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7 August 2005, 07:48 PM
Once, several years after the great Sith War, an all-powerful Sith Lord Darth Vallan led a temple of Dark Jedi through trials and times of great peril. Though these Jedi aren't the Jedi heroes of the story, they are the key element of the power of the Light side of the Force. Darth Vallen was the most feared name in the whole galaxy. Anyone who so much as said a cross word of the Sith Lord of his Dark Jedi were never found alive the next day. This Dark Jedi army were the most ruthless of all in history. Though Vallen was a young Sith Lord, he was one of the most skilled Jedi in the ways of the force, and skills with a lightsaber. But no matter how good he got, no matter how much he trained, he still knew there was one greater than he, his enemy Master Yoda. He once was a Padawan eager of learning things as he progressed, but was always impatient and stubborn. He had eventually grown extremely strong in the force and turned on Yoda, but the duel left him badly scarred.
The squadron of Dark Jedi Fighters raced through the galaxy towards Mahr to confont the great Jedi Yoda. Darth Vallen felt a little uneasy of what he would find. However, he also felt the surge of hate flow through his body of how he planned to crush his old master.
"Prepare to go through the atmosphere of Mahr, and brace for re-entry."said Lord Vallen over his headset to the other Dark Jedi. " I wish to end this today".

To be continued...

10 August 2005, 06:53 PM
Darth Vallen and the small band of Dark Jedi landed in a small clearing. The great Sith Lord was surprised to see that the site had been deserted. However, Vallen wasn't going to give up that easily. He and his followers scanned the area thoroghly. There was no Yoda in sight. Darth Vallen turned to head back to the clearing when he heard a rustle in the trees. He instantly ingnited his lightsaber as a small figured landed in front of him. It was unmistakably Master Yoda.
"Give up pathetic fool," barked The Sith Lord," you are impossibly outnumbered."
"Misread your senses, you have. Unaware of your poition, you are." replied Yoda calmy.
Just as he said his line, 20 Jedi came out from the trees. Each one with an ignited lightsaber in their battle stance. Every Dark Jedi then activated their lightsaber and charged the Jedi. Explosive connections were made as the lightsabers clashed together. Yoda leaped high into the air and slashed at Lord Vallen. His blow was parried by a quick move. Spinning around and slashing, Lord Vallen attempted to deal a hard enough blow that would send Yoda's lightsaber flying. But attack after attack was blocked. As the Dark Jedi struggled to keep the offensive, two were cut down and dealt horrible finishing blows. Yoda had blocked an attack and quickly countered to a slash at Lord Vallen's leg. His lightsaber met it's mark and burnt a small part of the Sith Lord's leg.
Lord Vallen yelled with pain as anger and hate boiled inside of him. Yoda was able to gain the offensive and struck with speed. The Sith Lord had finally snapped. He let out a yell and unleashed powerful strikes. The Dark Jedi had been drastically cut down, but had taken other Jedi with them, now only 5 Dark and 5 Light Jedi remained. Each and every Jedi was beat to the bone. But Vallen and Yoda were still at it, hacking away at each other. Finally, they had gotten into a bind, and Yoda spoke the soothing words to Vallen...

To Be Continued...

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10 September 2005, 06:28 PM
Finally, they had gotten into a bind, and Yoda spoke the soothing words to Vallen...

Vallen had never heard so much mercy and compassion in his life. He had always lived for hate and anger. Never had he once thought why, so Yoda did him straight. Yoda calmly told Vallen,"Sorry I am,my young Vallen. Let go of your hate, you must. Only then, become a true Jedi, you will."
Vallen knew he was right. part of him wanted to live with peace, and another tried to resist. He then knew what he must do. He deactivated his saber, then one by one, he compelled himself, and his following Dark Jedi, with the power of the Force. They let everything go, and became whole, once more. As he did this, the Jedi all chanted,"The power of the Force compels you, it is meant for good, not evil. Only then, may the truth be told."
At that moment, the Jedi were released, and they were turned, back to the side of good. They had drastically changed, Vallen's hair was shorter, his scars were erased, his eyes were blue instead of bright yellow and bloodshot, and he had been rid of his Sith cloak, and his lightsaber, was once again green. Yassen Vallen and his former Sith followers were resurrected, along with the fallen Dark and Light Jedi. The power of the Force is an extremely strong thing. The Jedi of Yassen Vallen all scrapped their Dark Jedi starfighter fleet, and left on the Republice cruiser that had brought Yoda and his Jedi here. Once again, Wise Master Yoda and Young Yassen Vallen were a pair, along with the other 40 Jedi as they left for Coruscant and reimbersment into the Jedi ways. Each and every one of them realized, it is never to late to make your life descision.

The End