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5 September 2005, 10:36 AM
The Venution

I wrote this story partly as a back-story for my online ‘persona’ known as Vixen of Venus, partly for a Rebellion era RPG campaign, and partly for my pure evil enjoyment. I am now re-writing the story for its second posting on the HoloNet and first posting on my Live Journal (http://www.livejournal.com/users/vixenofvenus). For those of you who've read it already, I've tweaked the ending a bit, because I'd rushed through it the first time ... basically just because I was tired of writing. This ending has had much more work put into it, and makes a lot more sense. So on to the famous disclaimer ...

If you have a weak stomach, heart problems, are pregnant, may be pregnant, or ever wish to be pregnant, I urge you to carefully consider not reading this pile of rubbish. It is stock-full of violence, blood, guts, and gore. Never operate heavy machinery during, after, or before reading this story – it may give you nightmares about operating heavy machinery. The creator of this story wishes to express that although she has written this story while under the influence of alcohol, it has not been tested by the FDA, FAA, FBI, CIA, ATF, or the CEO of Microsoft to its extended effects when READING it while under the effects of alcohol.

Now that the disclaimer is over, please, stay sober and enjoy this filth.

A young woman in a formfitting white suit slowly walked down the long dark hall of the Imperial Palace on Coruscant, her soft steps still echoing loudly throughout the hall. She carried a large cup full of hot cider in her hands. As she stepped through the large doorway and into the main audience chamber, her skin began to crawl as though someone were pouring icy cold water down her spinal column.

She continued through the dark empty room and into the softly lit room where the cowl-wearing figure sat in a plump dewback leather chair. She put the cup down on the nearby table and slowly backed out of the room.

Emperor Palpatine slowly leaned back in the comfortable chair the king of Adumar had sent him a week earlier. He slowly sipped from the hot drink the young servant girl had brought him. His mind wandered from one subject to the next, but his real reason for being awake this early was much more important than the subjects of his thoughts. Over his years of power, he had grown accustom to having things the moment he wanted them, and so he felt his impatience grow at this moment.

Patience, he thought, was the true power of the Sith. Thousands of years of patience has put me in this position, he though, and I will not be the one to send us back into exile. He took another sip of the hot sugary liquid and tried to think about something other than the task at hand. He tried to focus on the plans for the second death star and its defenses. After over a year of planning, it was almost time to start reconstruction of the weapon. The shield generator and garrison were almost in place on Endor. Commander Piett is personally overseeing the initial construction phase, and finally, in one month, the Empire’s engineers will begin construction of the weapon.

Suddenly, just as the Emperor had forgotten his earlier thoughts, they came rushing back into his mind as his communicator buzzed. He reached out with his feelings and pushed a small button on a nearby panel. Slowly a shimmering image of a tall man in dark armor appeared before him.

“Yes, my friend?” the Emperor spoke to the image, trying with all of his will to hide his feelings of impatience.

“It is done, my master. I have the records. We can begin Project Venus at once. On my orders, Doctor Byian and his staff have begun preparing Aggai Station for Venus to begin. With your permission, my master, I will deliver these records to Byian,” the dark armored warrior said.

“Yes, Lord Vader. We will soon bring our efforts to fruition.”

“Master, once the records have arrived in Byian’s possession, I will travel to Endor to deliver the main body of Imperial Engineers and pick up our fleet personnel who are there handling the initial construction. Once that is complete, with your permission, I would like to begin looking through the Outer Rim territories for the rebels and their hidden base.”

“Your feelings give your true request away, my friend. You truly wish to find this Skywalker, do you not?”

“Yes, my master,” Vader said, showing his shame for giving away his true motives.

After a few careful moments of silence, the Emperor spoke again, “After you have completed those tasks, take a small task force of Star Destroyers and begin a systematic search for the hidden base. When you find Skywalker, you must bring him before me.”

“Yes, my master,” Vader’s image answered as it faded out.

The Emperor slumped back into his chair and sipped at his cider again. It was growing cold and had begun to taste bitter. His thoughts swirled quickly as the possibilities of Venus began to form in his thoughts.

Chapter One
The sun was setting as Mari looked out across the treetops on Dantooine. She enjoyed these moments before the storm. She smiled wickedly as the sun set behind the far mountains. Closing her eyes, Mari lifted her hands up into the sky. She could feel the static electricity in her hair and crawling on her skin.

Slowly, she heard the rumbling above and opened her eyes. Again she smiled as she let her arms drop to her sides.

Only a few seconds later, lightning bolts began to strike the trees and cause fires.

Mari dropped down from her perch and began the long run back to her home. As she broke out into a dead run, she began to laugh in-between breaths as the lightning behind her struck and thundered.

As she ran into the house, she could see Doctor Byian standing at the nearby window with a disenchanted look on his face. He looked out at the thunder and smoke on the horizon and looked over at Mari with a look of weariness. “Did you do this?” he asked, his voice cracking as if he was about to cry.

“Oh! Be quiet old man. I’ll be leaving soon enough, so quit worrying about these petty people . . . father.”

Byian cringed at the tone she had put on the word, father. Mari had known for quite some time now that Byian was not her father, nor was he even one of her many ‘fathers’. He looked back up at the smoke on the horizon. There was once a time when he would have tried to talk to her, tried to make her understand that violence like this wasn’t right.

Mari ran into her room with a wry smile on her lips. She realized the pain she was causing Byian, and she derived much pleasure from that knowledge. She walked over to her desk and pressed her palm to the black surface of it. She could feel the heat of the scanner below. The drawer opened and she took out the small black diamond shaped device. She held it in her hands and closed her eyes, reaching out with the force to activate it.

Suddenly, a hologram appeared on the desk surface in front of her, “Were you successful child?” the cloaked figure asked in a raspy voice.

“Yes master. The storm was much more powerful this time.”

“Good. I believe it is time for you to leave then, my child. But before you leave, you must force your surrogate father to tell you everything he knows of your past. Do not hesitate to use any powers I have taught you, my child. Take this holocron with you, for I can be of guidance in times of need, but now you must continue your studies of the dark side alone, I can teach you nothing further.”

“Thank you, master,” she spoke softly to the hologram.

“There is no peace,”

“There is anger,” she answered.

“There is no fear.”

“There is power,” she grinned.

“Go, my child. You are a Sith, in all its manifestations. Rise Darth Vixen, for I give you this title because nothing meets your powers of cunning and seduction more than your fierceness and resolve.”

“Thank you, master. I pledge myself to the darkness, for I have found true life in the death of light.”

