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Jax Nova
24 October 2005, 12:57 PM
The Eye of The Sith,

Jedi Master Nadira Barish, and her 19 year old apprentice Ketra Zeron had been assigned a routine mission on Bonadan. There instructions were simple, meat the contact, get the information, and bring it safely back to Jedi Master Luke Skywalker.
Master Skywalker had put his all into the Jedi academy the following year after it's construction. And the risk to the Jedi order was not lost.
"See you in a couple of day," Master Kyle Katarn called to Nadira and Ketra as they prepared to leave. Nadira looked out from under her brown Jedi robe with a smille and noded. Her green eyes catching the rays of the sun and gleaming like jewls.
The two Jedi climed aboard there Z-95 Headhunters. The headhunters were one of the oldest ships still in use. The ships boasted excelent maneuvering jets that gave them surprising maneuverablility during atmospheric flight. They carried laser cannons, concussion missile launchers, and other up-to-date equipment. At 11.8 meters they reached a top speedof 1,150 KPH.
Ketra's five foot, 10 inch tall, normal build fit comfortably into the pilots seat. His black hair disapeared underneath the pilot's helmet. His blue eyes gazing eagerly at yet another flight.

"My Lord, they have left the planet," the pilot of the beat up skyhopper reported as the two Jedi entered into space. "Retern to the planet," came the raspy reply. "Yes my Lord," The small ship took off unoticed at maximum speed.
The small ship soon entered the Bonadan system and landed on the eroded waistlands of Bonadan.
"Do they suspect a trap?" the commander asked as the skyhopper pilot exited his craft. "No, everything is goign acording to plan," he assured him. "I hope so, for your sake," the commander continued, "Jedi, dark or light, are not looked upon to kindly around here." "I would not resort to idle threats, it can get quite dangerous," said the cloacked figure as he moved his Kommite hand to the lightsaber that hung idly on his belt. "There are no need for hostilities," the commander secured in an airy voice.
The small gathering soon mved on to the far landing platform where Jezel's ship was landing. The sleek ship resembled in manny ways a SoroSuub, but sported the definite armory, weaponry, and shielding of a powerful fighter.

"Put down on the north east pad," Nadira instructed her apprentice. Obediently Ketra brought his headhunter in for an expert landing. Soon after him Nadira exited her ship, jumping down to the ground in her dark green jedi outfit, leaving her brown robe behinde in her ship.
Ketra walked up to Nadira's side, noticing the strange look on her face. "Do you feel it?" she asked him. He stretched out his feelings, searching. And there it was, suttle, hidden, yet ever present. "What is it?" he asked his master. "Trouble," she said simply as the wind brushed a strand of red hair across her face. The 23 year old woman from Dathomire had learned long ago how to hone her force abilities, and was an exceptionally pwerfull force user.
Ketra took the lead, closly followed by the five foot, seven inch, skinny form of Master Nadira. The danger was far off, and indirect, leaving them open to secretly finish the task at hand, or so they thought.

Jax Nova
24 October 2005, 04:10 PM
The trio soon made there way to where they were scheduled to meet the contact. “We are not going to wait around for long,” Nadira informed her apprentice. Ketra understood the situation, and knew that it was dangerous to even be here. The no-show only served to heighten the suspicions of the jedi.

“They are in position,” a rodian bounty hunter informed Jezel. “Proceed with the plan. I want the m alive, with no permanent damage,” Jezel ordered. “As you wish,” the bounty hunter approved. “Once they are captured you will receive the remainder of your pay,” Jezel added for extra insentive.
Jezel then turned to his dark jedi friend. “I hear you have preformed as I have asked,” a slight pause hung in the air, “It seems I have underestimated you. Your payment will be transferred immediately.” “A pleasure doing buisiness with you,” the jedi countered. “Perhaps some time in the future I will have more work for you. But I currently have other matters to attend to,” Jezel spoke. The dark jedi nodded his head in acknowledgement .
Jezel then turned back to his men and began to give out orders. The small encampment began to move out in all directions. They were faced with the duty to capture two jedi, not an easy task. They began to surround the jedi from a far range, then began slowly moving in. The buildings were crawling with men, there steps resounding throughout the near deserted city.
Nadira and Ketra were well aware of the danger that they were in, and together they searched for an out. With there combined powers they scanned the barrier of men that surrounded them, searching for something, anything that would help them. Soon they had an answer, to the north was a week spot in the line of men, an area loosely covered by the incoming forces. Simultaneously they began to run for the area, just as Jezel knew they would.
As they ran a group of men from a roof spotted them. They aimed and let fly three missiles, two heading for Nadira, and one heading for Ketra. With a wave of her hand Nadira sent the two missiles plummeting into each other. The explosion rang through the buildings like a gong on a cool day at Hoth. The earsplitting sound was closely followed by another, less immense explosion as Ketra flew a rock across the path of the incoming missile.
In a matter of moments the two jedi had disappeared into the old buildings, and the three men on the roof were left staring down into a detestable landscape of rubbish. Beneath them, and not far to the west Nadira led Ketra through a maze of rocks and ruble. The area looked as though it had been used as test grounds for torpedoes. They jumped over a large table, ran through the house, and out the back door. Once on the outside they looked around briefly, and took off to the north again. The three bounty hunters that were unfortunate enough to get in there way were one by one made to regret it.
The rounding of yet another corner revealed the three aliens standing in a ready position behind a large, half broken wall. A rodian, a twi’lek, and a bothan, all armed with blaster rifles. Being sighted in at 200 meters, there sights would be less accurate at the distance of seventy meters that span the distance between them and the jedi.
Nadira steped in front as the red blaster bolts flashed from the guns. She extended her hands, and deflected the blaster bolts back at the men. Meanwhile, Ketra had jumped high in the air, landing behind them. The rodian and the twi’lek were thrust into each other by an invisible force, while a bright light shot from Nadira’s hand, hitting the bothan and sending him falling to the ground.

