View Full Version : Rand Ecliptic mutiny and making sense of it?

14 June 2005, 01:30 PM
There seem to be two different stories as on how the Rand Ecliptic Mutiny happened. There is one established by a short story in the WEG Movie Sourcebook, backed up by the Making of Baron Fel Comic, in which Biggs and Hobbie steal the Eclpitic, with the help of the captain + local rebels while the ship is at Bestine. They then dump part of the ships freight to shake of pursing TIE Fighters (at least the dumping freight on the TIEs part gets backed up by the Comic). WEG sources also indicate that the Rand was a “Merchant ship”, but there are also hints that indicate she is a frigate, though that is not necessarily a contradiction. Star Wars “warships” often double as “armed freighters”.

Now the problem is that the Dark Horse Darklighter Comic Tpb, shows the events happening very differently. The ship also looks very different from the one shown in the Baron Fel Comic, but then things in comics don’t always look the same, like the infamous Marvel comics Imperial Class Star Destroyers, which did not look anything like they were meant to, or some of the Dark Empire Stuff.

Well anyway. In the Darklighter Comic there a several separate revolts that take place on the Ecliptic and Biggs + Hobbie don’t in fact cooperate during there revolts and only later on learn about there shared goal. Also the Captain of the ship does in fact not back up the revolution, at least it does not seem so.

Now, as far as I am concerned there is only one way to make sense of it. The WEG short story is a retelling of the events from Hobbies point of view and might for that reason might be a bit biased. The Short Story must have taken place after the initial mutiny on the Rand Ecliptic and the Rebels were using there initial ship mission as cover to make contact with Rebels Biggs and Hobbie knew on Bestine. The Captain (who in the short story is a Rebel sympathiser as well) properly was one and later helped the Ecliptics crew and Hobbie was giving him a “better” part in the story than he might have initially had. Also, he seems to be telling the story to cheer Skywalker up, and make the whole thing more heroic, then it might have been, because the Mutiny in the Darklighter Comic was rather bloody and Biggs nearly killed Hobbie during it. It is also quite possible that they lied to the Rebellion of how exactly everything happened, or the Rebels “beefed” up the story, so it would boost morals and honour Biggs Darklighter.

If anybody has another theory, please let me know, I will try to post the short story tomorrow and as far as the comic is concerned I highly recommended to pick it up, because it is one of the best dark horse tpbs ever. :)