The hologram faded and Vixen put the holocron down on the desk. She took the other item on the desk and set it down next to the holocron. She quickly hurried and packed a few of her meager items into a small transport bag, hid the holocron in a small compartment inside the bag. Then she picked up the other item on the desk and turned it over in her hands slowly.

She switched it on and felt the hum of the object in her hands. The orange glowing blade in front of her held her attention and she smiled as the red inner glow began to appear as the second crystal slowly warmed and lit. The blade crackled and hummed in the air as she slowly moved it around her.

In the blink of an eye, she deactivated the lightsaber and slipped it into her dark-red cloak. She picked up the bag, slung it over her shoulder and left the room.

Byian turned and was surprised to see Mari again; she usually didn’t come out of her room for hours after one of her trips like the one tonight. He was about to ask her where she was going, but before he could speak, she reached up with her hand and he felt himself thrown across the room.

“If you resist me, I will kill you Doctor.” She waited a few moments as he righted himself against the wall, slowly sitting up, “Do you understand me?”

Byian’s head throbbed with huge pounding thumps. He opened his mouth to answer her, but he could barely breathe.

He took a few large gulps of breath and rasped, “I’ll tell you whatever you want Mari, just calm down.”

She reached out with the force and squeezed his neck, slowly pulling him off the ground against the wall. When his feet were only inches off the ground, she spoke, “You are nothing to me old man. Do not talk to me as if you know me. I am your superior; I give the orders, not you!” She released him, and he fell to the floor like a rag doll. He gripped his throat and rubbed it, coughing and sputtering like a floundering fish.

“Wha-at do you want to know?” he rasped.

“I want to know where I came from. Who were my parents?” Vixen demanded.

Byian looked up at her, not really surprised at the question, and spoke with a weak voice, “You were genetically engineered by an elite team of scientists, led by me.”

“Don’t stop there old man! Tell me everything!” she said impatiently.

“I will tell you all you want, but may I first get up and get a drink,” he pleaded.

She looked at him grimly, and slowly nodded, allowing him to get up and pour himself a glass of water.

He took a long drink and started spilling the volumes of information his mind held concerning her past.

Byian slowly told her about her past. Telling her of Emperor Palpatine’s plan to create a suitable wife for himself, in effect an Empress. Byian told her of the hundreds of great Sith and Jedi in her genetic past, including Lord Henthir, Exar Kun, Del Korrot, Mace Windu, Darth Maul, Gethzerion, Azrakel, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Darth Vader, and of course a large part of her genetic code was taken from Emperor Palpatine himself.

“I don’t know where they got all the genetic samples, especially those of the dead Jedi, but I do know Lord Vader and the Emperor were the perpetrators of what they called Project Venus. Vader himself brought the equipment and the holocron you stole from my storage container to Aggai Station, where we created you.

“It took us years, but we were finally successful in your creation. The final step of Venus was an ancient blood test known as a Midichlorian test, but before they could test you, I sabotaged the station and escaped with you and the holocron. With all the original genetic samples on board the station, I also insured that Palpatine would never again attempt Project Venus.

“I took you here to Dantooine and raised you as my own daughter, hoping you would have a normal life. I guess I wasn’t good enough of a father.”

Vixen smiled and spoke harshly, “Don’t fret yourself doctor. As a scientist you must know my destiny lies with the Emperor. I was created to be the mother of a great Sith ruler, there was nothing you could have done to stop my destiny.”

She stepped away from him and turned her back to him, and he spoke, “There is no such thing as destiny Mari, you must know that.”

She spoke to him with no emotion in her voice, as the words fell out they turned to anger, “My name is not Mari, it never was.” She spun around and cut him down with her lightsaber before he could respond. His body fell into pieces on the floor. As she put her lightsaber back into her cloak, she said, “My name is Darth Vixen doctor. And I am the heart of darkness.”

She left that moment, picking up her bag and pulling it to her with the force as the door slammed behind her and a storm began to brew above.

Chapter Two
Luke Skywalker stood quietly in front of the large bonfire. He thought about the future. The last time he had stood and thought of the future had been years before, on Tatooine, right before his aunt and uncle were murdered. Now, standing here in front of his fathers burning remains, he thought of many things: his sister, the fate of the galaxy, the oncoming fall of the Empire, and of the future of the Jedi. He suddenly realized the weight that fell upon his shoulders.

I truly am the last of the Jedi, he thought to himself. He began to wonder what that meant for the future of Jedi: who would he train, how would he find those who were adept with the force, and how would he ever fill the shoes of teachers like Yoda and Obi-Wan. A sudden wave of sadness filled his heart when he thought of Yoda and Obi-Wan. Both of them were gone and he was all alone to fix these problems.

Suddenly, he heard a group of x-wings streak through the skies overhead. They dropped and lit colored starburst packages in the sky behind them. He could hear the ewoks and the troops beginning to celebrate their victory in the trees above him. He took one last look at the glowing ambers of the fire he had started over an hour ago, and silently said, “Goodbye father.”

Luke Skywalker turned and headed back up into the trees to join the celebration.

Vixen sat quietly drinking bluemilk in the dining room of the large space transport. The transport had just recently dropped from hyperspace above the planet Kuat. She looked out the window and watched the smaller transport dock with the large luxury liner. She could see the Kuat Drive Yards in the distance, and the huge presence of Imperial Ships.

She had heard the hushed tones of others talking after groups of imperial officers or stormtroopers would pass. She used the force to enhance her senses and listen in on the conversations around her. She heard someone say to his friend, “I heard the Empire just suffered a huge defeat at the hands of the rebels.”

“Yes, I heard that as well. But not only did the Empire lose a major battle out in the Elrood sector, I hear the Emperor himself was killed. And Lord Vader is rumored to be missing as well.”

As Vixen heard the men speaking nearby, she worried the rumors might have some truth to them. It angered her that a bunch of rebels could have ruined centuries of work the Sith had done to create a new empire. How could it be possible, she asked herself as she stared out at the large space construction yard.

She drifted off in her thoughts and as her hatred for the rebels began to boil, she realized something was about to happen. She reached inside her cloak and fingered her lightsaber. A bright red fireball erupted from the nearby construction yards, and a moment later the sound of the explosion rocked through the luxury liner. She could then see numerous x-wings and a-wings sweep in from behind a cargo transport and make strafing runs on the defensive ships.

Vixen seethed with rage, watching the nearby battle. She looked down below her at the passenger transports as they were loading and unloading passengers going to and from Kuat. Then she saw a sleeker armored transport approaching, probably to usher a richer client off the luxury liner.

She made a quick decision and dashed down levels to the reception areas of the liner. She had her lightsaber and a credit stick on her belt, and the holocron was in the heel of her right boot. Her bag was in her cabin, but she didn’t have time for it she realized.