Jax Nova
25 October 2005, 10:19 AM
Ketra pivoted on his heal, and took off running. As he ran he could hear the gentle footsteps of Nadira close behind him, he could hear the sounds of enemy units moving throughout the disorder, he could sense the feelings of danger that closed in all around him. Ketra turned his thoughts to his master, her feelings were free, relaxed, what he would have expected from her. Within Nadira could feel the force running through her, guiding her steps, leading her to safety. Nadira was calm, focused, collected. Ketra shoved the intrusive thoughts out of his mind, found a sense of calm from Nadira, and embraced the aid of the force.
They rounded another corner, the tall building resembling those of Coruscant, or Corellia. The uneven ground supported the battered gray/black building with a surprising sturdiness. In the worn pavement were cracks and place void of cover. In places like these grass, and weeds sprung up into the short life they would live. In the middle of the street sat an old abandon speeder, far beyond repair or salvage.
The area was surprisingly empty, bonadan was a busy free-enterprise planet. The surface was home to an enormous population. The sky on the other hand, reflected the true nature of the planet. A nearly constant stream of ships flowed in and out of the bus star ports.
They could see the edge of the city, a small break in the buildings revealed the tattered country. They were almost out of it, the last line of men were perched on top of the outermost buildings. Just ten more meters! But they were not so fortunate. Five men emerged from around the buildings and released the deadly energy of there weapons. Ketra dove for cover through a gals window, landing hard on the mettle floor below. Nadira dodged the incoming shots, and dived to the side, rolled, and came up on her feet behind the building.
Ketra worked his way through the unfamiliar rooms until he stumbled across the side door. Three men stood only four meters to the left of the door. Ketra watched as the leader of the three man group called in on his radio for reinforcements, and ordered another group to take up position behind the building. Ketra quickly informed Nadira of what he had herd via mind communications, and then turned back to the current problem. How was he going to get out the door without them hearing him?
Nadira looked around, she could not go back out onto the street, not with the men there, and she knew that soon more would show up from behind. She looked up to the top of the tall building and easily covered the distance to the top. Once secretly on top of the tall, round-topped building she searched the area for the incoming group.
The group came in from the far side of the building, three rodians with blaster rifles, a single Duros with a disruptor rifle, and an ithorian who carried a flame projector. Behind these five were two gamorreans who carried gamorrean battle axes.
Nadira jumped from her perch to the next building. The small group walked along the walls of the lower, flat toped building as she looked down on them from above. Once determining that they had no sort of radar that could detect her she readied herself. The group continued to move closer, until they stopped at the edge of the building, four meters below her.
Ketra couldn’t wait forever, the men seemed as though they were going to move out. With his built up power he thrust the door open. The three men herd the force of the door being blown off, caught a glimpse of someone jumping out of the building, and herd a low humming sound. There reactions found them facing a young jedi, his purple bladed lightsaber ignited. They began to blast away, forcing Ketra into a frantic, yet controlled dance. His lightsaber hitting high, down low, then coming down in a circular motion, deflecting two shots.
The shots bounced off his elegant weapon, one adding yet another scar to the nearby building, one throwing up dirt near the feet of the nearest man, and the third catching the side of the group leaders head. The two surviving mercenaries shot once more, and rushed around the corner of the building. Ketra moved to pursue the two, but was stopped dead in his tracks as cold raspy voice echoed from behind.
“Very good,” came a calm, vile voice from behind. That once distant sense of danger pierced Ketra at the heart, like knife being drove through and inch a minute. Ketra turned to face the tall robed figure just as he saw the blade of a blood red lightsaber extend from the man’s hand. Ketra brought his blade in front of him and moved his feet into a defensive stance.
Nadira dropped to the ground just behind the two grammarians. On her way down she grabbed each by the back of the neck, causing them to fall to the ground without a struggle. The other five turned in dread as they herd the sound. All but the ithorian were thrown against the wall as Nadira waved her hand. The ithorian pointed his flame projector and fired in a desperate attempt to preserve his life. Nadira, using the well known force ability of protection jumped through the flame towards, grabed him by the throat, and slammed him against the wall. He then received a hard knee in the stomach, followed by a hard hit to the back of the head that sent him to the ground motionless.
The other four began shoot madly at the jedi, but with no success. Nadira was beginning to move in on them when she felt the presence of the dark lord Jezel. She immediately could sense that Ketra was in trouble, and made a giant leap over the four enemies and landed on the far side of the building where Ketra had been. But there was no sign save the dormant foot prints and the dead body of the group leader. Ketra was no where to be found.

Jax Nova
27 October 2005, 02:59 PM
"Take him to the holding cell," Jezel ordered five bounty hunters. There reply, a gruding nod, came slowly and slight. Jezel, not woried about such small matters walked briskly away.
Jezel made his way back to where the fight between the bounty hunters and the jedi was still waging. The sounds of shouts and weapon discharges blatently obvoius in the cool air. The short walk would take him significently longer than the immediat teliportation that he had used to get to his camp. But the usage had drained his force powers to where he dare not risk any more before his fight with Nadira.
Meanwhile, back in the citty, the bounty hunters were having a terible time attempting to capture there jedi friend. Nadira jumped backwards, out of the way of an incoming shock grenade. The grenade flew forwards, she felw backwards, and it exploded. The bounty hunters had all lost sight of Nadira in the moment that it exploded, and when the smoke cleared, she was no where to be seen.
Nadira skilfully snuck up from behind the bounty hunters as they puzled over her disapearence. "Check the radar!" one man called out. A young human male ran over to the equipment and began to rumage through a large container. Soon he pulled out a small scaner and flipped it on.
Nadira, knowing that she would show up on the device, thus giving away her position, moved her finger in directing the force and the device was wrenched from the man's hands and fell to the ground.
"What do you think your doing?! That cost allot of credits kid!" the leader cut at him. "I didn't do it!" he insisted. "Pick it up and get that scan!" the man yeled back.
The young man picked up the scaner and began once more to flip it on. His finger reached the switch, and he began to push, and the next thing he knew, everything went black. "What's going on?" one man asked as he watched the young man fall to the ground.
The rest of the men looked on nerviously, unsure what there fate would be. Death staired them in the eye. They were going up against a jedi! Finally the call that they had all waited so long to hear rang through the ranks, "Retreat! Retreat!"
Men scrambled from every direction, running for there lives! Nadira stayed hiden as the men made there escape. But as they bounty hunters moved out, Jezel moved in. Nadira could feel him, and he coudl feel her. A fight was inevitable.

