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Jax Nova
12 December 2005, 02:00 PM
Since my other story is comming to an end and I had extra time I figured I would start my next one.

Memories of Pain, and a past life.

The call rang out from the Jedi temple for all Jedi to return. Jaxson Pax, Jedi knight ran
through the now vacant hauls to see what the trouble was.

As he ran a terrible feeling came over him. He passed the security recordings and played
them back to see one of the Jedi, Anakin Skywalker, killing the younglings.

Shock, fear, and confusion gripped at his soul. He had to get out! All the other Jedi were
dead! “Run! GET OUT!!” his mind screamed at him.

“NO!!” Jaxson sat up in bed, sweat dripping down his forehead and soaking his cloths. It
had been seventeen years since the day, but is spirit had never forgiven itself for
abandoning the other Jedi. Since that time he had left his Jedi past behind him and was
known only as the smuggler that he now was.

“Jax! Get out here!” a angered voice called from outside his room door. Jaxson
recognized the voice as Vek, his captain. Jax now worked for the mysterious crime lord

Jaxson hopped out of bead and walked to the door with an angered face. He pushed the
button and the door slid open with a hiss. Lifting his hand he struck Vek in the face with
a stiff fist and sent the Caridan flying across the hallway.

“I work for you, I don’t serve you.” Jaxson drew the fine line. “Well, you better get out
here soon.” Vek said with a shiver of fear in him. Jaxson was nearly seven feet tall,
medium build, short brown hair, deadly brown eyes, and a face that showed more trouble
than most could live through.

Jaxson was only thirty five years old, and looked no more than twenty. He had become a
Jedi Knight at the very young age of 18. One of the youngest in the Jedi history.

Jaxson walked out onto the bridge of the rickety old freighter that he had recently called
his home. It wasn’t a great place, but it was the only job he had.

“Jax, take over those gun turrets! Yiritelze get down and see what you can do about that
energy leek!” Vek yelled out orders. Yiritelze hopped out of the gunners seat as Jaxson
approached and ran off to take care of his duties.

Jaxson Pax moved himself in comfortably to the seat as he fixed his crosshairs on one of
the three tie fighters that had taken up chase of the freighter. The lasers blazed and the
first tie went up in a ball of flames that filled Jaxson’s view.

The ship excelerated past the debris as Jaxson locked onto the other one. He had not
abandon the force altogether. He still used it in every day situations. It lead him to his
next target as he puled the triggers without even looking up at his screen, his attention on
a new arrival that walked past the opening of his small compartment.

The third fighter went up in a blaze of smoke and fire as Jaxson pulled the trigger for the
last time. It was almost routine now. Make a load, fight off a low amount of resistance,
and sell it to some guy who they don’t even know.

It didn’t take a Jedi to figure out that Seran was working for the Empire. That’s why
Jaxson had his resignation all ready for submission.

The remainder of the space flight was routine, besides the strange new passenger they had
acquired by unknown means... unknown to Jaxson that was.

More than anything that caught Jaxson’s attention was a strange feeling that he got when
he came close to her. As if something inside her was calling gout to him, like something
lived inside her, something dark and evil.

Her hair was a dark red and hung straight to her waist, her dark green eyes revealing a
dangerous soul and a deadly anger. She had naturally tanned skin, and wore a black
leather shirt, black leather pants, and a strange looking maroon armor. The armor
consisted of an arm guard for each arm, and a leg guard for each leg, as well as a breast
plate and back cover.

Jaxson waited until the ship landed, then handed in his resignation as he walked off the
ship. “What’s this?” Vek asked curiously. “If you can’t read it then it’s not my
problem.” Jaxson said callously.

Jaxson walked off as Vek unfolded the piece of paper. “Jaxson Pax! If you go through
with this you’ll regret it!” Vek yelled after him. Jaxson continued on his way as though
he didn’t even hear the man speak.

“Seran is wise indeed if he can foresee this. Kill him Arora.” Vek said with a vile tone.

“As you wish.” Arora replied as she walked up beside Vek, her red hair blowing in the
wind as she tightened the strap on her maroon arm guard.

12 December 2005, 02:05 PM
Good tension building :D I like it!

12 December 2005, 02:42 PM
nice story...... so far.:)

Jax Nova
13 December 2005, 01:25 PM
Jaxson Made his way to the local cantina. “What can I get you sir?” the bartender asked.

“Something strong.” Jaxson replied. The bartender nodded and soon brought him back a
glass of a red liquid. Taking the glass Jaxson walked over to sit on one of the stools that
lined the bar.

“Your in my spot.” a large man said as he approached. Jaxson smiled as he looked at the
man who was probably close to twice his size.

“Move!” the man said forcefully. “Well, I was going to. But since you asked so nicely.”
Jaxson stood to his feet and brought his palm to the man’s face with a forceful blow. The
man was sent flying across the room and into the side of a mettle table.

Jaxson finished his drink and then exited the establishment. But to his dismay he was
faced with yet another problem. There stood Arora, as if she were waiting for him.
Jaxson could feel her anger, her hate. “Don’t tell me. Vek sent me to kill you.” Jaxson
said sarcastically as he walked casually past her.

Arora stood stationary, her long hair blowing in the breeze. Then, in a flash of movement
she brought a red glowing blade to his throat. “My master, Lord Seran has sent me. If
you do not work for him, you must be killed.” Arora informed him.

“Get that thing out of my face.” Jaxson said with a quite low tone that stroke fear even
into Arora’s heart. Jaxson spoke with such demand and hatred, she could feel the force
flowing through him.

“I said get that out of my face!” Jaxson flashed his green lightsaber blade out of his secret
pocket on his clothing. With a single swift swipe he caught the Sith off guard and sent
her blade away from him.

Arora jumped into the fight and was on top of him within seconds. Her red blade flashing
as she twirled it. Arora passed her blade behind her back and came up towards Jax’s leg.
Jaxson jumped over her, but before his feat touched the ground her blade was on an
intercept cours. He barely had time to block as he was pushed back by the force of her

Jaxson went into a forwards roll, coming up to his feet. But once again he was hard
pressed to keep the red blade from cutting into him. “You can’t win! Give up and come
to my master and your life will be spared.” Arora offered as they fought.

Jaxson was forced back to the edge of the building, a straight drop off below him. He
knew he couldn’t win this battle. “Ok!” Jaxson agreed. Arora halted her swing just a few
inches from his head. “Tell your boss that I’ll...” Jaxson was about to agree as he noticed
something coming down below. “Tell your boss that I don’t work for Emperial scum!”
he said jumping backwards off the ledge. He fell down, landing on the speeder and was
carried off to safety.

“Hey! What’s the matter with you?!” the speeder’s pilot yelled out the window just
before Jaxson jumped off onto another building.

Jaxson took off to find transport off the planet. But once again he was approached by a
shady character. This time the man had with him a group of seven others. Jaxson drew
his blaster and pointed it at the leading man’s head. “Come another step and I’ll blow it
off.” Jaxson warned him.

“Were not enemies...” the man insisted. “We are here to ask if you would like to help us.
We have the location of an Emperial weapons stash, were planing to blow it up.” the man
told him.