She walked briskly through the security check areas, clouding the minds of those around her. She passed unnoticed and slid through the doors leading to the docking area. She quickly looked out through a nearby transparisteel window and looked for the sleek transport. Reaching out with the force, she sensed which docking bay it was heading towards and dashed through the crowd.

Slipping past security officials she slid into the docking bay as the transport was lowering its front loading-ramp. She shrugged off her hood and pulled out her lightsaber. Two crewmen stepped down the loading ramp, and were surprised to see her.

Before they could question her presence, she ignited her saber and cut them down. As one of them groaned in agony, the other was deathly silent. She hurried aboard the ship and closed the loading ramp behind her. She quickly followed the main walkway, checking the small cargo bay and the large passenger quarters for anyone, and then heading to the cockpit.

As she stepped through the hatch into the spacious cockpit, she saw two crewman beginning power-down procedures. She reached out with the force and crushed the pilot’s spleen. He cried out and clutched his stomach in excruciating pain. The copilot looked back at Vixen as she disengaged her lightsaber and put it in her cloak.

“Who are you?” he demanded.

Moving her hand slightly within his sight, she said calmly, “Tell the controllers you made a mistake, your charge took a different transport.”

He turned to the comm. unit and said, “This is the starship Elgeron, we just received word that our charge is not on board your ship, he took a different transport.”

The unit squawked back, “Ok Elgeron, you are cleared to leave.”

Vixen grabbed the man’s head and quickly snapped his neck, which took all her strength to do so. She dragged the pilot, who was falling into shock, and co-pilots bodies back into the cargo bay, checking on the other cargo there; nothing of value. She sat down in the pilots seat and did a system check.

“Corellian Engineering shield generator, in fair condition. Twin-mounted heavy laser cannons, and a light tractor beam.” Vixen listed to herself. “Well, this might give them some trouble.”

Vixen fed power to the sub-light engines and screamed out of the docking bay. She forced a re-allocation of power from the hyperdrive systems to the weapons and shields. She brought the ship screaming towards the battle over the shipyards. She screamed into the fray firing unexpected volleys at the rebel pilots, destroying three a-wings, and an x-wing. One of the three surviving Imperial pilots took up her wing saying, “Thanks, whoever you are. It isn’t often you see people risking their lives for the Empire. Watch your left.”

Vixen slid left and brought her cannons to bear on an x-wing. The x-wing adjusted its course and headed strait for her, firing away. She fired back, and increased speed. As the two came close, Vixen steadied her emotions and embraced her fear, turning it into fuel for the fire within her.

When only meters separated them, the x-wing tried to break away, but only succeeded at slamming his weakened ship into the Elgeron’s shields. The x-wing’s right stabilizer snapped away, along with the right side wings. The ship spun rapidly out of control and off into space. The remaining two x-wings, and an a-wing retreated towards the flailing x-wing, with a four by four formation of TIE fighters from Kuat in pursuit.

The comm. unit squawked, “Thanks again. We would be honored if you would stay with us tonight as we celebrate our victory.”

Vixen debated the offer, and answered, “This is the Elgeron. I accept your offer.”

“And what’s your name lil’ lady?” another pilot asked.

“Call me Vixen.”

Chapter Three
Markus sat quietly reading news updates from the holonet and keeping watch over his comrade. Nearby, a med-droid was hooking up a new IV. He read both official Imperial stories claiming the Emperor was alive and the battle in the Elrood sector was only a minor defeat and stories placed by rebel slicers telling of the destruction of the second Death Star and the death of Vader and Palpatine.

Chrona quietly moaned and stirred a bit. Markus sat up and checked his vital signs on the nearby readout. He looked over at the nearby med-droid to see if everything was fine. The med-droid said, “Sir, I believe he is just waking up. He will be a bit groggy, but I think he’s past the dangerous stage. We’ll keep monitoring him here for a few days. It will be at least a week before he’s ready to fly again.”

“Thank you,” Markus said respectfully to the med-droid, who if he could move his face, Markus was sure he would form a look of surprise. “Chrona . . . can you hear me? Are you OK buddy?”

“I was until I heard your voice,” he said weakly, but defiantly.

“You gave us quite a scare their buddy. You’re damn lucky your x-wing’s fuselage held together the way it did. When we finally got you caught by a tow cable, you’re other wings and most of the engine had been ripped off from the serious G’s you were in from that spin.”

“Wait!” Chrona cried out, “What about Geedee? Is he alright!?”

“Geedee was a bit scraped up, but the mechanics gave him a good work over. He almost blew his servos trying to keep that rocket together. He saved your life . . . again.”

Chrona relaxed and laid back on the uncomfortable medical cot. His eyes began getting heavy, and he thought he heard Markus say, “Geedee was saved . . . but I don’t think your x-wing will ever fly again buddy.”

Captain Vrentin was awed by the child before him. She was but a girl of fourteen or fifteen, no older he guessed by her appearance. But, according to Lieutenant Simms, she turned the tide in the battle for the orbital construction platform in the skies above them. She ate ravenously at the table, as the surviving TIE fighter pilots told stories about her daring and how she used her shields to run down an attacking x-wing.

“Sir,” Simms said, breaking Vrentin’s daydreaming thoughts. “Is the Empire planning to send any reinforcements here soon? I don’t think this is the last attack the rebels will send here.”

“I spoke personally with Grand Vizier Sate Pestage earlier today. He told me there are plans in the works to send a whole wing of TIEs, TIE Bombers, and Interceptors here within the next day. They will all be under my command and we will be in charge of controlling this entire system for at least two weeks.

Faces of celebration around the table turned to gloom. “But once that two weeks is up, he will be sending at least one, if not two Star Destroyers to guard the system. He assures me that even though the battle in the Elrood sector was only a small defeat, they believe they have the turned the tides and have the rebels on the run, so he is drawing resources from all over the Empire to pursue them.”

“So what are our orders for tomorrow Captain?” a lieutenant-jr. grade asked.

“You are to stay close to the construction yards, and protect the engineers as they repair the damage and continue construction,” and then Vrentin stood up. “Vixen, we only have a VIP room here at the complex, but I can offer it to you if you prefer to stay the night before you continue on your way.”

She quietly stood and said, “Your hospitality has overwhelmed me Captain, but I must journey on.” Then she stepped towards the door, but stopped suddenly, “There is one thing you could do for me Captain.”

“Anything, just name it.”

“Where does your latest intelligence suggest the rebels are striking from?”

He surveyed the determined expression on her face and spoke, “Our latest intelligence suggests that the rebels are striking from Gyndine or a small moon or planet near there. Why?”

Walking through the open hatchway, Vixen said coldly, “I have a score to settle.”

