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17 August 2005, 02:47 PM
The path of a Jedi Wanderer is lonely at best. You walk the trails of solitude hitching from planet to planet without any credits in your pocket, possessing just what you wear and can carry by hand or in your sack.
To the common eye they are but common drifters roaming the galaxy, hiding their true nature, the powers within their minds. To become a Wanderer is either a result of necessity, choice or punishment.

For Silas Rash it was very much a choice. When Master Skywalker found him on Ordmyrin, he was but an orphaned rogue child with an affinity with the force seconded to none he had ever met. But there was also the potential growth of darkness and he knew that this student, this padawan had to be treated and trained unlike any other had been since before the Jedi Purge: The lone path of a jedi wanderer.
But what really blew the great master away, was the young boy’s natural compassion and self-sacrifice for others. He really cared for all living beings, unlike most people in a fragile galaxy.
And as he grew older, this compassion began to show as signs to become the first Jedi Redeemer in centuries, however the future is yet uncertain and now he finds himself on a shuttle to Dantooine.

Master Skywalker had given him explicit instructions to mediate a peace treaty between two villages on the Dantooine plains, the Harsaac Settlement and the Renard Settlement.
However he had, had a strange feeling that something else was at work here. But it wasn’t the mission at hand, it was elsewhere – something illusive.
When he tried to focus his padawan powers to seek out what this threat could be, he heard but random whispers from thousands, perhaps millions of tongues…impossible for a mere padawan to differ.

But as his shuttle approached the Dantooine system and its primary planet he felt a slight chill spreading through the spinal chord odd, I have never felt such dark presence in a single world before, he thought to himself and a droid entered with a trey of drinks ”would you like a drink Mr. Rash?”, it asked and Silas nodded quietly accepting a drink of cold jawa juice.
Silas Rash was a man in his mid-20s, tall and slim with noble facial structures and long silver hair tied up in a ponytail. And to the naked eye he was just another man in plain clothes, making no real fuss about his jedi affinity knowing, that in his line of work the element of surprise was everything and the less the opposition knew of his abilities the better he controlled the situation. ”Droid, what can you tell me of the conflict at hand?”, he asked the droid that was on the way out. ”I’m sorry sir, but I am not of any liberty to say” Silas nodded there appears to be a certain amount of cover-up on this case

As the shuttle landed on the Dantooine surface Silas Rash grabbed his all-weather cloak and headed straight for the closest settlement, Terras City. A minor settlement not yet involved in the conflict engulfing the planet. At the citygates an armed guard wearing the settlement colors walked up to Silas with a superior posture ”stop! Who goes there?” Silas smiled ”I am but lone traveller seeking shelter for the night”, he said in a calm, almost tranquil tone of voice ”sorry, we don’t allow passage to drifters” damn, one of these places? You leave me no choice he reached out to the force and entered the inferior mind of the Guard ”this man is no drifter…”, he commanded ”this man is no drifter”, the guard repeated ”in fact he is a long lost friend of yours…” ”this man is a long lost friend of mine”, he shouted out loud ”let me pass…” ”open the gates…let him pass” ”thank you”, he said and the gates opened wide.
As he entered the settlement the first sensation he felt through the force was a thick layer of fear. Fear and hate. He headed straight for the nearest Inn and walked up to the Inn-keeper ”hello stranger…”, he said suspiciously ”hello there kind sir”, Silas responded and asked for a cup of jawa juice ”we don’t serve offworlders here” Silas looked at the Inn-keeper ”I am just passing through looking a place to sleep and a meal” the Inn-keeper looked at him suspiciously ”well you don’t look like of them Shadowmen” shadowmen?, he asked himself ”what’s a shadowman?”, he asked and the Inn went quiet. ”They are an ancient order of evil-doers. The take our children feed upon them and leave their corpses behind to strike terror into our hearts” ”ah rubbish”, an elderly voice said ”the Shadowmen are but a myth. It’s that jedi that causes these kidnappings, he’s looking for something – or someone…” ”what jedi?!?” ”it’s an evil man by the name of Graphus”, the old man said and joined him ”give me a drink and I’ll tell the lot” ”don’t listen to this old fool, he’s a madman”, the Inn-keeper said. ”You are talking about ghosts and call me mad?”, the old man barked defensively ”there is no need for arguing, I’ll hear both of your stories…”, he said and they seemed to be ok with it.

”Graphus used to be one of that Emporers chosen jedis to do his evil biddings. He came here to find the lost knowledge of the Sith Lords Revan and Malak, however he has been unsuccessfull. Instead he found a scroll saying that only a certain child, with a certain marking can access the toomb of Revan, hidden somewhere around here” ”and he’s killing children because?”, the Inn-keeper asked rather sceptic ”no witnesses…has anyone ever seen his face?” they both said no ”has there been any other evidence of him being here but legends and dead children?” the old man showed him a broken lightsaber. Silas grabbed the lightsaber and felt a strong presence of the dark side of the force. much evil has been done, using this saber, he thought to himself, I feel this is the key to solving the crisis ”let me guess: the Harsaac settlement are accusing the Renard Settlement for being responsible for the children being murdered? And vice versa?” ”why yes?” I will need to find evidence that this Graphus in fact is the real killer…

To be continued

17 August 2005, 04:21 PM
Well this is a very interesting story! It would be fun to make stats for Silas, how about I give it a shot.