Jax sensed his intentions, they were as he said. Jaxson lowered his blaster. “And what
makes you think I would be the slightest bit interested in risking my life to help you?”
Jaxson asked mockingly. “Because in the process we intend to capture and bring the
supplier of these weapons to trial.” the man explained.

“Seran?” Jaxson asked. The man nodded with a slight smile. “You seem to handle
yourself well in battle, especially with that blade of yours.” “You tell anyone of that
blade and that will be the last thing you say.” Jaxson warned him.

“I’m not here to fight you. I just want to know if your willing to help.” came the annoyed
reply. Jaxson thought about his options. He knew that Arora would not quit chasing him
as long as Seran was paying her to do so. Perhaps this was his lucky break. After all
these years it certainly wouldn’t be out of turn.

“All right, I’ll help.” Jaxson agreed. “I’ll help stop Seran for ten thousand credits.”
“Were not looking for mercenaries.” the man denied his request. “I would say getting
that assassin off your back would be good enough reason to help. As well as a five
percent split in the profits.”

“All right.” Jaxson agreed hesitantly. “When do we leave?” “Now.” the man answered.
“Good.” Jaxs said to himself.

Jaxs turned and followed the other men out as they made there way to there ship and left
for the planet of Abregado-Rae. Abregado-Rae had long been a common destination for
smugglers and free-traders. It was no surprise to Jax that Seran would base his operations

As the long slender, greyish looking ship rose into the sky Arora stood on a building
watching. With a push of a hidden button under her wrist armor she brought an anchient
Sith fighter up to her, jumped in, and took off in persute of the ship.

Yan Kai
13 December 2005, 02:11 PM
Great start!

Jax Nova
13 December 2005, 02:18 PM
thanks. Just poped into my mind. So I figured why not write it down. :D

Jax Nova
14 December 2005, 01:43 PM
“My name is captain Dren. This is my first officer Shale, and my gunner Ven.” The
leader introduced himself and the two humans beside him.
“Over there is head of security Vela.” Dren pointed to a blue Twilek woman.
“The rest of the crew are temporary. Shale will show you to your room. We have a
briefing in three hours so be in the briefing room twenty minutes till.” Dren informed Jax.

Jax nodded in response and followed the short, skinny blond haird man to his room.
“Here it is.” Shale gestured towards the room. Once again Jaxson nodded in response
and entered his room.

Jax walked over and laid down on his bead, hopping to get some sleep before the
briefing. Slowly he drifted into a deep sleep. Once again, however, he found no rest in
his dreams. The images of his old friend killing the padawans shot through his mind like
a needle.

Not soon enough he was woken by a high-pitched beeping sound. Jaxson sat up in bed
and looked over at an alarm that had been set. Jax, being thankful that it had brought him
out of his dream reached over and gently shut it off before heading to the bathroom to
clean up.

Exactly twenty minutes early Jaxson showed up in the briefing room after having located
it on his in-room digital map.

“I might just want to keep you around. It’s rare when someone actually shows up when I
tell them to.” Dren grinned as Jaxson Pax walked through the open doorway.
“Don’t take it personally, I just want to get this over with.” Jaxson replied as he took a
seat around the circular table that sat in the room.

A short time later the others of the crew showed up, all taking there seats as Dren started
the briefing.

“We have been informed that Seran’s fortress used to be a prison. There are rumors that
the prisoners dug underground tunnels to escape and the tunnels were never found...”
Dren stopped as Jaxson spoke.

“Exscuse my negativity but I don’t think a guy like Seran is going to just leave secret
tunnels laying around in his fortress.” Jax said.

“No, he wouldn’t.” Dren said with a bit of annoyance in his voice. “Our operatives have
been working on locating the tunnels that Seran has incorporated for his own use.
Recently we have discovered one with a maximum security of seven or eight guards at all
times.” Dren continued.

Dren continue for some time as Jaxson listened to the plans. They sounded ok, as long as
they worked Jax didn’t really care.

A short time after the briefing ended the ship approached Abregado-Rae. “Everybody get
your gear we won’t have allot of time once were on the surface!” Dren shouted out to all

The group of group of seven operatives jumped from the craft onto the ground as it flew
low. Dren, then Shale, Ven, Jaxson, and then Vela, followed by two others from the

“This better be some team you got if were going to pull this off.” Jax commented after
hitting the ground. “They can get the job done.” Dren assured him.

Jax Nova
17 December 2005, 11:15 AM
The group quickly made there way around the small hill as the guards guarding the
entrance came in sight.

“Max of seven or eight?” Jax asked softly yet mockingly as he looked at the ten guards
who stood before the entrance. “We can handle this.” Dren said through clenched teeth.
“Take aim.”

The seven men brought up there guns, aimed and with there silencers fired. Seven shots
rang out, seven men dropped to the ground. Three more shots rang out seconds after and
the last three men dropped along beside there comrades.

“Let’s go.” Dren jumped to his feet and ran over to the entrance. The entrance was
hidden, but it did not take the group long to find it now that they knew what they were
looking for.
Soon they were traveling down a long dark passageway, barely enough light to see, but
enough to get by.

At the end of the tunnel they came to the locked door. “The men outside didn’t have a
security pass.” Vela pointed out. “Then how do we get in?” Sheel, a short, skinny, blond
woman asked.

“I didn’t want to have to use that!” Dren objected as he caught Vela’s smile in the dark
lighting. He knew her thoughts had drifted immediately to the explosives she had
developed. She had been itching for a chance to test them out.

“Won’t they here that?” came the obvious question from the other crew member Trillin.
His close shaved brown hair barely visible on his tall body in the low lighting.

“Move.” Jax demanded as he made his way to the door. “Why?” Vela insisted. “Fine
don’t move, but your gona be the one hurting.” Jax replied as he pulled out his lightsaber.
Vela quickly moved out from in-front of the door as his green blade ignited with a low
huming sound.

Slowly he cut through the door, the mettle glowing orange and red with the heat. “I gota
get me one of those things!” Trillin commented softly as Jax cut. Jaxson disegnited his
lightsaber and kicked the mettle from the door.
“Oh yeah that’s going to be so much quietter!” Vela objected as Jax pulled back his foot
for the kick. But as the mettle neared the floor it was let down slowly as Jax brought his
hand back. “How in the freaking galaxy did you do that!” Trillin stood in awe.

Jaxson Pax ignored the young man as they moved out over the grounds in search of the
command center.

It wasn’t long before they found it, there intel was good. the charged on the room, shots
were fired in silence as men dropped to the ground. Jaxson taking out two, each with a
sift punch to the back of the head.

“Get hacked in! We don’t have much time we need to find out where Seran is and get
moving.” Dren’s voice faded into the background as a horrible feeling came over Jax. I
presence of death grew near... It was Arora.

“What kind of explosives were those?” Jax asked Vela as he garbed one from her belt.
“Hey, put that back!” she spoke harshly. “If you keep whining I’ll blast this thing and
throw us all to the stars!” Jax warned her.

