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19 August 2005, 01:26 AM
You are one of 6 Elite Republic Commandos sent into battle before the rest. Your objetive is simple: Disrupt the enemy right where it hurts. You use your Elite skils for demolitions, reconisance, search and rescue, and frontline assaults. The Repubic needs you, will you answer the call?

Characters needed:

1 Elite Commander
2 ARC Troopers
2 Elite Sharpshooters
1 Elite Pilot

Other Characters:
1 Jedi Master(taken by me, but non-combatant)
2 Jedi Knights
1 Sith Lord
1 Sith Apprentice

Here is some more info as to make a descision.

Clone Commander BY-412 (Commander Bly)
Weapons: DC-15A blaster rifle, hold out blaster, EMP grenedes
Armor: Plastoid issue armor; command skirt, Hazmat helmet(stripe; Green)

ARC Troopers
Weapons: AV-22 rocket launcher, hold out blaster, land mines, satchel charge
Armor: Plastoid armor w/ ARC pauldron, command skirt, Hazmat helmet(colors of blue, red yellow or green; your choice)

Elite Clone sharpshooters
Weapons: Soro-sub X75 sniper rifle, hold out blaster, recon droid(capable of calling down coordinates from the Republic fleet above to devastate enemies)
Armor: Standard issue platoid armor, Hazmat helmet (color; red)

Elite Clone Pilot
Weapons: DN Bolt Caster, hold out blaster
Armor: Standard issue plastoid armor, Mazmat helmet(color; yellow)

19 August 2005, 06:03 AM
A bit of advice from someone who is already running a Republic Commando game with a lot of players:
keep the numbers down, and make sure your players commit to the game fully (perferably by selling their soul to you) since games on the holonet take an exceedingly long time and more often than not players do have to drop out for various reasons.
Other than that, I wish you good luck!

19 August 2005, 08:03 AM
Thanks, and I guess I will lower the character count. Thanks for the advice.