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Gyp Ryol
3 July 2005, 08:23 AM
Amid the frenzy of war, many atrocities go unnoticed. Prisoners of war bear the brunt of these unseen horrors. Death camps, dank cells, and cruel punishment await the soul captured by the enemy in times of war. The lucky ones are executed as soon as they set foot in these hellholes. Those not so fortunate are forced to live in the squalid conditions, scraping a meager existence off the unkempt floor of their confines. Prisoners are reduced to walking skeletons in these cesspits, gaunt and bug-eyed, pitiful excuses for living, breathing creatures.

During the Clone Wars, perhaps the harshest of the prisoner camps were run by the Confederacy of Independent Systems. The Separatists constructed well-fortified camps that were fabled to be inescapable. The Confederates didn’t simply let their captured prisoners rot in jail, however. They made good use of the free labor that was available, so multiple mines and factories were powered by the sweaty hands of captured Republic supporters. The Confederate prisons were fabled to be escape-proof, with droid guards, AI-powered surveillance systems, and remote locations all conspiring against the prisoners. Any and all escape attempts failed, resulting in bloody ends for all prisoners involved.

The prison-mines of XR-32g were like any other Separatist POW camp. Prisoners are forced to work in the many mines of the planet, and the facility is run by the iron fist of the warden, Hes Jejit. Five new prisoners shipped to the prison have little idea they are about to change the course of the war raging across the galaxy…

A boxy, Separatist shuttle hurtles out of hyperspace and heads towards a brown rock of a planet, encircled with harsh orange clouds. As the shuttle passes through the planet’s atmosphere, the craggy and inhospitable surface comes into view. The shuttle flies low over the breaks and peaks of the rocky planet. Suddenly the ground drops away to reveal a huge canyon, a gaping wound on the planet’s surface. The shuttle dives into the canyon, heading towards the opposite wall.

The shuttle approaches a large cave in the side of the canyon wall, where several industrial looking buildings are nestled into the side of the canyon wall. The shuttle comes to rest on an open patch of earth underneath the lip of the cave. The shuttle extends its landing ramp, disgorging its prisoners. Five beings are herded along by eight droid guards, small black orbs with various appendages sticking out from its bottom and sides.

The droids lead the five sentients to a small yet imposing building set right up against the wall of the enormous cave. The sign above the door of the building said “Sanitation Center/Registrar.” When inside, the floating droid guards dropped the prisoners off in a small room with a height chart on one wall and a one way mirror on the other. A mechanical voice startled them all as it thundered from a speaker in the ceiling. “Line up against the wall, please.” Strangely enough, the voice was that of a Human woman’s, and a rather attractive one at that.

When the prisoners had lined up against the wall, five screens popped out of the floor, one positioned in front of each of the prisoners. A small camera dropped down from the ceiling on the mirror side of the room and focused on each prisoner down the line, snapping a picture as the woman’s voice identified each prisoner and listed their crimes and sentences.

“Prisoner XRN-783: Male Human, age 42. Captured on Serrag VII, arrested for treason, inciting to riot, and willful destruction of government property. 2 consecutive life sentences.

Prisoner XRN-732: Male Human, age mid-20’s. Captured on Tel, arrested for sabotage and willful destruction of government property. Life sentence.

Prisoner XRN-797: Male Bothan, age mid-20’s. Arrested in Fretyg sector for gun running, smuggling, and operating without a government license. 2 consecutive life sentences.

Prisoner XRN-726: Male Trandoshan, age mid-30’s. Captured on Dantooine, arrested for attempted sabotage and trespassing on government property. Life sentence.

Prisoner XRN-756: Male Human, age mid-20’s. Surrendered on Icy Ramour in Yo-Jun system. To be held until further notice.”

The camera finishes taking each of the prisoner’s pictures, and disappears back into the ceiling. The woman’s voice says with finality, “The Registrar will see you shortly. You are free to use this time to converse, as there is to be no talking in the presence of the Registrar.” The lights dim, and the room is eerily quiet. Prisoners #732 and #756 twitch slightly, as they hear a scream of pain and terror coming from elsewhere inside the building.

Elsewhere in the prison-mine, Prisoner XRN-428 adjusts the beam width on his laser bore drill when he experiences a vivid vision. He sees five figures standing shackled atop a pile of rubble. The vision passes as soon as it comes, but not without a voice whispering in #428’s ear, “They have arrived. The time is now. Remember your patience.” The laser drill pierces the hard rock of XR-32g, cutting away to the rich ore beneath.

3 July 2005, 11:33 AM
"It's Col, by the way."

The middle aged man on the far left speaks up quietly after a few still moments. He remains motionless, hunched over, gazing absently below him.

"My name, I mean," he adds quickly as if poping out of a daze, though his eyes are still fixated on the rough floor in front of the prisoners. "Gratus Col. Not X-something 783."

He goes quiet again after a short pause.

4 July 2005, 08:37 AM
As the prisoners were being photographed, Blass aimed a wink at the camera. When the voice finished, the trandoshan turned to the other prisoners. "Did you hear that voice? WOW! Personally, I'm all for inter-species breeding... I'm Blass Vied, by the way, Mercenary, bounty hunter and proffessional ladies man. Don't ask me how I stay so upbeat, I tend to have a lot of luck."