Chrona crept quietly down the darkened alley. He knew this mission was dangerous, but what wasn’t, he told himself. The alley smelled of garbage and he could hear a commotion coming from the back of the cantina he was passing. The loud music drifting out into the cold night.

He whispered into his comlink, “Markus, Hrut, Shesh, are you there?”

His comlink whispered back, “Yeah, we’re hear Chrona. What’s your situation?”

“I’m almost to the meet, this alley is awfully tight. There’s only one exit, unless the backs of these businesses and houses keep their doors unlocked. It could be really easy to get trapped in here.”

“Well, be careful. As important as this informant may be, it’s not worth your life.”

“Thanks,” he spat out sarcastically. He continued around the alley corner and saw a figure standing in the shadows. He walked confidently out into the minimal light.

“You’re late,” he heard the shadow say to him in a rough voice speaking huttese.

“Sorry, it took me a while to find this place,” he responded confidently in huttese.

“Here,” the shadow said, throwing an object to him. Chrona caught it on instinct, then realized how he could have made a mistake. It might have been a thermal detonator, or a stun grenade, but luckily it was just a data disc. “This contains the information you will need. Good luck.”

And suddenly, the shadow disappeared in a flash of bright light. Chrona couldn’t see anything, and cried out. Within a few moments, his eyes re-adjusted and he could see again. He spoke into his comlink, “I have a data disc the contact gave me. I only heard his voice. He must have thrown some sort of explosive device that flashed so brightly I couldn’t see for a few moments.”

“Well, come on back out to the street, we’ll be there in the speeder in a few moments.”

Chrona looked down at the data disc in his hand. He rubbed his eyes and hoped there were no residual effects . . . he couldn’t wait to get back to flying.

Vixen smiled at Hannar. He smiled back even wider as he counted the credits this had earned him. “So you’re sure he was looking directly at you when you used the device?”

Hannar smiled wickedly, his small jagged teeth showing, “He was blinded for at least a minute. And his hearing was impaired for a while too. I walked up behind him and whispered in his ear, but he didn’t hear or see me. I’m sure they’ll take the bait.”

“Good job Hannar. It was a pleasure doing business with you,” Vixen said, standing up.

“Wait!” Hannar said, gripping her wrist with his strong scaly hand. “I want to know about that device you gave me. I would be willing to pay dearly for its design.”

Vixen glanced down at Hannar’s hand and then back at Hannar, giving him a stern look. He removed his hand and said, “I’m sorry. But that device could make me a rich man. Maybe we could come up with some sort of deal?”

Vixen surveyed the crowd and thought quickly about his offer. Sitting back down in the secluded booth of the cantina, she spoke quietly, “I’ll make a deal with you Hannar. You get a slicer, a programmer, and two skilled engineers together, along with some construction droids and legal facility to begin making them. I’ll be right back here in three weeks, and I will meet with you then. If everything is in order, we’ll start a fifty-fifty deal and begin making the devices and soon selling them.”

“Fine, fine,” the rodian stammered, the greed showing in his eyes.

Vixen stood again and had a beaming smile spread across her face. She could barely contain her wicked laughter until she got outside and stepped onto her new swoop speeder. As she sped off towards the Gyndine spaceport, she let the laughter boil out of her.

“Stupid Hannar,” she thought. “I’m never coming back to this planet.”

She sped up to her ship, which she still called the Elgeron. A name she felt fit the regal-looking ship. She activated the running lights and lowered the cargo ramp with her remote. She loaded her speeder and walked aboard the ship.

Entering the cargo bay, she saw the bound and gagged captive Captain Rodges. After killing the rest of the crew, she had healed his wound and bound him here in the cargo bay. She smiled at him and continued forward to the cockpit. After powering up the ship, she flew it out off the surface and plotted a course into the navicomputer. As the ship lurched off into the starlines, she walked back to her captive and removed his gag.

He took a big gasp of air and then looked at her with resistance in his eyes. But she knew the electrified binders on his arms and legs would hold tight. She crouched before him and held a piece of fruit in front of his mouth. “Go ahead,” she said comfortingly. “You need to eat.”

He took a bite and hungrily swallowed it without chewing, then proceeding to take another bite. With his mouth full, he said, “Why do you keep me alive?”

“I need something from you,” she said forwardly.

Taking another bite, he said, “What?”

“According to the database of this ship, you are a rebel supporter.”

He coughed, and said, “What evidence?! I’m no rebel supporter.”

She smiled and said, “You deny it with your lips, but your feelings betray you. The evidence I speak about is inside your mind. I can see it before me as if it were written on paper.”

“Well, if you can see it, what more can I tell you?”

“It’s not what you can tell me, but what can do for me. I need you to contact your friends in Demon squadron and tell them you have information about Commoner. You will tell them you and your co-pilot will meet them outside the area of Commoner at coordinates I will give to you. Then I will bind you again, and after my business with your friends in Demon squadron is completed, we will go to Corellia, where I will take my speeder and leave you and your ship alone.”

Rodges took the last bite of the fruit and slowly thought out her offer. “And if I refuse, or resist?”

“I kill you, scrap your ship, and get to your friends in Demon squadron anyway.”

He thought about her vicious words and realized her words were true. He had seen her take out the men on his ship as though she was a hot knife cutting through soft butter. She could kill him any time he wanted, so now he must decide how he could best help the Rebellion, through a worthless sacrificing death, or by surviving to tell the Rebel leaders of this young witch. But the thought of just handing over his friends for the slaughter . . . he couldn’t bear it.

“Never. I can’t betray my friends like that. Even if you kill them, it will only bring more of the rebels upon you. Eventually, Luke Skywalker, the last of the Jedi, will learn of your existence outside of Danthomir and he will hunt you down.”

“Why do you think I am from Danthomir?” she asked, shocked he would even know of Skywalker or that he was the last of the Jedi. Two precious gems of knowledge in one insult, how nice, she thought.

“I may be just a simple transporter of the rich, but I am no idiot. I have been to Danthomir and seen you witches use the force to your own ends.”

She stood and drew her lightsaber, waiting for the second crystal to ignite, making the blade twice as powerful. She smiled at him and said, “Thank you Rodges.” He looked at her with a questioning expression on his face, and she said, “I’m not from Danthomir, I am the Empress Vixen.” His face went wide into shock and realization, and she struck him with her glowing blade.

Chapter Four
The two x-wings and two a-wings suddenly dropped out of hyperspace and were instantly caught by the gravity of Commoner. Three of the ships were scarred and beated from what appeared to be many different battles, but one x-wing seemed to be gleaming in the bright Commoner sun, it was obviously a brand new T65.

