer the end of the mass shadow, they saw more ships pulled into realspace. It occurred to them that perhaps these ships couldn’t revert to realspace without a Mass Shadow...but about this time, they re-entered Hyperspace to Nar Shadda.
Some time later, the Majestic Chase landed in Rhemor a town just far enough removed from the major cities to avoid notice. Exploration at first was tenuous; the tavern had changed names from Elegant Nerf to Swill and Nelo. Apparently the change happened some time before and the data on this ‘Calla’ was at best many months out of date, at worse years.
Once the Jedi located Swill and Nelo they began to study the various inhabitants there. Varied forms of alien life populated the tavern and there were few humans. Biding their time through the evening the Jedi used Mavek as their eyes and ears. As a Mercenary Soldier, he was used to being in these seedy places without drawing too much information. But as the evening drew out the chances of finding this Calla was growing smaller every moment. Deciding to wrap up the evening and call it a loss, the group began to move towards the exit. During this, the Bartender begins talking to someone entering the tavern in Huttesse. Pausing, Mavek motions for the Jedi to go to the bar. Calla just walked in.
The conversation was at first that of small talk, trade, and political grumblings. Soon it moved to talk of the Republic and any hits from a man named Gepta. At this, Calla grew much more cautious. Looking around he suggests they should leave and Mavek’s friends should come with. Puzzled Mavek glances back and nods his head. Once outside, Calla tells them he can show the Jedi where Gepta lives and can even get them inside. For a Price.
Taken aback by this, Slee Tan takes center stage and asks how Calla knew they were Jedi seeing as how they were in nondescript cloaks to cover up their Jedi Uniforms. Calla joked that only Jedi would figure a cloak would be ‘non-descript’. Continuing to walk down the street, Calla suggested they Jedi should meet his partner first to make sure they wanted to find Gepta. Agreed, the group moved to a dingy warehouse a few blocks down the way. Upon entering, they saw droids of all sorts of machinations strewn about the place, half built, half destroyed and many spare parts. A few speeders and old clunker transports were peppered throughout as well.
Beneath one of the trucking transports, with his hands halfway into one of the repulsors was a Zabrak male. Calla walked over and kicked the can, startling the man. Sliding out from underneath cleaning off various fluids from his hands, he introduced himself as Malek.
Malek asked them to sit down, relax and tell him what they wanted to do with Gepta. As they did so he called upon the force and brought a tray with water over to the small table between them. Taken aback, they asked him if he was a Jedi, to which he responded he was. A few years earlier he had been asked by the council to help another Jedi put in deep cover on Nar Shadda. Apparently the Jedi had found something technologically advanced and could not be traced to a creator. Malek, quite adept at the force and fixing things was sent to help and to crack the mystery of technology. To his surprise it was a droid, specifically Calla.
Looking back to Calla, he nodded and put his hand down so a small rabbit like creature could climb up his arm and sit on his shoulder. As Malek explained, Calla was a unique creation; it had its own thoughts, skin, and devices that were far more advanced than anything he had ever seen in the Republic. The curious thing was that the age of his metal skeleton was dated to be at least 100 years old since processing. It was a mystery that was dubious to say the least.
And not only was this Droid very advanced, it could change it’s facial features, via a skin wipe. At specific points on his skull, Calla could remove a face and put on another artificial visage. They were all custom made by calla and the materials were expensive, but between it and his ability to change skin hues, displace joints to be taller or shorter, he could look like many humanoid races.
His only tell tale sign that he was not human in his Natural state was that his ears were also a sensor suite that looked more like elongated spheres than any type of organic ear. But these could and typically were substituted for ‘real’ ears. From Malek has been able to tell Calla was built to be as close to human so he could infiltrate, terminate and replace any target within reason. A clean killer with no trace. Even his power core was able to fool people. Instead of a standard charge battery, his core consisted of a viscous fluid that suspended microbes that gave off incredible amounts of energy that could be processed by his internal converters. This even made him register in the force so that he could fool a Jedi.
But admittedly, this was a Digression. Calla was only part of the reason he was asked to come to Nar Shadda. The other reason was that many years before; he had been undercover on Tydaria and had garnished quite a name for himself in darker circles under the alias of Dena Canner. ‘Dena’ retired a few years ago, moving into the core with his money made off some inventions and repair work for the syndicates. Of course though, you are never really out and he was contacted, that is Dena was; through an old account that he kept open as a backdoor for such as this. A Mob Boss named Gepta asked for his services repairing some droids and other materials that needed his special work for a ‘big job’. Bringing this to the council, they sent him to Nar Shadda to do the work and relay the plans for the Job which was a political coup on Malastare. The work was fixing some ancient star fighters and retrofitting some new armor and firepower. Gepta sold the weapons off and though the Coup failed (thanks to Malek's relaying information) he was able to rise in status as someone who could get product and make sure it worked. In the end he stayed and kept feeding back small bits as he could while figuring out the larger problem of Calla.
The Jedi took all of this in, and relayed their own story about the assassination attempt. Agreeing to help, Malek began to show them various ways of infiltrating the compound Gepta lived in. He took few visitors so stealth would have to be the order of the day. The next few hours brought up just how well guarded Gepta was. Feeling left out Calla stood up and proclaimed that he would not help unless they were paid and paid well. Demanding 80,000 credits for his participation Calla stood fast as Slee Tan tried to whittle him down. Reaching out with the force, Master Tan touched the only organic piece in him and tried to sway the Droid. Slee Tan said that 15,000 credits would be plenty for his troubles. Tipping slightly, Calla’s knees bent as he agreed to 15,000 credits. Content that the droid was going to be of no further problem, the group went back to their plans on how to sneak into Gepta’s stronghold.
The following evening the team arrived at the outer perimeter of the stronghold. Cutting through the power fence with a re-router, they were able to sneak into the compound. Calla, motioning for the rest to wait began to walk forward, rippling in the light and turning invisible. Amazed the Jedi watched the rippling of the air, disarm and disable the two guards passing by.
Calla reverted back and proceeded to move forward, with a massive gun slung over one shoulder. Following the guards were a long mine field that had to be traversed quickly. Sending the small animal ahead to scout out a path the rest moved behind trying to follow the quick movements of their furry little friend. Unfortunately Malek got too close to a mine and the proximity trip started counting down. Diving for cover the Jedi braced for impact but Malek reached out through the force and threw the mine deeper into the field. Shortly thereafter a massive explosion rippled down the way, killing guards and raising alarms.
Their stealthy cover blown, the Jedi got to their feet and began to run for the compound lightsabers drawn but not ignited. As they got closer they noticed scores of soldiers surrounding them. Feeling the cause was for a loss, Calla turned and planted his massive gun down, activated the tripod mount with it and started to let loose with the heavy repeater cannon. The Mavek, opting to forgo the lightsaber pulled off his own rifle and began to lay down suppressive fire as the Jedi started to cleave through the forces with their Lightsabers. And to their surprise, even the small furry animal was fighting; with a lightsaber no less. But even as they were able to press the soldiers back, they were caught unaware by no less than 4 stun grenades thrown into the middle of their group.
The resulting explosion disabled most of their group, leaving Calla and Mavek who were both mopped up with the stun rings.
Upon waking, the group find themselves around an ornate table in a lavish room. Their hands free and lightsabers in front of them, the Jedi began to scan the room. At the head of the table was a Rodian, dressed in eccentric clothes and a very tailored chair, metallic and armed itself. He welcomed them to his home and wished them to relax as they have MUCH to talk about.

9 June 2005, 06:32 AM
Bill: as Slee Tan (an red colored Kel-Dor)
Marion: as Noriam (dark skinned twi’lek)
Charles: as Mavek Darklighter (nope he named himself; human)
Tracy: as Amien (blue skinned Quirmean)
Kyle: Calla Brynn (olive skinned humanoid)
Jessica: Haven-Do (slightly pink Kushiban)
Lucas: Malek (yellow tattooed Zabrak)

