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15 August 2005, 12:46 AM
I'm trying to bring the WoW's tinker class to Star Wars as the technomancer. Rather than just cranking out +1 to hit blasters(whoo) the technomancer can create super-powerful guns, armor, booby traps, bombs, stat boosting items, golems and mechanical fighters, mechanical mounts made after animals, pretty much anything your pretty little heart desires. Here is the deal. We graft the "technomancing" ability onto the Tech Specialist. Check it. The tinker's power level is capped by his Technological level, which is equal to his class levels +1. Then you consult a chart to see what you can do: My rough chart for the techspec
Damage Reduction T/2
Ability Bonuses + T/3
Hardening an object T/2
Hit points: T X 5
Blast Radius T/2 X 5 feet
Cargo T X 300 pounds
Climb Speed T X 10 miles an hour
Dealing Damage T/3 in d6
Healing Damage T/2 in d6
Healing a wound point T/4
Land and swim Speed: T X 30 miles an hour.
Manuverability Rating: T
Bonus to a skill: T times 2, cannot more than double the ability of the wielder.
+1 weapon T/3
Going underwater: TS 5
Speeding up repairing and computer usage: TS
Masterwork(+1 to attack or damage, +3 to use or to a skill roll, decrease MR by 1.
The cost is determined by the Function Difficulty(discuss with GM) times the max Technical rating of a bonus times the combined technical rating times 10 divided by the time factor and malfunction rating. The Craft DC is determined by the Function difficulty plus the highest Technical level of any of its abilities. To operate the item you need to make a Use Tech Device check equal to half the FD + the highest Technical enhancement
Example Item: Mindblowing medical kit.
This medical kit has everything you could ever think of. Its got things to help you treat injuries, an astonishing array of tools, and
powerful medicine and things that can rebuild broken bones, mend torn muscles, etc.
Healing 2d6(4)
Heal a wound point(4)
Give a +8 to Treat Injury checks(4)
Function Difficulty 10
T 4
Complexity Score 12
Malfunction Rating 1
Time Factor(seconds, 1)
Requires a Use Tech. Device Check to operate, DC 9.
4800 credits. Craft DC 14. Then treat it as crafting a normal item.
Haxor Box:
+10 Computer Usage
6 times as fast
Function Difficulty 10
T 6
Complexity Score:11
MR 0
Time Factor(instantaneous 1)
Requires a DC 8 Use Tech Device to Operate.
6600 Credits.

Mastercrafter adds +3 to your technical level for one item type of your choice and does not cost XP. This is substantially stronger than a regular tech specialist, but this is a class that has always gotten the short end of the stick. I've got more rules regarding this if anyone is interested.

15 August 2005, 07:56 AM
oh good lord so many equations! don't get me wrong, though; that kind of thing could be a dream to the right kind of person, one who loves having little things to always tinker on. and i like the idea of making the tech specialist better than he is. he alway seemed like there was a gap between what i thought he *should* be able to do and what he could do.
that said, i have to say i'm not entirely clear on the kind sof thigns this technomancer could do, Jowood. It may be that if i were more familiar with WoW i would see how this worked. and would this be a PrC...ooh. this is in the wrong forum. anyway, though, would this be a PrC or a seperate class or are you talking about modifying the Tehc specialist class? like i saiod, i'm intrigued. i ahd pondered for a while making an archetype (a la the HG) that mixed the Tech specialist and the Force Adept to make a more mystical techie person, but i didnt get very far on it. tell me more.

15 August 2005, 10:15 AM
Well, the World of Warcraft setting is "Steamfantasy" meaning that there is both the elements of steampunk and magic. I increased the speeds, carrying capacity, and manuverability ratings to be compatible with the Star Wars theme, which is space opera, with a heavy influence on t3h teck. I.E., juiced them up a bit.
Basically, this allows you to
Create Mastercraftered Droids (yah know you always wanted to (DC 25, 25 points to spend on stats, skill points equal to class you choose for it, advances as a cohort, mastercrafting it adds 25 percent to points(7), and skills and gains 75 percent XP instead.)
Seriously beef up your vehicles with add-ons.
Add-on: Stick that RPG launcher on your bike and wreak havoc, baby!!!
Add-ons: Determine normal cost of the tech device, and take a quarter off it. Intergrating requires a Craft(appropriate item) or Use Tech Device check equal to the T rating of the add-on X 2.
Takes a day.
Upgrading: Take the blaster and make it master.
Add an upgrade to an exsisting device. Figure out the cost of the base item and then create the upgrade. Subtract the base cost from that of the upgraded design. Then make a Craft check equal to the function difficulty + T of upgrade -10 - intelligence modifier. Craft afterwards as normal.
Oh, and I forgot range increments
TS X 50 feet
All ranged weapons have an addition 3 added to the complexity rating.
Special Materials
Adamantine: Triple hardness and quadruple hit points. Costs 50 percent more to make.
Mithril: +4 Damage reduction bonus, additional hit points at T X 10, +4 plus Int. Modifier on checks to control(inquire if interested.) Costs 50 percent more
Thorium: Super heavy but deadly material. Deal T/2 in d8s. Range equals T X 25 meters. Add tech level to damage reduction and hit points equal to T X 6. Its heavy and crammed with all sorts of wires and such like, so add 4 to all checks to operate. Costs double.