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27 July 2005, 11:16 AM
The timeline up to the beginning of this alternate adventure:

5 A.B.Y; A jedi knight named Luke Skywalker defeats The Evil Emporer
and Darth Vader at Endor. However the experience teints the
young jedi and starts to poison his mind.

6 A.B.Y: Luke Skywalker decides to leave the known space to search
for solitude and the wisdom to defeat the dark side within his

7 A.B.Y: The Empire and The New Republic manages to sign a peace
treaty under the leadership of the newly elected leader of the
Republic Supreme chancellor Leiah Organa.
Resulting in a division of the galaxy into The New Republic,
The Remnant, The Corporate Union and The Neutral Alliance

The New Republic instigates democracy immediately
The Remnant becomes a military dictatorship governed by
The Triumvirate consisting of three ruthless dictators
The Corporate Union is a Corporate Sector with free-
trade, a united financial and foreign policies, but otherwise
independent (like the EU in Europe).
The Neutral Alliance all planets that hasn't chosen a side
nor wish to do so are allied in a defensive and VERY power-
full alliance that has the strength to destroy any single
adversery. To maintain peace, they threaten to ally themselves
with the opposing side if ANY sides should attack another

16 A.B.Y: Luke Skywalker returns from the unknown regions of the
galaxy. He starts a Jedi Academy on Dagobarr since Yavin is
under Remnant control.

21 A.B.Y: There are whispers in the corners of the darkest worlds, that
the Sith has returned. Strange symbols belonging to a long
presumed dead Sith Sect starts to pop up around the galaxy.

This is where the story starts... The Dark Side has begun to cloud everything as it marches into the very hearts and minds of a war-weary galaxy. A new enemy has risen in the darkest corners of the galaxy.

The time has come for heroes to rise...

and fall...

- There will be no invasion of the Yushang Vong
- However there may be or may not be another great war, one FINAL war between the Jedi and The Sith...

If you wish to hear more, please PM me...

2 August 2005, 07:41 PM

::He had just got here. Awaiting his new master. HE had finished his training and had studied under master Zh'rneb Or as ever one called him. George. Master Sky Walker had assained him. Before he died in a tragic death. But, Haldebez had just began his training. He was not ready to began on his own. He had been sent to meet his new master. And continue his training. He had just left Dagobarr. And was wondering about all the Sith Symbols. It bothered him. But, he would be OK. He was a calm man looking forward to this mission. He was about 6 ft tall. Dressed in his Jedi robes caring his light saber. Tragically his old master was killed in an accident. His X J X-Wing had exploded. Something had gone wrong with it's engine. Setting it to explode. That didn't really matter now. For now he was just glad to be out their again. He had checked his light saber before leaving and made sure it was working. As was every thing else he had. As he walked on this planet. Fear was spreading the planet. Those without force powers could feel it. Haldebez calmed him self. And stroked his beard. Well, with his clawed hand. He looked mostly human save for those and his white eyes. He had brown hair. And was in good shape. He waited for his new Master and to find out what must be done. He missed the home world of Arkania. He was an Arkanian. He was sent hear to learn in the field. He had had a few field missions with his old Master. But, things were different now. The Sith presence clouded the world. It was worse. Things were evil. He did not like that. It worried him. He tried to relax and remain calm. To spread peace threw the universe. Well, his little corner of it. He wondered who his new master was? As he passed a bit. Then stooped. And tried to look as calm as posable. His hood drew up over his head. He remembered his long dead parents. He missed them. But, he was on his way to being a Jedi. He let go of any feelings he had save to be ready. To make it all happen. To help his master as best he could. As he tried to look calm. He fixed his robes. And watched the people walk by. They looked more nerves than he was. The newly started councel had picked him a master. Well, Sky walker or one of his people

had chose him and sent him. He didn't know. It was all knew. After the distruction of the Empire and the new Begaining. Yet the New Jedi Order was coming along nicely.::

As he tried to project calm.: :

2 August 2005, 07:48 PM
The campaign is PRIMARILY a jedi campaign (however other classes are allowed) set in NJO-like era.

If you ask what KIND of jedis I want...well

- no prestige classes at this point
- the campaign starts with the team being an investigative unit and from there who knows (a commando unit, an assassination squad... time and decisions will tell...)

besides that... just follow your hearts and minds, but beware of the dark side. It is VERY powerful in this campaign, in fact it is everywhere.

