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Yan Kai
3 December 2005, 06:59 PM
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In the days of the Old Republic, before the time of the Clone wars, and back, back before the days of peace in the Republic... there were the Sith wars.
Dark lords ran rampantly throughout the galaxy, as a virus... killing and corrupting any beings in their way. Destroying life. Despite the courageous efforts of the Jedi Knights whole systems fell to the might of the Sith, to the dark side. And it seemed to the common being, that nothing could be done to stop the Sith.

Veran Scarusi sat in the pilot’s seat of his Corellian model 116 transport ship. He leaned back and watched the bright streaks of light shooting past his ship and into infinity. He was a slave trader, and one of the more well-known ones in the galaxy at that. Veran had top-of the line Trandoshan mercenary hunters and slavers. He was currently taking over three-hundred slaves to Nal Hutta, or “The Glorious Jewel” in the Huttese language. This shipment would make up for the loss of profits in his previous slave run, the one where a Jedi team intercepted his ship and he barely got away.

Veran gritted his teeth. How he hated the Jedi; self-righteous beings who wouldn’t let the inhabitants of the galaxy live their own way. All of ‘em should be blasted. But of course most beings supported the Jedi and Veran knew they weren’t going out any time soon, unless the Sith did it. Veran glanced over to the screens next to the viewport. He constantly monitored the slaves during travels through hyperspace. It had happened more than once that several of the slaves got loose and the Trandoshans had to take them down. All of his prisoners were still safely cuffed to the walls, Even the Wookies. Veran smiled, his current shipment contained over eighty-five of the giant hairballs. Trandoshans specialized in capturing Wookies, a skill of that species the rest of the galaxy hadn’t seemed to caught on to yet.

The door hissed open behind him. Veran spun the chair around to face his lieutenant. Shoska, a large Trandoshan, had been in the slaving business for years. The Trandoshan straightened. “Sir, we’re having trouble with some of the Rodians,” he hissed the last word vehemently. Veran knew that the Trandoshan despised the Rodians, and thought them inadequate hunters.

“What seems to be the trouble with them,” Veran asked, barely interested.

“They have disappeared Captain.”

Veran suddenly sat up straight, he had employed at least twenty-five of the fouls smelling creatures; if this slave run was ruined than he would have to reduce the size of his slaving business to avoid going bankrupt. “What?” he asked incredulously.

“As I said sir, every Rodian on level three is missing.” Shoska gave a toothy smile. “It seems that they were unable to handle the females. Check your screen.”

Veran spun the chair back around to face the screens. He looked down at the screen that viewed level three. His lieutenant was right, not a single one of the armed soldiers were there...but all the slaves sat against the walls calmly. Veran looked over his shoulder at Shoska. “Take some mercs down there and see what happened. Now!”

The Trandoshan nodded and left, the door hissed shot behind him. Veran stroked his small black goatee. This problem had better not interfere with the business.

Several minutes later Veran saw on the screen the tall Trandoshan followed by several others enter the dull grey room. He watched the slavers search around the large dim room and then turn back towards the door. Moments afterward Veran’s comlink beeped. Shoska’s voice came through.

“Captain, the Rodians are no where around, but several of the escape pods have been jettisoned. Looks like the scum left the ship right after takeoff. Nothing to worry about.”

“Good, have the mercs resume their usual positions.”

“Yes sir,” Shoska replied, then the comlink shut off. Veran remained in the chair, stroking his chin again, he knew of course, everything wasn’t alright.

* * * *

It was a hot on Nal Hutta, the sun burned down on the slave market mercilessly. Veran dabbed his forehead with a cloth. The first inspector of the slaves was a Nemoidian crime lord named Dune Freburn. Veran had traded with Freburn before, and knew him to be a honest crime lord, well...as honest as a Nemoidian could be anyway. Freburn was searching for entertainers, and Veran had of females of all different species lined up. Veran kept several of the Trandoshans nearby, not forgetting the strange events that took place on their level the previous day.

“What do you think, Dune?” Veran asked the Nemoidian standing next to him.

“Not trying to offend you good trader but is this all you have?” Freburn asked in his thick accent, shifting nervously, as it seemed all Nemoidians did.

“As far as entertainers go, yes.” Veran replied.

“Very well, let us look at this one,” Freburn said, motioning towards a human.

