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Yan Kai
12 December 2005, 12:51 PM
(Part 2 of "The Days of the Old Republic")

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Arrey wearily approached the huge rocky mesa. The two Tatooine suns were setting, casting long shadows on the ground. As she neared a ladder camouflaged against the brown rock thoughts flew through her mind. Failure, Defeat, Loss. Nearly two days ago the young Sith lord experienced each of these against the Jedi in the space above Nal Hutta. Arrey gripped the sides of the ladder and started up. As she looked above her she saw a pair of glowing red eyes glaring down at her.

Her master, lord Sadok Valozan would be greatly displeased with her, and possibly kill her out of his anger. But that was the way of the Sith and the way of the dark side; she had tread too far down that path to turn around now, not matter how much she regretted it. Arrey reached the top, and strong gloved hands pulled her to her feet.

Valozan had a powerful, formidable appearance. He stood nearly seven feet tall. He was clothed in a tattered black cloak, with dark Sith armor underneath. Under his low hood sat a terrifying silver mask shaped as a long demonic skull; glowing red eyes shone brightly. Protruding from his knees and elbows were long curved silver spikes; and a gold and black lighsaber hung from his black leather belt.

“You have failed me,” he said in a low and raspy voice.

Arrey bowed her head in fear, “Yes my master, I-.” she was cut off as Valozan’s hand struck her hard across the face. Arrey would have fallen off the edge of the mesa if Valozan’s hand did not grip her still.

“Never admit defeat!” Valozan said. “You will have revenge. I sense that even now the Jedi are searching for you.” Valozan swung her to the ground. “Now get rest, you’ll need it.”

Tears streamed from Arrey’s yellow eyes down her pale face. “I hate you!” she yelled. She pulled the lightsaber from her master’s belt. The moment it landed in her hand she lunged at him letting out a ferocious scream. But before she brought the lightsaber down Valozan turned around with hand raised. A blast of force lightning slammed into Arrey, carrying her back to the edge of the opposite end of the flat top of the mesa. She had dropped the lightsaber and was now laying on the ground. Smoke rose from her body. She was drained entirely of energy and was helpless.

Valozan approached her. He picked up his lightsaber. “Challenge me again and I will make your death so painful that you won’t even be able to scream.” Arrey fell asleep, thinking of her master’s words.

Jax Nova
12 December 2005, 01:20 PM
Just finished reading the last updates. Keep it up!

I like the way you write it fro the sith's point of view. It's different... in a good way.

I am interested to see what Arrey does next. And where the story is gong. :D

12 December 2005, 02:02 PM

Valozan was had a powerful, formidable appearance

Ok thats done. :D Great start! :D

Yan Kai
12 December 2005, 05:02 PM
Thanks for correcting me. I proof read the story twice, must have missed it. If you see any more problems please notify me as soon as possible. Thanks.

12 December 2005, 06:20 PM
I can proof read my own work ten times and still miss stuff ;)

Yan Kai
13 December 2005, 07:44 AM
Maybe the key is to have someone else proofread? I'll just be sure that the following post has no errors.

Yan Kai
13 December 2005, 07:52 AM
Darkness had surrounded Arrey, lightning was surging through her body. She remembered screaming for mercy but her assailant, her Master, had given her none. She had activated her lightsaber and swung wildly but that had not decreased the pain. Even now, in the morning, she could still feel the pain of her nightmare from the previous night. Arrey sat on the edge, overlooking the desert. Valozan was gone, she didn’t know where. He often left their hideout early in the morning and never came back the entire day. Arrey was used to it.

Her master confused her. She had never seen Valozan sleep, eat, or drink, if not for the fact that he had the power of the force Arrey would believe him to be a droid of some sort. She had never seen the face beneath his mask, she had never seen the skin on his arms, or his bare hands. There was no evidence that anything other than pure darkness dwelled under that armor.

Arrey stood to her feet and looked around. The flat top of the mesa had been turned into a hideout. A small crevice in the top served as protection from sand storms; Valozan never used it however, and Arrey knew that he thought of her as pathetic because she did. There was no place for protection from the twin suns that beat down upon the two Sith.

