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10 August 2005, 02:52 PM
It has been nearly a thousand years since I killed my master. The Sith do not tolerate failure. When my lightsaber seared into the flesh of my master, ending his life and sending him into the twisting talons of the darkside, I know my master was pleased with me. I did not fail. I did not hesitate, I showed no mercy. I felt his rage and power surge through me, and I knew from that moment. I was truly Sith.

It has been nearly a thousand years since I killed my master. I wandered the galexy doing the will of my master, and once I had killed him, I wandered the galexy, I took a few apprentices, all of them dissapointments. I left beyond the known galexy, I wandered the stars, in every way could find, testing myself. I led armies, I started wars. I unleashed the powers of the darkside on any who stood in my way. I was Sith, and I would educate many on what that truely meant.

The blue tunnel of hyperspace stretches just beyond the cockpit of my ship. How long have I been gone? What has become of the galexy since I have been away? Am I the last of the Sith, or have they returned to rival the golden age that was before?

Frozen in Carbonite for nearly a thousand years; the things I have missed. Revered as the statue of an ancient god, When I was unfrozen how could I not slay the decendants of my betrayors. The Sith do not tolerate Failure. I will hunt the stars once again. No matter what I find when I decend upon an unsuspecting galexy, I will rebuild the legacy of my master, and of his master before him. The Sith shall once again rule the galexy. And when our rule has been established. My Apprentice shall strike me down just as I did my master, and he to his master. Then and only then will I know the truth of what it is to be a Sith Lord. So to will all sentients know the true way.

The way of the Sith is death...

I remember the first lessons my master taught me.

There are many pathways to power, anger, fear, pain, most effective of these is pain. Once you learn to embrace pain, you gain all the power of the darkside, the dark side is pain, to embrace pain in life is to embrace power in death. Those who do not fear pain. Fear Nothing."

As the Blue tunnel gives way to the black starscape, I see for the first time in nearly a thousand years. The future of this Galexy. Our Galexy, the Galexy of the Sith....

Darth Fierce
12 August 2005, 04:53 AM
An interesting start. Just to let you know, though, there's no "e" in "galaxy."

Darth Fierce :vader:

24 August 2005, 10:55 PM