“Alright,” Veran nodded. The group approached the slave who was patiently standing in the line. Her head was bowed and a brown leather hood covered her face. A simple satchel was slung around her torso.

“Remove the hood,” Freburn ordered. Veran obliged and pulled the hood of the woman’s head. The Nemoidian put his fingers to her chin and brought her head up, so her eyes would meet his.

The girl’s face was now clearly visible. Yellow eyes surrounded by dark circles shone brightly. Her lips were black and pressed tightly together. Black hair, worn short in the back hung low in the front, some strands passed her eyebrows. The hair clung to her pale skin, wet with sweat. Her entire expression was haunting. Her body looked fragile, yet strong at the same time. The girl could have been no older than seventeen.

Dune Freburn quickly removed his long fingers from her chin and her head dropped back down. “What is wrong with her?” he asked, his orange eyes wide with fright.

The slave trader shrugged. “Don’t know,” he muttered dully. But inwardly Veran was just as surprised as Dune. He had been around the galaxy quite a bit. The only thing that could have that kind of affect on anyone was the dark side.

Veran was surprised when the crime lord nodded and said without looking at him, “I’ll purchase this one.”

Veran raised an eyebrow. “Will that be all?” he asked.


Veran opened his mouth, and then clamped it back shut. Freburn had been his most faithful of customers, usually buying up to a third of his shipments, purchasing only one slave was very out of the ordinary for him. But something kept Veran from saying as much.

“What is her name and where did you find her?” Dune asked looking over at him.

Veran turned to the girl. “What’s your name?”

“Arrey Sisek, I’m a native of Naboo,” she replied calmly. Yet her voice was too relaxed, her manner sent a chill through Veran.

The slave trader looked back at the Nemoidian. “I think I picked her up on Telos.” Veran thought about telling Dune that he should pick a different slave, that danger seemed to surround the girl, but he needed the credits. “Okay, I’ll give her to you cheap.”

Yan Kai walked briskly down the tall corridors of the Jedi temple. Here, at the temple, everything was peaceful and relaxed; Kai wished he felt that way. Only an hour ago the council had received a message that a dark Jedi, or even possibly a Sith lord had been spotted on the Outer Rim. A slave trader claimed that he had sold a young girl to a certain Nemoidian crime lord on Nal Hutta. The girl had apparently been altered in appearance by the dark side and had used some sort of force mind trick on the Nemoidian. Kai wasn’t surprised, an infant could have used the force on the a Nemoidian and easily succeeded. The slaver had left out his name and the exact time of the trade, most likely to prevent the Jedi from tracking him down. But this man wasn’t significant, if the Sith lords were at work on Nal Hutta the Jedi had much more important matters to deal with than capturing a common slave trader.

Yan Kai grimaced, he despised any dealings with the Hutts, and preferred to stay as far from Hutt space as possible. Yet he was chosen by the council as the most capable Master for this mission and it wasn’t his place to disagree with them.

The slaver had said that the Nemoidian was headed towards Nar Shaddaa, a short distance away. The man said that the crime lord would be departing from Nal Hutta in just over three days; if Yan left quickly, he might be able to catch the ship before it took off. Then this problem would be ended quickly.

Jedi Master Yan Kai was a skilled duelist, in both he lightsaber and a variety of other weapons, including a Quarian long sword, which he wore on his belt next to his lightsaber. In the past Yan had killed two Sith warriors, making him familiar with their aggressive fighting techniques. A Sith in a rage of hatred could, and most likely would, catch a Jedi off guard when fighting it, giving the Sith an extra edge. A Sith lord could use his or her anger in such a focused way that their attacks, while ferocious were also very precise and difficult to parry. A Jedi in all his training would never be prepared for a Sith, even Yan was still always caught off-guard whenever he engaged one of the dark fearsome warriors.

As he approached the hangar another Jedi fell into stride next to him, his padawan. Jace Dian was a powerful Jedi, especially for his young age of fifteen. Jace had only been Yan’s padawan for three years yet they operated in perfect union. Well, almost perfect, Yan thought as the door to the Jedi hangar hissed open.

“We’ll take a small transport,” Yan decided. “That way we can dock with the crime lord’s ship if need be.”

Jace nodded. “I only have been briefed a little on the mission Master, just what you told me over the comlink.”