Jax Nova
28 October 2005, 03:56 PM
Nadira went to her knees, sitting on her heals as she relaxed, consentrated, emersed herself in the force. Meanwhile Jezel grew ever closer.
Jezel rounded the corner of a worn building, and there, in the opening sat Nadira. Her hand resting on her lightsaber, eyes closed. The Lord of the sith, one and a half meters infront of her, ignited his red lightsaber.
Nadira calmly reached for the ignition button on her silver handle. The green light extended slowly as she stood to her feet. "Surly you know you can not beat me. You can feal my power, the power of the dark side! Come with me and that power can be yours," Jezel perswaded. "The power you feel is like a fire, soon it will consume you. And when that time comes, there will be nothing left but ashes with an evil presance," Nadira retorted.
Without another word the sith lord lashed out at her with his glowing blade. Nadira brought her own blade up to block, parying from the left, then from the low right. Jezel stabed forwards at her with lightning speed, forcing her to dodge. Nadira bent backwards, holding her body just a foot from the ground.
Jezel then thrust his lightsaber down with all his force. Nadira, who predicted the move roled her bent body to the right, and brought her lightsaber to her side. Jezel's lightsaber cought her blade as it slid along the green energy towards the ground, while Nadira straightened her back.
"You'r as good as I have herd," Jezel complimented as he took another visious hack at her. Nadira blocked his attack, and flung it off to the right. "If you were to join me there would be no limmit to what we could acomplish together," Jezel continued after comming around with a high back-kick that Nadira swiftly dodged.
"Save you'r words, I will not turn to the dark side," Nadira said calmly, yet firmly. "As you wish," the sith master backed away.
At that moment a group of ten mercinaries appeared from behind a far away building. Each bearing a long ranged gun began to take pot shots at Nadira. She responded with speed and presicion, sending the deadly rays back towards there releasers. Then....... darkness, nothing but darkness.
When Nadira woke she found herself in a dungion, bound with energy binders. The dirt colored walls closely resembled the caverns of geonosis. Infront of her was a steal door, reinfored no doupt. And to her right, a clear wall where she could see Ketra in the same cercomstances as she, only sedated.
As she took in her soroundings the door infront of her opened up. Jezel and three armed guards walked in, and the door closed behind her. "I have requested something from you," Jezel began, "Fight for me, or watch your apprentice be tourtored to the breaking point."
"Never," Nadira proclaimed. "That is unfortunate, for young Ketra. The pain will not kill him. But it will continue day after day until you accept my proposal," Jezel informed her as him and the guards walked out.
Out side Jezel's commanding officer had been listening to the conversation. "Why threten them when you know you can turn them?" he inquired. "To fill there minds with fear, and to give my powers time to build," Jezel answered. "But what is so important about him? Why go to all this trouble for this one jedi?" he asked.
"Jezel stoped and looked at his follower, "Have you not herd the things which I have told you? He is the Veshal! Once I turn him and enter his body I will be unstopable," Jezel proclaimed. "Yes Lord," the man responded softly.

Jax Nova
31 October 2005, 01:15 PM
Far away back at the jedi academy Master Luke Skywalker was just receiving the message that Nadira had secretly sent out before her face off with Jezel. It had been slow arriving, but long before it did master Luke could tell something had went wrong.
“What does it say?” Kyle Katarn looked over Luke’s shoulder. “A powerful force user set the meeting up as a trap. Possibly a sith,” Luke relayed the message to his friend. “I thought the sith had been taken care of?” Kyle asked inquisitively. “How many times have we thought that? And how many times has it actualy been the case?” Luke asked Kyle with a slight smile on his face.
“Why don’t you…” “Check it out,” the last three words of Luke’s statement finished by Kyle. “I’ll go to Bonada and see what I can find out,” Kyle agreed. “Thank you,” Luke voiced his appreciation.
Kyle Katarn walked out and made his way to an x-wing. He sat down inside, turned the systems on, closed the hatch, and prepared for flight. “Nothing ever goes the way it’s planned,” Kyle thought to himself as he launched his x-wing into the air.
Before long Kyle found himself stairing down at the planet of Bonadan. He eyed the landing pads, looking for Nadira and Ketra’s ships. There, on the second to his left,the two Z-95 headhunters sat dormant, with a large group of men around them. Kyle took his x-wing in to land on the platforms, but was startled as the group raised guns to fire on him.
Kyle finally landed safely on the pad after letting loose a couple of shots from his laser cannons. After the harmless warning shots hit the men below began to scatter. Kyle took his ship in for a tight landing between the two headhunters, popped his cockpit open, and jumped out.
Kyle stretched out his hand and brought the nearest men flying through the air towards him. “Ahh!” the four armed myneyrshi screamed as he brought his gun up to shoot Kyle. Kyle Stretched out his other hand, and while setting the man roughly down on the ground, flinging the blaster out of his hand. “I don’t know anything!” the alien insisted in his native tongue.
“What were you doing with the ships?” Kyle asked calmly. “I told you I don’t know anything,” he replied frightenedly. “You can tell me now, or I can take you back to the jedi temple and let them handle it,” Kyle offered. “No! I must stay hear, my life is on bonadan,” he insisted. The bright smile that came to Kyle’s face told the man everything he needed to know.
“I had a meeting with two Jedi. But when they showed up mercenaries were all over the place, and the Sith Lord,” the man began to explain. “The Sith Lord?” Kyle asked inquiringly. “Yes, the Sith Lord. That is what I was going to tell the others. His name is Jezel, and he was raised on the planet of Rafa 5, and his speicies is Toka. Somehow he able to see things in far away places, even without the use of the force. He has been watching the Jedi temples, but I have not yet figured out why. That is all I know,” the man insisted.
“How did you find all this out?” Kyle asked. “I have many sources. Ones that I can not name. Information is my business, I am good at what I do,” he persisted. “So what about the ships?” Kyle asked. “After I realized the two jedi had been taken by the sith lord, I figured that no one would be coming to pick up the ships,” the man said with an inocent smile. “Right,” Kyle corresponded his understanding.
After learning all the details from the man he let him go and left to the are where Nadira and Ketra had went to meet the contact.