Arrey decided to venture into the nearest city, Anchorhead, to refresh her supplies. The young Sith got dressed in her usual black robes. After pulling down her hood to shield her face from the sun she started down the ladder.

Anchorhead was busier than normal. Beings of all sorts, from Whipids to Jawas, roamed the desert city’s streets. It was a good thing though, the more beings there were, the more she blended in. Arrey ducked into a small shop, to get out of the crowds and the heat. Buildings on Tatooine had thick wall to keep cool air in and hot air out.

Arrey wiped the sweat from her face as she scrutinized the inside of the building. It was a normal junk shop, nothing special about it. The owner was a large scruffy man. Arrey approached him. “I need some supplies, food and water,” she said slowly, “could you help me?”

“Sure,” he said casually, “right this way.” He started to walk from behind the counter but then stopped suddenly. He grabbed his neck and collapsed on the floor.

“Never mind, I think I can find it myself,” Arrey murmured as she stepped over the body. Every eye in the shop was fixed on her, and Arrey knew that she had directly disobeyed her master by calling attention to herself. Yet there was something satisfying about displaying her power to these lowlifes.

One of them stood up, a human, large and dirty. “I don’t know you are or what you-.” Arrey didn’t let him finish. The man was suddenly thrown in to the wall head first. There was a sickening crack as his head made contact with the rock and his spine shattered.

“-Or what I did?” Arrey said finishing for him. “It’s called the dark side, friend.” As the rest of the inhabitants of the shop started moving towards the door in fear a plan formulated in Arrey’s mind. A plan to impress her master, Arrey still needed him if she was ever to gain more power. She needed hin to respect her enough to give her all his secrets. With a quick flick of her wrist the door slid shut and locked.

“Please don’t try to fight me,” Arrey said softly, “the last few days have been hard on me.” The one that seemed to be the leader, a near human of some sort, faced her.

“You’re outnumbered witch,” he said, attempting to sound brave, but Arrey could see the fear behind his eyes.

“Don’t challenge me,” Arrey said quickly. “You have no idea of the extent of my power.”

“Whatever,” he muttered drawing his blaster. He fired two shots. Arrey rolled out of the way. Grabbing a steel rod with the force she pulled it to her outstretched hand. She leaped into the air across the room and landed in front of the thug. She jabbed him in the stomach with the end of the rod. He let out a grunt. She spun and kicked him in the jaw with the heel of her boot; he spun to the ground, unconscious.

By now other blasters were drawn and firing at her. Arrey enjoyed the fighting, the fear, the reckless hate, but this was not her goal. “Everyone stop!” she pleaded, dodging yet another laser. But the shots kept coming. “Stop!” she screamed. Before she knew what was happening her hand was raised and blue lightening engulfed the each of the beings. Some let out tortured screams of agony and others never knew what hit them. But when the dust cleared Arrey stood alone, surrounded my bodies, sizzling and smoking bodies.

Arrey swore, “You should have listened to me,” she shouted, “I could’ve let you live. The girl realized that tears were streaming down her face, though she didn’t know why. She had been taught all her life to treat other lives as worthless, and to be indifferent or glad when they died. Not willing to spend another moment with the dead the young Sith dashed for the back door.

She stepped out into the alley, and wiped the tears from her eyes. Half of a dozen drunk aliens sat up against the walls. Trash was everywhere and the smell was nauseating. Arrey Sisek needed minions of some sort. Beings who would do her bidding, who would serve her like she had served her master for nearly eighteen years. Beings who would serve her and her master. But looking around the girl knew that this was not the place to find them. Judging by the stench in the air she could tell that a bar was nearby. Perhaps there...

13 December 2005, 09:45 AM
nice :)

Yan Kai
13 December 2005, 10:16 AM
Thanks. I just post as I get replies. I already have the full story typed out, In fact, "Do You Dream of Darkness" was actually finished while I was still posting "The Days of the Old Republic." So here's the next section...