“I’ll explain the rest on our way to Nal Hutta; come, we are short of time.”

Yan Kai
6 December 2005, 06:54 PM
Arrey Sisek leaned up against the wall of the tiny durasteel room, the only light came from a small fusion lantern that sat about a meter away. She had waited in the crime lord’s ship patiently for several days, and now she was ready to make her move.

The moment the ship took off Arrey stood to her feet. She closed her eyes and concentrated. Her satchel which hung on the wall opposite to the one she was bound to opened, and her lightsaber floated out. In a moment the crimson blade was activated, and the deadly weapon was moving towards her. She turned around and let the blade slice through her binders, which dropped to the floor. Arrey seized the grip of her lightsaber and held it ready. Through the force she was able to convince the guards to allow her to keep the satchel, the fools were so easy to manipulate.

Her master had taught her to control every aspect of her surroundings, and then dispose of the beings as she moved on. Arrey quickly approached the satchel. She reached in and pulled out her black robes. Arrey Sisek was no slave, and she hated being dressed as one. The Nemoidian, the one who had fingered her like a piece of property would suffer, she was certain of that.

Arrey threw the cloak over her body last and pulled the hood down low. She activated her lightsaber and immediately began to cut her way through the door. She heard screams of horror on the other side, and shouts for help. With a final kick the door, glowing orange from the heat, dropped down. Arrey stepped into the hallway, laser fire flew at her from either side. With a spinning sweep of her lightsaber she deflected each of the laser bolts. The Sith leaped into the air, twisted and landed behind one of the groups of mercenaries. She barely had time to savor the look of horror and surprise on the face of the nearest thug before she cut him down. Arrey spun and her glowing red blade passed through two more mercenaries; then she swung low, cutting the last through the knees, enjoying his howl of pain. The six mercenaries on the other side of the hallway continued to fire. She deflected their clumsy shots with ease. Using the Force she pulled one of them to her, and held him up in the air, so he acted as a body shield. Laser flew into the man and Arrey let him drop. She jumped again, bringing her lightsaber down through another’s skull. More shots sizzled by her, and she kicked another of the thugs in the hip disabling him. With two rabid thrusts she pierced a mercenary through either palm, the most painful part of the body. He opened his mouth to scream but quickly she sent a foot to his chin, snapping his head back, killing him. The other two soldiers were dashing down the hall now, screaming for help.

“Don’t try to run!” Arrey shouted after them. But she waited until they reached the door and were opening it before she threw her light saber, the blade passed through both of their bodies and they dropped. Arrey slowly began to walk toward the two corpses, soon every being on this ship would be dead, mutilated beyond recognition, and she would deal out the most pain to Dune Freburn.

Yan Kai pulled the ship out of hyperspace as they neared Nal Hutta. Looking out the viewport he saw a large dark grey transport rising from the planet. “Blast! We’re too late,” Yan muttered. “We’re going to have to dock with it.”

His padawan nodded, but said nothing.

Docking with the huge transport was surprisingly easy. Yan sensed danger. “It’s a trap,” Dace said quietly. Yan knew he was right, but if a Sith lord had set the trap it was there duty as guardians to the galaxy to confront the Sith, even if it meant walking headlong into the trap.

“Be on your guard,” Yan advised Jace. “Never charge a Sith, but do not wait for him to attack you. If there is anything that a Sith lord excels at it’s assault. But rather make a slow advance on him, and together we will be able to bring him down.”

“Understood Master,” Jace replied.

Yan Kai stood and quickly strode over to the docking hatch. With a quick look toward Jace he opened it, revealing the darkness of the other ship, stretching out before them.

Jax Nova
8 December 2005, 02:27 PM
Hey, I read your writing. Good work! I really liked it.

8 December 2005, 11:27 PM
Interesting story :) Can't wait for the fight scene ;)

Yan Kai
9 December 2005, 05:38 AM
Arrey Sisek watched the view screen, she saw the Jedi sprinting down one of the corridors. Arrey hated Jedi, as did all Sith lords, the narrow minded scum were un-creative and ignorant. Still following the ancient Jedi code that was old and outdated, but the rest of the galaxy would see that soon enough, and the Sith would rise to power.

