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Fred Getce
4 September 2005, 08:57 PM
While I never really got this idea into the campaign I did develop it alot. This campaign addition was based on the movie Top Gun.


Space Tactics & Space Superiority Star Fighter Combat is a program developed to test the best of the best pilots. It is stationed on the planet Mimyrr deep in patrolled space with a large amount of area that is off limits to civillian craft.

Here the best starfighter pilots are trained with the most up to date tactics and ships. They both test pilot newer fighter craft and develop crucial skills in dogfighting against some of the best pilots in the galaxy. It is used extensively during the Old Republic era and during the Empire. 5 years after the fall of the Imperial Empire the New Republic reopens the fighter school to continue the tradition.

To the governing body in control it is refered to simple as Snubfighter Training. To the pilots that go here to train and fly, it is called...GUN STARR.

The campaign works best if the players, either by decision or design, get to go to the fighter school. They will meet 21 instructors and 84 pilots all giving it 200% to be one of the top 12 to graduate as the next legendary figher squadron.

Whle all can graduate if they score 25 points (by completing missions successfully), the top 12 are given figher squadron status and will form a new squadron (named decided by either the GM or players). Others who graduate are simply sent to bases or fleets to add to the fighter squadrons there.

Missions include escorting, direct combat, strafing runs against ground targets, fleet targets. Missions will also include a great deal of cooperation and team work to complete. Each successful mission is worth 1-3 points depending on difficulty and what is accomplished. Failure of course and the loss of 1 point occurs if you are "shot down" by "enemy" forces, because this is not a game...but real life. ;) :D


Anyway that is all I got for ya this time. Have fun GMs.