Reluctantly she backed off as Jax inspected the explosives. Then, without a word he
grabbed the rest of the nearly clear, and formable putty that made up the small bombs.
“What the.. Where do you think your doing with those?!” Vela objected with an anger
stricken tone.

“Would you like to tell me just what it is your doing?” Dren asked him as the others
continued working. “Maybe saving your scrony little carcass, now leave me alone.” Jax
replied with urgency in his voice.

“All right, but from now on, my crew’s personal belongings are off limits!” Dren ordered
him. “I’ll remember that next time I care.” Jax replied harshly.

“What’s with that guy?” Vela asked as Dren walked back in the control room. “I don’t
know. Just try not to get in a fight.” Dren replied, beginning to wonder if bring Jaxson
Pax had been a mistake.

Jaxson, working in the small meeting room that was just outside the control room
plastered the walls with the explosives, causing them to blend in with the walls. The
presence drew even closer, it was almost there.

Jaxson then cut the legs off of the mettle chairs that sat in around the table in the middle
of the room, putting a point on each end and positioning them various places around the

“Get down!” Jax yelled as he ran back in the room and the door in the meeting room
opened. In confusion the small group dove for cover as there advisarry stepped through
the door.

17 December 2005, 03:32 PM
I got an e-mail that said that Jax nova posted on MY thread entitled Memories of Pain, and a past life. and it should have gone to you (jax nova) :raised: it is realy weird!!!!!!

17 December 2005, 03:38 PM
I got an e-mail that said that Jax nova posted on MY thread entitled Memories of Pain, and a past life. and it should have gone to you (jax nova) :raised: it is realy weird!!!!!!

Jax Nova
20 December 2005, 04:33 PM
.............uh.........I duno...???

BUT I GOT MY DOG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sorry. she is very cute though!

Jax Nova
23 December 2005, 04:23 PM
(been cleaning and other stuff... uhg. But I'm back now)

Arora walked through the room towards the command center, her foot steps could be herd
on the cool mettle floor. Her easy pace revealing a calm spirit and a ready mind. But she
would not be prepared for the attack to come.
As Arora reached the middle of the room Jax set off the explosives, and at the same
time used the force to hurl the pointed objects laying around the room at Arora.

Arora used the force, blocking what she could of the explosion. Dropping to her knees a
small shield of sorts formed around her. But the hurled pieces of mettle caught her by
surprise as they penetrated her force shield.

She twisted and contorted, dodging several of the flying objects. But one came in to fast
and pierced her shoulder. Pain shot through her body like a bullet and she dropped her
face to the floor as she sat there on her knees.
The strain took her concentration down, and the explosion singed her a bit as she fought
against the pain. The mettle move from her shoulder, accompanied by a shock of pain,
as she pulled it out with the force.

Blood ran form her shoulder, and covered the mettle, splattering as it hit the ground in the
small puddle that had formed. The large fist sized whole, still open, ran out blood as
Arora brought her hand up to it.

The explosions was past now as she fell on her side to the floor. She channeled her force
power and the wound slowly began to fuse back shut. The bleeding stopped, but not soon
enough to prevent her garments form being well stained, as well as the floor.

Jaxson Pax and the others moved in quickly, weapons out and ready. Jaxson moved
towards her with his lightsaber as she healed her wound. With a quick gesture of his
hand he pulled her lightsaber from her. It flew through the air in an arched pattern and
landed softly in his hand.

Arora had closed her wound, but she was wounded from fire and the whole. Her force
energy had been drained by the protection and her healing. She was beat, there was no
way now that she could beat a Jedi with the others there to help him. Not with her
fighting arm wounded.

Arora drug herself to her knees and sat on her heals. “You have beaten me, kill me now.”
she said bowing her head. Jax knew if he didn’t she would only come after him again.
The mettle projectile had been aimed for her heart. “What are you waiting for? Kill me.”
Arora looked up at Jax as he put away his lightsaber and hers.

Jax said nothing, but starred into her face. “You have to decide. What are you going to
do with her?” Dren asked him. “We can’t take prisoners.” Vela put in her thoughts.
Jaxson stood there, as if not hearing there words. In his mind images raced before his
eyes. Images of his training, of the life he once had. He was a Jedi, could he kill an
innocent person? “All this time, why should it bother you know?” he asked himself in his

“If you will not kill me, the I will kill you.” Arora warned him. Jax moved his hand down
and pulled out his gun in a flash. Pointing it at her he said, “No. I wont’ kill you.”

“Then I am in your det forever. I am your servant.” she bowed her head once more.
Again images of his past life raced through his head like a couple of pod racers running
for there lives. “Why? Why now?!” his mind screamed. Why were all his memories
coming flowing in now? Why did he have to remember all the times he had lived a lie.

He had never been a Jedi, so he told himself. A Jedi would never run and leave the others
behind to die, not a true Jedi!

Jaxson looked at Arora. “If you are my servant then kill me. I have no desire to live any
more.” he told her. Arora looked up with shocked eyes, a blank stair covering her face.
“I can not! You are my master I could not kill you.” she insisted. “If I am your master
then kill me!” he screamed back as he threw his gun in-front of her.

“You want me to take him out now or let her do it?” Vela asked Dren in the background.
But Dren didn’t answer. “Dren?” she bumped him. “Huh? ... Oh, no. Just leave him.”
Dren replied. “We don’t have all day.” Vela reminded him. “I know.” Dren assured her.

Arora looked at the gun as it slid across the floor and stopped in-front of her. “Pleas,
anything but his! But beg you.” Arora protested once more. Jax raised his other gun and
aimed it at her, shooting three shots that came half an inch from hitting her head. “Do
it!!” he screamed out his order.

With tears streaming down her face Arora reached out for the gun. Dren stopped Vela’s
hand as she reached for her own. “Pleas...” Arora pleaded once more as the tears ran
down her face and fell to the floor, mingling with the pool of blood. “If you wont shoot
me...” Jax looked into her eyes with a piercing stair. “Then shoot yourself.” he said in a
soft sinister voice.

“Arora closed her eyes and took a deep breath, the tears clearing from her eyes as she
picked up the gun. She lifted her hands and pointed it to her head. Her maroon gloves
wrapping around the trigger as she slowly began to squeeze. Her finger pulled the trigger
all the way back, but all that was herd was a click.

Everyone looked on in confusion, the gun had not fired. “Give me the gun.” Jax said
calmly. Arora tossed the gun through the air to him. “I put the safety on. You can pull
the trigger all you want and it won’t fire.” he explained.

Arora stood with confused eyes, as did the rest. Jax had only been testing Arora, to be
sure she was truly surrendering herself to him. Whether or not she would kill him if she
got the chance.

Jax walked over to her and placed his hand on her wound, healing what she had been to
week to finish. “We better hurry.” he said to the others as he helped Arora to her feet.

The group instantly went back to work, they had lost enough time already. “Next time
you want to book your own show on the galactic channels you let me know about it.”
Dren warned Jax. “I will, if I think I need to.” Jax said back in a defensive tone.