Gepta sat relaxed in his chair as his guests came to the realization that they were well and duly screwed. He informed them that they were free to move about though he wouldn’t suggest it. The following conversation was confusing as the Jedi tried to understand exactly what Gepta hoped to accomplish by taunting them. Tired of the charade, Malek began to taunt back, which resulted in the chair to electrify; shocking the Zabrak just enough to encourage respect on his part.
As smoke rose from his body, Mavek tried to go for his lightsaber, his hand grasping the hilt he understood too late why the Jedi stayed where they were. Small electrodes were connected to the weapon sending pulses of energy through his body. Falling back equally as humble the remainder of the Party turned their attention back to Gepta. Interested more in why the Jedi were so far from Republic space the conversation grew vague as neither party wanted to reveal their hand. Breaking the ice, finally Gepta leaned forward and said, if you want Natch that badly; I will tell you. But you must listen to a proposition I have after.
Agreeing that listening to an idea was reasonable, Gepta revealed that Natch was sent to Nal Hutta to oversee the shipment of some very delicate new…materials for a client of Gepta’s and Gepta’s Host in the Hutt Syndicate: Dralla the Hutt. He then shifted his weight and started to tell the Jedi that the galaxy had been on the razor’s edge for far too long and that soon it would fall into turmoil, spilling blood on many worlds. He suggested that perhaps the Jedi would find it wise to retire from their order and work for him. Of course the Jedi wouldn’t know…except that they were in ‘deep cover’ and that way the party could pursue more gainly prospects rather than being a casualty now.
Hearing enough, the Jedi began to move in unison using the force to bring their lightsabers to their side, tearing off the electrodes that charged them. Quick sidesteps and a few well placed kicks put them into a position of advantage to Gepta.
So they thought. Smiling, Gepta pressed a button on his chair, which began to lift off the ground generating a shield around it. Following this, a dozen soldiers began to flood the room, blasters leveled at the Jedi and they began firing. Parrying the shots, the party quickly dispatched most of the would-be attackers and provided cover for Master Tan. With a mighty leap he cleared over the heads of his comrades and landed a mere meter from Gepta’s floating chair, which was firing it’s own defensive volleys as it speed away towards a back entrance. Blocking the fire Slee Tan moved between the Chair and the exit, forcing the Rodian to make a decision to try for it or go for his soldiers, who were quickly falling to the Jedi in the room.
In this fleeting moment on the other side, Mavek tried to use his red lightsaber again pushing towards some of the soldiers only to be shot in the gut by blaster fire. Falling to his knees and then keeling over Mavek held his stomach as his insides writhed. Amien quickly went to his side massaging the force into his body, cleaning the wound and healing him as quickly as possible. To act as cover, Calla moved from soldier to soldier blasting at them with a small gun he produced out of a ‘compartment’ on his person. Malek and Noriam on the other hand stood their ground driving home their sabers at any soldier who drew to close to the wounded. And the fuzzy animal, now known as Haven-Do (a Kushiban) leapt from soldier to soldier slashing at them in turn.
Cowardice being the better part of self preservation Gepta tried to throttle the chair over Slee Tan and hit the exit. But in mid flight the Jedi Masters Lightsabers made contact with the Chair’s underbelly. The first was stopped short of its goal by the shields. Fortunately it had weakened them enough that the second found its home in the repulsors that gave the chair flight. Capitalizing on the moment, Slee Tan spun around the chair and cleaved through the bulk of the body, splitting the Rodian up his center. Falling to the ground and the chair in a resounding the thud, Gepta’s body lay prone for all to see.
Realization struck the Kel-Dor Master as he saw the wires spark a flame on the carpet. Gepta was a decoy, or at the very least a sophisticated caveat. There was more here than a simple assassination.
The last soldier fell and the Jedi regrouped. Agreeing that whatever exit the Gepta droid was going to use probably provided some mode of transportation it would be prudent to follow it out before this fire spread to other areas of the compound alerting more guards. Before leaving though, Mavek turned around hoping to claim a blaster but the fire had cut him off. Reaching out with the force he tried to pull the weapon to him. Unfortunately all he accomplished was activating the firing mechanism. A blaster bolt whizzed through his soldier spinning him around. Hearing footsteps and bleeding from his newest battle wound he went down the exit with the rest of the crew.
The exit emptied into a vehicle bay, complete with a mid-sized transport. Scurrying to the vehicle, alarm claxons sounded as the Party piled in. Soldiers began emerging from other doorways and moved towards smaller scaled speeders of their own. Amien, with the best skills out their party to pilot at the helm they took off.
Blazing out of the compound, they heard blaster fire erupt from behind. Slee Tan and Noriam moved to the edges of the transport holding on with one hand and lightsaber in the other. The dual glows illuminated the transport, making it an easier target, but also served as a more than adequate defense against such small blasts. Upon reaching the outskirt of the compound perimeter explosions resounded behind them. The fire must have reached a critical system, because the entire place was ablaze, smoke billowing into the sky.
Skimming across the distance between the town and the compound was fast, but still tedious as the personnel who had escaped fiery deaths decided to continue pressing these saboteurs. Ducking in and out of alleyways, and hopping gaps between ridges and hills, the Jedi were able to put some distance between them and their pursuers. Enough so that when they arrived at the Majestic Chase, they had a full minute or two before the soldiers would catch up.
Quickly turning the engines on and warming up the various systems, the Jedi moved with purpose as it seemed the entire town erupted in violence. More and more people could be seen spilling out of their homes carrying weapons and other various accoutrements. The Chase hummed to life as the Soldiers arrived with an entourage. Blasting off the surface in a hail of blaster fire the Majestic Chase exited Nar Shadda.
Settling in their chairs, the group pondered for a moment what just happened. A crime boss, tried to steer Jedi away from a galaxy wide conflict where there was none…yet. Split on what to do, go to Nal Hutta and find Peloquin and check out this new merchandise or to go back to Coruscant and try and figure out the ‘larger problem’ the group debated. Hung jury they resigned to travel to Nal Hutta. But as the Navi-Computer began to load coordinates, Amien opened herself to the force and a disturbance rippled through. Amien recoiled to the touch and felt change consume her. Visions of a holocaust, people dying…and a Princess/Queen unable to escape her fate bombarded the Jedi Master. The images became more blurred spilling into the streets surrounding the castle, people dying by the hundreds and then getting back up. One sensation…or one world came through clear enough though…Necrid…snapping out of it, she turned to the others and told them they had to go to Uliq-ai, the Princess’ home world was under attack again.
Agreed that her vision was the will of the Force, they set a course for Uliq-ai. Both worlds were on the Outer Rim so the travel time was no where near the time that it took to arrive at Nal Hutta, but it was still a distance.
Arriving at Uliq-ai a few days later, the Jedi expected the worst. The planet itself was intact and from a cursory visual inspection looked unmarred. There were no fleets of ships in orbit as they feared, nor were there any of Uliq-ai’s defense ships or Republic Brigades in orbit either. Though there was debris…plenty of debris…
The main scans of the Capital City showed there was a battle that had been waging for nearly a week. The outer and mid cities fell and only the inner city was still left unconquered. The core of the city, the Orlex Palace was standing confident and secure behind a newly erected energy shield to protect against bombardments. At the base of the Palace, scores of battle tanks fired upon the walls as thousands of bodies threw themselves upon it mercilessly. The scans did reveal one other thing. Though there were many people below, very few of them registered on the scanners as alive.
Communications at this point were completely useless as they were jammed from the surface, presumably by the invading forces. Reaching through the force, Amien linked Slee Tan and the remainder of the Force Sensitive with Lalo. Mental images flowed through the link of shadows forming overhead and massive Landers releasing land craft of all types. There was also images of people turning on each other, wounded and getting up, half dead. Afterwards it showed Lalo in her throne room with a few guards and advisors standing around a few control panels. The next image was hazy…jumbled but clear enough. It showed the shield around the castle dropping for a few moments and a shadowy vehicle entering the palace landing in a large courtyard behind the palisades. Link flittering away, the Jedi set a course for the palace.
Speeding through the atmosphere they met no resistance and became land bound shortly thereafter. Skimming the surface to avoid detection until the last moment the Majestic Chase approached the Capital City of Uliq-ai. Shooting smoothly into the sky as it approached the palace, cannon fire splashed upon the Chase’s shields as it passed by the onslaught. Detecting a patch opening on the back end of the palace the Chase slipped through and landed in the courtyard from the linked vision. Placing the ship in idle they exited the ship. They were greeted by an archaic droid that was made for protocol. The droid itself had a clam shapped head and a standard torso. Its arms were short and held in place and its lower body was a tread system for easy of travel. Asking the Jedi to follow him, the droid lead them to a turbo lift just inside the palace. Deposited in the throne room the party quickly moved to the Princess.
Looking back to them she retold them a horrible tale. 2 weeks ago, when she was released from the treatment facility she decided that she needed to go with the Republic fleet of 5 Lancer class ships to Uliq-ai to show her people that they had succeeded in securing their safety. Upon arriving a week later all seemed well. Then 5 days ago this new invasion fleet came. Different tactics were used…somehow they enemy was able to take control of her people and use them. The Republic Lancers never even got a distress call out before they were obliterated.
Following all the ground troops the tanks came…then as quickly as the armada arrived, they left. The speed of the assault was devastating and her people and soldiers put up a valiant fight but they were all but defeated now. Her Jedi guardians tried to evacuate her 2 days ago when the Outer City fell but they were ambushed. The Jedi never faltered, but they all fell. Only blind luck saved her as she reached a speeder and made it back to the palace before the invasion forces could take her. Now she waits for the inevitable. She failed her people and she failed her family, Uliq-ai has fallen.
During these tense moments, the monitors keeping the defense shield in check began to blink red. They were reaching critical stress levels. In 3 minutes they would succumb. Evacuation being the only recourse, the Jedi decided that it was time to leave. Stopping far short of the turbo lifts, the Princess began to grab weaponry and armor. Proclaiming she wasn’t going to die without a fight she told her few remaining guard and advisors to get what they could use and to accompany them.
Then the lights went out. Power shut down in all areas and a loud discharge could be heard as the shield fell. Vibrations began to impact the side of the palace, cannon fire no doubt. Double timing it to the Turbo shaft, the Jedi stopped and went over to a huge ventilation grate. 3 bodies wide and 2 bodies tall, the palace needed an extraordinary system to keep the massive building regulated at comfortable temperatures. Using their lightsabers, they cleaved through the grating and began to move down the dark tunnels. The system was easy to follow. The separate shafts met up to one large main duct that ran the length of the palace. Proceeding down that shaft would take them to room level and they could easily punch out of the vent from there to exit out the back of the palace.
Everything went well until they reached the main floor and screams could be heard filling the hallways. Pounding and tearing echoed throughout the dead halls. The main cluster of back vents was a web of confusion. Activating their lightsabers to provide some light, the Jedi noticed the screams stop. Then erupt again even louder. The pounding began again, but not in an encompassing sensation, but directly to their left. Surprised the Jedi deactivated their sabers and ran down the stretch of the tunnel as they heard the metal whine and give way to the punishment. Clamoring could be heard behind them as light cast down the shaft revealing hundreds of bodies spilling into the open area.
Pushing on Slee tan reached out with his lightsaber as they reached the back of the tunnel where a grate sat closed. Activating it he cleaved off the grate in one smooth motion. Light spilled into the tunnel and they saw that the back courtyard was still clear of anyone. Running to the Chase, they saw what was pursuing them.
They were the citizens of Uliq-ai…at least…it was them. Every one of them were a dark decay in the force, no life…only a void. Graying with massive boney protrusions erupting from their arms, they were savage blend of talon and teeth. Their eyes glassed over they ran at full steam, even when they were cut down by blaster fire laid down as suppression.
These things were far to fast for the Jedi and began to overtake them. Activating his lightsaber, Slee Tan turned to face certain death. The creatures went beserk, foaming at the mouth and charged ahead even faster. Stopping him, Amien shook her head and deactivated the lightsaber. Telling him to run she turned back and mustered up every ounce of force she could and splayed it out against the massive hemorrhage of decay. The strike landed upon many of their numbers and as soon as it touched them, their bodies ruptured…exploding in a violent manner. Through the force, Amien felt rejoicing as she turned to keep running.
Once on the ship she ran to the cockpit and strapped in. The ship, still in idle answered to her touch as she lifted off. The creatures latched onto the ships body but were easily shaken off or burnt away as they exited the atmosphere and reached the safe vacuum of space. In a gasp of air, Noriam sat back in his chair and looked at his master….’so that was the Necrid’…he uttered in sarcasm as the chase entered hyperspace set for Coruscant.