Jax Nova
4 November 2005, 01:36 PM
Master Luke Skywalker wakled out to the landing pad where Kyle Katarn was landing his X-wing.

"What did you find out?" Luke asked him as he jumped out of his ship, landing on the gray structure beneath him. "It seems that the two of them were captured by a Sith Lord named Jezel. I met the contact and he told me that somehow this Jezel charecter sees things without the use of the force. I.." "Maybe we should go inside and talk." Luke interupted.

After Kyle had told Luke all that had happened on his trip to Bonadan Luke informed him of something he had figured out.

"There is an ainchent Sith Legend of the Veshal," Luke began. "It seems that this Veshal will have the "ultimate force power. Now I did some checking and the word Veshal was adopted into the ainchent Sith language nearly 20,000 years ago." "What does it mean?" Kyle asked. "It means the Eye of The Sith. Acording to the legend who ever is the Sith Lord when the Veshal is born will be able to see everything that hte Veshal sees." Luke explained.

Back in the Sith prison Nadira watched as Jezel tortured Ketra. Jezel reached out and let loos the full force of his force lightning on the young boy. "AHH!!" Nadira could hear the screams through the transperent seperation.

Jezel peered through the see through divider and smilled at Nadira. He walked to the door and pressed the button. The door opened and he walked out, disapearing out of sight.
Soon the door to Nadira's cell opened, and in walked the Sith Lord.
"How long will he have to suffer for you'r sake?" Jezel asked with a smile.

the room fell silent as Ndira entered into a state of concentration so deep she shut out the very words of the Sith Lord. The torture of her young Padawan was the one thing that could convince her to turn.

So she shut it out, she shut it all out. And entered into herself, into the force.

Jezel, slightly angered, turned and walked out.

"My Lord, If I may, what is the point in turning the master if it is the boy you want?" Jezel's young, short aid asked him. "Are you'r eyes blinded? If she turns, then he will follow. If she does not turn I will threten to put her through what I have put him through, his care for her will break him. And if that does not work I will put him through it all over again." Jezel explained.

The cloaked figure walked up to the door of Jezel's Sith temple. The illustrious temple was built in the deep jungles of Kashyyk, where none save the wookies would find it. And Jezel could easily hold off any of theese primitive beasts that oposed him. ( or so he thought )

"Halt! no one is allowed past this point." the guards cocked there guns. The black cloaked figure lifted his hand and sent the two guards flying in oposite directions.

The calm buzz of a lightsaber permiated the air as a black blade extended from the gloved hand of the figure. The blade siered through the door until it fell inward. In he walked slowly into the shadows as a group of security guards came running.

The black glove of the figure reached towards the door and then retracted as the men ran around the corner.

There seemed to be nothing wrong to the group of security that arrived. The door was closed and locked, nothing seemed out of order. Except the two guards on the outside were gone.

Ketra laid limp in his bindings, the pain from his torture taking it's toll. He could feel someone comming, somone with a familiar presence. But he was to disoriented to decern who it was.

Foot steps outside the door grew louder. He could hear them in his mind, and almost see the black leather glove that covered the hand that was reaching to the door.

"Who are you?! What!...." the two guards fell to the ground before they could get off a shot.

Ketra looked up as the door slid open. There in the door stood a seven foot tall figure. He was skinny and wore a black Jedi robe.

The hood was pulled back by the man's hand and revealed his long black hair, and the a familier face.

"Razak!" Ketra called out.

A black lightsaber flashed out, cutting Ketra's bonds. Ketra fell to the ground as he was released from his bindings. Razak stood still as the boy began to float and was lifted up to his feet.

"Thanks! We have to get out of here, there is a Sith Lord here by the name of Jezel." Ketra informed him.

Ketra ran to the door and grabed the two guns from the guards that lay on the ground, and headed towards Nadira's cell. "Woe, slow down little brother. where are you going?" Razak called out. "I have to get Nadira!" he exclaimed as he worked off the door's pannel.

"We need to get out of here. Like you said, there is a Sith Lord here." Razak reminded him. "I am not leaving without Nadira." Ketra said firmly.
"You might want this," Razak said witha smile as he tossed Ketra a lightsaber.

Ketra ripped off the covering and began to fumble around in the wires. Finaly, finding the corect wires touched them together and opened the door.

Ketra burst in and ignited his purple blade, flashing it in several swirling motins as he spun around behind Nadira to catch her as she fell.

Nadira opened her eyes. "You are amazing! And who is his?" Nadira sais with a smile. "This is my brother Razak, he rescued me," Ketra introduced her. "Pleased to meet you," Nadira said looking up at him. Razak noded and turned to leave.

The two took the message that he eluminated from his actions and followed along behind.

"Where did you get the lightsaber?" Nadira asked looking down at Ketyra's belt. "Razak brought it for me." Ketra explained. "How did he know you were here?" she asked. "I don't know..." Ketra admited

Jax Nova
7 November 2005, 01:01 PM
Ketra and Nadira followed along behind Razak as he lead them off into the wilderness of Kashyyk. The
large, thick trees covering most of the ground. Beneath them were enormous beasts of great power, even
those who would threaten a Jedi.

Razak seemed to know where he was going as he ran along. Not long after they had left the base they heard
the base alarms sounding. The prisoners had escaped! The sirens pierced the dens forest like a fish through

Razak lead the two into a large cave and then said, “You two stay here, I will go lead them off our trail.”
“Be careful Razak.” Ketra requested lovingly. “I will little brother, I will.” Razak assured him with a smile
before running off into the forest.