Yan Kai
13 December 2005, 10:23 AM
Yan Kai and his apprentice Jace Dian pulled the small transport out of hyperspace above the planet Tatooine. They had received anonymous information that a Dark Jedi had been in the city of Anchorhead for several days. Yan knew that this Dark Jedi was actually the Sith Lord Arrey Sisek. Shortly after she left Nal Hutta the Jedi had arrived. Tracking the name provided by the Jedi Council they found that she had left on a ship destined for the Outer Rim.

Yan piloted the ship toward the giant dust-brown planet, and as he did so he spoke to his Padawan. “I know that you feel no anger towards this girl Jace, even though she tried to kill you despite the fact you had spared her life. That is good, the moment that you give
into your anger you have lost.”

Jace nodded, “I understand master.”

Yan set the ship down in one of the open hangars after following all the customs of landing in a spaceport. It had been easy, as it usually was on Tatooine. They don’t really care who you are or what you cargo is.

The two Jedi walked down the ramp of their ship. They walked briskly through the spaceport and out into the busy streets. “Blast!” Yan muttered, “It’s been awhile since I last came to Tatooine, I forgot how crowded the cities are. It will difficult to find this Sith.” The Jedi Master started to head towards one of the shops. “Best start asking around.”

Jace nodded his head at his master. “It might not be so hard to find her after all.” Yan followed his Padawan’s gaze and spotted a large crowd of thugs and armed ruffians moving down the street, and at the head was a figure robed in black.

(One day ago)

Arrey returned to the mesa to tell her master the of her accomplishments in Anchorhead. She climbed the ladder and to the top of the huge rock. When she reached the top and stood to her feet she saw Valozan sitting cross-legged facing into the desert away from her. But he rose to face his young apprentice, his red eyes staring into hers. “Excellent work my Dark Apprentice,” he said in his low raspy voice. “I know what it is you plan to tell me and I am very proud. You are using the lowlifes of the city as your slaves. You are using the fear and the Dark Side to control them. You will be a powerful Sith.”

Arrey bowed her head. “When the Jedi arrive they will be caught off-guard and we will kill them.”

Her master didn’t answer, but pulled an object out of his robe. It was a lightsaber. He placed it in her hand. Arrey almost expressed gratitude for the gift but remembered that thanks meant you depended on someone, a sign of weakness. Instead she attached the weapon to her belt and bowed.“They will be no match for the power of the Dark Side my master.”

“Go now, and secure your grip on the city, we will be waiting for them.”

“As you wish, Master.”


Yan Kai watched carefully as the dark figure strode toward them, followed by at least two-dozen thugs. Silently he began to move toward an alley that broke off of the street. Jace followed. They ducked behind some refuse and watched the street. The figure and her soldiers walked into view. Yan heard Jace breathe a sigh of relief as the group moved on past them, they hadn’t been spotted.

Yan and Jace stepped out into the street. Jace watched as Yan moved purposefully towards the group, hand on his lightsaber hilt. Jace knew what was required of him. The young Jedi reached into his brown cloak and pulled out his own lightsaber. Activating its red blade he gathered the Force around him and sprung into the air. Jace landed behind the Sith lord and held his lightsaber across her neck. “Hello again,” he said.

Behind him his Master was holding his own lightsaber. Jace felt a surge in the Force and his Master was gone. A blur ran through the ranks of the surprised thugs and a green lightsaber sliced their weapons in half. Yan fought with such speed and agility the thugs were unable to fire a shot. In moments all of there weapons lay sizzling on the sand. But to Jace’s surprise none of the thugs ran, they all stood their ground.

A crowd had gathered to watch. Jace knew that they were jeopardizing their own safety and shouted out, “Jedi business, be on your way.” But none of the citizens moved nor did Jace expect them to. Yan slowed down to normal speed once again and held his lightsaber ready.

The girl in front of him did not try to escape. “Foolish Jedi,” she hissed, “we both know that you cannot kill me nor any of my men. It is a victory of the Dark Side no matter what you do, stay and kill...or leave us with our lives.” Jace had been concentrating on the young Sith and he had not noticed a crumbling piece of rock headed towards him. It struck his hand and pain shot up his arm. He dropped his lightsaber and stepped back.