14 June 2005, 12:40 PM
Bill: as Slee Tan (an red colored Kel-Dor)
Marion: as Noriam (dark skinned twi’lek)
Charles: as Mavek Darklighter (nope he named himself; human)
Tracy: as Amien (blue skinned Quirmean)
Kyle: Calla Brynn (olive skinned humanoid)
Jessica: Haven-Do (slightly pink Kushiban)
Lucas: Malek (yellow tattooed Zabrak)

The trip during Hyperspace was fairly long, and the party went over what they learned. These…Necrid…were not alive…they were something that seemed to grasp at the force and consume all pieces of it around them. They were highly unstable when exposed to direct force strikes and they went completely crazy around a lightsaber. Mavek paused and said that they didn’t know if the creatures reacted to his lightsaber which did not have Adegan crystals. Pondering this, Calla leaned in and stated with cold precision that I seemed that these Necrid had masters…the commanders running the squads and tanks bombarding the palace.

Perhaps these were the movers and shakers. He also recalls that the Necrid seemed designed to home in on Jedi…perhaps they were made by someone who would want to see the Jedi destroyed. Amien looked to the control panels to make sure all was in order as she said softly; the sith.

The remainder of the trip was quiet and arriving back at Coruscant was a little surreal. The planet gleamed as always and when they landed at the Jedi Temple it appeared that most people didn’t even know what was happening on the holonets. Shortly thereafter the few council members who were there met the party informally to appraise them of the current situation. Across the galaxy the Jedi were coming under fire. Instillations and temples that have stood for hundreds of generations were falling to these unknown attackers. The council worried over this entire set of events mobilized every Jedi they could find and requested for the Republics aid.

Unfortunately the Supreme Chancellor, when informed of this began to reinforce their own supports, hoping to stop any further incursions. Because the Republic doesn’t have a vast army the ships and defensive vessels they did have had to keep a hold of crucial systems so that the Republic could withstand the coming sieges. But that was not to say they were left alone. The republic did have many thousands of police troops to help quell civil unrest on worlds and these troops and all their equipment was at the Jedi’s disposal as well as the 30capital sized transports to take the troops where they were needed.

Reports came in from all over about these Necrid…a word that seemed to be on the lips of every Jedi who relayed back. And that they’re masters were surly the sith. As of this moment many worlds were in dispute and many key facilities have fallen. 6 council members moved to Chu’Unthor so that in the event of a catastrophic loss some Council Masters would survive. Right now Chu’Unthor is the backbone of the extended war being waged against the Jedi. Routing strike teams where they could and treating the wounded Chu’Unthor had become a mobile fortress.

After the Jedi finished retelling their story, the council agreed that they were needed on the front lines. They had an intimate knowledge of what was going on and perhaps on Chu’Unthor they could help discover a weakness that could be exploited. Giving them a beacon so they lock onto Chu’Unthor they were told to head there immediately. Mavek spoke up, saying that he needed to stay with the Princess as it was what he was ultimately concerned about. Lalo insisted on Mavek joining the Jedi seeing as he might be able to provide an advantage with his own unique weapons, but he wouldn’t hear of it. Not as long as his contract was current. Frustrated Lalo turned to the Jedi and whispered to them. After finishing the Jedi Masters told Mavek that his contract was resolved as Lalo would stay at the temple under complete protection of the order. Once more the contract has been bought from her and doubled so that he may continue working with the Jedi order to find an end to this problem.

Not a man to turn down double salary Mavek Conceded and rejoined the party. But the council did request that Haven-Do and her….droid stay behind as the Council had another assignment for them.

After visiting the healers the Jedi left Coruscant to find Chu’Unthor. A few days later they arrived. Chu’Unthor was unique in that it was a ship the size of a small city. Centuries old, it had long been a training facility for the Jedi. Though the majority of Jedi trained on Coruscant the sheer number of students made it impossible to bring them all to the core. So like many other academies set up across the Galaxy (which were now under attack) Chu’Unthor was designed to be mobile enough to accommodate an influx of students from anywhere in the galaxy.

The mood there was much more somber as the casualties of Republic Troops and Jedi were coming back in astonishing numbers. Out of the 10 planets razed only 4 were able to keep the Invading Necrid/Sith Armies from taking over. On the positive side, these numbers were with current defenses and first wave re-enforcements. The other 20 Republic carriers arrived a day before the Party and plans were well underway to go back and win these estranged planets. Because of the low number of troops during the first attacks and re-enforcement phases many Jedi substituted in. As such their number was stretched very thin.

The next few hours were filled with debates as the best course of action was laid out for the remaining forces. In an unusual move, the Council there asked the party where they wanted to go. The options were varied but the Jedi all agreed that the best place to go was the planet Ilum to take back the Jedi Temple there. Mostly because that was the Jedi’s main source for Adegan crystals currently and loosing that would hurt their order significantly.

Agreed, the Jedi retired for the evening before leaving the next day to reclaim the fallen planet. Slee Tan introduced Noriam to the one social area on Chu’Unthor. The R&R area. Here Jedi could relax, indulge in more earthly pleasures such as drink and companionship. Ever grateful Noriam went to sleep happy and with many bodies. The Kel-Dor master equally slept well and all was right for the first in many weeks of chaos.

The following morning the Majestic Chase loaded into a Vigilant Carrier 020. Along with 5,000 Police Troops, the Party was also given a dozen Republic Defense tanks. Used mostly to maintain positions, the Republic Tanks were powerful if not very mobile. Relying on less advanced technology, the tread system was perfect to mount an assault on the snow terrain of Ilum. During the next day, the Jedi made a plan with troop commanders. With current Intel the Temple seemed deserted. There were Left over vehicles, half destroyed and the entire scenario reeked of a trap.

The Jedi decided that it was likely the Necrid were hiding, because they wouldn’t show up on any scans unless moving and the area was suspiciously clear. It stood to reason that they would keep close to the Temple…a perimeter of sorts, and stop anyone trying to take it back while the Sith masters would be inside. Bombardment from orbit seemed to be the order of the day. Blast the site…then land the troops and tanks and move in a flanking position. The temple itself was built into the side of a mountain wall so by flanking the area it was very likely they could keep the Necrid contained and overwhelm them by straight numbers.

The Jedi did turn to their Commanders and tell them what was likely to happen. The troops would suffer major losses, and if any of them began to turn, they should be killed on the spot. Any major damage seemed to take them down for good; it was just harder to do so. Headshots always seemed to work as did decapitations, but massive torso blasts and segmenting also were equally as efficient. Hesitation was not an option here and if it happened more people would die.

Casualty rates would be in the high 50-60 percentile but was unavoidable. Any soldier wishing to leave person recordings for family was given the opportunity and the stage was set. Ilum arrived much faster than anyone wished and bombardment commenced at dawn…the blast site seemed to a good number of the Necrid…and no other movement was seen. Deciding that this was all that could be done from Orbit the Jedi sounded the deployment alarm and began to descend to the surface.

Ilum was a snowy world….covered in feet of the white powder. Long ranges of craggy mountains spread all over this world. And in the northern hemisphere, close to the pole was the Jedi Temple. Built directly into a mountain where it was surmised to have a high concentration of Adegan crystals, the Temple was thousand of years old. Most Padawan’s came here at least once in their careers, usually a few times over a lifetime of service. The site was less than encouraging as they arrived. Littered with battle tanks and service vehicles...the battleground was well tread...snow covering up many of the bodies and debris.

Once upon the surface the Jedi moved out in squads slowly trekking the large plains-field that separated them from their goal. At first it seemed to have worked. The bombardment seemed to have killed many of the Necrid, the charred bodies still in the half melted snow. Halfway to their goal the Jedi realized they were too optimistic as the screams began…first all around, then from the soldiers in their mist….they had set a trap…coming directly out of the snow, the Necrid were literally among them….

15 June 2005, 02:18 PM
Bill: as Slee Tan (an red colored Kel-Dor)
Marion: as Noriam (dark skinned twi’lek)
Charles: as Mavek Darklighter (nope he named himself; human)
Tracy: as Amien (blue skinned Quirmean)
Lucas: Malek (yellow tattooed Zabrak)

The screams bled out overlapping as soldiers were killed in hordes, their bodies falling under the sharp bony forearm-claws and teeth of their aggressors. Collapsing in the snow the dead spasm as their life evaporated. Moments passed an inescapable horror as those fallen comrades began to rise…their uniforms shredded, their eyes a dead yellow as these new-born Necrid expunged the last vestiges of the force within themselves. Bone ridges sprouted out of their arms, angry gashes that were joined by more, smaller protrusions. All pointing in violent arcs toward the Necrid’s hand…a gauntlet of death.

The chaos spilled over all around the Jedi…the disturbances in the force growing so large that it was overwhelming to take in at once. Pulling their lightsabers into position the Jedi, on speeders activated the blades of energy and watched as the Necrid went crazy, howling in anger moving after each flittering target.

Mavek Darklighter rode on one of the 12 Defense tanks that made the spearhead of the wedge driving deeper into the Necrid, every inch closer to the Temple. Waiting until the last possible moment, Mavek activated his lightsaber and anticipated the hordes that would overwhelm him. The Necrid in his imitate area did nothing as he began to strike down those hordes closest to him. Spiraling his lightsaber he began to push back the undead covering his tank. Ordering the tank troopers to begin firing, Mavek continued to press into the Necrid as the ground was churned into a slush of bone and mud beneath their treads.