“Ketra, if your brother a Jedi?” Nadira asked. “He used to be, but he left long ago…” Ketra explained.
“Why?” Nadira asked. “He said something about the Jedi were forming themselves more into a cult than an
art like the Jedi of old” Ketra explained.
To Nadira, it didn’t seem like a bad reason. Many of the Jedi were beginning to take the force more as a
religion than an art. But something bothered her about the young man.
“Why do you ask?” Ketra wondered. “I just don’t want to see you get hurt that’s all,” she admitted.
“Hurt?” Ketra asked in confusion. “Ketra?” Nadira said with a smile on her face. “You know your brother
as well as anyone, I know you felt it allso.” “I did…” he admitted. “What was it?” “I’m not quite sure,”
Nadira admitted.

There conversation was brought to a abrupt halt as they felt the presence of men outside the mouth of the
cave. Jezel’s men no doubt, searching for the escaped prisoners. As they sat there quietly a surge of energy
rushed through Nadira, something urging her through the force to leave this place at once.

“We have to go, now.” Nadira said calmly as she casually stood to her feet. “But Razak said…” Ketra
started, but seeing the smile and look of knowledge on her face he stopped and followed.

They neared the mouth of the cave cautiously, searching around visually and mentally for the men outside.
After seeing, and sensing nothing they exited the cave warily. They came to the mouth and looked out into
the green forest. The large trees, and thick grass around them. They could see animals jumping around in
the trees, and small creatures scattering in the grass below. It seemed that the cost was clear, they moved
Ketra could here the calls of the animals in the distance, he could sense a large protoplasmic slug on a
nearby branch, and could hear the breathing of a webweaver in the distance.

They made there exit, and then, something stuck them like a knife! Fear? Or was it something else? A
quick glance around revealed that it was not a living thing that sprung this feeling. Instinctively they
jumped up, away from the feeling, doing a back flip onto the top of the cave.
Just as they jumped the forest was pierced with the deafening sounds of explosions that came from the
cave mouth. The cave, working to amplify the sound and project it outwards. Dust, fire, and shreds of rock
spewed upwards at the two Jedi. Nadira and Ketra dropped to the ground, deflecting the dangerous
projectiles with the force as they littered the ground around them.

Jax Nova
10 November 2005, 03:13 PM
“We need to go.” Nadira said with a soft voice as she looked out from under her robe.

Ketra looked up to see Nadira standing before him, hand stretched out. Around him were
the shards left from the explosion.
In the distance he could feel the presence of danger growing near. The blast had no
doubt alerted Jezel’s men.

Nadira took off at a slow run in-front of Ketra as they advanced into the forests of
Kashyyk. Ketra following close behind.

The leaves crushing beneath there feat as they passed by the gigantic trees, vines, and
various plants of the world.

They could feel the presence getting closer, and then.... There were two of them!
Something else was coming, something that to Nadira seemed familiar, yet different.
The two were closing in from the front and back, the one from the front adjusting course
to there every move.

Jax Nova
11 November 2005, 11:09 AM
Then, there before them stood a clocked figure with the dark side surrounding him.
His black robe revealing nothing of his features.

Nadira looked into his mind, digging in with her power. Something was familiar about
him, something she just couldn’t put her finger on. But her attempts were blocked, the
man’s defenses were to strong.

And then, from behind ran Jezel, stopping as he looked upon the dark figure ahead.

“I should have known I couldn’t have trusted you.” Jezel said looking at the man. “It is
time for you to die!” the figure said with a vile whisper. “You are mistaken if you think
that you can defeat me.” Jezel said as he ignited his blade.

Nadira and Ketra took the opportunity to make a break for it, but were stopped dead in
there tracks at the first move as thousands of men emerged all around them with guns

“This is what you resort to?” the figure whispered. “Only to prevent my prey from
escaping. You, my dear friend, will be dealt with personally.” Jezel said as he leapt into

The stationary man ignited a red lightsaber and met Jezel in mid air as the battle erupted
into madness. The two battling out with there all.

But to Nadira, looking on the fight from the outside, Jezel would be the clear victor.

Ketra looked around, his senses running overtime. He could hear the breathing of the
men around him, the clashes and low hum of the lightsabers in the deadly battle that
unfolded in-front of him. He could see even more men waiting beyond the ridge, and he
could see his brother no where.

Ketra reached out, trying desperately to find his brother. There was nothing, not a trace
of Razak’s presence.

“What has happened?!” he thought frantically. “Has he been kidnapped, or even killed?”
Ketra’s Jedi training began to come back as he steadied himself and brought his emotions
under control. He calmed himself and slowed his breathing.

Before him the two force users fought hard, battling it out to the bitter end. And after
that, what would happen to them?

No one could say for sure.

Jax Nova
28 November 2005, 06:56 AM
Sorry about no posts things are EXTREMILY buisy right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sirously !!!!

Am not sure when I will have time but it might be a week or more so see yal then.

28 November 2005, 10:38 PM
No problem :D Same thing here... Sometime I really hate the holidays:(

Jax Nova
29 November 2005, 12:32 PM
The fight blurred in Ketra's mind as he analyzed and took in every action that was played
out. Each move each attack, like a hologram recording in his mind. And then, before he
knew it, it was all over.

He watched the fatal mistake, and in ample time, knew that the unknown force user had
lost, he turned his head, but the image burnt into his mind in a flash of sounds.

Jezel cut the intruder in half, and he fell to the ground.

"Now the two of you will suffer greatly for your disobedience. You will be sorry!" Jezel
said harshly.

And then... All went blank.

30 November 2005, 12:02 PM
very nice :) You ability to describe a scene has muched improved :D

Jax Nova
1 December 2005, 06:44 AM
(thanks appriciate it. Although your tips helped allot!)

When Ketra Woke he saw Nadira laying unconcious on the brown rock beside him.

