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12 June 2005, 01:44 PM
It is ten years before the Phantom Menace, and the Attack on Naboo. The jedi council has requested the services of Masters Haela Trist, and Tal Buroo, as well as their padawans. The Masters and their padawans are called to Corouscant to the Jedi Temple for instruction. As the five jedi stand before the council, Master Mace Windu informs you of the current situation. Vo'Ran, a small planet in the Outer Rim, is experiencing great turmoil. The capital city is under assault. A terrorist faction calling themselves the "Twisted Brotherhood" has made numerous assaults on the palace, and attempts on the High Monarch's life.
Fearing they can no longer be protected by the Vo'Ran military, the people of the capital city have become restless, standing on the edge of rebellion. Master Mace calmly lookst to master Yoda, who informs you that the council has assigned Master Buroo with the task of discovering the origin of this "Twisted Brotherhood", and Master Trist is to aid in bringing the terrorists to justice. Together the jedi must stop the terrorist faction from seizing control of the capital city, and keep the High Monarch alive, at all costs. The loss of Vo'Ran, which is establishing itself as an important part to the Republic's trade endeavors. The loss of the planet to such treacherous beings, would deal a sharp blow to the already struggling economy of the Republic. The council tells you that a transport awaits you at the Corouscant spaceport, and you are to be taken to the Capital city of Vo'Ran, where you will meet with the High Monarch and his council, for preparations of ending the assaults, and ending the Twisted Brotherhood as well.
The council warns the jedi, this is not the first time the planet has seen revolution, and its not the first time jedi were used to resolve the matter. Master Yoda tells you that the last time the jedi tried to help the planet, those involved were lost to battle, and gave their lives to save the Monarch and the planet from certain doom. The council hopes the same outcome can be obtained, without the loss of jedi life. They wish you all a safe journey, and the jedi recieve a "May the force be with you".

The jedi begin in the transport provided by the council. They are in the main cabin of the ship, and are awaiting arrival on planet Vo'Ran.

[ Introduce your player, and describe his/her physical appearance. This is also a good time to converse with one another to discover each other's strategies, and personalities.]

12 June 2005, 03:19 PM
Xavier quickly snaps out of his meditation with a violent start. A vision of his former master trying to tell him something. The padawan's deep green eyes focus on the shelf across from him.
On it lay his Jedi utility belt and his former master's lightsaber. The copper covering is something he doesn't remember seeing many other jedi use before.

His former master always had a flare for style. Something Xavier would often gently rib Master Triance about. Of course his master would often lecture Xavier about the importance of a jedi looking respectable. He could almost see his Master, Maxim Triance, with his blue headtails smiling back at him. After taking a moment to banish the image and remind himself to let go Xavier stood. The padawan ran his fingers through his short black hair and flipped his braid back over his shoulder.

The young padawan carefully fastened the belt around his waist and placed a careful hand on his master's lightsaber. It would indeed be a hard day when he had to put this blade away for one of his own construction. Silently he smiled to himself as he had a thought. He could never make a lightsaber with as much . . . style.

Xavier quietly approached his new master, Haela Trist. "Master Trist, I want to thank you again for taking me on after Master Triance's death."

12 June 2005, 04:24 PM
Master Buroo sat on a chair against the hull, content with what he had been assigned by the council. Next to him, his padawan also sat in silence. Tal had always taught Mi-Axis that silence was a rare thing that many took for granted. As Xavier spoke to his master, Tal looked up at Master Trist. Tal rose, and expected his padawan to do the same. When Tal stood, there was a certain presence about him. It was as if a giant had just awoken from his slumber.

Tal stood fully erect at an imposing 2.2 meters tall. Master Buroo was built like a tower, tall, yet slightly lean. His dark, vine-like dreadlocks draped from his square shaped head to his waist. His simple robes showed Tal's extreme humility, and his devotion on leading a fairly simple life.

Tal spoke, with a deep booming voice, like the thunder of some powerful storm. "Master Trist, I am most pleased to be accompanied by you and your padawans on this journey. I hope that we can resolve the issue at hand with little difficulty, and even less violence, though I think that might be too much wishful thinking. Nevertheless, my padawan, Mi-Axis, and I are greatly honored to be in the presence of such an accomplished warrior as yourself. Though I do not necessarily embrace physical violence, I do know that it is sometimes needed to accomplish the task at hand. Tell me, as I'm sure you have been through many battles, what is your opinion on the assignment we have been given?"

Tal stands in complete confidence. A look of somewhat puzzled interest draws its way across his face.

13 June 2005, 04:50 AM
Jedi Master Haela Trist sits between her padawans and listens intently to Masters Yoda and Windu. She is a human woman in her early to mid thirties. With her fire-red hair pulled back it's hard to tell just how long it really is, but from the few strands that have come out, you can see its long and extremely straight, flipping only slightly at the ends. Her piercing green eyes convey much about her, as they are full of wisdom. They are eyes that have seen much joy and much sorrow. She sits leaning forward slightly in interest, revealing the form-fitting black jumpsuit she wears beneath her normal brown jedi robes. On her utility belt, some can see both of her twin lightsabers. They are crafted in an elegant, functional design that, while not exactly artistic, seems to offer the ideal mix of grip and balance. It's obvious these are meant for action.

After the two council members have made an end of speaking, she hears Xavier,

"Master Trist, I want to thank you again for taking me on after Master Triance's death."

At this, she calmly returns, "You needn't thank me, my young padawan, it was the will of the Force, nothing less, that brought our paths together. And when the Force wills you to do something, it's best to follow. Never forget that." She considers commenting on the mention of his former Master's death, but decides this is neither the time nor the place for such things and simply adds with a smile, "Besides, you don't know how you really like my teaching style yet...you may regret learning under me." Haela takes a moment to relfect on her own master...she suspected Master Cheylra would be proud to see her here today...she'd have to make contact with her on Ryloth soon...

"Master Trist, I am most pleased to be accompanied by you and your padawans on this journey. I hope that we can resolve the issue at hand with little difficulty, and even less violence, though I think that might be too much wishful thinking. Nevertheless, my padawan, Mi-Axis, and I are greatly honored to be in the presence of such an accomplished warrior as yourself. Though I do not necessarily embrace physical violence, I do know that it is sometimes needed to accomplish the task at hand. Tell me, as I'm sure you have been through many battles, what is your opinion on the assignment we have been given?"

Haela nods gravely to Mi-Axis at his introduction, and listens to the exotic Jedi as he speaks. She realizes their species' lifespans alone will give her and Master Buroo very different perspective on just about everything. Consequently, she makes it a point in her mind to seek his opinion often. The more circumspect a Jedi could be, the better he or she could protect.

"I have indeed been a part of many battles, far too many, in my opinion. While I hope we can come to a peaceful resolution, I believe the circumstances don't leave much room for that. Our best course of action will be to diminish the Twisted Brotherhood's power as bloodlessly as we can.

13 June 2005, 09:03 AM
Mi-Axis turned to Master Buroo "May I be excused master? I have a bad feeling about this mission and I wish to meditate on it further." With that he bowed to the other Jedi in the room and left.

Mi-Axis stared at the ceiling. He thought about all that he and his master had been through. All the villians they'd faced, the times they had saved each other. If they were wookies they would be honour family to each other by now. But something had always been between Master Buroo and himself. They were family, but not true friends.

"Vo'Ran, Vo'Ran" Mi-Axis thought. "Where have I heard that name before.." He turned to the computer and switched it on.

OOC: Is it alright if I make a computer use check for information about Vo'Ran? I figured the DC would be about 10, but you are the GM. Your call.

13 June 2005, 03:00 PM
Mi-Axis is startled to find many results to his search. One specific result glares Mi-Axis in the face.


[[OOC: It is a planet that I have made up specifically for this mission.]]

13 June 2005, 05:53 PM
As Master Buroo takes in Master Trists response, his attention is suddenly diverted to his padawan, who wishes to be excused. Giving Mi-Axis a brief look of dissapointment at his interuption, he casually nods, and dismisses the jedi. As Mi-Axis leaves the room, Tal turns back to Master Trist.

I agree, Master Trist. I have always seen violence as such a poor way of solving a problem. Any common thug can fire a blaster, or swing a blade, but it takes intelligence, and wisdom to solve something the civilized way...the jedi way. I believe that we can take care of this so called brotherhood, the true jedi way...with our wits, not our weapons. At least, this is the path I would most desire we take. I must admit that I am surprised at your response though. I guess I have always thought of weaponmasters as little more than blade-wielding hotheads. I see my mistake in my assumptions. Still, I am happy to have one so combat advanced as yourself, in case the negotiations get..."heated."

Master Buroo's thoughts turn towards his padawan. What has become of my padawan? His mind scans for his padawan's throughout the ship. Mi-Axis, I sense your curiosity? What is it that puzzles you? His thoughts ring throughout the ship in his mind, as if he is shouting them to himself, and to his padawan.

[OOC: Uses a telepathy check to contact Mi-Axis.]

14 June 2005, 07:52 AM
I agree, Master Trist. I have always seen violence as such a poor way of solving a problem. Any common thug can fire a blaster, or swing a blade, but it takes intelligence, and wisdom to solve something the civilized way...the jedi way. I believe that we can take care of this so called brotherhood, the true jedi way...with our wits, not our weapons. At least, this is the path I would most desire we take. I must admit that I am surprised at your response though. I guess I have always thought of weaponmasters as little more than blade-wielding hotheads. I see my mistake in my assumptions. Still, I am happy to have one so combat advanced as yourself, in case the negotiations get..."heated."

Haela allows herself a slight smile at that. While many other types of Jedi tended to think of weapon masters as slightly narrow-minded, always turning to violence, they failed to see that the label, in and of itself, was a mild form of the same narrow-mindedness. Still, she didn't feel slighted by the remark, perhaps glad she could correct at least one person's opinion about her strengths as a Jedi.

Settling back into her chair, she regards Master Buroo with the same slight grin and replies, "I agree that violence is much less preferable a solution than talking, but, all too often, it is the only way. I feel you must always be prepared, both physically and mentally, to do what is necessary to ensure peace. Many of the people I've had to...well, let's just say I wouldn't be surprised if these revolutionaries gave us no option in the matter."

She casts an involuntary glance at Xavier before adding gravely, "I won't ask you to fight against your wishes, but I will ask you not to interfere, should the situation turn to combat. Already, too many good people have died from that."

After this, she turns to Masters Yoda and Windu and asks, "Is there anything else that might be useful for us to know? If not, you need only tell us when and where we will be departing from to go to Vo'ran."

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14 June 2005, 08:58 AM
[OOC: I don't think cold realizes this, but you are already on the ship. Therefore coldskiers last comment to the masters is moot, as they are not in the room. Sorry for not clarifying that to you guys. I thought the players knew they were already on the transport ship to Vo'Ran. I will clarify such confusions in the future.]

14 June 2005, 09:14 AM
Mi-Axis felt his master's thoughts. "A war on Vo'Ran. I will look deeper into it if you wish master, but we must tell the others on the ship to prepare them."

Mi-Axis gazed out the window. the vastness of space was lost to him as he merely focused on the gravity wells they passed. They were so beautiful, yet so destructive. Beautiful yet destructive...

OOC: I'm presuming we're in hyperspace at the minute? When are we going to hit Vo'Ran aswell? Just asking to see how much time we've got for Char. Development etc.

14 June 2005, 10:18 AM
She casts an involuntary glance at Xavier before adding gravely, "I won't ask you to fight against your wishes, but I will ask you not to interfere, should the situation turn to combat. Already, too many good people have died from that."

"Master Triance did not leave me without some training in lightsaber combat. When the time comes I would be honored to fight by your side Master Trist," Xavier nodded respectfully. "Though forgive me if my style of lightsaber combat is drastically different from your own. I've not seen a Jedi wield two lightsabers often."

15 June 2005, 02:47 AM
As his padawan's thoughts reveal a new secret, he feels he must be better informed on the subject before reaching a conclusion. How could the masters not know of a war? His thoughts race for a moment, putting together many explanations for how the masters' could not mention such an important piece to this puzzle. There is more to this war than we know. Perhaps we are missing something. I must have all of the story to piece together an explanation. Deciding that the information he was given is not enough, his thoughts turn back to his padawan, Mi-Axis, delve deeper into this subject. I must know everything about this war. When it began? Who started it? And if and how it was ended. If we land on Vo'Ran while war is abroad, we could very well face a doom we can't dig our way out of. Find me this information my padawan, and please hurry. Master Buroo sits down after hearing this news, and awaits a new revelation.

15 June 2005, 08:29 AM
"Very well master. I shall look into it further. I would advise you to tell the others, they are guardians and if we are walking into a warzone, they will wish to know. However, I will look at the article and see the date it was published and what the situation is."

OOC: Computer use check?

Fier the Incarnate
15 June 2005, 01:07 PM
Vaat comes from the back of the ship after trying not to be noticed (being a one of two padawans). He was did not want to imbarass his master in front of another jedi master. He walks over to where Xavier and his Master was talking.

"Master I have been worried about this mission we have been assigned. It doesnt make sense. If other Jedi have not succeded then maybe the revolt is meant to be or maybe the monarch has been hiding a secret that he refuses to tell the jedi. I just cant get over the fact that other Jedi have not been able to stop the revolts."

15 June 2005, 02:00 PM
After selecting the headline, Mi-Axis is shown an article dating only a few standard days ago.

[Article Accessed:

War on Vo'Ran? Can it be? This relatively new planet that has been prospering over the years just might be at war. According to our inside intelligence on the planet, Vo'Ran has erupted into what may become an all out war. Since the delay of Monarch Koro Vasek's decision on the recent trade agreements with neighboring planets, it seems terrorist factions and rebellious civillians have voiced their opinions on the matter. Numerous bombings, and a few fouled assassination attempts are some of the more bolder moves by this treacherous organization. It is also reported that riots are becoming more and more common. The most recent one left fifty civilians wounded, and seven dead. The Vo'Ran military is doing all they can to push back both the unruly mobs, and hold off the relentless terrorists. Can this planet, thought to be the next Corouscant, really be doomed? Can they overcome, and recover from this tragic chain of events? Why not? They've done it before. A little over ten years ago, Vo'Ran experienced the same vicious revolution. If it weren't for Jedi Master Kent Raynarth, and his two padawan friends, Vo'Ran would have been overran by a criminal organization, known then as "The Brothers Togorian" . The "Togorian Conflict", as it came to be known, ended when the three jedi inflitrated the criminal organization, and defeated their Togorian enemies, ending the organizations reign of the Vo'Ran underworld. The three jedi, in order to accomplish their task, were forced to give their lives to save the monarch and Vo'Ran. Their task was only half successful, as the Monarch was later found murdered in his chambers, most likely taken out by Togorian assassins sent by the organization. Until now, Vo'Ran has been a peaceful planet, showing great promise to become a powerful part of the Republic. I would hate to see this great world, taken out before its prime. Will they overcome? Will the Vo'Ran military prevail? Or will the terrorists lead an all out usurp of the Vo'Ran Monarch and their government, leaving the world to be ruled by ruthless cutthroat terrorists? Only time will tell if war is brewing on Vo'Ran.

End of Submission.]]

As Mi-Axis nears the end of the article, a voice comes over the com system of the transport ship.

[[Attention Master Jedi and padawan passengers, we will be approaching Vo'Ran's atmosphere in ten minutes. Our sensor scanners indicate that the city may be a hotzone. There is a possiblity we will have to land while under fire. Please be prepared should anything happen during our descent. As soon as we have landed, be prepared to exit the ship, should an enemy weapon target the transport. Thank you, and may the force be with us all.]]

The voice of the captain stops, signalling the near end of the flight, and the beginning of the real adventure.

15 June 2005, 03:53 PM
After the captain signals the preparations to land, Mater Buroo's thoughts turn to his padawan. Quickly, Mi-Axis, it is time to get back. You can tell me what you found once you are back here. You can tell us all. As Tal ques his padawan to return, he looks at the rest of the jedi.

I believe that Mi-Axis may have found some information on Vo'Ran. I think it is something we all need to hear. He is returning now. Master Buroo turns his gaze to the door, awaiting his padawan's arrival. I hope we aren't in over our heads already. I can't help but think we are bringing these padawans into more than they can handle. I won't tolerate the loss of a single jedi. I won't. I can't. Not again...not after... Tal's thoughts are silenced as he now focuses on his padawan, the transport, and the approaching planet.

15 June 2005, 05:52 PM
As Haela listens to the pilot's speech, she is pierced by a sense of dread. Several of her less pleasant missions had started in a similar way. Standing, she politely excuses herself from Master Buroo's presence, and motions for her pair of padawans to follow her back to her room on the ship. On the way she speaks to them, careful to keep her voice calm and under control.

"It seems that there is more to this situation than Masters Yoda and Windu first thought. We must be cautious. Whatever may befall us, my two padawans, the Force will always be with you. So long as you are mindful of its will, you cannot err. You are both powerful, talented Jedi. Be confident in your abilities and they will serve you well. Now quickly, pack your things and meet me near the hatch."

With that, Haela leaves her two students, gathers up her few belongings and heads for the ship's entry hatch, practicing Jedi relaxation techniques to clear her mind along the way. Whatever was waiting for them planetside, she wanted to meet it with a clear mind.

16 June 2005, 08:50 AM
Mi-Axis stood at the hatch, gesturing for Haela to move quicker. He shouted above the noise below them. "We're marching into a full scale conflict! It's about trade agreements between Vo'Ran and another planet! The 'locals' have decided to voice their opinions on the subject!"
He looked at the city below him. "I don't mean to sound sarcastic, Master Trist, but I don't think we're in Coruscant anymore!"

16 June 2005, 11:19 AM
As the ship approaches enters Vo'Ran, there is a sudden jolt of turbulence. The clouds clear, and the capital city comes into view. From the ship, the jedi can see many enormous elaborate looking buildings. Standing in the center of the magnificent metro is a large, extravagant palace. After looking closer, the jedi can see the effects of the current situation. There is smoke erupting from many of the buildings. In the streets, there are mobs and fires. From the palace turrets, blasts roar down in to the streets, creating strategic pattern forming a perimeter of craters around the structure. It is total chaos.

[[We have entered the capital city of Rando's air traffic zone. Please hold on as the before mentioned issues are now being addressed by the pilots. We are contacting the Rando port authorities to wave us in for landing. Please hold on.]]

The captain's transmission ends as the transport zooms closer to the city. A wing of the palace begins to retract open, revealing a landing platform. On it, an array of troops are scrambling into formation. As the Palace dock opens up, the crowds surge towards the wall of blast craters, as if enraged by the arrival of outsiders. Blasts roar from palace turrets causing the mob to retreat frantically. Suddenly, there is a few flares from the crowd, which quickly reveal themselves as AA missiles.

[[Evasive maneuvers. It seems the crowd has access to anit-air weapons, and have released three missiles at the transport. Please hold on jedi. This could get bad.]]

The ship roars into full spin. From the windows you can see the three projectiles roaring after the transport. As the ship darts left, a missile closes in. The pilot desperately tries to maneuver away, but the weapon closes in, and blasts out one of the engines on the portside wing.

[[We are rapdily losing engine pressure. We will be switching over to the primary engines in an attempt to stave off total systems failure. We are trying our best jedi. We are going to try to land on the platform now. Please hold on.]]

Out of nowhere, a spray of red flares passes the ship, and the remaining rockets simultaneously explode.

[[The Rando artillery has executed the enemy weapons with spread flares, and we are going to land immediately. Please be prepared to exit the ship.]]

The ship quicly roars to the palace, and lands on the platform, as the hangar doors close, blanketing the transport, the jedi, and the formed troops from the chaos that ensues outside. The remaining engines come to a gurbled hault.

As the hatch opens, Vo'Ran troops are assembled on either side of the ship. They stand at attention, as a extravagantly robed human, with a black durasteel cane approaches the ship. His long hair is black with streaks of grey, and tightly pulled behind his head in a ponytail. Behind him, stand seven grey skinned beings. They are hairless, and their head reveals three bumpy like crests running down their scalp. One bears a black cloak draped over what seems to be a black combat suit. The other six are identical in appearance, but are dressed in dark red. They stand in the middle of the platform, the troops formed on either side, awaiting the arrival of the jedi.

16 June 2005, 01:08 PM
Xavier merely manages to throw his cloak on before the announcements begin. Luckily the utility belt he was already wearing was the only other posession he had.

The padawan takes a moment to quickly compose himself as he steps up behind and to the right of his new master. As he waits for the the door to open the padawan finds himself staring at his new master. His eyes scan her red hair with thoughtful curiosity. Had he noticed it was red before? The padawan tilted his head slightly, but found his train of thoughts shattered when the call for evasive manuevers went over the internal comm.

