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24 July 2005, 11:59 AM

Revenge is a brutal and ugly business, and as much as it is sought to relieve pain, it is seldom a trip one can take that does not leave them transformedÉchanged. Oftentimes for the worse.

But when betrayed by friends, family even, revenge can turn a man into something else entirely. And when the man in question is a rabid gunslinger, who has always lived life on a hair trigger and whose life expectancy is charted in days rather than years, revenge can literally drive one insaneÉ.

Set To Kill is a novella focusing on the former Raptor Squad team member Ket Adkins. Once a young man full of skill and promise, deception, insanity and betrayal lead him down a dark path from which he may never return. Broken into three short stories that chart the steps Adkins takes to exact revenge upon those who he holds responsible for his lifeŐs downward spiral, Set To Kill is played out against a backdrop of seedy bars and barren glaciers, where blood flows like rainwater through storm gutters and murder isnŐt a crime- itŐs a business.

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