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Ace Bandit
29 July 2005, 04:39 PM
Ok before we get started here is a link to our OOC
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Also a little background: For as long as anyone can remember, even farther back then written history goes, the Imperials and the Rebels have been at war, and for as long as anyone cares to remember, they have been on equal footing, but now the Imperials have started destroying the Rebels, in all but the most remote bases, all the Rebels have left are a few bases in the outer rim and a small warehouse planet producing tanks, weapons, and other equipment for their ever declining battle against the Imperials.

Now then, Kal Nova, Stirroret, and Almaster, you three are in a cantina on a backwater world near the Ssi-ruuk Star Cluster. please describe your characters.

30 July 2005, 01:40 AM
The doors opens to the cantina a hollow thumping sound echoes through the noise mixed with the sound of mechanized joints sliding together. thump, thump, thump a huge medium-sized Super Battledroid enters carrying a blaster cannon on his back.

He scans stops and scans the perimeter. After a careful examination a message pops up on his internal display:

no hostile entities detected

and It walks towards the bar. "Hey, no droids...", he says almost like a reflex and then turns to the battledroid "...allowed"

Possible replies:
1. Sorry, I'll leave immediately
2. Go ahead, make my day - meatbag
3. I wish to enquire for the whereabouts of
Ra Viel and Rann Pace.

Option 3 selected
"I wish to enquire for the whereabouts of Ra Viel and Rann Pace", it said in a basso, yet polite tone.

The bartender points towards Ra Viel and Rann Pace, shaking his pants. For he knows that standing in the way of a Super Battle Droid on a mission equals a certain death.

"thank you for your cooperation" the droid turns towards the pointed out people...

31 July 2005, 05:06 AM
Rann Pace quietly sips his drink in a back nook of the cantina. Hearing his name mentioned he tilts his head slightly over twords the the bar. Seeing the barman point him out to a battle droid did not look good. He would very much like to have a talk with this droid, but that would mean wasting a half full glass of his drink. Rann's brain slowly calculates the options, and decides on a middle of the road one: taking his blaster out of its holster slightly, so it would be easier to draw, but still finishing his drink. Seemed like a plan.

Rann Pace is a typical brute, very large and muscular, with dark hair and eyes. He tends to process non-combat information slower than the norm, however, when it comes to battle, his stratigies are a force to be reckoned with.

He usually carries his sniper rifle across his back and keeps his blaster in a hip holster.

Kal Nova
31 July 2005, 01:14 PM
At the far end of the bar sits what looked like a 6 foot tall, bald, bronze skinned ostrich. His face sports a tribal tattoo, starting from right below his eyes, running back across his ridged head and ending right where his "hair spikes" start. All he wears is a cloak and a fancy loincloth that ends in a point below his lower knees. Leaning up against the bar
is his spear.

Hearing his name, Ra shoots an angry look at the bartender.

<i>If this droid attacks, that bartender is dead.</i> Ra grabs his drink and polishes it off. <i>This can't be an assassin droid, never heard of an assassin asking for its targets. If it hasn't recognized us by now, I doubt it'll attack.</i>

Ra stands defiantly and walks over to the droid, spear in hand. He stops right in front of the bartender and turns to face the large droid.

"I am Ra Viel, what do you want with me?"

2 August 2005, 04:21 PM
"I am Ra Viel, what do you want with me?"

The Battledroid turns to see in the direction of the adressor. On his scope a message came over him

first objective: locate Ra Viel - completed

possible answers to question: "what do you want with me?"

1. You tell me meatbag! (taunting reply)
2. I am regretfully unable to say, thus I am only following a preprogrammed order... (polite reply)
3. I'll the ask questions here meatbag (hostile reply)

analysis of situation for best behavioural reponse:
Analysis complete: polite mannerisms adviced

option 2 selected

"I am regretfully unable to say, thus I am only following a preprogrammed order in my system core. Your guess is as good as mine? May I buy you a drink?", the droid said in its politiest possible tone of voice

3 August 2005, 05:23 AM
Race Pann glugs down the rest of his drink. "What a fool," he thinks. "Why would anyone actually approach a possibly armed battle droid?"
Rann glugs down the rest of his drink and decides to sit out the rest of conversation. See if the droid is hostle or not.

Better order another drink.

Kal Nova
5 August 2005, 11:58 AM
Ra smirks, feeling like laughing at the droid's offer of a drink. <i>How polite for a machine of death. Maybe I won't have to kill the bartender.</i>

Backing up to the bar, he leans back onto the counter and shoots a sidelong look at the bartender. "Bartender, another Correllian Brandy. Courtesy of that fine young droid with its blasters pointed right at you. Ra grins mischeviously at the bartender, waiting for his drink.

7 August 2005, 04:48 AM
The droid turns towards the bartender.

Initiate hostility mode...

"The mea-...my friend is awaiting his drink. You have ten seconds to comply...!"