Arrey reached over to the com system to warn her master of the Jedi’s arrival on the ship. He would be proud of her, and then at the height of his pride she would kill him, there, when he least expected it. Arrey knew that she was done with her training and that she had finally surpassed her master. He only taught her because of the power that she might bring to him, and she would return him the kindness that he gave her. As she stood over his body she would melt his flesh, slowly to be sure. Just as she would do to the Nemoidian.

The coward was backed into the corner, whimpering. Arrey gave him a cold look and using the dark power of the Force she assaulted him with a wave of fear, one of the Sith lord’s greatest assets next to hate. The crime lord cried out and began to run toward the door. Arrey knew the door was locked, and their was little hope for the Nemoidian, but the girl decided to crush what hope he did have and she released her lightsaber. The blade sliced through the Nemoidian’s ankles as if they were made of paper. She screamed and her rage flowed through her. Pulling her lightsaber back to her hands she activated it and brought it down on the Nemoidian’s wrist. He howled in pain. “Fell it!” she shouted.

The two Jedi rounded the corner; directly ahead of them was the bridge, the location where the Sith lord no doubt was controlling the ship. Two guards lay slumped up against the wall on either side of the door. As Yan Kai approached he could see that their features were disfigured, in the same condition that every other being on this ship was that they had seen.

Just on the other side of the door a howl of pain erupted into the silence. Yan heard Jace’s lightsaber ignite behind him. The Jedi master held his hand up and he heard the lightsaber deactivate. “Patience,” he said quietly.

“But we must get in there now, before another being falls to this Sith!” Jace protested. Then after a moment of silence he nodded, “Yes Master.”

“We must formulate a plan before we charge into danger,”Yan told Jace. “We must be ready to face this warrior.”

Jax Nova
9 December 2005, 10:55 AM
very nice. Keep it up, I am very interested in seeing where this is going to go. :D

Yan Kai
12 December 2005, 08:48 AM
Arrey stood over the whimpering Nemoidian. “It’s not wrong to beg for mercy,” she said quietly. “Everyone wants to live.” She held the lightsaber close to his face.

Dune Freburn tried to back away and scream, but all that came out was a faint “please...”

“You may plead for mercy, but wether or not I’ll grant it is something else entirely.” Arrey said softly. “You see, I want to kill you. And there is no reason why I shouldn’t, is there?”

“I could give you a great deal of money,” the crime lord insisted.

The Sith lord laughed quietly. “I don’t want your money,” she said, “It’s no good to me. I want to rule beings, tell them what to do. I want them to fear me. As you may know, all Sith strive for greater power. Some believe that credits can be power, but not me. I see power as how many serve me. Why do you think that Sith lords even have apprentices? It’s certainly not to have someone to pass the Sith legacy onto, nor is it the fact that they want to help the individual that they train. Rather it is to rule, simple as that.”Arrey paused and looked at the door leading to the bridge. “The Jedi are out there,” she said. Then she looked down at the Nemoidian, her eyes full of sadness. “Now it is time to die.”

At that moment Yan Kai was cutting his way through the door, alone. He would be the one to first face the Sith. He did not wish for Jace to have to see, have to experience the fire of hatred that wells up inside a Sith lord’s eyes as he is about to charge. No, his Padawan would play a different part in his simple plan.

The door was glowing orange from the heat of the lightsaber, only a few more seconds. Yan kicked the door and a large sectioned dropped to the ground with a loud noise. The Sith would be ready and prepared, so he would have to be careful.

With his lightsaber held tightly in his hand Yan Kai stepped through the hole. To his surprise he saw the Sith lord standing there, over a fallen Nemoidian. She was a young girl, attractive perhaps, if she had not been twisted by the dark side. She was holding her glowing red lightsaber over the Nemoidian, barely touching his skin, scorching it, listening to the howls of pain and agony. Her head was slightly tilted to one side and the expression on her face was almost one of compassion.

“Stop right now,” Yan said as he slowly moved towards her. His adversary stepped away from the Nemoidian and looked the Jedi in the eye.

“A master? I’m honored. I’m afraid I’m only an apprentice myself, I hope that I can present a suitable challenge.” She said lightly.