He looked around the cave that they were now inside. The dim light eluminating from the flowing lava that crawled across the landscape.

The enormous extent of the cave mindbogling as he looked into the distance that seemed to stretch to the far ends of the galaxy.

The wide set walls were covered in wholes, outcropings, and ledges of all shapes and sizes.

He forwards to see a steep clif that lead down to the lava flow that engulfed the lower levels of the cave. He looked behind to see a hoste of armed guards behind the mine field that had been set up. "No way were getting through that without our lightsabers." Ketra thought to himself.

"So sure are you?" came a raspy and weary old voice from the shadows.

Ketra looked over to see a hunched over, old man with raged and torn tan clothing and a strange circular hat on top of his head.

"There is a way out, yet you don't look. I have found it, would you have me believe that I am more capable than you? HM?" the elderly gentelman said in his failing voce, putting a distinct yet sutle enfasis on the words "I" and "you."

Jax Nova
1 December 2005, 07:00 AM
Hearing the mones of Nadira as she woke Ketra turned to his Master.

"Ketra? Ketra, are you alright?" Nadira called out as her young padawan came into focus.

"I'm fine, what about you?" he asked.

"I’ll be fine, don't you worry about me." she said with a smile.

Ketra turned back to the man. "If you have a way out, can you show us? And why do you
choose to stay?"

"Show you?! Find the way yourself." the emotions bring coughs to the man's throat.
"You the chosen one wish me to show you? Is it so that we have grown lazy and will not
embrace the truths that scream out at us in this dying world? Are we all lost to the
religions that pervert us?!" --coughs--

Ketra knew not what the elderly man was talking about, and his facial expressions
mirrored the confusion inside of him.

Picking up on this the man spoke again after clearing his throat.

"The Jedi, arrogant! They make themselves followers of a God that does not exist. The
force was placed on this earth as all others. Yes, it binds us and holds us. Yes, it shows
us teaches us, and even dictates our destiny and life in times. But a God it is not!” The
words cutting to the heart of Ketra.

“But I don’t worship the force as a God,” Ketra said.

“Many, unknowingly do this. Be sure you do not. For unless you confess the one who is
all powerful you will not exit this cave alive. But dead, though you walk you will be dead
in wards and in life.” the man continued. “Be sure to choose carefully who and what you
worship, for it will determine your eternity.”

Jax Nova
5 December 2005, 11:03 AM
As Ketra listened to the elderly man speak his perceptions picked up someone coming.
“Razak!!” his mind cried out. His joy overpowering that even the guards could see it on
his face. His heart lifted, his mind was set to rest... until he thought of Jezel.

“No, he could be killed! Turn back Razak! It’s not safe!” Ketra called out to his brother
through his mind. But there was no reply, nothing.

Jezel, feeling the high emotions rushed out of the side room in the cave. “What’s going
on?” he asked the guard softly but sternly.

“I don’t know sir, why?” he asked in confusion.

Just then a dark figure appeared in the light of the fire. The fire eluminated enough to
strike even Jezel’s heart with fear as the dark force user that battled him on Kashyyk
stood there infront of them.

“But...” Ketra couldn’t believe it, he had to be wrong. “Is it?!” he asked himself in
denial. Was this truly his brother?

“Ketra. It is him.” Nadira assured him as he stood there in disbelief. “I’m so sorry, I
didn’t want to tell you because I wasn’t sure. I wish there was something I could do to
help but..”

“I..I killed you!” Jezel stuttered.

“No, you thought you killed me.” Razak shouted back with fire in his eyes and darkness

“I killed you once I can kill you again.” Jezel said with confidence.

“You only thought you killed me!” Razak raged.

“You are the one who set this whole thing up. You were the one who informed me when
they left, who made it possible to capture them. Why do you want them now, what good
are they to you?” Jezel asked with a slight smile.

“Once I kill you I will be the Sith Lord and the power will be mine!” Razak jumped and
rushed into battle.

Jax Nova
7 December 2005, 03:07 PM
Once again Ketra watched each and every move as Razak and Jezel fought. Realizing that the skill was no different than last time.

"NO! Stop fighting he will kill you!!" Ketra pleeded with his brother.

But there was no respons. Continualy Ketra worked on his brother trying everything he could think of to convince him to give up his dark side.

Nadira catching on to this aided him throught the force.

(not very long, but not much time)

Jax Nova
8 December 2005, 01:59 PM
The fight raged on as the two fought it out for the second time. Jezel struck from the
right, then spun around coming in from the left. Razak ducked and let the blade pass over
his face, then striking back with a quick stab and Jezel.

Jezel twisted and jumped forwards launching himself into a roll and coming up on his
feet. The two stood and stared at each other for a moment, then rushed back into battle,
Jezel hitting hard from above. Razak dodged to the side and brought his lightsaber up
towards the man’s legs. Jezel did a flip over the blade and landed on the opposite side
swinging backwards at his opponent.

Razak parried to the left, then right, and from below. The fight was not progressing, just
as there first fight. But then, something inside Razak changed, his mood, his disposition,
it was hard to say.

He suddenly remembered his Jedi teachings, he remembered why he had first left the
Jedi. He remembered the things his master had tot him and how he showed him the
strengths and weakness of both the dark side and the light side.

A smile curled Razak’s lips as he found new confidence and new strength. And Jezel
noticed it. Razak flung his blade to the right, dodging down and then back up and
striking hard on Jezel’s unready blade.

Jezel stumbled back and fell. Rolling to the side he jumped to his feet in a flying spin.
He spun around and attacked from behind Razak. Razak jumped over the blade and
kicked the man in the head on the way down, bringing his lightsaber down on top of him.

Jezel barely was able to block the shot and push Razak back with the force. Razak flew
backwards against the wall with a resounding thud. Falling to the ground he landed
athletically on his feet and slowly progressed back into battle, planning in his mind his
opponents moves, and his own.