“Markus, are you sure about this? We’re betting a lot on this supposed intelligence,” Hrut spoke softly over the ship’s comlink.

“It’s worth the risk. If the information on that data disc is correct, we will strike a serious blow to the Empire, right here next to the Core.”

“Markus is right. We have to at least try Hrut,” Chrona said confidently. “We can’t let an opportunity like this pass us by.”

“Alright already. I was just trying to be the voice of reason for once! So when we’re all captured, tortured, and killed for treason, don’t say I didn’t warn you all. Let’s go.”

The small formation of fighters slowly made their way to the surface, landing in a small clearing of farmland. Waiting nearby was a local farmer and his family, with a speeder and the supplies they had requested from Rebel Intelligence.

After a short meeting with the farmer, a long-time Rebel supporter, they climbed into the spacious speeder and headed towards Commoner City, the planet’s capital.

Vixen slowly sipped from her cider. It was warm and sweet, just the way she liked it. Sitting quietly and reading a semi-interesting holo-novel, she quickly scanned the street in front of her for activity. It was a busy street in Commoner City, located directly across from what appeared to be an abandoned warehouse. She sat across the street in a small café, which was quite busy, but fairly quite and laid-back. The people of Commoner were quite fastidious, but not snobbish. She had grown to like the planet in her short stay here.

She continued to read her holo-novel until she saw that no one was looking at her, she quickly switched her datapad to a different display and was presented with what looked like a video feed from a speeder cockpit. The speeder was racing down a marked road through slow rolling hills of farmland. As she let the connection grew stronger, the view became clearer and she could see the cityscape of Commoner City on the horizon of the view.

Suddenly, the view turned rapidly to the back of the speeder and Vixen could see a short creature she had learned was called a dug and a rodian. The dug was cleaning a customized blaster pistol, which looked as though it was made for his hands. The rodian was recharging power packs from the speeder’s power.

The view centered on the rodian and she could see him look directly into the view and then nod. Then the rodian spoke, but Vixen could not hear him, or read his lips. She saw the waiter coming towards her table, so she quickly turned the datapad back to her holo-novel.

“Another miss?” the human waiter asked.

“Yes please. And bring the bill as well.”

“Right away.”

Luke Skywalker walked confidently into the brightly lit room. He was surprised to see Leia Organa and General Solo there as well. The meeting was already in progress, so he quietly slid into a seat next to Leia. The speaker was Admiral Ackbar. He was talking in thick basic to the fifty or more people present and then the lights dimmed and he pointed at a hologram of the planet Kashyyyk.

Suddenly, Luke was interested in the briefing. He listened intently throughout the rest of Ackbar’s presentation. But try as he might, he felt someone or something tugging at the back of his mind. For only a moment, he thought he heard a young woman’s voice calling out to him.

Chapter Five
Markus pulled the speeder to a stop in an alley next to the abandoned warehouse that Captain Rodges had requested they meet in. Chrona and Hrut eagerly jumped out of the speeder and headed for the large double-doors that looked as if their metal was always rust-colored. Shesh adjusted his belt and vibroblade sheath, groaning and stretching from the long ride. Markus whispered, “Hey, stay frosty boys. We don’t know that this isn’t a set-up.”

“Ahh, come on Markus. I know Captain Rodges doesn’t have any taste … but he’s the greatest when it comes to security. And his clearance code was only two days old.” Chrona whined.

“Look, just stay alert alright, I don’t want to burst in there with guns blazing, but a nice medium would be good for once.”

The other three nodded in response.

Chrona pulled open on of the large, rusty doors and it gave way with a loud creaking noise. “After you, ‘oh frosty-one’.”

Markus sneered at him and headed through the door into the poorly lighted warehouse. It appeared as just a large empty room with scattered boxes and paper lying here and there, an old assembly line stood fifty meters away, and the floor was littered with trash in one corner where it looked like a group of homeless people had stayed at one point.

Hrut, Chrona, and Shesh entered as well and the door slammed behind them. Suddenly, Chrona cried out in pain, clutching his eyes and stumbling to his knees. “Oh god! My eyes!”

“What is it?” Markus yelled above his screams.

Before he could respond, Markus saw a flash of orange in the darkness of the corner behind them, he could see the beam of an ignited lightsaber. At first he couldn’t see who was holding the blade, but then when the blade began to take on a dark red hue as well, he could see the wielder was a girl somewhere between the ages of fourteen and sixteen. She was cloaked in a dark black robe and only a small part of her face and hands could be seen. She held the lightsaber deftly in one hand and threw out her other hand. An invisible force threw Hrut off his feet and sent him sprawling end over end into the old assembly line.

An imposing female voice, empowered by the force said, “Drop your weapons.”

Markus resisted and brought both his blaster pistols to bear, firing a volley of shots towards the attacker. He saw all of his shots flying towards the mark, but she brought her lightsaber down in a sweeping motion blocking them all and sending three bolts back at his party. One hit Shesh directly in the head and he fell to the floor dead, one other missed Markus by a hairs breadth and the third hit him in the right leg, sending him falling to the floor.

As he was writhing on the floor, attempting to get up, Markus noticed that Chrona was no longer crying, he had either fallen silent from unconsciousness … or possibly death. Markus fumbled for his pistols, managed to get one of them and he swung it around only to watch it sliced in half, taking one of his fingers with it. He screamed in pain.

Vixen reveled in his pain, taking pure joy from his cries. “Stop your sniveling rebel.”

Markus managed to control his fear and pain, he faced the young girl, “Just kill me, I won’t tell you anything!”

“Oh, but you will … you will!” Vixen cried out, laughing hard. “You’ve already told me much.”

“Such as?” Markus quipped back at her.

“Such as you are quite adept at using the force, but you don’t know the power behind it. You choose to flounder around and tend to its will, instead of bending it’s will to your own.” Vixen replied, her vileness streaming out with every word.

Vixen lifted off from Commonor only a few hours later, the Elgeron was heavy two more passengers. Asleep and bound, Chrona’s systems were recovering from the jolt his eyes had sent into his brain. He was conscious of his surroundings and could hear, smell, and understand what was going on around him, but he couldn’t see or control his body. It was as if he was stuck inside a room in his head, and viewing everything through very thick windows.

He could hear the pain and smell the fear of his buddy Markus, who was bound nearby. As was Captain Rodges, who appeared to be tending to Markus’s wounds. They spoke quietly of their captor, Vixen. Chrona was barely listening until he heard something that peaked his interest.

Rodges whispered, “She called herself ‘Empress Vixen’. I think we’ve stumbled onto something huge here. Or, moreover, she’s stumbled onto us … but, if she’s really the Emperor’s daughter, that could be a huge rallying point for the Empire. Imagine … the Imperials would clamor around her like she was a messiah or something!”