The Roster as by 7/9-2005 04:01 CET

1. Jedi Consular Level 1. Haldebez, played by Zeb
2. Jedi Consular level 7. Adi Baku. played by Almaster
3. Merc level 3. Rana Tyrkin. played by Tiburon4
4. Tech Specialist level 4. Rayn. played by Ket'ril
5. Tech specialist level 1. Dax Olesa. played by Skywalker
6. Noble level 7. Arando Kane NPC

I expect the posting will be frequent, so if you join - expect a certain amount of pace...

3 August 2005, 08:39 PM
(OOC: Am I ROPIng in the right place?)
::Haldebez had learned a lot in the arcives of the Concel. He went to a bath room and changed from his robes to street cloths. He had learned of much of the horendace back story. The Assain that almost threated the Order with twop deaths. And many other things. Luckly it had failed. Still right now his time was spent on waiting to meet his mnerw Master. The knight whom whould lead him threw his misson and prepair him for what was to come next. He was glad Corsanet hand a Concel. But, people looked more afraid. As they saw the sith markings. Even if they didn't klnow their meanings. They were markings of the evil Sith. They could feel the evil from them. As could Haldebez. Or was he projecting? He walked around on the Planet. Studing the perople. As he tried to project relaxsation. As he moved threw the place. Watching the goings on.He had his light saber hid, butr ware he coukld easly get it if he needed it.::

15 August 2005, 12:18 PM
The Curse Of The Sith Episode 1 is on...

The characters have all been summoned to the academy on Dagobarr for reasons yet unknown. Summoned by none-other than THE Luke Skywalker.

I'm looking forward to hear from all of you...

15 August 2005, 02:07 PM
I sent my character to your email and I also PM'd it to you. I also had some questions regarding play. If you could please answer those.

I am looking foward to it.

15 August 2005, 02:33 PM
Almaster>I read your character and it is VERY much approved...

15 August 2005, 02:40 PM
Below is my character. Background to follow shortly.

Adi Baku (Played by Almaster)
Human Female
Jedi Consular 7

Str: 14/+2
Dex: 8/-1
Con: 11/+0
Int: 14/+2
Wis: 17/+3
Cha: 16/+3

Defense: 15
Vitality: 60
Wounds: 12

Fort: +5
Reflex: +3
Will: +8

Initiative: -1
Speed: 10m

Base Attack: +5
Melee Attack: +7
Ranged Attack: +4

Reputation: +2
Force Points: 7
Dark Side Points: 0

Weapon: Lightsaber (yellow blade; 3d8 damage; hand crafted +1 attack bonus; Extended Deflect (defense) +1; Extended Deflect (attack) -4

Other Equipment & Credits: Jedi Robes, Comlink, Datapad,

Skills: Diplomacy +8; Gather Information +8; Affect Mind +15; Enhance Ability +10; Heal Self +13; Heal Another +13; Illusion +12; Move Object +12

Special Abilities: Dissipate Energy (DC 10+damage=cancel damage and 1 vitality per 2 wound lost); Force Flight (cost: 4 vitality and Move object check)

Feats: Alter; Control; Sense; Dissipate Energy; Force Flight; Improved Force Mind; Knight Defense; Mind Trick;

Korwin Blade
17 August 2005, 11:50 PM
Hey Stirroret,

I would be intersted in playing one of the NPC's.

If so can he be force sensitive?


18 August 2005, 12:05 AM
If you wish to join the adventure, you can still apply for non-jedi and non-soldier characters level 1characters

you can't play one of the NPC's at this point. But you can cook up a new character as long as it isn't a jedi or a soldier-character... In fact I am most keen on the idea that he/she wouldn't even be a force sensitive character. But if the character works... go for it!

18 August 2005, 04:45 AM
Question on our spot checks. Do you make the rolls for us or do we do it ourselves?

18 August 2005, 04:50 AM
you do 'em yourselves...

19 August 2005, 01:07 AM
There are 2 soldiers left ( I think), so I would like to play the Black Beret Officer. Here's my character:

Black Beret Officer Dak Jansenn
Str: 11/+7
Dex: 16/+2
Con: 14/+5
Int: 10/+4
Wis: 8/+7
Cha: 8/+15
Defense: 15
Vitality: 13
Wounds: 21
Fort: +7
Reflex: +11
Will: +5
Initiative: +4
Speed: 10m
Base Attack: +4
Melee Attack: +4
Ranged Attack: +6
Reputation: +9
Weapon: DC-15A Blaster Rifle (5d9+4 damage; 55m range)
Weapon: DC-17 Commando Pistol (3d6+3 damage; 10m range)
Armor: Plastoid ARC Trooper Battle Armor w/ ARC pauldron (Stripe color: Red)
Skills: Demolitions +12; Pilot +10; Move Silently +15; Slight of Hand +7; Treat Injury +6; Hide +10 (equipment);
Feats: Point Blank Shot, Far Shot; Armor Proficiency (light); Weapon Group (blaster pistols); Weapon Group (blaster rifles); Weapon Group (heavy weapons); Weapon Group (simple weapons); Weapon Group (Vibro weapons)

I hope this is what you're looking for (and that you're still taking players)

Korwin Blade
19 August 2005, 02:31 AM
Am I the only one that thinks Skywalker is on something?!?!?!?!?

Check the Character above...........

19 August 2005, 08:24 AM
What was wrong with my character? Besides, I don't at least get people removed from threads before the game even started.

22 August 2005, 06:58 AM
Since I haven't heard from Calheixas since he applied for the game, I'm forced to dismiss him from the game until further notice...

Therefore his spot is now open for those that may wish to create a non-jedi character.

You can choose from either being a:

Force Adept level 3
Noble level 7
Fringer level 3
Scoundrel level 3

No other classes are vacant at this point...

22 August 2005, 11:10 AM
The first week of gaming has come and gone...and I have to say it looks as if the game is going the right way in regards to direction. However the pace is a bit slower (even for an online text-based RPG) than I expected...

Here is a brief summary on the weekly events so far:

Week 1:
You, the team, has been summoned by the famous Jedi Master Luke Skywalker to meet with him on his academy on Dagobarr. During this meeting the team was given an assignment: to prevent a band of mysterious terrorists to bomb key installations in the Myrena system and apprehend one (if possible).
During the briefing Haldebez and Lt. Tarek Reema (NPC) notice a listening device tugged away in a far corner of the briefing-room AND a mysterious person watching the meeting.
After the meeting Haldebez consults with his just-assigned master, the Jedi Knight Adi Baku, on the proper course of action. And firstly the jedi orders the situation to be handled discretely, but as the clumbsy spy nearly falls through the window alerting everyone with his (or her) presence, she decides to force fly to the roof confronting the unknown stranger.
Meanwhile the others are running to see what is happening. SO Daz Muun however runs to sound a silent alarm...

22 August 2005, 03:21 PM
The game does seem to be moving slowly. I tend to post at least once per day, but if there is no GM response to my actions, I will not post again until there is. Perhaps we could move the game along by mandating a once per day post. If you don't post, your character does essentially nothing.

Just an idea. It might not fit though.

24 August 2005, 12:26 AM
That sounds like a great idea...

As for the lack of the GM response you mentioned I have to say that until today, I have been waiting for everyone to get his (or her turn). So that ALL players could follow the action as it progresses, to avoid leaving someone behind.
That and time difference (I'm Danish, that's GW +1 (roughly estimated 9+ hours time difference to most players))

But from this day on, I will expect a once a day posting from ALL players. Without exception (including me...)!

I stated before the game started, that I expect some pace in the action - now it's time to pull through and get the story going...


25 August 2005, 11:49 PM
new players

Two more PC's have joined our little ensemble. Skywalker and Tiburon4 making our NPC's Lt. Reema and SO Muun less important to the adventure.

Critical hits
source: Heroes Guide, various pages...

There are 4 different forms of attack
slashing - melee weapons always slash at their victims unless otherwise called.
pierce - when you call, you attempt to pierce (=stab a victim)
Blasts - you shoot an opponent
bludgeoning/unarmed combat - when you hit an opponent with bludgeoning weapon OR punch, kick etc.