4 July 2005, 03:52 PM
"I wish you good luck in dating the facility administrator," Jakys snaps at Blass. "Personally, I have no desire to meet or be involved with someone who's about to send me to living hell."
Jakys pauses.
"The name's Jakys, by the way. Jakys Kree."
Jakys turns away, and his mind starts buzzing with all the curses he has ever heard.

5 July 2005, 08:01 AM
The second human glares at the camera as it takes its pictures. Inwardly though, hes laughing.

Fat lot of good your pictures will do when the time comes.

He's a short, rather pudgy, unattractive fellow, who's already losing his hair. The glare and sardonic smile on his face make him look even worse.

When the camera leaves he stares at each of his fellows, analysing them, testing them. One of them could be a plant, keep a watch on us, report on any planned escape attempts. Doesn't look like it though, they all seem alright, but keep your guard up.

He glares at the Trandoshan's comment, but doesn't say anything.

"Since we're introducing ourselves... I'm Raith Orus, professional saboteur... and proud supporter of the Republic"

He adds the last bit as an afterthought, with another glare at Blass for being so willing to "change sides", as it were.

5 July 2005, 09:06 AM
The trandoshan was taken abock from the glares of the others. "Geez! Calm down. A joke is a joke is a joke. No need to go wookie on me! I don't want to be here, but I figure that while I'm here, I might as well have a good time." He looked around him. "Well, as much of a good time as possible in a prison. I have no love for this war, but it keeps the paychecks rolling in. Both sides have good causes, you just have to decide who to follow. I mean the seperatists say the senate is corrupt, and they want to form a new republic. Why do you fight them? If they want to go, they want to go. It was the Republic who fired the first bullet by attacking Geonosis, not the CIS.
But then again, the Republic is the common and popular way, the Jedi follow them so I suppose we'd be wise to. They're all scholars and stuff, 'ent they?"

5 July 2005, 09:13 PM
Col breathes heavily and begins rubbing his bloodshot eyes agressively, his slightly agitated voice muffled by his hands; "Yeah, I don't know about you guys, but I'm doped up to my eyeballs in those pacifiers from the trip over, and my head feels like it's gonna explode, so I can't really handle the whole talking thing ..."

Now feeling a little sick to his stomach, Gratus blinks his eyes hard to try and re-orient himself as he stares at one of the gaurd droids hovering statuesque across the holding area, and comments to himself aloud:

"Huh. Durrite-Acrylic armor compounds on the IO-37s. That's a weird choice."

17 July 2005, 04:33 AM
Speaking to no one in particular-
"As we are currentl in a CIS prison, surrounded by guard droids, now is perhaps not a good time for you Republic supporters to be giving away free information."
XRN-756 runs his gaze up and down each security droid, then, without moving his head, proceeds to survey the room. When he is done, he continues standing, not ramrod straight, but 'mercenary imitating standing at attention' straight, maintaing a Sabacc face.
Unlike these Republic supporters, I am going to make the Confederacy work for their information about me. ... I wonder if she will be here-I bloody well hope so.

18 July 2005, 08:23 AM
Blass looked at Col. "Wait, those were drugs?" He sighs "Yay! My famous slow metabolism again! Us Trandoshans are famous for it!"
With that he collapsed on the floor in a pacified daze.

20 July 2005, 06:48 AM
Bru-Tobis can almost feel a hand lift from his shoulder, as if the apparition whispering to him were actually there. Patience indeed… Averting his attention from his monotonous task that has, by now, become nearly second nature, he dusts off his senses and sends out invisible probes that seem to stretch as if just waking before weaving their way around and through the compound. Bru is suddenly energized. It has been quite some time since he has really, actively used the Force. It feels good, like the embrace of friend long missed. He is exuberant, nearly forgetting what he’d initially set out to do when he finds them: five figures looming lethargic, yet restlessly about the sanitation room. They have arrived…the time is now…after so long…I’d nearly given up hope…nearly become just another Separatist droid, obedient, hollow, emotionless…I have hope again, old friend…that is, I hope you’re right about this…I hope you’re right…

Bru-Tobis retracts his sensors, closes his eyes, and breathes deep. Slowly, he opens his eyes and returns his attention to his task as if nothing had just happened.

21 July 2005, 01:20 PM
"As we are currently in a CIS prison, surrounded by guard droids, now is perhaps not a good time for you Republic supporters to be giving away free information."

"Hmph, I'm not telling them anything they don't already know. You heard my crimes... 'sabotage and wilful destruction of government property'... and I expect my professionalism is obvious in the way I committed those 'crimes'. That I am a supporter of the Republic is obvious."

Raith glares at the fallen Trandoshan, but says nothing.

22 July 2005, 08:30 AM
XRN-756 turns to look at the only sentient who had yet responded. He speaks once again, in a cold, passionless voice. "Your loss."

27 July 2005, 07:02 AM
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1 August 2005, 06:29 PM

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I will therefore bow out due to lack of activity.

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