Groaning, Markus replied, “Yes … yes. You’re right. We’ve got to find a way out of this mess and get this information to the Rebellion. We may have won the battle of Endor, but we’ve still got a long hard fight to clear the Imperials out of the galaxy.”

Captain Rodges said, “Yeah. I’ve been working on a means of escape, but I don’t think it would work for the three of us. I’d have problems contacting the Rebellion directly …”

“… and we can’t be sure that Chroma can even wake up,” Markus finished.

“Yeah … you’ll hafta go. Look over there, see that access panel.”

“I can’t crawl through that!! A womp rat couldn’t fit through there!” Markus cried incredulously.

“You’re not going to crawl through it stupid, you’re gonna pull it open and short out your binders with the exposed power coil I’ve been working on!!” Rodges fired back at him.

Markus scooted over to the panel and began working on the task at hand, “What do I do after that? Somehow overtake the girl?”

“No, one of the flaws of this ship design, is that if there’s any type of power drain, the ship’s sensors drop for about ten minutes … you’ll run down to the escape pod and eject out of here. The only problem is that it will be a bumpy ride.”

“Bumpy? What do you mean bumpy?” Markus asked, his voice cracking a bit with fear.

“Well … we’re in hyperspace.”

Almost yelling, Markus vented, “You want me to eject in HYPERSPACE!! Are you kidding? I’ll be ripped to pieces!”

“Better ripped into pieces by the forces of hyperspace than by a orange beam of light at the hand of an evil Empress.”

The lights flickered off for a moment and then Markus slowly stood up, using the wall to balance himself. “Right, so where is the escape pod?”

Chapter Six
Luke studied the plans carefully. He tried so hard to concentrate on the task at hand, these attack plans for the liberation of Kashyyyk were vital to the Alliance. But no matter how hard he tried, he could hear the girl calling for him in the back of his mind. She sounded so familiar, like an old friend lost long ago, or …

“Hey there, don’t hurt yourself.” Leia teased.

“What? Whaddya mean?” Luke asked, coming out of his dream-like state.

“You were looking off into space so hard I thought you’d never come back. What’s on your mind?”

Leia was wearing a long white dress, it was the first time Luke had seen her in a dress since after Han and he had been named Heroes of the Alliance after the Battle of Yavin. She looked quite stunning he thought, from a brother’s perspective of course, he told himself. “I just can’t seem to get this persistent voice out of my head. It keeps calling to me, has been for a couple of weeks now.” He replied to her inquiry.

“What’s the voice sound like?” she asked, intrigued.

“It’s a girl’s voice, I’m guessing about thirteen or fourteen years old. And she sounds so—“

“—familiar. Like a relic from the past, right?” She said excitedly.

“You’ve been hearing it too?” Luke asked, also getting excited. “What does it say?”

“I don’t really hear words … I hear her voice though.”

“Oh, that’s weird, I’ve been hearing actual phrases. It’s kind-of intriguing …” Luke said.

“What does she say?”

“She has said ‘She is looking for me’.”

Leia looked at him with a puzzled look on her face, “That is odd.”

Luke looked whimsically at the battle plans in front of him and then said, “Well, right now it’s really bugging me … I just want to get some work done.”

Vixen felt the jolt of the escape pod being jettisoned and could feel Markus’ presence leaving the ship. She smiled and said to herself, “It was almost too easy.” She kept the ship on course and made sure to monitor the comm.. channels so that Markus’s distress call would get picked up. She was almost directly on course in the Hydian Way … so she wasn’t surprised when his call was answered less than a minute later.

Getting up from her seat, she walked back to the cargo bay, where Rodges defiant look on his face turned to dismay when he saw that she had planned to let Markus escape. His eyes filled with dread when he realized the manipulation would bring Luke Skywalker to her.

“I see you now understand my plan. I guess it is time for us to fulfill our deal. Correct?” Vixen said calmly.

Uncertain that she would truly fulfill her end of the bargain, Rodges said, “Yes … I guess.”

“We’ll be landing on an unpopulated planet soon, you can have your ship back then.” Vixen gestured to Chrona, “He’ll be fine, he just needs a couple of decades of specialized hospital care, then he’ll be back on his feet.”

Disgusted, Rodges demanded, “What did you do to him?”

“Oh, nothing you wouldn’t like to do to me,” Vixen answered with a smile.

A few hours later, Vixen unbound Rodges and lowered her speeder to the planet surface. “It should only take you about six or seven months to repair the damage I did to the ship, and then you’ll be on your way Captain.”

With that said, Vixen sped off towards the setting sun. Rodges cursed loudly and set to work.

Markus was bruised and battered, but alive. He was picked up by a group of Ithorians on their way to deliver some exotic flowers to rich clientele in the Core Worlds. They were kind enough to pick him up and tend to his wounds.

Luckily, the walls of his escape pod were stronger than his weight being thrown against them. He was lucky to have not broken any bones, but the Ithorians told him he probably had a slight concussion. Markus shrugged it off and set his mind to the task at hand … he needed to contact Luke Skywalker. Luke would want to know about this Sith, this Empress.

When the Ithorians landed at the next planet on the Hydian way, he thanked them profusely and hurried to find a slicer who could contact the Rebel Alliance. He must contact Skywalker he told himself.

Vrentin smiled as he heard the sound of a speeder coming towards him. He squinted at the long shadows cast by the setting sun behind him, and the transport he had brought to pick up the lovely young girl. It was the least he could do for her help with the Rebel attack a few weeks ago.

When he saw her pull up next to him, she looked older and at first he thought it must just be the experience she’s had in the last few weeks or something, but when she stood up, she was a full three inches taller … at least.

Before, he had thought she was a beautiful child of fifteen or sixteen … but now she looked as though she were three or four years older than that, and she was gorgeous. He could tell how strong she had become as well. Even though her arms and legs were covered by the robe she wore, her neck revealed very strong muscles in her neck and upper chest and back.

“Everything in order Captain?” she asked with a smile.

“Ye—yes miss. We should have only a short flight back to Kuat. This is my personal ship, and it is very fast, and very comfortable.” He said, still amazed at her appearance.

“Thank you for picking me up Captain, I sure hope our voyage is as pleasing as it was to see you again,” Vixen said with a teasing smile.

Chapter Seven
Once he heard the transport set down on the deck plates of the hanger, he keyed the hatch to open and broke into a full run. As he was running down a narrow hallway, suddenly Luke Skywalker stepped out of a cross-pathway and Markus ran him over.