Cautiously bracing himself Xavier quickly snaps back to the situation at hand and seals himself with seriousness and tries to meditate in the force and trust in it's will.

. . .

After the ship lands the padawan takes a silent breath of relief thanking the force that they were now on the planet.

16 June 2005, 02:35 PM
Checking to make sure she has both of her students nearby and unharmed, Haela slowly steps out of the ship, seemingly unaffected by the interesting time they had getting here. Stepping up to the robed figure, she bows quietly, then speaks.

"Monarch?", she asks.

(OOC: If it is not the monarch, disregard the following.)

"We have been sent on behalf of the Jedi Council to address the situation here. I am Master Haela Trist, and these are my padawans Vaat Kar, and Xavier Phadin. What can you tell us about what's going on here?".

16 June 2005, 03:50 PM
Master Buroo stands at the door of the transport. Despite the chaos around him, he seems perfectly calm, almost as if he is in a daze. As the transport shutters from the blast of the missile, he grabs the side of the transport for support. As the ship lands, he waits for Haela to exit, and follows briefly. As Haela approaches the robed man, he walks directly to her left, Mi-Axis back and to his left as well. He approaches the jedi and the Vo'Ranian figure, and awaits the man's greeting.

17 June 2005, 03:00 PM
As the characters emerge from the vessel, the robed human holds up his hands as if to give the characters a hug. He bows deeply as do his seven companions. There is a sudden thunder of armor and feet as the troops filed at either side of the group drop to a knee, and bow as well. He raises up, and his cloaked followers mimic him, while the soldiers maintain their kneel.

Greetings jedi. I wasn't aware that you would be visiting until just recently. I suppose Koro sent for you assisstance. I am High Magistrate Kevar Machador. No, I am not the monarch, but I am his high council and primary advisor. The seven beings behind me are my private cabinet, khommite clones named the Grendels. They one dressed in black is Grendel One, the first of the seven, and the primary clone. He is my personal bodyguard, and he commands the other six.

The Grendel contingent gives a slight nod, with a slight smirk coming across Grendel One's dark grey face.

I take it you are here on behalf of our current situation regaurding the mobs and the terrorists that are causing havoc on our planet. Well, time is something that we find very precious these days on Vo'Ran. Please, if Koro is the one who sent for you, he will wish to see you in the throne room. Please follow me immediately. We must not keep the Monarch waiting.

After he finishes, he smiles and quickly whips around to face the other direction and quickly begins to walk to the hangar exit. As he does, he snaps his fingers and the troops quickly pop up to a straight posture, at attention. They are in black clad armor, and bear long red capes that swing from a large shoulder pad on their right side. It drapes over their right arm, which are holding long vibroblades. They turn, and march to the exit as well. The six Grendels quickly file into two's behind Grendel One, and march directly behind the clone, who walks a decent pace behind the Magistrate Machador. The movements are all so formed and structure, and so well executed, it is hard to think that these people who are at war can keep it together so well. Machador turns his head to look back to the jedi, and waves his arm forward.

Please, follow me. We have little time, and must hurry.

17 June 2005, 07:28 PM
As the characters emerge from the vessel, the robed human holds up his hands as if to give the characters a hug. He bows deeply as do his seven companions. There is a sudden thunder of armor and feet as the troops filed at either side of the group drop to a knee, and bow as well. He raises up, and his cloaked followers mimic him, while the soldiers maintain their kneel.

Greetings jedi. I wasn't aware that you would be visiting until just recently. I suppose Koro sent for you assisstance. I am High Magistrate Kevar Machador. No, I am not the monarch, but I am his high council and primary advisor. The seven beings behind me are my private cabinet, khommite clones named the Grendels. They one dressed in black is Grendel One, the first of the seven, and the primary clone. He is my personal bodyguard, and he commands the other six.

As the magistrate makes his speech, Tal looks over the seven Grendels. Grendel One seems to have a powerful confidence about him. It is clear to Tal that he commands the other six, just by looking at the way he controls their every movement with but a glance. He studies the figure. His cloak, his armor, his facial features. It is obvious that he is a prominent warrior. As Tal shifts his attention from Grendel One to Magistrate Machador, he begins a his evaluation on the human. His hair, hinting both black and grey, gives Tal a feeling of how old the man is. Perhaps he is in his fourties, or even his fifties. All these aliens age so quickly, its so hard to tell. His thoughts are quickly trained to the magistrates cane. A black, durasteel cane. How odd. Someone of his stature seems like he would have something a little more glamorous. He quickly tunes into his padawan standing behind him. Mi-Axis, what do you think of the Magistrate's cane? He wears such extravagant robes, and yet such a plain cane? There may be more to it than meets the eye.

The Grendel contingent gives a slight nod, with a slight smirk coming across Grendel One's dark grey face.

And watch those Grendels. Especially number One. That smile he gave us. Something about it just...just keep an eye on them. He focuses back in on Magistrate Machador's greeting, and soon it is over. As the magistrate turns and leaves, he watches as the whole batallion of troops simultaneously salute and exit as well. When Magistrate Machador gestures for them to follow, he makes his way towards the magistrate and his bodyguards. As he exits with the group a single thought he sends to his padawan. Remember...watch them.

18 June 2005, 01:31 AM
They are a bit more than what they seem master. I will investigate. Mi-Axis approached the Grendel at the back of the line, remembering to keep his eyes on the vibroblade. The original was obviously a prominent warrior, so it figures the others would be aswell. He turned to the Grendel. "Hello, I am Mi-Axis Nando, could you describe what your jobs are at the palace and what is happening here? I wish to know more about our situation so I can help your monarch and the high magistrate."
He then sent a thought to his master. Could you watch him from the back please? Incase he tries anything funny. Send me a message.

18 June 2005, 02:43 PM
As Mi-Axis approaches the clone and speaks, Grendel Seven looks at the jedi with a blank expression and keeps walking. The clone obviously is giving no information, and quickly speeds up to keep pace with his six clone brothers. Grendel One shoots a glance of disgust back at the jedi, and quickly barks at the others to keep up. The Grendels quickly up their pace to keep up with Grendel One and his master, Magistrate Machador, who is now moving through the structure at a rapid walk.

The characters are being led through a magnificent palace with large halls and great stone statues. It was apparent that though Vo'Ran was a relatively new planet to the Republic, it had been doing well.

18 June 2005, 06:54 PM
Come away from them, Mi-Axis. I shall try to gather more info another time. For now, we will keep our suspicions private. Tal is struck by the grandness of the palace. The large stone statues look immense, and so detailed. I wonder what they symbolize. Tal speeds up to stay with the rushing group.

19 June 2005, 09:36 AM
The glance that first Grendel gave me, did you see that?He has those clones under his total command. We've gotta crack him if we're gonna crack the clones. said Mi-Axis to his Master. He pulled up alongside him so they could talk without hurting his mind as much by using the force. He followed his Master's gaze to the statues and took note of the ceiling of the palace.
He rushed his Master onwards to keep up with the group, not wanting to get lost in these halls. although he had an inkling of a feeling he wasn't going to crack any of these Grendels or the high magistrate. The monarch would tell them what was going on, hopefully.

19 June 2005, 01:07 PM
As the Magistrate leads them away, Haela simply nods, first to the Magistrate himself, then to her padawans. After that, she walks behind the Grendels, walking quickly, but at the same time gracefully. She wasn't so sure about This whole arrangement...with this many guards...and those...bodyguards...a trap would be an easy thing to arrange. Still, she let none of this show as she leads her padawans after the Magistrate.

Even though she doesn't want to get anyone nervous, Haela also doesn't want to be surprised in a bad way. As she walks, she does a few Jedi battle readiness tecchniques in her mind to help prepare her, should trouble befall them.

((OOC: Battlemind, Taking 10 on the check for a total of 31, +4 to my rolls, -6 VP for a new total of 138/14.))

19 June 2005, 01:35 PM
As the jedi gather suspisiouns about their guides, they keep pace with them throughout the palace. As they end an extrememly large hallway, the biggest they have encountered since, they are taken through a series of three rooms. As the third room is entered, on the other side, it posesses two very large gravity doors. They slide open, and reveal a large, round magnificent chamber. As they walk in, they are announced by the magistrate...

Royal Monarch Koro, we have been visited by a clan of jedi. I take it they are here on your behalf? Machador says.

The room is large. Very large. You could fit a medium sized fighter in the chamber. It also was round, and there seemed to be two large open doors spaced about twenty meters apart. It looked as if they led out to some sort of balcony. The room had many gaurds, mostly stationed around a raised throne chair where a young man sat.

Yes, Kevar, thank you. Please, jedi, I am the Royal Monarch Koro Vasek, protector and supreme commander of Vo'Ran and her armies. And your names would be...

[The monarch pauses for the characters to make their introductions. OOC: Please, padawans, allow the masters to introduce themselves first. It is only right.]

OOC:Also, your battlemind check was due noted coldskier.

19 June 2005, 03:30 PM
I agree, my padawan. I think the Alpha Grendel has some sort of link to the others. They probably follow his every command, both verbally and telepathically. For now, stay silent. When I get a chance, I will try to drop in on any "below the surface" communication that may be happening between the clones. I'm sure I can pry something out of the weaker Grendels. As the jedi follow their escorts, Tal too feels that a trap perhaps is being set. When they enter the large chamber, Tal is overwhelmed by the sheer extravagance of the room. As the Monarch greets him, Master Buroo steps forward and introduces himself and the jedi.

Greetings, Monarch. I am Master Tal Buroo, honorable jedi, and this is my padwan, Mi-Axis Nando. To my left is Master Haela Trist, and her padawans Vaat Kar, and Xavier Phadin.

Tal makes a prominent gesture towards Master Trist and her padawans, as if presenting them.

We come on behalf of a distress signal sent to our temple, which was recieved by our council. Please, tell me what your situation is, and how we may be of service.

Tal watches the Monarch, and awaits an answer to his question.

20 June 2005, 08:14 AM
Mi-Axis directed his thoughts towards the other Jedi and sent a message out to them all. Do you get the feeling that something isn't right here? The Grendels and the Magistrate seem bit suspicious to me.
He felt watched, like he always did in open spaces. Master Buroo had told him it was paranoia and that it happens to everybody, but he still kept his eyes on everybody in the room, friend or foe.

20 June 2005, 01:45 PM
Well, it's good to have you jedi. We can use all the help we can get. the Monarch says with a chuckle.

The whole room fills with laughter, as if to amuse the monarch. The only ones who aren't laughing are the Grendels. Whether its because they lack a sense of humor, or they don't get it, nobody really knows. The monarch is young. He has long black hair, and has a sharp resemblance to the magistrate. This is not unusual, however, for it is known that the human's of the Vo'Ran region share the same features. His bright red cloak is draped over shiny, dark blue armor, and hangs from his dark blue shoulder pads. He looks as if he is dressed for battle. This too is not uncommon, as the monarch of Vo'Ran is called its protector, and consequently is dressed for combat almost all the time.

You see, we simply can't hold off this "Twisted Brotherhood" much longer, and we need help defeating them. It seems we are always on the defensive, and partly because we have no clue as to where they are based. They simply seem to appear in the right place at the right time, and we are suddenly in a vicious battle. Their constant bombings don't help either. My people have become rather restless, because they believe I can no longer keep them safe. Too many good, innocent people have already died by these terrorist's actions, I can't stand to see anymore. I had to ask for assisstance. I would ask our neighboring planet to help, but due to some recent trade disputes, they have already made it clear they will lend us no aid. So, I turned to you. My defenses are wearing down. My palace gaurd used to number in the thousands, and is now standing at just over a hundred.

The monarch pauses, and looks down at his feet, shaking his head in disbelief, then looks at the soldier next to him, who is much more elaborate than the forces the jedi first encountered.

My private gaurd, the Rendo Blades, has also suffered massive losses. Once twenty vibroblades strong, I now have but six loyal champions to defend me against my assassins. Atrayu, the champion of Vo'Ran, has forseen the fall of many of his fellow Blades, and can tell you more about how the enemy fights, and strategizes.

As the monarch finishes, the elaborately dressed soldier standing next to him steps forward. He has long, brown hair, and a brown goatee. He has a scar that runs across his left eye, which has now turned white, most likely due to whatever injury that was inflicted. He is dressed in white armor, and has a dark blue cloak that is attached to both of his shoulder pads. On either side of his belt, hangs a long vibro rapier, a very elaborate vibro weapon used by greatly skilled fighters. The rest of the five soldiers are dressed the same, and bear the same two weapons. Together they surround the monarch, using their bodies like shielding statues.

Greetings, jedi. I'm Atrayu, Grand Champion of Rendo, and captain of the Rendo Blades. I have met the terrorist forces in battle, along with my companions. I admit that due to the fact that we only use vibro weapon in Rendo, the terrorists have taken advantage of our close combat weakness, using blasters every chance they get. This is the cause for our massive losses. They hit us every chance they get, and seem to know where we are at all times. When they strike, they strike hard, and even though they are no match for us at melee combat, their sheer numbers overwhelm our forces when close quarters are the situation. I have tried to send spies into their ranks, but they are snuffed out immediately, and are returned in a plasteel box. If we don't take this faction down, we will be overran, and Vo'Ran will be under their control.

Atrayu finishes, and the monarch rises and stands before the whole court, standing with a powerful posture.

I will not stand for this terrorism anymore. Jedi, please help me take the fight to these terrorists, and cast them from the surface of my homeworld.

20 June 2005, 01:57 PM
Xavier listens closely and being mindful of the respect his new master deserves he also does so without speaking.

Carefully taking in all the information Xavier perks up when he hears about their reluctance to use blasters. There is honor in that, but in times like this honor is hard to hold to. The padawan was greatly impressed by the deadication of these noble guards.

Quietly the padawan opens himself up to the force and waits hoping it might lead the jedi along their difficult path.

OOC: using See force +4

20 June 2005, 04:35 PM
Well, in all respect, why have the terrorists delcared war upon you? What has caused their actions? And what procedures have you taken to negotiate with them? Have you tried to contact their leader? I feel, that by meeting the Brotherhood, blood with blood, you have only encouraged their attacks. Why not try to diffuse the situation peacefully?

Tal arranges an array of questions, all of which he feels must be answered in order to decide his position on how to counter the terrorist faction. He smiles, and awaits the monarch's answers, after trying to deploy his best interrogation and diplomatic skills.

(OOC: Diplomacy= Take 10+14 for total of 24. Gather Information=Take 10+12 for total of 22.)

20 June 2005, 07:40 PM
I will not stand for this terrorism anymore. Jedi, please help me take the fight to these terrorists, and cast them from the surface of my homeworld.

At this, Haela takes a step forward, pulling her hood down , which sends her red hair spilling down her back. She narrows her eyesat the Monarch intensely as she says,

"Know this, your highness. The Jedi are the guardians of peace and justice, not assassins, and certainly not personal operatives for any government. I trust I make myself clear? We are here on behalf of the Jedi council to ensure peace, and we are all prepared to do what is necessary to accomplish just that. If we are forced to kill to ensure peace, it is something we are prepared to do. Still, we would all prefer that order would be restored with a minimum of bloodshed."

Haela is carful to keep her voice firm, yet respectful. She doesn't want to anger the Monarch, only enlighten him.

21 June 2005, 05:53 AM
The monarch steps back at both Haela's sharp words.

Now see here. I understand that as jedi you have your peaceful beliefs, but peace has long since gone out the door. They have killed many of my troops, and even more of my people. Innocent people!

He turns to Tal, who barrages him with a slew of questioning.

You think we have not tried to make peace with them? That we have not sent messengers, and couriers into their custody to try to arrange a proper negotiations. Do you know what happened the last time we tried to "make peace" with them? The messenger we sent...

At this Atrayu of the Rendo Blades steps forward and angrily says
The messenger we sent was one of my very own. My second in command. He and the men we sent on behalf of the monarch were later delivered to our front gates, in a large canister, ripped to pieces. PIECES!! And you think that they want to make peace? They want to tear our heads off!

The magistrate soon gracefully steps up on the stage, and addresses the jedi, much more calm and collected than the monarch and the captain.

Jedi, we have tried to negotiate with them. Their leader is...well, he is not very...understanding. Ever since we denied the trade routes to our neighboring planet, they have risen against us. Most likely wanting for Monarch Koro to either leave office, and the planet, or die. You must understand, any measures we take against these monsters, they are simply thrown back in our face, usually ending with the death of our people, and our troops. I have thought on this subject many a night, and believe that we are doomed, should we continue to stand and fight. And trying to seek out their leader only enrages them further, which is why we have stopped trying.

He now turns to the monarch, and a look of sorrow is upon his face.

I think, monarch, that perhaps the only way to save your people, is to give in to what they want. Perhaps you should leave the planet, and try to rule from a far. The only other option it seems...is your death. I don't want to see another one of my monarchs fall to such treachery. Please, monarch...

Atrayu cuts in front of the monarch, staring Magistrate Machador in the face, as if he is going to hit the man.

I will never let my monarch die. Nor will I let him surrender to their terms. To even think a thing, or propose it in my presence disgusts me.

The magistrate smiles, and replies
What makes you think you can keep him safe? You couldn't save his father. Why do you think this is any different?

The monarch stands at this comment, looking truly offended.
That is enough! There will be no more talk of this, "surrendering". It is not an option. I will never give up on my people, and I....

The monarch is stopped by the piercing sound of a horn going off. It hits the room and everyone looks to the doors. The monarch looks to Atrayu who rushes out of one of the large openings onto the balcony. He returns.
They are here! They are attacking now!

A trooper enters the room, running directly to his captain. He stands at attention, and yells out the information he has been given, trying to overcome the horn.

Captain Atrayu, the terrorists are assaulting the main entrance. Led by a group of Togorian warriors, they making short work of our primary forces. I fear we don't have much time before they breach the palace doors, and are on their way here.

Enlightened by the news, the people of the court break into a frenzied chaos, running and screaming. The monarch descends his steps, the Blades and the magistrate behind him, an the Grendels behind the magistrate. Monarch Koro approaches the jedi.

You see, to them, there is no peace. Will you help now?

21 June 2005, 07:51 AM
Mi-Axis nodded to his master and looked around him. He exerted the force on the doorway, creating the illusion of a group of Rendo blades.
He then turned to the monarch. "That might keep them at bay. But my illusion will not cause them harm. I will try to lead them away from the throne room.

OOC: Take illusion check. Modifier +5. Vitality points expended: 3
vitality points left: 32

21 June 2005, 07:56 AM
Dreading what was upon them, it seemed that war was only inevitable. Perhaps by volunteering the jedi to stop the intruders, Tal would gain some satisfaction, out of knowing he would save the lives of the Vo'Ran troops.

It is with deep regret that I say this. We will meet your attackers, and attempt to hault their progress towards you, Monarch. I ask that you stay here, so that you and your troops may gaurd you, in case these invaders are able to get by our defenses. However, after this encounter is over, we will have much to discuss on our next plan of action. Whether it be peaceful or not. Is that understood?

Tal finishes, and looks the monarch dead in the eye, trying to make his point crystal clear. His thoughts quickly turn to the jedi, and he sends a message to them all. Prepare yourselves. I regret that we now must go to battle

(OOC:Telepathy=take 10+12=22. For his telepathic message to the jedi.)

21 June 2005, 09:36 AM
Haela is somewhat startled by the news, still, she seems as calm as ever. Looking to the Monarch, she says,

"Ensure your own safety, Monarch. If that means fleeing, do so. We need to talk to you if we are to come to any sort of resolution in this matter."

After this, she turns back to her padawans, noting the Kel Dor padawan's illusion. Speaking in a low voice she imparts some of her wisdom to her padawans.

"Remember everything you've learned. Stay together and help one another, as the two of you together are ten times more powerful than either of you could be alone. Be mindful of the living Force, let it flow through you...guide your actions."

Reaching out with the Force, Haela feels the turmoil going on just outside the throne room, and turns to it, her face grim with determination. Slowly, almost reluctantly, she pulls her lightsabers off of her belt and steps slightly in front of her padawans. Holding the weapons in ready position, she keeps them turned off until she can see the threat. Without turning around to her students, she give them a few last instructions, in the same low voice,

"Remember, killing needlessly is the path to the dark side, don't give in to your hate, or fear...or even your attachment to others. Many a good Jedi has died for that, and I don't want either of you to suffer a similar fate. Just try to stay calm, and unlearn what you have learned. You'll both be fine."

21 June 2005, 10:02 AM
The monarch accepts the jedi's help, and offers his own.

I and the magistrate will retreat to my chambers. There we can organize a counterattack while you do battle. To help, I offer Atrayu, champion of my blades. The magistrate will also be more than happy to allow Grendel One to aid you in your defense as well.

A look of horror crosses the magistrates face, But sir....

The monarch cuts in.
He will be MORE than happy to allow him to fight. Won't you?

