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7 August 2005, 08:13 PM
How many starfighters can you name? There's an X- Wing, Y-Wing, A-Wing, B-Wing, K-Wing, TIE Fighter, TIE Intercepter,and more I can't name.Post a complete list of Rebel and Imperial starfighters.

12 August 2005, 11:22 AM
Off the top of my head (besides the ones you metioned):

Z-95 (kinda)
TIE Advanced
TIE Avenger
TIE Bomber
Imperial Gunboat

I think those are all of the ones specifically used by the Rebellion and Empire.

12 August 2005, 12:49 PM
Cloakshape Fighter
TIE Defender
Miy'til (kinda)
Authority IRD (kinda)

Uron Teff
12 August 2005, 01:52 PM
(coral skipper)
Vigiliance Interceptor

12 August 2005, 01:58 PM
Tie Avenger
Tie Shuttle
Tie/D Fighter
Tie/fc fighter
Tie/gc fighter
Tie/rc Vanguard

Those are the ones I found in the Data Bank

14 August 2005, 04:29 PM
Can't belive I forgot defender.

The E-wing wasn't in the galactic civil war, I thought. I could be wrong.

Also: TIE Scout (ties with hyperdrive) and the plain TIE Vanguard.

15 August 2005, 03:25 PM
Ello folks!

This is ol' starship Deke! Let me give you some short lists:


TIE Advanced
(production model)
TIE Advanced
TIE Bomber
TIE Droid
TIE Interceptor
TIE Raptor
TIE Scout

A-9 Vigilance Interceptor
I-7 Howlrunner
Scimitar Assault Bomber
Sun Crusher


<b>Rebellion / New Republic</b>

X-Wing (T-65B)
Y-Wing Longprobe
Z-95 Headhunter Mark I
Z-95 Headhunter I3
(Improved Model 3)
Z-95XT Headhunter

Defender Starfighter (Darkstryder Campaign)
X-Wing (T-65AC4)
X-Wing (T-65BR)
X-Wing (T-65XJ) (NJO)


<b>Corporate Sector:</b>

Tis Zeta 19
#2 Warpod
Authority IRD
Authority IRD-A
Z-95 Headhunter


<b>Misc. Starfighters:</b>

C-73 Tracker
Corsair-class Starfighter
Cloak Shape Fighter
Gauntlet Fighter
Hornet Interceptor
Preybird-class Starfighter
ShootingStar-class Heavy Assault Starfighter
StarViper-class Starfighter
TL-118 "Star Hammer"
Toscan Q-8 Fighter
Zebra Starfighter
Qektoh Confederation Starfighter (mod. Zebra)
Miy'til Fighter (Hapan Cluster)
Ssi-ruuvi Battle Droids (Ssi-Ruuk)
Manta-class Starfighter (Tapani Cluster)
Yvarema Warship (Darkstryder Campaign)


That's it for now! Maybe I can remember of some more tonight. :)

Take care,

~ HiAd Chris

16 August 2005, 11:47 AM
that works too....

18 August 2005, 10:06 PM
Holy Imperial Star Destroyers, Batman! :vader:

18 August 2005, 10:10 PM
Man, you guys have been busy. So we have the X- Wing, Y-Wing, A-Wing,B-Wing,K-Wing,TIE Fighter,TIE Intercepter, Z-95,TIE Advanced,
TIE Avenger,TIE Bomber,Imperial Gunboat,Cloakshape Fighter,TIE Defender,B-Wing/E2,Miy'til,Authority IRD, E-Wing(coral skipper),Vigiliance Interceptor.Howlrunner,Tie Avenger,Tie Shuttle,Tie/D Fighter,Tie/fc fighter,Tie/gcfighter,Tie/rc,Vanguard,TIE/ln ,TIE/gt ,TIE/rc,TIE/fc ,TIE Droid,TIE Raptor, TIE Scout, A-9 Vigilance Interceptor, I-7 Howlrunner,Scimitar Assault Bomber, Sun Crusher, X-Wing (T-65 ,Y-Wing Longprobe, Z-95 Headhunter Mark I, Z-95 Headhunter I3
(Improved Model 3), Z-95XT Headhunter, Defender Starfighter (Darkstryder Campaign),X-Wing (T-65AC4), X-Wing (T-65BR), X-Wing (T-65XJ) (NJO),Tis Zeta 19,#2 Warpod, Authority IRD, Authority IRD-A, Z-95 Headhunter, C-73 Tracker, Corsair-class Starfighter, Cloak Shape Fighter, Gauntlet Fighter ,Hornet Interceptor, Preybird-class Starfighter ,ShootingStar-class Heavy Assault Starfighter, StarViper-class Starfighter, TL-118 "Star Hammer" ,Toscan Q-8 Fighter,Zebra Starfighter, Qektoh Confederation Starfighter (mod. Zebra),Miy'til Fighter (Hapan Cluster),Ssi-ruuvi Battle Droids (Ssi-Ruuk),Manta-class Starfighter (Tapani Cluster),and Yvarema Warship (Darkstryder Campaign).

Is that all? (You have NO idea how long this took me!)

Drendar Morevo
18 August 2005, 10:35 PM
X-Wing (T-65XJ3) (NJO)

25 August 2005, 01:55 PM
E-Wing is definetly not Galactic Civil War era. It's New Republic era.

If you add the fighters from the Star Wars Galaxies; you get the TIE Oppressor, the TIE Aggressor, Scyk, Kimogilla, Krayt, Dunelizard, and several fighters I can't pronounce the names of...

I think I'll make stats for them for D20 and post them somewhere if they haven't been yet...