Jezel jumped back quickly and released a large ball of light that shot from his hands
towards Razak. Razak jumped to dodge, but to his dismay the thing curved after him.
He took his hand forwards towards Jezel and the man began to chock and be forced back
against the wall. The ball, being controlled by Jezel was released and went flying straight
catching the ends of Razaks feet and smashing into the cave cealing. As rocks and dirt
came falling down from the impact Razak was spun through the air and heading went off
the side of the steep cliff down into the lava... or did he. Slowly Razak levitated himself
up onto the solid ground away from the escaping heat and molten rock.

Jezel, was firious, and afraid. He rushed at Razak in anger and brought his lightsaber
in-fant of him. But his tracks were stopped abruptly as Razak let loose a surging bolt of
lightning that hit the man in the chest. Jezel try as he might had to much momentum and
concentration urging him forwards that he was unable to dodge and was sent flying back
against the wall, shattering the top layer of rock.

Jax Nova
9 December 2005, 10:07 AM
“All these years...” a voice rang from the shadows. “Never would I have thought it would
take all these years!” the old man stepped out as Razak turned with a look of pure horror.

“You...but you were....” Razak stumbled forwards.

“Dead?” “You mean to tell me you believed that story? What was it that turned you?”
the old man asked. “It was your last wishes!” Razak screamed.

*coughing* The old man took a feeble step forwards. “No! I showed you what I wished
you to know. It was him who told you those lies...and you, you believed him. I always
wanted you to find the true meaning of the force. The art that enhances every man’s
abilities.” the old man continued, followed by another cough.

Razak stood in utter disspare, his life was wasted.

“Razak!” Ketra yelled at the top of his lungs.

The cave illuminated as Jezel let loose another ball of light. Razak turned as the light
crashed into him, sending him flying against the wall and imbedding him in the side of
the cave.

“No!!” Ketra ran towards Jezel. “Ketra no!” Nadira rushed over to stop him, grabbing
his arm as his momentum flung him around and to the ground. “No let me go!” Ketra
“You can’t help him, not without a weapon there are too many!” Nadira pleaded with
him. Ketra looked up to see a multiple number of guards ready to shoot if he had gone

The light continued to press on Razak as it morfed into streams of yellow energy. Then,
Jezel stopped and Razak fell to the ground leaving an impression of himself in the cave

“Razak!” Ketra called his brothers name as he ran to his side and rolled him over onto his

Razak’s eyes turned a pale color as he starred up at his brothers face.
“Ketra...for...forgive me!” he requested as a tear flowed down the side of his face. “I
forgive you Razak.” Ketra said as he hugged his brother.

Razak turned to the old man. “Master...I have.. Failed you.” Razak said reaching out to
the elderly gentleman.

“No my apprentice. You have not failed me, your journey has just begun. And you have
made me proud.” the words rung to the center of his soul as he drifted of into blackness.
It was so cold, dark, and he felt so alone. And then, nothing.

Jax Nova
10 December 2005, 09:23 AM
The blackness slowly started to drift away as Razak regained consciousness.

“You will all pay dearly for this act! You will wish you had never been alive!” Jezel
raged on, walking over and grabbing Ketra by the arm.

“No! Leave him!” Nadira insisted, pushing Jezel back. A swift backhand from the man
sent her flying to the ground as he drug Ketra off into the confines of the cave.

Inside the secure room Jezel once again commenced his interrogation of ketra. “You are
the Veshal. Once you give into me I will see all you see, and know all you know. As
well as the ultimate force power.” Jezel said the words with eager anticipation.

“I’ll never give in to you!” Ketra said with an adamant tone. “Oh, but you will.” Jezel’s
face showing a wicked smile. “Because if you don’t, first I will kill the old man. Then I
will torture your brother until he dies, and then...” Jezel smiled even wider. “Your

Outside Nadira healed Razak’s wounds as she sat beside him. “That fool will kill you all.
The way is open, go out! Leave this place!” the old man came close. “But we don’t
know the way. How are we to find it?” Nadira asked him with a confused face.

“There are two ways out.” Razak coughed out the words. “Continue.” the old man said
with a wide smile. “Death will release us all. Or the passage through the cave that will
lead to your means of escape.” Razak spoke as his voice wavered. “You are correct. But
death is not an option for you are not done in this world.” the old man said nodding his

“How do I find the passage?” Nadira asked him. “The passage? You are asking me
where the passage is?” the elderly man said with a put out look. “Have lived your whole
life above it and not known of it’s existence?! How can you escape if you know not the
means? Only once you realize what you have... Then the passage will be revealed.”

Nadira walked over to a large rock and sat down. There was truth, meaning to his words.
She could feel it... But what was it? Surrounding herself in the force she searched.
“Something I have lived over my whole life.” she repeated softly to herself.

Just then Ketra came out with Jezel, walking along his side. Nadira’s mind went into
shock. “Ketra!” she exclaimed softly as she opened her eyes and looked up at him.

“I’m fine. Everything is going to be fine.” Ketra assured her looking into her eyes. “Yes.
Yes it is.” she said smiling back at him.

“Your apprentice has so kindly allowed me to bring out in him the ultimate force power.
Which I will then take from him.” Jezel smiled.

Jax Nova
12 December 2005, 01:10 PM
The next day Jezel took Ketra to begin his training. “No! You can’t take him!” Nadira
demanded. “If you wish to live, you will keep your mouth shut.” Jezel snapped back at
her. “Let him go. Have you not herd my words?” the old man communicated through the
force to Nadira.
Nadira looked over to him in confusion. “What do you mean?” “What do I mean?!”
the old man turned his back in disspare as he let out a sigh. “A Jedi they call you. A
Jedi!” the said softly, yet emotionally as he walked away from them.
Ketra obediently did what Jezel instructed, for fear of the lives of those he loved. Deep
in his heart he knew that Jezel would not let them go. “But at least this buys more time to
figure something out.” Ketra thought to himself.