Gasping for breath, Markus said, “Sky … Skywalker, I … I have important news for you! The Emperor had an heir!”

“WHAT!! What do you mean he had an heir?!” Luke cried.

“My whole team was just captured and killed by a young girl who claimed to be the daughter of the Emperor. She called herself the Empress of the galaxy. She wields a lightsaber very well, and her prowess with the Force grows each day.”

“What did she call herself?”

“Vixen. Empress Vixen of Venus. And there is something else … she is growing to adulthood rapidly. Within a few weeks, she aged from the look of a fourteen year old girl into a young adult. I believe she may have been a clone, or possibly even genetically engineered.”

“Wait … did you say she called herself Vixen of ‘Venus’?” Luke asked.

“Yes, why?” Markus asked, hoping there was a connection.

“Follow me. I seem to remember a Rebel Intelligence report from a while back that mentioned a Project Venus.” Luke said, running down the hallway from where he came.

Luke, running into a room full of charts and documents begins frantically searching through the documents on the far wall. After a few moments he yells, “Here! An intelligence report from a few years ago about an Imperial Research facility. We had a Rebel spy in their installation, and it seems that their project was to …”

“To what!?” Markus demanded.
“To … to genetically engineer a powerful wife for the Emperor. Our spy learned she has genetic material from the Emperor himself, many powerful Sith from the past, even … Darth Vader,” Luke said, his voice grim.

“So … what are we going to do?” Markus asked, hopeful that Luke had a plan.

“We will find her … and stop her.”

Vixen flipped forward, whipping the saber in front of her. Spinning on one foot, and sweeping the saber low, she completed the routine. Her body, at its peak of growth, has stopped at a more stable growth rate. Her body is now tuned and tight, ready to snap in attack or defense at any moment.

She shut down her saber and moved towards the center of the platform. She could feel the power of the dark side flowing from the location and into her body. This planet would serve well as a site for the destruction of Skywalker she thought. And now she must draw him here.

Luke sat, silently meditating, trying to feel vibrations in the Force. This was a skill he wished he had more time to practice. Ever since Master Yoda died, he tried to meditate and fall into the Force as much as time would allow.

He could feel his body falling away, and he could feel the Force pulling at him, almost as strongly as the day on Dagobah when he first learned to use this power. He grew frightened. He felt very cold, yet he could no longer feel his body. Suddenly, an ominous cowl-covered face appeared before him, its features beautiful and feminine below the shadow of the cowl.

A powerful Force-driven voice shook him, “I will be waiting for you Skywalker … come to the Massassi Temple. Your destiny awaits you there Skywalker …”

Luke awoke, shaken by Markus, “You were screaming Luke. It was the most god-awful bloodletting scream I have ever heard.”

Shaken, Luke says, “We must go to Yavin IV, now.”

Aboard a small transport, Luke sat and watched Markus continue through his defense routines, he was getting much better, better progress than Luke made years ago under the original tutelage of Obi-Wan. Markus used a green saber, much like Luke’s, his movements were much more controlled and subtle than Luke’s, and he was far more graceful.

“Your lightsaber proficiency is far above where mine was at your stage,” Luke said, feeding Markus encouragement.

“How can you say that? You defeated Darth Vader and the Emperor in combat. I will never be as good as you.”

Luke cringed, “I would never say I defeated the Emperor. You might say I came close to defeating Vader, but I would have died had it not been for Vader’s turn back to the Light, and throwing the Emperor to his destruction.”

“So what are you saying?” Markus asked, confused.

“If she has the genetics of my father in her, she can’t be wholly evil. Possibly, we can turn her back to the light.”

“Are you kidding me!? She’s … she’s …”

“She’s just a girl, a girl who needs to be shown the way.”

“Luke, I just don’t know if it’s really possible, how are we supposed to turn her? I mean, you have told me before that you felt the good in Vader and he showed you the good by not killing you, but what about her!?”

“We have to try. If she really does have the genetics of my father in her, then, as weird as it may seem, she is like a little sister to me.” Luke said.

“Well, I think you’re crazy, but if that’s what you want to try, I’m with you.”

The transport descended through the clouds and came to rest at the foot of the great Massassi temple on Yavin IV. Luke exited the craft, with a yellow jumpsuit on and his lightsaber in hand. Markus followed, his similar jumpsuit, grey in color, and his own lightsaber, hanging from his belt along with his blaster.

Markus surveyed the temple and said, “It really hasn’t changed much in the last few years. The forest has been good to it.”

“It almost seems as if the forest itself stops right at the edge of the temple, yet they are joined as one, how interesting.” Luke said, drifting off to other thoughts before coming back to the task at hand.

“Where to chief?” Markus asked.

“She’s on top of the temple … waiting for us.” Luke said, his voice flat and grim.

Chapter Eight
Luke and Markus climbed the outside of the temple towards its top, using vines and the massive unnatural stones to pull themselves up. Their climb took them time, but they silently climbed this way anyway, avoiding the dark interior of the temple where the young dark girl could have laid traps for them.

Finally, pulling himself up first, Markus quickly ignited his lightsaber in defense while Luke climbed up behind him. Markus looked around anxiously and couldn’t see her. “Are you sure she’s up here Luke?”

“I can feel her presence Markus … she’s here.” Luke said, also igniting his lightsaber.

Calling out into the early-evening dusk, Luke cried, “Vixen, if that is what you wish to be called … we know you’re there. It doesn’t have to end this way.”

Seemingly coming out of the clouds, a powerful voice called, “End what way JEDI!?”

As Markus looked over to Luke his fear creeping in on him, both he and Luke fell forward onto their knees as an invisible force pushed from behind them. Markus, stricken with fear, cringed.

“Insignificant Jedi, even your pupil fears the true power of the Force.”

His voice growing with confidence, Luke yelled out, “The Emperor spoke similar words of the power of the dark side … he was wrong. The power of the Force lies in the continuity, warmth, and love of the Light.”

A cackle that sounded half like thunder and half like maniacal laughing pounded them from all around. Markus couldn’t look up, and he had dropped his lightsaber in front of him, his hands over his ears and he began to curl into a fetal position on the stone platform.

Luke called out, “The Force is not about power, young one. The Force is about life, and feelings.”

Seemingly storming out of nowhere, her illusion dropping, Vixen appeared only six meters ahead of Luke, lightsaber fully ignited and swinging, “What do you know of the Force weakling! You didn’t kill the Emperor, your traitor Father did.”

Barely blocking her overhead swing, Luke tried to spin and return the blow, but when he came around from his spin, Vixen’s lightsaber was there to meet his. Laughing, Vixen said, “I sure hope you have more tricks than that Jedi, or this will not be as interesting as I thought it would be.”