Farther back in the battle, Malek rode his speeder, barking commands at his troops, trying to outflank the hordes by drawing them onto his position using his own lightsaber as bait. Once he had enough around him he pressed his speeder to pull away from the main contingent of the fight deactivated his lightsaber and pulled out 3 smaller sabers. These were training sabers, given to younglings as they learn basic lightsaber technique. They were just like their larger, more lethal brethren except that these were very underpowered so they had no chance of hurting a trainee. Activating each one in turn he used the force to power his throw as he launched them into the air.

As if caught in a current the Necrid followed the 3 small sabers unaware of the cannon fire just released by Mavek’s rear tank guard. The explosions were deafening and Malek pulled away as fast as he could but was unable to keep his speeder level. Crashing into the snow he rolled to a stop, near a rock outcropping. On the other wing of battle Amien rode her own speeder using the force to detonate as many of the Necrid as she could, then alternating to lightsaber strikes, trying to rally her troops from giving up any more footing.

Near the middle of the chaos was Slee Tan and Noriam, a dizzying combination of lightsabers and force strikes, killing scores of Necrid within seconds. Noriam pulled away from Slee Tan as they began to loop back through the killing fields. Through the force he navigated his speeder safe of all Necrid ‘dark spots’ so that he could maximize his strikes. But one batch of Necrid has waited, patiently in the snow erupting at the last moment to strike. The dark spots, flared into existence and Noriam attempted to readjust his heading. Barely able to do so he righted himself on the speeder in time to see a Necrid leap from a snowy perch and fly directly at him.

The impact knocked Noriam off his speeder, which flew out of control and crashed some 50 meters away. Rolling with the Necrid, Noriam was able to wedge his lightsaber under the Necrid’s Ribs and tear the abomination apart. Coming to a stop, he rolled onto his feet to see he was surrounded by Necrid.

Amien saw this and began to direct her speeder towards Noriam as she heard Slee Tan over com-link, placed behind her ear. Malek was also in trouble, and he needed a ride as well. Slee Tan decided to get Noriam and Amien went for Malek.

Meanwhile near the front of the battle, the Defense Tanks were laying down a suppressive fire, finally weeding through the forward numbers of the Necrid. Pulling out his blaster to take care of some Necrid that had tried to sneak up behind him Mavek blasted the creatures with Keen precision when he was struck from behind. His lightsaber was loosed from his hand and he fell down, skidding down the side of the Tank.

Turning he let his blaster loose as he pulled back to his feet, hanging on the side of the tank. Strikes again found their home as two Necrid struck him, one ripped off the remainder of his armor and the second struck his arm, tearing through the forearm and piercing the tank as well, pinning both of them to the side of the behemoth. A few meters away, Mavek watched as the Necrid horded over a tank and began to rip through it, rending metal as the tank stopped and blood began to flow.

Reaching the area near Noriam Slee Tan put his speeder in hover as he leapt from it landing 4 meters from his former Padawan. Planting his stance, he nodded and began to strike the Necrid that began to rush him. Noriam echoed his movement and began to parry the Necrid. The fighting became a flurry of blows as one by one the Necrid fell to the Jedi’s blades.

Noriam felt a shudder in the force, moving his lightsaber into a strike and brought it down upon a Necrid. It’s arm shot up, the claw like growths in its forearm blocking the strike. The smell of burnt bone permeated the air as Noriam watched his lightsaber slowly burn through the bone and the bone tried to rebuild as he pressed his advantage. Repositioning his feet he pulled away for a moment to strike again when the Necrid’s hand shot out and Noriam gasped as he felt his lung pop in a loud rush of air. His body began to go numb as the next slash found its home across his throat and he collapsed in the snow. He felt himself slip away with the sight of the Necrid looming overhead.

Shocked, Slee Tan lost himself in the force as he began to move without recourse watching his former Padawan die. Noriam was headstrong at times, but a good friend and strong Jedi. His vision blurred as the blows came instinctively, each one finding purchase in new flesh an attack of grief as much of resolve. When his vision cleared he was swinging at air. All around him lay the bodies of the dead. When he turned back to his Padawan’s body he saw the Twi’lek move.

Body rippling, the muscle mass increased 3 fold as the Jedi uniform ripped from his ragged body. His arms were sprouting that claw like growths…but somehow different, more refined. Standing, the wound in his chest closed the flesh off color and light maggoty blue against his formerly pristine dark blue skin. Blinking once, his eyes were red with vengeance and he stood with triumph. Those few Necrid around them stopped from attacking Slee Tan and moved towards Noriam. Surrounded by his fellows, the twi’lek roared a command in a guttural speech that was incomprehensible.

Slee Tan readied himself as the Necrid slowly moved away and began to encircle the two. Noriam stood there, heaving breath after belabored breath, and then he moved towards Slee Tan with a thunderous roar echoing out of that massive mouth.

Across the way Amien, sped by Malek, reached out, and grabbed him. Pulling him up behind her, he thanked her curtly and pointed towards the exploding tank near the front of the battle. Turning back into the current Malek activated his lightsaber and struck the passing Necrid down with his silver-white blade. Cutting through the thinning crowds, the two Jedi drew close enough to watch as two more tanks exploded, not from Necrid attacks but from the broken down tanks at the entrance of the temple.

Getting close to Mavek’s tank, Malek jumped off the speeder and landed next to his comrade. Some 50 precise strikes later Malek cleaved off the remainder of Necrid attached to this tank. Telling Mavek to seek shelter in the tank, Malek also asked the Soldier to blow up those two tanks and then redirect any other fire towards the other half, destroyed vehicles.

In a sudden movement Slee Tan sidestepped his attacker and rolled over to his Padawan’s lightsaber. Activating it and throwing it at its master the Purple blade embedded itself in the Necrid. Stopping for a moment it yanked the stubbly device out of its massive form and looked down at it. Bellowing, the Twi’lek Necrid screamed again and crushed the device in his hand. The entire time, his mass began to grow again, growing redder as the rage seemed to expand ever outward. Rushing again, the Necrid lunged at Master Tan. Rolling on his back Slee Tan planted his foot in the creatures gut and threw him. Taking the momentum through to completion the Jedi Master pushed off the ground and spun in the air. Landing just inches from his opponent, Slee Tan’s blades whisked in the air cleaving the massive body into 3 pieces that fell apart in front of him.

Blood pooling up, he could see within the chest cavity a glowing pulse of light…which began to grow brighter. Moving his lightsaber towards it Slee Tan watched as the body began to disappear. Once the creature had left…those Necrid who had formed a circle rushed him. Overwhelmed the Master fell to one knee and spun around keeping as many away as possible when a surge of the force swept over the crowd. The violent explosions of the Necrid made him cover his eyes as he felt a hand grab his collar and yank him out of the imploding army.

Grabbing Amiens arm, Slee tan swung onto the back of the speeder and held tight as they raced back to the remainder of the battle: the forefront. All around, he saw the republic troops who survived cleaning up the remainder of combatants. All of those who had died by claw or bite were burned and those few Necrid clusters that had survived were pushed back and flanked until they were finally eradicated.

At the front, Mavek fired his tank’s cannons, detonating the various debris left over to cover larger weapons to defend the Temple. His final two shots found their home but the resulting explosions cracked the temples, long standing pillars. And with that…the Jedi had won the surface of Ilum, but the temple itself was still unsecured….

7 July 2005, 10:48 AM
Bill: as Slee Tan (an red colored Kel-Dor)
Charles: as Mavek Darklighter (nope he named himself; human)
Tracy: as Amien (blue skinned Quirmean)
Lucas: Malek (yellow tattooed Zabrak)

Surveying the field following the conflict, Slee Tan had estimated that over 2/3rds of the Police Troops had perished during the retaking of the surface. The final number according to Brigade Captains was near 3500 lost, plus the tank personnel equated a costly win to be sure.

Reorganizing the surviving soldiers to make base camp and set a new perimeter, the Jedi moved into the temple itself. It had taken some peripheral damage from the cannon fire, the columns holding up the entrance slightly cracked, but on closer inspection were no worse for wear. Agreed that Mavek’s wounds were too sever the group decided that he should coordinate efforts outside the temple while the remaining Jedi make sure the mines were secure.

Inside the main chamber leading to the Adegan Mine was what used to be a tranquil meditation area. Rare trees from all over the galaxy set in rows of crisscrossing patterns that made an arboretum of tranquility were now twisted burnt trunks with crisped branches. Bodies were strewn over the grounds, blood covering the grounds.

Apparently the first wave of Police Troops were able penetrate the temple. A smaller group of a few hundred probably felt their best strategy would be to get in, block the temple off and wait for re-enforcements that would be along. They didn’t plan on the thousands of Necrid that lay in wait. Oddly enough as the Jedi made their way back to the entrance of the Mine the Necrid bodies became fewer and fewer though the Trooper bodies were still plentiful, their wounds moving from savage gashes to lightsaber wounds.

Reaching the circular stairwell carved from the rock face that descended into the temple mines, the Jedi began to work their way down. The ambient light cascaded around them as large and small clear multifaceted jewels littered the walls refracting the light, creating a soft glow that encompassed the mines. After a few moments, the light began to increase as the Jedi encountered a guard patrolling the stairwell. Making quick work of him, the Jedi made it to the bottom of the well and inspected the surrounding area. The mine was large, with many veins spreading out from the main well “antechamber” where the Jedi now stood.

Faint noises echoed down the halls luring the Jedi to pick one tunnel over the others. As they came closer to the sound, they realized it was someone being tortured. Activating their lightsabers, the Jedi rushed into a large cave where the captive was being held. It was a Jedi…a Padawan and a few soldiers that had been murdered; stripped piece by piece via lightsaber down to stringy sinew and bone. The sensation of the Darkside enveloped the Jedi, making them gag as they tried to see through a sudden hazy sensation.

One large blue humanoid bearing a red lightsaber turned to face the Jedi. He was covered in Tattoos, scryed into his flesh. He brought the dark red blade up in salute before he spun and decapitated the Padawan who was reaching for his lightsaber on the man’s belt. Spinning around he charged the 3 Jedi sliding between them, a blur of strikes moving from one hand to another as his size belied his speed. The force roared in response as the Jedi pushed back the Darkside obscuring their senses in time to pick up a troupe of guards entering the cave. Their blood Red armor shone in the ambient light as they pulled out lightsabers of their own. Slee Tan barked commands to the other Jedi as he moved to face the Tattooed one on his own as Malek and Amien started to strike down the guards.

