View Full Version : Aurora Engine from NWN and Star Wars

12 June 2005, 07:07 AM
Hi, I just discovered Neverwinter nights Bioware game. This game also have Aurora editor that haev endles posibiities so I was start to wonder does anyone tried to use it to make some Star Wars mods.

If someone actualy does that we can start community project to transfer whole SWRPG d20 into Aurora and than we have platform for excelent role play adventures.

Please contact me via PM or in this threadabout aurora editor.

13 June 2005, 06:15 AM
Nobody will make Star Wars mods for anything. LucasArts are absolute nazis when it comes to the prevention of anything electronic with a "Star Wars" label attached to it - whether it's for profit or not.

Even Nazgul's brilliant character generator for the SW RPG - which was completely free, couldn't be used without the books anyway, and was better than WotC D&D character generator by a country mile - was carpet bombed by WotC on the orders of LucasArts, because it violated their licence agreements.

So good luck finding anyone willing to make SW mods...they'd be begging for a cease & desist at best, a lawsuit at worst. :(

3 July 2005, 06:25 AM
Yeah, it's a shame that Lucas is such a control freak about anything electronic. I remember when Nazgul's generator was killed. I remember thinking (and still think to this day) Man I'm glad I was here early enough to get this thing, what a lifesaver Absolutely sweet program that only increases the desire to play the game due to the hours of time it would save the GM. It really only adds to the gaming experiences and compliments all the WoTC materials. Hell, Lucasarts could have sold it as an online download for a couple of bucks and raked in quite a hefty profit. But alas, it was not meant to be, oh well.

Corr Terek
3 July 2005, 08:50 AM
But...a mod is completely different from Nazgul's work. I've seen mods for lightsabers and other Star Wars weaponry for any number of games that have nothing to do with Star Wars. And nobody's shutting *them* down.

That being said, however, the inclusion of Star Wars D20 into the mod *might* open you up to some problems. What *I* would do is *convert* whatever you can to fit the basic Neverwinter Nights format. Since you're technically only using names at that point, I doubt you could get in trouble. I've done similar things when modding Baldur's Gate II.

So...my say is: go for it! Good luck on finding modelers and AI programmers and whatnot else you'll need, but if you can get something like that together and produce quality work, heck, you might even convince me to buy NWN just for the mod. :D

Darth Bile
3 July 2005, 09:30 AM
Even with the mods to neverwinter nights, i refuse to play it, i can not stand the creation system used in neverwinter nights, i prefer the random roll versus the point system.