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17 July 2005, 03:58 PM
In a galaxy far, far away
A long time ago...

Rise of the Dark Mountain

It is dangerous times in THE GALACTIC REPUBLIC. Mysterious pirates have begun plundering the outer-rim hyperspace routes, leaving the Republic treasury on the verge of collapse

The pirates, calling themselves THE BLACK HAND, the eternally bickering Senate is on its knees, powerless to stop the development, powerless to stop the terrorists.

And amiddst this precarious situation stands the JEDI KNIGHTS, champions of peace and harmony, seemingly unable to stop the wave of violence.

Further more the mighty Commerce Guilds are threatening to build massive fleet to encounter this mysterious threat. If they carry out their threats it is feared likely that the Guilds will use their newly forged armies to take marketshares from weaker competitors by force, bringing a terrible war to the galaxy...

17 July 2005, 04:20 PM
A Trade Federation YT-1300 transport named "The Enigma" jumps out of hyperspace near a large Green gas giant with a large amount of moons, with smoke and sparks coming from its hyperspace engines.

Onboard is the seasoned pilot, Dash Akar, a human man in his mid-50s, rumored to have seen more of the galaxy than anyone would even care to admit. He's an impressive man, large in size and build, with steel-blue eyes that can either inspire confidence in the weakest of hearts or strike terror into the strongest of minds
At his side sits a young twi'lek girl named Jaca Kairn co-pilot.

"Where are we commander?", the Jaca Kairn asked Dash while checking the charts from a nearby computer. The middle-aged man looked around, checking the position of the stars "Hmm... I guess we're somewhere in the outer-rim...", he grabs a pen and a piece of paper starting to calculate the position "excuse me sir, but we do have computers for that?", the young twi'lek said hesitantly. "we are approx 9 parsecs off the Meridian Run...", he checked the charts once more, and circled an uncharted area with his finger "in this region"... "wow, this is tense...what now?" "I'd follow company procedure, complete the repairs and get the hell out of here... we do have shipment to deliver", Dash said. "Sure..." she leaned back in her seat doing nothing "then to the bloody standard-scan of the system...", he said with a slight touch of enangerment in the voice...

(cut to the Trade Federation Offices on Coruscant)

Nute Gunray sat behind his desk watching the city as the dense traffic went by. A young man in a suit enters the office "sir, we have a situation" "what?", Nute said "The Enigma is missing... it reported a hyperspace mishap on the subspace network... and then nothing"
"that ship... it is the ship of Commander Dash Akar?"
"yes executive representative Gunray"
"he should know that company procedures dictates that he is to contact the nearest local station immediately after deviating a flightplan"
"could it be... The Hand?", the young man said as his face turned white
"it must be!", he said, "contact the Jedi, they MUST begin to take appropriate actions to stop these villains... if they don't we shall!"

(cut to the Blue Krayt Dragon, somewhere in The Factory Area)

Kal Nova
18 July 2005, 02:36 PM
A young man walks towards the Blue Kryat Dragon, one of the few businesses geared toward food and entertainment in the factory sector. He stands just under 6' tall and wears dark green pants with a brown vest. He's speaking, quite calmly into his comm.

"I retrieved the part and sent it back with Ulic. He'll be back in Corellia by
the weekend. I expect you will transfer the creds once he hands off the parts, Jenna. It's always been a pleasure working for you. Call me when the next job's ready. I'm going to check out the local nightlife."

Kayl Tetch, a rugged, dirty-looking human, walks into the Blue Kryat. The crowd inside barely takes note of him. Tetch notices a group of various aliens playing a game of cards. He smiles and makes his way over.

"Evenin', gents." Tetch pulls out his last 75 credits. "Let's say you squeeze me into the next hand."

(gambling roll 14+5 = 19)

18 July 2005, 04:51 PM
Daesha sat quietly in the back corner...watching everyone entertaining their...interest. if it wasnt for the jedi robes you would have thought she belonged here. though she was short she looked like an exotic female. her long wild red hair gave her that untamed look. and her peircing green eyes looked very much alive. "pardon me.." she says to a waitress walking by "i'd like a brandy please." she then sat back and tried to relax.