Swift, sharp movements flowed as lightsabers clashed and the ebb of the force continued to build as if someone was holding it in this place, damming up the torrent of power being released. Through her perception, Amien was able to detect another attacker, in the shadows. Bleeding out of the murky darkness he struck her with his Amethyst blade, knocking her off balance. Using the force to mask his movements he flickered in and out of visual perception.

Striking down the last guards, Malek turned to help Amien but was interrupted as Slee Tan and the Tattooed Man pushed between Malek and his ally. Their duel continued for a few more moments before Master Tan swept his opponents’ out from him and drove his lightsabers home. Gasping the man convulsed; releasing a portion of the force buildup creating a shockwave that knocked everyone down. Mavek was hit worst and thrown against the wall of the cave, a jagged fragment of Crystal planting into his shoulder.

Slee Tan shook off the stun and moved to his feet in time to block the attack from the amethyst blade. Joined by Amien and Mavek the Jedi began to fight, until the dark one realized he was outclassed and tried to force leap over his attacker to escape.

Unfortunately he was not able to clear Master Tan and was cleaved in half, midair. The release of the remaining force was massive and caused the very walls to shake. The harmonies of the cave were completely out of balance as the crystals vibrated, creating a cacophony of chimes. Some shattered, others simply were shaken loose. But the Jedi saw, one by one, color seep into the crystals. Their facets becoming blue and green and very rarely, purple.

Getting to their feet a few moments later the Jedi began to inspect the bodies of their attackers, finding badges of rank and a distinct writ used commonly in the Sith Empire. It was indeed the Sith who were pulling the strings of the Necrid. It explained why planets that held Jedi Temples and other places important to the Order were being attacked en masse. Remove the one force that could stop the Sith in, at least, a stalemate and you could dominate the galaxy.

Moving from chamber to chamber the Jedi felt an odd disturbance, similar to the sensation of the release of the force from their two attackers. Inspecting the rooms, the Jedi found peculiar metal disks with timers on them. The Jedi felt the force infused in these devices, becoming weaker as the timers counted down. Realizing that they were bombs the Jedi moved away and began to run back towards the well antechamber.

Reaching it within a few minutes they stretched out with their senses to see if there were any of these bombs in the Well. Detecting a few they moved them as quickly as they could down the various smaller shafts that shot off from the main area. Through the force they felt that the ‘charges’ were almost completely spent and decided to move as many as they could from the larger veins without endangering their lives.

Successful in part, they began to sprint up the stairs as the first of the devices detonated. The following minutes were filled with loud explosions as the veins to the mine began to collapse. The earth itself shook and the Jedi had to hold to the rock face from falling back down the well. Smoke and dust plumed from the bottom as the explosions died down. Looking down, they could see that they had saved the main well and a few of the larger arteries. But many of routes available were completely sealed off. The loss was hard…but not complete as they could always re-dig and rebuild the pathways lost to them.

Concluding the temple had no more insurgents in the Mine’s the Jedi left and met back with Malek, who had donned some Sith armor in the meantime. Rationalizing it might come in handy, it was easily customizable and he needed SOMETHING that could protect him until he found armor that suited him better. Choosing not to argue, the group finished tactics for keeping the site secured until re-enforcements could arrive.

Contacting the Chu’Unthor on the Majestic Chase’s transmitter, the Council told them to return. A new group battalion of Troops would be on their way in a few days to shore up the defenses and a permanent Jedi commander would be following shortly. The Council also informed them that an interesting new development had occurred in the interim and a path to resolve this conflict had been presented. A representative was going to meet with the Council…

Before the rest could be revealed, the transmission was interrupted. Hyperspace transmissions were being blocked. But local chatter picked up and they were hailed by Vigilant Carrier 020. They just picked up 3 ships of unknown origin behind a planetary mass in system and were moving towards Ilum for orbit. The Jedi signaled the alert and took off to space so they could rejoin the Vigilant. Reaching Orbit, the Jedi saw the Vigilant, under attack. The Ion beams splashed upon the carrier. It fired back with its main contingent of turbo laser batteries, but was unable to affect much damage on the hulls of the massive ships.

A few moments later the ship was adrift in space with only minimum life support and systems. She was in a stable orbit at least and in a few weeks would be back to full operation, but for now she was dead stick.

Inside the Chase the Amien began to ask for options, when they were hailed. Looking around the Jedi activated their holoscreen. A twisted visage of Noriam stood smiling at his former team mates. Telling them to not be so surprised, he asked Slee Tan if he felt bad about loosing a Padawan so young. He was given no response. After a few tense moments Noriam told the Jedi that he was leaving the system to visit some old comrades. He had been invited to speak on behalf of the Necrid to the Council on Chu’Unthor. He extended the invitation to the Chase, and told the Jedi they shouldn’t miss what was to be a fantastic event.

The screen faded to black as an Ion beam washed over their shields. The Jedi twirled around in a half spin as they saw the three ships take off into hyperspace. The lights flickering on and off in the Chase as she started to descend in orbit held firm in the grasp of the planets gravity.

14 July 2005, 12:47 PM
Bill: as Slee Tan (an red colored Kel-Dor)
Charles: as Mavek Darklighter (nope he named himself; human)
Tracy: as Amien (blue skinned Quirmean)
Lucas: Malek (yellow tattooed Zabrak)
Marion: Zash Rippa (a male Togruta)

Amien quickly started to re-power the Chase. Mavek jumped out of his seat and ran down the main corridor of the Chase to the engineering area, removing the floor panels he leapt down into the crawlspace and began to furiously try and rewire some of the internal systems so that remaining power could be routed to the engines. The seconds passed and each connection became less and less likely until Mavek decided to try something a bit unusual. He asked for Amien to turn off the entire ship except for backup life support systems. Moments later the lights flickered off and he was alone in the dark with his small lamp illuminating the panels in front of him. Removing the routing filters that kept the system from creating a feedback loop Mavek told them to restart the ship.

Flipping switched Amien held her breath as she flicked the main power, the ship didn’t respond. The pull of gravity was starting to shake the ship, inertia spinning the saucer section over and over as it was beginning to touch atmosphere. Allowing the calming effect of the force wash over her Amien hit the main power switch again and heard a small explosion and a hiss as the systems came back online. The main computer surged to life and the engines came back online.

Stabilizing the ship in a matter of moments she pulled the Chase away from the gravity well of the Planet as Mavek entered the bridge again. He was covered in black soot and told them that there was a small fire but it was all under control, though at the next dock he was going to have to exchange the entire routing system for a new one before they could think of taking off but they were fine for now. Amien nodded and checked her hyperspace transponder. The Chu’Unthor lay 3 days away via hyperspace. Locking in the coordinates she turned on the hyper drive.

The trip passed slowly and the Jedi meditated to pass the time mostly while Mavek kept an eye on his jury rig and made sure it stayed stable. Coming out of Hyperspace 3 days later, the Chase was greeted to an appalling site. Chu’Unthor was hanging in orbit of a backwater moon, torn open…whole sections of its massive hull exposed to space. Two of the Unknown ships lay adrift in the general area as well; hulls blasted apart, engines dark dead in space, dwarfed by the utter scope of the massive Chu’Unthor. The third ship actually had rammed the Chu’Unthor’s tearing into the side of the ship skipping along the hull, creating tears before coming to a stop imbedded near the engine cluster at the aft of the ship. Sensors told them that though the ship was stable, its orbit was not and it was degrading quickly. In 2-3 hours the ship would make contact with moons atmosphere and would be torn apart.

Sweeping around Chu’Unthor the Party tried to detect any transmissions from the ship and received a jumble of transmissions overlapping. It seemed that there was still conflict on board and many of the Jedi Padawans, Students and Republic Police Troops. Checking the various docks, the port side of the ship seemed relatively in tact and scans showed that the exposed sections of the Chu’Unthor were closed off and the ship was still at least 65% functional. Scanning the ship they determined that most of the current life forms they could detect were in the mid section and decided to dock in the aft and work up. Transmitting codes to the docking computer the automated system allowed them to dock.

The scene that lay before them was nothing less than gruesome. Bodies of all sorts were strewn about on the docking bay floor. Jedi Knights and their Padawans were torn open, Republic troops skewered or worse in some cases. All about were dead Necrid bodies and littered between those was the distinct red armor of the Sith. Opening the loading Ramp the Jedi moved slowly out of their ship. Other craft were still in the bay, from small one man fighters to full blown cargo vessels. Suggesting that Mavek stay behind and get that new routing system installed the Jedi decided to try and find any survivors and right the ships orbit before it crashed.

Agreed they departed, moving slowly down the hallways and cross floors that made the guts of the ship so impossible to navigate unless you had spent some real time there. Reaching the rear reactor system, the Jedi were greeted with the sound of gunfire and the familiar hums of Lightsabers. Peering through the blasted walls the party saw Jedi moving from one Necrid to the next with battalions of Troops fighting to regain control of this area. Necrid of all shapes and sizes were attacking. In the bustle of the combat there were also red lightsabers clashing against the Republic forces.

The carnage was unmatched as the smaller contingent of troops and Jedi continued to dwindle against the onslaught of the hordes. Slee Tan reached for his lightsaber and began to activate it when Malek and Amien stopped him. The shook their heads and pointed to the combat, the last few republic troops and one Jedi stood against hundreds of these Necrid, and those fallen were starting to get up…it was a useless show of force, this area was lost for the time being and 3 Jedi, no matter how powerful were going to make a difference. Moving away from the skirmish they continued down the hall until they encountered a larger Necrid. Not the size of Noriam but definitely not one of the drones they had seen before either. In a roar the Necrid bared down on them…rage building around the creature. In a flash Slee Tan activated his lightsaber and sliced the beast in two and deactivated it.