The dim light in the cave faded even dimmer as the outside light of the world left for the
night. Long into the night Jezel trained him in the ways that were said in the Sith Legend
would bring out the ultimate force power.
The words turned to distant echoes, and his actions turned to a blur of motion in Ketra’s
eyes. It all seemed so distant, so futile. What was he to do? All he wished was that Jezel
would simply walk out and leave them to go back to the Jedi.

Outside Nadira thought over the situation, attempting to make some sort of sense out of
what the old man had told her. “Sit here. Sit and wait for your demise. Is that your
plan?” the old man hobbled out of the shadows again. “I am trying.” Nadira said with a
sadness in her voice that even reached the heart of the old gentleman. “Hm.. Yes, tried
you have.” he said sympathetically.
“Your padawan, he is the way out. But he can not achieve it on his own. You must
act.” the man said, pocking his finger towards her. Nadira looked at him and nodded. If
she was going to do anything she needed to find some way to get away from the guards
that stood not far away.

Nadira walked over to the edge of the ledge and looked below at the flowing lava. As her
gaze moved upwards along the walls of the cave something caught her eye. “Yes... Yes!
The tunnel.” the old man’s voice came from behind her.
“Where does it go?” she asked him. “That, I can not say.” he replied.

Nadira let the force flow through her as she closed her eyes. With the force guiding her
path she took a blind leap from the ledge. She flew across the empty casem and shot into
the shadows. Landing firmly on the rock she grabbed and opened her eyes. As she
looked into the whole the old man’s voice came into her head. “Only those with the aid
of the force can enter. Not those who surrender themselves to it as if it is all-powerful. It
is to compliment your abilities, not to replace them.”

Nadira looked back as she saw Razak and the old man standing and watching her, the
guards not seeming to notice she was even missing. She stepped into the tunnel as the
darkness closed in over her. It was pitch-black, she couldn’t see a thing.

Jax Nova
13 December 2005, 11:59 AM
Inside the tunnel Nadira was left with only her senses to guide her as she stumbled along
through the expanse of darkness. The pathway seemed to go on and on forever as she
continued without sight of light... or anything for that matter.

Nadira looked back, nothing, forwards, nothing, right and left, but still nothing could she
see. She could feel her heart begin to beat faster, her pulse raise as she began to feel fear
running through her veins.

Slowly she calmed herself as she continued forwards. Pushing away her fears, doubts,
and negative thoughts. “I will get out.” she told herself.

And then, in the distance before her, after what seemed like a day, she could see a light.
Small and slight, but as sure as she was living it was light. Nadira hurried towards it,
making sure she took no wrong steps on her way. She couldn’t wait to see again.

As she neared the end she could hear the voices of two Rodian’s talking. “We still have
three hours before switching guards.” she herd one say in his native tongue. She steeped
out of the tunnel and found herself with a wall infront of her, and the tunnel behind her.
Somehow she would have to break through the wall.

Ketra realized his only hope was to learn the power, to use it on Jezel and free them all.
But now Jezel insisted... “Tell me what you have figured out so far or I will kill the old
man!” “Tell me!” Jezel yelled as he hit Ketra. Striking him over and over again until the
young Jedi fell to the ground, his body limp and injured.

Jezel stormed out to get the old man and kill him infront of the boy. “Now! Act now!”
Nadira herd a voice in her head. Her eyes opened as she sat concentrating on the ground.
She had found her lightsaber in the room and now she called it to her.

“What’s going on?!” a Rodian voice could be herd from the inside. Nadira spun her
lightsaber and cut a large whole in the room wall, leapt through it and pushed the two
Rodians as they lifted there guns to resist. They flew against the wall and fell to the
ground unconscious.

Nadira ran out, coming up behind Jezel as he walked towards the old man. A lightsaber
flashed infront of her and she fell backwards. Jumping up she lunged at Jezel as he
diverted his attention to her for a final fight.

Jax Nova
13 December 2005, 12:40 PM
Nadira parried an attack, swing left, right and then dodging to the side. She twisted right,
avoiding another deadly sweep of Jezel’s blade as he swung like a mad man. There fight
increased in intensity as Ketra woke in his cell.

In his mind, images flowed like a river of pain and blood. His soul was wounded and
failing, his heart dying, and all his teaching and memories came flooding back in.

As Ketra relived his experiences he began to understand. He began to understand what
the old man was saying, what Jezel had been teaching him. But most importantly just
what his ultimate force power was, and that he had always had it within in him. He just
needed to acknowledge it, accept it, and use it.

Ketra pushed himself to his feet, grasping at the wall to help himself up. He stood and
concentrated as the force surrounded him in a shimmering bubble of green light. His
wounds and cuts faded.

The guards outside were talking when the door flew open. “What?!” They exclaimed
together as Ketra pushed them both hard to the ground. He reached out his hand and
pulled his lightsaber to him, hooking it on his belt.

He walked out where he saw Nadira and Jezel fighting, reached out his hand, and Jezel
simply stopped fighting. He laid down his lightsaber on the ground and fell to his knees.

“No!” Jezel yelled as he fought against his own hand that discharged his blade and
dropped it to the floor. “You can’t do this! The Power is mine!” he yelled, falling to his

Ketra lowered his hand and Jezel fell to the ground, motionless. “Ketra?” Nadira smiled.

“The ultimate force power.” Ketra said. “The ability to bring peace.”

Though she could not see it she could feel the smile of the old man behind her as they
stood there. They were free, and the threat had been destroyed.

The End.

P.S (after the fight. “But how did the tunnel get there?” Nadira asks the old man. “How
did the tunnel get there? I dug it! How do you think it got there?” the old man replies
with a grin as wide as his face. Then the screen fades to black as a little circle zooms in
on the old man’s toothless grin and dirty, unshaven face..... Just like in all the sad
cartoons my brother watches)

Ok, that's it. now on to the next one.:D :D :) :rolleyes: :D :D

Jax Nova
13 December 2005, 02:10 PM
So does this just sit here for who knows how long now?

Just wondering.

Jax Nova
13 December 2005, 02:11 PM
Just to clarify, I don't mind if it does or dosn't. Just wondering.