Arrey laughed. “Once again the Jedi's weakness is their downfall.” She used the force to pull the lightsaber to her and she activated her own. She held the two crimson blades ready for attack.

13 December 2005, 11:22 AM
These Jedi are in quite the conudrum. :D

Take a life and risk the dark side, but probably saving lives in the long run, or letting them go knowing that they will probably kill at some point, or do even worse than that ;)

Your Sith has shown great restraint :D Could it be that she hopes to one day kill her master? hehehe ;)

Brings up the question of capital punishment ;)

This is turning in to a great story :D

Jax Nova
13 December 2005, 11:41 AM
Agreed! I like it.

Yan Kai
13 December 2005, 11:42 AM
Arrey stared into the Padawan’s blue eyes. To her surprise she saw no sign of anger or look of vengeance, only compassion and sorrow. His display of mercy had astounded her. If she was in his place she would have sliced off her opponent’s head without hesitation. Yet this Jedi had let her survive even after what had happened previously when he had done the same. Maybe Arrey would let this boy live, so he could stop girls like her and men such as her master, maybe-.

Her thoughts were cut short as the Jedi Master leaped over her soldiers and planted the bottom of his boot in her face. Ignoring the pain she used the momentum to flip backwards and land on her feet. Thoughts of rage coursed through her and she charged the Jedi, swinging ferociously. The master, caught off guard by the speed and strength of her assault was driven backwards. But the Padawan flipped and landed behind her.

The Jedi grabbed both of her wrists and wrestled with her lightsabers. Arrey brought up her foot and struck him in the jaw but he held on. With a last effort the Jedi pulled his own lightsaber from her grasp and rolled backwards to avoid her swing. The Jedi Master swung and Arrey had to duck to barely avoid getting hit.

Now the two Jedi stood in front of her. Arrey remembered their skill when fighting together, but was too distracted by her rage to cloud either of their minds. But she screamed at her soldiers, who stood watching the battle, “Kill them!” she screamed. “Kill them!”

The Jedi turned to face the oncoming horde of thugs. Arrey used their distraction to charge the master. But before she reached him his foot shot out and kicked her hard in the stomach. She grunted and flew back to the ground. He’ll pay for that, thought as she stood to her feet. He will die.

Yan twisted to avoid getting punched. The thugs were swinging madly, without any thought of there own lives. “Immobilize them,” he told Jace. “But don’t kill them.” With a sweep of his green lighsaber Yan sliced three of the thugs through the ankles, dropping them. He spun to cut off a hand, and then use the force to carry another away. Jace was walking through the crowd of thugs, lightsaber swinging. Limbs were severed off and beings dropped to the ground, but not a single one of them were killed. In a short time the each one of them lay on the ground moaning.

The bystanders looked at the Jedi in fear and in respect. But still they didn’t leave. Both the Jedi turned and looked to the roof where the Sith lord had escaped to. Now she stood with another. A giant of a man dressed all in black torn robes. On his face there was a silver skull mask, and curved spikes rose from his knees and elbows. In his hand was a red lightsaber.

“Sadok Valozan,” Yan mumbled to himself.

Jace looked at him, “Who?”

“A very powerful Sith lord,” Yan answered, “very old and very powerful.”

Valozan jumped down from the roof of the two-story building and started walking towards the two. “Take care of the apprentice, make sure she doesn’t escape,” Yan told Jace. “And then come back and save my life.” Without a word Jace sprinted toward the building and flew into the air, over Valozan and he landed on the roof in front of Arrey.

Jace held his lightsaber in a defensive position, and watched the girl’s every move carefully. Arrey held up her lightsaber in a position ready to attack. Her yellow eyes flared and she ran at Jace. The Padawan side-stepped to avoid the downwards swing made by the young Sith. Arrey immediately whirled and her blade hit his. Jace flipped backward to give himself time to recover from the blow. But no later than the moment his feet touched the roof again he had to parry another attack. Simultaneously they both swung, their red blades clashed and the air around them sizzled with energy.

