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2 July 2005, 06:09 PM
well ladies and gentlemen here is the ooc for our game...sooo you can start posting here if you would like! looking forward to begining the game! thanks to you all!


3 July 2005, 05:23 AM
Ha Ha! First Post! lol, just checking in here lucky and subscribing to the OOC so i can get updates. PM'd ya about the character, oh yeah and pm or post your e-mail so i can send your character, if i get it done before you send me your e-mail (or post it) i'll e-mail it to JT so he can give it to you. Later!

Mack Jace
3 July 2005, 10:00 AM
Darn! Second post again! Oh well, I've always liked silver...

Back to business. Guess I'll follow your lead Karen_Sith and post to subscribe. Can't wait to get started!

3 July 2005, 11:57 AM
Checking in and subscribed to the OOC. See everyone later.

3 July 2005, 02:04 PM
ok karen i will pm you my email addy and if anyone else needs it just let me know...i just dont feel comfortable posting but if nothing else you can pm me on here with it.

so far so good...i have a couple of questions but i will pm anyone i have questions for. sooooo as long as everyone gets their characters in by tuesday...daytime i will make the first post for the game but if not then i will do it on wednesday but so fr its looking like we should be good to start then! thanks to everyone!


max ordo
3 July 2005, 02:06 PM
i'm here. just workin on the finishing touches

3 July 2005, 02:23 PM
ok just a side note here...even after i see your character you are not reqiured to post it here unless you choose to...this way you will all get to know each other's characters through the game...but if you choose to you can post it.

also if you dont chose a fighter of your own i will assume that you will have a standard fighter..probably an x or xj....so let me know what to do about your fighters.

also...so karen do i get a pic fo your character! lol i have my person for dps! sorry side note!


Mack Jace
3 July 2005, 03:21 PM
Morec Birtrok Soldier 4/Jedi Guardian 6
Str 16 VP 74 WP 14
Dex 20 Defense 26= 10 + 11 class + 5 Dex + 2 SaberDef - 2 multiclass
Con 14 Spd 10m BAB +10/ +5 Rep +4
Int 12 Init +9= +5(Dex), +4 Imp. Init. FP 10 DSP 0
Wis 14
Cha 15 Fort +9; Ref +12; Will +7

Melee +13/+8 lightsaber (19-20/3d8 lightsaber)
Melee +15/+10 lightsaber (19-20/3d8 lightsaber) w/ Weapon Finesse
Ranged +15/+10

Equipment: lightsaber(violet)*, comlink, All weather cloak, modified A-Wing Last Chance, utility belt.
*Morec has constructed his own lightsaber.

Skills: Astrogate +14, Balance +7, Craft (Lightsaber) +17, Knowledge (Jedi Lore) +11, Pilot +21, Repair +14.

Force Skills: Battlemind +15, Move Object +14, See Force +15.

Feats: Armor Proficiency (Light), Exotic Weapon Proficiency, Force Sensitive, Improved Initiative, Quick Draw, Skill Emphasis (Pilot), Skill Emphasis (Astrogate), Skill Emphasis [Craft (Lightsaber)], Starship Operation (Starfighter), Weapon Finesse (Lightsaber), Weapon Groups (pistols, rifles, vibro, heavy, simple).

Force Feats: Alter, Control, Lightsaber Defense, Sense.

Background Morec Birtrok grew up on the planet of Corellia, with his father and three brothers. He was the youngest of the four, and watched his brothers leave their home, to join the Rebellion in the fight against the dying Empire, after Endor. He knew that one day, he would follow in his brothers' footsteps, and join the New Republic. Before joining up with the New Republic, he worked as a guard for CorSec, where he honed his excellent piloting abilities even further.

Morec travelled between a few squadrons, going where he was needed most. Morec was promoted to Lieutenant after obliterating an ambush on a convoy that he was to protect. He was eventually assigned to Tempest Squadron, where he proved his worth as a pilot. He was recommended to Luke Skywalker's Jedi Academy by a fellow pilot, who was also a jedi. Morec excelled in training and was assigned a mission to hunt down a crimelord on the planet of Bespin. When he got to Bespin, Morec had no trouble finding the crime lord, but the trick was catching him in his bright red, modified A-Wing. A battle in the skies followed a long chase through Cloud City, but the A-Wing was no match for an X-Wing. Morec was given the A-Wing by the New Republic for bringing down a "growing nuisance". He painted it black, and later arrested the brother, who, upon seeing the black ship remarked, "You know, my brother has the same kinda ship, only it's red." Morec has named it the Last Chance, because whenever he had to bring someone in, he told them that it was their last chance to surrender.

Morec was sent all over the galaxy by Master Skywalker, doing what Jedi should do. For a while, times were slow for Morec, and he was considering re-joining the NR military, when the Yuuzhan Vong entered the galaxy. He flew his A-Wing in many battles against the Vong, including Helska 4 and Ithor. When the Vong destroyed Ithor, Morec had a clear view of it's atmosphere igniting.

Description Morec is fairly tall (1.7 meters) and has a muscular build (85 kilos). He meditates every day, and also works out to keep up his strength. His brown hair is tinged with gray, something that happened to every member of his family. Although there are some products out to get rid of the gray, Morec keeps it, because it makes him look distinguished. He keeps his moustache and goatee neatly trimmed, and wears a white, sleeveless shirt underneath his green vest, along with the green pants that he wears. His lightsaber hangs on his right side, with the utility belt on the left.

Craft: Modified A-Wing Last Chance; Class: Starfighter; Cost: Not for sale; Size: Diminutive (9.6m long); Initiative: +9 (+4 size, +5 crew); Crew:1 (Unique +5); Passengers: None; Cargo Capacity: 40 kg; Consumables: 1 week; Hyperdrive: x1; Max Speed in Space: Ramming (10 squares/action); Atmospheric Speed: 1,200 km/h
(20 squares/action); Maneuver: +25 (+4 size, +21 crew); Defense: 24 (+4 size, +10 armor), Shield points: 60 (DR 10); Hull points: 80 (DR 10)
Weapon: Heavy Laser Cannons (4 fire-linked); Fire Arc: Front; Attack Bonus: +24 (+4 size, +10 crew, +6 fire control, +4 equipment bonus); Damage: 7d10x2; Range Modifiers: See table 11-8.
Weapon: Jammer; Fire Arc: All; Attack Bonus: n/a; Damage: Special; Range Modifiers: none.