The group hurried to get all the information they needed. It was possible that Seran was
not even there at the time. If so they would have to track him and take him down where
ever he was. But if they could find out from any place it would be here.

Jax Nova
5 January 2006, 11:45 AM
There work was shattered by the sounds of sudden troops moving in on there position.

“Back-up! We need to leave now!” Arora informed Jaxson. “Yeah to save your sweat
self.” Vela threw out an insult as she worked. Jaxson moved over to Dren. “We need to
go.” “We go when I am ready!” Dren snapped back.

However much Jaxson Pax disliked the group he wasn’t going to let them stay there and
get killed. “Do you have any more of that explosive stuff?” Jax asked Vela. “No because
you wouldn’t keep your filthy hands off it!” she insulted him with her answer.

There was no time, the enemy was at the front door and there was no way out. The men
appeared through the door, gun shots flying through the air in random patterns, filing the
room. The group couldn’t escape, they were forced to fight back. “Are you crazy she’ll
end up shooting us!” Vela yelled at Jax as he handed Arora a gun.

But before another word was said a shot rang out and hit Sheel, her limp body stunned by
the hit as well as left lifeless laying on the floor. Trillin moved in to help her, but he was
to late, and managed only to get himself hit in the leg. “Get back!” Dren ordered him.

Trillin drug himself back out of the way where he worked on his wound while the others
fought. “It’s no use we can’t hold them off!” Vela yelled over the constant shooting.

“There’s no way out!” Trillin told her from the back of the room. The guns continued
blazing at a rapid rate, shots flying through the open door to the control room every
second. Anyone caught in the line of fire would be hit with more than enough to kill
them now.

“Grenades! Take him down!” Dren yelled at the top of his lungs as a grenade trooper
moved in. Vela, Dren, Arora, Jax, Shale, and Ven all diverted there aim to hit the man,
and successfully took him down before he got his grenade through the door.

“There is bound to be more where that came from.” Ven commented. One of the
grenades rolling there way exploded in the middle of the room, sending fire through the
door and scorching those close to it.

“What’s below us out the window?” Dren asked Trillin who was still at the back of the
room. Trillin got up and pulled himself over to it as Shale put out the fire that had caught
on his clothing. “A one-hundred foot drop sir.” Trillin reported. “It’s the only way out
we have to go!” Dren decided.

Just then another shot came through finding Shale who was still trying to put a bandage
on his burn. The shot hit him in the side, the intensity to strong to have been survived.
“Shale! NO!” Vela screamed, jumping to his side. “Get out of there you fool!” Dren
pushed her aside receiving a hit on his left arm.

Jax Nova
12 January 2006, 02:25 PM
Vela jumped to the side, a shot from the many guards just missing her.

Trillin set a couple grenades on the see-through paneling that made the view ports.
“Heads up!” he yelled before exploding them. Shards went flying dangerously close to
him as the windows shattered into pieces. The smoke rose to the roof, filling the room

“Get the ropes down!” Dren ordered. Ven left the fight and moved back to help Trillin
with the ropes while the others fought off the attack.

The ropes were thrown down, falling fifteen feet short of the ground. “There not long
enough.” Trillin informed Dren.
“It will have to do. GO!” he yelled back over the gun shots that rang through the room.
Dren tossed the five grenades he had into the men for cover so the others could get to the
ropes. The explosion blasted through the mettle walls with a defining explosion and was
followed by a surprising silence.

“Get going!” Dren ordered Vela and Jaxson. Trillin had started down the ropes, Ven
staying behind to help the others. Vela grabbed the rope as Dren, Jackson, and Arora
came running and the shooting started back up again.

Dren jumped over the edge, grabbing a rope with his good arm and doing what he could
with his injured one. Jaxson and Arora went over next sliding down the ropes with an
amazing pace that quickly overtook the others.

Ven jumped up to the ledge and grabbed the remaining rope just as a energy bolt struck
him in the back of the neck. Despite his toughness his limp body lay dying. “Go... I-I’ll
hold ‘em off..” Ven squeezed the air out of his lungs as his hand moved towards his
blaster. But instead of shooting he set it to overload and threw it into the group of
advancing men.

The explosion stopped them dead in there tracks, giving the others enough time to reach
the bottom of the rope. Trillin, however, because of his injury was having trouble
holding on, his legs were stunned and he couldn’t hold on right. The events forced him to
climb slower as they descended.

Vela, Dren, Jaxson, and Arora hung fifteen feet from the ground. Trillin was still ten or
fifteen feet more above them as the shots above rang out once more after the recovery
from the explosion.

Suddenly Trillin felt the rope loosen in his hands and his decent began to speed. Fear
gripped his heart as the air was thrust out of him. Looking up he could see the burnt end
flailing down towards him. A stray shot had obviously caught his rope. He tried to yell
as he fell past the others... but nothing came out. His last moments spent in dread and
horror were short as he herd Vela yelling out his name as he passed by.

13 January 2006, 03:20 AM
A nice story...

There were numerous typo's though, I'd suggest you consider using Word or other similar word processor to iron out the chinks from the text.

Jax Nova
13 January 2006, 11:13 AM

By typoes you mean using meat instead of meet?

I do run it through a word processor spell check but it doesn't get those things. And unfortunately that is one of my worst problems... spelling and that kind of stuff. :(

Jax Nova
14 January 2006, 02:46 PM
Vela watched as Trillin hit the ground hard. Then her heart nearly stopped as Dren let
loose of the rope. But to her great delight he had dropped intentionally and had not

Jax and Arora jumped down closely followed by Vale who was slightly hesitant.
“Trillin!” Vela called out his name as she ran over to him. “It’s no use. He broke his
spine.” Dren informed her as he kneeled beside the building.

“We need to get out of here!” Jax re-alerted them to the current situation as the men
above began blasting from the tower. Jaxson saw a shot heading for Dren, the force
locking his sights on to it. It seemed to pass by like a floating leaf. Jaxson looked back,
there was no time to get to Dren he was to far away. He whipped out his lightsaber and
spun, igniting the blade for just a split second. Just long enough to deflect the shot.
Hopefully the men up in the tower would not realize he had a lightsaber.

Jaxson tossed Arora her lightsaber back as the fire from above grew stronger. Arora
ignited her crimson blade and began blocking shots as the others made there escape. Vela
had not time to complain this time as a shot nearly hit her as she retreated.

They made there way around a corner and out of firing range, but they were far from free.
They would have to escape the complex and make it back to the meating spot with there
ship. Even then the fight might not be over.

“Arora! You know if you betray me you will be killed.” Seran’s voice range through
Arora’s head like an echo through an valley. “You only wish my return so you can kill
me. You know of the prophecy! You are afraid.” Arora retorted.

Jaxson Pax picked up on there communications as the two talked. Without the
knowledge of either of them he listened in. “You are making a grave mistake.” Seran
told her before leaving her mind.

The group ran to the outer limits of the fortified complex, reaching the great wall that
protected the many silver buildings that were littered across the vast landscape.”We don’t
have any rope left.” Vela dismayed. “There has to be a way over.” Dren said softly, more
to himself than the others.