Ace Bandit
18 July 2005, 04:52 PM
A young male human with brown hair, hazel eyes, and very pale skin as if he has never been out in the sun for more than five minutes, wearing Jedi robes strides from the spaceport to roughly the middle of the street, looks around, notices the cantina, and walks quickly in.
No one in the cantina seems to notice him as he walks quickly but calmly to the bar and finds a seat, calmly surveying the crowd.

18 July 2005, 08:37 PM
You all notice a figure far back in the farthest corner of the bar. It's about 6'2-5 tall and is wearing a brown jedi robe. From the shape of the figure, you'd say it was most likely a human or near-human being.
Daesha and Ace heads straight on towards the figure, as you both sense a certain authority through the Force.
Tetch you are caught up with your game with the aliens, you don't even notice the Jedi Convention taking place...

The hooded Jedi: "At last you have come Investigator Daesha... I assume you know your new Padawan, Ace?" the hooded jedi look around the bar, like he is looking for someone, a third person present " as you both well know the situation is quite precarious. And to make matters even worse... the Trade Federation's threatening to launch another futile attack against the pirate fleet..." he looks around once more, this time he seemed to be a bit more successful " Your job will be to disclose the location of the pirate base... and then, if you are able to, estimate the number of pirate and report it back to Coruscant, so that we can coordinate a joint-strike with the Guild forces. But I must warn you... there is still little to no news regarding the fate of young Jing Ke, the padawan of the late Master Davad Moreno..." he turn towards Daesha "I assume you have been briefed on the related events?"

Ace & Daesha you can almost see a smile from inside the hood, though it's hard to see

The hooded jedi: "Your best bet would be to locate the woman Jenna Reno, she used to fly the same route as The Enigma did, prior to its disappearence. And to find her, you will need the aid of a certain gentleman named Kayl Tetch. You will find them both quite... resourceful..."

Tetch you hear a male voice in your head Kayl Tetch, come to me... You look up and see not, not two - but THREE jedis sitting round a table. The hooded knight seems to have some kind of drawing effect upon you...

Kal Nova
18 July 2005, 09:23 PM
<i>The pot's up to 300, and I've got 120 in my pocket. With this hand I could win over 500 creds. That'll be more than enough to last until the weekend.</i>

Tetch's eyes dart momentarily to the aged Jedi and then back on the game.
<i>Did he just mention Jenna?</i>

<i>I bet 40, and then we'll all call.</i>

Tetch coughs suddenly, sounding surprized.
<i>Now I heard my name. Are these my new contacts, or something more sinister?</i>

The hand was now his again. He only needed to throw in 20 to win the hand.

Tetch you hear a male voice in your head Kayl Tetch, come to me... You look up and see not, not two - but THREE jedis sitting round a table. The hooded knight seems to have some kind of drawing effect upon you...

<i>What was that!? They are Jedi? Strange I didn't notice until he called out.</i>

In a quite uncharacteristic move, Tetch throws the cards face down and says, "I fold. You caught my bluff. Sorry gents, but I have business to attend."

Tetch looks at the pot and thinks <i>pocketchange</i>. He grabs his remaining 80 creds, stands up, and walks over to the Jedi.

18 July 2005, 10:19 PM
Tetch You walk up to the table just as the hooded jedi arises, facing Daesha and Ace. You briefly see a pale human face... and something resembling a cybernetic eye underneath the hood as you pass him. He has a strange, sinister smile upon his lips...

You hear a voice in your head oh YES... this one is resourcefull indeed

19 July 2005, 12:02 PM
Daesha glances at Ace for a moment...then looks up at dirty looking...scoundrel...this should prove interesting to say the least.

Ace Bandit
19 July 2005, 05:03 PM
Ace looks at Daesha, then at Kayl, and says "So what are we supposed to do now?"

19 July 2005, 05:16 PM
The doors open and tetch see Jenna Reno entering the bar. She is a woman in her early 30s, once quite attractive, if not for a scar across her face that seems like it had been cut with some kind of energy blade Daesha you reckognize it as damage from a lightsaber-cut

she comes straight for your table with note in her hands. She's wearing a padded flightsuit that looks like it has seen better days and two custom-made repeterpistols at her sides.