3 July 2005, 06:04 PM
well i will be playing an npc for y'all and well i am a freak about giving details on anything i play so i have a pic of what she should look like and i will give you a bit of info on her. so here goes...

Rainy Lacor is a 25yo female human from corellia. a very strong believer in the military and the jedi though this sometimes causes conflict within herself since the two sides dont always agree. she is a member of the jedi and a fighter jock. she prefers to think of herself as "just one of the boys" and you will normally find her in her black flightsuit. if shes not in the air shes thinking about flying. when on the ground she wears her fight suit half down with a tank top as she prefers to be ready to take off. she is good at what she does and takes her job seriously. you will find out more through the game but i thought i would put something about her on here! and haha karen i got my pic first! lol!

for those who dont do pics its not required just something i have always done for my characters...npcs or others. and for the record...this will be an npc to simply assist occasionally and just in case y'all need help with something in a jam!

3 July 2005, 06:06 PM
pic didnt go last time so lets try again!

Kal Nova
3 July 2005, 09:44 PM
Just Pmed my character and checking in here.

Mack Jace
4 July 2005, 10:22 AM
Here (http://swagonline.net/view.php?photo_id=948&screen=0&action=&keyword=when+jedi+attack&date=&type=search) is a picture of Morec. Just imagine this guy, but with a beard.

4 July 2005, 12:38 PM
Hey just checking in here. I sent you my character in a PM.

4 July 2005, 01:30 PM
Dale Roark: Human Male from Tatooine, 5' 2", 130 lbs, blonde hair and blue eyes.

Dale grew up to stories of Biggs Darklighter, Luke Skywalker and Gavin Darklighter leaving Tatooine and becoming some of the greatest Heroes of the Rebellion and New Republic. He spent hours and hours on end growing up watching the Holo-vid news casts of their exploits throughout the Galaxy dreaming of one day becoming a great hero just like the former Moister Farmer Luke Skywalker gone Jedi Master. He spent the rest of his days working in the Anchorhead Spaceport repairing vessels and saving his money for passage off of Tatooine to find his way to the New Republic and a way to meet his heroes.
Finally at the age of 18 he traveled with what little money he had all the way to Coruscant with little left to his name. He attempted many times to enter the Senate Buildings and Governmental Buildings attempting to meet his Heroes. After months of working odd jobs in the local Air-ports and Spaceports around the area he happened across Former Rouge Squadron Commander and retired General Wedge Antilles in a Tap-Café close to New Republic Military Headquarters. Gaining enough confidence to approach him and speak to him he finally did. After a long talk and explanation of why he had come to Coruscant Wedge decided to set up a meeting between Dale and one of the Jedi on Coruscant.
After a Short Interview with the Jedi it was found that Dale was in fact attuned to the ways of the Force and was taken to the Jedi Academy on Yavin IV for training. He immediately attempted to become one of the best Jedi around. However not being as attuned as most and having an almost unnatural affinity for mechanical and technical wizardry he quickly became a resident Jedi Mechanic and Technical Expert for Starships. He still holds hopes that one day he will become one of the greatest Jedi and Pilots of all time following in his Hero’s footsteps.
However Dale due to his innate ability with technology, mechanical, and learning ability and lack of affinity to the Force, will never be near the Jedi Luke is, but could become a great Pilot one day should he ever decide to concentrate more on his flying ability than tinkering with and fixing Starfighters.
And last but not least due to his stature he has a serious case of Napoleon Complex.

PS: I'll post what he flys as soon as I figure it out lol thinking along the lines of a Skipray Blastboat (Modified of course).

4 July 2005, 09:29 PM
well i have evryones character now so i will be making the first ic post tomorrow~and remember if i dont have a fighter for you i will just take that as the assumption that you fly a xj sooo...i am looking forward to doing the first post tomorrow and i will talk to you all then!


max ordo
4 July 2005, 10:30 PM
Hold up on the assumptions there lady. i will br sending a fighter tonight for ya

5 July 2005, 07:16 AM
Yeah just give me an XJ X-Wing.

5 July 2005, 02:12 PM
You'll get mine tonight too lol. Just look over your shoulder whne i yell that i'm done and ready for your approval lol.

5 July 2005, 08:13 PM
well i am waiting on a couple of things still but i am going to go ahead and make the first post...since jt wont need a ship and i kind of have the idea max...but you two have until tomorrow to get it to me ot jt you get stuck with an xj and max i ring your neck! so everyone look for the ic and feel free to interact...as the first post will be to start you all on the path of getting to know each other.

on another note i will give you your call sign here...and i will also explain that it is based off of your piloting to be totally fair....tied pilots were rolled to see who gets what! so here goes

saber 1- me (lol had to for my NPC) lol

saber 2- Max

saber 3- Karen

saber 4- Mack

saber 5- JT

saber 6- Kal

saber 7-Karen's apprentice

saber 8- Jamis

saber 9- As_v_1

the squad name will be explained in the first post...just remember you number! lol well good luck to you all...and let the games begin!


6 July 2005, 08:15 AM
The Dewback was found by Dale Roark shortly after his arrival at Yavin IV to begin his Jedi training. It is a Kuat Engineering S40K Phoenix Hawk Light Pinnace Starfighter (pg. 72 SotG) designed and built in the closing years of the Old Republic. Dale Found the Dewback in the jungles of Yavin one day while exploring. At first he didn’t even know it was a Starfighter, he thought her to be a old cargo container of some sort, but after a few long hours of work with his Lightsaber cutting away the vines and undergrowth from it’s hull he took his first look at what would pre-occupy his mind for the next few years on Yavin.