Jaxson looked around for something... anything. There to his right was a small building,
it’s silver mettle reflecting the sun as all the rest did. “Arora, make holes in the wall all
the way up. About three feet apart.” Jax instructed her. Without a question she pulled
out her blade and began guiding it with the force. It’s red blade was contrasted as it
pierced the mettle and changed it’s silver shine to a orange glow.

Jaxson then walked over to the building and began cutting off small strips of mettle, each
one being two feet long and one inch thick. “What under the stars are you doing?” Vela
exclaimed, now totally confused.

“No... We use the rods as pins, stick them in the holes and climb our way out.” Dren
explained. “Oh...” Vela returned, the look of confusion easing but remaining.

After Jax was finished he quickly put his lightsaber away and used the force to cool the
bars as much as he could. He wasn’t use to using the force so much, he could feel
himself getting tiered as he continued.

“This will only work if they don’t find us. If they spot us we’ll be sitting mynoc.” Dren
pointed out. Jax looked up at him. “That’s why me and Arora are going to stay behind
and keep them occupied while you two get out.” Jax told him. Dren looked on with an
uneasy expression, but did not disagree. he knew very well he wouldn’t change the man’s
mind anyway.

Jax Nova
17 January 2006, 03:40 PM
“Come one lets.” Dren turned to Vela after the rods were cooled enough. Vela took her
two rods and at Dren’s order, and her disagreement she climbed up first. Sticking one rod
in the hole, then the next, then the next. It was slow, but it was there only way out. There
was no way they were ever going to get out one of the gates.

Below, Jax and Arora stood guard as the other two climbed slowly up the wall. There
seemed, at the time, to be no men close. The are was large, but the men would soon find
them none the less.

Vela reached the top of the wall and looked down over the other side. “Now what!?” she
exclaimed, not noticing that the holes had been poked on both sides. “Oh.” she said
softly to herself as she noticed the holes.

Dren was not far behind as Vela disappeared over the top of the wall. He was ten feet
from the top when Seran’s men discovered them. “Troopers!” Arora yelled over to Jax,
whipping out her red glowing blade.

The men automatically began showering her with shots as she frantically spun and danced
skillfully in a wild attempt to block them. Slowly she moved behind a building and began
focusing her force power.

Jaxson Pax ran up behind her shooting, taking cover next to her behind the building and
firing at all who were in his sight. While he continued Arora reached out with the force,
men began flying in every direction. A gun flew into her hand after her display was over,
leaving fifteen men laying o the ground.

Blocking the shots that came her way she let off a shot now and then when she found an
opening that Jax didn’t take.

Looking behind Jax noticed that Dren was over the wall. Him and Vela were probably
nearing the ground by now. But there was no chance for them to make it over the same
way. Arora could easily clear the wall with her force jump... but Jax had lost much of his
previous teachings and power.

“How are you going to get out?” Arora asked him, never taking her eyes off the battle.
Jax thought for a moment. “I’m not sure.” he admitted. There was really no other way he
could think of. They couldn’t steal a ship, they were better guarded than the gates.

“Give me you hand.” Arora told him. Jax glanced at her for a split second with
confusion. “What?” he asked. “I can help you jump the wall.” she explained.

Jax reached out and grabbed her hand as the two ran towards the wall. Jax jumped with
all his might and force ability. The top off the wall seemed to race towards them as they
flew through he air.

Jax Nova
23 January 2006, 11:08 AM
Arora cleared the wall easily, but Jax barely made it over, his right foot hitting the top as
they sailed over and began the downward decent to the ground.

Jaxson knew that his force ability was not enough to stop the hard hit that would come
from hitting the ground, he was not in practice with his force abilities. He braced for
impact as the ground raced towards him at an alarming pace.

In front of them Arora and Jax could see Dren and Vela making there way to the ship that
was on it’s way to pick them all up and carry them off of Abregado-Rae. It looked like
they were all going to make it out of this alive.

Suddenly Jax looked down to see the ground, but to his surprise he slowed and was set
down easily on the ground. Not stopping to thank Arora for her help he raced off towards
the ship.

Soon Jax and Arora had caught up with Dren and Vela. The ship was closing in fast,
heading straight for them as though on a collision course. It lowered itself to the ground
and the pilot snapped the controls to the right, pulling the nose around and skidding the
ship sideways along the ground.

The ship stopped ten feet in front of the four of them, kicking up immeasurable amounts
of dirt and debris that they had to sidetrack. Immediately upon landing the ship was
preparing for take off again. The door hissed open as they rushed inside to safety.

Jax ran straight to the gun turret as the Dren and Vela went to there positions. Seran’s
fighters had been dispatched to stop the ship from escaping. “Just hold them off until I
get the hyperspace coordinates set in!” the pilot yelled over the com-link to the gunners.

“Let me help.” Jax herd a voice in his head. He jerked slightly, then realized it was
Arora. She had sensed that his force ability was drained, he was tiered. He was not used
to using it so much. Jax didn’t reply, but his state of mind gave Arora the answer that she

The fighters came in fast in the distance and Jax wrapped his hands around the control
stick, fingers resting lightly on the firing buttons. Before he knew what was going on he
jerked his finger and let off several rounds of energy blasts. The blasts flew straight into
the lead fighter in the distant formation.

“Nice shot!” Dren yelled over the com-link. Jax was looked around, the fighters were
now closing inn within normal range. Another fighter blurred past his view and he
swiveled and pulled easy on the trigger, sending the ship into an erupting ball of heat that
threw pieces through the air.

In came another one. Jax puled the trigger as the streak filled his view, and then was
gone. His shot caught the back tail of the arrow shaped fighter with three large fins going
up and down on the back. Jax swiveled around and took aim, catching the fighter on the
side this time and sending it spinning down to the earth below in a spiraling ball of

Just then the message came over the com-link. “Prepare for hyperspace!” Jax relaxed as
the ship jerked into high speed and entered hyperspace. They were safe!

Jax Nova
27 January 2006, 12:09 PM
The ship traveled the hyper-space rout back to Coruscant where the group would be safe.
There trip there seeming to take forever. Jax and Arora went somewhere to talk privately
while Dren and Vela mourned over there friends.
Jax walked into the room with Arora behind him. The door slid shut with a hiss and
Jax walked over to the far side of the room. “Why did you turn? There is more to it I can
feel it.” Jax asked Arora now that the urgency of fighting was over with.
Arora turned to him, head bowed. “I’m sorry... I have not been...completely upfront
with you.” Arora admitted. “My master is what the sith legends call a Magnorox. One
who falsely assumes the title of Sith.” Arora began to explain. “The Sith say that if one is
to falsely take on the title of Sith that they are doomed to be defeated by an advisory that
pales in comparison to them... and those loyal to them will turn to him.” Arora explained.
“So you think I am the one who is going to destroy your master?” Jax asked in a
confused voice. Jax walked around the room in frustration as he rubbed the back of his
neck. “You go the wrong guy.” he shook his head. “I would have to turn back to the
force.” Jax pointed out.