The magistrate says in a broken, dissapointed voice.Yes. Grendel One, please stay with the jedi and defend the palace.

Grendel One steps towards the jedi with a look of disgust. Atrayu too tries to voice his objections, but is quickly shot down by a stern look from the monarch.

We will be in my private chambers with the rest of the Blades and the Grendels. Please come as soon as the battle is over, or once the reinforcements arrive. I will try to gather my troops for a counter as quickly as possible. Thank you, and good luck.

With that the monarch turns and walks from the room, exiting with the rest of the troops. The magistrate furiously turns and the rest of the Grendels look confused when the head clone doesn't follow. They quickly turn to catch up to the magistrate, and the room is left empty, aside from the jedi, and the two Vo'Ranians. As the second and third room close their doors, and are sealed, the double doors of the throne room seal as well. Soon there are sounds of struggle and combat coming from the series of rooms that lead to where the characters are. The battle will be upon them, they must be ready for anything.

Togorians. Most likely mercernaries hired by the terrorists. If they have made it here that fast, then they are better than I anticipated. They will most likely be wielding scimitars, their favored weapon. Go for the ribs, and the legs. Those are their weak spots. Anything else is your funeral. Atrayu offers what knowledge he can. He draws his twin vibro rapiers, and stands in the middle of the room, ready for action.

Whatever. I've been craving some blood. Grendel One makes his debut speech. He draws two metal hilts from his sides. With a flick of his thumbs, two maginifently slender vibro blades rapidly extend from the handles.
What, never seen a Stalker Blades before? Grendel asks with a gruesome smile.

He gets into a defensive stance, and readies the blade in his right hand for his first attack.

21 June 2005, 10:27 AM
Xavier took a cautious step to the right so that he would have a clearer view of the incoming enemies. Following his new master's lead the padawan unhooked the lightsaber from his side and brought it forward. As he did a slight gleam shined off the hilt's copper skinned exterior and into his eyes, helping to focus his mind. Twisting his hands slightly on the deep green grip that surrounds the copper shell, Xavier takes a warrior’s stance and brings the hilt level with his eyes and perfectly parallel to the ground.

Then fully giving into the force Xavier calls on it to aid him. Now was the time to make use of the training Maxim Triance had given him. The padawan shifted into a slightly more defensive stance, confident the force was there to guide his blade.

Taking 10 with Battlemind = 16 = +3 bonus & - 5 vitality
Then combat expertise for +3 defense

21 June 2005, 02:43 PM
(The following is based on if Calhexas allows my character changes.)

Master Buroo collects himself. He inhales deeply, and exhales, feeling the force flow through him. Concentrating hard on the powerful force that surrounds the room, he resonates the force outward, filling the other beings with the force, empowering them. He calmly lets go, and focuses on the door that is being battered by the enemy. He prepares himself. He pulls back his robe, exposing his stick-like lightsaber. He concentrates on the door. His stance is that of a gunslinger, ready to draw his weapon.

(OOC:Knight mind on the other four jedi. +6 bonus to their strength. -16VP bringing me to 106/14. I will also be posting my combat stats in the OOC forum. Same principles as skakid. If my character is not allowed the change, please deny the Knight Mind, and simply move to Force Mind instead. This would induce a +2 to their strength, and a total loss of 8VP, bringing me to 114/14 instead.)

21 June 2005, 03:15 PM
As the sound of battle roars nearer, the company gets anxious. Suddenly, a loud hammering on the doors rattles the room. As they roar, the two doors suddenly fly open, and Vo'Ran troops scramble in, beaten and battered. Togorian warriors leap in, slicing the troopers down with their large scimitar weapons. A few soldiers lie dead, as the monstrous invaders look at the group of jedi and the two champions. One of the powerful creatures roars, and they charge.

[OOC: Okay, Deadication, I will allow it, but that's it, nothing like that ever again, understand? The jedi are standing in a v like formation in the room. Let me see if I can draw this out for you, Jedi Grendel and Atrayu are facing the Togorians who are in a slightly staggered straight line. One main Togorian(the captain) is out front. The characters stand, masters and Vo'Ran champions out front, padawans behind their masters.

Alright. Please keep record of all stats in the OOC as well, like skakid and deadication, and lets get ready to battle. Oh, also, your initiatives are like this. Captain Togorian, Atrayu, Grendel, Togorian, Master Trist, Togorian, Vaat Kar, Togorian, Mi-Axis, Togorian, Xavier, Togorian, Master Buroo, and the rest of the Togorians. Please, post away.]

22 June 2005, 04:03 AM
The lead Togorian and Atrayu charge each other, and meet in the middle of the room, blades clanging against one another. Atrayu blocks the monstrous beings overhand swing, and takes a swipe at the creatures midsection, which it narrowly averts. Grendel leaps right in the middle of three, in front of two, and behind one of the creatures and executes a maginificent spin, swinging his blades as wide as he can. His powerful attack is narrowly deflected by the blades of the three warriors. One of the Togorians make it to Master Trist and takes a powerful swing at the jedi...

[OOC: Okay guys, This starts the combat, from here on, place what actions, skills, feats, etc. you are trying to accomplish on the OOC page. You can list the bonuses or not, I have them on hand so typing them isn't really necessary. For sake of keeping the posting smooth and fluid, I will allow you to make your own rolls, if you want. But no "critical hits, or 20's" every roll. I think that will be a little obvious. I trust you will be honest. Just type what you are trying to accomplish on OOC, and then post the "flavor text" here on the IC. That cool everyone? Thanks. By the way, the Togorian missed you coldskier, so feel free to type how you brush off his attack however you want.]

23 June 2005, 06:18 AM
As one of the Togorian soldiers nears her, Haela feels the adrenaline pumping through her body. As Haela ignited her lightsabers, she had one last moment to reflect on the irony of the galaxy, the peace loving Jedi who always seemed to be in the thick of combat, then he was upon her.

As most muscular beings tended to do, the Togorian preferred brute force over finesse, taking a strong, if rather sloppy cut that, should it have connected, would have easily sliced Haela in two. Fortunately, the Togorian was easy to read, and Haela easily somersaulted up, over his attack. Hitting the ground again, Haela went on the offensive with a deadly but beautiful looking attack that seemed to come from everywhere at once. As she spun around, orange blades gleaming as the hummed through the air, the Togorian roared at the Jedi. Wether in defiance or fear, Haela didn't know, but, then, almost with a sense of pity, she went on the offensive.

23 June 2005, 01:01 PM
The predictable Togorian missed the agile female jedi, who countered with a flurry of endless swipes with her two sabers. As the blurring of her blades ceased, the Togorian slumped to the ground, falling into several pieces. Trist stood firm over her opponent, having made the first kill of the battle.

Enraged by his fallen comrade, another togorian lashed out at the first jedi he could find, Trist's padawan, Vaat. His wide swing went wildly to the left of the young jedi, who prepared his counter.

OOC: coldskier, please take over for your padawan, as he is out of town. Thank you.

23 June 2005, 02:14 PM
Hopping back to dodge the Togorian's badly placed thrust, Vaat takes a moment to allow the Force to flow through him, guiding his actions, and helping him to defend those who cannot defend themselves. Then, with the Force as his ally, he quickly brings his blade tip up, in a counter-attack against his opponent, attempting to force him between himself and Xavier to catch the burly maurader in a flanking maneuver.

23 June 2005, 03:54 PM
As the Togorian stumbles from Vaat's incredible maneuver, he sees the jedi nowhere, but feels his presence, as the young Vaat's blade stabs the Togorian through the ribs, and into his massive torso. Vaat retracts the blade smoothly, as the large creature falls to the ground.

On the other side of the battle, a Togorian rushes by the neti master, in an attempt to strike his padawan, Mi-Axis.

[OOC: Buroo is given an AoO here. You may make your two checks to draw and activate saber now, then any attack, should you wish to follow through with one. Also, there was no flanking bonus granted to Vaat, as Xavier was never engaged with the Togorian. Deadication may post whenever he wishes, and Ithorian may follow after his actions.]

23 June 2005, 10:05 PM
As the Togorian rushes by the tall neti, Tal's lightsaber flings to his hand, igniting in mid air. An elaborate spin of his blade and he brings it down and across, attacking the Togorian's weapon arm.

[OOC: BTW, yes Calhexas, I meant for my knight mind to be master mind, for some reason I put that down, and have been reading it's texts ever since. Sorry about that.]

24 June 2005, 11:59 PM
Mi-Axis produces a strike at the rushing Togorian, swiping his sabre in a sidewards motion. He then pulls out his blaster and sets it to stun, shouting to the others "Leave one of the mercs. I'll stun him and we can interrogate him. Might bring us closer to this twisted brotherhood if we know who employed them!"

25 June 2005, 06:54 AM
The togorian's attack is foiled as the neti's counter lands, and the monster's sword arm falls to the ground, the large scimitar lets out a clang as it hits. As the rushing monster is hit, the kel'dor padawan takes a powerful swipe at the monster, but the opponent makes a quick spin move off of Mi-Axis's left shoulder and falls off balance behind the jedi. The warrior hits the gound, clutching what is left of his arm, and screeching wildly, before he abrubtly passes out.
While this is taking place, another of the invaders squares off with the valiant Xavier. He too takes a powerful swipe, which Xavier narrowly averts. As the padawan attempts to dodge the attack, the powerful togorian scimitar slices through the human's robes, and almost lands a blow to his chest. Xavier is a bit shaken by the close call, but his counter has yet to be made.

26 June 2005, 07:12 PM
If not for the force Xavier may have been paralized by fear. Instead he called upon the force and his experience with a lightsaber to return the blow.

27 June 2005, 02:16 AM
As the mighty opponent misses Xavier, the dwarfed jedi returns the compliment, by swiping at the beast in an attempt to make a rapdid counter. The beast is able to keep the attack from cutting in, just barely keeping himself from death's door.

After Tal conducted a cho mai on his first padawan's attacker, another Togorian closed in on the neti, in an obvious rage from his friends encounter with the jedi. The might creature took a powerful swing at the master, but failed completely, as Tal easily stepped to the side of the creature's swing. The togorian looked on in horror, as he knew that no mere enemy could have dodged that blow. He watched as the neti turned to make his move on the vulnerable warrior.

27 June 2005, 01:42 PM
As his enemy swings on him, it is apparent that the extra focus he has been putting towards defending himself is effective, as he easily side steps the large being.

As he realizes the deadly intent of his foes, and having already loosed one of the togorian's of his weapon arm, he calls upon the force. He works quickly, trying to pull the force into him, and reaches out to take hold of the first opponents he can find. He imagines them being flown back into the wall, and tries to make it so.

OOC: BTW Cal, I think that you forgot to give the togorian a -1 when calculating his attack on Xavier. Just thought I'd clue you in after reading your math. :)

27 June 2005, 04:22 PM
As Master Buroo reaches out with the force, the four togorians in his sights are, without warning, launched into the air. As they are surprised by the action, their shock becomes horror, as they are violently slammed into the wall. There is a loud smack as the four bodies hit simultaneously, and their roars are earsplitting. As they scream in pain, they now realize the scary truth...what goes up, must come down, as the entity that had hurled them up there and was holding them in place, suddenly vanished. The four allies plunged to the ground. The first one hit hard, but was able to roll out of the way before his friend came crashing down onto the marble, his bones shattering as he landed. His brutal life flashed before his eyes before one of his own fellow warrior fell on top of him, crushing him to death. The final fiend fell atop of his two allies, landing on a cushioned pad of skin, fur, and broken bones. Two of them were still in shock, as the other one was dying, and the other had already perished.


At the sight of his warriors being chucked across the room like rag dolls, the captain of the invaders roared and took a mighty swipe at Atrayu. His attack was close, and almost hit its mark, but the quick champion of Vo'Ran brought his own fury to his opponent. The captain of the togorians just barely missed a vibroblade to the ribs, as he jumped aside the attack.

Grendel stepped back when two of the three togorians he attacked were thrown against the wall. He looked at the remaining foe, who was too busy looking at his allies who were being launched by Tal's attack. Grendel took his oppurtunity and attacked the occupied enemy. His let out a flurry of jabs and swipes and cut his unsuspecting foe down very quickly. The togorian slumped to the ground. Arm here, leg there, and a few blade punctures the the throat and ribs.

[OOC: Okay, the next round has begun. Of the original 8 togorians, three are dead, one is dying, and three are dazed. The captain is obviously still okay for battle. I believe Trist is up next.]

28 June 2005, 09:26 AM
Seeing Master Buroo's impressive maneuver, and knowing how greatly it must have taxed him, Haela, concerned for his well-being, takes a careful glance in his direction. Apparently unharmed, the plant-like Jedi seems to be viewing the scene with an aura of grim relief. Seeing the mangled pile of Togorian across the room, Haela has no trouble analyzing Master Buroo's mood. Still, the leader seemed to be defiantly pressing the fight.

For an uncertain second, Haela realized she, having taken care of her opponent, was ideally situated to come to Vo'Ran's aid, still she wondered if it might be some sort of dishonor for her to take Vo'Ran's opponent. In her mind, however, the will of the Force urged her to help the man. Honorable or not, she needed to talk to this man about the attack. Thus she ran across the room, in an attempt to confront the Togorian leader...

28 June 2005, 10:14 AM
As the female runs across to help out Atrayu, he glances at her with relief, as he did not know how much longer he could keep making his opponent miss. As Haela attempts to strike her opponent, the togorian notices the jedi's attempt just in time to make an elaborate spin, just barely dodging her vicious blow. As he maneuvers out of certain death, he suddenly makes a loud barking call. The earsplitting sound of his vocal cords brings with it...reinforcements.

As he lets out an obvious call for help, eight beings come running into the room, blasters in hand. He swings his sword forward, as he slowly creeps back to the new arrivals. The enemy walks forward, blasters pointed at their foes, and begin to let out a volley of red energy.

Atrayu is in the way of the enemy, and is cut down by an array of blasts, while other bolts glance by Master Trist, Master Buroo, and Xavier.

As the wave of firepower is brought down upon the group, the togorian captain calls to his warriors that are still alive to follow him as they retreat. They run out of the room, covered by the reinforcement's assault.

28 June 2005, 01:59 PM
Under the hail of fire, Haela realizes the cat-like aliens are, in fact retreating, and, because its a start to ending the violence, is more than happy to let them go. Still, she will not see her students harmed. She ducks and jogs over to them, hopping over the occasional body, before taking up a position in front of the pair, protecting them.

[OOC: Glad I'm using Deflect(Attack)! :P]

Fier the Incarnate
29 June 2005, 07:03 AM
Vaat, not seeing his master, runs toward the closest thug thinking only what happened to Atrayu not wanting that to happened to one of the jedi.

As he nears the thug he raises his lightsaber to attack the being and begin the end of the battle.

29 June 2005, 09:03 AM
Mi-Axis takes aim with his left hand and using his blaster, attempts to take out a togarian to question.

He then uses the force to throw the dead togorians at the ones toting blasters, to knock them off balance.

He turned to his master. "It isn't evil, it's resourceful. you always said I should use what's around me."

29 June 2005, 10:10 AM
Xavier deactivates his lightsaber and rushes to Atrayu's side. With a graceful slide on his knees the padawan stops next to the fallen warrior.
I hope he's not too far gone. he thinks to himself.
Ignoring everything around him the learner calls upon the force and reaches down to touch the fallen man hoping to bring him back to consiousness.

29 June 2005, 03:18 PM
Upon seeing the togorian's pile up from his lashing out with the force, a terrible feeling pits him in the stomach. What have I done? He looks to Atrayu just in time to see the leader of the warriors duck behind a wave of reinforcements, who blast the Vo'Ran champion away. Blasters! Such a cowardly weapon! I'll take care of this. As Vaat charges one of the thugs, he sees his own padawan take one of the warriors Tal had killed, and use the force to prop the dead corpse up as a shield. He shot Mi-Axis a look of shock, and decided to show his padawan the proper way of encountering enemy fire. Watch carefully, Mi-Axis. I'll show you the proper way to use your telekenetic prowess. He concentrates hard on the force, and once again reaches out through it. This time though, he attacks not the enemy himself...but his weapon. He can feel the force as it grips the blasters, and all at once he whips the feeling back, hoping that the blasters will come with it.

29 June 2005, 04:57 PM
As the monstrous enemies retreat, they are covered by their smaller counterparts. Blaster fire erupts throughout the room, and the jedi act quickly. As Vaat charges one of the attackers, he takes a quick swipe at the unsuspecting thug, and removes the invader of his legs. The pain is too much for the screaming opponent, as he passes out.

Having seen Atrayu catch a blaster bolt to the chest, Xavier makes a maginficent move and ends up kneeling over the champion's body. His connection with the force surges through him, and for a brief second, he can see its greatness, then it is all whisped away into the body of Atrayu, who awakens, gripping his chest in pain.

Thank you. Now please, where is my blade? the Vo'Ranian says as he looks for his lost weapon.

As the blaster fire hails down on him and his master, Mi-Axis acts as fast as he can, reaching out to one of the dead enemies his mentor had taken care of earlier, and hurls the body in front of him as a shield. He hides behind the massive levitating corpse, waiting to make his next move.

Master Buroo does what he can to end the wave after wave of enemy fire, and with one quick gesture, rips the blasters from their owner's hands with the living force. The weapons fly across the room, and smash against the opposite wall.

Now the battle turns to Master Trist, the master of weapons. What will this seasoned combat veteran do during this violent encounter?

30 June 2005, 08:21 AM
With many of the group disarmed, Haela decides this might be her one and only opportunity at a (relatively) peaceful resolution. Reaching out with the Force, she touches the Togorian Leader's mind, then speaks, waving her hand slightly.

"You have fought bravely, but now it is time to surrender."

[OOC: Affect mind: 14 (roll) + 6 = 20]

30 June 2005, 10:25 AM
Master Trist focuses on the force, and through it, contacts the mind of the leader of the Togorian warriors, and convinces him to retreat. The mighty captain slides his scimitar behind his back, into his sheath, and flees the palace, followed by his remaining warriors. The thugs, care little for this though. Having had their weapons ripped from them, they draw their blades and charge in an attempt to cut down their enemy. The other two still holding their blasters, lay down a violent array of cover fire, and stray blasters fly by Master Trist and her new padawan, Xavier. As the thugs approach the jedi, full force, they are met by the heroes in an all-out battle.

At this time, there is a sudden explosion that comes from somewhere in the palace, behind the jedi. A violent thunder roars through the palace walls, and Grendel rushes to the door, fearing his commander has been attacked.

I must see to the advisor and the monarch. You are on your own. the clone says as he rushes out of the room, behind the jedi.

30 June 2005, 02:04 PM
As the Khommite bodyguard leaves the battle, Master Trist shakes her head, but doesn't have much time to ponder over it, as battle continues. Meeting her attacker with both blades, she continues fighting in her unique style.

30 June 2005, 02:54 PM
Trist's first swipe strikes true. In a wide arc, her blade sweeps through her enemy, halving him. She follows with the flow of her attack, which leads her to the thug assaulting her new padawan Xavier. Her first strike quickly rolls into another powerful one, executed with a magnificent use of a jung ma, spinning quickly to strike the opponent who approached Xavier. The two thugs fall to the ground. One of them, still in one piece.

5 July 2005, 06:39 AM
The tired padawan grins widely as he sees the wounded Atrayu return to consiousness. Quickly he re-ignites his lightsaber and turns to his attacker to find him down already. Switching to a more defensive mode the padawan prepares for his attackers.

5 July 2005, 09:15 AM
Mi-Axis drops the body and slashes at the Togarian rushing towards him. He then moves towards his master for help.

5 July 2005, 10:00 AM
As the thugs charge Tal and his padawan, he pulls his lightsaber back, as if to open himself up to the enemy's attack. Upon the thug reaching his perimeter, he quickly spins and brings the saber whipping around his body at his opponent.

5 July 2005, 12:02 PM
With the thugs bearing down, the jedi remain calm. Vaat and Xavier both exhibit great instincts, ellecting to defend themselves rather than lash out at their enemies. The two padawans take powerful stances pointing their lightsabers out to parry anything that threatens them. Mi-Axis quickly reacts to his charging tormentor, and takes a powerful swipe at the thug, splaying his chest open, as the instant cauterization of the blade seals it as quickly as it is made. The thug drops in mid stride, and Mi-Axis steps to his master's aid. Master Buroo proves that he can hold his own in a battle, and not just display a mastery of the force. His slowed motions make the thug confident, and he is quickly caught off gaurd with Tal's jung ma, which quickly steals the life of the thug, who also drops to the floor. As one by one, the thugs are reduced to corpses, Trist turns to the enemy, ready to finish the battle.