After coordinating for assistance from other students at the Academy Dale was finally able to bring the vehicle to a small landing pad, used by the Rebellion during the Battle of Yavin, just away from the main Academy training and work areas. He began by stripping her almost all the way down to the bulkheads after acquiring the original schematics for her from what is now Kuat Drive Yards. After months of work he was finally ready to begin her reconstruction. He repaired, rewired and rebuilt most of the simple ship’s systems fairly quick, leaving the major repairs for later. He began the long tedious process of scrounging for parts and components all over Yavin IV, while out on Training Missions, Supply Runs and from whatever the Academy could spare.

After over a year straight of work he finally had enough systems installed, repaired, rebuilt or rewired to give her, her first test flight. She hovered on repulsors for a few minutes ensuring everything was in proper working order before taking a short 30 minute low altitude atmospheric only flight. He then began work on the Hull and Life Support Systems. After completion of a Space-worthy hull and Life Support System he took her on the first of many short Orbital tests lasting around 2 hours and lengthening as the ship was repaired further.

Almost two years to the day of working in his spare (and sometimes not so spare) time he was ready for his first test flight through hyperspace. The ship made a short ten minute jump just out of system passing with good marks. The tests became longer and longer ensuring the stability of the Ship’s systems. At that time with a flight worthy ship, much experience working on it, and very much ignored Jedi Training, Dale was ready to begin the process of modifying her to perform like a dream. One of the first major modifications he made to her was the addition of a small Tractor Beam he could use for anything from guiding salvaged parts to EVA Pilots into his cargo hold. After this installation he began salvaging for the Academy in and around the local systems. Using the income (which wasn’t much) from the salvage he was able to save enough to begin purchasing components and newer equipment for his ship.

After almost four years of work and modification on the Dewback he began to think of it as more than just a ship. He had enough money saved to buy a fairly expensive Droid Brain with which he reprogrammed and rewired to his exact specifications to handle starship operations while normal or combat operations. The Droid Brain is capable of handling all ship operations including firing of weapons and piloting unmanned if needed when called on to do so. He has a preprogrammed personality matrix of a relaxing female voice and friendly yet sometimes sassy attitude in the brain, which he named “Sandy”. He has yet to wipe the memory of the brain fully allowing it to grow and learn throw experience just as any other droid would. He keeps a close eye on it so it does not develop any quirks in the programming and ensures that the intelligence can never totally take over all ships systems. Multiple fail safes are built into the system to disconnect the droid brain from the ship, if ever the need should arise, that can be commanded over a communication or from the cockpit. He keeps a control device on him at all times that he can call the ship from anywhere in a star system with and give it basic commands. The Droid intelligence can be accessed by communications with the ship, interface within the cockpit or by voice.

Finally after over five years with the Dewback and a beautiful paintjob in greens, browns and black one of the younger students of the Academy helped him with, the Dewback lives up to her name and weathers almost any storm she is confronted with without so much as a grumble from her Droid Brain. He has a special place in his heart as many pilots do for their vessels any would do anything in his power to keep her in the air. Since the appearance of the Vong in the Galaxy he has taken the roll of Pilot and Mechanic for one of the New Republic / Jedi Academy Fighter Squadrons, the Dewback continuing to perform excellently on a daily basis.

6 July 2005, 08:54 AM
Samantha Hart was raised at a orphanage on Corellia until she was 12 where she ran away and found passage off the planet on a rouge freighter. She worked the Kitchen and as a deck hand until one day when she was about 14 the ship was attacked by Starfighters of the New Republic lead by Jedi Corran Horn. The Pilot of the Vessel was Incapacitated during the opening moments of the engagement, it just so happened that Sam was delivering a steaming cup of Caf to him, upon seeing the attack begin she took the controls wanting to save the only person on the crew who had ever really been decent to her (the pilot).

After a short but furious entanglement with New Republic Forces their ship was overtaken and boarded by New Republic Forces.
Corran, upon seeing the Ship’s maneuvers at the hands of a person so young, confronted her upon return to a New Republic Penal Station where the freighter’s crew was being taken for sentencing and detainment. Corran told her due to her age she was going to be taken back to a orphanage on Coruscant until her identity could be found and she was sent back to wear she belonged. She begged Corran not to send her to another Orphanage and after a long discussion told him her life story. He then explained to her that she had a special ability and that she could learn to use it to help people instead of staying with the likes of the people she had been the past few years. Also that if she agreed to do this that he could provide her with a home that no one would ever treat her wrong in and that she would be free to explore this new found power in and that people like her would be there to assist her whenever she needed.

Now almost a dozen years later and realizing that her true path lied in the seat of a Starfighter she has taken a student of her own to teach in the ways of the Force and adapting it to flying a Starfighter as a extension of one’s self. She looks back on her past now knowing that without the tutelage of Corran Horn and many others that she would be little more than a lowly deck hand or a arm flower of some space pirate. For this she is eternally grateful to the Jedi Order and has sworn that she will do whatever it takes to ensure the Orders survival into the future even with the emergence of the new threat the Vong bring into the Galaxy.

Kerry Black is a young pilot who loves to fly and has spent the last 7 years at the side of Samantha Hart learning the ways of the Force and one day hopes to be as good at flying a Starfighter as she is. She is just as alive and outspoken as her Master and listens rarely to anyone but her Teacher. She is utterly loyal and agrees with almost anything her master does and says.
She has grown up at the Jedi Academy on Yavin IV and only been off on missions since her master procured her a XJ-Wing of her own. She now flies as her Wing Mate on a permanent basis during missions away from the Academy.

OOC: here's the backgrounds for both my character and the "follower / student" I'll be playing both to take the slack off Lucky for NPC's. Talk to everyone in the IC! Can't wait Lucky!

6 July 2005, 11:05 AM
thanks you two!!! the IC has began hope you saw that!


7 July 2005, 03:11 AM
Well as described in the IC those two are probably two of the most beautiful female humans in the galaxy if you could get them "cleaned up" so here's the pics of their likeness.