Yan ignored her words, and focused on her actions. There was a slight twitch in her left leg, and he only had a moment to bring his lightsaber up before she was on him. Leaping across the bridge she swung hard down, her red lightsaber meeting his green one. But the force of the jump knocked Kai to the floor, with her standing on top of him. I’ve made a mistake, I advanced too slowly, giving her time to prepare an attack. The Sith lord brought her face down close to his, “Were’s your Padawan Jedi?” He forced his lightsaber up quickly, making her take a step back. Yan then flipped up to his feet.

He was barely able to regain his balance before the young Sith unleashed a rapid flurry of swings, her lightsaber a blur. Kai parried then crouched and stabbed out low. She flipped into the air over him landing behind him. Kai whirled around slashing at her but she reversed her grip on the hilt of her weapon and blocked the attack. She then spun around and her saber clashed against his. Quickly Yan used the force to pull her weapon down, opening her upper body up for an easy attack. But the girl brought her foot up to a kick that made contact with Yan’s chest knocking him back.

As she brought up her lightsaber and began to charge Yan saw a ventilator grate bust open behind her and Jace rocketed forward, planting his foot in the back of the Sith’s head. She screamed and fell forward, the lightsaber fell from her hand and hit the ground. Quickly she rolled to her feet, weapon in hand. Now Jace stood in front of her and Yan Kai behind.

Arrey whirled and slashed down at the Padawan, but he brought up his lightsaber to parry and quickly swung swiped at her legs, Arrey had to jump backwards to avoid being hit. She quickly spun around to face the Jedi Master as he made a quick thrust. Arrey turned sideways and arched her back so the green blade passed just beneath her shoulder blades. The two were fighting together too perfectly, no doubt they are using the force to telepathically communicate. I must take one out of the battle. Arrey back flipped, and landed several meters away. Using the dark side of the force she clouded the Padawan’s mind, knowing that she was unable to affect the Master. The two began to run at her, lightsabers held ready. But now they did not move in the organized manner that they had before. Arrey hated them, she hated them both; and now she focused it, calling upon the dark side to seize the young apprentice’s neck with the force. He stopped and dropped his lightsaber, grasping at his neck. She threw him back into the wall. He hit hard and lie still.

The master jumped through the air, with such speed Arrey was caught off guard. Se swung down on her lightsaber with an amazing strength so that it was knocked from her hand. She backed up against the wall as the Jedi held his lightsaber to her neck. Arrey could feel th heat from the blade and she raised her hand over her face, shrinking against the wall. How had he caught her with her guard down? And seeming to answer her thought the Jedi said through clenched teeth, “You were so focused on dealing out pain, that you forgot to protect yourself.”

“Save your Jedi wisdom!” Arrey shouted angrily, suddenly forgetting that his lightsaber was held so close. “It won’t help you. You are so worried about preserving life that you put your own in danger!” She lunged at him her hands stretched outward. But the minute she moved the lightsaber passed through her shoulder. She screamed and collapsed on the ground clutching her wound. She reached out her hand a fired a blast of lightning at the Jedi Master. He stepped back and held his hand up. The blue lightning flowed into his hand and it was gone. The Jedi stood there unscathed.

“How’d you...you...?” Arrey mumbled. She must survive, she had to. The Jedi wouldn’t kill her would he? Arrey spotted her lightsaber lying forgotten on the floor a few meter away. If she was going to die, than she would kill another being before she did. Her eyes rose up to the Nemoidian lying helpless on the floor. The Jedi must have followed her gaze for he turned around to stop the lightsaber. But he was too late. The lightsaber shot at the Nemoidian. Arrey screamed in delight as she saw the Jedi’s hand miss the hilt by centimeters. But her shout turned to a moan as the blade stabbed through the Nemoidian’s side, leaving him alive, for now.

But to Arrey’s surprise the Jedi did not turn back to her, but ran next to the Nemoidian scum and put his hand on the crime lord’s forehead. He was helping it? The crime lord was a slave buyer, the Jedi surely knew that, why would someone like a Jedi Master help the ones you defied the Jedi? Arrey pulled her self up to her knees, now perhaps, she could escape.

Jace rose to his feet and looked around. Quickly he assessed the situation, his master was tending to the dying Nemoidian, and the Sith lord was trying to escape. Yan looked over at him. “Stop her,” he shouted. Jace started to run towards the girl calling his lightsaber to his hand. He leaped across the room and landed, between the Sith and the door. She dropped to her knees, her yellow eyes flaring.

“Why’d you come here?” Jace asked, “and murder all these beings?”