Luke felt calming waves of the Force come over him, his confidence growing, he once again fell into an offensive routine, swinging powerful strikes at Vixen and gaining ground. Vixen managed to easily deflect each strike and when he had pushed her back a few meters she grinned and suddenly threw her hand out in front of her. Luke felt himself flying through the sky and falling hard against the stone. He managed to keep his lightsaber in hand and as he turned to get up, Vixen was there, standing above him getting ready to strike.

Suddenly, on instinct, Luke swung low instead of reading a block and Vixen was forced to jump to avoid the ankle-attack. Jumping up, Luke continued on the defensive, managing to counter attack only once, which was easily avoided by Vixen. Luke just couldn’t keep up with the fast-moving girl.

“Where is your life feeling Force now Jedi?” Vixen taunted, continuing her offensive. Finally, she stepped her attacks up a notch and Luke could feel an immense hatred brewing inside her. His instincts told him to attack, but he could also hear the will of the Force, its voice much softer and soothing.

Vixen saw the opening in his defense and struck. Luke cried in pain as her saber hit his leg. The dark deep burn hurt so badly. He couldn’t keep his footing and he stumbled backwards towards the platform’s edge. Vixen smiled wickedly and put her lightsaber out to her side and raised her arm out in front of her, reaching into the power of the Force to pick his wounded body up and toss it over the side. She said, “Now, Jedi, you go to meet your father!”

In that split second, a green saber sliced through the outstretched arm. Vixen stumbled backwards in shock. Holding her lightsaber out in front of her in defense, her right arm gone but for a few inches, she felt weak suddenly. A feeling she had never felt before.

Markus stood, defiantly holding his lightsaber in both hands. Luke could see the anger in his posture, and feel the dark-side growing within his pupil. But he couldn’t on to consciousness anymore. He drifted off into blackness, his mind floating away from his body, blackness encompassing him completely.

Chapter Nine
Markus knew he was being tempted by the dark side at this moment, but he also knew that by succumbing to his fear and allowing the dark side in, that was the only way he could regain control of his body. He could feel his anger growing within him, and for those moments, he felt a power within himself that was intoxicating.

Growling, Markus continued his assault on the vile Sith. He slashed and thrust madly, ignoring his own defense and staying on a complete offensive. He knew instinctively that he had the girl beaten; he needed only to press further.

Vixen could feel the dark side urging her to use her powers to defeat this insignificant Jedi student, but her pride directed her to defeat this Jedi without them, teaching him a lesson about who was the better. Suddenly, succumbing to her rage, she attacked viciously, striking his left shoulder, causing it to fall to his side, useless.

Screaming in rage, Markus surged forward, slashing for Vixen’s lightsaber. But his inexperience with the dark side and its power had drained his strength. The Sith girl quickly deflected the strike and sundered his lightsaber, slicing through the hilt, and severely burning Markus’s right hand. Markus stumbled and fell backwards, coming to rest on his knees, Luke’s unmoving form next to him.

Vixen smiled triumphantly, knowing she’d defeated two Jedi in less than a few minutes time. Icy words of hatred rolled off her tongue, “Now, with the flick of my wrist, the Skywalker line will be destroyed.”

Markus, crestfallen and certain of his demise, suddenly smiled. Taken aback, Vixen sneered, “Why do you smile in defeat, Jedi!?”

Markus began laughing, “Because even if you kill Skywalker … it will not end the Skywalker line. There are two others.”

Vixen, determined and angry, demanded, “WHO!?” She put the full weight of the Force behind her words, trying to compel the truth out of Markus.

Markus felt her powerful demand, but didn’t have the strength to resist it, “Why, Princess Leia and … you, of course.”

Instantly, her mind reeled at the thought of having such tainted blood inside her veins. “No,” she told herself out loud, “I have the blood of the greatest Sith who ever lived in me, I am the daughter of the Emperor, I am an Empress. I do not have the weakling blood of the Skywalker clan in me.”

A weak voice spoke out, “Search your feelings … you know it to be true.” Luke groaned. He looked into the shocked eyes of Darth Vixen, the Empress of the Empire. He could feel the power behind her eyes and in her soul. She had more genetics from Lord Vader than any of the other sources of her creation. He could feel the good in her. He spoke again, “I can feel the good in you. I see a young child, running through fields and forests of Dantooine. Picking flowers and watching butterflies. You played as a normal child, you enjoyed life, you—” Luke stopped suddenly.

Vixen held her lightsaber out in front of her, blade pointed directly at them, but she was slowly backing away and shaking her head. The memories were too powerful, everything she’d forgotten about her early days after coming out of the cloning chamber had been blocked, pushed aside.

“—you found a holocron in the forest. Didn’t you?” Luke continued.

The blonde attacker nodded, much like a child who is ashamed of what they’ve done.

Luke found his strength and slowly stood, limping lightly on his wounded leg. “Vixen, the holocron found YOU! It has clouded your mind with the dark side and its temptations. Push aside its teachings for a moment and remember who you were before it found you.”

Vixen crumpled onto the stone roof. Her lightsaber deactivated and rolled away from her loose fingers. She stared at the ground as if looking into another realm. Luke helped Markus to his feet, but indicated silently not to attack. Luke, unarmed, limped to the dismayed young girl and knelt by her side. He put a gentle hand on her left shoulder and said, “It’s alright. I feel the darkness within you, child. But it is not your own. The fear and hate were put there by the holocron. Your prolonged exposure to it’s power is what drives those emotions and in turn, drives your anger and aggression.”

“I … I killed him,” her child-like voice whispered. Luke and Markus could both see the tears streaming down her face.

Luke, sensing this most troubling act of murder inside her said, “No child. The spirit inside the holocron killed Byian. You were but the vessel of its actions. If you choose, you no longer have to be the vessel of its dark emotions. Take my hand, and in that smallest of gestures, you and I will start your training as a Jedi … as a Skywalker.”

After several minutes of her far-away stare, Vixen looked into Luke’s eyes and sensed the love he felt for her. The care he felt and the pain he felt for her. Then she turned to Markus and found the same things in his eyes, but also—a different kind of love; something with which she was unfamiliar with, a love of passion and intimacy. She was unsure of how to feel about Markus’s intense feelings, but she knew she wanted more than anything to take Skywalker’s hand.

Tentatively, she reached out and grasp Luke’s hand, and together, they weakly stood up. Luke smiled down at her, and said, “Now, we will begin your Jedi training, my little sister.”

That's the redux ... if this is your first read, I would ask that you don't go look up the originally ending ... it really stank! :p

And look soon to the Roleplaying Forum for the continuing adventures of lil' Miss Vixen.

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