Also figured I'd drop a description of them both two,

Sam, 6 foot 130 lb blonde haired blue eyed athletic build female human who dresses mainly in a pair of tight non-restrictive dark colored pants, usually a tank top of some kind and a old style dark brown leather plain bomber jacket. Her flightsuit is a older looking style in midnight blue.

Kerry, 5' 10" 120 lb brown haired Haxel eyed slimly built female human who dresses mainly in Jeans type pants of a variety of light colors, usually a tighter T-shirt of sorts varying in style, a newer fighter pilot's tan leather jacket. Her flightsuit is a newer style in dark green.

So there you have it everyone! Got a couple of pics here too for ya to place a likeness to them. Any other questions about them just ask me or PM me! See you all in the IC!

7 July 2005, 03:13 AM
Could only put one pic in the last post so here's Samantha!

7 July 2005, 11:10 AM
OMG! that is the funniest thing karen! the pic you used for sam...i have used for a character before!!!! great minds do think alike! lol just had to say that!

and anyone who hasnt posted please do! i am ready to get us started! thanks!


8 July 2005, 03:06 AM
LMAO! thats funny lol, guess we're just two of a kind girly! I found it on line looking for pictures specifically for Jenny McCarthy. Thought that was the best one i could use all the others were quite... provocative lol. The one for Kerry was easy too just searched for Carmen Electra and BAM! first page perfect pic for the job. Talk to everyone later!

PS: I sure do wish everyone would post / check in in the IC, I'm real excited about this game! Can't wait to get rolling!

8 July 2005, 10:55 AM
alright well i will post again tonight on the IC to get us rolling wheather or not they have posted or not as i said i will post something about them but if they do not post after mine by the time we are ready to move on i will be moving on with out them. i am sorry guys and not trying to be witchy for lack of a better term but i want this game to get moving! so look for something on here later...just want to give them one last chance to post and if anyone knows them and knows why they havent been posting let me know!


max ordo
9 July 2005, 04:06 PM
Was not sure if you wanted backgrounds posted or not but here it is. BTW I'll send a finalized Character sheet, the one I gave you wasn't quite done. ;)

If someone would have told Doax that one day he would be a Jedi Knight two things would have happened. First he would have laughed in their face right before he disintegrated it with his BlasTech DT-12. Doax is an Ubese, and Ubese detest Jedi and their meddling ways (in their defense Ubese detest every other sentient non-Ubese in the galaxy also) and Ubese simply do not become Jedi Knights. Growing up he relished the stories his grandfather, Savax, would tell of the glorious days of the 'Jedi Purge' when he and his associates were paid handsomely for delivering proof of 'perished' Jedi. After this the family was still into hunting and killing for money. This is the way for the Ubese to strike back at all their perceived oppressors, and this family was uncommonly good at it. Doax, from the time he was able to remember always had excellent perceptions of situations and always knew instinctively how to deal with tense situations. He also showed an impressive aptitude for piloting (speeders, swoops, and various types of starfighters when available). He, like most young Ubese followed the path of the Bounty Hunter, more than willing to benefit off of the suffering and misfortunes of others. He was able to make a small name for himself in the couple years he did this, not only retieveing criminals and scum but also returning kidnaped nobles or even, for the right price, valuables. Alot of things changed when he accepted a job from a rich businessman, whose main source of income was retrofitting and customizing fighters and transports even building racers. The job was to retrieve the mans only child, his daughter, who had been kidnapped and was going to ransomed for an amount the man could never pay. Doax took the job, somehow he could just feel where to go, and he had learned to rely on his 'hunches'. He made his way to where she was being held and wished he hadn't. She was securely stashed in a base built on one of the larger asteroids in the Cron Cluster guarded by about 40 sentients of all races plus some antiquated droids. Luckily the base also served as a waystation for smugglers and other degenerates so Doax was able to land and dock with minimal problems. Finding her wasn't hard either, the people holding her were making no secret of it. Making his way into the base's interior Doax is able to remain undetected all the way to the cell where the girl was being held. ONce inside the cell he is shocked to find a very young child, no more than 5 or 6 years old. This enraged the Ubese, he has no problems with kidnapping or murder or anything else, except for children. They are not to be touched. He vowed to himself that this girl would be returned unharmed and those responsible would pay with blood. As he made his way from the cells he was discovered, the next few minutes were a blur, one moment he found himself in a crossfire, pinned behind a small outcropping in the corridor. And then, the next moment he was entering the hanger bay with his A280 in a one handed grip, the butt braced against his hip and the child in his other arm, crying. He could hear explosions rumbling behind him deeper in the complex. He noticed all but 2 of his Thermal Detonators were gone from his belt. The only other people he could see were running away from him as fast as possible, looking over their shoulders with fear in their eyes. Needless to say the return went smoothly, since there wasn't much left living on the base. Upon the safe return of the child her father had the reward ready, but Doax refused payment, saying that children should never be used in such a way and he was glad to punish those responsible. The father was grateful and instead of money he offered Doax a special ship he had been making for himself. It was one of a kind and would be a great asset to someone in Doax's profession. It look like a standard XJ X-Wing except for the weapon system was vastly improved. The ship was also a reflective black with silver glints to help camoflauge it in space. He called it the Strafer series. Was one of a kind, had the manuverability of the A-Wing and equaled the B-wing in firepower along with the sleek lines of the X-wing. Doax gladly accepted the ship. After a few years of working with this new ship Doax started to feel extremely superior to others. Untouchable, he decided to go after the hardest target in the galaxy. The master of the newly reformed Jedi Academy, Luke Skywalker. Needless to say their confrontation was short, Master Skywalker could sense a powerful force user in the Ubese, he could also feel that there was good in this man. He offered to spare Doax if he would agree to come and study at the new temple, and remain openminded. If after a year he wanted to leave he was free to do so, otherwise they would go from there. Doax actually took to the Jedi lifestyle fairly quickly,it was regimented in a fashion he was familiar with. His skills as a Jedi proved to be impressive. He learned to weild his lightsaber fairly competently, evenr if he didn't rely on it 100% like the others. And he excelled as a pilot eventually becoming an instructor for others. Until the Vong came, and started to destroy all in their path. Doax is constantly warned of his past and reminded that he is not that person anymore. It grows more and more difficult with each new lost comrade.