7 July 2005, 09:46 AM
As the thugs rush toward her, Haela crouches in a ready position, each lightsaber held out to the sides of her body. Mindlessly, her opponents charge in, all the while, Master Trist, with her years of training in personal combat, realizes in their advance, they're practically giving her the advantage. Letting them get within striking distance, she begins her attack, slicing crossways at the first soldier's neck...

7 July 2005, 12:39 PM
As Trist makes her move, the second thug stops to allow his counterpart to make the attack, but is shocked when he suddenly haults, and Trists blade flies through him, sending his body to the ground, and his head off in the other direction. As the blow continues, his eyes widen, as her blade strikes true, and plunges deep into his chest. As she pulls it out, he slumps to the ground.

Realizing that they are outnumbered by the jedi, the thugs turn and run out of the room.

The jedi survey the damage...bodies littering the room. The dead Togorians piled against the wall...the many pieces of thugs lying about the characters...and an occasional dead togorian littered the chamber. They had utterly vanquished the invaders...but what was that explosion that they had heard? And what had become of Grendel? The characters turned to see Atrayu, staggering over the unconcious Togorian whose arm Tal had removed. As the Togorian awoken, he looked at Atrayu...with eyes full of fear. His enormous remaining arm raised up...hand reaching towards the Vo'Ranian champion as he gurgled a word in his blood-filled mouth...mergggcccyy....mercy. the monster spat out. He grabbed Atrayu's leg for help. Atrayu kicked the togorian's arm away, and raised his blade...as if he were to stab the monster in the face.

7 July 2005, 12:56 PM
Xavier stepped forward to stop Atrayu. "We don't have time for that," He motioned toward the sound of the explosion. "We should check on the Grendels and their defense of the Monarch. Captain Atrayu, there can be no honor in this."

Xavier normally would have worried about overstepping his bounds, but he didn't care. The Togarian couldn't be slaughtered helplessly. Even for the padawan to allow it would make him feel as though he was moving closer to the dark side.

7 July 2005, 02:05 PM
Master Buroo turns to see Atrayu standing over the togorian, with his blade raised. He shouts at the Vo'Ran fighter.

I need him alive!

Tal extends his arm in the force in an attempt to rip the blade from Atrayu's hand.
(OOC: Move Object skill on Atrayu to take away Atrayu's weapon. 14 Roll+ 20= 34. Loss of 1 VP is succeeded. His DC is 25 also.)

7 July 2005, 02:57 PM
Finally, after all the deathand suffering, it was finally over. And I didn't lose my students.

Hair tangled and sweaty, Haela closes down her lightsabers and takes a deep breath, clipping the weapons to her sides. After a few moments, she senses anger coming from Atrayu and turns to see whats going on. When she sees what's about to happen, she opens her mouth to speak, but stops as her new padawan speaks. She then notices that Master Buroo has taken an even more direct route, attempting to literally disarm Atrayu. Deciding to seize the moment, she reaches out and touches Atrayu's mind.

"There's been enough death and destruction for one day, you don't want to kill this helpless being."

[OOC: Affect Mind: 17 (roll, woohoo!) + 6 (mod) = 23. -2 VP, IIRC, taking me to 136/14.]

7 July 2005, 05:01 PM
As Tal rips the blade from Atrayu's hand it is slung across the room, and the man drops his arms to his sides.

I...I don't want to kill this helpless being. the champion spits out.

The togorian tugs on Atrayu's leg with his remaining arm, and the Vo'Ran champion kneels to embrace the fallen enemy. The togorian mutters a few words to Atrayu. The togorian's eyes roll back in his head, and Atrayu stands, turning to the jedi.

He's is dead. He said...he said this is not the end. That they will come. And I will fall. We will fall. All of us.

Just as Atrayu finishes, he suddenly gasps. He jerks back, pushing his chest out, and a spits out a stream of blood. He jerks again, and a large curved blade tears through his armor, exploding from his chest. The togorian falls back, having done his job. A blood filled chuckle comes from the armless enemy, as the Vo'Ranian champion sprays blood from his mouth and wound, and falls to the ground...lifeless.

8 July 2005, 03:10 AM
You foul beast! Now listen to me! You will tell me what I want to know. Or I shall show you the same fate as your friends.

Tal first bombards the togorians mind with the force, then tries to power the information from him.

You will tell me who your leader is. And you will tell me where to find him. Do this, and I shall show you mercy. Do not, and you will have neither arms, nor legs.

Master Buroo makes his words very clear, once again using the power of the force, and his great stature to get the point across.

(OOC: Affect Mind check for first part is 9(roll)+20(skill)=29. Intimidate check for first part is 11(roll)+14(skill)=25. Second part yields two Affect Mind checks of 7(roll)+20(skill)=27, and 14(roll)+20(skill)=34. The last intimidate check is a 20(whoohoo, roll)+14(skill)=34.)

8 July 2005, 05:29 AM
Xavier watches in blank astonishment as Atrayu dies. He glances back at the two masters in confusion. Forcefully the growing feelings are shaken off.

"I'm going for the Monarch," he states blandly and rushes in the direction he saw the leader go.

Inside Xavier is torn wildly. His former master had always told him to limit his use of the force. Using it too much could be a crutch and weaken you to resisting the dark side. Yet both of the masters on this mission had needlessly used the force and gotten a man killed. One that Xavier had just saved only a moment before. Again he banished the doubt as he continued his run, even though he knew it was temporary.

8 July 2005, 08:15 AM
Mi-Axis moves towards the mercenary on the ground and looks into his eyes. He draws out his blaster and points it at the Togorian's head. "I'd advise you to do as my master says. Do you get me?"
Mi-Axis flips the blaster round on his hand, throws it into the air and it neatly falls back into his palm. He then winks at the Mercenary.

OOC: Attempting intimidate check against Togorian to assist master Buroo. (That's what all the gun flourishing was).

8 July 2005, 12:06 PM
As Xavier heads for the door, Mi-Axis and his master display their rather unorthodox methods of persuasion. Unorthodox...but effective. The togorian mercernary, at the realization of his approaching demise...spills his guts. He gives every bit of information he knows.

Please! -cough, cough- Please, don't kill me. I'll -cough, cough- I'll tell you what you all I know. Just don't -cough, cough- don't kill me! My leader! My leader knew -cough, cough- he knew who the terrorist leader was. We are just mercer -cough, cough- mercernaries! I don't know who -cough, cough- who he is! I don't, I swear! -cough, cough-

He turns and spits a large stream of blood, then turns back, eyeballing the blaster Mi-Axis wields.

Please! I swear it! I don't know who the leader is! I just -cough, cough- I just know that he meets my commander at the cantina at the edge of the city. It's all I -cough, cough- all I know! Please, the BlueGorgon! They met at the Blue -cough, cough, cough-

His hacking becomes thicker and more violent, and he suddenly seizes, then dies before the jedi's eyes.

OOC: this means that your checks worked. And don't forget coldskier, until the 20th, your in control of Vaat as well.

9 July 2005, 04:59 AM
Put your blaster away, Mi-Axis. His time is over, and he told us all he knows. We must follow Xavier and investigate the well-being of the monarch and Grendel.

The Blue Gorgon, eh? I will have to look into this Blue Gorgon after we have secured Koro Vasek and Machador. Master Buroo's thoughts burrow heavily on the words spoken by the now-dead togorian warrior. As he drills the name of the cantina through his brain, he surveys the room one last time as his padawan moves on.

Ohhh. What have I done? his heart sinks as he witnesses the carnage. The bodyparts every where, the bodies, and the togorian corpses against the wall. I have failed you master. I have unnecessarily used the force and through its power, I have killed. I have gone against everything you taught me, and in the heat of battle, I killed my opponent. Tal is grief stricken at the thought of him being the cause of someone's end. He turns slowly and moves on. A heavy burden of guilt follows him.

{OOC: I know its kind of odd to ask this. But I feel my character, based on his personality and past, is nothing but deserving of it. Can I have a DSP?}

15 July 2005, 07:44 PM
The jedi follow a hallway that leads to two large double doors. They are wide open, and two bodies lie at the entrance. The bodies look to be Vo'Ran troopers. As the jedi enter, there are bodies strewn everywhere. But all are the corpses of Vo'Ranian forces. Many of the bodies are missing limbs, and few are in one piece. The Grendels are on the ground as well, but seem to be awakening from some sort of unconcious state. Unfortunately, its looks like all of the Rendo Blades perished in the attack. The alpha Grendel lies on the wall, against a large red curtain draped from the ceiling. He is clutching his right arm, or at least the nub that once was. The jedi also see a large hole in the right side of the elaborate chamber, it is almost perfectly round, and looks as if something had cut it from the other side, then set off an explosive to blow the wall open.

The jedi survey the slaughter of Vo'Ran troops and can see that there is not one enemy body on the ground. This is odd, for the guards of Rendo are known for their excellent fighting skills, and to not have taken down one of the enemy either means that the invaders either carried off their dead, or they were just good enough to exterminate the palace guard.

The group notices some curious movement behind the curtain which Alpha Grendel is sitting against. Suddenly, the curtain flies back, and one of the monarch's council members stumbles from behind the curtain and falls before the jedi, horrified.

17 July 2005, 12:35 PM
What say you? What happened here? You must tell us. Where is the monarch? Where is the magistrate? Come now, speak.

Tal's booming voice echoes throughout the room as he questions the survivor. He puts one of his large hands on the person's shoulder and attempts to calm him with the force, so that he may retrieve the desired information.

(OOC: Use of empathy skill. 13 + 12 modifier = 25 result.)

17 July 2005, 09:15 PM
The frightened noble takes a few deep breaths and soon calms down. He looks at the towering Tal Buroo and begins to explain what happened.

It happened so suddenly. First, The magistrate was telling the monarch something about how if only we had dealt with the trade agreements properly this wouldn't be happening. While they argued about the causes of the attack, I could swear I saw a small furry creature among the others, creeping around unnoticed. As soon as I pointed it out, there was an odd sound coming from the wall. A feint hum that slowly grew. The wall began to crack and fault in the shape of a door, and suddenly, an explosion sent outlined piece flying forward, crushing two of the gaurds. As the forces rushed to the opening, they were suddenly knocked back by some unseen entity. In the midst of the dust and rubble, I could faintly see two tall slender lights. One blue, and one purple. The lights were moving slightly, and without warning, leapt into the room as if they were alive. But they weren't alive at all. In fact, the lights were curiously enough, held by two dark cloaked figures. One was tall and looked to be very well built. His thundering voice yelled something about the Blades. About this time, I decided to watch from a safe distance...behind that curtain. And the other, the other was of average height, average build, and spoke with a very distinguished male voice. The only thing that really stood out however, was his lack of one of his arms. It was completely gone. This one addressed the monarch and ordered Koro and his magistrate to come with them. When he refused, the larger of the two began to approach the monarch, but was haulted by the blades and other gaurds. The magistrates had his clone demons surround him, blades drawn, and ready to defend their leader. The one-armed invader simply said "So be it." and they began to slaughter the lot of them. They fought with odd tactics, and used the lights as blade like weapons, severing many body parts, and cutting down our forces quickly. They showed mercy to pretty much all of us however, except for the blades. They killed the blades outright, as if they had something against them. Singled them out even. When the magistrates demons attacked the intruders, the one-armed being simply did a quick hand gesture...and they all hit the floor...unconcious. Out like a light. About this time, the magistrate and monarch drew their own weapons, but they too were subject to the invader's dark magic. They hit the ground, and were quickly scooped up by the larger one. As the brutish being exited, monarch and magistrate over either shoulder, the magistrates head demon entered. At the sight of his unconcious master, he leapt at the intruders, but was intercepted by the one-armed man. I know it sounds weird, but he really only had one arm. What's even more strange, is that with that one arm and one weapon, he bested the head demon. Halfway into their battle, he slashed the demon's arm off, and kicked him against the very curtain I was hiding behind. Now I can't be sure, but I'm pretty certain that as the one-armed invader left, the same small critter I had spotted at the beginning, left as well, trotting right beside the robed beings. After that, you all entered. Hey...wait a minute. Those things at your sides. Those weapons. Those are the same weapons wielded by the invaders.

The noble points at the lightsabers at the jedi's side and stares in horror.

Who are you? What are those weapons? Please don't kill me.

18 July 2005, 04:57 AM
Xavier listened to the story with a heavy heart. The dark side had a strong part in all of this. His first instinct was to act to help this man, but he restrained himself and waited for his master to speak.

18 July 2005, 08:30 AM
Mi-Axis follows his masters lead and attempts to calm the Magistrate. "Do not worry friend. We will not hurt you. Those man were not magicians, but dark side users. They are evil men, but we are not. You have nothing to fear."
OOC: Empathy check. (Can you roll it?)

18 July 2005, 01:04 PM
Hearing that the lead Grendel was only wounded, and, as such, may still be alive, Haela rushes over to him, pulls out her medkit and goes about aiding him. She also uses a medpac to help his recuperation. As she kneels beside him, leaving the frightened noble for a true diplomat like Buroo, she speaks softly to the Grendel.

"Lie still, this may hurt a little."

As she goes about dressing his wound, she still feels the alien's slight disdain of herself and the rest of the Jedi. Looking into his face, she can read his thoughts, even without the Force. I don't need her help...

To this, she gives him a slight grin and says, "Not as a friend, as a fellow warrior." And offers a hand to help pull him into a standing position.

18 July 2005, 04:05 PM
I see. I assure you we have no affiliation with the intruders you witnessed. We won't harm you. I know what you must be thinking, must be feeling. You're afraid, and confused. But we are here now, and we are jedi. You need not fear jedi. If these intruders were in fact, dark siders, than I assure you I will find them, and they will serve the justice they have coming. For now, tell me what you know of "The Blue Gorgon".

Tal's booming voice is strong and confident, and soon exhibits a soothing hum. He knows that this noble may not be able to give him the information he needs, but he will get what information the noble knows.
I must find out about this Blue Gorgon. I know these two incidents are connected.

(OOC: Gather Information check of 27 (17 roll, 12 mod))

18 July 2005, 10:43 PM
As Trist assists Alpha Grendel, he pulls away from her touch. He is strong willed, and has always refused any pity.

Just let me get my balance the warrior states, as he pulls his blade close to him, and uses it like a crutch to prop his body up. He slowly stands, and his face clinches, as he drops his blade and clutches his arm. He quickly looks at his fellow Grendels who are just awakening.
Get up! Now! What is this? They have taken master! You have let them take our master! Fools! Incompitents! You are not worthy to be called warriors! We have much to do. First take me to the med bay. I'm going to have to get a cyber for this...this wound. This sign of weakness. I have to wear a hunk of metal for an arm because you all are incapable of killing two pathetic invaders! Let's Go! Alpha Grendel brutally scolds his men, and storms out of the room, clutching his blade.

Meanwhile, Tal is dealing with the only other remaining survivor, who seems to be a noble of the Monarch's council.
The Blue Gorgon? These people...my people were just slaughtered before my eyes, my king and his advisor were kidnapped...and you want a drink?!? What exactly are jedi? If you must know...the Blue Gorgon is a simple ale cantina just on the outskirts of the city. But you should be more interested in the two suspects rather than where to find a little juma. the noble says...puzzled by Tal's question.

(BTW...I editted one of my former entries stating that the magistrate was in the room. The council member is in fact the only other survivor present...other than the grendels. Sorry for the misunderstanding. OOC- Your empathy result was an 18 Ithorian. You can sense pretty much what mood he is in though. Also, don't forget that you are also playing Vaat Kar as well coldskier. At least until I can get a replacement. Which should be in the next couple of days.)

19 July 2005, 04:40 AM
No I don't want a drink. My friends and I have fought off intruders in the throne room, trying to defend your king. I interrogated one of the survivors and he mentioned something about the Blue Gorgon. A cantina eh? We may have to check this out. Until then, you said something about Koro and Machador arguing about some trade dispute. What do you know of this dispute with the neighboring planets?

Tal senses that the council member is getting quite anxious, and is very sensitive about what he had just witnessed. He must find out more about this dispute however. Since it is supposedly the key to this whole cherrade, perhaps knowing what its all about could help him understand how to end it, after regaining posession of the monarch and magistrate of course.

19 July 2005, 04:56 PM
I don't know much about the details of the trading disputes...but this is what I can tell you. Vo'Ran has prospered so quickly because of its immense research and development in the fields of medical technoligies and cybernetics. We have created many state of the art cybernetics and have really established ourselves as a leading manufacturer of cybernetic technology. We also have spent a great deal of time researching different methods of body reconstruction and healing. Roughly ten years ago we discovered a chemical that could yield something with the healing abilities that exceeded even the common day bacta. Over the years we had to refine our research and experimentation to eliminate any...side effects.
The head of research and development had announced that they believe they have found the final formula for the chemical we had been anticipating. Its simple yet effective composition made it highly more desired than bacta itself. Many of our neighboring planets had been getting intel on the whole operation, and were anxiously awaiting the formal export of "bacta generation-2" or "BG-2" as it came to be known. For some reason, however, Koro would not approve the trading license for the exportation of our new cash crop. Since then, the terrorists have been really hitting us hard, and claiming that Koro doesn't know what is best for our homeworld. But with Koro out of the way, and his magistrate gone too, the approval is shifted to the royal council of Rendo. I am on that council, and therefore must make the decision to approve or disapprove. And I don't want to die.

The council member spills everything he knows...which seems to be more than he gives himself credit for. But it seems that he is now the voice of Vo'Ran, and therefore claims he will approve the trading license in order to stay alive.

20 July 2005, 08:55 PM
Hmh. I wonder if the side effects that were mentioned were the cause of Koro's dissaproval. I must talk to him if I am to get to end this conflict.

Tal thinks quickly to try and resolve the councilors problem as well. If there really are side effects, he can't very well allow the approval of the chemical's export. But he can't put another being in danger.

You mentioned that you are on the council that must now decide the fate of BG-2. Where is the rest of the council? We must get you all together so that we may place you somewhere safe until we can find the monarch and his advisor. Please, understand that if Master Trist and I have a say in it, you will not be harmed, nor will any other person of Vo'Ran. Is that not right Haela?

A bold statement he makes, but Tal has never been known to propose empty promises.

20 July 2005, 11:59 PM
Vaat's black eyes carefully surveyed the scene of destruction as Master Buroo questioned the council member. Dark Jedi on Vo'Ran? Incredible! Perhaps they've left some clue behind in the skirmish.... Something that may help us identify them...

Vaat walked carefully amongst the ruin of the room, stretching out with his feelings, hoping that the will of the Force would guide him to anything his inquisitive eyes missed.

21 July 2005, 05:50 AM
The councilor does not seem to be very assured by Tal's remark.

Well, you see master jedi, there is some of the council over there, and there, and there.

He points to different sections of the room, where multiple corspes are laying, some of which are missing many limbs, which are strayed amongst the carnage.

I know you think you can help. But if you really want to keep me alive, find Koro and Machador. Without them, I am a dead man.

21 July 2005, 06:05 AM
Master perhaps there was a reason Koro did not wish to have BG-2 exported. Something he was afraid to share? Perhaps if we got a sample someone else from the order could test it? Xavier suggested.

The padawan moved toward the opening that was told to be the dark jedi's entrance. He waited for his master to make the right decision. However the ever dangerous doubts that she couldn't or wouldn't plagued him. If only Master Triance had been here he was sure things would have gone differently.

21 July 2005, 09:40 AM
Master perhaps there was a reason Koro did not wish to have BG-2 exported. Something he was afraid to share? Perhaps if we got a sample someone else from the order could test it?

"A wise suggestion, my young padawan.", Haela praises with a smile. Leading Xavier and Vaat over to where Buroo and Mi-Axis stood with the noble, Haela spoke to Master Buroo.

"Master Buroo, my padawan, Xavier, has suggested we try to obtain some of this BG-2 as it is called, and I wholeheartedly agree with him. I also, however, feel that it is equally important that we follow up on this information we have that leads me to expect rogue Jedi, or even worse. If you agree, I will take Xavier with me to the Blue Gorgon, as two humans will attrack far less attention than the interesting mixture of species our party represents when we are together. You and Mi-Axis, accompanied by Vaat, can see to it that this man is taken care of, then obtain a small sample of BG-2 for testing."

21 July 2005, 09:54 AM
That proposition is not entirely insane. That should do. I will watch after your padawan carefully. However, please stay in contact with me. I have heard of your telepathic capabilities. Perhaps we could maintain a link while we are seperated, so that we may come to one another's aid should they need it.

Tal turns back to the councilor.

Seeing that your council is comprised only of your person, I will provide protection along with these two padawans. Now, can you show me where I might find a sample of this "BG-2?" Please hurry, for I believe our time is running out till the next attack.

Tal stands firm, waiting for the group to dissasemble.