From the surrounding halls the roars of other Necrid could be heard as the sign of a new Jedi flared into existence. Quickly Malek Used the Force to push off a grate from a vent and used the force to leap into it. Amien followed quickly, but Slee Tan was unable to make the jump. While his power of focus on creating a balance within him and therefore within the force while in violent situations made him a master fighter his ability to manipulate the physical force wasn’t as perfected and likely never would be. Reaching down Amien used two of her four arms to grab him and yank him up into the vent systems. The vents were fairly large about 5 feet tall and 12 feet wide, allowing the Jedi to move with some ease, even though they could not stand up straight.

The further in they went the more the Jedi realized that Chu’Unthor was lost. Through the vents, they could see bodies all over the floor; scorch marks, irreparable wounds, decapitations etc… This was a slaughter. Nearing the front of the Ship, the Jedi decided to see how bad the Bridge was. Near the up flow shaft they would have to take, they found a huddle of bodies hiding in the niche. Younglings, no older than 13 were gathered together, some were covered in blood while others had scorch marks but all were scared. They told the Jedi that one of the Masters had found them and hid them in the vents and told them to stay hidden. He disappeared to find others but he never came back.

Fear oozed off these children as they looked upon the 3 Jedi. Amien told them to stay her and be very quiet and they promised to return in 15 minutes. If they didn’t, they were to take a comlink and start working their way back towards their ship. The man on the other side of the link would lead them if they got lost. The children, still afraid asked to go with the Jedi, but they couldn’t. Reaching out Amien put a subtle suggestion to not be afraid and to do as they were told calmly. The younglings agreed and pulled back into the shadowy niche as the 3 Jedi began to climb the shaft up towards the bridge. A few minutes passed and the Jedi braced themselves, backs against the walls as they peered out of the grates on the bridge.

Standing there amongst a host of bodies, quite a few of them Jedi, were three overly large Necrid standing looking out the View screen taking in the carnage they created. Long leathery wings had sprouted from their shoulder blades and ran along the length of their arms like a cloak ending at the wrist. The largest of the 3 was Noriam, his twi’lek lekku twitching behind him. Beyond the 3 Necrid stood one lone Sith Warrior. His helmet removed he sported odd markings, that apparently dealt with a higher rank system as he spoke to the Necrid. He told them that the ship was almost completely overrun and very few pockets of resistance were left. Most of his troops were already dead and the escape pod override was in place so no survivors could escape the crash should they have made it this long.

Unable to control his anger, Malek gathered the force around him and used it to push himself out of the wall through the grate, sailing in midair he activated his lightsaber and swung at the Sith. In a clean cut he decapitated the man and rolled his landing rising to his feet. His joy in the death of the man was overwhelming as he started to ebb with the Darkside.

Moving quickly Amien leapt out of her position as well using the force to carry her the distance to Malek. Slee Tan Pushed off his grate and pulled himself out of the cramped area and stood, both lightsabers lit. The Necrid took the site in, and then split each attacking a Jedi. Amien kept her lightsaber down, deactivated as she summoned the Force and used it as a battering ram on her Attacker. He slowed for a moment as his body rippled and fell to one knee before pushing back off and started to attack. In a flash her lightsaber was up and she was parrying blows.

Malek, realizing how closely he was starting to skirt the Darkside tried to gather a calm when the Necrid reached him. Parrying the blow he swung his lightsaber back and clipped the monster in the shoulder. Amien similarly used the Necrid’s momentum against itself, causing its own force to dispatch a good amount of damage by leaving her an opening. In one fell swoop, she was able to remove the Necrid’s legs and rise with the force gathered into a tight blow that burrowed through the monsters flesh, causing a ripple effect as it finally lost cohesion and exploded.

Moving to help her comrade Amien braced her lightsaber as she saw Malek Plant his lightsaber in the creature’s sternum and pull upwards. The spray of blood was violent, and Amien used the force one more time to strike down the mortally wounded Necrid. His body shuddered and went limp, falling to the ground. The huge amounts of force she was required to focus and wield caused Amien to shiver a bit. But she stood her ground as she and Malek charged the Necrid known as Noriam.

He and Slee tan were already battling, blow by blow, parry by parry finding equal in each other as the combat continued. Slee Tan could see his former Padawan using all of his teachings against him; the creature knew what he was planning. As such the combat was stalemated as he rethought his attack. As the other two Jedi got closer, Noriam took two steps back as he roared and began to increase in size. The proximity of these other two was making him stronger somehow…

Waving them off Slee Tan drove his attack again, hoping to find Noriam off guard. The Necrid was not. Blocking the blows he grabbed Slee Tan and threw him into a nearby wall. The loud resounding crack snapped throughout the room as he landed on his feet. Noriam was almost on top of him. His skin was almost completely red as he drove home a punch that broke through the steel housing. Sliding between the Necrid’s legs Slee Tan swung around and was caught by Noriam’s massive fist. He staggered back as he felt his lower abdomen flare with pain. He lost his footing, but found it didn’t matter as the Necrid had lifted him off the ground. Backhanded by the other clawed arm, Slee Tan flew across the bridge and landed in a heap next to a console.

Amien leapt into the air and brought her lightsaber down cleaving into Noriam’s shoulder. Mirrored on the other side, Malek did the same dodging Noriam’s wild attack. Spinning outward Amien brought her lightsaber back in a clean sweep that imbedded her saber deep into the Necrid’s skull. The massive weight spasmed and fell to the ground. Returning her saber to her belt, Amien told Malek to check the flight controls and to see if he could undo the escape pod lockout. Moving over to Slee Tan she bent down and poured the force through him coaxing his body to heal. Slowly the flesh began to knot and Master Tan stabilized.

After a few minutes he was helped to his feet and the two Jedi walked over to Noriam's remains. His chest, the decayed flesh peeled back, revealing a glowing sphere near his heart…it flickered and faded, but did not vanish. Suddenly a scream through the force tore through Slee Tan as he felt his Padawan’s essence torn from the force directed…elsewhere.

Turning the two Jedi saw Malek and in his hands were various components. He said the controls were fine, but the ships navigational computer was completed destroyed and the backup was in engineering, but that they had already seen the attempt to retake it was useless. On a better note he was able to unlock the escape pods and they were useable again. Moving quickly to the com system Slee Tan activated the general PA system and told all remaining Jedi, Republic Troops, and Padawan’s to evacuate now. Dropping the microphone, he went back to the grate and dropped back in.

Mavek was standing at the mouth of the deck when the Team returned 11 heavy. The younglings had waited and they were all moving quickly. Asking what happened as they started to file past the 3 Jedi told him to move. Behind them he saw Necrid pour through the doorway. Startled, he ran up the ramp and closed it behind him as he told the children to strap in. Amien, already at the controls powered the ship up and turned it around. She said the Chu’Unthor was only a few minutes away from impact and that there was no way to save the ship. They happened to pick up the Necrid when one of the younglings instinctively activated a lightsaber when detecting a Necrid below them. After that it was staying ahead of the ball.

The docking computer asked for clearance, but pressed for time, Slee Tan responded with a simple grunt as he fired the front cannon and shot the force field generator holding back the vacuum of space. The surge yanked the Chase out as well as the hundreds of Necrid in the area. Pulling away from Chu’Unthor the Jedi watched as it began to burn in the atmosphere, shredding apart piece by piece before a resounding shockwave ripped the ship into 3 large chunks that continued downwards.

Minutes later the Chase entered hyperspace towards Coruscant. Expecting the worse, Mavek wanted to make himself scarce as they landed at the Jedi Temple days later on the capital planet. Escorting the children back to the safe walls of the Temple was one of the few good things they had been able to accomplish over the past few weeks. Each of the party retired to their quarters for much deserved rest, waiting to be summoned before the Council.

The next morning, they were each woke with a request to meet in the Council chambers as soon as they were able. One by one they met again in the round chamber. 8 masters sat in their positions while the remaining seats were noticeably barren. These were some of the casualties of the fall of Chu’Unthor. Retelling the events was hard as Masters Tan and Amien explained each point of their mission. Having faith that the force led them correctly, they stood there while the Council pondered their reports. The Sith were returning, with the power of these…Necrid and the uncanny knowledge on exactly where to hurt them.

After a short while the Jedi explained that the Supreme Chancellor is in a precarious spot. Some senators are asking the Jedi take Chu’Unthor and leave Coruscant in case this personal war comes to the Republic front lines. Others want to invest full force in protecting their own worlds and want the Jedi’s solemn oath that they will protect each world with as much vigor as they protected their own. Negating the arguments with his charisma, the Chancellor asked the Senate to declare a state of War against this Sith Empire. It was ratified, and as of that moment the Jedi gained full support of the Republic and her forces. Right now, hundreds of Defense platforms, Brigade Ships and Vigilant Carriers were reinforcing the front lines and borders. The planets attacked by the Sith were being routed, though a majority of the Sith fleet had disappeared.

Planet Uliq-Ai was still under control and the Republic was not able to free the planet. Now, proclaimed Queen, Lalo had started the movement for planetary protections, causing a rift in the senate. As of now there is no resolution but the Republic is doing everything it can to reinforce each systems defenses, stretching the core’s defenses thin.

The team was commended for their success at Ilum, despite loosing portions of the caverns they have supplied invaluable information about not only the Sith but the Necrid as well. As far as Chu’Unthor…it’s fall is costly but the council explains it is not the first time Chu’Unthor has fallen nor will it be the last. Survivors will be found and the wreckage shall be salvaged and its core will be rebuilt. Chu’Unthor will return, though not likely any time soon.

The Council decided that though, the party needed to rest there was an urgent matter that needed to be handled immediately. A year ago an expedition team was sent to explore the moon of a planet in the outer rim near wild space called Yavin and catalog anything that might be useful for the Jedi archives. Supposedly it was had some relation to the Sith thousands of years ago. It was purely a scientific mission and therefore most of the team was Jedi Agri-Corps and a few healers for the unknown. A short time before the Parties departure for Ilum, the Council received the most distressing signal from the Jedi Outpost.

