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Reel 2/Dialogue 2
25 August 2005, 12:32 PM
Rebel Storm and Clone Strike. I figured I had all the time in the world to play catch up with these sets, but they seem to be fading to make way for Universe. Why? Lessened popularity? Par for the course? Company negligence? They know I exist?

Is Sith next on the chopping block?

25 August 2005, 01:48 PM
This is a variation on the CCG (Collectible Card Game) that was basically started by Magic. There is a limited run of each of the expansions while the core set is continually produced. It's a marketing strategy that wiorks; you have to buy the expansion while it's available or you won't get the minis.

OK, just checked with the store I work at: Rebel Storm is available at B&N affiliates (Barnes & Nobles, B. Dalton, & Doubleday are the most common) call the closest one and ask them for ISBN 0786934778. There were about 100 at Ingram but that can change. B&N stores can have them in about a week (3 to 5 business days normally)

Quick lesson on how to search bookstores:
best bet is to find the ISBN
an ISBN is a 10 digit 'number' (the last digit can be 'x'), it stands for International Standard Book Number
it uniquely (sp?) identifies a product by format, language, title, author, publisher. so if you take a book in english to a german store and ask for another copy with the same ISBN you will get another copy in english, not a german copy.
Since book stores have been branching out, many other items are given ISBNs, such as the minis, board games, and other products (though DVDs do not, yet)
got to www.barnesandnoble.com or www.amazon.com and do a search for the item you want, when you find it click on it so you can get mre information. You will find the ISBN in the block that lists the author and some other stats about the item
call your local book store. I prefer B&N not only because they pay me, but because the Borders network is unable to guarentee that they can get a title in (Walden is a part of Borders). B&N stores can actually see Ingrams warehouses along with what they ordering in, in fact Ingram has made comments that we can see it better then they can. Ask them to check on the items availability and tell them that you have an ISBN, if they don't have it, ask them if it's available & they'll check the warehouses (sorry, we still can't check other stores, they're working on that though).

Why give an ISBN instead of the title?
Well, for some reason B&N uses people to do the data entry for the titles, on my last check there were over 20,000 items listed as 'no title', the only way to differentiate is through ISBNs. when the information has been entered there can be many ways to enter it:

Isard's Revenge, an X-wing series of Star Wars, here's some possible entries:
Isard's Revenge, Star Wars
Isard's Revenge (Star Wars)
Isard's Revenge (X-Wing)
Isard's Revenge (Star Wars, X-Wing 8)
Star Wars, X-Wing #8, Isard's Revenge

I haven't seen it with this title, But I have seen it with others. Some times words are misspelled or abbreviated (saw Essential abbreviated essntl for one of the Essential Guides, don't remember how I found it). But in all cases, the ISBN would find the title, no matter how mashed data entry made the info.

Reel 2/Dialogue 2
26 August 2005, 08:41 AM
Tres cool, Cha Man! I get help and a lesson in the distribution industry. I'm headed to B&N about now to see what's what. Thanks much!

26 August 2005, 11:04 AM
Oh, try a gaming convention or a con that features scifi: GenCon (Indy, SoCal, or Europe), Origins (Ohio), DragonCon (Atlanta, GA) these are the biggies. If you're relatively close a one day pass isn't that expensive; well, $27US at GenCon Indy, same at SoCal; $70 for a four day pass and you could register on Wed so you didn't have to stand in line Thur. There were at least 5 vendors selling collectible minis, as individuals, though there were a few selling packs. Also, try Amazon and, as a last resort, e-bay.

Reel 2/Dialogue 2
28 August 2005, 07:04 AM
Amazon is running out of them, and my current finances bar me from attending any convention (I still have yet to go to a Celebration). But thanx for the advice, maybe I'll get lucky.

PS: Just found out that Revenge of the Sith minis are also ixnayed. Didn't... those... JUST... come out?? :raised:

Darth Jerrod
28 August 2005, 03:18 PM
WotC says you have 9 months from time released till they are "officially" out of print.

Rebel storm is so far the only set to get a rerun.

Odds of seeing clones or sith get a rerun are next to nil

4 September 2005, 09:37 AM
The owner/Operator of a local gaming store here in richmond, KY called Warlords Unlimited confirmed Revenge of the Sith is getting a rerun and that he'll be able to sell the booster boxes at roughly $10.

4 September 2005, 05:09 PM
Sorry, should have posted earlier, Revenge of the Sith are available through B&N

ISBN: 0786936657

Reel 2/Dialogue 2
5 September 2005, 06:38 AM
Darth Jerrod, nine months seems reasonable, but Sith barely lasted half that time. But now with Iceberg noting a possible rerelease, I have to wonder: why unrelease the first run?

Chaman: tanx much for the ISBN!

6 September 2005, 09:30 AM
There could be many reasons that most fans don't want to happen, most of this is informed conjecture, so take it with a grain of salt:

Licensing conflict: WotC tried to do something that LF didn't want done; WEG had wanted to do a Force users SB, but it was nixed by LF because he didn't want to be limited by it (and it really bugged me when WotC released one)

Marketing looked at it and decided it wouldn't sell enough, or that changes needed to be made before it was released.

then there are manufacturing problems that could delay a release or cause it to become too costly to produce

Darth Jerrod
13 September 2005, 08:11 AM
Rebel Storm had 3 print runs.

Clone Strike had its initial run and thats it due in part to Revenge of the Sith

We wont see a rerun of CS at all. Most of the characters are redone in Sith anyway. And there is a 2nd hand market out there to buy singles which is probably the best thing to do.

Funny thing I remember about WEG and the novels coming out about that time. They had gotten out of hand in power scale.

As far as Lucas being concerned he would be constrained because of a book someone wrote for an RPG? HA!!! Do you think he cares what someone wrote that is concidered Expanded Universe?

Look at the novels now and decide if the prequals cared what was written? I seem to recall a lot of people thinking that the clone wars dealt with cloned Jedi and in fact one of them was written into a book. Well officially that never happened did it.

13 September 2005, 09:53 AM
Yes, he does
Have you noticed that the novels changed imprints?
this was shortly after a series of novels that started treating SW like ST (if you don't like it, ignore it mentality); though I enjoy her writing, Hambley is one of the biggest culprits. What the problem, the problem is that Lucas envisions it as a 'living' universe, everything is canon and if you read Zahn , Stackpole and a slew of others, they credit WEG for their assistance because WEG went through much of the source material in the archives, they had it all organized.

Yes there were changes, and many of them could be explained as misconceptions (in universe). He who wins writes the history books, saying it was a war against cloned Jedi makes the Jedi even more of a hazard and less desirable.

Even though everything is canon, he still has an order

Official Books, Novels & magazines
Everything else

This means that Luke really isn't Red 5, because that's not his number in the screenplay.