10 July 2005, 09:42 AM
Love the Twist you put on a Ubese Jedi Character Max! Nice touch to the New Jedi Order Era! Adds a bit of controversy within the character itself making for a great development of character to emerge during the game! anyway just had to comment on it!

max ordo
10 July 2005, 11:51 AM
That describes me I think, Twisted and controversial (and I can't spel either).

I figured I ought to throw a description of the little guy in here also. Yeah I said little. Doax would be about 5 ft or so slight build. He will refer to all you 6 ft women as Amazons also. His enviromental suit is mottled black and grey with a dark grey helmet. He is always heavily armed, DT-12 holstered on his right hip, his A280 is in a speed sling on his left side. His lightsaber is sercured at the small of his back. He also has a bandolier ocross his chest with 5 Thermal Detonators. He doesn't even own a set of Jedi robes since he will never remove his suit willingly. He does however have a dark grey cloak that he will wear when not wanting to draw attention to himself.

10 July 2005, 04:20 PM
great job max! i always love to see what you will come up with next! hmmm welll last shot here! as_v_1 please post if you wish to play i am waiting for everyone to get the chance to post before we are ready to move out...so if you havent posted by then...well i am afraid i will have to remove you! so thanks everybody!


14 July 2005, 01:48 PM
ok guys i guess i am going to count as_v_1 out...i have sent him pms and stalled as long as possible soooo...i will be posting your new numbers on here as i will need to use an npc to round us back out. so here they are

saber 1- me
2- chance
8-karens ap

this is three flights. flights are broken down by numbers...ex. flight 1 is 123, flight 2 456. flight 3 789. if you have any questions about this just let me know. well off to post in the IC!


14 July 2005, 02:49 PM
Dear Sir or Madam,

Greetings I noticed your RPG on the SWRPg board and was wondering if I can join your game. It looked like a preaty cool game. It looked like a lot of fun to RP in My character is listed below. I look forward to hearing back from you and take your time.


CHARACTER NAME: <Zh' renb> Goerge
CLASS:Jedi Councler(Jedi Rouge)/Scandral (Mecanery)
PLAYER: Zeb Oswalt
SPECIES :Trogian
LEVEL : 10
CLASS LEVEL:6 Jedi Concler(Jedi Rouge)/4 Scandral
AGE: 31
HEIGHT :8 ft
WEIGHT: 350 ibs
EYES : jade green
HAIR : jet black
SKIN: furry
STRENGTH:18 +4 one handed (+8 two handed.)
WISDOM:10 +0
VITALITY :74 Curent: 74
Woond points: 35
Speed: 10 M

Lang: Basic , Togorian
Defance:18=10 + 3 Dex Mod +1 Size Modifire -1
intistive: +3=+3 D.M. + :M.B.

MOD :+1
MOD :-1
ARMOR: Blast Vest
SDR: +2 weight: 3 kg
+ =
Fourtatude: 9 = +5 + 4Abilty Mode + Misc Mode

Reflex: 4 = +3 bonus save+ 1A.M.

7= +7 B.S -0 A.M.

Melle 10=+ 7 Base +4, size mode -1


WEAPON: Lighht Saber
WEAPON : Death Hammer (Merr-Sonn mode 434)
TYPE: W Blaster Size:S DAMAGE: 2 d 6 + 2
Critical: 20 range: 8 m weight: 1.2 kg
hardness: 6 Pevalent, licensed

x Craft [ _Light Saber] 12
 Intimidate 3

 Pilot 10

 Speak Language [ _basic______________ ]
 Speak Language [ _Torgen______________ ]

 Swim 2

 Tumble 4
disable device 2
bluff 3
computer use 5
demolitions 2
Gamble 2
Knowlege Jedi 4
listen 2
Profesion Bounty Hunter 4
Read write basic
read write Torgaron
Repair 4
Sence motive 2
Swim 2
tumble 4
Star pilot 15
Atrogate 7
Balance 1
intimidate 4
jump 2
Tumble 4
Craft Star ship 5

Skills marked o can be used untrained (0 skill ranks). *Armor check penalty, if any, applies
Force Feats:
Force traing ,Force sensitive,Control , Force pilot,Force Whirlwind, Alter, Light saber defence, Sence, Force Mind

Simple weapons Blaster pistol, light Saber, M. Arts, Force Senity Weapon speashlasation: light saber form 5 ,Power Attack, Great Fortitude, Gun Crew cheif, Exotic Weapon proficancy, light saber, ZDodge, Combat Expertise, Whril wind attack, Force Sensitve, M. Arts, Rapid Shot, Power Attack, Quick draw, Spacer, Star ship dodge (XJ wing), Star ship Opps (star fighter and Space Transport) Street Smart, Two weapon fighting, Improved two weapon fighting, weapon fenese blaster pistol, weapon finesse vibro blade,

Force Skills:
Enhance Abilty 7
Enhance sence 4
Heal Self 3
Heal another 2
Move abiltiy: 10
Force stealth 1
Battel Mind 3

1. light saber weight 1k
2. Death Hammer (Merr-Sonn mode 434) 1.2 kg
3.Jedi robes 1k
4. Street cloths 4k
5. com link 1k
6. Blast vest 3 kg
7. clock 1k
8. Vibro dager1.3 k
9.blaster carbine 2 k.g
10. com link 1 k
11.A99 Aquatic Breather 1 k
12. light saber red 1 k