“Would that be so bad? Have you truly been scared that deep by it’s power?” Arora
asked him. Jax stopped and looked at her, pain filling his eyes as he remembered.
“Yes...” he answered softly.
“I can teach you to block the memories... forever. The force has many talents besides
those of destruction.” Arora offered him. “Interesting word coming from a former Sith.”
Jax noted.
“Let me help you.” Arora said softly as she placed a hand on his shoulder. “So you can
help yourself?” he asked her. “There is more to the prophecy...I d...” Arora stopped in her
sentence. “The force draws me to you. That is how I know you are the one. It is moved
beyond a desire to be free from my oppressor to a loyalty that you can not understand
save through the force.” Arora finished.
“Can you make them go away... forever?” Jax asked her looking her sternly in the eye.
“Yes, I can. But I have to have your cooperation and willingness to learn first.” she
answered confidently. Jax let out a deep breath and began walking around the room once
more. “Ok... I’ll do it.” he agreed.

A smile spread Arora’s face for just a moment, revealing the first glimpse of happiness
Jax had seen in her. But her features soon went back to submissive, retreated, and sad.
“Is it so bad to want freedom?” she asked him sensing his thoughts of her motives.
“Jax looked at her and his mind drifted back to what he had done to claim “freedom”
from his past. “No... No I guess it’s not.” he admitted.
“I’m going to go get some rest... You should probably get some yourself you look
tiered.” Jax told Arora. “Yes master.” she bowed deeply. “Do me a favor... don’t call me
master all right?” he requested as he walked through he door. “Very well.” she replied.

All to soon Jax was woke by the com-link blaring in his ears. “We will be landing on
Coruscant in three minutes.” “Blast you!” Jax cursed the thing as he reached over and
turned the volume down. Shacking his head slightly he got out of bed and prepared his
He wasn’t sure what he was going to do next... he had basically promised Arora to help
free her from her master. But next to her he seemed inadequate for the job. He was
unsure whether he could achieve what she asked of him.
Jax pressed the button on his door and walked out, something catching his feet and
bringing him crashing to the floor. Jax looked back and held back his scolding as he saw
Arora sitting there with a smile on her face. “I’m sorry.” her smile faded as she moved to
help him up.
“What were you doing?” Jax asked, slightly annoyed. “Sleeping.” Arora answered. Jax
squinted one eye at her in confusion. “I didn’t know where my room was and I didn’t
want to wake you.” Arora explained catching his look of confusion.
“Next time wake me.” Jax told her as he turned to walk to the exit ramp. “Sorry.” she
apologized. Jax nodded and kept on walking, meeting Dren and Vela at the ramp.

“So where will you be going from here?” Jax asked Dren. “Were calling off the
attempt to take out Seran... it’s obviously more than we can handle.” Dren hung his head.
“Sorry about the way it turned out.” Jax said before leaving the ship.
Jax made his way off the ship, Arora close behind him. Behind hi the ship took off,
blowing wind that came against him hard. Soon the ship had flashed off in to the
towering distances above them and vanished in with he rest of the small dots in the sky
that floated around aimlessly.
“Now what?” Arora asked him. “Now I guess we train.” Jax told her as his gaze turned
from the sky to her. They would have to rent some place first, then start there training.
But who knew how long that could be.

28 January 2006, 11:31 PM
First of all, sorry for not being around much to reply to your work, its been a very hectic time lately, and shows little sign of letting up anytime soon.

I am glad to see you are still writing :) you've come a long way :) especially in character development. As for the 'typo' thing, keep an eye on it, but dont let ot get to you (i know you wont!). Just keep in mind that posting on a forum is a very different from having having several people proof read your work and thus allow you time for re-writes before it gets to the masses.

I am also sorry to say that I wont be on much anymore, and I am not sure when I will get a chance to write creativly again. Since my last post, I have 1) past a certification test at school 2) my mother-in-law past away most unexpectedly (massive stroke, she died 26 hours later) 3) my son has been accepted in the honors-program (thus earning colladge credits in high school and taking some classes at the local community colladge as well) and 4) I have decided to join the U.S. Army. As I said, its been a bit busy lately.

When I get the time, I hope to see you still writing, its been a LOT of fun for me reading your work, even if I lacked the time to reply.

In each of us, there is a story waiting to be told. We only need to find the words....

Jax Nova
31 January 2006, 11:50 AM
Thanks! Sorry about your mother in law, that's real sad.

Hope everything goes good!

Glad you injoy my writing... I intend to keep writing even if I don't get published I can still injoy it.

(also hope you stay safe in the army. You'l be in my prayers)

Jax Nova
1 February 2006, 11:27 AM
Arora had taken Jax o a place where she told him she had purchased many years ago. She
assured him it would be safe and that they would not be found there. After sensing no
deception or attempts to block his reeding of her he agreed.

The large building was underground, nearly level with the slums of Coruscant. It’s gray
mettle intirior with black and dark red furnishings set the mood for Arora’s past life as a
dark force user.
The building was emens, with rooms of all kinds and high security that could all be
controled froma single place or the controler that Arora wore on her wrist.

Jax was ready for his training, standing in the circular room in a pair of pants and a
T-shirt. The red carpet covered the center of the floor with rings out of it around the
edges that revealed the floor beneath it. Fromt he outer edge of each ring a two foot thick
strip of black carpte reached to the wall.

The door hissed open and Arora walked in, casual pants and a sleavless combat shirt on.
“Don’t resist it’s guiding... think back to your earlyer triainings.” Arora said as she
walked towards him.
Sudenly she took a swing at him with her fist and folowed through with a kick aimed
for his head. Jax ducked and then dove away from the kick. Arora fought back the smile
that came to her face as they continued.

Jax Nova
4 February 2006, 11:48 AM
There training sessions went on for some time... Days turning into weeks, weeks into
months. Finally Jax seemed to reach a point where he could not evenly contend with
Arora. His skill had brought him to the place where he was even beating her now and

“You think I’m ready?” Jax asked her. “Only you can make that decision.” She told him.
“If you think your not ready... then you won’t be.” Jax nodded his head, it all sounded
familiar. He knew that he would have to put away all doubt from his mind. Doubt
caused hesitation, and hesitation could be deadly.

Jax sat in bed thinking over the previous words, his mind straying off to other subjects
now and then. He just couldn’t seem to answer the question... “Was he ready?!” Jaxson
smacked himself on the forehead. “Why can’t I just...” the words froze as an ominous
feeling grew closer.

His door beeped, alerting him that someone was outside. He reached for his gun, even
though he felt only Arora’s presence outside the door. But something bigger loomed over
head...Something familiar, yet changed and deadly.

“Jax? Are you in there?” Arora’s voice came muffled through the steal door. “I’m here.”
he said. “What is it?” “It’s him...” Arora replied. “It’s Seran. He has come to kill me
and you.” she explained.

Jax got up from his bed and mentally knocked himself for expecting that the feeling of
evil had something to do with Arora. He opened the door and unexpectedly was jerked
into a dead run down the hall as Arora grabbed him by the arm and pulled him along.
“Ok! I’m coming.” he said, pulling his arm back.

