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4 November 2005, 04:25 PM
Part 1:

As far as he knew, he was the last Jedi in the galaxy, almost anyway. Secero refused to use the title as he had yet to complete the trials, and now he knew he never would. It had been eight years of running, fighting, hiding, and disquising since the alarm at the Acadamy on Coruscant was sounded. At first it was a galaxy wide call to gather, but then it changed. Warning to stay away.

It was the events of last eight years that had led him here. To this frozen baren landscape that, while he called it home, others called it Hoth. Yet once again, he was running for his life. He had no idea where he was going, only that he needed to go, and fast. The Imperial speeders behind him made sure of that.

There search pattern had been slowly closing in on him for the last two days. They were profesional, and maticulas in the search, leaving no way out. They only need to keep doing exactly what they were already doing and they would have yet another Jedi kill for thier mantle. So, Secero decided to make them stop doing what they were doing. Still at a full run, he turned north, directly for them.

It was snowing when he found them, tracking them through the force. They didn't even see him until he ignited his lightsaber, its green blade shimmering like a beckon of death in this storm. They were dead before they even realized the danger. In less than five minutes there bodied would be covered, in less than hour, it would be as if they had never existed.

Secero learned long ago, that when a storm on Hoth is in it's full fury, you have to keep moving until it's over. Otherwise, you get buried, and no one will ever find your body on this rock. He paused only long enough to take some food, a blaster pistol from the officer, and comlink. He could track there location through the force, but it would be much easier if they just told him where they were, and more importatly, where they were going to be.

The snow had gotten thigh deep in the short time he had spent gethering the items. He trudged, half frozen through the blizzard. He had lost the feeling in his head tails over an hour ago and his lungs ached from the hours of exersion.

Silence. In the span of a heart beat, the storm had past. He watched the masive clouds that streached from the ground to higher than he could see roll away from him at an amazing speed. It seemed to clean the valley, to renew it to it's former tranquility, and even beauty. He was tired, so very tired. His vision began to blur, but he needed shelter to rest. He could not stop now, for even though Hoth was a barren waist, it wasn't dead. He had found many creaturs here, and most were not friendly.

His last though before collapse was of his home on Coruscant. The great Jedi Temple had been his home since he was very young. Its welcoming warm walls wrapped around him as he fell in to unconsiousness.