21 July 2005, 10:13 AM
Haela smiles up at the ancient, tree-like alien.

"Not entirely insane? Well thanks for your vote of confidence.", the red-haired Jedi replies sarcastically, with a smile. I will check in with you periodically using my telepathic powers, but I also suggest you obtain one of these", she holds up her comlink, a model that encrypts its transmissions, "just in case. Meet us back here in six standard hours."

With that, she informs Xavier and Vaat of the new plans, then asks the councilor for directions to the Blue Gorgon.

21 July 2005, 11:43 AM
The councilor looks at Haela, and graciously pulls out his holopad, which has an autoload map of the entire city. He hands the pad to them and bows.

Here master jedi. I believe there is a detailed map of the entire city on there. I will have the gaurds escort you out the third gate, where there are minimal civilian rioters. There you may make your way eastward to the edge of the city, where I believe the Blue Gorgon stands. That is...if it is still standing. Good luck jedi.

He then turns back to the large neti jedi that is Tal and bows as well.

Please, master jedi. Follow me. I do believe that we have multiple example of the BG-2 specimen. If you will accompany me there, you may make your investigations of the chemical composition.

He turns to the double doors, and slowly, and carefully, steps over the bodies. A slight cringe comes across his face when he passes one of the more mutilated corpses, but he makes it out the doors in one piece. He stands at the double doors awaiting the jedi's presence.

As he walks out, four large gaurds walk in the room. They are set back at the sight of their fallen fellow soldiers, but they cage their emotions and stand at attention in front of Master Trist and Xavier.

Master jedi, we are ready to accompany you to the eastern gate. Please announce when you are ready for your departure, malady.

21 July 2005, 01:40 PM
Upon hearing that he is to be left behind, Vaat is a bit shocked....even hurt. A hold over from my genetic disposition for pack socialization, Vaat realizes immediately.

Let not your negative emotions control you. Identify them, and let them drop away,

Taking a deep breath, Vaat exhales any feeling of rejection or inadequacy. Moving to follow Master Buroo, and the councilman out, a slight smile plays over his lips. Time to hunt with a new pack for a while.

21 July 2005, 03:08 PM
At the sight of the comlink, Tal flinches a bit.

If you insist, I will use the telecommunicator you posess. Never had much of a liking for any technology other than the holocrons and lightsabers. But I suppose there is a first time for everything. We will be in touch. Mi-Axis, Vaat, come padawans. We have much to do, and little time in which to do so. I won't waste a minute. Councilman, lead the way. We shall speak more of this once we have arrived at the lab. Farewell Master Trist, and padawan Xavier. May the force be with you.

Tal gives a subtle wave, and quickly turns to exit the room, stepping over the fallen corpses as well.

21 July 2005, 05:24 PM
Haela smiles at their escorts. She doesn't really feel she or Xavier need them, but the gesture was nice just the same. As she turned to leave, she hesitated for a moment. Removing a small square of cloth from an inside pouch on her robes, she unfolds a lightweight camouflage poncho. Carefully turning it inside out to reveal the black fabric on the inside, she drapes it over herself and pulls up the hood to hide her features. Tearing a large piece of kncked-down tapestry free, she fashions a similar hooded cloak for her padawan. Now, with rudimentary disguise, she announces to the honor guard, "We're ready, gentlemen, lead on."

((OOC: Disguise check, take 20.))

21 July 2005, 09:50 PM
As the group splits, Master Trist and Xavier drape themselves in makeshift disguises. They are led by four bulky Vo'Ran gaurdsmen throughout a series of hallways and repulsor lifts. Finally the gaurdsmen stop, and they are haulted as a large contingent of soldiers forms at what looks to be two massive double doors.

We are at the eastern gate, malady. We will now escort you outside.

The gaurdsmen walk to the right of the door and enter a small passageway that leads to a steel door. He presses a code into a keypad on each side of the doorway. A series of automated steel doors open, and soon there is a bright light coming from the end of the hallway. The gaurdsmen turn back one last time, as the contingent of soldiers stand and salute their fellow warriors.

Allright malady, I hope you are ready. Once we hit the outside, there will be many rioters. We only have to make it to the edge of the palace perimeter and then we will be in the main city. Rebelious outbursts are almost non-existant in that sector. Its should only take about two minutes once we begin...but it will be the worst two minutes of your life. Prepare for a battle.

With that being said. He pulls his shield close to him, as two of the other soldiers form up behind him...creating a "V" formation out of their massive, armored bodies. The remaining soldier moves behind the jedi, and gets in the same ready stance.

I shall protect your rear...malady. the brutish gaurd says with a rather childlike smile. Its almost as if he is happy to be rushing into the hell that is the outside world.

Anything before we do this, malady? the lead gaurd turns back to ask Master Trist.

Meanwhile, deep inside the palace, the councilor rapidly takes Master Buroo and the two padawans through a complex series of hallways and corridors. They reach a repulsorlift which requires the councilors occular and vocal identities, and suddenly a rather thick door opens. While in the lift, the shuttle jolts, and slowly begins its decsent.

We are now on our way to the underground labratory of Rendo City. It is one of the most secluded and exclusive places on the whole planet. Few have entered, and fewer have left. Only the monarch, magistrate, and the council is allowed in and out. No outsiders can come in, and no scientists are allowed out...unless they die of course. a disturbing smile comes across the councilors face at the mention of that comment. He soon realizes that the jedi do not share the same twisted sense of humor, and his facial expression returns to its originally dull form.

After what seems to be quite a while, the lift stops.
Remember...it is not normal for outsiders to be allowed in. Many will not understand your being here...but there should be no trouble. These are scientists. Just be careful with the equiptment. Better yet...just don't touch anything until we are in the BG-2 specimen containment room.

The doors open, and many beings in completely white coats look at the jedi. The room is the very definition of clean. Its bright, its spotless, its blindingly white. The whole room is like a sun beneath the surface. The glare dulls, and soon the characters can see what is a very large room, leading to many glass enclosed mini-labs. Scientists are all over the place...but are not moving. They all seem to be staring at their unexpected visitors. The councilor walks through the lab, and sticks out like a sore thumb in his dark, extravagant robes.

Come now. Did you not want to see the specimen for yourself. I am going to take you to it. Oh....they won't bite. I told you they wouldn't be used to your presence. Follow me, please. the councilor says as he stands with a rather impatient posture.

22 July 2005, 06:18 AM
Once in the lift, Tal seems a little more reserved than usual. Only the councilors oddball remark seemed to catch his attention. Even then, it was somewhat of a loss of respect due to the man's rather irrate humor.

As the doors open, he is almost blinded by the pure cleanliness of the room. The aliens, staring at him, bare expressions as if they didn't believe his existence. It was like they were trying to decide if he was really there, or just a figment of their sheltered imaginations. Nevertheless, he was quite anxious to view the test results of the many experiments on the BG-2 specimen the councilor had been preaching about. He was no chemist, but he had spent a few years reading up on some chemical composition records during his time in the archives. He was sure that, though chemistry could be quite complex, he would be able to comprehend enough to know what was going on.

Come padawans. Don't keep the councilman waiting. Please, lead the way councilman. By the way, I never caught your name. To tell you the truth, I'm kind of tired of calling you councilman. he says to the councilman as he walks into the lab.

22 July 2005, 08:50 AM
As he makes his way through the lab, Vaat's head tails twitch slightly as his innate sense of spatial awareness maps out the lab's layout. Eventually, his natural curiousity and directness gets the better of him, and he asks the councillor, "It seems odd that Monarch Vasek wouldn't want to export a credit crop like BG-2. If you'll pardon my asking, what were his reasons not to do so?"

23 July 2005, 06:10 AM
That is what everyone is trying to find out. It is believed that his dissaproval of the BG-2 experiment is what caused the Brotherhood's uprising. But none know for sure. Only the monarch could answer that question, and lets hope your friends find him soon.

The councilman leads the group through the lab and into a glass room. It is the largest of all the glass cells branching from the mian labratory. Inside there are two beings hunched over something, their backs facing you. As the doors shut smoothly, one of the beings turns around. His white lab coat almost matches the paleness of his skin. He looks human, but his frail body, and poor posture puts his health in question.

Greetings. To what do I owe the pleasure councilman Vrik? Who are your friends?

The councilman bows to the scientist, and introduces the party.

Yes, Dr. Tandaris, these are three jedi from the council of corouscant. They have arrived to help put down the terrorist uprising that has been going on. They wish to examine the BG-2 test results, in an attempt to figure out any possibilities why Koro would have dissaproved the trading contract.

The scientist nods and smiles.

Yes, yes, yes...the BG-2 results. Those are a popular read lately. Come here, friends. Anai, turn on the dataprojector.

Dr. Tandaris tells his assisstant to activate a projector, and soon the lights dim, as a large screen flips on, and data appears on its wide area.

All the subjects passed in the tests, and there were no casualties, or even complications in the healing process. Please, what information would you like to see on the experiment?

23 July 2005, 11:57 AM
Actually, I would like if everyone could leave the room, except for my padawans. I want to examine the results in peace. I would appreciate it if you stepped out. Mi-Axis, Vaat, stand at the door. I don't want anyone entering while I conduct my investigations. the neti says as respecfully as possible.

He walks over to the control pannel and begins searching for anything out of the ordinary. Now, to find out what caused Koro's disapproval.

OOC: Use computer use for any checks needed to be made, or for any passwords. +10 bonus. Also use intelligence checks for any thing that would apply to as well. +4 bonus.

23 July 2005, 02:59 PM
Anything before we do this, milady? the lead gaurd turns back to ask Master Trist.

((OOC: Fixed the 'milady' spelling. A malady is a illness! :P))

Haela looks up at the guard, nods, and says, "No, let's go. Just know that you are all brave, honorable men."

Again removing her lightsabers, he holds them just inside her long sleeves, showing Xavier what she is doing, before pulling the weapons out of sight in the poncho.

No sense turning them on and asking for a fight, but there's even less sense in being unprepared...

23 July 2005, 04:16 PM
Then lets do it!

The gaurds all at once pull back, as if to build up power, then surge forward. The jedi follow them out of the tunnel, and emerge into what looks like a warzone. There is fallen debris from many buildings everywhere, and as soon as the group makes it out into the open...they come.

A few civilians are running by, most likely to join the mob at the northern gate. The gaurds lead the jedi down the steps of the palace, occasionally ducking behind debris...in order to avoid being spotted. One civilian looks right at Master Trist, and she makes eye contact. Her disguise works though, as the commoner moves on, joining the crowd that is surging towards the front line. They make it down the steps safely, and unnoticed, and begin to weave through the streets, using alleyways as cover every now and then.

Two more blocks and you will be out of the danger zone. We just have to go around the corner, and make another right, and you should be able to get to your destination from there. It has been a pleasure to escort such a beautiful woman as yourself, milady. Oh, you too young man. the lead gaurd says.

Alright, coast is clear. one of the other gaurds says.

Okay, let's move! the lead gaurdsmen says.

As the gaurds move into the street, the second one is tackled by two civilians who were hiding on a balcony above the alley. Several more armed civilians surround the group. A young man, looking to be of teenage, approaches Master Trist.

What do we have here, eh? Where are you going with these pigs, miss? You know, this is my street. And my street...is ran by the Brood. And the Brood...don't like pigs! he looks Haela over. You're beautiful. Wanna...play? he turns back to two of his punk friends and laughs...they join him in his distasteful joke.

The lead gaurdsmen begins to pull his vibrosword from his sheath Don't you lay... but he is cut short by three of the Brood members restraining him, as one takes his sword from him. The lead punk turns his gaze away from the gaurd and back to Trist and Xavier. Who's this...you're brother? He can watch.

The puts his hand on Haela's shoulder as he cracks a devious smile.

23 July 2005, 04:38 PM
Appalled, but not in the least shocked my the young man's atrocios behavior, Haela surreptitiously hooks her right lightsaber back in its position on her belt, before holding up a cautionary hand to the mob. Then addressing the leader specifically: "You don't want to hurt us. You want to give us safe passage through this area so we might help end this conflict."

((OOC: Affect Mind: 15 (roll) + 6 (mod) = 21))

23 July 2005, 05:12 PM
I don't want to hurt you. I want to give you... but one of his cronies interupts his leader.

Korbin! What are you doing? You said we was gonna gut these pigs! Don't listen to dat witch! She's jus trickins ya!

What...what the hell is you doing miss? Fine! You wanna leave? Get! But the gaurds stays here wit us! the leader says, snapping out of Haela's mind trick.

Run, milady. We have done our job. Now do yours. Don't worry about us. Just go. the lead gaurd says, with his hands held behind his back, an arm around his throat, and his vibro sword pointed in his face by the gang members. The other gaurds are all subdued in the same fashion. There are some fifteen gang members, plus the leader and two cronies. Go, milady. Go. the gaurd says again.

Yeah! Git outta here, M-u-h-l-a-d-y. Korbin, the Brood leader says, making fun of the lead gaurd. Eh! Shut im up, huh! Korbin says again...and a gang member hits the gaurd in the face with the but of his own vibro. Then the other two gang members drop the gaurd on the ground, and each one gives him a kick. After the third strike, the one wielding the gaurds sword attempts to kick again, but the gaurd reacts. He pops up to a knee, and pummels the Brood member in the face with his tree trunk of an arm. THe blow sends the thug flying back, and he lands in front of Korbin's feet...his body...lifeless. Kill his brimy self. Kills that pig goot! Korbin says, enraged by the gaurds attack, and the gang members descend upon the gaurdsmen with their weapons.

23 July 2005, 05:24 PM
"No", Haela eyes the leader of the gang evenly, showing fiery determination in her eye, "We all go on, or none of us do, its your choice. Though I'd think twice if I were you, our backup wouldn't hesitate to move in."


Attack action Illusion check (to make an illusion of about 20 palace guards moving into surrounding positions): Take 10 + 7 = 17
Vitality -3 = 111

Move action: Battlemind Take 10 + 21 = 31
Vitality -6 = 105))

23 July 2005, 06:27 PM
Fine! Have it your way! But you'll have to pass back through here! And next time...well, let's just say me and you will have our playtime. Kramer, Talan, let's go get a drink at the Gorgon. Boys...let the pigs go. There will be other times. Get back to the Lair and keep watch for shivvies and stragglers. And for pete's sake...get Dorian's useless corpse out of the street, eh! Poor bastard's startin to smell. Korbin gives up at the sight of the fake gaurds. The gang members release the gaurdsmen and move off into the building across the street, two of them dragging their dead friend. Korbin walks off with two tall, powerfully built young men, roughly his same age. He looks back, and gives Haela a good stare. At first it looks like a glance of disgust, but a small smile sneaks across his face...and he turns away.

23 July 2005, 06:54 PM
After the group disperses, Haela murmurs to the guards, "If you'd like, you can come out to the town with us, but I'd suggest you head back for the palace. May the Force be with you!"

After this, Haela leads Xavier down into the town. Stopping in a dirty alley, she consults the map the councilman gave her before continuing on toward the Blue Gorgon...

23 July 2005, 07:41 PM
Thank you, milady. But we really must get back. Be careful though. It sounds like those three punks were heading to the same destination as you. I hope to see you again. And not in a plasteel box either. the lead gaurd grabs his vibro and his shield and forms with the other three gaurdsmen. After saying his peace, the troops dissapear into the alleyway the group came, attempting to make it back.

Haela and Xavier activate the holomap, and begin their path to the cantina.

Meanwhile...Tal is clicking away on the control panel, examining test result after test result. After almost a whole hour of searching, Tal finds something. There were five experiment groups, with thirty-six subjects in each group conducted. In the third group, under the thirty third subject case...there was something at the end...a second page. The study read:

Page 1-

Case Number: 0010333
Case Name: Navat Nomrak
Injury Sustained: Large puncture wound to chest and leg
Treatment: Standard: 500ml Bacta Generation 2
Result: Complete recuperation
Time Elapsed during treatment: 22 standard hours
Notes: Patient seems fully recovered after only 22 hours of exposure. Released shortly after. Given a return date of three weeks.

--continue to page 2.

This was usually where the study ended, but the case prompted that there were two pages to this study. Tal prompted the control panel to pull up the next page, and saw an unusual phrase:


Resist approval or die. As he controls many.

This wasn't all. At the end of the page there was a name.

Dr. Sandow

What did all of this mean? And who was Sandow? The jedi were led to believe that Tandis was leader of the project. Many twists were apparent in the study. As soon as Tal exits out of the case study, the computer shuts off, and the doors open. The councilman comes in, accompanied by Dr. Tandis.

We couldn't wait any longer master jedi. Please...do tell us...did you find anything? councilman Vrik asks.

23 July 2005, 08:06 PM
Tal turns to the two men walking in, shutting the computer off just in time.

Well gentlemen, it seems that. he thinks for a second. Don't tell them. If Tandis isn't the real project leader, they could be in on it. It seems that you have some very well put together information. The archive system is very advanced. You should be proud of the thoroughness of the project. I do have one question however. Who is Dr. Sandow? he asks. Tal hopes that this information might be obtainable without exposing the entire find.

Do not tell Vrik or Tandis what we found. Let me do all of the talking. Tal says telepathically to Vaat and Mi-Axis.

OOC: Use a bluff on the two men to butter them up. Mod10+Roll13=23. Then use Gather Information on the two. Mod12+9Roll=21. Telepathy check for the message is Take10+Mod12=22.

24 July 2005, 12:18 PM
Xavier watched intently as his master handled the group. Glad for the moment that she had not killed anyone. Perhaps he was wrong in questioning his master's use of the force previously.

Still he didn't know what would happen when they got to their destination. Folding his arms Xavier kept the lightsaber tucked into his sleeves so that it was ready, not if, but when the thugs returned to have their way with his master. Or when they tried at least. It didn't matter what he thought of his new master. He wouldn't let anything happen to her.

24 July 2005, 02:30 PM
Vaat watches Dr Tandis carefully as Master Buroo brings up the name of Dr. Sandow, trying to determine if the nominal lead of the project is trying to hide anything.

Stretching out with the force, Vaat touches the doctor's feelings, trying to feel for any duplicity.

[OOC: Empathy check-roll 8+2=10; Sense motive check-roll 17+2(+2 Empathy)=21 (if empathy worked). VP/WP=49/12]

24 July 2005, 02:55 PM
Dr. Sandow? Hmm. Funny you would mention his name. He actually was one of the board members on the project. Examined quite a number of the patients tested. Unfortunately...he was caught stealing from the labratory...and was released. Since then...we haven't heard from him. He is presumed to be dead, as he was in the coroner's office complex when the building was bombed during one of the terrorist attacks. Dr. Tandis, his colleague, took over the project, and has been in charge ever since. councilman Vrik says.

He was quite an ingenious scientist...I must say. He taught me quite a lot...and was on the project longer than anyone else...the full ten years. He was here in the beginning, and it saddens me that he won't be here in the end. Dr. Tandis says of Sandow.

Vaat senses that they are somewhat telling half-truths. As if what they say is true...but only to a certain extent. Whatever happened...there is more behind it than the two are allowing the jedi to know.

Is there anything else, jedi? Vrik asks.

Back in the city...

Haela and Xavier are making their way to the Gorgon. They arrive at the cantina after only a short while. It is very plain...a building with a simple blue neon sign that states in plain letters...Blue Gorgon. Upon entering they realize that it is the stereotype of a cantina. There's a bar...and dancing platform with female dancers entertaining the many patrons...and there is a gambling parlor. Haela and Xavier survey the crowd and see that they are being eyeballed by the bartender. Upon further observation...Haela realizes that the bartender isn't the only one who is watching them. In the corner of the cantina, in a sunk-in booth, she spots three people, two larger than one of them, their faces covered by the shadow made by the overhang of where they are sitting. She can see only the bottom half of a young man's face, grinning at her. It is a devlish grin...a handsome grin. As he leans forward, she sees his expression in its entirety...and realizes its none other than Korbin...the Brood leader from before.

Hey yous! Sit down or leave! But yous is blockin the entrance to my cantinas. Scoots! the anxious bartender says. The two jedi look around, only to see that there are only three empty seats at the bar, directly in front of the bartender.

24 July 2005, 03:34 PM
Tal listens to the two men's explanation of Dr.Sandow's involvement with the experiment. He doesn't know if what they are saying is the truth, but he thinks that it is a possiblity they could be in on this whole fiasco. Resist approval or die. As he controls many. What does it mean? What does it mean, padawans? We must go meditate. Tal's thought reach out to the Vaat and Mi-Axis.

OOC: Telepathy check, Take10+Mod12=22.

Haela. Haela. If you can here me, we have found some development on the case. Don't forget to get as much information on this one-armed invader as you can. And mention the togorians as well. Both should be things that people wouldn't forget. May the force be with you. Tal tries to contact Haela, and inform her of his discovery.

OOC: Telepathy check, Roll12+Mod12=25.