The two raced down the hall towards the streets, it was the only place they could be
hidden from his senses, surrounded by others. “How in space did he find us here!?” Jax
asked her. “I don’t know.” Arora replied as they opened the door. The walkway down to
the crowed below was a long walk.

Jax looked up to see Seran’s ship coming straight for them! It’s guns aimed and fired on
them, barely missing as Jax took Arora and pulled her out of the way. “Jump!” Jax
ordered her. The two went plummeting down a hundred feet, falling towards the people
below. Screams of surprise and horror were herd as they passed quickly through the air.

To the even greater surprise of those watching the ordeal the two falling and seemingly
doomed individuals landed unharmed and took off running. Bystanders gazed on with
shocked expressions and wide eyes as the two made there clean get away.

Jax pulled over along the side of the street. “We were supposed to go after him... not him
come after us!” Jax commented, breathing heavily after there long and hard run. “He
must have contacts that spotted us here... We have to take him out before he takes us
out.” Arora explained.

Jax couldn’t help but jump to the obvious conclusion that any mercenary would... Arora
was still working with him and it was all an elaborate plan to kill him. “That makes
absolutely no sense. She could have killed me many times if that were the case! And
besides why would they need to kill me?” He scolded himself in his mind.

“How are we going to do that?” he asked her. Arora sighed, a depressed look falling over
her face. That was honestly one of the very few times Jax had seen her face express any
emotion at all.

“I really don’t know...” she admitted. “I don’t see how we could over power all his men.”
Seran had tons of body guards... and it would be next to impossible for just two, even two
force users, to infiltrate his security and take him out without being caught.

“Maybe we won’t have to do this alone...” Jax grinned. Arora’s look showed evidently
her confusion and eagerness to hear his explanation. “If we go to the slums he will
follow us... And what do the gangs down there hate more than a power hungry rich man
trespassing not ther territory?” he explained.

Jax Nova
9 February 2006, 11:03 AM
“Are you sure about this?” Arora said as they ran towards the edge of the street, a steep
drop off leading to a normally deadly drop. Jax looked over the edge and then back in the
direction of there attackers. “No...” he said with an uneasy tone.

Arora sighed and looked over at him for instructions on what to do. Jax, however, stood
there with a confused expression, letting no hint of making up his mind escape. But there
decision was soon decided for them as a group of men appeared around the corner of a
building wearing uniforms with Seran’s symbol on it. “Um.. I think we better be going!”
Arora pointed out the small group of scouts.

“Ok let’s go.” Jax agreed and jumped of the edge and down into the ever darkening
depths of the planet. Screams were herd from above as pedestrians watched the two jump
off to “there deaths”

The screams alerted Seran’s men and they came running over to see what was going on.
Seeing nothing they proceeded to question those around. Soon they discovered where
there targets had disappeared too.

Jax and Arora dropped through the vastness of the slums until finally coming to a halt on
the steal floor beneath them. Even now they were not all the way down to the bottom of
the slums. “Where to now?” Arora asked Jax after they landed.

Jax looked around... “I don’t know... one way is just as good as the next.” he said with a
shrug. “No... No it’s not.” Arora disagreed. “Use the force, it can guide you to the place
you need to be.” she told him. Jax nodded in response, “All that destiny stuff.... Well,
what if my destiny is to be killed by Seran?” he replied. “No!” Arora said, coming close
to scolding him. “Your destiny is to kill him, not for him to kill you.” she said now more
softly and controlled.

“All right...” Jax thought through the situation, using the force and letting it guide him.
“We’ll go this way.” he said pointing towards the one path that was blocked with mounds
of rubble and junk. Arora nodded and followed along behind him. The two made there
way to the piles and jumped right over them with there force jump, clearing the piles

As they continued forwards, searching out there unknown path and individual appeared in
the distance behind them. The man had black skin, a scared face, raged brown cloths
with worn leather chaps and a jacket over them. On his side was a large hand gun and
opposite of it a sword. The man stood at least six feet tall and was medium built.

Looking at Jax and Arora as they walked away he gripped his gun handle tightly, still
hiding safely behind some rubble. “Looks like we got some trouble on our hands were
gona have to get rid of...” he said softly to himself as he passively watched them
disappear into the dim lights of the underworld.

Jax Nova
17 February 2006, 11:32 AM
Before long the man swept away into the jungle of mettle and machines to report his
findings to his superiors who would no doubt take action of investigation against the two
intruders. His tale of them jumping down from above might not go over so well however.

“They jumped?.... From the surface?....” a skeptical man asked for the third time. His
small and skinny body was only five feet high. His black skin was smooth and his
clothing resembled an slightly fancy style with a fancy vest a white baggy shirt, and red
pant’s also slightly baggy. Dress that not many in the slums could provide for

“You have my word Tane... that is what I saw.” the man insisted. Tane laughed and
flopped back into his chair. “Raptor.... I have no reasons to doubt your honesty. But that
is something one does not see everyday.” Tane laughed again as he though it over.

“Yes but that is what I saw.” he insisted once more. Tane nodded and waved his hand
for Raptor to sit. “Yes... I do believe you. You have been my best man since the Black
Web was formed.” Tane said, now slightly more serious, his fit of laughter over.

“Thank you sir.” Raptor bowed lightly to him. “Take twenty of your best men and search
these two out... But whatever you do, do not engage them! I feel they are very
dangerous.” Tane instructed him. “Twenty sir?” Raptor questioned. “Never
underestimate anyone. That is the worst mistake you can make my friend.” Tane
explained. “Yes sir.” Raptor said submissively as he rose from his chair to go carry out
his orders.

Meanwhile Jax and Arora were walking through the slums. “Well, this is certainly where
I was hopping to spend my day.” Jax commented as they continued on. “It was your
idea.” Arora smiled and nudged him on the shoulder in a teasing manner. Jax looked
back at her, sending her an equally teasing glare of distaste, a smile spreading across her

“You know that’s the first time I have seen you actually smile and not try to hide or stop
it.” Jax commented. Arora looked away and to the ground. “Sorry...” “Hey, don’t
apologize. Just don’t be afraid to let out your emotions.” Jax replied joyfully.

“So... where are we going?” Arora asked him. “Uh...” Jax looked around. “That way.” he
pointed and veered off to his right. “You know what I mean.” Arora retorted, jogging up
beside him. “I have no earthly idea!” he admitted. “I’m lost down here.”

“I would...” Arora stopped. “What?” Jax asked, seeing the look of caution on her face.
“There is someone watching us, don’t you feel it?” she replied, still walking to keep from
looking suspicious. Jax focused his force energy on sensing the things around him. After
passing by a few rodents he detected the people. “Yeah... I feel e’m.” Jax replied.

Jax Nova
18 February 2006, 02:26 PM
“It doesn’t seem to me like they intend us harm, but...” Arora stated softly as the two
walked on through the dirty and neglected area. “Then why are they watching us?” he
asked her softly. He tried to look around and see some of them, but without it being
obvious what he was doing.