Jace pushed with all his strength with his lightsaber, forcing it back towards the Sith. The girl's teeth were clenched as she pushed back. But Jace was the stronger of the two, and pushed her weapon aside. She was now open for an attack. But as the Padawan moved his lightsaber towards her, her leg snapped up and kicked his hand away. She then, with her free hand, swung and Jace, striking the Padawan across the jaw. He stumbled backwards.

Jace had no time to recover before the Sith lord was on him again. Swinging hard and fast, her lightsaber a blur. The fury of the attack drove Jace backward to the edge of the roof. But as her lightsaber came down at him again he managed to duck out of the way and step behind the girl. But before he could do anything he heard an ear-deafening mechanical noise from behind, and instinctively he leaped into the air. A large speeder flew beneath him and Jace landed on the edge of the rear of the speeder.

The pilot looked over his shoulder at the Jedi surprised. “Stop the ship!” Jace yelled at him over the noise of the engines. The Sith lord was no where in sight, and Jace couldn’t afford to leave his Master to face two Sith lords. But before the pilot could oblige to Jace’s order a black figure landed on the front of the speeder. It was the Sith lord. She swung at the pilot’s head, slicing it clean off. He slumped dead, his feet still on the thrust pedals. But the speeder dived and started to rocket towards the street below. Jace quickly seized the controls with the force and brought the ship back up.

The girl jumped across the speeder, the wind carrying her to give her extra speed. Jace ducked and blocked her lightsaber. Arrey was now holding onto the back of the pilot’s seat to keep from being whisked off by the wind. Jace had no protection and it was all he could do to keep from being carried off. He had to fight the wind, use the force to stabilize the ship, and fight the Sith who already outmatched him in lightsaber skill. But Jace knew that he had the power of the Light side, and the Dark side would not prevail.

He closed his eyes and concentrated, he parried each of Arrey’s swings but never returned an attack. The time was now, he back flipped off the edge of the speeder and landed several meter’s down on the roof of a building, his momentum made him roll across the hard roof, but he was unscathed. He opened his eyes to see Arrey, still on the speeder, looking down at him. She could not see where it was headed. Tall thick poles extended from the roof of the spaceport. Sensing the danger Arrey looked over her shoulder. She jumped, but it was too late. The speeder made contact with the poles and exploded. The shock wave carried her across the air and down to the roof. She hit it hard and lay still.

Jace deactivated his lightsaber and ran over to her. He turned her on her back. The girl was cut up pretty bad and blood streamed down her face. Jace knew that he couldn’t leave her to die, and that the council needed to decide her fate. He put his hand on her forehead and called upon the force to heal her.

Minutes passed and finally Arrey’s yellow eyes slowly
opened. She looked up at Jace and smiled slightly. “Why do you Jedi do this for your enemies, Jace?” Arrey said. “You can’t tell me that you wish to fight me again.”

Jace shook his head as he helped her to her feet. “No Arrey, I don’t want to fight you. There may be no good in you left but you are still a human being, and no living being is worthy of death.”

Arrey turned around and faced the city. “I suppose you won’t let me walk off,” she muttered.

Jace watched her carefully. She was too beat up to attempt an escape, and she lost her lightsaber in the explosion. The Padawan activated his own lightsaber. “Now I must take you to my Master.” Arrey nodded and slowly turned around, a somber look was on her face.
“Yes, I suppose you should.” Then she made her move. Jace had no time to react before the Sith had grabbed his lightsaber and twisted it. Turning it around she plunged it into his chest. Jace didn’t realize what had happened, then knew. He looked up into Arrey’s eyes. They were full of sadness. Tears streamed down her face. “I’m sorry Jace,” she said sobbing. “I didn’t want to do this. I want to leave you alive so you can fight keep fighting me until you kill me. But can’t resist the Dark side. I’m too weak!”

Jace saw past her eyes, into her very soul and knew there was good in this girl. It wasn’t too late for her. She could be saved. Jace realized how much he pitied her. “I’m so sorry Arrey,” he mumbled, forcing out the words. The he closed his eyes, and fell over dead. His body disappeared and Jace Dian became one with the force.

Arrey stood there, alone on the rooftop weeping loudly. She let go of the lightsaber and dropped to her knees. There was nothing left for her to do but return to her master. Arrey stood back to her feet, and began to walk back.