The feed itself was sketchy at best; static powdering the monitor and no audio could be heard. But there were human and other various faces looking into the camera panic stricken. The motion of the camera changed and you could see out over a canopy of trees. Its dense brush so thick it looked solid. Far in the distance were giant walkers…fire belching out of their ‘mouths.’ Zooming in quickly the camera showed just how large these creatures were as speeders with men in red armor zipped by, like gnats. The camera zoomed back out and panned up to show a giant ship…like a dagger landing in the clearing made by these fire belchers…and the signal went blank.

The council had sent another team to find out what happened and evacuate the Outpost team but they have heard nothing back since. They then asked the Jedi to go and find out what happened, but to be careful. Save anyone they can but find out what is going on at this Yavin. In addition, they were to be accompanied by another survivor of the battles. His expertise was subtle combat, quiet assault and fast strikes. His name was Master Zash Rippa. Stepping into the chamber, the Togruta bowed before the party. Agreed, the Jedi asked when they departed and the council responded quite simply. Tomorrow.

20 July 2005, 11:14 AM
Bill: as Slee Tan (a red-colored Kel-Dor)
Charles: as Mavek Darklighter (nope he named himself; human)
Tracy: as Amien (blue skinned Quirmean)
Lucas: Malek (yellow tattooed Zabrak)
Marion: Zash Rippa (a male Togruta)

The next morning, the Jedi left Coruscant. Yavin was a distance from the Core and the days passed slowly as the team anticipated what might lie in store. Time was passed finding out more of Master Zash, combat training, the resulting healing and of course contemplation of the Force.

It was turbulent, in flux as the Darkside spilled over on the edges of perception. It was not smothering but it was definitely a Shadow upon the face of the Force. The day the Chase was to revert to hyperspace the group gathered to review their objectives. They were to find out what happened to the Expedition sent here and the first recovery team. In addition any information about the activity on this planet would be valuable, but engagement was not preferred, discretion being the better part of valor for this operation.

Agreed the party went to the bridge of the Chase and strapped in, awaiting the reversion to hyperspace. Seconds before their reversion, though, the engines whined as the hyper drive turned over. The sensors detected a massive unknown gravity well…they were being pulled out of hyperspace a split second early. The stars reverted back to pinpoints of light as the Chase oriented itself. There, laid out in front of them was a massive fleet of more than 300 capital vessels. There were ships of various designs, some hard angles like arrowheads, others were oblong with giant pulsating spheres near the aft, and thousands of fighters patrolling through the fleet.

The Friend or Foe HUD began to ring out in alarm as Amien maneuvered the Chase out of the way from colliding with a massive capital ship. Slee Tan barked orders for Master Zash to arm the cannons and prepare for any assaults. Unlocking his harness, Zash took off to the gunner’s well and jam-synched the bottom gun turret with his so that both worked in unison. Confirming he was ready to go Amien looked back and asked what they should do. She said that they were lucky but the gravity wells were extending completely out of system and that there was zero chance of escaping. Waiting a moment for anyone to make suggestions Slee Tan instructed her to go forward, maneuver through the fleet and get them to Yavin.

Nodding, she turned back around and increased their speed to maximum. Barely missing the nose of the next ship, the Chase skimmed the hull and kept close. Amien hoped that by keeping such close proximity to one of their own ships the fleet wouldn’t fire upon them. Unfortunately, she was wrong and the cannon fire rained down. Yanking back on the stick, she pulled the Chase up, missing the back bulk of the ship and rode across its wing.

Suddenly, Zash announced “Incoming!” and began to fire. Indeed, two squads had picked up on the Chase and were in close pursuit. Pushing the engines to their highest capacity, Amien drove the Chase in an odd direction that led them directly behind the capital ship’s engine wash. The heat from the plasma discharge was devastating and Amien used the Force to guide her, skirting the very edge of the field that would assuredly compromise the hull. Her followers were not as lucky as they tried to pull ahead of her and were destroyed in the plasma wake.

The Chase shuddered as they dodged a few more fighters; heavy cannon fire was finding purchase on the shields. Spinning the main hull of the Chase, she told Zash to hold on as she tried to weave her way through the next wave of ships. Seconds later the hull groaned as part of the shields gave way, splitting open the cargo area of the Chase. The trauma jarred the ship’s stabilizers loose and the main hull began spinning out of control. The extra momentum and unsteady engine control caused Amien to almost crash the ship upon the jagged points of a few capital ships.

Unlocking his harness, Mavek got to his feet and opened the doorway to the bridge. The main corridor that stretched down the back end to Engineering was closed off, as normal when the ship is in spin. But various objects in the hallway were floating. This area had lost its gravity. Mavek crouched slightly and reached out with the Force, all he could muster, and catapulted himself down the hallway.

Over the PA Zash’s screams could be heard as he was pinned to the side of the turret cockpit, the momentum overwhelming him, even with the Force. Mavek continued to drift down the long hallway as the ship continued to get battered. Reaching the end of line, he extended his arms and concentrated the Force in front of him to slow his momentum. Unfortunately, not trained as well as the Jedi, he was only able to slightly alter his speed and hit the back fairly hard.

Confirming that the doors leading to the cargo bay on either side of the hallway were vacuum locked, Mavek punched in the emergency code on the doorway leading to Engineering. Chiming acceptance, the door slid open and Mavek pushed his way in, hitting the close dial on the door behind him.

It was a small room and most of the real sensitive materials were under the floorboards. But one could control power flow, regulatory systems and stabilizers from engineering as well as work on the hyper drive and other various vital systems. Opening up a panel, Mavek grabbed a tool floating near the workbench and started fiddling with the stabilizer. Cursing, he grabbed the faulty stabilizer and ripped it out. The rerouting backup was not working.

The Chase had three stabilizer routers and three backups in case of this -- but of course, they weren’t working. Deactivating the third backup, he removed the stabilizer and repositioned it into the main slot. Sparks erupted as the stabilizer caught, yanking the ship into a centered position. Mavek fell to the ground as gravity was restored. Getting to his feet he cursed the idea of a bridge gravity generator and a ship generator…if he ever found the guy who designed this ship, he was going to have words with him.

Meanwhile, Amien continued to push the battered Chase through the fleet. Fortunately many of the capital ships were designed to fire upon other larger ships or large objects in general. The Chase for the most part was too small and too fast to be hit by the cannons on most of the ships. Turbo laser fire was a problem, but most of the danger came from the amount of fire rained down.

As if by prophecy, a turbo laser blast splashed over the forward shields and the bridge was blinded for a moment. Afterwards, the controls went dead, the entire bridge falling dark. Cursing, Malek jumped from his seat and slid under the control panel. Grabbing for the few tools he had on his person he began to look for a viable pathway that could reroute power. Finding one in secondary controls, he plugged the ship up and told her to go. The Chase could not rotate anymore but it was the best he could do. Agreed, Amien pushed the Chase forward, just in time to miss another turbo blast. But the fire jolted the ship. The resulting shudder drove part of the open control panel into Malek’s chest; his shoulder cracked as he yelled out.

In the main hallway Mavek was checking for any ruptures when the hull tore away. It was a small patch, only a few inches across but it was starting to tear more of the hall outwards. In a matter of seconds this entire area was going to be exposed to space if he didn’t close it. Grabbing one of the loose floorboards, he activated his lightsaber and removed it. Beneath was an emergency seal, standard issue every 20 meters per area. Grabbing it, he put the metal seal, which was about three squared against the breach. Holding the handle on the opposite side he began to depress the red button which began the seal with suction. Once the green button next to the red lit up he depressed it, chemical sealant was released over the surface of the panel, sparks littered the ground as the magnesium bond took hold. Mavek went back to engineering and grabbed another seal and put it back in the floorboard just in case.

Amien, in the meantime, maneuvered the ship to the best of her ability. Weaving back and forth, skimming starships and pulling tight aerial maneuvers. But in the end there was only so much one small transport could do against a fleet of ships. The shields were slowly becoming depleted and after that the hull could only take one or two direct hits. Sliding past another squad of fighters, Zash blasted them with his turrets when a capital ship's main cannon found its purchase, erasing the shields as if they never existed. The ship groaned as sheets of the hull were flayed away in layers, but no breaches happened.

The Chase was then hit by a fighter squad’s tractor beams. They were trying to slow the Chase down, knowing the fight was out of the ship. Amien increased the engine output past safety specs and the ship wrenched with the sound of twisting metal as it tore away from the lock. The fleet began to turn as the Chase sped past the last few ships, hitting the atmosphere far too fast. Slee Tan turned on the PA and told Mavek and Zash to find cover. But Zash was stuck in the turret cockpit. Locked in by the loss of rotation control, he was unable to get realigned for entry/exit. Mavek gasped and ran for the only door that was available in this lockdown state behind engineering: the lavatory. Locking himself in the tiny closet, he sat on the seat of the toilet and put his arms against either wall to brace.

Slee Tan unhooked for a moment and put Malek back into a chair and locked him back in, semi conscious, before sitting again in the co-pilot chair. Amien pulled the nose up as the ship’s HUD registered stress fractures all over the ship. Pulling back on the throttle she was able to stop their exponentially rising momentum and was now only drifting on gravity. The ship’s systems began to shut down one by one as the strain wrenched throughout its frame. Fortunately, main control was still functioning and Amien was able to right the Chase enough to clear the friction of reentry.

Then without warning, the HUD registered a hull breach at the back end of the Chase. The top hull had been separated and was now exposed; the engineering area, cargo hold and quarters were now open to air. Setting up for some sort of crash, Amien pulled back on the stick, positioning the noise as high up as possible, and then the HUD failed, raising the alarm as it showed another breach. The rest of the top hull was beginning to tear.

The next few moments were blurry as the ship went flew dead stick, soaring towards its doom, and the heavy canopy of dense forest looked like a solid floor of steel as they drew closer to it. The grinding of the girders became loud and the ship shuddered violently. Over the internal PA, they heard Zash call out as he was ripped off with the remainder of the top hull. An explosion erupted somewhere behind them in the ship as it ejected the damaged area like a gun. It was flung ahead, like a boomerang slicing through the canopy line, ripping treetops off and shredding the foliage. Continuing downwards, miles ahead of what was left of the Chase, the top hull was like a blade that finally come to rest; imbedded in a massive tree that would not give to the piece of debris.