History :
George's mother died in childbirth of giving birth to George. His father tried to raise him. However being of his species. The need to travel was in him. He decided to take the boy with him. He went to the planet Sacorria. Unfortunately he did not survive his visit all on that planet. He was killed by a rival gang members who did not notice he was even there. They were in a shoot out in a stray laser blast killed him. George was found by the gang and thought he could be useful when he got older.He work many small crimes as a child. He was not a big time criminal. But for a boy he's at his age he was very impressive. Still he was not destined to remain a criminal. One day to Jedi's came to that planet to handle a dispute. One of them took a liking to George.This unnamed Jedi trained George. In fact George has no idea who his parents are he was found at a young age by the Jedi. He was basically a street kid on Sacorria. Sacorria was not his birth planet. In fact he had never met another of his species. He was barely 9 mounths old when his father was killed accidentally. He could not have been more than four or five when these Jedi found him. This Jedi picked him up because of his high MIDI chlorine levels. Not the highest the Jedi had ever seen still they were pretty good amount. George had nowhere else to go. So he gladly went with the Jedi. There he was trained with the other children and how to use a light saber. And his force abilities. The years pass and eventually he was old enough to become a padawan learner. He was assigned to a Jedi Master and everything. He trained to one day become a member of the Jedi Council. He did his job the best he could. And yet the need to travel that was in his basic DNA stayed with him. He checked in the Jedi library and found all of his species of his basic need to travel. He also found that as a Jedi he would be an outcast from his people. He tried to fight the need to travel. But, it was too great. All Trogians had this need to travel. Eventually he left the Jedi order becoming a rouge Jedi. They let him leave. As they let all who wish to leave the order leave.

But, with gladly welcomed back with open arms. He took what position he had with him. And what little credits he had. Still he found if you wanted to travel a lot he had to make credits. He found he can make the most money has a mercenary. He was okay with being called scum. He planned to save up and buy a ship. He could then become a bounty hunter. And catch criminals . He figured as a Jedi bounty hunter he can make a good living. He kept his light saber with him. And later bought a blaster. He tends to usually work with Willie the Priapulin. His info man. Will you thought information on job and George does the job. This is George's intro if campaign is during a different timeline he could have a left the council right before the Jedi purge. And was working in the hut system. And as all of that. Or he was trained by one of the Jedi's who were missed Doering the Empire years. Or he could have been one of the students trained in Luke's school after the new republic. And last later to become a mercenary. Since he still has that need to travel. )

Thanx for your time.

14 July 2005, 03:39 PM
Hearing Major Lacor’s order, Dinek makes his way into the cockpit of his XJ X-Wing. Through the force Dinek can detect slight hostility directed his way from some of the other members of Saber Squadron. It’s seems some people are still upsets about my comments Dinek thinks. Well they’ll just have to live with it, I’m the kind of person that likes to speak his mind. We’ll just have to see how smart an idea this squadron turns out to be. I can’t help but think that once the Vong find out about a squadron full of the “Jeedai Infidels” they will throw everything they have against us as soon as we jump into a Vong controlled system.

“This is Saber 9, all system are go.” Dinek says.

14 July 2005, 03:41 PM
oops wrong thread

20 July 2005, 08:22 AM
Hey Lucky, you gonna tell us who got kills and who didn't? I'f no one else minds I'd like to keep track of that on the OOC get a little friendly competition going lol. Of course as long as everyone stays honest with the dice rolls lol, I know i will, anyway let me know if nothing else I'd just like to track it for Sam and Kerry, talk to you later girly girl!!!!

20 July 2005, 11:04 AM
i will post kills her everytime we have a space battle then...lol though i must say a bad one to start keeping track! lol not everyone shot! lol

but as of now thus it stands:
Doax 1
Kerry 1
Sam 1
Dale 2 (lol he cheated! has rear weapons! lol)
Zeb 1

everyone else....you guys were so close! but good job to you all! see you in the game!


20 July 2005, 11:07 AM
Originally posted by jedi_lucky
i will post kills her everytime we have a space battle then...lol though i must say a bad one to start keeping track! lol not everyone shot! lol

but as of now thus it stands:
Doax 1
Kerry 1
Sam 1
Dale 2 (lol he cheated! has rear weapons! lol)
Zeb 1

everyone else....you guys were so close! but good job to you all! see you in the game!


cool. B) Thanx for posting this.

21 July 2005, 07:51 AM
Thanks Lucky, you gonna keep a running count or just for that battle? LMAO sorry for all the questions lol. Just trying to help! Talk to you later girlie.

Oh yeah and Slick JT real Slick lmao *shakes head* shoulda thought of rear weapons myself lol.

21 July 2005, 12:32 PM
no problem guys i will keep a running count of kills...but only whil ein your fighters. karen you want to know how many vong you kill...you keep count! LMFAO god knows the count could get up there!


23 July 2005, 08:08 AM
HEHEHEHEHEHE a sinister grin crosses my face... yes it could... it could... lol ok will do.

24 July 2005, 06:14 AM
Hi guys. Can't our characters all just get along. LOL. Sorry guess George went a little over board. I just realized that sense part of his contract was to not tell whom hired him he wouldn't. So if he's still alive can we get back to the re part of the game and stop ware every ones pointing guns at poor George? I wanted to have him hired by a well known Star Wars character and thought if I just didn't give them a name I could get away with it. Sorry if I went a little over board. Thanx for your time.

Wait hold up. He wasn't saying he was reporting any one. He was thinking. Would he put it in the report or not. He never said any thing about reporting any thing. Sorry for the mis under standing. Oh he did say that..ops. Thanx for your time.

24 July 2005, 08:49 PM
Now why was I asked to create a reason for my character being there if it's just going to be ignored? Are you just going to have your characters fire on mine because I'm the new guy? Is that it I was allowed into the game to be shot by everyone? I don't want to hear that's just the characters you should have been some NPC to back up my characters reason for being there. Why wasn't this back ground backed up? Instead you challenged it? Why? Now aster he told every thing their are still guns in his face? And trust me no one is nice with Guns in their face. Lucky you said if he told they'd stop pointing the guns he did. Why did no one come over the Com with Confirmation? OK I know I screwed up with the Player note. An action that should have been on the board.And played out as is so rolls could be made etc. That was the one thing I realize IO was wrong. The rest of this I'm right.

Now moving on George took an attion it was just ignored. It was taken it wasn't explained if it worked or not, just ignored. I mean why tell me to come up with a back ground if it's just going to be ignored? This Ed 209 set up isn't fun to play. If Ranny is to act a Cretan way why were their no other NPCs sent to verify Goerge's clam? Why was the truth just ignored? Something to clam the situation should have been put on the board. It wasn't. I was told this was character development, but it looks more like lets kill Zeb's character. So if the chose is have him just fall for no reason or have him make a move. I'm gonna have him make a move. And then leave.