“You believe in the will of the force?” she asked.

Jace nodded.

“There’s a dark side to everything,” she said.

“What do you mean?”

“Perhaps the dark side willed me here to kill you,” she said. Her eyes narrowing.

Jace could feel the hate welling up inside her. “You’ve failed.”

“Don’t be so sure,”the Sith said. Her eyes looking to the side. Jace followed her vision. Her lightsaber lay on the ground. It wobbled slightly. Jace reached out his hand, trying to hold it there, but kept his own lightsaber at the girl’s neck.

“Why don’t you kill me?” she asked.

Jace strained, trying to keep her lightsaber back but her power over the force was too strong. Little by little it slid towards her.

“You can’t can you?” she said, tilting her head slightly to the side and she began to smile. “Your Jedi beliefs won’t allow it will they. I’m unarmed, therefore it would be of the dark side to kill me now wouldn’t it?”

Jace held his hand out, futilely trying to pushing the lightsaber back but it continued to slide.

The Sith’s smile continued to stretch across her face. “Because of your weakness I shall live and you die.” Jace gritted his teeth, resisting the urge to strike her down. With one last pull the lightsaber flew to the Sith’s hand and she swung. Her lightsaber slicing through the hilt of Jace’s. She quickly swung at him again. Jace winced but the blade didn’t come. He saw the red lightsaber sailing across the room and landing in Yan Kai’s outstretched hand.

“No!” the Sith screamed. She threw Jace back, he went sliding across the polished floor. The girl dashed past him and slid out the hole in the door.

“We’ve got to catch her,” Yan said urgently, “she’s wounded and can’t move as fast.” But Jace was already out the door sprinting down the hallway. He saw the girl round a corned farther down the corridor. Jace followed her, and turned the corner just in time to see a door slide shut. It was the door to the escape pods. The young Jedi pounded his fist on the button to open it, but nothing happened. Shortly afterward the pod ejected, and headed for Nal Hutta down below.

Slowly defeated Jace headed back towards the bridge. The Sith lord had gotten away.

Yan Kai looked up to see his apprentice enter the bridge. He could tell immediately that the Sith had escaped. He stood to his feet taking his hand off the fallen Nemoidian. “He’ll be alright.” Jace looked up and nodded.

“I failed, Master.”

“Yes, I suppose you did, Jace,” Yan nodded. “You did not catch the Sith lord. But more importantly you resisted the urge to kill her when you had the chance thus saving yourself from the clutches of the dark side. And as for the Sith lord, I’ll take responsibility for that. I did not train you to be ready for an enemy of that caliber. You have never faced an evil like that of a Sith lord, the reckless hate that possesses them. You have earned my respect my young Padawan.”

Jace looked up at Yan and smiled.

Yan turned around to face the ships controls to hide a smile of his own. “And now it is time to return to Coruscant, to report what we have discovered.”

“You mean we’re not going to search for her?” Jace asked, stepping up next to Yan.

“That’ll be for the council to decide. Perhaps we will.” Yan answered him. “And the wrath of the dark side cannot hope to stand up against the forces of good.”

12 December 2005, 12:45 PM
Nice, just as sappy as I have come to expect the Jedi to be :D J/K :D

It is very good, just a personal grudge against Jedi ;) hence my allegance.

Jax Nova
12 December 2005, 12:48 PM
Yeah, I thought it was good also.:)

Yan Kai
12 December 2005, 12:56 PM
Thanks. I'm also posting part 2 of the story "Do You Dream of Darkness?" It's told mainly from Arrey and her Master's point of view. I'm actually not a huge Jedi fan either but rather I wanted to post a story about the Sith and the Jedi had to come with the package.

In the future I will be posting more stories concerning mercenaries and the like.

12 December 2005, 01:00 PM
Don't get me wrong, I like to read about Jedi, I just never play them the RPG. Some of there stories are very compelling. It's actually harder to be a Jedi, in game anyway. You have a harder job to do than anyone else, and have more rules restrictions placed on you.

Yan Kai
12 December 2005, 01:44 PM
My thought exactly. If I can help it I wouldn't be a Jedi either in the game. At home when I play the RPG with my brother my Jedi tend to fall to the Dark side and fry Ewoks with Force Lightning and things like that.
I'm just not a good Jedi.