If you call an attack-form and roll a perfect 20 you use the form below...
1. roll d10 for location
2. the opposition rolls a saving roll to avoid ex. being killed...

d10 location Result Save
1-2 Dismemberment* Reflex DC 12
3-5 Severed hand Reflex DC 12
6-8 Leg Wound Reflex DC 15
9-10 Decapitation. Instant death Reflex DC 10

Blasters or piercing
d10 location Result Save
1-2 Blinded Willpower DC 12
3-5 Pierced limb* Willpower DC 15
6-8 Deafened Willpower DC 12
9-10 Pierced torso. Instant death Willpower DC 15

Unarmed, Bludgeoning, fall
d10 location Result Save
1-2 Broken limb* Fortitude DC 10
3-5 Broken hand Fortitude DC 12
6-8 Broken Ribs Fortitude DC 15
9-10 Head trauma Fortitude DC 12

[quote]* when this result occurs. Roll for hit location
d10 location DC Core aim mod result for failed roll
1 L.Arm 10 Will +9 Drops item
2 R. Arm 10 Will +9 Drops item
3 L. Leg 10 Will +7 Fall Prone
4 R. Leg 10 Will +7 Fall Prone
5-9 Torso 20 Fort +2 Stunned (1 turn)
10 Head 20 Fort +13 Stunned (1d6 turns)

Meaning that if you roll a 20 in an unarmed combat then a 2 on d10

You first attempt to avoid the result by the original save.
IF you fail you proceed to the hit location. If you ex. roll a 4 on the d10
you have to save to avoid the result of a failed roll. If you however fail the roll... you fall prone.

Another example is you are fighting a lightsaber duel and you slash at the opponent. Roll a perfect 20. then a 9 or a 10... the enemy fumbles the saving throw... off with the head...

IF a saving roll is successfull you still have to deal damage to the wound points as usual...

26 August 2005, 04:07 AM
Two more PC's have joined our little ensemble. Skywalker and Tiburon4 making our NPC's Lt. Reema and SO Muun less important to the adventure.

Welcome to both of you.

However, Skywalker, if you in any way make decisions for my character, play as the GM and put my character in wierd situations, create a background for my character, attack as my character, play as the GM and have me attacked, or talk as my character (expressing opinions I do not agree with), then I will be very angry and something very bad will happen.

But don't get off on the wrong foot. I do want you to play. Just as your character, not mine.

27 August 2005, 05:48 AM
Sorry about that in VS. But Stirr and Korwin helped me out and I'm ready to go.

28 August 2005, 02:29 PM
You sure are Skywalker. Your character has been approved and you are hereby cleared to start posting away. Begin with a brief introduction since you have landed on the academy on Dagobarr with Rana Tyrkin on a modified Firespray 31 (a Boba Fett-like ship).

Describe yourself and what you look like and what your first actions are...

28 August 2005, 06:40 PM
Ok, a Slave 1 type (that's what I mostly know a Firespray by), this will be fun. I'll start posting on the IC now.

29 August 2005, 02:58 AM
The team is still on Dagobarr, however you learned that mysterious assassin codenamed Banshee had been listening in on your every move and you decided to approach this Banshee character. First in numerous attempts of a diplomatic solution, then you engaged in a violent - yet brief combat that ended with Haldebez beheading the intruder.

As of now... you are seperated:

Haldebez and Adi Baku on the roof.
Rayn in the briefing room.

And your ride for Ordmyrin (and the primary mission) has arrived in the shape of a modified Firespray flown by Rana Tyrkin and Dax Olesa that has been given the assignment to escort you to your destination and aid you in anyway possible.

Luke has ordered Lt. Reema and SO Muun (the NPC's) to investigate the circumstances surrounding this "Banshee"-character and you were ordered to stay on the mission - must stay vigilant...

29 August 2005, 02:17 PM
Hey all,
Sorry for the silence the last few days, unfortunately I have been sick in bed and not moving. Now I am well and apologise for any inconvience.


29 August 2005, 02:33 PM
Glad to have you back :)

29 August 2005, 06:51 PM
Welcome back. As you can tell, I just joined. I play the tech-specialist/pilot Dax Olesa.

3 September 2005, 10:37 AM
Hi Guy and Ladies,

Due to the Hurcane I'lll not be able to Rp till we get Power. If Haldebez is needed The GM has my permoission to use him. But, I can't RP much till We get power. We came out relativly unscaved. But, I can't RP muvch. I'm oin the Liubray in Pine Vile right now.Not even in Covington, La. Thanx for your time.

3 September 2005, 12:57 PM
It's alright man... I'm just glad you are ok! I will RP your character until you are ready for action again. Just let me know...


6 September 2005, 07:24 PM
Originally posted by Stirroret
It's alright man... I'm just glad you are ok! I will RP your character until you are ready for action again. Just let me know...


Cool and thanx. Me too. Thanx. And I'm back now. We just got power today. I'm back and ready to Rp again.