No, gentlemen. It does seem odd that a highly respected gentlemen would be stealing though. You think you know someone. If you would, please take us back to the throne room. I wish to meditate on the balcony I saw while we were there. It seems like the best place if I am to be at peace while deep in thought. Also, while there I will have a good vantage point of the progress of the riots. Tal says to the two men as he begins to exit the glass room.

OOC: Bluff check to throw off the men that he is hiding something Take10+Mod10=20.

26 July 2005, 05:08 AM
Xavier moved forward and sat at one of the empty seats. Knowing he had to follow Master Trist's lead he simply turned so that he could watch the Brood leader.

26 July 2005, 08:55 AM
What brings you to the Blue Gorgon yous two. I mean...what bizniss yous in? the bartender asks the two jedi.

Korbin gets up from his booth and casually walks over to Haela. Hello again. Following me now, are you? I knew you would change your mind. the gang leader says with a smile. We were not properly introduced last time. I'm Korbin, leader of the Brood, and I run this sector of Rendo city...no matter what those pigs think. And you are...

The bartender looks at Xavier, totally ignoring Korbin's conversation. So what is it? What yous into? You lookins for sumpin...or someones?

Back at the palace...Tal and the two padawans are escorted to the balcony of the throne room. Councilman Vrik leaves the three there in peace...but it doesn't last long. The alarm sounds again...and from the balcony, the jedi can see that a large group of civilians has breached the gates, and a mob is pooring into the courtyard of the palace. The jedi watch, from hundreds of feet above the attack, as the palace gaurdsmen descend the front steps in a phalanx formation, and engage the rioters. Vrik soon returns with a small group of gaurds. Please jedi...take these men and go to the eastern gate. Find your friends, and get the monarch back quickly. I don't know how much longer this palace will stay up. Find your friends. Get the monarch, and the magistrate...and get back. No need for you to be here when you can be helping the search for our king. Please....go...hurry. Vrik seems less selfish than before. At first the man was terrified of being left alone for fear of dying...but now it seemed that he had grown a spine, and was more concerned about his king...than his own self.

26 July 2005, 10:02 AM
Seeing his master is otherwise busy the padawan looks up to the bartender with a grin.

"Lookin for work. Know anyone who might be recruiting people with . . . special skills?" Xavier asks with a smile.

The last time he was in an establishment like this it was with his former master. Now he was the one at the bar asking the same exact question. It was vague, but last time it led to their goal and somehow he could feel the force leading him to ask it again.

26 July 2005, 11:04 AM
Hello again. Following me now, are you? I knew you would change your mind. the gang leader says with a smile. We were not properly introduced last time. I'm Korbin, leader of the Brood, and I run this sector of Rendo city...no matter what those pigs think. And you are...

In this very different setting, Haela returns his smile with one of her own, "I'm glad to see your manners have improved. My name's Trist. From your actions back there", she jerks a thumb in the rough direction of their last encounter, "I'm not inclined to doubt your claim to leadership. You seem to have very...dedicated followers."

Careful to keep her hood up, Haela politely asks the bartender for some fruit juice before turning back to Korbin, "A person in your position would have connections to other...factions...as well, yes? I'm dealing with some...local trouble as well, much the same as you, and I'd appreciate some protection. However, I'd need some serious muscle..."

26 July 2005, 11:38 AM
Vaat wonders if the councilman is simply trying to get rid of Jedi snooping around the palace.

Master Buroo's telepathic powers are quite phenominal.... I'd always thought only simple emotions and thoughts could be sent through the Force, yet he seems to be able to communicate quite freely. Perhaps he's more receptive to my communications as well?

Vaat's bright red face screws up in concentration as he tries to communicate his unease to Master Buroo without verbally tipping off the coucilman.

[OOC - take 10 on telepathy]

26 July 2005, 12:14 PM
If you feel you are safe enough, the we shall proceed to regrouping with the other jedi. But I warn you, once we are gone, we may not be able to get back quickly, should you need our help. Escort us to the eastern gate and we will make our way to the cantina from there.

Tal feels uneasy about leaving the palace. He knows that the Vrik is in no danger, and is most likely trying to get rid of the jedi's prying eyes. But if he wants them gone, its perhaps best they leave. Otherwise, the councilman seems to have enough power to have them locked up, or even worse killed.

I feel it too padawans. They don't want us here for some reason. Perhaps its best we leave. We will get to the bottom of this whether we're in the palace, or in the parlor of a cantina. Let's go.

OOC:Telepathy check Roll15+Mod12=17. By the way, just tell me if what I am saying is too much for a telepathy message.

26 July 2005, 06:21 PM
Eh...special skills. Naaa. Nothin like that. Only fellas thats needin a little muscle is your buddy ova dere talkin to your mrs. the bartender points to Korbin.

Well, you never know who is apart of the Brotherhood. And if you're not on the royal gaurd, then those Rendo pigs usually kill you on site. I lost many men to both the terrorists and the gaurds since this has happened. Terrible, this war is...just terrible. So...what brings you to the Blue Gorgon. I know you aren't here for me...so who are you lookin for? You can tell me...with the amount of trouble about these days...looks like I'm the only friend you guys got out here. Korbin says to Haela.

Back at the palace, Tal and the padawans are escorted to the eastern gate...the same exit that Haela and Xavier used. Upon exiting the palace...the doors slammed shut behind them. With no gaurds, and no guide...Tal and the padawans would have to face the crowds by themselves. But something is wrong. It seems that due to the attack at the north gate, most of the rioters are nowhere to be found. Tal, Vaat, and Mi-Axis make their way down the steps with no trouble, and get to the city untouched. From there...they have no idea where to go. Haela has the only map, and the city of Rendo is a variable metropolitan giant. Without the help of their friends...their good luck could go sour...very soon.

26 July 2005, 07:05 PM
Vaat heaves a slow sigh. His horned head turns back and forth, scanning the empty streets as his head tails waggle slightly with his agitation.

"I don't mean any disrespect Master Buroo, but wouldn't it have been better to leave one of us there on the pretext of helping to guard the palace so that we'd have someone still on the inside? I suppose it's all moot now though.... unless one of us tries to sneak back in..."

Vaat's red and white face turns to gaze over his shoulder back at the close palace gate.

27 July 2005, 05:32 AM
As I do think that it would be more beneficial to have someone inside. There was obviously something going on behind our backs. Sooner or later they would've tried something that would have led to either our imprisonment, or our deaths. Neither of those are acceptable to me, especially since you are not my padawan. It would also been more dangerous to leave only one behind, because I could not very well let you two venture into the city with no way of contacting Haela or myself, and for me to leave one of you back there would have been even worse. This was the only choice we had. They were informally telling us to, well, "leave, or else". We will perhaps try to return to the palace, but once we have found you master.

Tal tries to explain to Vaat the reason for not leaving a man behind on the inside. It would have been to dangerous for him to stay and let the padawans go, and even more dangerous to have left a padawan. He decides to reach out to Haela and have her help him download the map.

Master Trist. Please. Send the map to my datapad. Its the only way we will find you. We are in the city. Upload the map. his thoughts span out through the city searching for the jedi master. His datapad is in his hands, and ready for the delivery of the map information.

OOC: Computer check i guess, Take10+Mod10( I can't remember)=20.

28 July 2005, 11:32 AM
Well, you never know who is apart of the Brotherhood. And if you're not on the royal gaurd, then those Rendo pigs usually kill you on site. I lost many men to both the terrorists and the gaurds since this has happened. Terrible, this war is...just terrible. So...what brings you to the Blue Gorgon. I know you aren't here for me...so who are you lookin for? You can tell me...with the amount of trouble about these days...looks like I'm the only friend you guys got out here.

You, of all people are most certainly not my friend. Haela thinks to herself, recalling Korbin's crude treatment of her back on the outskirts. Still, she puts on a smile and says, Actually, Korbin, I'm looking for help. And considering you've dealt with both sides of the war, including the terrorists, I'd imagine you have alot of firsthand experience with them. I was wondering who is in charge of these terrorists...while they're certainly ferocious, their organization leaves a lot to be desired. I heard there was a Jedi involved in the terrorist leadership. Do you hear anything about this?"

((OOC: Cal, I gotta hear from you just what I can pick up from Dead's telepathic vibes. I'll be happy to respond as soon as I know what Haela knows. :)))

28 July 2005, 12:19 PM
As the three jedi make their way into the city...Tal activates his datapad, and the screen reads:

Data-transmission ready.
Awaiting data entry.

His thoughts reach out as far as they can...Tal's telepathy is powerful...but there is much distance between him and Haela. Haela can faintly hear something in the back of her mind. Trist. In the city. Upload the map. The voice is distinquishable...its Master Buroo...but there is confusion as they were supposed to have been in the palace.

I know little of the terrorist leader if that's what you're asking. All I know is whoever it is...they are truly ruthless. The Rendo pig-dogs have always been a pain in my backside, but as long as my gang and I stay out of their way...they usually leave us be. This "Brotherhood", however, they strike for with no warning, and for no reason. They are an irrate bunch...and hard to predict. A jedi? I'm not sure. But I don't put it past them. Jedi are known to be very tricky...and influencial. They are very powerful with their so called "force". But I'd be surprised if it was a jedi...I've never seen one...except for years ago as a child. Still, I'm pretty sure that if there was a jedi creeping about...I'd know who it was instantly. I have that kind of, keen sense. Korbin goes on about what he knows of the terrorists and the jedi.

28 July 2005, 02:55 PM
Haela smiles charmingly up at Korbin before feeling the slight tingle at the back of her mind. Turning her thoughts inward, she gets a confusing message from Master Buroo.

Trist. In the city. Upload the map.

Still, the message's meaning is clear, and a simple map shouldn't help their enemies too much, if it were a trap. Returning her attention to Korbin, she asks, "You'll have to excuse me...could you point me toward the 'fresher?"

Once in the grimy, cramped chamber, she pulls her datapad from an inside pocket of her robes and punches the appropriate codes to send the map file. She then returns to the bar.

"So anyway...", she again strikes up conversation with Korbin, "My people have had a few run-ins with...Togorians. You know anything about them? They seem tough enough, and I've heard they were mercenary. If I could get a few to work for me, it might just do the trick of keeping my operation safe. If you don't know them...do you know who might be able to get me some information about them?"

28 July 2005, 03:02 PM
Togorians eh? Haven't seen any Togorians in a while. Though I don't know why you would want them. A hardheaded bunch they are. Hard to control too. If you're looking for someone in particular though...ole' Sam here...he's your man. Surprisingly, for a bartender he has a great memory when it comes to people. Korbin says.

Tal's datapad lets out a few beeps, and the map appears on the screen. The map comes over the screen, and a layout of the path to the Blue Gorgon pops up. Equipped with their friends' location...they have everything they need to be on their way.

28 July 2005, 03:11 PM
If you're looking for someone in particular though...ole' Sam here...he's your man. Surprisingly, for a bartender he has a great memory when it comes to people.

As "Sam" walks by, Haela smiles her gratitude at Korbin, then tugs at the bartender's sleeve.

"Excuse me? I'd like a flameout please."

After he finishes mixing the drink and delivers it, Haela tastes it. It's a little sweeter than she preferred, and a little weak on the burn, but it finished as cool and smooth as ever. Smiling, she looks back up at the bartender, "So...Sam, is it? Korbin here tells me you're the person to talk to if I'm...looking for people. Especially specific people...say three meters tall, furry...muscle all over and a nasty temper..."

28 July 2005, 04:04 PM
Upon recieving the map, and location of Haela and her padawan, Tal smiles. Alright padawans. To the Blue Gorgon. Doesn't seem that far away. Follow me. Tal holds the datapad tightly in his large hand. He pulls his hood tightly over his head, so as to not attract any attention. His massive body leans forward and he is off.

Coming, Haela. Tal tries to reach out to his fellow jedi, to assure her they got what they needed.

OOC: Now in run mode. Also, I'll try to keep my telepathic messages shorter. I realize I'm saying too much in them.

29 July 2005, 11:54 AM
Sam I ams, miss. Hmmm...big furry fellas eh? Okays, haven't seens anything like that for a whiles. Bout ten years to bes exacts. Back durins the Togorian Concflict. Nasty times those was. Tha monstas was everywheres. Sam smiles at Haela...his five o'clock shadow covers the lower half of his chubby old face. His gut is covered by a raggedy old shirt covered with stains of many a drink. Wells...now that me thinks bouts it...I do remembas seein a couple of the buggas not to long agos. Yep...couple of em came in hea wit dis lil creatcha. Cute lil bugga it was. Been comin round hea for yeas. Givem table scraps everynow'n'then. He always looks so hungrys. haha. Anyways...yeahs...dere was a couple of them nasty fellas come round...bout a month agos. Not suras whys...but theys came in heas, hads a couple a drinks, fed the lil fella, and lefts. Haven't seen a bugga since. Whats you wants some big mugs likes that for miss? Looks likes ya gots a strong fella rights hea. Sam slaps his large dirty hand on Xaviers shoulder, and lets out a good belly laugh.

Korbin smiles at ole Sam. He looks back at his table and makes some sort of facial gesture. Soon, the two large men Korbin was sitting with approach the jedi. Let me introduce my...help. This is Kramer, and thats Talan. They are brothers, and been good friends'o'mine four five years now. They help me with...business. If your lookin for strong help...they're your best bet. he says, and give Haela another flirtatious smile.

Tal and the two padawans are making their way to the cantina. As they pass the spot where Haela and her group were ambushed, there are a group of thugs in the street. They are only a block from the Gorgon, and will arrive shortly.

29 July 2005, 12:10 PM
Not knowing what his master's plan is Xavier smiles as the large hand hits his shoulder.
I manage alright Xavier replies slyly. Still, I'm not necessarily strong enough to handle everything. Or even pretend that I can.

29 July 2005, 04:47 PM
The three jedi reach the Blue Gorgon intact. Its plain outside doesn't hint whatsoever that it is a cantina. As they enter, they quickly spot Haela and Xavier. From the door, they see a young man, and two larger beings standing next to Master Trist as she converses with the smaller of the three. Xavier is chatting away with the bartender who looks up at the jedi's entrance.

Finds yous a table fellas! Or leaves! Can't havya blocking the doors for me customers. Sam yells out.

29 July 2005, 10:43 PM
Tal walks across the cantina and adresses Haela and Xavier.

Greetings, Master Trist. I have returned with your padawan and some vital information. Who are your friends?

Tal turns his gaze to Korbin and his two large thugs.

We must speak. Privately. his thought secretly reach out to Trist.

OOC: Telepathy take 10+Mod12=22.

30 July 2005, 12:20 AM
After the bartender yells at the trio of newly arrived Jedi, Vaat takes a few steps into the seedy cantina to vacate the doorway as instructed. He scans the room to find a likely table to occupy when he notices that Master Buroo has already approached Master Trist and Xavier.

Hm. Not good. Wasn't the original plan to have the two humans in our group come here inconspicuously? Three colorful 'aliens' approaching Master Trist can't be part of her plan.

Vaat trails behind Master Buroo slowly. Glancing down at his bright red skin of his hands, he thinks,

And I do mean colorful.

30 July 2005, 04:02 AM
My name is Korbin. This is Kramer and Talan. Master? Padawan? What are you, some kind of jedi? Korbin asks jokingly, while looking at his two friends.

An you? A talking tree? Ahhahahahh! Korbin really lets out a hard laugh with his two buddies as he cracks jokes at Tal and the others.

If yous is jedi, why does you need any help? Thought you guys was invincible. Come now...whas ya up to? he says, his laughter slowly trailing off.

OOC:Telepathy succeeded.

30 July 2005, 04:32 PM
Excuse me, but my name is Tal Buroo, and I don't appreciate you addressing me in that manner. Actually, I would prefer if you didn't address me at all. What is your business with my friend? Tal sounds off at Korbin. He is calm, and collected, letting his words, not his tone do the snapping for him.

30 July 2005, 06:16 PM
At this point, Haela interjects, ironically, as a diplomat, "Ah, excuse me, Korbin. Tal? This is Korbin, a friend I met just outside the palace gates. My friend and I were just discussing some business arrangements. If you'd be so kind as to grab us a booth over there, I'll be with you in just a second."

She gestures over to a distant corner at which point, she gets Tal's telepathic message. As the three other Jedi stalk off toward the indicated booth, she again turns to Korbin. "I must apologize for my associate's unbecoming behavior. He hasn't had much experience outside of his homeworld...he's fairly young, you know. But we're not talking about him, we're talking about us."

Nodding to Korbin's comrades, she continues, "Kramer, Talan, it's a pleasure meeting you...under these circumstances anyway", she adds with a slight grin. "I'd like to continue talking about the recent war, but I'm afraid my business parter over ther will come down with a case of fits if I don't attent to his matter momentarily. I'll be back."

Picking up the glass containing what's left of her flameout, she leads Xavier over to the secluded booth she chose to meet the rest of the Jedi in.

"What's the matter? Hope it's darn important, as you've stretched my cover to the max by barging in here. I was just getting somewhere too."

While her words sting, she uses a low voice that balms the irritation in them. She wants to let Tal know that she trusts his judgement. And that if ruining her cover was the right thing to do in Master Buroo's eyes, she would do her best to agree with him.

30 July 2005, 07:10 PM
I'll tell you what I have found. You can decide its importance. The BG-2 project was originally lead by a Dr. Sandow. This doctor left an odd message on one of the case files I searched. I have not yet understood its meaning, but time was running out, and for some reason I think that councilman Vrik is involved. Upon discovering this, the north gate was breached. We were, basically, thrown out of the palace. I got the feeling that if we didn't leave, we would have been locked up, or maybe even worse. Anyways, back to Sandow. After completing most of the case studies, he was released from the project when caught stealing from the lab. This I found hard to believe. Tell me, have you gotten any intel on our suspects? A one-armed man with a small furry pet should be something people remember. Talk to your Korbin friend, I think I'm going to question the bartender. Tal looks back at Korbin, and his two friends.

Don't worry about him, I'll make sure he doesn't remember anything about us being jedi. I am sorry for jeopardizing your cover. I will be more careful in the future. Keep your mind open. During our conversations I will try to communicate with you with my thoughts. Ready? Tal looks at Haela and smiles, then casually begins to walk back to Korbin. As he passes by, he speaks to the three youths briefly.

You don't know me. We are not jedi. Tal says, as he pushes the force upon the three men's minds.

OOC: Affect Mind Roll11+Mod20=31 (YEE-UH!!)

30 July 2005, 10:59 PM
Mi-Axis shuffled in his cloak a bit, making his blaster visible. Not so it stuck out, but so that he was believable as a thug, one of the crowd. Looking at Korbin and his brothers he moves towards the bar, sits himself down and orders a Dianaga. Keeping one eye on the three Vo'ranians, his slugged his drink in one, slightly squinting as the liquid touched the back of his throat. "Decent cocktails mate, but have you ever thought of adding just a bit more alchohol to it?" He adressed the bartender in a jovial, yet inquisitive manner. 'Downing these kind of drinks in one is a sure fire way to get them to think I'm a hard case. That may prove useful.' he thought.

31 July 2005, 09:49 AM
We don't know you. You are not jedi. the three Brood members say. Korbin shakes his head as if he doesn't know what happened, then scans for Haela. Kramer and Talan look at each other and yell at Sam. Couple of tall ones Sammy! They slap the bar hard, proving the intensity of their thirst.

Hol'on. Couple a brutes yous two is. Here yas go. Sam says as he hands them two gigantic pitchers full of something alcoholic.

Sam then turns to Tal. What can I...eh...er...get you? Seriously...what do you drink? a stupid smile comes across the man's face as he is confused as to what Tal is exactly.

31 July 2005, 10:24 AM
Not exactly sure what Masters Trist and Buroo's plans are, Vaat stays seated at the table as he scans the cantina. Taking note of the number of non-native Vo'Ranians, he tries to get a feel for just how galactipolitan Vo'Ran really is.

Plenty of non-natives at a local drinking establishment usually means they're fairly well integrated into the society....

31 July 2005, 03:14 PM
Tal smiles and lets out a little laugh at the bartenders comment.
I'll take a water. This is quite the establishment you have here. Looks like you get plenty of business. I'll bet you see a wide array of customers. All shapes and sizes. he looks across the room momentarily, and turns back to Sam.
Ever have the pleasure of serving a someone with one arm? Tal asks, a slight smile drives across his face.

OOC: Gather Information Take10+Mod12=22.

1 August 2005, 02:53 AM
Here's that water fella. One armed man eh? Hmmm...lets me thinks abit. You know whats...come to think of it...I have. Ages ago there was this one armed fella used ta come in here with his lil pet. Then one day...just up and disappeared. Pet still comes around though. Actually...that lady o'er there was just askin bout a couple togorians...and I tole her what I knew. They was he-ah, with that little cretcha that use ta come aroun with the one-arm fella. Thas so weird you would mention that.