“I don’t know... I think we should just try and loose them and find a place to stay for the
night.” Arora suggested. She herself looked straight ahead and continued forwards,
slowly quickening her pace little by little.

“Night? It’s always dark down here how do you tell when it’s night?” he asked
sarcastically, yet with a serious undertone to his words. “All right...” he agreed after
Arora’s amused glance that had it’s own undertone of exasperated.

They continued on through the seemingly non-navigatable maze that surrounded them,
but it seemed that they would have some trouble loosing whoever it was who was
following them. The presence’s that were felt kept pace with them easily, and never once
showed themselves. “Are they still there? I lost ‘em” Ax asked Arora.

“There still there.” she replied quietly. They walked on for what seemed like hours...
Jaxson couldn’t really tell. They had seen several suitable spots to spend the night, the
unseen quests however, were still close by. It seemed they would not be able to loose
them simply by moving quickly and trying to stumble through the area. They were going
to have to hit the interference straight on.

“All right... I’ve had enough of this. Can you tell who is leading them?” Jax finally spoke
once more. Arora looked at him with her eye brows scrunched up. “How would I know
that?” she asked. “Never mind. Just follow me.” Jax said.

Jax curved around and then jumped up to the top of an old building that was nearly
falling apart. Arora searched the area with the force and found that they were heading
towards the closest man. “Are you sure this is a good idea?” She asked him as they crept
along the shadows, force abilities keeping them alert and out of sight.

“Your the one that said they don’t intend to harm us... so what could go wrong?” he
asked, continuing on. Arora let out a deep breath and shook her head in disagreement but
did not say anything. Before they knew it they had come up behind the man and were
only meters away form him.

“Repeat, I’ve lost them... I need confirmation on there position.” the man said over his
communicator. “That’s a negative, no visual on this side.” another voice replied. “Does
anyone have a visual?” Raptor’s voice rang through the com-link. No respond followed.
his question. “Everyone pull back immediately!” he ordered the men.

The man in front of them turned around to begin heading back to the designated meeting
spot. Three steps into his retreat a rough hand swung from behind part of a fallen wall
and sent him flying back on the floor.

Jax Nova
23 February 2006, 10:30 AM
Jax was just about to move when he saw the man fly backwards, and another image
emerge from the shadows. The man was tall, wide built, wore gray/blue armor, was bald
and had silverish skin. He was at least seven feet tall, and looked very strong and

Raptor’s man slinked backwards away. “Garel... I..... What do you want?” the man asked
nervously. “Tell Tane to pull his scavengers out of Blood-Fang’s territory! Or it will
mean war.” the man stated forcibly. The man on the ground merle nodded in submission
in the face of this great warrior.

The large man walked off and disappeared into the surroundings, leaving the black web
member breathing heavy and still on the ground. “Shane... Come in.” the man’s com-link
sounded. “Uh.. Yes sir. I’m on my way.” the man replied a nervous tint still in his voice.

Jax reached out as the man passed by him and grabbed him by the shoulder swinging him
out and in front of Jax and Arora. “Sorry we have a few questions...” Jax said, his gun
pointed in the man’s face. The man stood still, wide eyed and scared. “Not the fearless
gangster type I see.” Jax commented dryly.

“Why are you and your men following us?” Arora asked him. “There not my men...”
came hi reply. “Of course not or they would all be doomed, but were not dealing with
technicalities here unless you want a smoking whole in you.” Jax answered his words

“Ok! Ok... You entered into Black Web territory... It’s our business to know why your
here. Were just following orders.” the man explained. Jax looked at Arora for
confirmation. He himself could not quite tell if the man was deceiving them or not.
Arora nodded confidently and Jax released his grip on the man. “Well, maybe we can
help each other.” Jax smiled.

Raptor and his men were waiting for there last man, Shane to come in. But as they saw
him approaching with the two people they had been following they all drew there
weapons. “I’m sorry Raptor, they didn’t leave me a choice.” Shane apologized. “No
harm... They can’t overtake all of us.” Raptor said, his two pistols held straight at the two
of them.

“We want to talk to your leader.” Jax informed him. “What business do you have with
Tane?” Raptor asked. “Now you see if you were Tane I would tell you...” Jax replied
with a smile. Arora sent him a warning glance and a mind communication. “We don’t
want to upset them, we need them to work with us.” Jax looked over to her. “Fine...”

“I’ll take you to him... after you give us all your weapons.” Raptor said. “Uh...” Jax
chuckled. “I don’t think so.” “Then you can’t see Tane.” Raptor insisted. “Look, there
are two of us and...” Jax stopped for a moment. “Lots... Who knows how many of you.
Seriously, what are we going to do?”

Jax Nova
23 February 2006, 10:35 AM
Jax was just about to move when he saw the man fly backwards, and another image
emerge from the shadows. The man was tall, wide built, wore gray/blue armor, was bald
and had silverish skin. He was at least seven feet tall, and looked very strong and

Raptor’s man slinked backwards away. “Garel... I..... What do you want?” the man asked
nervously. “Tell Tane to pull his scavengers out of Blood-Fang’s territory! Or it will
mean war.” the man stated forcibly. The man on the ground merle nodded in submission
in the face of this great warrior.

The large man walked off and disappeared into the surroundings, leaving the black web
member breathing heavy and still on the ground. “Shane... Come in.” the man’s com-link
sounded. “Uh.. Yes sir. I’m on my way.” the man replied a nervous tint still in his voice.

Jax reached out as the man passed by him and grabbed him by the shoulder swinging him
out and in front of Jax and Arora. “Sorry we have a few questions...” Jax said, his gun
pointed in the man’s face. The man stood still, wide eyed and scared. “Not the fearless
gangster type I see.” Jax commented dryly.

“Why are you and your men following us?” Arora asked him. “There not my men...”
came hi reply. “Of course not or they would all be doomed, but were not dealing with
technicalities here unless you want a smoking whole in you.” Jax answered his words

“Ok! Ok... You entered into Black Web territory... It’s our business to know why your
here. Were just following orders.” the man explained. Jax looked at Arora for
confirmation. He himself could not quite tell if the man was deceiving them or not.
Arora nodded confidently and Jax released his grip on the man. “Well, maybe we can
help each other.” Jax smiled.

Raptor and his men were waiting for there last man, Shane to come in. But as they saw
him approaching with the two people they had been following they all drew there
weapons. “I’m sorry Raptor, they didn’t leave me a choice.” Shane apologized. “No
harm... They can’t overtake all of us.” Raptor said, his two pistols held straight at the two
of them.

“We want to talk to your leader.” Jax informed him. “What business do you have with
Tane?” Raptor asked. “Now you see if you were Tane I would tell you...” Jax replied
with a smile. Arora sent him a warning glance and a mind communication. “We don’t
want to upset them, we need them to work with us.” Jax looked over to her. “Fine...”

“I’ll take you to him... after you give us all your weapons.” Raptor said. “Uh...” Jax
chuckled. “I don’t think so.” “Then you can’t see Tane.” Raptor insisted. “Look, there
are two of us and...” Jax stopped for a moment. “Lots... Who knows how many of you.
Seriously, what are we going to do?”