I came to play, but this is just not right. I'm sure it will be just ignored like the last move. What ever. What was the point to this? To just be rude to the guy who wanted to play? I mean you told every one to shoot my charter. No OOH note don't really do it. So I think I'll leave sense you seem to want to kick me out any way and kill my character. I'm a little frustrated by this so I may be over the top. But, this is anoying. Bye.

25 July 2005, 02:58 AM
Yeah i'd say you went a little over the top, and this is annoying? sure if you say so... but as said by a great Jedi Master... "From a certain point of view" ... Now personnaly, and this is my oppinion only, and in no way should affect how you look at the GM or other players in this game, just me, lets get that straight right now.

You as a player have failed yourself in that according to your own posts were told to come up with a backgroud to assist in bringing your character in by the GM, then complain about no NPC to assist you in this aspect? Hmmm nope. think you took the whole backgroud thing and went a little overboard and even in doing so didn't think it through all the way as a player. How can you expect a NPC when you yourself come up with the background? And how can you complain about everyone's mounting tenssions when you yourself are not very cooperative and then when things aren't going your way you beg to just "get along", nope, don't think so buddy, and no offense but just playing our characters in that asspect, so.. in short.. oh well.

Now as a GM Lucky seems to be doing a very good job of playing the NPCs in the game, She has played Saber 1 as she has from the get go, a hard-line, no BS, mission first, do as i say, general bad (insert alternate word for butt here), Now if you notice she played Saber 2 as the character he should be also, reluctant, no sure if its the right thing to do, and a cool calm guy in general. A nice touch on the NPCs if you ask me two sides of a coin.

And one thing you must know if you have ANY experiance in Star Wars Gaming...
First: Quantum Torpedos are from Star Trek!!!!!!!!! not Star Wars!!!!!!

Second: and that when dealing with other players who some already don't like why they (refering to their characters) are in the situation they are in that they (character again) get a bit touchy and that withholding easy to give out info is a bad thing ESPECIALLY after they saved your butt!!!

Third: Also judging from you OOC and IC posts you seem incapable of separating yourself from you and your character, nothing in a game is personal!!! Grow up!!!

Fourth and finally: Now finally the skywalkers will know what to do with them? Hired by a well known Senator? All well and good, but... look man, in the future, how about when you jump in a game late, be a little more forthcoming with the info when asked. Maybe you'll keep more characters that way. This sight is not for the feint of heart, as this game is not either, so in closing....

Good Ridance

(aka Sam and Kerry)

25 July 2005, 03:25 AM
well Karen you said it... al little more colorful than i would have but you said it lol.

Zeb, Zeb, Zeb, man dude chill out, its not that bad, think you need to go find a nice beginers game somewhere where they're gonna let you overload your star trek torpedoes and eject the magazine.

Anyway, cause first of all after doing that and trying to do what you did, as a GM mysefl (and over 20 years experance in it) the force from the blast alone would pretty much strip you of all your shields and combining all those warheads overloaded? well solid warhead not energy so no overload, but the shear force alone of around 4-6 proton torpedos would be something close to a tactical nuclear weapon blasting right under your rear end, without the radiation of course, but with the EM shock, so there's a little Ionization for ya.

Also looking at your rolls and skill checks, i think you need to go read your revised core rule book a little better... learn the game better before trying to jump into a online game with a bunch of VERY experianced players and although a newer GM a VERY experianced player herself with years of experance and not her first time GMing.

and finally if your gonna jump the gun in the future and start the engagement, little game knowledge for ya here, might wanna roll a initiative first, now no one NPC or Character can help you out of the bind, Seems to me Saber 2 and the other guy might have given you a chance and could have probably talked everyone down a notch or two, heck even Dale was just gonna kindda watch things unfold until you went and shot as his Squadron, but... since you just elected to fire away and get all crazy... well... get ready for your character to pay the piper.

No think i got most of what Karen missed, Max, your turn i believe lol, we miss anything? Oh and anyone else want to add anything feel free, also anyone who can't handle things the way their going, as stated by Karen, this game isn't for the feint of heart.

Kuddos on the game so far Lucky enjoying it.

Mack Jace
25 July 2005, 06:48 AM
Nice, JT, nice. Kudos to you Karen. Like JT said, you should go find a game where everyone is at a low level, and where you can get your character development. All of your actions IC are slowing down the game majorly, and you acting like a prick doesn't help either. Now, this is just my opinion, but, to play in an RPG, especially a high-level one, you can't come in thinking everyone hates you. You have to be open, share some info with the fellow gamers, that's how people get to like you as a player. Maybe if you join a lower-level group to play in, after a while you step up to the plate of high-level roleplaying.

Other than that, I can't find anything that JT and Karen haven't said. Who's next?

25 July 2005, 08:56 AM
No, any one who had all guns pointed at them would have been up set. Any way I'm out it's a game that's not working for my charcter. This is how most peopkle will react with all guns are pointed at them. I asjked sevarel people if having all guns pointed at them if I over reacted. They even looked at this board. No one dis agread with me. As for disloginbg it. No ware does it say you can't. The over load. You can over load any thing. If it's not detagable it kind of sucks for any one with those ships if they do over load. If I could have had the droid do it. Or do the ROJ trick with the droid. Or send the light saber threw a hatch or gabage detach use move object and cut it free. I apologise for being a jerk. But, the situation of every one sticking guins in a charcters face is frustrating. But, I went off the handel. For that. I'm sorry.