Yan Kai twisted and blocked. He ducked to avoid another swipe of the Sith lord’s red lightsaber. He rolled backwards and stood to his feet. But Valozan was already upon him. Yan had not been able to get off an attack, he had been on the defensive for the entire battle. There was no way he could take down this Sith.

Valozan’s red lightsaber pushed against his, forcing the Jedi Master back to the ground. The silver skull mask leaned in close. “You cannot defeat me Jedi,” Valozan said. “I will destroy you as my apprentice killed yours.”

Yan resisted the strength of the lightsaber. Holding the two glowing blades just centimeters above his face. “You’re wrong Valozan,” he said confidently. “The Dark side cannot win.”

“You can feel that I speak the truth, can’t you Master Kai?” Valozan replied. Suddenly a wave of sadness and regret washed over Yan as he felt his Padawan become one with the force.

“No!” He screamed and called upon the force to push the Sith lord off of him. Valozan flew across the street and collided with a durasteel wall, denting it in. The Sith Master dropped to the ground. Yan leaped across the street and bought his green lightsaber down upon Valozan. It cut through his black cloak and into his armor. The Sith lord did not shout in pain or even flinch. But when he turned onto his back Yan could see that he had done damage. The was a hole in the front of Valozan’s armor, Yan’s lightsaber had pierced right through him. As he brought up his lightsaber to deal the final blow a wave of force energy slammed into him, carrying the Jedi back several meters and into the ground.

He saw Arrey run up next to her fallen Master. The girl helped him to his feet. As Yan stood to move toward the two nearly half of the crowd that stood around him moved to block his way. “You can’t pass,” one of the being shouted. Yan gathered the force around him to jump over the throng, but then saw that it was to late. The two Sith lords were climbing into a speeder, they had escape once again.

Jax Nova
13 December 2005, 02:02 PM
interesting way to take it.

*wonders what comes next*

Yan Kai
13 December 2005, 07:30 PM
It was evening on Tatooine. Arrey stood next to her Master on one of the giant rocky arches that sat in the Dune Sea. The twin suns were setting, casting yellow and orange light over everything in view. As she looked over the endless sand and thought of Jace, and the Jedi. She opened her mouth to speak but her Master spoke first.

“Arrey, you have destroyed one Jedi and stopped another. Something I had failed to do. I am proud of you Arrey.” Then to the young girl’s great surprise Sadok Valozan reached up and removed his mask. Beneath it sat an old face, a very old face. Twisted and darkened by the Dark side. His orange eyes penetrated her. He smiled. “I am so amazed by you power Arrey Sisek,” he said, putting both of his hands on either of Arrey’s shoulders.

Arrey was overwhelmed by her Master’s sudden praise. She didn’t no what to say. “You have become more powerful than me Arrey,” her Master continued. “So powerful...” Suddenly he raised his knee. The long curved spike pierced through Arrey stomach and emerged from her back. She let out a gasp. “And we can’t have that no can we,” Valozan said, still smiling. He wrenched his knee from her stomach and Arrey dropped to her knees. She looked down at the wound, deep red blood poured out. She held it and looked up at her Master who was putting his helmet back on.

“I apologize Arrey,” Valozan said. “But you would have killed me in the end and become the Master.” Arrey stared up at him. How could she say that she wouldn’t, that she finally saw the galaxy the way that the Jedi did, how could she say that in so little time?

“I’m sorry,” was all she was able to force out before she tipped over, and lay dead in the sand.

Valozan stood in the sand alone over the dead girl. He turned in satisfaction and began to walk away. But his apprentice’s last word puzzled him. What had she meant? Valozan sighed and walked into the desert, towards his home.

Yan sat quietly in the pilot’s seat of his transport. He was in hyperspace en route to Corascant. He had much to meditate on. Things such as the will of the Force, the evil of the Dark sides, and the bravery and the righteousness of one Jedi who stood for his beliefs until the point of death, and he knew, that in the end, good had prevailed over evil.

Jax Nova
14 December 2005, 01:47 PM
Keep it up!