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Boca Jantho
26 June 2005, 07:18 PM
I'll start by admiting that I haven't posted very much nor do I read alot of the Forums.

I have encountered some distressing news about the state of gaming in the community and wanted to ask, How's your game going?

Has the new movie infused new life in your tabletop? Or do your dice collect dust in some long forgotten corner?

What is it about the tabletop SW game that keeps you playing and coming to this fine site and to these Forums?

I'd just like to know. Im curious that way. As a gamemaster my self, I'm always curious what others are doing, how often they get to play, what particular aspect of the galaxy do they like to play. Me myself I love the tabletop games and SW is by far my all time favorite.

Just wanted to see if I could generate some much needed and desired conversation about why Im here...gaming.


27 June 2005, 04:21 AM
I'm still trying to get a Tabletop game going. My group is D&D hardcore, and while I thoroughly enjoy the fantasy setting, I'm ready to add a little sci-fi to change things up a bit. Seems like most of the RP'ing anymore is online. While I'm grateful that such a medium exists to allow games to go on, I think it lacks that certain something that a tabletop game provides. There's something about looking at the evil leer from a GM when you're about to roll your dice to see if you can take down that stormtrooper who's just gotten through mowing down the rest of your party.

I'm in my early 30's, got a career, wife, etc... and like many others I'm lucky if I get to play once a week. I imagine there are plenty others in the similar situation. From my point of view, it seems though the younger gamers prefer online gaming, more specifically the computer RPG's like KOTOR and Neverwinter Nights & Everquest, etc to the more traditional RPG's where your imagination is key.

Boca Jantho
27 June 2005, 05:50 AM
Hey Iceberg thanks for responding.

When I first started playing SW I was a hard core D&D nut and i wasnt sure about the transition to SCi-Fi. But it went smoothly and now i cant see myself playing anything else.

I too am in my early 30's ( as is the majority of our group) and have noticed the preference for the online RPG's and games such as KOTOR. While those have their following, I myself thoroughly enjoy the imagination of the tabletop.

Being the GM I enjoy creating situations, describing and creating scenes and watching the players react to it. In our group we have talked so many times about the collaborative nature of the game itself. The GM creates the scenarios, the players react and breath the life into their characters. It all results in our own version of the SW galaxy once every month that for 8 hours or so is a new world in which we can exist.

Thanks again Iceberg for sharing your thoughts and whether its D&D or SW, I hope you guys just keep on playing.


27 June 2005, 11:57 AM
We've hit a strange break in our 6 year SW campaign, not only that but the D&D game I play in has also taken a break, although it should be back soon. It's a bit strange really, I mean we quite often take small breaks in SW so I can write new material and refocus plans, after all a six year plot line is difficult to keep fresh! This break feels different though, I've barely written a thing in the last 6 months, not just for my game but also for my web site.

Time is always the enemy. Between my wife; PC and console gaming; work; and generally life, time is no longer on my side, or at least thats how it feels....

Saying all that, hope of getting back up and running is in sight again and I've started to do a bit of writing in the last few weeks so who knows :?


27 June 2005, 12:40 PM
My tabletop crew is quite nice. Originally in Savannah we met every other weekend for a full year going through my SW Campaign. It was always a blast, but then I moved 2 hours up the road. The story was left unfinished but we agreed to do a monthly game. For 6 months after we met up and continued to game until we finished that story. It was sad to know that was the last time i would see most of these guys but it was a good feeling knowing they enjoyed the game so much.

A month later me and one of my savannah crew started a new troupe here in Charleston. We meet monthly at my place and they come from all over the state. It's a great time and my next SW campaign is up in a year. Right now we are wrapping out a D&D campaign and then into a short B5 game. Should be fun.

The interest in my game has become much louder, for various reasons about the movies. Some want to experience some more star wars, others want to enjoy a SW story (they didnt like the movie) and others want to see what its like to play in my game (some guys who havent played with me as GM yet). All in all i say its quite healthy and I am looking forward to it.