25 July 2005, 05:54 PM
well...well...now where to begin. i guess for starters i would like to say that i sent Zeb several PMs about the situation i even informed him that he was not going to be killed but that i have to play out my character (aka the major). i was trying to buy sometime to let Mack get back since he was gone last week and i also informed Zeb that this was the situation he was ocmng into. secondly i would like to say in defense of my NPCs that they are the way they are for a reason. which in time you will discover as the players. i made them to fill their roles in the game and if that doesnt suit someone i am sorry but this is certainly not a game for people who dont like to be pressured! when i explained the circumstances to Zeb i thought it was pretty clear. and i feel i should state now this will not just be a game of battle it will be a psychological mind trip. my intentions are to push you, pressure you, and test your characters to the brink of insanity! and if you dont think you can play this type if game then i strongly suggest you say so now! though i hope dont lose anymore of you....now back to the situation at hand. Zeb was never fired upon...not once did anyone pull the trigger! and if none of the players would have tried to talk the major down...then Chance would have!! as i said i was not going to kill the character off! and might i add that i didnt even get a chance to reply to any actions past the whole hyperspace fake which i assumed was clear it didnt work...did you get away? ok enough said. i mean lets say all the players fell for it ok...just as a hypothetical...the droids would have caught it! that is their whole purpose in life to know astrogation! they are astromechs! and as was stated by JT you would have only hurt yourself! i was trying to be nice enough to not let you kill yourself off! and lets say this too....as karen said ok...when someone saves your rear (for lack of a better word) and then wants to know something about you...its wise to speak up. i was trying to let you introduce your character here but you failed to do that and instead had to make this all soooo difficult. i think everyone has pretty much said everything that i wanted to say but i thought in my own defense i should respond. oh yes and one last thing. when i thought you were going to make up someone to work for...i meant just that make up...you know as in bob ward as an ex. and if you jump into a different game...read the prior post before you go into it blind. i think you didnt truely understand what you were getting into and i wish you the best of luck with whatever game you chose to move to. and lastly to use a quote already stated "from a certain point of view" you friends who agree clearly only heard your side of the story and if they read this whole thing...then my only comment is that they should try to see both sides of the fence before judging. so as my closing statement i am sorry it didnt work out for you but i am glad we can move on...and thats just what i am about to do...move us on. thanks to you all and i do hope you are enjoying the game...and remember this is just that a game....nothing in it should be taken personel! thanks to you all and i rest my case!


26 July 2005, 04:43 AM
Hey no prob babe me and kerry got this one, all over it, we can.... um oh god... um crap... i mean I got this no problem .... dang already messing with my head... done gone and split my personality on me... great, just great.........


*in my pest Scarface impression* to you know who as the torp launchers point at that individual...

"Saey halllo tu mi lil frrin"

All over it babe I'm still in for tha long haul, no feint heart here all..... ICE.

26 July 2005, 10:11 AM
*hands karen something* uuuum think your age is showing here...

LOL sorry couldn't resist!!!!

Hey count me in aint no weak minded softy here, I can take it! I can take it! I can take... it, I can... take... it, I... can... take... it... *begins sobbing* ok... maybe... *sniff*... not... *sniff*... but... I *sniff fniff* wanna... trrrrryyyyy....

all BS aside though you know me in like flynn... crap, hey karen, uuum would you umm, huh? yeah i know... thanks... droped my age... sorry... I'll just stick that right back wear it should be, there we go...... rambles to self under breath.... rasum tasum frasum age...

Ok still in, count on me for the long haul too.

Kal Nova
26 July 2005, 11:20 AM
Ok wow. That sure was a suprize. I still can't figure out exactly why that happened. Oh well, doesn't look like this game's going to be boring. Romda, still around and ready to make some good posts.

26 July 2005, 11:54 AM
thanks to all of you who have decided to stay and play...it will only get better from here...


Mack Jace
26 July 2005, 12:01 PM
In case you thought I wasn't, I'm still in this:P

max ordo
26 July 2005, 12:31 PM
Hey count me in aint no weak minded softy here, I can take it! I can take it! I can take... it, I can... take... it, I... can... take... it... *begins sobbing* ok... maybe... *sniff*... not... *sniff*... but... I *sniff fniff* wanna... trrrrryyyyy....

I can't wait to see who cracks next. But hey...ya can't make an omlette without breaking a few eggs right? So lets get this side show on the road. B)

27 July 2005, 03:52 AM
"MMMMmmmm OOOooommmmllleeetttttttttteeeeee......" - Homer Simpson

Mack Jace
29 July 2005, 05:29 AM
Hello all! I just wanted to tell you that I will be away from the 5th to the 12th, but back early on the 12th. Thanks!

29 July 2005, 11:59 AM
np mack got you covered...though a sad time to be gone lol

and i would like evryone to check in...minus karen, max, JT, and mack.
everyone else...if anyone else please check in here and check the IC. we have been missing alot of people and if they have dropped out now is a good time for me to know...sooo if you are still in post! thanks all!


30 July 2005, 06:22 AM
Hey girlie I'm out of town this weekend just jump on here for a second to let you know i'll be posting again monday.


17 August 2005, 08:50 AM
ummm hello? lol is anyone still interested in playing this game or no? if not its ok i just would like to know so that if not i can stop working on it...soooo please post in the ic if so if not please just drop me a curtosy post on here please! thanks!


max ordo
17 August 2005, 06:47 PM
i'll post tonight. just had some drama to deal with.

max ordo
13 September 2005, 12:21 PM
Hello???? (followed by an erie echo......)

24 September 2005, 09:08 AM
sorry guys...i know it has been awhile but if anyone still wants to play let me know and i will start posting again on monday...if it has just died i am sooo sorry but this whole divorce thing has been taking up most of my time.....anyway just let me know if anyone wishes to continue....thanks all!


max ordo
24 September 2005, 10:00 AM
I'm in yo! I want to kill some deserving bastards. so get your bee-hind in gear :D

7 October 2005, 07:37 AM
And again on here Im back and if you'll have me i'll pick Trace back up again... I'll catch up on the IC thread later on and post if you'll allow most illustriouse GM :) later all!


max ordo
7 October 2005, 01:13 PM
Who the hell is Trace. Think you're on the wrong thread buddy. Try the one that says smugglers.

7 October 2005, 02:45 PM
Oooooops lol this ones dead lol GM has no comp now lol ... off to smugglers lol.