Then the Jedi felt a second shudder as the cockpit suddenly jarred loose and was pushed out of the way of the main portion of the ship. The body of the Chase continued to break up as it hit the tree line, fire pouring out and a resounding crash as it finally made planetfall.

The cockpit continued to spiral out of control like a bullet gone wild. Hitting the canopy hard, they tore through massive trees, splitting the wood as if it were flimsiplast. The transparisteel shattered and the Jedi grabbed their heads as they were jerked around on final impact. The bridge crushed itself and they were jerked hard to the left as the cockpit spun to a final stop on the jungle floor.

After a long moment Amien lifted up her battered head. Malek was still strapped in, though he lay lifeless as did Slee Tan. She reached out with the Force and felt that they were still alive and still very strong presences. Extending out further she found that the planet was teaming with life…but two other very distinct force patterns were out there, distant but alive. The Chase had given herself over to destruction to save her crew, and fortunately the loss of the ship was not in vain.

(Note: The above was such an interesting event that I was inspired to recreate it in 3D animation and present it a few months later. I have posted the animation on a yahoo site for your viewing. It is a paraphrasing obviously and was done on the side but was a lot of fun. To view the animation, just join the group here http://games.groups.yahoo.com/group/chasmagicmeet/ and click on files. Don’t worry the group is a RPG get meetup site. The file is called Majestic Chase Small.mov. I run the group so feel free to remove your self after or stay on.)

20 July 2005, 04:40 PM
cool story. :tarkin:

21 July 2005, 06:42 AM
Thank You. My players really did have a Ball playing in this universe. I'm glad you're enjoying the retelling.

14 November 2005, 12:25 PM
Bill: as Slee Tan (a red-colored Kel-Dor)
Charles: as Mavek Darklighter (nope he named himself; human)
Tracy: as Amien (blue skinned Quirmean)
Lucas: Malek (yellow tattooed Zabrak)
Marion: Zash Rippa (a male Togruta)
Kyle: Calla Brynn (olive skinned humanoid)
Jessica: Haven-Do (slightly pink Kushiban)

Unlocking the harness, Amien collapsed on the floor as she regained her strength. She knew they had to move quickly, get their comrades and move away from the wreckage lest they became captured. Slowly she began to rise; went to Slee Tan and Malek in turn, healing their wounds. The force ran through their bodies knitting bones, repairing muscle and bringing them back to consciousness.

The three Jedi began to hike through the forest moving towards the main body of wreckage, a few miles back. Over the rough terrain they encountered all sorts of curious life. The force was prosperous here, but slightly tainted. It was if the dark side had seeped into the very soil to taint it. When they found Master Zash, none were more surprised than he. Stuck upside down in the gunner turret, the uppermost hull was wedged into a huge tree, bending the metal back and crushing the exit passages. Using the force to move back the girders, the Jedi cleared the way for Zash to escape his make shift coffin 80 feet in the air.

Through the force, they Jedi were able to find Mavek quickly. Unconscious he was still locked inside the lavatory on the Chase, thrown into one of the walls, blood flowed from a head wound near the base of his neck. Amien channeled the Force to bring him back to health and slapped a bacta patch on the back of it.

Scouring the Chase, the Jedi grabbed the few pieces of material that survived: a few thermal blankets, some glow rods and an assortment of rations. Meanwhile Malek was able to find the mission pads detailing the little they knew about this odd moon. Assembling the rest of their supplies quickly the Jedi left the burnt out corpse of the Majestic Chase.

Covering the terrain swiftly the Jedi moved away from the crash site going deeper into the jungles. Nearly half an hour later, they could hear the echoes explosions behind them. The fleet had found the wreckage and had begun blasting it. More hours passed as they continued to trek towards their unknown objective. Near mid evening, they found a large river. Using their datapads, they triangulated their position and figured they must go north from this point for half a day. Deciding to rest, the Jedi made camp and started a small fire.

No more than 20 minutes later the ground shook as the far bank of the river shuddered. Emerging from the jungle on the far end of the bank stood a massive lizard. Its head crested in jagged horns and its fangs dripping. Locking on the small group, the creature began to slosh through the river, its massive 10 meter high body nearly engulfed in the waters. Emerging near them it turned and roared.

Master Zash began to run towards the monster with 3 small slips of metal between each finger, as he got closer he baited the ‘dragon’ to attack, which it more than happily obliged. Its head shot down and jaws clamped shut in the position master Zash had only seconds before been standing. While in mid air, Zash arced his hand and the slivers of metal were released, gliding in the air. Finding purchase in the Dragon’s eye, it wailed in pain as it jerked back.

It was already too late though as the rest of the Jedi had activated their lightsabers and began to attack. A flurry of strikes landed upon the Dragon’s haunches and forearms. Its screams echoed in the Jungle as it staggered for a moment before it turned to attack, its tail whipping around in defense. Striking Mavek in the chest, it sent him flying in the air, lightsaber knocked from his hand. Amien, on the other hand used her extraordinary reach to plunge her lightsaber deep into the monster’s chest, which only seemed to irritate it. The hide on the creature was so tough that even lightsabers had a hard time harming it.

Malek on the other hand tried a different approach. As the tail whipped back in the other direction he massed the force beneath him and launched into the air, twisting around the horned appendage as it tried to gorge him. Landing on the tail he ran quickly up its backside and began striking on alternate sides of the behemoth, back and forth till he reached the neck where he began striking en masse.

Mavek, getting back up pulled his blaster rifle and fell to his belly taking aim, trying to hit another eye. Squeezing the trigger once he watched the beam find its target and burn away the red orb, viscous fluid pouring out of the wound. Getting up he laid down a suppressive fire so that Slee Tan could strike. The dragon began to move towards Mavek, roaring in rage as Master Tan plunged his Saber into the clavicle of the beast. Jerking its body back the creature swiped at tan again, opening its mouth to roar.

Mavek grabbed a grenade off of his belt and hurled it at the dragon, using his little mastery in the force to guide it. Moments later the dragon snapped its jaw shut around the tiny module. The resulting explosion, shook the Dragon and tore a bloody mess in the side of it’s cheek, but it still stood, smoke pouring out of it’s mouth as if it had just spewed fire.

Malek used the opportunity to run up the neck of this massive creature and plunged it into the base of the skull. It roared in pain as its front legs were maimed by Tan and Amien. Dodging out of the way, they all took defensive positions as Malek fell with the beast. He held on and then reared his lightsaber back one last time and drove it through the top of the cranium, the smell of burnt meat permeated the area.

Moving quickly, the Jedi gathered their belongings and extinguished the fire. It appeared no sleep was to be had this night. Trekking up the riverside, the Jedi knew that any creature that size would not only garnish many carrion feeders, but might have also alerted other aggressive pack animals or even sentients to the area. The Jedi found out just how right they were half a mile away. A loud hum grew from the dense jungle besides them as they continued. Roughly 10 meters ahead of them, a shadowy figure broke the tree line and continued to run directly at them.

Preparing for a battle the Jedi were surprised when the Shadow leapt into the air and sailed overhead, landing a good 7 feet behind them. It was Calla Brynn, his clothing severely war torn and filthy. Glancing back for a moment he recognized his former comrades and said only one thing: “run”. He turned away and continued back towards the Dragon’s body.

Needing no further prods, the Jedi turned and started back. Only a few moments later the Hums became rhythmic and broken as two dozen speeder bikes burst from the trees. Their squat bodies and short stabilizers were odd looking but they moved fast enough. Atop each one was a red armored soldier, bearing down on them.

Knowing they couldn’t escape, the Jedi turned and immediately drew their sabers, igniting them, preparing for another conflict. But Amien hesitated for a moment. Using the force, she reached out and felt a surge of power erupt, directing this resivoir of force not towards the soldiers, but to their vehicles Amien created a wall that stopped the roving force in its tracks. The sounds of crunching metal and exploding power core’s erupted as soldiers were thrown left and right from their now disabled vehicles.

The sounds of sickly thuds filled the air as one by one the soldiers collided with, ground, rock and tree; their lives winking out as if they were never there. Once the moment had passed the other Jedi looked to Amien and she just turned…sometimes to save life you have to sacrifice life. True, but a cold sentiment nonetheless.

Catching up to Calla Brynn the Jedi was told that he and Master Haven-Do were sent to this moon to investigate the transmission. In a small transport barely larger than its hyperdrive the two traveled here and were able to land without detection. They found that the installation was completely destroyed and the operatives were missing. Deciding to survey the surrounding regions the two attempted to broadcast a situation report.

During their broadcast though they were jammed, and were forced to abandon the small ship. Taking the supplies needed they continued to look for the survivors and any signs of the sith ships that were seen in the broadcast. A few days later, they found their answer, massive ruins and a makeshift instillation just two klicks away from it. The fire belching creatures were missing but there were some oddly made capital ships that had settled around the ruins, grasping into the very earth.

Trying to find a way off the planet became crucial as it was apparent that this was a staging ground for the sith. After weeks of dodging patrols Master Haven-Do had found a hole in their defenses that would allow them to hitch onto a small transport. Enacting it, the two were able to stow away and then overpower their captains, before they found out the transport was coded to the pilots. Detecting new life forms it asked for coded clearance for the two new captains. Unable to do so, they were forced to evacuate. With only one Hover pack on the transport, Master Haven-Do took it and Calla jumped relying on his construction to keep him in one piece.

The transport was moments later destroyed and he was flung far from his Jedi Master. As he fell he saw two assault vessels strafe her, with explosions erupting all around. Her deep blue lightsaber whipping against the sunset sky she vanished as the two vessels vectored away. A few seconds later he hit the tree line and was able to slow his fall enough to stay intact. But some of his high end functions began to glitch, leaving him only at 80% of his standard performance. Since then he has been on the run from various hunter/tracker squads.

Mulling over their new information the Jedi decided their only option was to make it to the ruins and try to steal a ship with the proper codes and get off world as soon as possible. The harsh jungle made traversing with good speed most difficult but not impossible and by the end of the 3rd day the Jedi were at the edge of the outpost. Tired, sleep deprived, they began to plan their escape…