He takes an empty glass of the bar and begins to wash it out, taking a rag to clean off any spots.

That all you was wantin to knows? Sam asks, same stupid smile on his face.

1 August 2005, 04:20 AM
Mi-Axis finally talks to Korbin, gesturing towards the Togarian's glass. "So mate, what's your poison? I've always been a fan of the stronger stuff, y'know spirits an' ales. Personally." He then sends a telepathic message to Haela 'This is a little trick I learnt a while back. Make friends with 'em, they'll offer you a lower price if you're looking for protection, information and whatnot. Plus, these guys don't actually seem that bad...'

1 August 2005, 01:19 PM
Covert operations ruined. Lives lost. Xavier shook his head in frustration. He'd never seen any masters use the Force in this way before. Taking in a deep breath the padawan centered himself. Waiting for the masters to finish their doings here Xavier scanned the crowd non-chalantly. It seemed as though some "pet" was frequently in here. Keeping aware of it's presence would be wise.

OOC: Scanning the area.

1 August 2005, 06:28 PM
Actually, you mentioned something about a small creature that used to accompany the one-armed man. You also mentioned how it can be found hanging out around here. Do you know when the creature usually arrives, and where it ususally lingers while in the cantina?

Tal gets the feeling that this animal is the key to finding the one-armed invader that slaughtered the Vo'Ran troops.

Tal looks at Xavier for a moment and tries to understand the frustration on his face.

What is wrong? his asks Xavier telepathically.

OOC: Gather Information Take10+Mod12=22.
Empathy Take10+Mod12=22.
Telepathy Take10+Mod12=22.

2 August 2005, 05:16 AM
Hmmm. Well now...lets sees shalls we? Dat lil creatcha ushully comes roun he-ah....oh, guess hes should be comin pret-ee soon, eh? Wait a bits...he hangs roun the dinner tables right o'er theah. Whats ya want wit em? Sam looks at Tal kind of curiously as he points just to the back of the cantina.

Cuz I coot-nt allows ya to hurts tha lil fella. Hes such a cut lil bugga. Ya aints gonna hurts em ares ya? Sam's gaze now turns slightly aggressive.

Korbin and his friends finish their drinks and turn to Sam. Okay, oletimer. Guess its bout time we headed on back. We'll be roun later tonight. Whole gang should be comin for a real boozer of a par-ee. How's that soun ole Sam? Korbin says with a smile.

Yous guys jus behaves ya-selvs tonights. Gots it? I aints cleanin up after yas likes last time. Now git! Sam replies...same sported smile accross his face. He turns back to Tal and gives him a deep scowl.

2 August 2005, 06:02 AM
Xavier shook his head, but knew that the master would still read his apprehension. The whole situation continued to frustrate the padawan. He knew there were different views on the force, but his former master had trained him to listen to what the force had to say. Something he hadn't been doing, but now was the time.

Glancing around Xavier opened himself to the force again and watched for any ripples of disturbance.

See Force (Roll 3 + 4) = 7

2 August 2005, 07:58 PM
I assure you, no harm will come to him. I merely would like to observe him, and perhaps see if communication is possible. If not, then I will most likely try to pursue him back to his origin, wherever that may be. But I will promise you that he shall not be touched, by me or any other. feeling Sam's concern for the creatures safety, Tal gives him some reassurance that he is in this for merely reconassance and observation purposes only. Only if the creature is capable of communication, will interrogation be conducted, but very passively at most.

Tal turns to Xavier, and reads his emotions carefully. He moves towards him, to talk to him more privately and exclusively. I understand that our methods may seem unorthodox to you. But please understand, this is a very serious matter, and time is of the essense. What happened back at the palace, that was my fault. I did use the force, but failed to control my boundaries, and I must bear a heavy burden for it. Even now, I can feel the consequence of my actions inside me. The dark power that my act imposed upon my inner self beckons me to be more careful. Please, try to understand that we cannot control everything. We can only attempt to control situations, and the force is here to aid us. My intentions have always been apprehension before death, but sometimes the line must be crossed. Perhaps on our travels you shall learn to understand that in war, there are losses. And you have to know when to cut them. Tal says to the Xavier, knowing his amount of upset. He feels that though what he said may not make the situation better, perhaps he was able to explain why he conducts the way he does. Tal then turns back to the cantina and scans the population, awaiting the arrival of his next object of observation.

3 August 2005, 03:08 PM
A group of aliens barges into the cantina, roaring a loud conversation filled with unknown dialects and laughter. As they move throughout the bar...Xavier and Tal notice something. There is a small white blur darting under the many tables. Its movement is quick, and it is hard to watch for it doesn't pause a singel moment. Then...as if out of nowhere...the blur stops, and the two jedi see a diminutive white furry creature, nibbling on some scraps having fell from a dinner table. It stops only for a second, and continues weaving to and fro, picking up bits here and there. They didn't see it come in...but it's here nonetheless. They know that if they are to catch the creature...they will have to be patient...for it is obviously very quick, and agile.

4 August 2005, 12:39 AM
Mi-Axis observes the new aliens who have just entered the cantina. He turns to Sam. "They normally come in here with the pet?" Gesturing with his eyes to the creature eating scraps under the table. "They normally come in here at all?"
He whispers into Master Buroo's ear. "Could these aliens be more mercenaries?"

4 August 2005, 05:54 AM
Tal carefully watches the creature dart under the tables. It must have entered when the aliens did, but he is unsure as to whether the creature is actually with them. He whispers back to his padawan They may very well be mercernaries, but I am unsure as to whether the creature is connected with them. We must wait. Pursuit could turn this cantina into one big mess. When it exits, we shall follow it. Perhaps it can lead us back to its origin.

Tal watches the creature carefully. And turns to Xavier. I know you see it. Patience will be our weapon here. We will wait till it leaves, and follow it back to its home. Hopefully this will place us in the dwelling of our one armed suspect. You should regroup with your master. the neti jedi says quietly to the padawan.

Go outside. Wait for it there. Tal communicates to Vaat and Mi-Axis telepathically. Haela. Our next lead is here. Be prepared to follow it upon its departure. he messages to Master Trist.

OOC: I figure you're doing our spot checks for us. Telepathy checks Take10+Mod12=22.

4 August 2005, 01:49 PM
Feeling more than hearing Master Buroo's plans, Haela simply smiles a little to the tall Jedi, rather than doing anything to identify herself as a Jedi...should there be anyone trying to notice. Placing a hand lightly on Xavier's shoulder, she asks the bartender, "Two more flameouts if you don't mind, Sam?"

She could feel the conflict within her padawan, and it was something that definitely needed addressing at the soonest possible opportunity...though now was not the time.

4 August 2005, 05:34 PM
The hand on his shoulder snapped Xavier back to the moment. A warm, but forced, smile crept across his face. The young learner scanned the room for another scrap of food.

OOC: Looking for something to lure the creature with. If I find something I'll make a Move Object check to slide it towards us so I can get a better look at the creature.

4 August 2005, 06:00 PM
As the jedi get into their places. They are all focused on their current target...a small, furry critter. Sam the bartender slaps a couple of drinks on the table and turns to some customers at the other side of the bar. As Xavier focuses on the ground about the creature...he spots his moment of oppurtunity. A small hunk of meat hits the floor under a table ajacent to where the creature is sitting. Xavier almost spots it just before the morsel catches the critters gaze.

5 August 2005, 03:07 AM
Outside the bar, Mi-Axis blinked. The outside world was a large contrast from the inside of the bar. He turned to Vaat. "So, how are you? We haven't been able to talk much since this mission began."

5 August 2005, 07:10 AM
Vaat smiles at Mi-Axis, showing his sharp incisors.

"Unfortunately, chit chat will have to wait again. I'll go check around the building to make sure there aren't any other exits. If there aren't any, I'll be back in a nanosecond"

Vaat moves off at a quick jog to scout for any other possible exists.

"Well, maybe a few million nanoseconds..."

6 August 2005, 10:52 AM
Vaat races around the cantina only to find a dead end alley with no back door. This is unusual...as even most cantinas have a rear exit for the owner to discard waste. But nevertheless...no place for their target to escape. Inside...the creature is eyeing the piece of meat on the floor...if Xavier is going to make his move...the time is now.

6 August 2005, 12:28 PM
Vaat trots back to Mi-Axis' position outside the bar. "Looks like this is the only way in or out. If that little fellow gets past Masters Trist and Buroo, it'll be up to us to do the deed."

Vaat looks slightly troubled. The white ovals that surround his black pupilless eyes elongate upwards as he cants his horned head to the side.

"Any ideas on how to catch someone that can elude two Masters?"

7 August 2005, 03:31 AM
"Easy. We just need to follow it. We know how fast it moves, so we just have to slow it down a little. But I have no idea how to do that. Latch onto it using the force maybe?"

7 August 2005, 08:10 AM
As the creature eyes the meat...it pauses. It sits back on its hind legs, and looks up into the air. It then turns...looking around the cantina. It takes little time for it to spot Xavier and Master Buroo, both focused on its presence. It pauses for a moment...slightly sniffing the air...and walks out on all fours from under the table. It is the first time the creature has been fully visible since its arrival. Its white fur covers its whole body...and its long floppy ears and bushy tail are accented by the brown sash its wears around its body. It pauses only for a moment, while studying the two jedi...then...suddenly, as if spooked by their concentrated interest in his existence...he looks at the door, and bolts for it, scurrying as fast as possible. It dodges tables, chairs, and beings of the like in its attempt to flee.

7 August 2005, 09:26 AM
Tal realizes his suspect is about to escape and he quickly sends out a message to all in the party. Exiting. Front door. Prepare for pursuit. his thought are powerfully simple and clear. He takes a sip from his water glass and slaps a small tip of a couple credits on the bar, and without trying to draw attention to himself, he gets up and walks to the door. He keeps a careful eye on the creature as he casually follows it towards the door.

7 August 2005, 11:46 AM
"Just follow it? I think that's easier said than done on a foreign planet when the quarry is small and agile. If it's sentient enough, maybe we can communicate to it telepathically through the force."

Vaat cocks a slight grin at Mi-Axis, "How about we ask it to 'please stop' through the Force when it first comes out that door?'

7 August 2005, 03:40 PM
Feeling the little creature's emotions at the moment it bolted, Haela furrows her brow in concentration, trying to get a hold, through the Force, on the tiny animal. She eventually realizes that the chokepoint its headed for, the door, would be her one and only chance to sort it out from the rest of the beings (and their respective life-essences) in the cantina. Thus, at the moment it crosses the threshold in retreat, Haela attempts to suspend it, mid-jump, in an invisible grip...

((OOC: Readied Action: Move Object to grasp creature when it reaches the door.

Move Object: 19 (roll, heck yeah!) + 20 (mod) = 39 (If that can't catch the little vermin, nothin' can! :D)


7 August 2005, 05:58 PM
Haela soon learns that there is more to this vermin than meets the eye. As it makes its way to the door rapidly...Trist reaches out with the force to stop it mid-stride. To her surprise...it shrugs it off as if she was a mere padawan learner. It turns...sensing what was attempted, and looks at Trist, cutting its eyes and letting out a cat-like hiss...its tiny fangs glaring. Then turns back to the door and bursts out into the city...right into the path of an awaiting Vaat and Mi-Axis.

7 August 2005, 07:06 PM
As the creature bursts out the doors, Vaat puts his plan into action. Calming and centering himself, he tries to touch the creature's mind to reasure it of their peaceful intent.

Please stop. Only Talk. Peace.

[OOC: roll 15 (+2 wis bonus) = 17 for telepathy]

7 August 2005, 08:13 PM
Vaat's attempt at telepathic communication is completely shunned by the vermin. Once again proving that this creature is far more than the jedi have percieved it to be. As it looks at Vaat with an intense gaze...it quickly scurries off in a westward direction. The two jedi must keep up...or lose their lead.

OOC: Okay...it is fast...for its size. Using the run ability...all jedi attempting to pursue must make three Reflex saves, and one spot check. Post them at the end of your next post.

7 August 2005, 08:47 PM
"Sot!", Vaat curses under his breath as the little creature scampers off. The Togurta Jedi instantly takes up the pursuit, his hunting instincts coming to the fore.

[OOC: Reflex rolls Oops! Forgot to add my class bonus! It should be +7, not +3!

Spot check
16 +2 = 18]

8 August 2005, 04:49 AM
Tal bursts out the door at Haela's failed attempt. He looks around in all directions to see Vaat chasing the critter west through the streets. He quickly pursues.

Reflex Saves.

Roll 13+Mod 10=23
Roll 7+Mod 10=17
Roll 11+Mod 10=21

Spot check:
Roll 14+Mod 4=18

8 August 2005, 09:57 AM
Mi-Axis watched in astonishment at the creature. "I felt him shrug off the force, Vaat. This creature is a lot more than we thought it was." Mi-Axis then attempted to give chase.

OOC: Reflex saves
16+3+4 (Class bonus)=23
Spot Check:

9 August 2005, 08:27 AM
Xavier also jumped out of his seat and took chase.

Reflex Saves:
12 + 7 = 19
10 + 7 = 17
16 + 7 = 23

Spot Check:
11 + 2 = 13

Tumble come into play here?

9 August 2005, 07:30 PM
Haela, her battle instincts at their maximum takes up a hasty pursuit, dodgine the occasional table on her way out of the bar, but not before dropping an adequate credit chip at the bar.


Ref Saves:

1: 11 + 13 = 24
2: 14 + 13 = 27
3: 10 + 13 = 23

Spot: 18 + 2 = 20))

10 August 2005, 02:19 AM
The group pursues the creature relentlessly. It's twists and turns constantly pit the jedi through an event of obstacles. Dodging civillian after civillian...the characters are able to keep eye contact on the creature long enough to see it escape into an alleyway between two buildings. As they arrive...they see the creature look right at them, then disappear into a vent shaft on the side of one of the adjacent structures. The jedi eyeball the building...which seems to be some sort of tea and smokehouse. As they exit the alley towards the front of the building...they see Korbin and his two friends approaching the doorway as well...weapons clenched tightly in their hands...and vicious expressions on their faces. Korbin shoots the jedi a terrible look that has anger written all over it as Cramer and Talan grip their billclubs tightly....obviously preparing to do some damage.

Stay out of our way friends. We have some dire revenge to attend to.

10 August 2005, 08:14 AM
Upon seeing the disgruntled Brood members, Tal tries to inquire what it is they are avenging.
Good sirs, what bad blood could you possibly share with this tea house? What have they done to deserve your wrath? the neti jedi says as he places himself in front of the door in an attempt to bar Korbin and his friends from passage.

10 August 2005, 03:11 PM
When we returned to the Lair, we saw that it had been engulfed by flame. There was fire leaping from every crack and crevace of the building. All of our friends our dead. All of them. Korbin yells, pointing into the direction of his former hideout. The jedi can see a tall column of black smoke rising up from the cityscape. That damned terrorist cult bombed our hideout...and killed my men. Luckily...Cramer here spotted one of the bastards in the alley. When he fled...we followed him to this building, where he dissapeared in the front door. Now we are going to raise some hell...just like they razed our Lair! the Brood leader screams, as he grips his blaster tightly.

11 August 2005, 04:35 AM
Xavier shifted uncomfortably. If the terrorists were indead inside this building then the brotherhood may be as well.

The padawan again closed his eyes and opened himself to the force, attempting to sense any force users inside the building.

See Force (Take 10 + 4 = 14)

11 August 2005, 05:31 AM
Mi-Axis eyed his master. He approached and turned to the older Neti Jedi, his finger on his blaster pistol. "We've been in these situations before, master. I'm the brawn, you're the brains. What's your next move?" He whispered to his master.

11 August 2005, 03:33 PM
Put it away Mi-Axis. I can handle this. Tal's thoughts tell his padawan. His choice to use telepathy is a simple one, for they must keep a check on their true identities.

Well, terrorists or no terrorists, it would not be wise to bear your arms so freely in the tea house. If there really are terrorists hiding out in there, you do not want to expose yourself right away. I have an idea. Tal looks at Korbin and his friends, then his gaze turns to the rest of the jedi, and finally back to the Brood leader.
We will enter, and ask to be seated, as if we were simple customers. Once inside, you can point out who it is that your friend saw fleeing the scene of the crime. From there, we can plan how to apprehend our target, and perhaps any accomplices that are with him. I believe this path will be a much less risky, and bloody one.

He feels the force abruptly, and reaches into its essence, then impresses his will upon the three Vo'Ran natives.

You will put your weapons away. You don't want to harm anyone. he tries to use the force to disarm Korbin and company, as to lessen the hostile appearance they are currently embracing.

OOC: Telepathy Take10+ Mod12=22 result on Mi-Axis
Diplomacy Roll11+ Mod14=25 result on Korbin
Affect Mind Roll9+ Mod20=29 result on Korbin, Cramer, Talan

12 August 2005, 07:11 AM
That sounds good. Aint no use in us goin up in there blastin everyone, an not even gettin our man. We're with ya.

Korbin looks at Cramer and Talan...who are both reluctant to put their weapons away.

We will put our weapons away. We don't want to harm anyone. the three mutter as the force spreads over their minds, and their blasters are shoved back into their breasted holsters.

The group is ready to enter the building, and begin their stake-out of both the arson culprit...and the missing critter.

12 August 2005, 12:24 PM
"Then it's settled", Haela agrees, "We all go in, as a group, decide what to do, as a group and act as a group. That way, its more likely that everyone will come out of this, alive, and happy, as a group."

With that, Haela, pull her hood back over her head and steps up to the door, "Be alert, my padawans, and mindful of the living Force. It is your strongest ally in this place."

13 August 2005, 08:21 AM
Then, let's get to it. And remember, keep a sharp eye out. If this place really is infested with terrorists, they will most likely be eyeing us. Tal informs the group as he walks in the door of the tea house. He looks around, prepared for anything.

14 August 2005, 08:28 AM
OOC:is anyone still playin?

15 August 2005, 02:39 AM
The jedi and group are greeted by a short, elderly fellow with a bald head, standing behind a podium.

Greetings friends. Quite the group you have with you. Eight I see! Well, what's the special occasion. Follow me, Follow me! the fellow says to the group, as he grabs a handful of plastic menus and hobbles into the main chamber.

Such a large party you have. We shall seat you in a private room...so you can have your tea and converse in peace, and solitude. he says, flashing a wide smile and hobbling to a door on the side of the wall.

There are many doors on the wall, circling the main tea house. The tea house itself is filled with loud characters. It is much like a fancier cantina, with less criminal scum. The criminals that converse in this cantina...are much more highend...the bosses of those seen at the Blue Gorgon. The man opens the door on the wall, and walks in. They can see into the room via a large window, almost the length of the room itself. The group can see into their so called "private" room with great ease. It's almost like dining in an observation cell...like dining in a zoo. THe goup enters to find the man placing the plastic menus on the table and he waits for everyone to be seated...serving a big smile with his squinting eyes as the groups sits.

Well...servers shall be here momentarily...choose what you would like. They will bring some tea for you to drink while you wait. Now...to make this party a little more....private, eh? the man says...still smiling. He walks to the door and presses a button on the wall. The group watches as a tinted like sheet of glass conveys over their observation window...only darkening the glass slightly. There...now you can see in...and they can't. How is that for private, eh? he says...and he hobbles out, and the door shuts. From this room, the characters can see everything on the outside...and are completely safe from being seen.

OOC: Please don't post individual OOC posts here deadication. The OOC is up and running at all times. Not trying to be rude...but keep this to IC and small OOC additions to those IC's please. Thank you.

15 August 2005, 04:26 AM
Xavier turned to Korbin slightly. "Did you see anyone outside that you may have recognized? Or better yet have recognized you?" the padawan asked quietly.

He didn't have a comfortable feeling about this situation.

15 August 2005, 07:23 AM
Mi-Axis looked at Master Buroo. "I don't like this master. I feel like I'm in a cage." He glanced around him. "That man was a bit to happy if you ask me, and I didn't like that smile he threw us. Am I going paranoid or do you feel this too?"

15 August 2005, 08:15 AM
Tal sat down at the table, and looked out their window. So if we can look in. And they can't. This is perfect. He waited for the old man to leave, giving him a polite nod as he exited.

Padawan, do not be alarmed. The host has granted us a great situation. From this room, we can freely observe the population of the tea house without being noticed. Korbin, what did your suspect look like? Tell me if you can see him here.

16 August 2005, 03:01 PM
As the elderly tea house proprietor exits...Korbin stands and approaches their observation window. He scans the crowd abruptly while speaking. The person was dressed in a dark robe...so not many features were visible. However, there was one distinquishing factor about them. Whoever it was...they only had one arm. Cramer saw him exiting from a side window...and from then the chase was on. We tracked him here, where he ran in the front door, and as we approached the building you and your friends appeared from around the corner.

