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15 July 2005, 03:57 PM
The jedi padawan, Kia Saphrem sneaked down a dark corridor. Only hours before this moment, she and her master, Master Kai Seraph, had lead an elite strike force of Senate Guards into the lair of the recently deceased Lord Payne to wipe out the few remains of his rumored personal cult once and for all. A job estimated to be no more than an easy one, perhaps even challenging. But the senate guards as well as the two jedis had met serious resistance from the fanatics supporting Lord Payne.
They had to seperate earlier to avoid detection and after a brief tactical meeting, they had agreed that they would meet up inside the throne room. Now Kia moved slowly down a corridor, she knew lead to the throneroom wihtout an enemy inside. She was a tall 15, almost 16 year-old human girl with long dark hair tied up in a tight ponytail underlining her perfect, almost majestic facial bonestructure. She had a slim, toned body and ice-blue piercing eyes that usually shined of warmth and kindness, but now they were lit up with concentration a quite a bit ammount of fear.
She reached out to the force to sense if anyone would be near, despite she knew both her telepathic and farseeing abilities were quite feeble. Suddenly a man in a black tunique baring the markings of Lord Payne in blood-red inscriptions jumped out screaming. He opened fire, but Kia Saphrem simply just deflected the shot with an amazing reaction save. The man shot once more. Then again and again. All the shot were easily deflected and as he kept shooting Kia slowly and steadily closed in on her prey and his certain death.
In an elegant move she cut him down like a farmer cuts down a rag of hey. She looked around, he was the only one and behind him was an elegant gate. That’s odd, she thought to herself, only a single sentry to guard the main throne. She opened the door and saw her master knocking down a young boy, forcing his opponent on his knees. Why would there only be a single guard on station? She was about to say ”hi” or something to her master when he beheaded down the boy in cold blood, with a sidious smile on his lips. ”M-master???”, she studdered and Master Seraph looked at her ”dammit… you weren’t supposed to have seen that”, he smiled with a bloodthirsty fighsty smile.
Kia looked into the eyes of the man she had loved like a father, in fact he had been the only father she had ever known. What once were kind, warm eyes that shined with life and dedication to his duties as a Master of the Jedi Order, now seemed cold, indifferent and flickered uneasy at her. ”What’s going master?”, she asked hoping for a positive response ”I’m cleaning up the mess made by the imbecile Payne…” the words from her master struck her like lightening...

16 July 2005, 12:57 AM
The Legends of the Exile saga, started here is meant to an interactive series of short stories... where YOU have a say-so in how the story progresses. By voting you influence in how the story turns out... while the young padawan turn to the dark side (like her master did before her?) OR will she stand her ground and do the right thing as a noble jedi knight?

It is up to you to help decide...

But be adviced, the story MAY take unexpected turn of event...:vader:

20 July 2005, 07:44 AM
Cool Story.