"I was given this note by some anonymous guy wearing a hood...", she said with a rasp voice. She caughed a bit, clearing her throat "he told me to meet with..." she looks at them and then the handwritten description "you guys..." she nodded taking a seat looking up at her old scoundrel compadre, Tech for some kind of support against the two jedis...

(O.O.C: run a spot check)

Ace Bandit
19 July 2005, 05:21 PM
(my spot is 13+2(wis))

Kal Nova
19 July 2005, 08:16 PM
roll 13+5 =18 spot check

Tetch gives Jenna a confused look. <i>Do you know any more about this than I do?</i>, he wonders. Noticing Jenna's concerned look, he works to ease the mood.

"Jenna! My you're a surprizing woman. Did you come all this way just to pay me personally?", Tetch laughs charming, momentarily squeezing Jenna's shoulder. Before his laugh even had time to fade, he darts in between Jenna and the Jedi and starts his talk.

"Gentlemen," he says arms held high and wide open, "I may have been fixing up droid parts all day, but I'm smart enough to see you have need of me and my friend here. Let's talk this out over a round of drinks." Tetch smiles, waiting to see what the Jedi have in mind.

20 July 2005, 11:20 AM
daesha leans in toward ace "honestly...i have no idea what exactly we are doing here yet." she turns to look at jenna "but i have a sneaking suspision she isnt fond of jedi." she grins "be paitent we will find out soon enough...what exactly our role is here."

"well tetch i have a drink" jesturing at her brandy. "and personelly i am not one to beat around the bush. i prefer to get down to business."

20 July 2005, 11:48 AM
Ace - you get a bad feeling about this place...
Tetch - you believe there is some creepy-looking, fierce pirate-like character eyeballing you and your companions...
Daesha - you feel a distrubance with the force... like somethings out of place in here...

Jenna looks uneasy (rolls 18+4=22) as she nervously gazes upon a group at another table...

"I've got a baaad...feeling about this! It smells like a trap of a sort..." she looks at the Jedi like she's wondering if they have something to do with it...
"did the hooded man tell you why we should be put together?"

the voice of the hooded man echoes in your heads "run children...RUN

Kal Nova
20 July 2005, 01:05 PM
Hearing the voice, Tetch tenses up, eyes darting around frantically.

<i>Of all the bars to wonder into today. What's going on here? I've never seen Jenna get nervous like that. Did we get set up by the Jedi? Doubtful. Not by the looks of that pirate thug in the corner. This calls for a distraction.</i>

Tetch notices a wookie ordering a drink at the bar and get an idea. At the top of his lungs, he yells,"No! I DON'T think that wookie has an ugly mother, you're quite the rude duros!"
(bluff roll 15+6 = 21) vs wookie
Then at full force rams into a hapless duros, pushing him into the wookie.
(push roll 9-1 = 8) str mod

Tetch turns to Jenna."Time to go!" he says, grabbing her hand and running for the door. He shouts, "Bar fight! Bar fight!" as he he bumps into several patrons on the way out. (bluff roll 13+6 = 19) vs. crowd

Ace Bandit
20 July 2005, 02:53 PM
"Daesha I think we should leave." Ace says as he starts moving towards the door
"No! I DON'T think that wookie has an ugly mother, you're quite the rude duros!" Ace is almost to the door when
"Time to go!"
"Bar fight! Bar fight!" "Oh Jeez!" Ace runs the rest of the way to the door, and doesn't stop till he is outside the bar, at which point he readies himself for the worst (total defense +4 to defense making it a 20)

21 July 2005, 01:06 PM
Daesha stands up and quickly follows her padawan out the door. upon hearing the wookie comment she grins alittle and continues out the door. when she gets out with her padawan. she laughs alittle "so who is the master here again!" she pulls out her saber "you're always thinking 3 steps ahead of me." she laughs again...ignighting the silver blade.

defense 21 with lightsaber defense and deflect +1.

"now let us hope we dont need to go back in there."

Ace Bandit
22 July 2005, 02:34 PM
Ace looks at Daesha strangely "Daesha, I've known you all of two minutes, how would you know if I'm always three steps ahead of you?"

22 July 2005, 04:26 PM
"umm cause those two minutes you have been ahead of me?"

OOC:sorry i guess i dont get this whole padawan thing...i was told you were a padawan but then ummm no one has really assigned you to me nd well i am a tad bit confused about it...sorry