He pauses a moment. And looks back to Talan, who shoots him a blended look of curiosity and remorse all at the same time.

It's just...I haven't seen anyone with one arm in so long. Not since I was a young boy.

Korbin pauses again and takes a breath.

When I was a child...I had two friends...they were twin brother and sister. Ten years ago...they dissapeared, and the locals blamed a one-armed beggar fellow who had been roaming around the streets. I never saw it happen...but one day they found we found a stray vermin in the alleys, and they decided to take it home. The next day...their house was burnt down...and their bodies were missing. I was just...it brought back some horrible memories to see a one-armed being again. I'm not saying it's the same guy...but then again, how many people are walking around without an arm? he says, and turns to Tal...eyes shot with hate, anger, dread, and despair all mixed together.

Just as he finishes speaking he shuffles back to his seat, and sits down. The elderly man enters the room, and two servants place cups in front of each of the group. They then pour tea in each cup...and the elderly fellow asks if the group would like anything else.

17 August 2005, 08:24 AM
A moment of glee cover Mi-Axis' face as the proprieter asks if they would like anything else. "Do you have any of those sugary buns with cream in the middle?"
Memories of his childhood at the temple floooded back. He hadn't had one since he had met Master Buroo, but he always used to treat himself to one as a youngling.
He then thought about Korbin's childhood, and his face dropped. "Where did you grow up in this town Korbin?" He asked, turning to Haela and gesturing for her map.

17 August 2005, 08:22 PM
Vaat smiles at short elderly fellow, careful to keep his lips covering his sharp teeth.

"If you'll pardon my asking, sir, how many other rooms do you have like this? Ones where the customers can see out, but others can't see in?"

18 August 2005, 07:04 AM
Tal turns his attention from Korbin to the elderly fellow.

I was wondering if I could perhaps just get some water, instead of tea. It really is the only thing I drink. Or eat for that matter. he thought to himself. And please do tell. How many private party rooms do you posess here? And do you mind me asking if any are in use right now? Tal figures if the one armed man is hiding, it is most likely the same that attacked the palace, and probably is the owner of the critter that easily eluded him and his fellow jedi back at the Blue Gorgon. He thinks that he is held up in one of the private chambers, but which one?

18 August 2005, 05:33 PM
Yes. Yes. I'll bring everything. You can try all the menu. That sound okay. Good. Good. Now please, try the tea. It is our specialty after all. the elderly fellow says.

He then shouts something at the servants and they exit quickly. He looks at Tal and replies to his query.

We have eight private party rooms like this one. All have the same private observation windows. I believe four are in use right now...though I don't know why you would want to know such a thing. he smiles. If that is all. I shall leave and prepare your feast. Will be back shortly. he smiles and bows as he exits. You can see the man hobble by the window as he goes to the back of the main tea house chamber and into a rear door.

I have lived here all my life. In this very sector. Born and raised...and fear I will die here too. I don't see the man we are looking for in the main seating room...so perhaps he is in one of the other three private chambers. Korbin quickly interjects upon the old man's departure.

18 August 2005, 06:20 PM
Only talks to Master Buroo, not the lowly padawan, huh?, Vaat mumbles to himself.

The Togurta looks across the room toward his Master. "Master Trist, is it time for the 'drunken reveller stumbles into party' gambit?". Vaat wrinkles the white ovals around his eyes as he realizes his mistake.

"Hm..hard to get drunk on tea though..."

19 August 2005, 12:04 AM
Well. Show good manners and try the tea. I'm sure they went to much trouble over it. I think that we need to use this room to our advantage, and survey our surroundings. We need to watch the servers and see which private chambers they enter. Then we can approach each one to find our target. Tal says.

Korbin. You said it was a one-armed man that you saw. And the same that was convicted of the kidnappings of your friends. It just so happens that a one of the persons involved in the recent assault on the palace, and suspect in the kidnapping of the Monarch and Magistrate posessed only one arm. I think we may be chasing the same guy. And if that is true. Then he is connected with the creature both in your past, and our present. I think we are in the presence of the leader of the Twisted Brotherhood. This makes the situation only more dire. Tal comes to a powerful revelation.

He picks up a cup of the tea and looks at it. Hmm. Never tried tea. Never tried anything except water. Someone tell me how it tastes?

19 August 2005, 04:18 AM
"It tastes... like tea master. You can't really describe it." Said Mi-Axis. The Kel Dor then whipped out a bottle. "If you don't like it, try it with this. Oh, Vaat, this might be perfect for your drunken reveller stunt."
Mi-Axis then turned back to his master. "Master, the man with one arm wielded a lightsaber and used 'magic' powers didn't he? Surely we could sense him with the force!"
Mi-Axis reaches out to find any force-sensitive beings in the area, more specifically one tainted by the dark side.

OOC: Can you guess what's in the bottle?
Using see force: 15+2(Ability modifier)+2(Species trait)=19
(Next level, I'm so investing in see force)

15 December 2005, 07:25 AM
As the elderly tea house proprietor exits...Korbin stands and approaches their observation window. He scans the crowd abruptly while speaking. The person was dressed in a dark robe...so not many features were visible. However, there was one distinquishing factor about them. Whoever it was...they only had one arm. Cramer saw him exiting from a side window...and from then the chase was on. We tracked him here, where he ran in the front door, and as we approached the building you and your friends appeared from around the corner.

He pauses a moment. And looks back to Talan, who shoots him a blended look of curiosity and remorse all at the same time.

It's just...I haven't seen anyone with one arm in so long. Not since I was a young boy.

Korbin pauses again and takes a breath.

When I was a child...I had two friends...they were twin brother and sister. Ten years ago...they dissapeared, and the locals blamed a one-armed beggar fellow who had been roaming around the streets. I never saw it happen...but one day they found we found a stray vermin in the alleys, and they decided to take it home. The next day...their house was burnt down...and their bodies were missing. I was just...it brought back some horrible memories to see a one-armed being again. I'm not saying it's the same guy...but then again, how many people are walking around without an arm? he says, and turns to Tal...eyes shot with hate, anger, dread, and despair all mixed together.

Just as he finishes speaking he shuffles back to his seat, and sits down. The elderly man enters the room, and two servants place cups in front of each of the group. They then pour tea in each cup...and the elderly fellow asks if the group would like anything else.

OOC: Post in whatever order you would like for now. Please read the rest of the IC to understand what is currently happening. I will try to make a summary tonight to send out to you all.

16 December 2005, 09:26 AM
...but one day they found we found a stray vermin in the alleys, and they decided to take it home.

"How's that you say?", Heala asks, her face a mask of perplexion, "a small animal? Very fast and agile...That's just the sort of creature that we'd been after...that led us here!"

She shoots a look to her padawan, Remus, that seems to say looks sharp, before returning her attention to Korbin and asking, "Do you know anything that may help us?"

Uron Teff
16 December 2005, 11:22 AM
She shoots a look to her padawan, Remus, that seems to say looks sharp...

I know, Master. Remus thinks as he stands up from his place. Walking to the Observation window he thinks. Well a one armed man cannot be that hard to find. Standing there with almost a maximum range of view his opinion shifts instantly as he views the crowd in the next room. I guess I am wrong!

Ignoring the fact that two servants brought them tea he stands at the window but not looking anymore but thinking. Hm, I cannot see him from here. See... hm ... see. That's it. Maybe we cannot see him because... Remembering what the elderly man said as they entered the tea house Remus turns on his heels now facing the elderly man.

[Remus] May I ask, how many of rooms like this do you have?

16 December 2005, 02:36 PM
Utterly calm..and serene...Sheela reached out to the frightened creature with tthe force..her mental voice was calming and gentle..like that of a mother..or a healer. the creature would feel the softest caress upon it's mind..should it choose not to resist..or be unable to summon up the willpower. A message would be heard.

Little one...peace....do not fear us..........let me sooth the anxiousness you feel....the fear and anger....speak with me..

Sheela blinked from her reverie..it has looked if she were merely in deep thought. .a feline body stretched as the Cathar loosened her tight muscles.. Golden eyes would glance to the tea..and then to the elderly man.
Nay...tea is sufficient. Thank you for your consideration. She flashed a warm smile to the man.

OOC. Rolls Telepathy 24 (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=315075)

Diplomacy 17 (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=315078)

17 December 2005, 12:30 PM
Tal knows that any creature that can rebound the force as well as it did must be attuned to it. He looks at his padawan and can feel her bound connection reaching forth, searching for the critter that so easily escaped them at the cantina.

He is unsure in her efforts however. Something that could've shrugged off Haela's attempt at capturing would not just be attuned, it would have to be quite adept.

Tal looks at the tea. He has never had anything but water and sunlight to feed his body. He has never needed anything more. There is alot about food he doesn't understand. He couldn't imagine having to rely on such an insufficient source of energy. Never the less, he looks at the elderly man and nods in appreciation, even though he has no intention of tasting the concoction.

"Sheela. Can you sense our friend? Is he near?" Tal says to his padawan telepathically.

OOC- I figured since we are in the same room and not under any trying circumstances, I would be able to telepathically communicate with Stormrider pretty easily. I'll take 10 for my telepathy check. If I'm not correct in my assumption, please tell me, and I'll revise my post.

17 December 2005, 06:56 PM
Korbin and his two friends sit opposite of Sheela and Remus. Haela and Tal sit at the head of the table....each adjacent to his and her padawan. The tea lies on the table....six silver cups, and one large kettle. Steam gently rises from the shiny kettle as Talan eyes a plate of sweetened biscuits and grabs two....stuffing them into his mouth.

Korbin replies to Haela"You don't say! Per'aps the beggar and the one-armed suspect are de same man? Even more so.....might ee be connected with the creature ten years ago? Could it be de same creature? Could we be shasing de same person?" Korbin's voice rises and quickens as his questions lead on. It is almost as if he is pre-answering each one with a yes in his mind. A hopeful yes.

As Talan continues to stuff his face with the biscuits....he reaches for the tea kettle and a cup. He begins to pour the steaming tea, and the kettle lid pops off, spilling hot tea all about the table.

"Talan! You clutz!" Korbin yells as he slaps Talan upside the head.

Everyone's attention is suddenly set towards a large spherical orb sitting on the table in the puddle of tea. A green light on the side of the orb blips. Suddenly....the metal framing of the observation window jerks, and the durasteel door makes a large clang as if it has locked into place. The shiny durasteel blinds slam down, shutting out the rest of the tea house from view. The blipping quickens and the suddenly stops as a hole opens up in the top of the sphere. A cloud of green gas spews into the air as Korbin and his two cronies shift into a panic.

Nerve Gas! Is'sa trap! We ave to get out! Talan and Cramer leap at the door and begin to bang on it with all their brutish might. A thick piece of durasteel suddenly races down the door frame. Talan steps back....but Cramer is too slow, and his hands are gruesomely chopped off. He falls back in a stupor screaming until he passes out from the pain. Korbin looks at his fallen friend and looks back at Tal.

Help him. Help us. Tell us what to do.

The nerve gas spreads rapidly. It spews from the sphere quickly, expanding and creating a slightly dense green fog throughout the room.

OOC: Fortitude saves every round. DC is secret. Just tell me the rolls.

17 December 2005, 07:13 PM
Fort Save...26 (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=315810) OOC. ......Looks like I'm on a winning streak with the dice.........or not. Move Object 11.... (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=315812)

The gas swirled about Sheela...the Cathar was as always serene and calm..Strands of the force began to wrap around the door....tighter and tighter...Sheela with one violent gesture whipped her hand back as if pulling on a rope. hoping to rip the durasteel from the doorway....[/URL]

19 December 2005, 06:43 AM
Tal runs to the fallen friend of Korbin. He had seen his hands get completely torn off from the shutting blast door. Tal focuses on the green smog that is thickening throughout the room. He touches the being and through his mind and the force, searches for the essense of the brute that has gone dormant. He can feel Cramer's pain as he finally finds the goon's faint connection to the force, which is fading quickly. A low hum resonates from Tal's vocal cords, and sounds like a distant thunder. He fills Cramer's body with the healing force.

OOC: Fortitude save 23. Heal Another result 24.

Uron Teff
19 December 2005, 07:38 AM
It’s a trap! Within milliseconds Remus witnessed the green gas exhaust from the sphere.

Nerve Gas! Is'sa trap! We ave to get out!

Jumping up from the table his mind thoughts speed foreward to find a solution for their problem. All exits are sealed with durasteel. Sprinting across the room his left hand finds grip around the haft of his lightsaber.
Standing in front of the durasteel sealed observation window he turns and takes a swift look at his Master. Let the Force guide your hand. Touching the steel with his right hand he ignites the saber. A bright orange blade snaps instantly foreward and fill the room with an additional humming noise.
Not hesitating for further instruction he stabs his lightsaber right in the middle of the with durasteel fortified window. Within a glimpse of second the steel around the blade strts to anneal from the heat of the lightsaber.
Sparks spraying he moves the lightsaber in an circular movement through the durasteel.

How long does it take to cut through the durasteel?
Enhance Ability: 8(roll) + 10 =18 (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=316526); +2 bonus to Strenght = Stenght 16 (+3)
Fortitude Saving Throw: 8(roll) + 8 = 16 (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=316530)

19 December 2005, 09:03 AM
Let the Force guide your hand. Touching the steel with his right hand he ignites the saber. A bright orange blade snaps instantly foreward and fill the room with an additional humming noise.

Despite the overwhelmingly...unpleasant...circumstances, Haela nevertheless smiles to herself slightly at her padawans calm thought and wise actoin in the face of danger, thinking, I've taught him well...he is nearly ready.

Confidently, she vaults over the table, hoping one of the healers would see to the man with no hands as she assisted her apprentice in his endeavor.

OOC: If the window's within a 2m step, full attack on that puppy. If not, move to it, and make a single attack. Cal, could you roll my Fort save? I'm on my parents computer, and I dont have access to Haela's stats handy.

20 December 2005, 03:16 AM
As the gas spreads....Sheela's attempt at ripping the door is short lived. It's hinges are strong, and give much resistance to her move.

Tal's connection to the force proves to be a strong one. As his deep humming fills the room....so does the force fill that of Cramer's body. He slowly awakens but quickly moans in pain when seeing his hands.....or lack there of.

As Remus stabs his saber into the door, the blade slowly sinks in the metal, and the sound of shattering glass followed by a mixture of screaming and yelling can be heard on the other side. If they were trying to conceal their identities....it was surely aware who they were by now. Too late though....if they didn't get out of that room, the only thing their identities would be used for is distinguishing which body bag was which. As Haela leaps at the door....she realizes she too needs to get them out of there. The door is very thick, and Remus sees how slowly his blade slices throught the material. Time is running out....they must find a way out.....or face a terrible fate.

The gas is proving a problem as all of their thought processes are being slowed. They haven't succumb to it's overwhelming domination.....but they don't know how much longer they can hold out.

OOC: Cold....you can strike the door. This isn't exactly a combat round....and won't really be treated as such. The lightsabers will be able to cut about an inch a second. That is relatively slow.....perhaps too slow to cut an escape route.....but you guys are smart. I'm sure you can figure something out.

All of you succeeded your fortitude saves. Now roll new ones.

P.S. Cold, your save was a 28. 12mod + 16 roll. Man I'm good. Hurry up guys......don't want you dying off in the first round do we?

20 December 2005, 08:49 PM
Seeing Sheela's failed attempt at freeing their party, Tal turns to Remus and Master Trist who are standing at the durasteel blinds that cover the observation window. Their lightsabers are taking far too long to cut through the sheeted metal. There is much on their plate, and little time in which to eat it. He suddenly leaps at the door and ignites his saber stabbing it into the durasteel sheet that covers the window.

"Padawan Remus! Master Haela! You will never be able to cut an opening big enough for us to escape in time. Abandon your task. Start puncturing as many holes in the sheet as possible. Instead of escaping, perhaps we can ventilate the room and flush the gas out."

He turns to his cathar padawan who is standing at the door. "Sheela! Join us! We must work together if we are to rid the room of our problem in time."

OOC: Tal stabs the window however many times possible in the time per round. Fort roll is a 18.

4 January 2006, 05:00 AM
As Tal leaps towards the metal sheathing covering the window...his blade ignites and dives into the durasteel. It's exceptionally thick and takes a small while to cut into...but he is able to puncture it three times with ease.

Korbin and Talan stare at their fallen comrade who is lying on the floor, unconcious...but no longer dying. Korbin draws his blaster while Talan pulls two large pair of impact knuckles from his coat. He puts them on and quickly goes over to the orb and smashes it...releasing what's left of the gas.

Regardless of the gas having poured into the room...Tal's theory is working albeit slowly. The gas was pouring out of the puncture holes and into the main tea house. But at this speed...they would surely be dead in another minute.

OOC: fortitude saves.

Uron Teff
6 January 2006, 09:49 AM
Through the flying sparks all Remus notices is another lightsaber stabed into the durasteel on his left. Instantly pulling his lightsaber out of the steel his view falls upon Jedi Master Buroo. Within the next second the Jedi Master to his left has stabed two more holes in the durasteel. Maybe this works better than my solution for our little suffocation problem.
Spinning back to the durasteel fortification his lightsaber shortly hesitates in the middle of the quarter cut "door" he and Master Trist were making. The lack of oxygen now noticable burning in his lungs he concentrates on the task lying infront of him. We have to get out of here... NOW!
Stabing his lightsaber deep into the instantly smelting durastell his hands allmost touch the named. Before his hands recognize the heat of the molten metal he extriciates the blade from the steel and move it to an untouched spot.
And again his lightsaber moves into the durasteel like a warm vibro knife in butter. And again only milliseconds pass before the padawan pulls the blade from the newly molten steel.
Only after this two recesses a slight breeze hits Remus' face. This is really working...

Fortitude check: 1 (roll) + 2 (ConMod) + 6 (BaseSave) = 9 (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=329319)
OOC: But I do think that I failed the save... See you on the other side. :P But Calhexas, do you want me to let Remus go down this round or... in the next?

6 January 2006, 10:42 AM
Not a bad idea...Haela thinks to herself, seeing the ventilators working. Abandoning the portal idea for the moment, Haela unleashes a fury of tiny jabs at the metal plate, in an effort to get as many holes in as little time as possible. She can feel the gas's effect on her slightly, but, for the most part, a quick shake of her head clears her mind enough to remain focused on the task at hand.

Suddenly remembering the field kit in her pack, Haela drops the pack and yells to the Cathar woman, "Here! Breath masks!"

[OOC: Fort Save: 12 (roll) + 12 (mod) = 24
Attacks: GM's control, as many attacks as I can get with a full round action. Dropping the pack and speaking as free actions. If they're not free, ignore 'em. ;)]

6 January 2006, 08:01 PM
As the three jedi assault the barrier that keeps them from their freedom and perhaps their futures, Korbin looks to Talan as the lumbering human slumps towards the wall and succumbs to the gas. Covering his face with his forearm, he tries to survey the clouded room for anything...any sort of opening he can find.....nothing.

He turns to the jedi who are bearing down on the durasteel sheet with their lightsabers. He lets out a deep cough, and drops to a knee. A slight trickle of blood runs from his nose, to his lip, and drips onto the floor. A few more coughs and he hits the ground....out cold.

Remus tries his hardest to ventilate the room like the two masters. After removing his blade from the sheet a second time, he makes the mistake coughing, and gasping for air....gas filled air. The sudden influx of the toxic enemy taxes his system, and he feels it immedieately. He drops to his knees, and his blade falls before him....its blade's hum and the jedi simultaneously silenced. He collapses against the wall and drops into a deep sleep.

But the other jedi notice something. His life force...his connection....it's still there. Remus succumbed to the gas, yet he didn't die. And then they realize. The gas doesn't kill you. It was not a nerve gas....but simply one that put you into a deep sleep.

Nonetheless, in a deep sleep the jedi were defenseless. Haela releases a flurry of stabs on the sheet that sent a rush of the gas pouring out. If they could hold on for just a few more moments, they might make it. They might be okay.

[OOC:I gave you the maximum amount of attacks, because this isn't really an attack round per say. Your fortitude was also just fine...but Uron's was of course...a failure. Sorry bud...but that's the way the dice fall. Just waiting for Stormrider and Dedication, or cold's next post now.]

10 January 2006, 09:14 AM
"Master Haela, the gas is flowing from the room, but struggling is only making our systems more vulnerable to its assault. We need to stop and calm our bodies. Only then can we successfully stave off the sleeping effects of the gas. We shall lie in wait for whoever planted this trap to fetch our unconcious bodies. Perhaps then, with them thinking we are unconcious, we can turn the tables and get the jump on them."

Tal turns off his lightsaber and looks at his fellow master for her decision.